Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1912
Page 3
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 24.1912. S Tailored Suits— $9 .75 Worth $15, $1S and $20 Made n£ .Scrt^c.--, Cheviots and Faiu-y ^lix- turcs in all si/.es women's and misses' anti in many alt/-aeli\e slyk^ and all wanted, cdlnrs. We must dispose of every Winter Suit in stock—therefore are markinc: them at lower j)riees tJian evej- Ui'foi-e. Be sure to see them. Wonderful Values in i/| Cloth Coats $7 .50 Worth $12.50 to $10 Warm Winter Coats of broadcloth, serine a n d fancy nii.\tai"es in t! iz- ens of jilain and fancy styles are on sale now. Tliis low price is i/L' and ':; their actual value, lie to .see these Sl.'j to S18 ^7 TA Coats foi- ^/•elV The Life ol Joseph (rniiii Iliiiiucoii to I'aliii-r) •[(••V iiirli. |"r l .:;l !rir |M . l.clii'lil 111. V,."0. \V, 1..,!;•.; Ill M M ir I KI II in tii" K >A I'. Friday Kveninir, .!an. 26 TI K- I " will |..- :i !• :.i-i. :il ino- m:iin in i-u \\,.,- i. .mr.- anil ;i ;>!• ;:;-.i'.ii • i.-; ;. ADMISSION FKEKI SMOKING MEAT ITHENEW WAY. You don't need a smoke hour*. AiT?lv WRIGHT'S h?J10KE-« li.juid-KiWng two rouLs, \rliJf!i v ill import the flicb aroiiia eud _ delicate flavor vt hwkorf ^oke to the meat, keepiue it Bcand, sweet aiKl laned tree iodeiituMy. ISold for m yearn aU over U. H. tud Caaai'ii. Get tbe geouine. Fully Gnaranteed. Sold ouly in Bqaaie qxiart bottles -with metal V -ap. Ask TourdruKgist for'^RICKT '6 SMOKE." SUdeonlyby tiLiraiGUTCo.... KAHSAscmr .iio. Soldaad Gnaruitecdltr Tom I'liclps spent yesterday in Elamore ou business. —int. 0. L. COX, Oculist. .M. .\. Ilf ckey, of Ott.iw .T, la in tlie riiy lodiiy ou bu.slness. —The Itoostor Cliib will meet at ilii! city liall Tliiirsday evoninj; at S iiVldek. Dr. and Mrs. Karl Clark of I'iqua .•iro in the city visitI HK frenda today. ^Frcd BoildeD, Period Decorator. I'bonc <ti6. Dr. W. n. lOylniim spin! yesterday in Kansas City on business. —Tim W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kress I'.ltlK. Offire rooms 22 to 24. 1'. C. .Vii'Iiitlson went to Tiipek;i y<'S (••rd.iy for a liii^iness visit of si 'Veral s. - K. M. .InlroKi, r.ii'iiliiii: jind J'ap- eriii:;, i'liiine tiCI. I"'r :'iik Frasi' ranif down from Kansas Cily la.^jl ni!4lit for a vi.sit of .siv- ral (lays willi fri'iids. — <;'• .Money. ){. M. 7>. I', .\orilinip i.s in l\an.-'a.s Cit .v • III inline; till- l.nmlii-rnian's conveii- '.• n. .Ml:-, \V. );. spark.-; i.s in Pittsburj: isitint; iii-r parents for :-everal days --Dr. McMlllen. Vh'oncs K «nd 214. .Mir=. <;. S. Ilntion, of tlie country .four and nn>-lialf miles nortlieasi, be- ;ami- so ill Willi n trouble ys- "•rday aflirnoon llial siie was tluiiiKbl lo 1)1- d.viiii;. Slie is reporte<i to be :oiil.-w!iat liitt.r today lull by 110 nil aiis out. of danj;>T. —II will lie to your lo buy ^•^ll^ Kloiir and Kuert of H. Klauniann, Hir, S. .Jeffer.'-on. Phone 2a9. .Tnstiei' .T. 1". iliiiieaii wlio lias lieeii si.vrely ill with I I P - urippe for several ilay.« is ri poili(l lo la- eolisidi-ratily I M Itir today. —Dr. I.nry M. llnll, Osteopath. i'fle|ilionc 1^0 and CGI. fiplain T, S. Slovir wiio was eon- •ini'd lo Ills lioiiii' yi'Slirday wilii iill::ek of the rrippi' is able to b<- down town today. Mr. and Mrs. I.. K. Mcriiir.-. of iU<- roimlry four mil".'; ."^^oiilli on th" K'^n- nnliv St I I loail, a>-i. tln> parnils of :i iiif\ born last nli;lit. —Dr. ITIrt, Osttopalli, Tel 487, IS8. MAtORS BROODERS Poultry Supplies Get our new catalogs. Tliey contain a great deal of valuable information. They're FREE, for the asking. Oui* 1912 line i .s now on disj)lay. See it today. mi WET IS MORE FIRM rOLD WE.VTIIKlt XSn BIG SNOWS IS ItLSSI.l Tllfc' CAUSE. Cuttle in nnd IIogN Arc Both Illglicr Spite of Fairly He»»y HerelptH. Mrs. Steven ISryaiit of .'.lIJ South I'licKlnul .^iMii, i.s I 'cporicd lu be vi -ry :°erioiisly ill willi tin; grippe. i:. W. Wliilimr is in Cliaiiiite llll^-iIle.s^•, visit of .several davs. for T. <". Keiinolds, iif .\lieeville. is in tlie eiiy for a visit with .Mr. an .Ml.s. 1'. .\l. Oreeii. Ciiff i;.-. ill lor tlie of jiripiie, today. 'il, who lias been serious) jiast iiiontii Willi an attae i:'. abit- to he down town Sam r.raiki'iiridiie tlireatcns (o :M (.\<' lo (ililaiioma, run a Koal raneli. 'ivi' in a e .iv.- providid lleri' art- no liais in il ;iiiil otherwise reiurn to '111- .simple lit"-. foloind Sam Woolarrl, of Wieliil.i ivho idiK-d a volume of love sonin 'tv nnd onoe [laid a .?.".(> easli prize for tlii 111 st love jioem, and in privat" lif< works at insuranee, and in polities in- surKis, and in spile of all vvliic-h vari- L -aled aeeomplishmenis is a lin'! lad. .vas here today ealling on friends. — If vnu want private lessons in •.UKCr. SIIORril.\.\|} ^ TOITCH rVI'i-;\VIMTI.\'C. enroll this month \I.\I;i;i. IJKKWKIJ. IMUXNE 9. J 8. Winfii Id .lojK who some timi' ago ,\as v<iy daiiK'rously burn<;d by eh r- •rieiiy at CbiTryval<-, and whose eon- iiiion .'^inee that time has b'en v<-ry •,Tav<. i.s r'jiorti'd to be mneli im- reviil. H I - bas be<n able lo be up Did :iroiiiiil the housi: the past fi -w- l.ivs lor till- lirst lime since tlii- acci- 1 nt. I; eoini' to li^hl that lluss'-ll HiD.'ii.ui. v.iios.. wli'naboiits for .'-•'•v- ral d^iys has bii-n a mystery, is nov. i!oli:.bly in Cliiiskaiiie, Ore., visiliim binili'i. Hii .^-ill lift lola a wecl, :-o v' sti rilay bis frii-nds and iiannls 111 i'.iiie Ihi- iiiiprissioii lli :il lii' wa: • liii^' lo H.irili svilli? to visit a sister. , I'll VI am I'l thai ••ity, liowev<-r dis- losi-d ihi- fart that lie had J'ot Ineii ' r" , anil Ijis wbc'reabouts _b''eam" ii ;y.^l<ry OUT wliieh his parents and liii'iiils ine.-'iMc alarnii'd. until tie rue r n ei ivi d. a letter from lilm yi;s I ;il.iy aildrissi d from San Krancisei i'i;iiik v.. Siiiiili went to Anthony. :iiis..s this afi'-rnoon to attend ti u -iiiiiL; tif ;!ji- r'-pr<-siniaiivi-s of dif- 1. I 'll' lair ,i.i.-:(iei.Hi(;ns 111 tlie Kansas Mii iJn'aiioiii.i I 'lr 'iiii. at wlihli Ihi J I(.••,• fur I'."' diflirinl lair.ij will In Mil, and al wliiili lli<- fuliirily raeis ill lie aiietioiii'l lAf. .Mr. Siiiltli w^ll |j • poiii- hi'M ral days. .Mr. and .Mrs. ('. K. Taylor left (hi ifti'iiioon for Kansas City lo si -e .Mis Vera .Mien at lh<< Shiiberl in '"rie !!<dieiiii;in Oill." .MiSB^ilen i.'. a niie- if .Mrs. Taylors. .Mr. and .Mis. i;. W. .Shannon. Miaeoites, Wasliiiij-tiin." who ha \i 1M'I-II liere sine)' Ihi' holidays sisitiiiK 'Villi liieir .son, 'l\ It. Shannon, iind i'aiiiily, I.'ft today for a visit with Iiis brothir in l-'redoiila before returning lo thi'ir lioiiie. .\nios I.aiiKan. who bus been attend iilK the lola Hiisiness I'olleKe ben 'his wiiitiT. left today for his I IOIIK •ii Kb-in. Kansas. r. V. ZeiKler, <iiy elerk, returned yi'sterd.'iy from Florida wh-re In- lias •ill-en viHlllni; I I K ; past two weeks. Mr /.eiyler inspeeied I he lands owned by thi< Kloriila Land and Coloni/.ation company In which many lolans an inl-re,u|iMi. He speaks very liiKhly of the prop<isitioii of deveiopinK I'^lorida land. The loJa hi'Kh school basket hall laiii has K'ine into prat'iiee with n ••iiii and ileti'rniin.-ition whii-h would i -i-iii lo liode ill for the I,awren<'(' • •a niwhi-n it plays in tliis <'ily next i-'riday ninht. Tlii' locals will eertain- y not jiiit 11)1 siH'h a Kaine as tle-y lid aRainst Halilwin, and fans say hat Lawrence will have to jilay •eiter name than diil iSaldwin to gel he lonK end of the >:core. All this is i'oreeastnl. notwilhslaniling the fact bat Dudley, lola's regular center. Is •onv.-iIesciiiK from an attack of pnc-ii- .Monla and will be unablfe to be in the ';ame. Kd Ault is miieb eneoiiraced over he oiiijook for aid in securing an 'Ugine and propellers for bis aero­ plane this siiring. as good engines lave cheapened materially in the past vear. and tlie widesjiread ftueeess of lirnien over the eouiitry has incroas- •d tbe conlidence of bis friends in his nvontion. The .•\iilt machine is com- oieted, with the e.vceptijin of (he iiro- lelb-rs and engine, and when these ire .si'cured anil adjusted, the nu'iehine will i )R ready for fliglit. The aero- ilano is now stored in tlie M. W. A. 'iiiilding on .\orth Ft reef. .1. 11. .VH.MITAGE IS l)K.\n. \C<M I ItcHlilent of lliimbojilf Passed Awuy Tiiesdaj. Till- iwo-yiar-old dauglit .r of .Mr. lid .Mrs. OrviU"' .Miilaiton is rejiort- 1 to b" dan;;' roiihly ill. Tlikisi' wlio win- up i-;irly enough lis wurninj: to si-e tin- Kaiy pass< n- eoiiH' in from tie- <-;ist wire niiK'h: .-lijJiisli'd ly till- fact that it carried fKiirexiia sli'pi rs. About -00 iiome- •I k'Ts w< re on tlie train bound for Texas. Fri 'd Siiele, wlio has suffered much hiriiij: tlie past ytar with several sep- attacks of appendfcitls, was tak- n to Kirksvllle, .Mo.. last night where next Thursday h<' will undergo an op- ration. Mr. Steele suffered another mild attack Sunday morning, and it as riali-/.<'d (iiat permanent relief ould be secured only by an ojieration. Me was accompanied Jo Klrksville-by his wife and f.-ither, ^V. T. SteeJe. \V. M. Dunn and family returned tiKlay from Parsons, to 'which city hey removed some time Bgo, and ill leake lola their home in tbe future. Since leaving ihls city Mr. Dunn has been condutrfing tbe Owl Cafe and Hotel in Parsons, but the exjteri- ence lias convinced biin tliat Ida tias its attractfons. .t. II Artnitage was found dead In "led this morniiii' a' the of his laiic'iter Mrs I! S. ("apelln. where he lias made Ids home. Mr Arililt:iL'" was eiglily-five ye .'ir;? if ace nnd had aiiparently passed •njicefiillv away some time In the 'licht. Ite apiienreil In Eood he.iltl 'iiil si.lrlls last iiigiif. Mr Ariiillage '••lis mnde lis li'mw !iere for u r.i'm- 'iiT of ve ;its Mini is Well Unown here. The fiiner'il .Tr 'anfenieiitH have not 'leen fiil'y di -eided iiiio 'i, lull the f'ln- •'r::l will pi'obably he he 'd Thursday •"orpl 'i-.; from i |ie I'leslieti-rl 'in •hrri'li a"il 111" 'lOilv- will be siilpiierl 'o Kankakee. Ill . M.s oM bome. ;ind '•'Id to fi'Ft beside Iiis wife, who illed -leveii years ago.—lIiiiiiboMt Ili-ralil. (By the A.SHiH'luted Prc.-ui) Chicago Jflu. 24. —Kxtreiue cold and bis Bnow falls uiaklog worse the prospects for getting suiijdles from Russia tended toduy to make the wheat market firm. The opening was a shade lower to a shade up. May ittarted 11.00^ to and rose to il.OO%@%. Cloge—May Jl.01%; July "Ji%; S ^t. COR.N—Jan. C4',i: May July CC%.- Sejit. 67. OATS—May uO%; July 45%; Sept. 40%. J'ORK—.Ian. $1.'..9.-.; M.iy ?lC.42Vi' July |li;.62".. LARD—Jan.?'J.27'/.i; May $'J.r.2Vj July . Cblcu^fo Lhi'slork. Chicago, Jan. 24.—OATTDK. re- cei|>t.s 1-1,1)00. .Market firm. iJeeves $4.7.".'VtS.UU; steers $4.7.jftj,7.10; blockers and feeders $3.t;it<ira.'JU; cows and h.-ifers $2.Ibff't ;.,"iO; calves |."...'.iJ(?tS.7."» IlOU.S—Receipts 2'J,I10U; market 10 '•••nis higher than yesterday's average. J.,lglit J.'>.70«/«.2U; mixed $r..'.tmfi, i;.4n; heavy i .'.'.t.'.tft0.4(1; rough yi.'Xr'ii i;.l.'.; |)lgs'$4.2.^?i.')..'iti; bulk of saleh St. Louh (iralii. .SI. Louis, Jan. 24.— WIIKAT, May fI.iiO--}4; July 1>4«',(,. CORN—.May July 07-T4. OATS—May r.l''/j(f(%; July 4 .''i. St. Louis Mvi-storli. St. I .,oiris Jan. 24.—CATTLW. rc- I'eipts including 4I>0 'I'e.xans; market steady. Native beer steers $4.- .'.iK(i s.."ii>; cows and heifers %Z.W)<ii^ i;..'/ii; stoi'kers and feeders ?:!.2 .'>((i.''•••"•'i; Texas and Indian steer.s iri .00fti7 .'i'); ovvs and lieifers %'i.Wiio.w, calves in car lots $:..uura7 ..'iO. llOtU'^—Receipts 7 ,."(ii»; market inffj l .'i higher. Pigs and lights li.:'.l>; mixed and butdiers lU.SOiff €.4".; good lieavy lfi;.a05l'U .4 .'i. Kiinsiis City (iraln. City, Jan. 24.—WllKAT receipts 40 cars. Cash wheat iincliang- ed. No. 2 bard, Jl.USVtfl'l.OS; No. a, $1.4i2^fl.07; No. 2 red WitVy, No. 3 irTt/tiS. Close—.May |l.(il%'?M-«2 bid; July <HU% bid. CDUN—Steady. .\o. 2 mixed, C7<f( i;s; No. 3, m; Su. 2 white CSIft'^; No. •>f.'« !c. Close—.May i;7T!, bid; July OATS—rnchangert. No. 2 white '.I'/j 1i."2i,(j; No. 2 mixed. 4'J'A<!rr.0. RYftS7c per bushel. HAY—Stronger. Choice timothy |21 A(22; choice iiralrie $l.'iiir14..'>0. IIROO.M CORN—$7U(fi .i40 per ton. City Livestock. Kansas City, Jan. 24.—CATTLE— Reci-lpts aiKio; market ten higher. S:i- tlve steers l.'i.r.dfr'j.OO; cows and belf ers $:',.0O'5ia.2.'>; stockers and feeder:- ?4.00(r/ti.2.'); bulls ?a.50So..'iO; calve? %i.r,mH.2:,. HOGS—Receipts IC.OOO; market \C lit 2i\i: higher. Heavy $G.30 ji;<;.40; packers and butchers |(;.la©6.40; lights |."..7."<'fiC.23. . - Kansas City Produce. Kansas City, Jan. 24.— HUTTKR- Creamery :{7f; firsts :i^<; seconds 3?.; packing stock 24 Vi. ICGGS— Kxiras 3Jc; first.-? 31; .'•ec- onds 22Vj. Lead and Speller. St. Ixmis, ./an. 24.— Lead, dull JJ-V (iiiMlV.!; siielter. weak, $G.20'? Local .Markets. fPrriMire fpiofatlons furnished dally by Coghlll CoaimisKion (Company): i:f;t:s-2 ."i cents per dozen. I 'Ori .TllY—liens itc; springs .S; olfl rocks •1; joiing cocks C; ducks 'J: ger'?e 7; in-key hens 10; old loms 'J; fitneas ?2',i. ItiriTKR—21c per pound. HII'KS-S and '.>i: fJATS—4">c per bushel, HAY- $10 per ton. KAFFIR (;0R.\—.'.Oc per bushel. CO It.\—CO cents. (i:raln quotations fiirnlBbed dally by D. Jiayj: W E ARE READY to show you the most beautiful line of SILKS ever shown over our counters in fancy Foulards, Fancy Messalines, Fanc^- Taffetas, Fancy Silk Serges and Plain Silks in all the desired colors—at prices that will interest you. COME m SEE THEM! We Take Pleasure in Showins: Our Goods! STO>V POINT. Jan. 2-'.—Mr. T. W. Hall Is spending a few days with his son Walbure before starting to visit hl4>dauglilers in Colorado and Washington. .Mra. Clarenoi; Uroughton 8 |ient Frl day at Mr. William Uroughtoii's. j-^vedean Harclerudc spi-nt Sunday and Sundiiy night at Mr, Wm. Hruugh- ton's. Lloyd and Optil Slgler spent Saturday and Sunday Wm. McFurland's. I'roiracied meetings commenced at •lie .M. K. church in iironson .Monday night. Rev. Holmes of ItU.-i! county will Jiclp with the meetings for about two weeks. I-Jveryone Is Invited to come and hear him. Wm. .McFarland lost a two year ohl co'.t Thursday. Mr. and .Mrs. John Sigb-r and little Mill H:jei:t Saturday and Sunday with iier mother, Mrs. Mattocks. .Miss .Mollie Camp spent Thursday nigiit at Wm. McFarland's. .\boiit was cleared at iho chick:-n III', dinner in Iironson Saturday. Mr. Wallace Hall bought a hors- from a man near .Moran Friday. .Mr. Al Hurris delivered hogs to Iironson Monday. J. B Harclerode and Al. Btirris butchered liogs Thursday. Wm. McFarland and Roy Oier assist<.-d them. Mrs. S. D. Hrandenburg is on the sick list. .Aliss Ila Uroughton spent Sunday afur <:liiirch with Miss Kmley Heaton. was the verdict about the - skating Tuesday night. J. I Everyone had a good time i /—some kicked up their heels because they had lost their troubles and some because they lost their balance. Our "Good Order" rules do not prohibit innocent joy. Tomorrow night the Rink will be open again at 7 o'clock. Spectators declare it a good show—cost only 10c. Skaters may hire excellent skates for 1.5c- Saturday afternoon matinee—Admi.ssion free., Skates 10 cents. ' AUDITORIUM SKATING RINK Thin, Feeble and Under-Fed people need more coal, clothes and doctors than the strong, robust and hearty. Scott's Emulsfon saves coal bills, tailors* ibills and doctors* bills. Mi. omtoaimrm U-S5 The : ! from iiiirii'i bands and ral as li<i:.»i!.:.. ! I. much I.->. tii-i mutely iiiid i; i::.i> iie ipii -Mv remove If.. V, 'Il llo-iiing lb' • lii;, II;'- . iirrants as li.iri V ' I '.i III; r.i. This take • . li.iii ;ii liiiig them .sep 'i:;lii' as elTH'tive. Perpetii.ll Cnow Line. Tlie lexei i.f pi-ipeluii sliow is 2.40<i feet in .V'lrwa;.-, -I .OIKI in Hie I'.ritlsl Isles and l.'.Vi;') ni tin- iipi.-iior. CAKNEGIK GETS WITXE.SS FEE. Stel >rui;nnle Hat* Experience Willi (•'ovcrnnient Ked Tape. Washington, Jan. 2.'!.— Andrew Carnegie has been paid for the testimony he gave the ateel trust invi^stigatlng committee. When on the stand Mr. Carnegi< said he would not take the money but later a duly attested vouc'.ier with thi iron master's signature attached was received from New York. Payment was refu.scd because ;» notarial sea! was omitted. "I know these formalities are try- jiiig," wrote Jerry South, disbursing oflicer of thit house, in returning th* 'voucher to Mr. Cnrn<-gle, "but a certain amount of red tape must be unwound and a government ofllclal is at the spool end." The voucher In proper form was received today and a check for $22.70 iwas remitted to Mr. Carnegie by return mall. The city commission held Its rcgu- ' lar weekly session yesterday after- I noon. There was no business other than the routine. It was stated at the city clerk'B office this afternoon. .Ian. 22.—.Mrs. Lyda Giiiley has re .urned home from Kingman County where she has been for some time. Cleve Carpenter started Thursday .'or .\'i »wton Kas., where he will vlsi. e la lives. .Miss Jennie Strawderman returned lome the lirst of the week, after i ew weeks visit with her sister here CJuite a number of young men speni -Jaliirday evening .skating on Reeves jjond. .Mrs. K. Viekers returned las- veek to her home in fiklahoma City laviag sjient a few weeks visiting bet .larent.'j here. Sammy Carter was called to Iliini •oldt the of the week by tbr lea til of his mother, Mrs, Alford Car i-r, of iliat place. The social given Thur.sday evening ly ihe Ladies' Aid S<iclety was well itteiided and a good program was •endi-red. The ladles' served n beau- ifiil luncheon which was well patron l/ed. We did not learn what the .•<<'ei |its were, but understand they A -ere amply reiiaid for their effort. Mr. and Mrs. Turner of lola. Miss \anny llarkey of Paola, Kas., Mfases vi.'iiy. Lena and Helen Prentice, ot itaxter Siirings, Kas. Messrs. Albert ind Arthur Rlbens, of Coweta Okla., iiid Dr. Dave liibens, of Larned, Kas., ire here attirndlng tlie Lacy-Hlbens wedding, ,Marrleil—At llie residence of Mrs. M. J. Itihens, Sunday, Jan. 2Ist, Mr. i-Vank Lacy apd Miss .Nellie IJibens, ly the Rev. Van Unskirk. wilh a most ii-autifiil and impressive «:eremony. Inly relallv'-:; and a few Imniediat< ••riends of tbe (-onlractlng parlies wen .ireseiil. An elaborate dinner wa a -rved and the gifts c.onst.sted of nu 'iieroiis beautiful and useful anlcley rbe bride la a beautiful and accom- •dished young lady, and Is well anr 1 iioiise. He has iiien cleaning uii tbe t;i'ove anil in a short time will have I very jiretty place. W. C. Walker helped Mr. Sears move. We could not help but admire the remarks by the "Rasket Ball Fan." S«inie boys think no one will appre- .-iale their presence unless they cre- itc a sensation. -Mr. and .Mrs. Sam Smith are going o Iowa to stay with his mother, who is ,S7 years old. She visited here last iiimnier and is a very intelligent lady. .Ve expect them back in a few years.. We regret to rejiort that Mrs. Roy j laker is seriously ill. Karl Brooks we hear, has gone to .he West. .Mr. Obed Kerr's two grandchildren iro hero from ..Missouri on a visit. They are going to school at Golden v'aliey. Y-s. tlie iioss knows more about the last weather than those kids la the itlice. .Mr. W. Sears is moving to Mount •da. Mr. and .Mrs, Sear.<!. we hope, vill enjoy their new Iioiiie, and we, . them wi.-ll—for they are worthy LombinatlOn Kange. if the wish. " " Thi-re will he a bo.x supper Friday light at Independence. mm'I (JENEVA. .fnn. 2.'].—.Married—Sunday, the it 1 o'clock at the home of the bride's lan-ntB of this place. Miss Klsa Per- 'ilns, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Perkins, to Mr. D. D. Spl- r:er. Rev. T. K. Itoswortli olllclating. Only near relatives were present. A bounteous wedding dinner was given ,'oy the bridii's parents, after whleh '.hey went to their home, Mr. Splcer's residence north <if the ]iosloiIlce. .Mem- lay night a large crowd turned out with noLse-making Instriiments of every descrlptlim and gave the bride and groom a cbarlvari, after which they were treated to candy and cigars. Mr. and Mrs. Splcer have lived in and near Geneva for many years and have scores of friends who join in wishing them great happiness and prosperity 'n the fiitfure. This beautiful weather hlnk of Spring, but prepare your•elves for a change. P, C. Irwin, of lola was in our lurg yesterday. Miss Ida Perkins came home Saturday afternoon to attend the wcd- Burns coal and gas without change. Four gas burner lids and oven. Broiling burners. , , Good heavy coal box. lola Furniture Store Mrs. George Mable will visit friends In Hntler In the near future. Will Hamilton will havo his sale January ,'<U(1|. after, which he will move to Case County. .Mr. and Mrs. Bert Wilson, of Colony, visited hero yesterday with the lat- ter'H sister, .Mrs. Tal Sherwood. .Me.ssrH. Kd and John Lowe put up thirty tons of ice during this cold Hiiell. They say they e.xpect to keep Icool next Slimmer. * V. II. ChUds' {iuuday school class came in and surprised him Friday January 30th. !a>„„.l,.y li»<.«n l,«re. l.i.vins 1='°^ • rtn^ of hor Jw™ Flsa •i^ voiing man of excellent character. The couple have the best wl.ihes oj their many friends, who hope they will reside in this community. nOLOE .V VAliLET. " .Tan. 23.—Joe Griffltb finished his hrpshing Monday. Mrs. Griffith was ::alled to tbe bedside of her mother ind Mrs. Smart helped Minnie with her work. I.eona Tipple Is slightly Improving but can not walk or help hurs?lf nuich yet. She took sick In November. *;Tominle Ziramermaq, a brother oi Tiilla Zimmerman, at one time of the Register force, had Ave teams hauling brick for tbe fouBdation at bis new FOR SAU:—BAY MARE. ^VEIG^S about 900; make good delivery horse or all right cheap buggy horse; sound and gentle. Will sell for $50. lOld Fast sfreetT Phone 2.".e. There is^ Only One ^^Bromo Quinine^^ \ Thai Is LaxsttSve Brpmo Qutnlna UMBO tHE mtfiLO ovkd TO Btmc A oouf m ame OMT. Always remember tlio fnit name. Look tor this signature on t^ve'jj' box. L'5c.

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