Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 24, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 24, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 78. Sueccucr to the tola Daily Register, the (Ola Daa> Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KS., JAN. 24, 1912—WEDNESDAY EVENING. Dallv Renlster. Ei*»hIl «»i «Kl tSP' Weekly Regttter, Established 1887. - t SIX PAGES 1 J GHEEflS URI KG THK WEATHEH. OAS SERVICE IX 1. l.S ( »rv M.MEIJ LAST \WUi\ mmm mi Voreen*t for Kanfiast FnIr (onlgbt nnd ThnrNdar; not nioch chnnge in lenippriitun'. Data recorded at V. S. Wentiier HurfBii office: ^ Tdnix'rature: Highest ychtenlay at 2:30 |i. m.. i>4; lowest thin iiiornlnK at 8 a. Ill . cxress In temi)eratiiro ycs- ti'f.iay !!! ('"Krees; exccfa slnre January }yt 2'A di'Krees. I Pri'iiiHntloii for 2^ hours cnJInK at I 7 n. ni. today (); d.'llclflncy In jirecl])!- iiitlnn Kinre Janiiiiry Is' 2'»4 drRrneB, nt IDnPiTi ''"'""w' hiiiiiMlty 7 n. 111. today 'M ul tMiuUC;"' '>n': liai<;i!ici<r iciliiicd to wia :-iin:!«.' K.d.iy T:.":! a. ni.; .siinsol F:E. TfRN 0> HIE <.-.«S 'ip <.0 JO .i VIL IS THE OK!M:I:. ^]i. IV. XanuKer lurniHiii l )<'(idrd <» nnd MiiM-M Were I cckinu Sii|i. IHTS at s:i;,. A B, darkn:ss drow •'^ aroundM^a8 City last tii.:!: were omincus. Si on homes won? dari',. wre cold and I IUIILTV pred flieir y«01ott- I; -i business biiildCnsi; Viisi (! ;o liiri! on Icir hr wou'ii jlmvi' }.-:iin(.(l iiothi :r.; by his ivfusal. Tl." writ i.v -.-n-d by Ju (i;:P l^'ous! di- ri'oti'd iln' Mi.yor of Cas City to turn Ion the supv'y in 'he ev >TI ! of the fal'- j ure or rrfus;il of Ihe comiiuny's agent or onicers. 1 "Th*' ordiT of the rourt is nierciy • H'lnijoniry." .Iv :d ;:i' I'oust irf lernoon. "and the heariiip on I hi ,ir,,.< -,r „i • i''''""'''^" '° in:.iic th^ writ vrinnn":! oi.K b ."1" ^.|,, j.,n,jary 25. I is?ii< d Ihf oni'T to turn on tlio »na in order to i;,:);, s ai. k- protect the ritizens until the inatti v.iiiiin ; has l)''rn adjudicated." ILEV'S SA HE HAD IJEEX ('OrXTEI) AM 0>E OF TAET'S .SriTOKTEKM. SOMEOODT MME il iSME THE (JdVEKXOK SAYS HE IS «0T KESI'OXSIKLE FOK THE EHHini. Sprri'l;:rv Xari'I Will IIuvc <o (!e( Bu.<y lo Hold Ills Stale in Line. WELCOME TO ROTALTY. i.i:.' LioLj.:; of Tlie contention cf the pas company I is yit to be heard in detail. S •vvral men gathered on il:c .!a ,k str-i < or- j ;,ttorneys this mornlnB expressed tli iicrs and mutter-li in io.v tu :ns. It opinion that unless the corisumerF was nipht .-.lid 1)1.- .omiKaiv l :ad willing to comply with the con nr.. fi.t..,. ,1 .„ .),, .. V - 1 "f ditions represented to b^ demanded ^'•^•'f •'••'^by the company., it •could cense serv lu sight. F.unilie.^ w. n rhiiie.I and : ice and wreck Its plant. This phasf famished through an inforcid fast Ms not discussed by the attorneys for since yest.Tday tnorniiif;. Th • pick j the consumers but they do assert tha were sufferint; from tl ;i- diill. A cri- i if the Ras company do .'s decide to (jui sis was at liand. Apit .i:was lunli-; it cannot do, so without giving reaa er fomented l)y an tditurial v.hidi oji- ; oiiable notici» to its patrons. t'earei) in an issii<> of ih-' <;:is City Herald distributed alonn tlie business street. The H-.-rald .said: "The sliuttinj; off of tlio without notice, unless due to accident or necessity, vsix 'ciatly in cases of sickness is murder in the first degree and tlie courts siiould hold it as such." In Iheir desperation, the peofilv of Gas City were about ready to take the same view and take action into rh"ir own hands. Then came a-^iessafr<» of hope. Ewing, Card & Gard and Bu .v- te"r D. McCIain had appealed to J UI I KC Oscar Poust for relief in b.'half of the people. A telephone mess.ige to Cas City announced that an o (n <er woiil.l i arrive at 7:40_ with an order of ih.- court dire.ctiOK' tliO manager of Il!^ (las corajiany to turn on the i:as and in the erent fllal he did not do so, empowering Mayor 1). \V. .Shnllord to do It. rndersharltt Ed. .1. Dunfee was tii't at the emr line by Kdwlh Hunter wiili :i conveyance. He drove Die olllri r to the home of C. K. Carmain. manaver for the Natural Comt-any in (;a.i City. The officer read the writ to Mr. Carroaln. At first Man .igi r fariiKMii took the stand thrt loyalty to his em- idoyers sty-med to make Imp'-rativ.-, "This is not my work," said .Mr. Carmain. "I am ontV an employe of 'he company. 1 am acting und '^r their instructions. 1 will serv-. six months in jail before ril turn on the gas." "But you might serve evtn loncer than that." pleaded the undersheriff. desirious of accomplishing his rr .i?- r----- with ,Tc 'sttip ironblo as possible. '"Tlie gag win be turned on wheihtr Vwu Uo »i or someone else. What hav-^ you to gain by defying the law which will enforce its decree despite the orders of your company?" Possibly a picture of his hom" in contrast to a cell in th" county jail flashed Into the manager's mind. Ixjy- alty to employer and fidelity to hon;.^ and friends may have been weighed In an Instant. "I'll turn on the gas." he said. At S.20 gas was again flowing through the mains Jnto the homos and business hous'fi of Gas City. Homes and stoves were light and bright and the j)«K)T»le che -Ted. Crowds followed T'ndersheriff Hunfee to the car lin-. Men grew wild with enthusiasm, shouted and threw tlieir hats into the air. "We were never so glad !o see an officer before," they y <'ll <'4-as liny fought tb<-ir '.ay to the undersli-riff to grasp his hand, just as though h>' held some ir.!;.;lity rower in the pal:n of his hani! Infltr.-ili. rilT IHinf took the congratulations in the spirit ill wliich till y wen- in<'ant. He knew that for one." the majesty of the law, its might to relieve the distre.ssed and its pow« r to rescue in cases of <-x treme n<'<es!.ity WHS receiving tli<' homage of cratfful peo|;Ie and he knew that for OIK.' at least th • condemned maiiiUiiTitiK, the peremv'ory •writ 80 accurr -'d wh< n li op'-raies n;- parently in favor of the classes instead of III'- mnssfs. «•«.<• nc-ivini; BOVEN CHILD IS AOOPIEr Mtlle .MacUalenr (>'oes Into ti W'ooi son Cnnnty Home. t^i.^np vt'lP tlaii -T 'iror of Mr and Mrs. C. Bowen which has been a ward ct tiie Juvenile court since la? fall. was this morning adopted through legal procedure, by Mr. ant' Mrs. Robert WlJbite of Vernon Wood .=on county. The child was made i ward of the Juvenile court last far wiien it wa.? deserted by its parentF and Mrs. Bowen later returned to Ihli city and legally acquiesced in the ar rangenient. Sla.ce that time the chiU' has been card frr by Mrs. Newman ot north of I.n Ilanie. Hov.r?!, the Mep-faCicr, is a tyjir writer salesman. I! will tie recallei that, wliile in lola several months ago, he gave out a statement in which ii declared his love for the little glr' and as -^erted thai all the stories altou misireaiinen. on the part of hlmsel. .ind wife were false. >1 P claimed to b( hounded by a wealthy oil man of Mus- kr^pp. Oklahoma, whom he said, fol ioweil him from town to town, attempting to en'i.'e his wife away fron him. He said the oil man was a form er sweetl-.eart of Mrs. Bowen and tha since their marriage ne had not had a ••oiir 's \.-^ct- t.evause of the action o' the weaUhy nd.ji.rer. Bowen and hi? wife "disappeared" •''\'-rai iime^ 'n.t always returned t( claim lii.'e .\1j,gdHlenc until re..'entiy It ij . .lav'-'eii tha'. they neglected th' little one and mistreated her. CIIAHtiES WOODS WITH THEFT. Chiirles Wooil Arrested, Ttaanred witl Strallug Horse and Maggr. Charles Wood was arrested toda;. about noon by Chief of Police I^ewlf Cotfield charged with stealing a buggy last week from Dwighi McCartj .''olice Judge D. B. D. Smeltzer, b-?- iiig absent from the city, and Justic .1. P. Duncan, police judge pro. tem being ill, Ju.stice O. S. Potter fllled the office for the •.Ime, and Woodt; wa arraigned before him, and his bond fi.V'd at flftu to insure his appearanc for trial in :>olice court Friday after noon Dwight McCarty, comidainant ii 'lie ca.s( alleg'is that Woods borrowei a and buggy from him last weel. promising to rettirn them within ai hour or so, but that he never dii bring them back AIJAIX.ST LABOII SAVERS. Xew (Jovernment FrIntlnir IIIII Killed by Deniocrntlr V»le, Washington, .Ian. 2:'..—The senate t< day r.fu-ed by a vote of 2it to 3t tr couslner the printing bill which wouli" supjPant with power presses the hnnii ilre ^.-eH now in ".UP l.'.ireau of engrav I)ini (;vTuts general_ _ _ ^ ing anil prlntln the enthusiaiiiic apiiroval of the i"-o- j ly voted against the nieauii^ie nnd Kt- pie He kn< w tha' il was niighly .vi-j jiubllcans divided. dencp to pr ^xi that iJio same judi; deals seemii'sOy sii-nily at tiim-s r'nd stands readv lo d.;il m<'rclfully with the peopi*' when tli"y are opiirf-s.^ed. The writ is si -t for hearing befor" Judge FousJ January 25 at which time the m> rits of the case will be heard. T)ie ccnt-^ersy lieiwf'-'n the pro- pie of Gas City and the Gas C<jniii;'ny. the operating, comi>any of the Oem- ing Investh;int corar .any which suc- cpeded th' Taylor Light. Fuel and Power company, is familiar to readers. Th" cc'iiiiany disclaims responsibility for money posted with the Taylor company and requires a new deposit. It has intimated that if this and other conditions are not compiled with, it win wreck its plant. An Injunction to prevent such action -without due notice was brought in the district court several days ago. By agreement t>etween the altomeyu for the company and the con8um-?rs, the matter was to l>e submitted to the court betoT'i any action was taken. Suddenly, however, the gas was shut olT and proceedings to compel resump tion of service followed. Jo cue Monagaf Carmain had re- The bill codifies the printing law.-^ and jirovldc!* ilial power press-cs b« uted in priming paper money for the governtnci!". This riovision is helnj.' bitterly fought by labor organizations Senator Keed of .Missouri, objecied to consid-.'raMon cf tlie bill, and a nu>tioc to consider was lost on the roll call. From present prospects five aspirants for the debating team which is .') contest with Fort Scott In the regular annual interscbolastic struggle nest March, will take part in the preliminary debate, which Is to bi held at the high school a week from tomorrow, and which will decide the two debaters which will rejiresont lola. The firclimlnaries for the essay, oration, itnd declamation will be held later. (V.y Ihf A>!i--iK-i:it< il I'rcss) Washington, Jan. 2-1.—Pricnd.<: of :he .Administration were surprised to- ilay at the announcement that Governor Hadley had come out In support of the nomination of Roosevelt. Hadley"s support had been counted upon by the political advisers of Tafl. When tlie Missouri Governor was in Washington several weeks ago it was mnounced that he had practically pledged himself to support Taft for renoniination. So confident were the political advisers of the President that Hadley was working in his 'hat Secretary of Commerce and ha- ior Nagel of St. I.i0uig, had practically surrendered tlie Stale leadership over to the Governor. Hadley Plsuvows Dnpllrlty. Jefferson City, Mo., Jan! 23.—<;ov- ;aor Hadley today stated that he had :nado no statemeat In Washington or •Isewhere. that he favored the renom- naiion of Mr. Taft. The Governor aid the story to the effect tha^ he was avorable to Mr. Taft during the Washington visit referred to * printed by the correspondent cf a Si. i.ouis paper, whom he took to task ov- ^r the matter befote leaving the na- ;ional capital. The correspondent, he ;ald. defended his action by saying he had not quoted Governor Hadley but had credited him with being out or Mr. Taft's renoniination under the "aelief that such was the case. \m m I. B. VOIED FOR m FIRST IXSTRrCTEn DELEGATES IS THE LASD UO TO TAFT. ROOGU RIDER TAGTICS FMIEO I KALLOOX, HAXII, BRONCHO, PARA- CHITE AXI> DVXA.MITE FOKT. R. Bui the Men .Wfio Had the Totes Were! for the other Man and They "Stood Pat." THE DW^.w CONIvlAircii.'r THE tXWIESS o^OVMAL'GHt BUNCE5S CAIKl' N'.-.v York City -Li.'.. - I. —The yi.'^.itTj/the Duke and D.ichess of Connaiigh and the social belie oi ;>ii Kiigland I'rince.^s I'atriiiu. lli< i:''cr, has given New York more social thrills than it lias e.vp.:riei;<:cJ i,i ;;,:-iiy y.'^HMn... The ii'i -iiy ate l ;ie g'.ii .••!.'; of Wliitelaw lli-id. lormerly ' .Aiiiliassador lo Creut Uritj'iii, who i.s bviliiaiit eulei l .iiiHi.e 'ii .-i in honor of the distiiiguislied visitors. ,iiig many OJIWSON CKilUNOES STOBBS STIHHS FITS IT IF TO T. It. The (Jovemor Call* on Ibe Colonel to Come Out In Hie Open. Topeka. Kas. Jan. 23. — Governor V. It. Sltibbs has wired Theodore ."oosevelt that people in the .Middb Vest are eagerly waiting lo hear that ioosevelt will accept the nomination f II comes a.s a genuine demand from he people, and that Mr. Roosevelt wes it to the people at this time tc lake a publ=c statement concerning le matter. The governor"s telegram was made .ililic in another telegram which thi overiier sent today to Alexander Re^n. chairman of the national Uoose- .'it con^mittee at Cli.cago. Reveli lad inquired of the governor concern- .ig the Roosevelt sentiment in Kanas. and the governor wired in reply '"I wired Roosevelt yesterday a: ollows: ' "The demand for your candidacy s becoming more urgent daily and iii <ansas is overwhelming in every par. it the state and among all classci )f the people. The meeting of com- .uttees and the calling of caucuse: nd primaries to elect delegates tt ongressional and state conventions .-hich in turn will elect delegates tc he Republican national convention re near at hand. Your friends hroughout the Mid^llc West are eag- rly waiting to hear you say that you .•ill accept the nomination for presi lent, if it comes to you as a genuine 'emand from the people, withoui our seeking the nomination or tak- ig any action yourself lo secure lh< i::c-. 1 believe you cv.e it to tin \iiierican ]ieople at this time to niak< public statement concerning thl;i natter. I cm writing you because of he lateness of the day. and on hehal, f a vast majority of the Uepiibllcanr f Kansas would urge you to give ti, his definite statement by wire." " THE ATTOMXEY (iEXERAI, SAYS OXE OF THE.M SHOCm iHK Ho Thinks If Is tlio (Jovemnr and De. niiinds n .Spcciiii Si>.s.<iun of the Le^Lslainrt'. NOW AFTER PIPE LIXE.S. Jttr -itlon Whether Rafpn Are Dliirrlm. Inatory or Rfirulntlonfi Cnfulr. (l:>- III- .\-<4i »-lati-<l iVrwi) .\ew York, Jan. 24.—An Intiuiry Into the rates and regulations of sixty- wu pl|ie line, oil transit cum|iunleK. ont lolling apiiroxlmately 20ii.00(i iiltcM of pipe lines, wa.s begun here oduy by the Iniersinte Commerci' omniiEsion, to determine whether rates are unjustly discriminatory. Jeorge Cheseborough. secretary of he New York Transit Company, de- lared 'hat It is possible to pump oil hrough pipes from Griflith. Indiana UnionvIUe. New York, and from lolnts In Kansas and Oklahoma to rifii'h. Italy Yields to France. (By the Assix -lalwl Prens) Paris, Jan. 24.— ^A dispatch from Rome says that the Italian ^nvem. '<^nt has given orders that the Turks taken from the French steamer Man- uua shall be released. •"'•a Palace Garage has pat in an order for a seven new Ford cr- wuicb wir probably arrive in this city by tbe end cf the w ^ek. This is undoubtedly the Iarget>c single order for <ars '5v«' put .In from this city The city has purchased some hose for the street department and is no longer obliged to borrow from the fire department when workmen fludb the city streets. Und^r the direction of Foreman JP. O. Butler, the pavement b'.siness this fi->i:iu>fi in the downtown districts was flush-, new cars vi.' .> used frr lively pnr-| fld this afternoon. Topeka J;!n. 2.'{.—.'Vtlorney General Dawson demanded a "show down" today in his controvi-ray with Governor Stubbs. nawson says iliat il musi he ajiparenr lo the i.eopli> of the state that ill view of th-^ charges and con- radictions. ih,.t one of their two principal offlc'V.i, the governor or the attorney geni-ral, is unlit to hold puo- 11c ofllce, nnd thi-n he dares the gov ernor to convene the legislature sc that "the unworthy one may be drum med oui of the |)Ublic service." Dawson says be will prefer charg es against the Governor it the legls 'nturc is convened. He lists his charges and invites the Governor to come back at him. Dawson's Charges. The attorney general in a letter to he governor today says he will pre fer the following charges if th-3 iegis lature is convened: That you have publicly and criml nally libeled the attorney general. "That you have encouraged Joint- ists and saloon keepers to b -3lieve tha they would have an easy time undei the present attorney general's admin- 'stration, and have aitled and abetted them to escape punishment by forewarning them of prosecutions in Con cordia. Kansas City, Wichita and elsewhere. "That within the last few days you have forewarned the bridge trust of TcjertfMl pros"cutions and have given it a chance to get under cover and conceal its crimes. "That you have wilfully concealed crimes and criminals by v .iihholdini evidence and information in your pos session from the county a !tnrn<-ys o Cloud, Atchison, I.civenworih. Wyan dotte, Crawford, Cheroke.-; and Sedgwick counties. AII«>(R >.<i Xpglect of Dnty. "That you have flagrantly niglect-'>(' •"•ir nubile duii '^s at evtrv turn, .nni' loafed around the city of l.awrene< I'or several moii'lis last summer plot- ling and planning to frustrate ih' work of the attorn-'v geniriil, am- .seeking to claim crpdit for evi -rythin* dopn or atte-ri I '.'l 'iv liiiu. "That for n':irl .v two years yoi failed and net ;lerted to cause a slat' hospital to be erected at KotK-tlali- a- provided by law, "That In violation of your s; e 'ifi' promises and oaih of ofllce lo givr 'he stale a biiiini-ss ndmlnl«tratioi: you loitered and loafed In the con- vtruciion of a .^.oldiers' memorial hall hardly getting the. cellar dug. whilt another Institution, the Stmia F< completed a tvii -story building along sId-. "That you have neglected and stil' neglect to taki- proper steps to eri-c a state ho&pita .l in Western Kaiisa; as commanded by law. "That you lia-e n"g'ccted for a lonr lime ami still negl(>ct to cause tht erection of a siatc school of mlnot •It Wilr City a.s required by law. "ThTt for m.iny weeks together yor have lo.-tfed in vour oJPce hatching po litlcal mischief against state and fed "ral officers, who hold aloof from yof and your political machine: and tha' jpu continuously and for long space: of time neglect the. most commonplace and imperative duties of you- ofSce dutfes to examine the stat< treasury, to meet with the executive council, to sign patents to schoo lands, notaries' commissions, citizens pardons for prisoners entitled by law thereto at the close of their terms and you have most flagrantly vIolaf-T" your plain duty under the law to re- concemfnf IIIILlJiN WliR VESSLES mi notorious and flagrant violation of the Iirohibitory law in Crawford and Cher oktic counties. "Tltat in view of all these and many other wrongs, you have forfeited your right to the office of governor and ought to be impeached and ousted therefrom." • When asked about the Daw-son iet- ...I 'i* i In .>i «nnice Companies Arc Sellinir STOPPIXG AXn SKAUI HIXG SHIPS OF ALL XATIOXS. RIsk.s on War WItluFrance and England. is too ridiculous and silly to be wor- j thy of attention. I have no time for j pipe-dreams." .TfOKE PrilLIC LAXD OPEX. if'y ll;-> .\s--o<l.iti-iI y>r<---.-i) Senator PropOMCs lo Let Settlers Take i f-on.Ion, Jan. 24 —The activity of Snrfiice ot Oil Lands. | Italian war vessels Inthe MfdKerni- (l!.v III.- .A,s.«<H-l;ii.ii I'r.-.-is) . n^an and ileil Seas Is causing Incroas- ai.r> Is a '.<i -et<y good indication that -i>-to.uoh:le men are itoking for a good port to the legislature Some of the your pardon cases. r lively pnr-1 "That for two years, your entire roies and others bold t^ local bnyen. jfirat term, you tolerated the open.. Wnshlng.lon Jan. 24—Over 18 mil- ion acres of jmbllc lands, now with^ leld from settlement because of sii;- 'i posed oil depo.slls, would be availab for agrlcultiii'iJ intry under a blT. favorably ."'jpnrted today by the Senate Committee on Public I^nds. 1. ivould permit urface entries, reserving the oil right-, to the government. tVERYRODY ANXIOUS IN PEKING iVAIJ'.nAV H){V*K OCT 'vv nil EXT HETWEEX FACTIONS. The American Minister Has Called AI .\iuerM!iiis inio the Legation for Safety. (I>y the As.qoclated Pre.«s) London, Jan. 24. — The America: -.iiister at. Peking has called in al; Americans living in outlying parts cl .le city, accoraing to a news agency tlspatcb from Tien Tstn today. Tin •<ft nn i.etw >en the Manchii troops of the Imperial army and Yuan Sh vais force of Chinese tr.'iops is con- tantly Increasing and a serious con, "lict may be precipitated at any n.o- luent. They Didn't Like YuanV Advice, Tbe advice of Yuan Shi Kai. givei o the throne yesterday to await ar •.Hack by the rebels is distasteful tc he younger princes, whose talk of var Is alarming Poking. ff is persistently reported that Pleh-Mang. the "former Tartar gen- ral at .Vanking. who is largely re- ••ponslble for the reaction, advocates illlrg Yuan Shi Kai. whose Influ- •nco he thinks is so great that he ••!:oiild not be permitteil to leave the npifal Yuan evidently foresees the 'os.pibllity o.' an attack epon him and "s adopting extreme precautions. Another thousand Chinese troops of he imperial army from Paollng-Fn rrivetl hern last nltr 'it making Yuan'i 'orce of Cliinesti 4 lieo. Against these here are 12.«nn Manchu troops of the mperlnl body, \ylio. It is Hiispected •re being Incited nenlnst Yuan. It l.s difficult to believe, however h .Tl even the nmre hot-headed princes eot'nten:inco Yuan Phi Kal's OK- issi '-nt 'on. uliieh wmt'T-nssuredly •n'nil the nytlnrilo;! of the clans, as he majority of the Northern'troops re loyal onlv to Yuan Shi Kai. CHIXESE BO.SS .MCRDERED. The B OI I T . Cut in Pieces, Fonnd In n Trnnk In Seattle Cnlon D?pot. I'tv fb." .Vssedntfil Prt>=-;) Seattle. Wssh.. Jan. 2t. —The body f Selb Bins, boss of the Chinese em- 'oyed bv the S^>ithern Oregon^Com- mny at Empire City. Oregon, wa.s to- lay found in an unclaimed trunk ir he Crest Northern basgage room a* he Ui.ion .Station here. Seib had Hien Ftniek between the e.ves and his hroat had been cut. The trunk hnd "en cut through »t the w?lst, then the legs cut off. and the body other- Trlse reduced, to convenient form for licking. Identification was made by 'ma books found in the trunk. Ing uneasiness In shipping In.surancs circles. Several large Insiirancns have be"f>n effected during the last two ilnyB at Lloyds In this connection. A premium of five per cent was a-- •epted to cover the risk of an on:- lireak'of hostilities between Kror .i > md Italy In the course of liie nrxi "our months and although there is n apparent reason for such an oc:-ur- ranee, a premium of six per cent was-' nald on the risk of the outbreak of war between Great Britain and Fran- <• ind Germany within the next si;{ months. The Italian acilon in stopping stea:i ?rs Irrccpective of .their nationality md searching them for Turkish of- "icers and contrahand is believed to 1. •:n evidence cf tbe determination i. the Italian government to put an en."^ to Turki.=h resistance in Tripoli ar speedily as jiossible. IIIREE RESPOXSIBLE FOR WRECK Three Train Men Were Negligent. Hence the Illinois Central Wreck La»t Monday. (i;.v th" Assiii-i:it «Hl Press) Chicago, Jan. 24.—N'egligenee on the part of three trainmen contributed to :e Illirois Central wreck at Kin- mudy Illinois, Sunday night In which I. T. Harahan, former president of that line, and three other railroad of- •'icials were killed, it was held by the pvestigating committee here today. The trainmen are: Engineer R. J. Stu- irt. who was running train numbei .'hree. which crashed Into number :wenty-five; Jo!?n li. Brainard con- hic.o-. on twet.ty-fivc. and Harry J. 'ioecker flasn an on iwenty-fivo. .Tust what steps will be taken in the •rainmen's cases has not been determined. Regarding the alleged neg- igencc of the trainmen, the commit tee said: 'The board of Inquiry finds that the conductor and the flaffnan of train number 2'; knowlj >g_. that • win number 3 was following closely, were negligent In not using the means ihp had In protecting their train. The board also findit that the ongln- er of train number 3 was negligent in not discovering earlier his proximity to train nuinbi-r 25." DEFEXDIXtJ THE LCMREH TRC^T Itclatlrrn fiho Sironic Testimony In Favor of AsHocluttoti. Mrs. E. W. Myler, county superih- •'•niipjii. iq tp tjie south P '^'t «OI>" -"est nart of the county visiting the schools. fBy the AKsiK -lnto'l Pr.-'«> Kansas City, Jan. 24.—It the resumption of tl»» hearing of the state "s ouster suit against the lumber companies today, W. C. Bullard, a retail dealer of^Omaha, testifled that in 190S. wh-?n the suit was brought, h--- ^ontroi'e'i .=ix v^»-Js ii V.-J— .i. ka and that there was unrestricted competition amopg dealers in yei.o.- pine at that time. He said the issuance of a prico list by the V.->lIow Pin<Association had no effect upon the market price, and that the association never tried to coerce wholesalers or retailers and never made any effort to drive aiiybody out of business. Coalgate, Okla.. Jan. 23.—The first district Republican convention of the openiug catfipaign in the United States, that of the Fourt'a Oklahoma, held to- d:iy, put a <|uitti!s ui':m the Roosevelt boon> in thi.s state and elected two ilelegates .16. the Chicago convention instructed foV William Howard Taft. After the Taft forces had captured the tomjKjrary organization ot the con veiition by- a margin of 8 votes and brougiiuin resolutions, following i)erm anent reorganiazUon, instructing for Tall.jPerry men brought in a minority restdutiWi' providing for Roosevelt In- strodtfoh's and made a last stand for its adoption, starting a demonstration whlcii continued for twenty minutes. The minority report was defeated, how ever llg. to 32 and the resolution indorsing the Taft administration by the saina overwhelming majority was iidopted by the convention. The resolution also Indorsed the candidacy of C'liairman James Harris for national committeeman and Instructed the dele gates to vote for him. Xear-Riot, not Stampede. Before this vote was taken. Perry at tempted again to stampede the conven aon by jiiraping upon the platform, waving a 'arge American flag, and "ailing the Roosevelt men to the plat form. A general melee followed, re^ suiting in a near-riot, during which Perry dared the Taft men to fbrow him out of the convention, and declared that he had all that had turned down t{oose\e!t spotted. About twenty mln- iites of bedlam followed and promiscuous sbqving almost reacbei^ tbe iiiiint ot violenoo. Then Perry announced that he was ready for the vote, fieorge A .Ramsey of Ardpore and Check W. Miller of Hugo wore '•'cted delegates to the state con veil'*' tion and were Instructed for Taft for president and for Harris for national oniinitteeman. Kronclio, Hand and DynamHe. Several spectacular features preceded the test vote. While Chairman Perry was making his address. Little Lticlen Connor, representing a Rough ixider. roce -a pony- down the center lisle of the convention hall and tried o make the broncho climb up on the ;>latform. The horse failed to cliinb the Etei >s and Perry, picking up tbe child, said: "Young America as I hold you la my arms ahd press you to my heart, so the people of America love Theodore Roosevelt," while the Roosevelt and Lafollette men cheered. At 3:30 o'clock the sent •IP a- balloon carr>-lng a banner bearing ln<hnge letters the legend, "Roose- •°lt:-V ^r president of the United States." The aeronaut made a parachute jump carrying a standard witb the Inscription. "He will land." This was the first open avowal of the Perry crowd that they were working for \a instructed delegation for Roosevelt- For two hours before the conven- *'on oneued. Perry familiarly known in Oklahoma as "Dynamite Ed" exploded charges of dynamite In an al- 'e.v back of the opera house where the convention was held. During this time the-huge balloon was being inflated and a brass band, each member W |ear- ing a Perry banner, was playing in tha streets. HIGER WAdE.S, FEWER HOURS. These Are tbe Demands of tbe JCIn» Workers Convention. Illy the AssiH -latt'd Preiw) Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 24.— An in- creuBB of ten cents a ton on nm of mine basis nnd an Increase ot twattty per cent for all day labor w ^n ^'lhe demands of the wage scale committee ubmlttcd to the .Mine Workers* convention today fur bituminous coal :iiln«!rs. The committee also demand- d a seven hour day. TRISKETT A«AIX OX TRIAL. Convicted Once, tbe Snpreme: Cont (•Ives Him Another Chance for Lllierty. A.MERICAX WHIPS AUSTR.VLI.VX. Barry, of Chicago, Victor Over British Heavyweight Champion. (By the Associated Press) Independence; Kas., Jan. 24.— The second trial of A. A. Truskett, charged with the murder of J. D. S. Neeley. the wealthy oil promoter at Caney. last January, began here today. The _ •*ork of securing a jury will "probably ' require seveial days. Truskett was convicted last M.irch, but waa granted a new trial by the Supreme Court. FillPIXOS ARE .AGAINST TAFT.- First Provincial Conrentlon Instraetf Delegates to Tote Against Him. j • I(By the Associated Press) Manila. Jan, 24.— The first Provta- Sydney, Australia, Jan. 24.— James cial convention in the Philippines has Berry, t>;e Ciiicago heavyweight, de- instructed the Republican delegates feated "Bill" Lang, of Victoria, the of the Pangaslnan province to vote •fomer heavy weight champion of Aus i r-niinst the endorsement of President jtraila at the Stadium here today. iTatt at tbe Tjerrltorlal convention. • , i i ,}••

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