Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 26, 1962 · Page 6
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 6

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 26, 1962
Page 6
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BUFF STUFF ... from Gorden City High o By CONNIE CONGDON | I think paper might have been It doesn't seem like a full two [all that held it together! weeks have passed since Hie Inst bit, of "Buff Stuff was printed! Homecoming attendants were hero. We barely had time for a! announced at tlie school assemb- "posl-roport card breather" be-; ly, narrated by Carlos Green fore homecoming week began in' Carol Sullivan, senior; Joan lull swing. ! Kleysteu'ber, sophomore; Suzanne Preparations for Mils big event i Stengel, sophomore; Cheryl Brec- concenu'd almost everyone in j heisen, senior; Ann Regan, jun- st'hool because so many prgani-! ior; and Karen Sue Unger, jun /ation.s participated: S I u d e n t j ior; — and at last, Homecoming Council, (he band. Pep club, and! Queen for 1962, senior Leslie the three classes. Dave Williams, j Cheatum. Congratulations, gals! our Stuco president (Student.: The Homecoming royalty were Council i looked like he was walk- honored at the assembly, in the ing on marbles last week. Actual-! pre-game ceremonies and again ly, Dave seemed fairly calm J at the dance at Alta Brown. In through the whole week. Howev- i each instance they ware accom- f r. the only time I saw him was, panied to their places by their at Band last week when we were; escorts from the team and queen holding 7:30 rehearsals in the Leslie, escorted by team captains Paqt 6 City Telegram Friday, October 26, 1962 rer&onal cold, cold mom. Maybe 1 mistook calmness for numbness. At any rate, he managed to do a fine Jtrry Chr'istenson and Richard Sandoval, wae crowned in each j ceremony. t Nineteen Sets of Twins Attend Local Party job of co-ordinating all the homecoming activities. ; Seen among the big crowd at IVeedlcss (o say. our football i the dance were: Roger Stonor team was no less c o n c c r n e d and Shore Shaw, David Williams about last Friday, for not only j and Gwen Brandes, Kenny Ban- was it our homecoming — butjer and Annette Craig, Larry the DODGE CITY game. ' Meeker and Connie Congdon, I Scotty Davis and Ann Regan, The band held early rehearsals j Bobby Cooper and Mary Higgins, to prepare their pre-game and Dwane Marine and Jo Ellen half-time ceremonies. Not only did they want to perform well Wampler, Ken Gerard and Carlyne Ward, Jim Pearce and Su- for homecoming, san Hund, Tom Dale and Karen , but they wanted j Andrews, Randy Bowling and to do well before \ Katie Crotinger, Gary Schnurr the Dodge City! and Sxie Deaver, Jack Penny and * crowd. Many peo-; Susan Leonard, Becky Mayo and pie fail to realize i Gen e Wright, Kathy and -that more than j Duane Koster, and many others. th e Dodge and > Mr. Wells, Mr. Dever, Mr. j Garden football i Bauer and Mr. Ruggles saunter- Jte a ms vie for Jed in after the floor show which • honors on that j consisted of an intricate drum Ifield! The Gar-1 solo by Dave Williams and folk den City High 1 songs sung by my guitar, Fred- i School and t h e, dy, and me. Principal Tom Saf- Cowboy bands feel the competi- j fell w»> taking tickets and chap- i tion just as keenly. : eroning. I tried to interest him in : Busiest of all was Stuco, franl-! the twist or at least to join our j ically decorating for the dance pony line but Ire didn't seem to' Nineteen sets of twins between the ag«s of 10 months and 17 years attended a Halloween party last week sponsored by the Twins Mothers Club at Fatima Hall. A Jacko-lantern pinata was broken at the close of the party and the contents given to the children. Front row from left, Gail and Vail Rusk, Randy and Rodney Scheer, Garry and Larry Paasch, Jacalyn and Jocelyn Mohbr, Kila and Kelly Linenberger; second row, left to right, Ronald and Donald Quint, Jackie and Johnnie Snodgrass; third row, left to right, Carol and Darrell Hahn, Jolene and Janel Garnand, Karla and Karen Glunt, George and Stipp Rapp; fourth Telegram Photo row, I. to r., babies held are Amelia Martinez, Valerie and Rebecca Goodwin, Alicia Martinez, David and Diana Unruh; back row, llene and Arl>ene Kitch, Patty and Judy Keim, Janice and Janet Webb, Ronald and Donald Profitt and % Virl and Vicky Brown. Mothers attending were Mmes. Margaret Brown, Kelsey Garnand, Ang-sll Glunt, Lowell Goodwin, Lester Hahn, Albert Ksim, Harold Kitch, Jack Linenberger, I. R. Martinez, Vernon Mohler, David Paasch, Earl Profitt, Lawrence Quint, Bill Rapp, Robert Rusk, Paul Scheer, Dale Snodgrass, Dale Unruh and Lawrence Webb. Your Problems — bv Ann Landers — and also running the school as- share my enthusiasm — oh well, sembly at which the Queen was \ there's always the Christmas crowned. Also in the planning vas Mie class poster competition (which was won by the class of 64') — the parade and the pre- game ceremonies. The Homecoming parade hasn't been held for a while at G.C.H.S. but was resumed this year and wag quite successful. The Junior High Gold Band, under the direction of Robert Anderson was led by drum majorette, Susan Saffell. She was followed by the royalty in their White convertibles, and last but not least, a wierd assortment of "vehicles" all decorated in a "BEAT DODGE" theme. Gail Jones won the prize for the best-decorated car — and I am using that word "car" loosely. I'm beginning to think that maybe all that brown and white crepe paper might have been j MEXICAN food sale — Sat. Oct. more practical than ornamen- 27 — G.I. Forum Club, 107 W. tal. After surveying his jalopy — Santa Fe — 5 to 8 p.m. —26 Formal. • The Homecoming of '62 Is over and I'm so glad that my last one turned out so well. Everything fulfilled my expectations perfectly except the game. Tying in better than losing, I know, but a game like that is like leaving the table hungry. Ernie'Diaz, class of 1963, is leaving for Chicago Saturday where he plans to live with his sister and attend a private school. He wants me to say "goodbye to all the kids' ' for him. Good luck, Ernie! One last thought: I hate to keep drumming away at this TIE bit, but who's going to get the hatchet? (The traditional Dodge vs. G.C. trophy) — or are we going to "divy" it? If so, I hope Dodge gets the handle. That's about the size of it. If you've seen the load you can get into a. V'olkiway-;'! Iruct., you might think it was some kind ot nioh^'-'r. Bui no. It'-; (jit 9 inche', longer than the VW Staan. As you con •<:•?, iiov.'e/er, it's quite a bit taller. /•.-id 5.;uor-j!. (Aii-r oil, it had to be bigger soir.e- p! r jce to noi-i ail tl'at cargo.) Ihe VW [ru'-p .-.arries 1,830 ID;., compared lo 1,000 lus. in a !,all-ton truct. Yst the VW Truck v, ••-'<•_]':•; <,i , MI,:. ,i ' -jlf o-. nii.jr.i-. '-'•'• / -••- ' ; '-••- •••'•/ u.s: V jlf i/.Tjen Trurk cosis I'"'" ' •' i'J : I.' -t:.- '- !• .'. tj jjij'.li around. •'•'' ''-' '' '• "• •'• '• ' [;..!•'• :i.'j Cr ;'.: o :;.! i r.'.; tt.rou'jll ' ! -J't.":. '' •'- '; :, ;: ' ;.:•: of i!, •. n'.ail sve is obvicin. Di".-""j a . .',' fr.Ti iin't i • >.: drying a trtjc.i at ail. I'i iiky •ifi/r.j o iii']. square ROWLEY MOTORS, INC. 800 W. Wyaft Earp HUnter3-7131 Dodge City, Kansas DEAR ANN LANDERS: I was flabbergasted at your vicious and irresponsible remarks a'bout high school sororities. You attacked without bothering to state your reasons. I think this is both outrageous and unjust. I loved my high school sorority. It afforded me the opportunity to make any fine friendships. I still keep in touch with some of my sorority sisters. The association gave me a confidence and poise. It taught me how to get along with other girls. I hope my daughter is accepted by the same sorority when she attends high school. If you are fair you will print this letter and while you'r e at it, please state your reasons for your strong opposition to high school sororities. — HAPPY MEMORIES Dear Memories: I am violently opposed to high school clubs which can deny membership to students for reasons other than scholastic standing. In my opinion, no organization should be tolerated i& a tax -supported high school which can discriminate against a student because he is not w : hite, Protestant, good-looking, well-dressed, o r because h e does not live in the "right" part of town. The only aristocracy which should be recognized and rewarded in the public school system is the aristocracy of achievement. DEAR ANN LANDERS: The letter from the big city female who criticized the Montana women for going downtown in riding pants and western wear just 'burned me up. I'll bet both this gal and her husband go downtown in Bermuda shorts. No one around these parts would be caught dead in such apparel. Levis, boots, western shirts and suede jackets are as much in vogue in the West as skirts are out east. If I wore jeans in ' the lobby of the St. Regis Hotel in New York, she might have a I legitimate cbmplaint. But some of i us gals ride a horse to town to i attend to family business. We'd j look pretty silly astride that horse in a Trigere suit. Western clothes are in the tradition of the West. If the ritzy lady from the East doesn't like what she sees in Montana, she ought to go back where the sights are more to her taste. — BILLINGS BABE Dear Babe: Thanks for defending the wonderful West. Similar cries of "Unfair" came from Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Ne'.v Mexico and Wyoming. But the Montana gals screamed the loudest. « * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: My husband's youngest sister was married last week. He was invited to 'be in the wedding party. He was told to wear a tuxedo which he had to go out and rent. This cost him $12.50. The bridegroom makes as much money as my hus'band. He doesn't have three children to support. He also didn't have to travel almost' 300 miles to the wedding — nor did he have to buy a gift. My husband was sure the bridegroom or the bride would offer to pay for the rental of his' tuxedo, but they did not. Now my husband thinks he ought to come right out and ask them for the money. Honestly I just couldn't let fiim do it. Please print this letter so other young bridal couples will kno-.v that when they ask people to bo in their wedding party they should pay their expenses. Thank you. -REDDING, CALIF. Dear Redding: Tills will come as a shock to you, but when people accept "the honor" of being in a wedding party they are supposed to pay their own expenses. This includes renting suits, travel, hotel, and yes — a gift. It is customary for the bridegroom to present each of his attendants with a remembrance, but that's all. To learn the difference between a marriage that "settles down" and one that "gets dull," send for Ann Landers' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Judge Tells Monday Club Of Juvenile Delinquents "Juvenile Delinquents" was the topic of the talk given by Camilla Klein Haviland of Dodge City for 18 members of the Monday Club. Numerous case histories of Ford County were discussed by Mrs. Haviland who is a lawyer, writer, poet and probate judge of Ford County. She believes in putting children in foster homes rather than in penal institutions. "Rulings tor juvenile delinquents vary in every state," she explained. In Kansas Mrs. Haviland makes decisions for boys up to 16 years awd girls to 18 years. She has held her present position six years and follows each case history. Mns. Gordon Gimple, 908 Theron, was hostess on Monday afternoon. Guests other than the speaker were Mrs. R. G. Klein, Dodge City; Mrs. Russell Maxfield and Mrs. Robert Wells. Mrs. Lester McCoy conducted the meeting. Mrs. McCoy will also be hostess for the Oat. 29 meeting 'hi her home, 1005 Lyle, at 2:30 p.m. Alpha Taus Plan Dinner Dance at Country Club Fourteen members of the Alpha Tau chapter of the Beta Sigma Phi met Monday night at the home of Mrs. Jack Bryant, 1004 N. 4th, who also conducted the business meeting. Social dhairman Mrs. Oren Miller reported the ritual dinner and dance will be Nov. 9 at the Garden City Country Club at 7:30 p.m. following a ritual service at 6:30 p.m. Mrs. Phil Porter gave instructions on sizes for clothes to be made for their doll project with the proceeds to go for cancer. Mtimbers of the Xi Iota Exemplar chaipter and the Zeta Upsilon chapters are invited to the dance at which the Merrymakers will play. Calendar of Social Events FBIDAT MINERVA CLASS of the F i 1- s t Methodist Church — 9:30 p.m. coffee. Wesley Hall. HIGH SCHOOL — Until 11:30 p.m. after the Great Bend H.S. game. Civic Center. PAST MATRONS CLUB of OBS — 6:30 p.m. Covered dish supper. Mrs. Andrew Hummer, 2308 Tonio. SENIOR HIGH — Until 11:30 p.m. after Great Bend game. Civic Center. —Fertilize 'your lawn, now, Indian-Summer, poor man's friend. Finnup Seed, Store. —26 7TH GRADERS — 1:30 - 4 p.m. Civic Center. PLYMELL HALLOWEEN Party — 7:30 p.m. Plymell Community House. Sponsored by Golden Rule HDU. Everyone invited. SIWDAy BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIP — 1:30 p.m. Warren Hotel. Sponsored by Garden City Duplicate Bridge Club. Dinl 6-7039 for reservations. ALPHA TAU — 2:30 p.m. preferential tea. Mrs. Beth Porter, 103 E. Walnut. MONDAY SR. HIGH SCHOOL COUNCIL representatives — 7 a.m. breakfast with City Recreation Commission at Warren Hotel. ACORN CLUB — 2:30 p.m. Mrs. Ruth Ruckel. 805 N. 5th. AFTERNOON ART CLASS — 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m. Civic Center, EVENING ART CLASS — 7:30 10 p.m. Windsor Hotel. SENIOR HIGH — 7:30 - 10 p.m. Civic Center'. WCTU — 10 a.m. . 4 p.m. Mctliod- Ut Church Fellowship Hall. Noon covered dish dinner. District meeting. TUESDAY IRIS CLUB — 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Leo Warner, 308 E. Spruce. Wow, what a fellow doesn't hear on a party line! It sure puts excitement irv a fellow's day. But to mention excitement, it seems the most exciting news to hit the lines are about Wren Studio and their fabulous Christmas portraits. Everyone on my line i$ making appointments at Wren Studio. That is, everyone ux- cept me ... I've already had my Christmas portraits made. At Wren's, of course! Wh.o do you think started the line buzzing about Wren Studio top quality portraits anyway? Who am I? Oh, I'm Chad Messenger, WARREN HOTEL TRAIL ROOM PRESENTS CINEMA - DINNER Friday and Saturday 5;00 p.m. til 9;00 p.m. 6-oz. Sirloin Steak Roast Sirloin of Beef Combination Seafood Fry MAK1 IT A COMPLETE NIGHT OUT . . .' MOVIE AND DINNER — $1.75 Showing At The Theatres FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON X-15 and CASH ON DEMAND Mrs. Joe .Moritz, rush chairman, announced the preferential tea will be Sunday at 2:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Beth Porter, 103 E. Walnut. The hostess prize was received by Mrs, Tom Reser. Ways and means chairman Ramona Allen announced plans for a chili soup and pie supper to make money in the near future. Mis Allen gave Hie program on "Self Estimates" and closed with this q'liobe "A recipe for happiness is something to do, someone to love and something to hope for." Duplicate Club Plans Sessions Sunday af Warren The Garden City Duplicate Bridge Club will sponsor a two session oulb championship Sunday afternoon and night at the Warren Hotel, beginning at 1:30 p.m. Dinner is planned between sessions and refreshments during the day are furnished. Bill Adams, Wichita, will direct the tournament play. Silver trophies will be given for the first three over-all places. • Public is invited. Mr. and Mrs. Bob McKain may be contacted for reservations or for partners. —Buy a Lovable seam-free sweater bra — just $l'5o at Mode 0 Day — to wear under all close fitting fashions. —26 aragraplid Harold Walk e r accompanied his mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Walker, 914 N. 2nd, and his sister, Ruth Walker, to Waco, Tex., this weekend to visit his son and family, Lt. and Mrs. Clayton H- Walker, Denise and Clayton, Jr. They also plan to go to New Orleans and visit Roy Walker and family. Prudy Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Smith, Rt. 1, arrived Thursday night from Randel Preparatory School in Denver for a four-day vacation during Colorado State Teachers meeting. Mrs. Eufelia Escalada, 407 Washington, left today for San Diego, Calif., to visit her son Jeff Escalada who is on board USS Morton with the Navy. In Santa Clara she will visit her son George and his wife and family. Mrs. George Wilson, Jr., Boulder City, Nev., arrived Tuesday to visit her mother, Mrs. Crystal Soize, 208 N. 5th. Visiting in the home of Mrs. J. W. Grayton and family, 1118 Pearl, and the Marvin Dunlap family, 504 Evans, was their father J. M- Dunlap of Elk City, •Okla. He returned home Wednesday night. The Rev. and Mrs. Robert Rusk, Gail and Vail, 610 Wheatridge, returned Wednesday night from an 1100 mile trip to Bacone College in Muskogee, Okla. They took missionary boxes of clothing to the Indians at the school. The boxes were prepared by the committee chairmen, Mrs. Charles Cowgil'l and Mrs. Lois Heinrichs. The William Johnsons and the Dale Roarks, former members of the church were visited. Gerckens Attend Memorial Service More than two thousand sW» dents of the Valparaiso Unlver* sity, Valparaiso, Ind., attended the memorial service last Tuesday in honor of the late Samuel J. Gercken, who was to have 'been a senior there this term. Also attending the service were his parents', Mr. and Mrs. Clarence 0. Gercken, 207 E. Kansas, and his sister, Mrs. Hal Hudson of Kansas City. The Gerckens visited in Kansas City, Thursday and returned Friday evening to Garden City- Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Hinkle, 812 Center, spent Thursday in Emporia, visiting Mr. and. Mrs. Winton Hinkle who are students at Ennx>ria State Teachers College. Wiriton is a member of the Emporia State debate team at a convocation debate with guest school Ohio State University who were winners of the West Point National debate tournament. The Henkles attended this event which opened the Emporia State College debate tournament this weekend. ">••' Oven-Fry Fillets To oven-fry fish fillets, dip them in melted butter or margarine and sprinkle with paprika; place in a shallow pan (on greased fail if you like) and bake without turning in an extremely hot (500 degrees) oven about 10 minutes or until the fish flakes easily. —See the cotton quilted or cord- urette robes, $3.99; black wool pleated skirts, $5.99; and acetate floral printed over Mouses, $2.99 at Mode O Day. DANCE Saturday, Oct. 27th 9:00 p.m. ODD FELLOWS HALL PUBLIC WELCOME TWO BIG HITS NOW 1st Hit ... The Rosket Ship that challenged outer space . . . ACTUALLY FILMED IN SPACE! SHOWING! Co-Hit ... A Thriller! PERFECT PLAN I PERFECT CRIME I X15 PANAVISION TECHNICOLOR* »^fewd McLean Chartes Broson Janes &eflOf»-ta»Tyta Mow Plus Color Cartoon Bonus Owl Show Saturday! RVEGUNSTOTOMBSTOKE Juntos Broun • John Wilder • Walter Cor ' Robert Karnes NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR OWL SHOW Boxoffice Opens 7:00 TcU-phonc BR 6-W2 Show Starts 7:15 NOW SHOWING A new adventure comedy! RED BUTTONS'FABIAN* BARBARA EDEH GEDRIC HARDWIGKE - PETER LORRE Plus Color Cartoon Matinee Sat. After Costume Party Starting 4:30 p.m. K*td&&M$gl 1 OTWtMWx SATURDAY 2:00 P.M. IT'S A BIG COSTUME PARTY FOR YOU KIDS! Swell Prizes Awarded to Boy or Girl with Most Original Costume 3-month pass • 2-month pass 1-month pass - 2-week pass and six one-week passes Join the fun ... see this big screen hit ... ABBOTT and COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY Plus Six Color Cartoons COME EARLY COSTUME CONTEST STARTS 1:30 ALL SEATS 35c Special Show- Separate Adm. PRE-HALLOWEEN HORROR PARTY FOR YOU! SATURDAY 12:00 Midnight t It will be a mad-romp with the spirits in the dark ... 1st Hit— DESMOND AUBERT Co-Hit— The East Side Kids in "SPOOKS RUN WILD" All Seats 90c STARTS SUNDAY! Henry Fonda Charles Laughton Walter Pidgeoii in ADVICE AND CONSENT A story all about Washington headlines COMING SOON! HATARI! •JOHN WAYNE telephone' BR 6-4&D2

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