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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 1

Garden City, Kansas
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Friday, October 26, 1962
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Garden City Telegram 1 p.m. Temperature 72 Vol. 33 GARDEN CITY, KANSAS, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1962 10 Pages No. 305 garden— ing ... You can't help but admire a free thinker. Today's mail brought the season's first letter to Santa Claus. Letters mailed locally to Santa are delivered to the Telegram for relaying the message on to th e whiskered old gent. Inside the envelope which came today was a sheet of paper with nothing but wavy lines drawn on it. Apparently the sender isn't old enough to have learned to write but he apparenlly had something in mind behind the scribbles. And he isn't waiting until the last minute. Also looking ahead to the Christmas season is the Chamber of I) Commerce which has mailed out entry forms for the third annual Christmas parade. This event will be on Saturday, Dec. 1, at 10 a.m., and the theme again will be "Christmas Around the World." While there won't be any prizes or competition, each organization will be alloled $20 to defray expenses of the float construction. A new innovation to the event this year will be performances by the various school 'mnds during the afternoon in the down town area. * * * If you aren't registered to vote, or have moved since the last general election, you have only until 9 o'clock tonight to register. This applies only to Garden City voters. City Clerk Charles Peebles said 51 showed up last night — biggest night yet — and he expects business to be much busier tonight. * * * More animal news. One of the green rhesus monkeys in the zoo here apparently isn't ready for the end of summer yet. Thursday morning, the critters were being taken off monkey island for transfer inside to winter quarters. The entrance at the southwest corner of the island was left open momentarily — ' arid on e monkey zippe.d to freedom, He headed northwest through the trees. This morning he was spotted in a tree about three blocks north east of the island. He dined on two bananas given him by Mrs. Greg Mujica, 206 S. 1st, but carefully kept his distance. The zoo has about 14 rhesus monkeys. They are natives of India, where some consider them sacred. See picture on Page 2. * * * And on th e subject of the zoo: a new black doe antelope arrived here from San Francisco yesterday morning. The zoo already has two black buck antelope, and Supt. Claude Owens is hopeful some little ones may be raised here. The animals have a high value. They're natives of India, too. * * * Rumors around the area had Garden City's Mike Johnson hurt badly in yesterday's KU-K-State frosh football game. Not so. Mike hurt his wrist, but should be ready to go against the Missouri frosh. His debut at Lawrence was an impressive one. Warming Trend Covers Kansas TOPEKA (AP)—Warmer weather was returning to Kansas today. Today's highs were expected to be in the 60s in the west aad upper 50 S elsewhere. Lows tonight will be in the upper 30s and lower 40s with highs Saturday generally in the 60s. Skies were clear but will be partly cloudy tonight and Saturday as the moderating trend continues. Lows early today ranged from 28 degrees at Russell to 37 at Dodge City. Highs Thursday were from 46 at Olathe and Manhattan to 65 at Goodland. Hays Could Become Temporary State Capital TOPEKA (AP)— In event of a national emergency. Hays may become the temporary capital of Kansas. W. G. Paramore, assistant state Civil Defense director, said in case of an alert his organization would first operate from the basement of the state office building here. Later, he said, it might be moved to the college at Hays. "The governor, heads of departments and possibly Che legislature also would go there." he Navy Boards Ship Headed for Cuba; Finds No Weapons SEVEN PERSONS WERE injured—six hospitalized—when this car and truck collided west of Garden City Thursday. Many bushels of milo spewed onto th« intersection and auto following the impact. Bystanders lined the high- Tnlogrni Photo way and many of them gathered at the scene of the accident. Driver of the car and his father-in-law are in critical condition at St. Catherine Hospital. WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. Navy party boarded a Russian-chartered Lebanese freighter today, and reported more than two hours later that no 'offensive weapons material was aboard. The freighter, Marucla, was permitted to sail on for Havana with a cargo described as 12 trucks, sulphur, paper rolls, and parts for trucks. Assistant Secretary of Defense Arthur Sylvester told a news conference that the Navy had received a message saying 'tihalt the boarding party was returning to the destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy at 10:20 a.m. (EST). The "message reported that "no prohibited material" has been found on board. The message said all the Marucla's papers were in order and the boarding party had obtained a copy of the :argo manifest. "Cargo 12 trucks deck loaded," the message said. "All holds loaded to capacity. No passengers." The stopping of the Marucla was the second interception announced and the first reported boarding by the Navy sinc e it clamped a quarantine on Commu- Wichita Officer Killed in Fight WICHITA (AP)—A Wichit policeman was fatally shot early today as a fellow officer grappled for possession of a gun with a civil service employe who had ordered the officers and his wife out of the house. Killed about 2:30 6 Persons Hospitalized After Auto-Grain Truck Collision Two Belpre men are in "criti- eralions and is listed in "fair" a.m. was Patrolman Dave Kenyon, 30. Taken into custody was Floyd Blockyou, 34, a post office worker, whose argument with his wife ,had brought the policemen to the house. Patrolman Bill Dando said Kenyon had taken Mrs. Blockyou to police headquarters to consider signing a complaint against her husband, while Dando waited at the, house. Mrs. Blockyou decided against 'bringing charges, fearful it would imperil her husband's job. She and Kenyon had Just returned from the station when Blockyou allegedly whipped out a .38-caliber pistol and shouted "get out of my house." A shot was fired as Mrs. Blockyou ran out the door and Dando rushed her husband. At least two other shots were discharged as the men wrestled over the gun. Finally wresting the weapon from Blockyou, Dando handcuffed him to a sink in the bathroom and then looked for Kenyon. Presuming the other officer had gone to radio for help, he looked outside and found the patrolman's .body on the porch. Garden Soss No doubt, Gus Garden says, those antics near Finnup Park would be classified as "monkeyshines." cal" condition and four others listed from "serious" to "satisfactory" in St. Catherine Hospital this morning following a truck- car accident five miles west of Garden City on US50. The crash occurred about 4:20 p.m. Thursday. All the injured persons were riding in the car. In critical condition are Eld on Mead, 39, Belpre, driver of the 1956 automobile, and Cliff Belt, 71, also of Belpre. Mead sustained severe multiple internal injuries, multiple fractures and deep lacerations over his body. He underwent surgery late last .night. ..... ....... Belt suffered fractures to his hip, ribs and severe internal injuries, and multiple severe lacerations about 'his body and head. Mrs. Belt, 59, is in "satisfactory 1 ' condition with bruises and contusions. Mrs. Ila Mae Mead, 35, wife of the driver, sustained multiple lac- Mercury Dips To Chilly 34 Lower and lower . . ., that's the thermometer story for Garden City these days. The mercury dipped to 34 degrees here between 2 and 3 a.m. today for a new seasonal low reading. Previous low had been 35 at 7 a.m. Wednesday. Thursday morning's low had been 36 degrees. High reading day yesterday was only 58 — but the thermometer had risen back up to a warm 70 by noon today. GOP Tops Straw Vote Straw voting in the new First District of Kansas was eomplet- ed today with Republicans showing leads in all races polled. In the most significant race — the congressional battle confined to this district — Republican Bob Dole took 52.7 per cent of the voters, and his Democrat opponent, Fi^st District straw voters gave 2,932 votes to Gov. John Anderson for re-election as governor (53.6 per cent), and 1,972 to his Democrat opponent, Dale Saffels (36.1 per cent). There were 557 undecided voters (10.3 per cent). Sen. Frank Carlson, seeking reelection to the U.S. Senate, came condition. Mrs. Lloyd Cardiff, 30, Springfield, Colo., is listed as "serious." She suffered a fracture of her right leg and wrist, and multiple deep lacerations. Mrs. Cardiff and Mrs. Mead are daughters of the Cliff Belts. Two of Mrs. Cardiff's three children in the car were injured. Thomas Cardiff, 9, received a broken jaw and multiple lacerations and is in "satisfactory" condition. Timothy, 6, was treated for a fractured collar bone, then released. Charlotte Fay. .Cardiff, 12, .was Question Man About Slaying JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — A young man arrested in Indiana on a traffic charge is being questioned about' the mysterious slaying of an unidentified man in Joplin. John Louis Wilson, 23, alias Jackey Thompson of Oklahoma City, is being held at the Indiana Reformatory at. Pendleton for Arizona authorities, who want him for questioning about a burglary- Joplin authorities thought a watch and a ring Wilson had might connect him with the Joplin slaying. A check on a .38 pistol he had in his car indicated he did. not fire the slugs found in the body of the Joplin victim. The body was found Oct. 14 in a ditch just off a road on the southwest edge of Joplin. There were two bullet wounds in the back. Wilson was arrested by an Indiana state policeman Saturday nitfht at Shelbyville and was hold when the officer discovered the pistol under a seal in the cur. the only passenger in the auto that escaped the crash uninjured, Driver of the truck wa s Phillip C. Plumb, 617 Garden City Ave. He was not injured. The truck is owned by Andy Larson, Garden City, and was loaded with milo. Much of the grain spilled onto the highway intersection and the Mead car. Law \officers estimated damage to the truck at $1,000 and at a total loss to the car. Highway patrol troopers, Garden City police and Finney County sheriff's officers assisted with the investigation. Gerald Fulwider, Highway Patrol trooper, said the brakes on the truck failed as Plumb, travel ing south on a county road, attempted to stop at the highway. The car was traveling east when the accident occurred. Charges are pending further investigation, according to the Highway Patrol. The Meads and Belts had been visiting Clyde Belt in Lakin and the Cardiffs in Springfield, Colo. They were making the re tcr trip to Belpre. The Card iffs were going to Belpre for a visit. *' * * Thant Moves To Set Up Negotiations UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) — Acting Secretary-General U Thant met with representatives of the United States today in an effort to set up negotiations to end the Cuban crisis. He scheduled meetings later in the day with Soviet and Cuban diplomats. Two top-ranking members of the permanent U.S. delegation to the United Nations — Ambassadors Francis T.P. Plimpton and Charles W. Yostr-^met with Thant in the absence of Chief Delegate Adlai E. Stevenson who had rushed to Washington for consultations. The first meeting took place at 11:30 a.m. EOT in the 38Uh floor office of the secretary-general. Thant arranged to see Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Valerian A, Zorin at 4:30 p.m. and Ceban Am bassador Mario Garcia-Irachausle giuat 5:30 p.m. While both Moscow and Washington lifted some of the world tension by agreeing to preliminary talks, the United States continued its blockade of Cuba and kept up its demand for removal of Soviet missiles from Cuba soil. Moscow Radio announced the Soviet Union's strategic rocket troops have been ordered on a state of increased combat readl ness. Wintry Weather Socks Northeast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Midwintry snow and cold poured double trouble on sections of the Northeast today. Snow reached a depth of 8 inches in Ghent, near Akron, Ohio 6 inches in Twinsburg; and 2 to 4 inches in some of Cleveland's suburbs. U.S. 21, the main route between Cleveland and Akron, became blocked at 1:30 a.m. with between 2,000 and 3,000 vehicles on the districts, but amounted to about 2 inches in Worcester, Mass. Light snow blended with rain with temperatures close to freezing in northern New Jersey. Now York City had its first snowfall of the season—the eighth time on record that snow fell in October there. "One of the coldest outbreaks of polar air ever seen in October"—that's the way the Weather Bureau described it — shattered nlst arms shipments to Cuba Wednesday morning. The Marucla, which Sylvester said was listed in Lloyd's Shipping Registry as a British-owned World War II Liberty ship, was given permission to proceed on a course for Havana. The vessel reportedly flies a Lebanese flag. The boarding party, of undisclosed size, went aboard the Mar- ucla at 6:50 a.m. (EST) 180 miles northeast of Nassau in the Bahamas. Sylvester said that the destroyer John R. Pierce set out t 2 p.m. Thursday fco intercept the Mar- ucla, assisted by tracker airplanes. The Pierce made contact about 10:30 p.m. Thursday and was joined by the destroyer Joseph P. Kennedy after midnight. The Kennedy was named for the President's brother, a Navy flier killed in World War II. During the rest of the night, the Marucla headed on a south southwest course at 12 knots, Sylvester said. The freighter informed the Pierce that she had a cargo of sulphur, paper rolls, and truck parts. The destroyers trailed the Marucla by about two miles under orders to stop her and L^ard at first light. Sylvester told a news conference that ''until the boarding party returns after looking at the manifest, inspecting cargo and interrogating the personnel we cannot be sure of the composition of the cargo." The Marucla is a Lebanese-flag ship, built in 1943 with a length of 441 feet, a beam of 57 feet and 27 foot draft. Sylvester said she sailed from Riga, in Communist- conquered Latvia on the Baltic Sea, under charter to the Soviet government. The first ship to be intercepted was the Soviet tanker Bucharest but she was not boarded and was allowed to proceed for Cuba after the Navy had checked her hatch work fram afar to determine that she was a legitimate tanker and that her trim in the water indicated that she was fully loaded with fuel. Sylvester gave this chronology of the boarding operation: «,uu« «..u o,wiu VL-..U....!, o« u«. m , standing temperature At 6:24 a.m.. EST, the corn- road. Snow removal equipment * ds of t])e Mississippi manders of the two ships order- was trannon in tin snarl. Five I ' I -.1 i u .:_.. r™_- was trapped in the snarl. Five (ractor-trailers jackknifed in a J. Floyd Breeding, 40.5 per cent. > through with 3,512 votes (64.6 per There were 6.8 per cent undecid- , cent)) wh j le his Democrat opponent, Ken Smith, had 1,237 votes ed. Kennedy Trip Is Unsettled WASHINGTON (AP) — President Kennedy's trip to Brazil Nov. , , . 12 still remains on his schedule. Snow fcl1 ln ma *y P art « of Ncw River. i ed boarding parties away. The ... . „ ., The autumn freeze reached j Kennedy lowered its whalefooat at lUHong traffic tieup. Several (|()wn (() lhe mi(ld , e of Gulf Coast | 6:2 9. At 6:32, the Marucla low- schools closed. With winter almost two months away on the calendar, snow in Michigan measured 11 inches in i Cassepolis, 8, in Van Burim and i Paw Paw, and 4 in Allegan. Up to 6 inches of snow accumulated in mountain sectors of Pennsylvania. states. ered a Jacob's ladder for the Among new lows for the date I boarding party, were 19 above zero in Moline and | At 6:46, the party was alongside Peoria, 111., 25 in Pittsburg, 23 in j and boarding, and at 6:50 the par- Golumbtis, Ohio, and 33 at the i ty was aboard. cslon, S.C., Airport, There was a possibility that still Dole's final count was ^,886 to , ^2.1 per cent). There were 686 irfiedine's 2 218 with 3fi7 untie- ! ..„»— /-to e „„_ „„„»>, ,,r,,i,i,,irinri voters (12.5 per cent) undecided. But the White House is considering the possibility it may U was ight in most Minimal elsewhere included: : another ship had been intercepted Lone Hock and Park Falls, Wi.s., ] and allowed to pass on to Cuba. 11, International Falls, Minn., 13,; The Cuban radio reported the ar- Cincinnati 19 and Birmingham, i rival early today at Havana of a Ala., 30. ship. Moss Clock Turnback Set Sunday By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Some 90 million Americans turn back the clock Sunday (Oct. 28) if only for an hour 1 . The date marks the end of daylight saving tim e this year for nearly half the United States' population. It means the hour lost last spring in the switch from standard time will be restored. The change-over comes at 2 a.m. in many places, and 'will liave the effect of increasing the usual 24-hour day to 25. Most, however, will reset their clocks before they retire. Those who like to luxuriate in bed may let their alarm go off at the usual time, then turn it off, roll over and snooze for another hour. There will be the inevitable confusion that attends the time change. In this case, the risk is arriving ahead of time, rather than late, as in the spring. Th« change affects most of the East, industrial regions of the Midwest and the West Coast. Farm areas in the South and th e Western Plains stand prettv much united behind standard time. They say their livestock and poultry operate on a sunrise to sunset basis no matter what the clock says. The purpose of so-called "fast- time" is to give an extra hour of daylight for outside activities during the summer months. The District of Columbia and these states return to standard time Sunday: New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Missouri, Illinois lA Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, California, Delaware, most of Pennsylvania, Maine, Nevada, the northeast counties of Ohio (the rest of the state never alters its time), West Virginia's northern panhandle (other areas of the state observing daylight time reverted last month; some parts remain on standard time), most of Maryland and parts of Iowa, Indiana and Vermont. Returning to standard time last month were these states: Wisconsin, Washington, Minnesota, the five counties in Oregon observing "fast time", and most of Virginia. Th e Virginia area around Washington follows the capital's lead in switching Sunday. Two Women Suffer Injuries Two women suffered injuries hUre early Thursday evening in a two-vehicle collision at Main and Kansas. Miss Karen F. Ellis, 17, 1507 N. 8th, is in St. Catherine Hospital. She was reported in improved condition this morning. Shet suffered multiple bruises to her back and legs. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ellis of Scott City and is employed in the traffic department of the telephone company here. Mrs. Mary George, 64, 2400 N. Main, suffered a bruised and •sprained right arm. She was not hospitalized. The accident occurred about 6:05 p.m. Miss Ellis was driving a truck and Mrs. George a car. Extensive damage resulted to both vehicles. who is 'he Cuban crisis. i Breeding's 2,218, with 367 unde i ckied. i In the other three races on Sen. James Pearson, which the straw votes were tak- bidding for the unexpired term | The trip already ha s been de-: • " ' ' " ' ' "••' ferred once because of the politi-j cal situation in Brazil, and reports from that country say that have to be wiped off because of Nation on War Footing in Face of Red Chinese en, the entire state -will deter- ol th e late Sen. Andrew Schoep'• mine the outeome in the Nov. 6 P el - 8 at 53 - 3 P er cent of the v ° tes , general election. But the poll , (2,915), and his opponent, Paul | over the western half of Kansas Aylward, Ellsworth Democrat, in the past has been fairly accur- got 30.3 per cent (1,660). There at* in nrwiiptinc- hm« th» ctat« . were 886 undecided votes (16.4 per cent). India into State of Emergency another deferment has been decided upon. ate in will vote. how the state * * Final Results CONGRESS Dole 2.886 (52.7 per cent); Breeding, 2,218 (40.5 per cent); Undecided 367 (6.8 per cent). U.S. SENATE Carlson, 3,512 (64.6 per cent); In yesterday's polling, Dole the Brazilian trip is off yet." was ahead in 8 of the 10 counties worked. Breeding h u d his best ; margin in Reno County (Hutchinson) where he received 32,, votes to Dole's 243. He also had a slim NEW DELHI, India (AP) — China but under the slate of ' tured Wednesday. Jang is on the ! northwestern front in Ladakh and Chinese troops drove deeper into emergency his central govern- jeep track from Towang to ihe j on the northeast front about 1,000 Presidential press secretary India today and President Sarve- ment can take over any power plains of Assam in eastern India, miles to the east. Pierre Salinger told reporters to- pa i|j Radhakrishnan proclaimed a presently held by one of the na- day.Jiowever, that "I can't say s t a te of emergency, putting the lion's 15 states. Freedom of nation on a war footing. speech may b e curtailed and pow- to make a stand where the jeep Prime Minister Nehru's govern- ers of the courts "n matters of ment was given supreme powers ordinary fundamental rights lim- to rally the nation's 457 million iled. The Weather Authoritative sources said two A defense ministry spokesman battalions of Indian troops will try ! said the new Chinese attacks on the northeast boundary were track crosses the 13,940-foot-high : launched 32 and 50 miles east of pass 14 miles east of Twang. But j Longju, about midway between persons for an all-out defense of Generally fair and warmer to- what he has charged is a Cora- this is expected to be little more Bhutan and Burma. Almost a week after the Chinese than a two- or three-day delaying The main Chinese blows have launched their offensive into India action rather than a strong fallen to the wei >t of Longju, 50-49 edg R in Kingman Countj. n j g ht and Saturday; highs Satur- inunist threat to their freedom, there is still no sign of the Indian : enough defense to h li the onrush- where the trading center of To- In Saline County (Salina), Dole day 65-70; lows tonight near 40; The emergency proclamation army being able to check Commu- had a 264 to 216 edge. Traditional ly Democratic Ellis County gave winds light and variable. cami! ;is llu- Chinese kept up their nisi advances. The fighting is re- ing Red Chinese. On the western Smith, 22.7 per cent); Undecided' Dole a 108-94 margin, but came Max. Transfer of the capital to temporary sites was authorized by the 1961 legislature. through in favor of Democrat Dale Saffels 112 to 85 in the gov- '- ; '|'>«' ernor's race. i-'mlnliia' l> This was the only county car- |JAKI>I-:N CITY ried by Saffels in yesterday's 'i'l'ii' clt'y polling. He trailed 255 to 299 in Ku-.-.-u ' I Saffels 1,972 (36.1 per cent); Un- , Reno County, and 170 to 282 in ^f''" 1 ^ ( decided 557 (10.3 per cent). (Saline County. i w'iduta ...'..'..'...'.'.-'.. 1682 (12.5 per cent). Pearson, 2,915 (53.3 per cent); Aylward 1,660 (30.3 per cent); 'Undecided 88<J ri6.4 per cent), GOVERNOR Anderson, 2.932 (53.6 per cent); 50 .Min. .';o in I') .Y," ::i .'ill i'5 attacks at both ends ol the northeastern frontier. India, rushing regular army tnx>ps to the fronts to bolster out- po.->ts manned by border guards, claimed the Communists bad bet-n beaten off at two points as resistance stiffened. Nehru has held off form a 11 \ declaring India at war •with Red town of Towan wang was overrun Wednesday, front, in Towang is 17 miles south of the polled bitter and casualties heavy Ladakh, the defense ministry said border claimed by India. the Communists were hurled back ; As the attacks widened, it ap- in an attack o i Poeet, a few pea red the t-'hincse wei trying miles from Chushul, where India to capture all the 32,5-J square has its only airfield near the miles they claim in the northeast baUlefront. The fall of Chushul bordering Tibet. It is believed 10,(XJfJ men Thursday attacked the would be a severe blow to India's : they already have captured most town of Jang, four or five miles thin supply lines in Ladakh. of the more than 12,000 square Radio Peiping claimed Indian miles of territory they claim in attacks were repulsed both on the ' Ladakh. but no statistics have b^cn released. The Red Chinese are said to be taking no prisoners. A Defense Ministry .spokesman reported a Chinese division of east of the important monastery which wa» cap-

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