Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1912
Page 2
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1» THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 24,1912. i lOU MOSIG CLDB FOeTUNIlIE All Coats, Suits and Furs at JUST HALF PRICE! Many Big Reductions All Over the Entire House! For V )iii. VoT yoii I could Utiy-- til" f'.iy Ilrlurii of in 'Tiliiiiiii, And 111 my l:iii>;lii>r illf nwiiy In eml- I"'.ss sit 'iK >• of < iini' 111 • . • I ronid foTK"-' for \(iur di:ir s:iko Till- uiii-r <ini >iln"ss .iini or vvcry liis;; 1 <Air kii'-w What foiild I nti! loi;;-I fur vim'.' I ronld fors<'t IIK' jnsi d •^• ir-' of iniii' own sins, .'ind so <'r:is<- The ti-ar that liurns, ih" siiiil<- il::t lliut iiiirl!?. And all that mars an.l :ii:isks my far . For your fair sake 1 foulil f<ii::.t Tlip bonds of life that cliafi' and fri l. Nor car<> if dfath won- falsi- or tin • .What could I not forgot for you? —James Whitcomb Uili y. Candy lUiy Llie hesl! WI-: liAVI] IT! BORREirS r= Mrs. W. A. Johnston, ijrcsidcnt of the State Suffrage Koci<'iy, iliruu.::n Kattsas newsiiajuTs, is n-mindiri.:; •• n- mi-n of the effectiv .-niss of souv-iur postcjirds in boosting suffras'-. H't suggestion: The suggestion of ?<'ndinn otti ii(><^*cards to your friends on Kansas !;..yilarj;e attt.ndanoi. is an exceJlcnt one and wi. hov • - ery woman who v< s in a K'>^- raiment of thepeople will si nd <.:rd;- :<> her friends askint; tlr iii to \nu- ;or the suffrage flniendin' !i! n<xf .N'ovem- ber. ^uy card will do. hut ihos" who wish to. can obtain Wotnan i'-.ilir-.iy cards at Slate H<adquarti .rs, CIT Mil 's building, Topcka. A letter recently received at inad- quarters from one of the concressior.- al delegation at AVashington i;itimattE that the news of sufTrage«,5I^Uj$l)ips and the effective campaign nov •'w^*-^ in Kansas has rc.-iched even' VasliiOS- ton, and Jf the writer was .my ju'dgo of the signs of the times, we would win. • •»••> The American Woman's League met yesterday afternoon in thfi \V. C. T. IT. rest rooms, where they spcn^ an hour talking about buein.>ss ntatfer.-?. The domestic science Usson was omit ted. I STORE The Kexnll Store West Side of the Square Mrs. C. P. Day's class in the Metlir odisf Sund .iy school was prtttilj* tertained at her home last nl|:ht tin^ the party resulted in the organizs^i' of a club which will meet dhih ^V ond and fourth Tuesdays intho tntf. in the future. The program last nlRl was impromptu but very eiU(ii:taiuXo'. and. the meetings will ineltule niof' formal procraniB in Kn- futuriv Mrs Day served refreshments. Members of the club will b- Miss l>a Jlu'll, j)resid"nt: .Miss Carrol Dinfin'aii. »ir"- president: Miss Sly via Kurieli, S '-ci^'- tary: Miss Rosalia \Vliit<hur.';i. treasurer: Maude and Golden Wri;;hl l-if- lian Terrill, Helen IJay. • •> V The Golden Kink club had a nic-tine yesterday afternoon wi!h Mr.-. J. T Lowdermilk. Mrs. A. L. lioiii-hton and Mrs. S. L. Jackson r< ad ILIJUTK en American poets. In the near future the club exiH <-ts to hav.- a d<b;u<' and roll vail responses y. si. rday were subjects which nauiit jirove iniertst- Ing and edvicational. in ;WD weks Mrs. U. K. i'eck will have Uie club. , * • •> Mr. and Mrs. S. I.. J::ck'^o:i v .jn to Xlanietl tomorrow u. vii^ii Mr. and Mrs.- K. McDowell ;ind o;her i.-i lais •i* <• A bnsiness nleetin^ in eonr." C'-.OTI with w'jl^'h th>r" \\;.? a Kijeial i .a. occujjiet' tlie attetiiiun of luenihi rr of the Met}:odist Aid so<i<iy and t!. ir friends v.^:i-rd'v aft >raooii Th" ni' 'i. lag was held at the parsonage and- 'l-.e I?. !IL''! fui" stiiiiii; w«at!ter allow, il :. Mrs. Claude St. art, .Vrs Grant I!i!!h.>. Mr.-*. 1). V.. Uixl.r. .Mrs. C. 15. Criek and .Miss Kat. C<)nia!;t assisti-d Mi-.s. I 'riee in lii' (iinii'.u n.inn. 'rite ••(.("••il wer.': .Mrs \V. H. Itoot. presid.nt: .Mrs. !•: V. li-rry, viei'-presid-lit; .Mrs. I M. Kirk, tr-a'-tircr; Mrs. C. K- I'rick, secretary. •:- —Vfii ran .-ilways ret j'osfage • lainii^ at Spencer's. Tliey also are offering, this week, a box ef swiierior •lualiiy Stationery neat nnd new, for 7c. tJoiiig Fast. •:• • .Mrs Add.-i ^^ehner. who is to Irc- .ure hi TP on K'lual s.iffric" =oinetinie ^n Ma-e!;. is to be in Wiciiita I'riday iiiL 'ht ") cunduc! a iiieotinj;. Mrs. \V. U Smh'.is, '.vifi' of the gov<'rnor el '<ans;is, and .Mrs. W. A. Johnson. C:' Toiieka vil! I:e house j;iiesls of til. '•.ns'osr, who wi!! entertain Mrs. Zehner i^liile sh'- is in V.'iehita. .Mrs ;^ i.ri'r will l<e:i!"e in Kansas nnli- June in ih;- interest of suff:'ag.^ and wil' l !i.n liet;lii a IW.T years enjiai;'- nient with the Itldjiath l.yc.tim Uu- retiu. -:• •:• •:• .' tliinl: t.'i.' Aineriein woinii ar. ;!•.<• lir.i si in 1h.> worlil. Tiny ar" in he eoiigi.itulated upon th"ir fr.-edolii — Jan Kiilielik. Violinist. * •> * V.isr; UaZ'l 'lir.ili'f will ]v h.isil.s; • if lli( II. T. M thiinhh e'uh loiiie,::! •:- •:• •:• 111. in.-'liiii: of III"' y !'. i;. stai-iy v.iiiili was anntuiiueil for Thursda:' iiieht iia2 h'.'ti ;'.oste .jiii (i until ne.\i week. •i •> • The l .oyal I'.rother.? a club of youir,- mill, are a=ki.n.!; i;i;-se< fnr ^ta(k.\ •a:!y to he ,"ivi n n'x*. ^iloinhty nis^iu Canns .-iiid o'her en: rraiinn'iit \'Pi b'- provided and to the "'acKi.sf .truest a jiriz'' v.-.'M be ;.;ivin. •> •:• •:• Mrs. Cliarles K. T yiur v.-nt to Kansas City today for a f.'W d:iy'v vihit. — Kr.-ir.rTia! Ml \y o'iatinn] in•a!I (ifrie.-rs Tl:^l;^•;Iay e "e '.:i!i-.; and 'av<- a ^(icd tiije neruI!y.--(;. \V .siiaduilk. .'^ecri tary. .•<r('{ Ktii.s i.\ ?;ooKix<; SOXG VS.. VirXh HY .*!^1K. NOHTII. Winsome .Snpniiio Who Charwd I"Iit .Vtidiciice H. lor.- Mill Itcriiru Here KrbrHary Fif'li. T!i.} lola MiLsie Club has made arrangements for a . ong recital to he given on tiie ni^iit of I'ebruary .'.ih at the First .M-i'.hiulist Church. They will p!e:e:u .Vme. Dorothea North, the bii;i.'r;n'. and acc:ou:pl!shed pupil of .MexanJcr llcineiiiann. Herlin's fan "jas and iea'.:her. achieved r'':..rirkal(Ie biiccesij in i!ic concert 'ieid •:>;<(" her return froni abroad. Resetting Diamonds Crinp your diamonds and let US examine ihf clasps to see that tljey are entir.iy siMmtli and suong. This a wise precaution and it will cost you nothing! If new or partially new mountings uje needed >ve guarantee absolbte satisfaciifin. Mo. Fae- *aatm*e^ad JT. K. Jk T. Another of the .Music dub's reejri!-- was ^:iven .it the hon'.- of .\!rs. !'. K \\'ai|eli ye-iti rd.;y ;:f ;i r .'ii .on a'l.l a bri.'f. thoiifih ilassie aiid deli:l]i(ai program w.;s glv. n. Miss I'.itii .\1< calf .ui'l Miss .Toy 1?. rslib< rtr-r pla.>- •d i!i 1'liovi II scjiioras frnm tintn'iiv; -Mr. i;dwin liU.'i'- r ; tid .Mr. Ar.h; ('aiiii'in sati.". du.i'- and .Mr. Cannon r.ani; two '1 h.- aeeonipaiii- le. tits wi r.' pi: yd ly .Miss Khirenc'- Hobart. After th.' riiisic .Mi.-^s I'atti M.iealf tini Mrs. O. T. l-iGranjii' serv.d t. a. The cliib is I .X 'kini; loru.ird with pleasure to tie- solii; recital to he iriven in the Meihodisi church Moiid-'.y nij;ln. February lifth, bv Madam' \orth of Ci:ii'a;:o. Mrs. Waugh wiil iday Miss North's accompaniments. Tick.'ts for the <oncert are on sale .•It Iloberfs music store and winrf.iw cards and other advertising juati-r was distributed today. TIu' follovk-ing active or associate jnembers attended the meeting yesterday: Mrs. J. W. Ilohoii. Miss l^'.or. nee.Hobart. .Miss Josephine HIddle,! Mrs. C. .M. Cole, Mrs. Kd Danforth I JMISS Mertha Swii/ari, .Mrs. F. I,. Woods. Miss i'atti Sleicalf, Miss Joy HersliberKer, .Mrs. J. G Walker, Miss Olive Uauidus, Mrs. Fred Uowden. v.MV. Doijorri;;\ .NOIJTM. I'e • 11. I II a : 'i \ - .'I'; ;"lila, • I' .1 iKi; '. I ami pi •..inn. I'.er 'i .-lin: ;.ii ... • .<;iaJ.'' in .'\'. il "er'-aaii ^' 1 . . .11 ie \ i' ,;.! ... .ir aln.ia' \.- II. ie-r i: 1 iiji.-;iii il. Ill, 1 la i H .1 '.nrwenl;.! Hall • t:'.'. .V,. I,.r :':ai!n a^'sisli'ig hei .; .! l.i'.r . i.;.. : ..1 iipnti the llein.' .'.nil iini:;r .iiii. in iii :iiiy cities .iiOvi . any. in Coi'.:iliagi-n and i.endnn •1 ei ntiin'ii;:! press notices aii' •:ir .e ,i Ills ar.' iin;'.ni !iii>i :s in tlieii -.lie .if ii.'r work. .Minn. ,V?rth possessi-s .i parlic . y e; .11 i,iiii<4 anil pleasing' sopral.' .ire ni ::..;>.! fl.-xibility ami draiiiali' r. nitli a Kniopean cae!ie I'i'ii Inr Work s':e brings to Inv r inr .i !\ ef the same unusual into •..le.ia :ind inteUigetu -i- which char < "vl/.s lleineinaiin's .singing. .\!:ni'. .\"(irih was heard in lola la-^ . :ir :;i a eniiijilinientary reeital give: •. ii >e .Mtirie Club. She pleas.-d h- .:i.-n.i' SI iinuh (hat the eliib n:ad .-p >-eial eifiirt to secure her agaii' .\nrt!i on thi.- ttiur is appearin: •.1 .'^l. U.iiis. K;'.n?:is <"iiy, l/mdsbor; il i'!>.r w.-stern eilies. Mrs O, T. I-aGran^e. Mrs. Fred .Vel •n. Miss Allienn ?.iunson. Mr. Vj\in Hunter. .Mr. Fred l-'revert, .\Ir .\rchi( C;innon. ^:rs. C. F. Johnson, at Trinity par -oii :ig.-. .-ntirtained the woman's bi lie class yesterday aff«rnoon. Tin I 'lnnthly reports of the devotional, so• ;al aia! membership committees wer ;\il. .-Xftcj- the business meetjn,!.- Nirs-. Johnson served. The Kpworth I.eapue of Trinity ; iiurcli had a pie social last night in lie churcii di:iiii.[; room and had ; n;erry inii.per wliieh was a sticcis li .'i.ii.. .'ally. I 'ld .'i '.ils of till' siiinK will b.' used for. ;:e;!eral work ofitli* League. • • • A dancing party with a Valentin s. itiim in obs ''r>ai:ce of Leap V.'ar. • ill bi' ..tiMIl (IT! the ev .-nijii; of Feb- r.icry lours .'nili at th,- Clinker Clul Meliis. Wive .s of tin- club null uill '•«- th. hostesses and the jiarty proin- s III be a larg" and m.rry one. I'n. id' III T .iy !i»r, iiiid. r w.ios- man !iv lit the club has j;iven many .-n- .•ri .iiMii nts the jiast year, siiggeslci! paity and the ladb 'S who heard of •l:e iiropos'd iilans \v>r.- at once en••!:ii-i: siie Mrs. Taylor w.nt to KiMi- -.s Ciiy today iiiit AIU he home later in the Week and will call a meeting of •in- I.'idi. s to discuss the party. Thi •ivita'ions will be issu< d by the lad- i< s and tliey w -ill take tl -.e iniiiative in i! i !;iims concerning the 'nlertain- •';<-nt. •:• •:• Mr.;. Ceorge Itavis, Mrs. WiHiaii "In .inii :itid .Mrs. I'. K. Salh <• will en- :crtain th'- ex-Teai i:ers' clu!) Friday •ti.rr.i.en at Hi'- Davis r.-sidiuc-. <• •> T'v S'jro.^is eUib W,',! have a nif'-' ii.u I'lnioiT'.w aft" rnoon at th.' honi • i" .Mrs:. J. W. lirowii, !t'i7 Fast stnei. .\ i '.iiisas day will b.- reti- .1. ,.. i'. <- •:• -r- .'Irs. H. H. Howard and .Mrs. .Tames 'I". P.'id gave two large i -ard parli<<- .'. 1. r-!:iy :'.t the Howard biniL -.iIow. •') •.•liii-Ii w.-r.' iii>ii .d eiehty-eiL ,hi e; •'.• muiu.-.l fri'nds. In the aft<-r- nrion twelvi table.-s of guests play<<! i .'id at iii:4ht t.ii .s useii Eaton, Crane and Pike -Mai:.' 111.- (in. St writing . jiajier ii.r.d.- in .\iiieriea V%'e show the clndee of their line -sonii" r.-al n.-w i-r. atio'is. See the wimlow for iluse good.s. Vou get the bent In vi.siting cards Invitations, initial pap.-r, as chi.-ap us very ordinary slock. Evans Bros. The .SljiUonery Store. The tabl "3 were on the scbond floor I '.nd al the close of eacli party, Mrs. P. J. Horton. Mrs. U. P. Northrup and .Mls« IJIIian Northrup served an elaborate supper. In the .tfternoon Miss Margaret Smith and Miss May Brig- hani won prizes and at night favors were given to Miss Marion I-ois Talbert and Mr. Newton Urigham for top Scores. .The guest list for t!ie two parties included Misses .Margaret and Helen Smith. Mrs. Herman Tholen. Mrs. J. G. Stadler Mrs. I.. J. Campbell. Mrs. A. H. Cnmpbell. .Mrs. K. S. Healfie, I Mrs. K. C. Chastaiii, Mrs. Seward i!i.x- Jhy, .Mrs. C. n. Sjiencir, Mrs. J. C. Lnnpsfont, Mrs. H. M. i'almer. .Mrs. -S. n. Bnrr.MI. .Mrs. K. \V. Stai'fi.hl. .\frs. Mel Fronk. .\frs. C. J. Hal licit Mrs. W. S. Kaufman. Mrs. F. C. Win .Mrs. F. A. .\orthrup. Mrs. I-. 1- .North nip. .Mrs. J. G. Mittlebach. Mrs. T. S .StoV'^!-, Mis .si Hazel Drake. .Miss Cl:ir;i Foust Miss Bi;la Reimert, .MLss Alice Shields, .\liss HI;>nche Ponsler. .Mrs .f. A. i.Vh(<^-ler. .Mrs. Cliarl.-s F. Scott .Mrs. Rex Uowlus. .Mrs. C. D. Shii-lds .Mr.«. C. H. Shields, Mr.s. Charb-s t^y .Mr>-. H. K. Hinde. ,Ml"s S •;!;' \Vll.:on Mi- 3 May Hi-igham. Mrs. K. C. >.!cClaiti "Ir.i. (George Fry, yi':<i3 Alia !!tinc-in Miss Dorothy FOUKI, Miss Clara FJru ner. Mr.s. C. A. liiirek. .Mr.-;. Millar Tr: is. Mrs. Vein- Fry. Tur.". .). I.. Jc;ie ."ir;-. C. j; \ Mi.;s '.V-.^s Hydr Mfss Fiov I(otl:Je;-. .Miss FJereiice Ho ; ar: .Mi--s Jos-phip- liiddi.-. .Mis Cora Kb in. Miss .Mary Xci .lu ::p, M'f^ Claia ;>iw!iis. Mi.^j.- H.i;:. 1 iiowlus '.!i.-: Flori'i.- WJi.-.l.-r. .\!i:s ••;ii";;bctl Ar.l. Miss .Marion !.,)is T .i 'l.ert. Mi.e X.-v.i Funk, >''.s U--y Fun;;. Mis. J \Va!\' r. Mi.i,-; ,! .rksoi;. Xif. am Iv. 11. C V .'i.:,t,.i;. lir and .Mn. Cos':oin, Mr ami '^h-j. 1,. ''. Slnvi-i ••;r .Mrs. F. 1.. Wixi;!:^. .Mr. am .Irs. Kri'.'ik rv. v \cv.t m .la ' r :!-.ur I'.ri;.'liani. TDIU and I.e.- i'.invli:. • 'an Servey. Dr It. O ft'iiisliin. Cei Coriliiii. I.oais I'r-ike, f-'" \V. siii i; Sparks, II. 11. Il.,«:nl. IJr. J MIR LOVE ONLY SM LOVE recll Loan and Florence Ilolhruok to lie Vhorced. 01 :» I!Uli;S VMI S\llt N«IT{!!v< •aci crs Hid \ii( Mal.c M!.i«a;ice f.- IFitlc«i In l!ci'er(!ii'_' Ci.-t <.i' Keif. tl..- A 'i-.i n- V CM-a -.-ii. .1.111 :'l \lil.iiif ;ll l:" :! .uan..' li;:n:i' l .ir lii.f-• in Ill .liiii:::, a paM >•{ !''!n i.i ;f;iir 'i.e lest en- i . !' '..r i!"- !..•(.!. i t 'e ,\'.-itinn:'l '".ii". inu ('••niinany in :eat ' 'inil in thai p .^.i--! t '.e eiirniM 'i,in r.i -.'i^. .'il ficn; MM- S .I.' e.l lii.!.- •;';r.:i .ii ."e.r,7. T'^.- i.y n ..,iith iTi' by Williapi !•;. V.'.-'n r IV-T: r ;il :iii .i,liir of lln- .V.-!ii.eia! I 'aikif • ir .any. I 'e pa. I.- i-.' tri .il i.iJa;. riie flovi rnnietu ennl-i:.: ii ':ii hy U" •'hiv.ilm If .lit-' on hide: rln- !'! ere I 'lijibhil :e r:i=s.' tie- priii- I •in-^.ta..'.-: .-^l...^ 'iv.^ a :i « vees ive plclit en I'i-ir "• e-.l:.;. V JNep I'hiiikcr. T!" • inv.^ I. -r •.vas .-ein-'What iin •••rtain as to i!.- iv.n ii.i^ality of he ••t.'sl e!ia :'.:?i ;•. Sin' v .as -n-t kept liUi- n di.ii '.it. l.!r.,i'. IT. ••yoi;e." sin- v .riit •n I'n- hieiiii. ilnii a-I :eil in her llll.^ . lisl'al tol.•^.a'-• :•! • iouked gr ;\<-ni\l> V V'liinl I'.c •!;-;. '•('•n any li;tl< ey 111- ;,!r! tell in-' ineaiiilig •• that word'.'" A small, hhiinl l...y raised his ban'' '.Ay kninv " in- .••aid huarsely. "it—i ss when yiiii say soinet 'in;; funny. —Feb. \Voi :^-in's Ilmne Companion. LKG.iLS. rir.-t l\ibli.<l;ed in The lola l)ail\ l{;er Jan. 2-1 ];H2) SCMIIONS. James \V. Hall, will take notid hat he has lieen ^lIfd with others a; 1. fendant by .M. I,. Hrcw.-^ter a. .'.lintitf. in ei\i! aeiien .No. ;it',(i2. ir e jlistriei C.iiirt ni .Mien County <, and. that unless he answei aid petition filed therein on or bcfon n' ••ih day of .\Iareii, r.lIL', said peti- lon will he- taken as true and jiidg- r.eiit and ileeroe will be rendered tin ! nielcd in said a^-tlnn in favor of plulr. If and iigains.t iiliii for tie- sum of vitii ••>•'. inter.-; I thereon from .liic I. ]!ile. .I'll ,1 iniirlga.ue given by liini- clf and wife to .-ecur.- tlie payini-n. hereof nn Dot iI In IMock 'd" In tin- ity of liila. .\!len Couiiiy. Kansa::, wil be for. I'liL-^i d and saiil real e .-ta;. rderi 'i! sold, ;in(l Ihi; pro•eeds of s .ni.; ale .iiipliiil to lai- pay:i;ent of tin axe-' accrued and accruing again."-.' aid real estal.-, and tin- <-o.-t of said -.v'.e Atid raid action, and next to the laynient of t!ie sum found to be due dain;iff. and tlie remainder. If any .\'ll he br.)uu:at into court to abide its urthiT order and the period ot ri- Icniition of said real estate from aid ;a'e, will !ie limited to six niontlu: ::d tiiat frmi tlie (Jate of said sale all '•.•fendant .4 v.;!! be baited nnd cnjoinct'. •om Setting up any claim, right, title ;;tcre.--L In or to or lien upon said real tat" or any i.a:! th.renf excipl t!;. ;i;i; of redemption aforesaid, and fe.r •.her pre,i..r relief. CAMIMIKI.D .t COSIIOli.V. - AiJornevs 'or IMaintiff \:'r-i: .\:<o. \V. r.tlOVVX. - ', .•a! I Chrk District Coijrt. i)-2;-::!-.j)-7 1 Kir.-t I'iiM;s;!cd in The lola Ijiaiiy rie-.-ister. .'.nn 24. I!il2l \<»TU i: l\ liANKKI I'TCV. II ; •• |ii.-i,i.-t Coiirt of tlie Fnltrl Slat. le:- lii-'ri< t ..!' Kansa.-. 'I';:in! Iilvision. In I'n' matter of I) \V Hiek? ami Harry If. Jlhks, partner.- tis D. W. ili'K. .V S.ii ef lola, in lie- County of ••.!i(n and district aforesaid, a liank- iipt. No'h-e U h.-'rehy :;i\en t.iat on the n;ii day of .lanimiy. ,\: 11. I;H2. tin- auHv \V. nick.-' and Harry H. Hicks. :..; as D. W. H;, ks .V Son, was I'l'Iy adjiid'-'cd bankrupt ;it:il that the fir;-t meetin-.r of t!n ir creditors will be l:.h! at the Hotel Kt-liey in the city f lola. ^ County. Kan-:is. on the fa day of K. Iiniary. A. D DU2 at 'cbiej: in the fun nion. at wiilch linn- 'i!-.o -:nd ciedit.irs may attend pro/.' Iheir cl;iiiiis api.'oint a trustee, examine t.'io bankruit and transact such other hti-lness ax may properly come fore siu'h meeting. Anff'.y. scheduled $l'i ;on .uO; liabilities scheduled $Il.!t .-i :t..''..';. Fort Scott, Kansas. Jan. 20, lltl2. C. K. i-DUY, Allen county people who witnessed the production of "Bright Eyes" at the Grand theatre here last week, and who adiiilred the leaders, Mr. Dean and .Miss Holbrook, will be interested to know^ that the two have been married nine years. And they will be surprised to learn that the two, who smiled and joked together like" the best companions, have been separated two years and are headed toward the divorce court. A Kansas City jiaper says: A visitor at the Hotel Baltimore this morning noticed on the register t !ie name of Miss Florence Holbrook . costar with her husband, Cecil Lean ill "Bright Eyes" at the Grand Opera House this week. A few n.inates later at the Hotel l-:dward he saw the name of Cecil Dean. "\Vh^" replied .Miss Holbrook to a liuestitm. "Perfectly easy to explain. Mr. I..ean and I have been sparated for lii '.ost f.\o years. I wili set my divorce thi."^ summer when I gtt back in a New York," "Tiien you will tH.-continiie jilayiiiL' iigitlier?" il'.e visitor asked. "Certa'niy not" .Mi.^s Holbrook rented. "W.- ,-ire .going Into vainlevili. irly nex' sea.son and thru later wi vill apiear in a new musical produc- ion -Mr. l.can Is writing. We an .•iem|i hiir| v .iil iiev.r li \e togc'.lier ;'.;.iinT I !iav.' hen so tlr.Tl sini-e 1 •It hi 'ie that I -.'.III afraid 1 have not :\.n a.> good a iifrforimince as I ••isiially do. bu' Mr. litis helped <,• nut .-11 much He is Ml good ' t !h!i;. He will slug luy song> !n-n I don 't |e.-l like It. and I do Ih inn- Tl r liin:. We help each o lier a" M' can. " i:,i I ••:'n- wi;-.- marvieii nine year.(1. '•.'.•!:.I" '.!:• l .i .'n v.;e; ask.d wlia. >• lia.! in say . '•' thi- |-em:irk ;ibl.- .iiat '-n':!! 'i.iialinti hi': :;iiiy «a- tl:. ;ii :'e as ili .ii d!' his iii -wi>rk '.-i' and ile. For One Day Only— Saturday We shall place on sale our entire sioclv (>[ FANCY SILKS, FOULARDS, fancy CHECKS and STRIPES heretofore sold at $1.00 per yard; Saturday only— .\!rs. () !::i;; receivid letter ml vl.'W.-. freni h.r son I-'arrell Ovei-| i! .-.VIMI i~ al pre.-ent it; Kingston ;tiiiai. a with ji cruiser from tin- I'ni.- ] 1 Sta :.'S n;uy. His letter mentions .i'ii;sl:.'n :is cue of the most interest-] li'.; p.iil.s he has visited on his cruise ( ;MHI' KM».S LIFE. lanj* Cliiidren Ilie of Croup Kvcrt Vear Ilei'ore a lioctor Ciiii lie Summoned. Parents of children should be pre- i:.-d at till times for a spasm o.' croiii Keep in the house a remedy lh;it vill give Instant relief and keep tin 'lild from choking until the arriva' !' file piivsician. Get a .-.'I cent bottle of HVOMKI to ay and in case of an attack of :;r.)iip iiiir 2" drops into a kitchen bi.-wl 'dling water. Ilidd the child's iiea.: ihe howl so that it can hreat! '.e sootliing. jienetratin.g vapor tha: rises. In the meantime seiid for iiy.-i.ian. This treatment has saved the liv. • f .many ciiildren and is a precantior lat all parents should promptly tak. IIYOMKI is sold by C. I!. Spencer .V "o.. and druggists everywhere and I.- naranteed for croup, catarrh, asthni: ;:id hronchitls. (.(H»n M<;irr MKS . cowAnaiT.' 'ilFes Come Hard to Free Horn Anicr. icnn Citizens Kven in .N. Y. Washington, Jan. 2."!.—'Washingto; s blushing over an incid-.-nt in fork y('Sterday at the dinner giv. i o the Duke and Ducli"ss of t'oii i:iie.;IU by . Ambassador Whitehn •id. Ileallziiig that his hoiis'-ho!' rv;.i:ts h:-.i! noi h.'.'n acciii ;a!e-•.!, i Itoyaliy the .\nil>.i.';s;:e'ir ia:e::r •' Irein Kiigh.nd ;i h: if i\ triin : l:icke >;i ,:nd 1>\.> I'n:.--. Hi ,is:i^i >.a te •r!:ii!;;::. ai 'i.'.: ?.!.. .i <.;' ;i ay:I. '! In- ill;..!, r I:: I i-:.;::! .-. ••; .'I sini'OlIiSv •r..:,--;''. ••• vill. ly • l;!:(;wn .M.. 1 V. ; < lit in spi:.- >•:' v':.< littb' I xp.'rii lie.. V. i;': :;'..;•:' .: HSes. .-Vs In \\:is - IVIUL. I, duke goodbye in i:, '.^.1'-. al Way. Jliit '.vl, .. • :• :• ss he had evid. i.ily in;-;: f .strucfion.s .i.s h.' In: i h" :i - t.'r a ni '-.-ij. t;i's 'i.'si::.i:.-:'i.. "Well, good IS; -I:'. Mi".-. < 've had a i' . ul . •:• .' v .nixuEK CI i:' vsr i.iVii; \:-:- -I, i d;:c; • :•• 'In 1 ; • ! I • • ilia!: .1 • 'Il i; il ;-. :'l. . •KM - fU. « l !iiio:;M • Stii:u::.-'<, ?• I'r.rnd T'.n:.:n>:;. S:.!iov,- y] - .'S '-Ol : III;..I •"Ke.l ^ • • t(in:a'-ii l.' !• i • .-.! {< .ei. V.,::.-; ^arl:.;.; !:: .: Iir>l .^:e ,i ':i .;.-tie!;, !..;•) !:a. w .--kin. me:;! ::i? is l'..-riiM.. Ci is.i". : .'•:i-.: .I 'a .i • I 11 1 i a(! : I :in yn::- ii.,di mil r'-i:::<nt " ircl. That :is.-ry—.ml: • l::d l;r .':iti:, yel -.1 f.;'r:: c.-.-.-ytiiine .•iili! Ii.".rsi::<!:ic; I<. .ill 1 ; .:id :is'a '.'t tl." lu'.it •.'.ill giv.: vic.i a tlnir '(::r ,'i '''•:.i).'-.':;.u ilis ;:le -cnl siiMigl .I' •.i .a ei .t ':•.> i !:i >inin!:. Tln-y work wKil y(».i sli -en-'-a lo-c-nt box from your :r .,;-^-ist v.iU' k.'C)! yon feeling goo-' 1' ,- :i eiiihs. .Million;; of men and .'...'nen tak" a Cascar.-t now and then I 'l k'l-p their stoinacb, liver and bow- I'.- ri gnlated, and never know- a mis- cral'h- moment. Don't forg.-t the children— their little ipsid.'s need a good :'.-nII.' cleansing, too. Frill S'.eele. who h;-.s hr.-n siifferin.r wiih Internii.t,-nt ait:icks of appen- i ::::ti'.:, wa- i;ik'-n 'o Kirksville, Mu., l.n&i ni:; it \i'.re toihiy if his condition iiermii''. lie v.iil oper- alinn. .Mr. Sii 'i-!.- was stricken with (he firs! ti'iaek fall ond for a I tine wa.T in a serious condition but itnrier cari'ful treatment and nursing | he :ecove;-cil and relumed to work. Il wr.- believed then that nn operation fould e avoidrd. Several weeks ago. how.'ver. lie became 111 again and It Heferee in Ihinkriiptcy.was decided to perform an operation A. F. Florence of lola, Attorney for Just as speedily as the patient coulil Bankrupt , gain sufficient strength. SEE KO.UTII WIXDOW DISPL /VY. Piano Players —FOR— We are selliiiG;' lots of them now in our Annual Cleai-ance Sale. Oui- store was full of huycrs all day yesterday and they v;ere astonished (o find such low prices (»n liigh !:i:rade Piano:s. Tiie Pianos we are now :;ollino- for ?.187, $190, !.r) S2JO you will pv.y (jouidf^ this price for in the large cities. Player Pianos pi-iccd I o you at SfjTyO, $700 to $800 in the P'ast—we ai-e actiiallv s- iiin,i>- the'same instruments in tin's Cleai-ance Sale foi- $-150, $175, .$o00. ORGANS AT ANY PRICE. Edison Phono£?i-aphs. Victor Machines, Columbia Ci'aphophones and Records. We are special dealei-s iti these line.^. Victrolas from ^13 to $200. You are welcome to our| Easy Term Proposition J. V. Roberts Music Co. lOLA, KANS. PilONE 421 •an taaa THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Teiicbes the latest easi.>sf. (inicke.-f. most scientific and complete s \;.t.-iii of garment ciiitiag ever ii:vent ..-d ami have ha '.l in our school al Chaliiite over '.m stiidenis the p ;isl yeiir. I'rovidts tin; cheapest and only s;ii (e-sfnl wav to learn dress- i :..;l ;::ig. 1.-. tin- only ediscational institiitirm which allows it.s graduates to reti'!i! ut any time without extra expense to review, j.ractice or study nc-.v points. Is the i .niy scininl of thi:; kind which positively guarantees satis- fai lien ainl gives an i !!ili :!:;tod number of lessf.iis tnr a single tuition. Students c :iii < ntir liie school at any ti.iie as we do not teach in clashes. I.earn a trade where the (kniand i;: r .'M-efd;; the <;iipi(ly? lie your own dressmaker, able lo iln- .: and at !.;ss exjiense? Ci ;i;;i an aecoiiipli.^hinent wai. h v-'.l 1..- of e '..ryiiay, life-long )i ;"i( valm- to you'.' (live your daughters a practir:al edm :iii <)n? KKMK.MKKU You can h-arn everything :iliii !;t l)ressmal;iiig and I.adies' Tailoring. Vun c;n take any special j'sit of li'' '•••V.TM- :'.nil can limit your V.' rk to t!iH! oin- d,:part :!ni :t or laii on sraduully actiuiring the whiih- ci .-Mis". .\f:i'r (ompleliiig the (.nirse ymi .ire -.I '.iv.eJ to bring any amount of s.'... irig to the <Iass -roiia:. ri < ' iwiig i.. same a't .-ntion and jn- Flriictioiis ;is befer.'. Yon :ire ail .iw.jd to ;iiiei ;.l at your e .n convenietic: and to come until fitlly sitislied. • You are allowed to return at any ti;:;.; without extra expense to revii w. practi .e. <-iit pitt.ins or as.- tin l;: hioii journals. You work on ytnir own .-,.'Aing. tin . : y soon saving the cost ot tuition. Vou are taught lo cut all fancy eiT .cis such a:; sleeves, trimmings, yek "s, phiits. tin-ks. etc to the exact uii' -iires of the form. We h .avi- i;i>i«l:l yonng h '.li '-s thirt. n y .-iir .-i of age with entire sin'ccss ami can tilso teacii you. In grailuating you lunt-'an a. 111:11. nra 'ctical knowledge of dressmaking. Dres .Mimking h:\p such a iioiiii of ccmplevlty and ditliculty Ihit tin- only idace it can l.-arned in:. 1 .-.fully is in an organized : choolj woiliing iii.di-r train, d instrucio; THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Mrs. L. K. SniUli nnd MNs V. X. nviill", .Miinatrcrs nnd Teachers. (Over Higns' Fruil Sd.rel 15^ S. Jefferson Tola, Kas. Bell Phone 21

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