Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1954
Page 4
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HOP! STAR, HOPI -•», : ws*. :.-.- t • i » •' ii'Tl-r 1 ^ •„* j,, » -~ *"«r» •«••»• 8 ROOM house. Good location. Can ";b% ttsed fts aupleX. 812 West 4th, ;<siat £3152. wof Political *p ,v,~~~ 2 er 9 fot«li apart- jfteftt. Private JBHtrartee 1108 &mthij*gfl^ Pjuime 7*3B81. 2d-6t 4 town apartment. Electric refrigefntoi'. Garage. Nt) children. Mrs. Anna Judson. 220 .North Sins, Mar. 27-tf 4 ROOM house and bath. Gas, water, afid, lights. On fe»$eflment " sttttibfi road. "Plenty gafden space Pasture for cow. Phone 7-3813, 27-31 our attrition; . ONE "IneorrK? . It27. No-Weir/ ',' * H< Suph ,' Manager mottaf u •f- 1 J :< •. : i3..op;, t.i,&i^\^Mi'i'4^0 »>• $$P$, !;wsS2.t 3.23 r,1 ,Hur ff'jt ,Vi*»!• \M f.tun>ii f*$^"^F/!3'o0 4> SWo^L^'S.'i-'.'i.'.i'..' s 3 BEDROOM house, 815 West Ave. E, Phone 7-2«63. 27-31 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment* 221 West Ave. 13. Phone 7-2180. 27-3t URNISHED apartment, JFor couple only. ,Mlddl6brooks Oro- cety. Phone 7-3791. , 27-3t 3 .ROOM unfurnished Itbuse. $10.00 per month," See ' dwner nt 1326 Wost Fourth. 29-3t COURTS: Salffsfrren,,' $2.50 each; Weekly, f 17, 2 people, '$3. All new Irtnerspringff,' foam • pillows, refrigerated-, "Sat'er"' tile.' BOLEY'S "Quieter" COURTS. Discount to trucks. - , , " • Mar. 17-1 Mo. NICELY <furhished 4 room apart- jnent,' PriVafe bath and entrance. ' 'Phdne 7-3497.>, * , , 29-8t For Sale BABY'Chicks. -Large assortment, ' See these 'chicks before buying 4 Several varieties, Dannie Jtam- . ilton. ' Feb. 274Mo. MASEY'S -Farm. 80 acres and newly 'decorated ' house. One mile from town .$20.000. Will sell house and 1*3 acres,"$14,000, Trade for pine timber land. Phone 7-5535. ' ' Mar. 10-1 Mo, Hay, Johnson grass & lespedeza miX&d.' Also some pure lesped- eza.^T.'-S.^McDav'itt. 'Phone 72116, , • • 3-TF SEE' me ' atioui your fertilizer re- quji'emeritsv'We can-help you-with, your analysis, and .price., J-, , W/ Stric*ltla'rid. ' ' ' Mar. 22-1 Mo. 20'i Compo:. ,'delled -with' ' plaswood, s'lVIred --forj, electricity. •-•''" "^ y^ihdaws, Fine for fish- f ^i Kt i;^v>'n>^^o/48 •mer.cu^y 4 door •; seda^. 11 ^ ^ordL-2 door sedan. -47 'Boor Sedan, Sl< 4 Bui6k, ,52,, Plymptith ,«»». "ou't, priced. Coiftaet FlWlft^Wtpn'^t B., R: Hamm •' " " "'" 7-3812. . 25-(5t BARGAIN l 'in Small screen televi- 1 sion,' radio, phonograph console. Id^al ior children's room. Phone ' 7-3223. < 26-3t WORLD'S finest finidseason bicolor ^/daf|,bdjls "including Mrs. Back,*>house,' the f |ampus pink daffodil. 20-Ot ONE 1946 Ford. New tires, new motor, go*od buy, Phone 7-4446. '»•.'"-' ',' " ' 26-3t GOOD -modern five room house, redecorated ,newly wired,''good •street, nice neighborhood. $3.000.00 'FOSTER V R"E"ALTY COMPAKY F. C, Fuller Phone 7-4691 or 7-2008 2-7-3t F,0rd tractor disc, mowing machine blade, One western saddle bridle. Martingale. Good condition. At my farm on highway ( 29j 15 miles south of Hope. Mrs. Jack Wise. 29-et PARAKEETS, cages, and feed, "Young birds'ready to teach to talk. Call after „ school hours. 'Chioksr AA l 'A*A Grade. A o| feed and Groceries, Open- 7 days. Phone 7-9U03. Wolly » .eery & Market. Announcements Thfe Stw it atrthfttlied to (ua» nounee that the following a** Candidate* for twbllc office subject to the fiction of the Democratic primary elections. POP Treasure*- ftARRY HAWTHORrTB !(5t/tFFOttG BYEttS R10GDIU. . For Count/ ei«rk ARNOLD j. MIDDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) SYEftS ARTHUR ANDERSON Par Sheriff and Collector W 4 B, (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBROOKS CLAUD H. SUTTON Alderman Ward 8 B. L, RETTIG 'For Prosecuting Attorrtey ROYCE WEISENBERGER Wanted EXPERIENCED Waitress. Apply, Jn person only. Mack's Restaurant; 409 East 3rd, formerly, The Snack Shop. 18-TF Real Estate for Sale 15.! ACRES ;• comfortable two bedroom ;home, -good barn, outbuildings, deep well, electricity, gas, All fenced - small orchard. Just outside city limits -' Priced to sell. FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 South Main St. Phone 7-4891 Hope, Arkansas Tht Negro Community Ot bring itsffit t» MiM at Hleki Pun«MI Hfttn* Friendship club will have a call- meeting Monday night, March 29, at the home of Mrs. Carrie Me Oehee. All members are asked to be present. Easiness of importance Time 7:30 p. m. The senor choir of BeeBee Memorial CME Church will reheafse Thursday night. April 1. Time 7:30 P. m. I I ...»•* Senior and junior choirs of Garrett Chapel Baptist Church will rehearse Tuesday night, March 30. Time 7:30 p. m. Choir No. 2 of Bethel AME Chur- rh will rehearse Tuesday night, March 30. Time 7:30 p. m. Senior Choir of Lonoke Baptist Church will rehearse Tuesday night March 30, Time 7;30 p. m. The Beauticians Chapter No. 16 Will preesnt a Hair Style Review at Yerger High School , Auditorium Friday evening, April 2. Participants will be announced later. Yerger Play On Thursday, the Senior Class from Yerger High School under the direction of Mrs. N. R; Yerger, class sponsor, participated in the 18th Annual Tournament One-Act . Dramatics held at Philander Smith, College, Little Rock, Arkansas, under the atispicies of the Little Theater Guild of iPhilander. Senior Classes from the larger 27-3t'high schools throughout the state . . ., -'including Dunbar High School. Lit- leavmg town - says sell tle Rock and Jones Hjgh of ^j orth bedroom home LitUe Rock prese nted plays. The plays, which did exceed 30 minutes each, were judged on the -basis of: to stay in character,. ability to speak clearly, stage deportment Hope, Arkansas 27-3t Notice SUBSCRIBE Texhrkana Gazette. Complete sports. Other t 'late nev/s. KCMC-TV programs. Eearly delivery. Dale Hartsfield. Phone 7-4610, Mar. 12-1 Mo. W& give the best Trades for your 9ld Furrjjture., Mar. 23-1 Mo. HOUSTON CITY FURNITURE CO. BEFORE buying fertilizer sec rne for prices. We deliver anyWhe DANNIE HAMILTON " >•-<; Mar, 25-1 NEW Trailer "^Park. Nights'fe^l Weekly,, $5; Monthl|j-$19. ' carport for only $1,000.00 Cash, balance monthly terms Possession in April. • '' FOSTER REALTY COMPANY S0 ^ ai L^ ™- «?£ rnl^n^lT'choice^of ^yVTnd casting. Yei'ger presented "No Greater Love," a gripping drama of a serious nature, which told the appealing story of a young doctor who had grown away from his famfly during his years of study. Wheri he returned home on • an overnight visit he revealed his plan to his family that he was not going to follow In the footsteps of his deceased father and practice medicine • in his small home town. Instead, he was going to the city where he could make more money in his profession. Why he decides to stay 'here he is needed most is tne climax of "My Greater "« ,. .*, 11 t ..«.- * * * f "the young doctor was played by Samuel Hamilton, Senior Class President, his mother was portrayed by Annie Ward, his grandmother Bettye Jean McFadden, His Uncle Les, Willie Gamb'le and his childhood sweetheart, Tressie Dennis. Earline Gladney was in charge of imake-up. ;For their wonderful performance the Yerger cast was awarded the first place trophy. Samuel Hamilton was awarded third place certificate for his individual performance. Schools participating were as follows; Jones High School North Little Rock, Dunbar High School, Little Rock, Pine Street High, Conway, Laffayette High, Cullendale, Foreman High, Forman, Wrightsville High, Wrightsville, Pulaski County High, North Little Rock, Yerger High, Hope. , new tile showers: twB J riew stools, laboratories. BOLEX'S . ^ Citizens and- National Bank. MaV. 17-1 Mo. Shadier, Quieter, ^Refeyence Real Estate Wanted HAVE buyers for all size farms. List today. United Farrn Agency. 101 East Front Street, Phone 7-3706. Mar. 10-1 Mo. Female Help Wanted LADIES: $30 Weekly, spare time, making studio roses at home. Easy, looks, smell real. Write Studio Rose Co., Greenville, Pa. 29-lt TEACHERS WAITED INTERESTING vacation positions paying teachers selected $750 to $1,500, depending on ability and length of vacation. Highly satisfying experience which will advance you professionally. Require ments: Age -25 - 50 years, 3 years teaching experience, good record and standing. Write in confidence for personal j interview, ' ' I},, Hope' 29- Services Offered SEPTIC 7, Tanks Cleaned, Phone March 1-lMo. CAL."L Payne Brothers. House movers, insured contractors, Public Service Commissipn Number M- J425, 3J3 Central Avenue, Stamps Arkansas. Phone 3-4481 in , 4$-ka.nsas, March 2-lMo, 316 renovation and inner- \yprk, Cobb Mattress Co. Washington. Phone 4-tf Lost Calves 6 to 8 old. Disappeared Wed,nes- atjternpon at Tojtio headed tqward, Proving Grpund, Reward lor puling- them "P wntil I can th^ro, Can Barney Srotth, 314 1 p,AJR of brown rimmed toy's .glasses. Viciojty of Ward 4 Gfo- <jery. • Reward, « found pall 7- Help Wonted WE will establish you in business with our capital. If you are trustworthy and energetic, write us. No Investment or experience needed to start. Part-time or full time. WINONA MONUMENT CO., MINN. 29-lt MEN wanted for jobs: South Am? erica, Spain, and Far Nor-th Pro- jecls, Truck Drivers, $3.55-hour. Carpenters, $3.70 hour. Laborers, $3.00 hour. CJerks, $3,pp, hour. Many others wanted AVJ^I wage rate accordingly, Up to 70 hour week with time and one half for a}l pver 40 hours. Transportation paid. 8 to 24 month contract, Full Information all firms hiring, jobs open, wage rate, living conditions, application form ,etc., Air mailed $2.00. Foreign Construction . '',,="*, &XfV/^-fte'JVJ *, i-**. "Cf*&f.s- *?- - Sh&fc t f?( "MR. MUSCLES" ON THE LOO'SE-This he-man picture of Nicholas Rocco Casello, on display in New Yoi-k City, is something new in the way of "wanted" photos. A 'Wrestlei 1 , Casello is wanted by Secret Service agents in connection with passing some Treasury Department checks. Stolen in 1944, <the dhefaks are numbered 101 to 5000. bear the worH "Navy" wrirt (nail? be signed»"T. C. Brnv " SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLE TALBOT. Regaldo Puzzle to Al Lopez By ED CORRIGAN' Ass'oclgted Press Sports Writer cJjbp/.yeaYs 1 SfWhg life of'V majci' league manager — are nothing now to Al Lopez of the Cleveland Indians. He's had a king-sized onu since he took over the Tribe and has been trying to beat out the New York Yankees for the American League pennant. But no one seemed to want to one: What to do with Rudy Regaldo. This 23-year-old rookie infielder lias shown no respect for opposing pitchers since the start of spring training. At the moment he has clubbed nine home runs and is batting a cool .481 with 25 hits in 5? tries during the exhibition sea* son, GS. PETERSBURG, Fla.: W --) Holding an intelligent conversation, with Walter Alston is not entirely a problem of trying to think up something ne w to aak him about his Brooklyn Dodgers. There is the additional strain of leaning closfc. chough to hear his answers, as the new manager ' of the Nationl Legue champs has by this time become virtually inaudible. He has had a trying time of it this spring. Through long-established custoilT thp "bush" pilot from Montreal has been expected to discuss grayely a club he asw play only on television last year, and he must have had the foolish feeling all the time that the members of his press audience thought they knew more about the subjfct lhan he did. A fairly typical session with , the big pleasant fellow' who last called in when his predecessor; Chuck Dressen too to writiqg letters to the boss, goes -like this: 'When do you intend to start scouting the Yankees for the World Series? Along in July?" "No, We've got to win the pennant first. That's a big enough job." "How's Jackie Robinson been looking Are you .only going 'to play him in the outfield? "Jackie stumbled off a step and strained his knee and I've been letting him take it easy, kind nf set his own pace getting in shape. He'll be ready. Outfield will be his regular job but I expect to use him around the inf eld when we need him He's a good man to have around." "You think the team is good enough to win again, don't you?" "Thats hard to answer From I hear and read three other clubs, Milwaukee New York and St. Louis are going to be stronger than they were last year. Cincinnati looks good to me too. Thoso big fellows o f their really whaled our pitchers when they were over on the other coast." "Do you think you've adr(ed any Mantle's Hand Is Improving TAMPA, Fla. (ffi~ Mickey Man- •n 11 41 V* »«•*!»— ^ f f *. *y*. wir AIAAVDiCjr 4V4M t *• BijlleUn, P. 0. Box 393, Dept. tie, the injured New York Yankee 811. Dniin.. T«V«. 'a-" 1 outfielder, said today his bad right knee is "getting better and better." But n oone senmed to want to predict that he'd start the season. The concensus among the ex. 811, Dallas, Texas, MEN wanted now in"soulh Amei> lea, Alaska, Africa, Europe, Australia, $400 to $1200 monthly. Travel paid. Send name and address for details.- Kemah Company, Dept. 9-A, Box 7762, Houston, Texas. 29-u Phils Happy Over Deol With Bums Fla. W The ave a much after ac- .-- rt .,.l8J*Wil* „ 1UTO .« 'A J?o4f!&« Jj» ^ '}«^k. , f orts here ls ° Mluk ey won't Veteran Maglie Back on Sidelines , that f 4yqu needc«bifo " e be the same 'club except that we've got two pitchers. Don Newcombe and Erv Pahea, back from the Army Newcombe, is throwing good and his weight is down where it belongs. Whether he will pitch the way he «did before he went into the army is something we'll have to wait and see. I sure hope he does. He pitched for me in the minors." DOGS Dogs on the Mayflower Can v you trace your ancestors back to the Mayflower Are you a descendant of any of that hardy band who landed in Plymouth, Mass., in 1620 Well, if you are, you may still have ' considerably less to brag about than" 1 your dog. For while there were 102 humans on that lifthjf ship, there were only *•••" :pj;s! '* 'ortunately, geneologists have not done as, good a, job of following family lines for.dogs as the/ humans. t And today, the may be a direct e of the dogs that Ihe "Mayflovver < and no crossed "I one would know it. According- \o, history, these two dogs were a ^Mastiff and a Spaniel. We know that the Mastiff was' a female ;and may well have borne a large, family; but alas, if it were so, no one thought to record the fact. If the Spaniel was a male, we can imagine that the progeny were odd animals indeed. If both dogs were females, they may still have started families for apparently the Indians in. the ares had dogs- even at that time. In Bradford's History of Plymouth" it is reported that Capt. Myles Standish, on his reconnoitering expedition on Cape Cod, met. a party of Indians that ha,d a dog along. This is backed up by other references to Ipdian dogs in early writings, including the report that a dog gave the warning when the English attacked /the Indians at Pequot Fort in 1637. Sc if you have a Spaniel, . a Mastiff or a "just, plain dog," his ancestors may 'have 'come over in the Mayflower, * too. Craig Rides Home Derby Winer HOT SPRNGS — I/PI Harold Crajg, seventh leading jockey Jn the nation last year, climaxed the Oaklawn Park racing season with a victory aboard Timely Tip in the Arkansas Derby to lad all riders for the 31-day meeting. Craig rode 15 mounts and won with 34 of them, brought in 18 second place finishors and had 18 show horses. ' Behind Craig came S. ,R "Willimas with 21 winners, 14 second placers and 17 shows in 143 trips to the pot. , David Stevenson, top apprentice rider for the meet, brought in 16 winner, 19 seconds and 14 third place horses out of 1}8 rides. Thai was good for third. PSul Arthur Ward's IB, 13 and 11 were good for lourth place. Officer in n Kidnap Case Gpes to Trial KANSAS CITY w Elmer DO- lan, suspended St. Louis policeman, went on trial in U. S, District Court today on a charge he lied about handling of the Greenlease kidnap ransom money, more than half of which has not been recovered. Selection of the jury was the first order of business. B e f° re 'he bennh of District Judge Albert A. Hidge was a large model of the Now'stead Avenue police station in St. Louis, which has had an important part in grand jury testi. mony concerning the missing money, paid to the kidnapers by the father of Bobby Greenlease, A grand jury, investigating the disappearance of $303,720 of the $600,000 ransom, charged Dolan with giving "untrue and false" testimony in connection with two suitcases containing roasom money. Pojan told tre jury he and Louis Shoulders a resigned Sf Louts police Jjeutenant who also faces a perjury trial April 12, each earned one of the sultcases^Mo a police, hip in,' a St. ajl ao4 his accomplice, Mrs. nje JBf^wn Heady, »were exgT puted Pep. 17 for the kjdngp-s.Jay., qf e-year-old Bpbfey Gr^en- (Sovilon, Olson Fight Friday bY MUfiRAY NEW YORK m — Welterweight champion Kid Gavilan and hil6 f ala Weight ruler Carl (Bobo) Olsen meet Friday for Olson's cfdwri lit &n outstanding bout that tops one of the greatest weekly bbfcing programs in years. Leading contenders are a dime a dozen on the International cardi In addition to Olson. and here are 'some of'the other inaries of the game Who will throw leather this week: Featherweight champidn Sandy. Saddler, heavyweight contenders! Dan ' Bucceroni, Roland LaStarza, Don Cockell and Tommy Khur.ri- iane Jackson: Randy Turpih, Del Flanagan, Yolande Pompey, Floyd Patterson, Perdy Bassett, Georgie A'raujo, Art Persley and Armahd Savoie among others. Timely Tip Arkansas Derby Winner HOT SPRINGS UP! — Oaklawn Park today looked back on, the most successful season in its his^ tory, climaxed with Timely Tip's winning of the 18th Arkansas Derby. Favored Timely Tip brabbed the lead from the start and stood off; two stretch challenges to- win the ?10,000-added closing feature before a record 14,002 fans Saturday. Harold Craig, leading jockey of the spring meet, piloted the top Harold Craig, leading jockey of the spring meet. * piloted the top. weighted three-year-old to victory a length ahead of John H. Clark's Wining Count. Rebel. Stabei's Super Devil was third. Timely Tip, \vearing the silks of A. L. Birch, has won 10 victories in 1(3 starts for a total earning sof $31,585. He sped the mile in a furlong in 1:49 4-5-3 of a second off the trackrecord—and paid $4.20., $3.20 and $2:60. s % Winning Count, with jockey Hank Moreno aboard.^and Super Devil made definite "Challenges . in the stretch , but Timely Tip spurted forward for an undisputed triumph. • A new record mutueal handle for one day's wagering was set on the -final day when" $781,876 passed through the cages. Old records, set las't year, in to tal attendance and wagering also were broken this season. A total of 258,177 .fans waged $14,406,497, compared with last year's $241,763 fans'betting $13,498975.- .: Baseball By TheAssocIate d Press SUNDAY'S RESULTS Boston (A) 2 Detroit (A) 1 Baltimore (A) 19;. Chicago ON 14 Chdcago (A) .10, Brooklyn CM) 5 New York (N 10, Cleveland (A) 4 " ' ' . ' St. Louis (N) 4 New York (A) 2 Philadelphia (A) 3, Pittsburgh (N) 1 Chattanooga (SA) 4,; Washington (A) 3 > : Philadelphia (N) 3', Cincinnati' (N) 4 ,;. . • Atlanta (SAV 2, Milwaukee (N) I 1 Walker Looms as Head Man of Porkers 6y 6 : ARL FAYETTEV1LLE (ffl — If Coach BOwden Wyatt had hoped to keep the pressure of publicity off his •bfilliflht but unexperienced tailback George Walker, he made a terrible mistake. . . The mistake was in letting Walk. er play in the scrimmage game the concluded spring football practice at the University of Arkansas Saturday. For no one Who saw the 175" pound Rison lad, who'll become a sophomore next • September, could keep from rating him as just the matt to replace the departed Lamar McHan as - the whip of the . Porkers' single wing attack. Though playing less than half the intrasquad game, Walker set a fast pace for Red team that outclassed the Whites 47-7. There was a youngster supposed to be making sophomorish mis- lakes, but running the ball club like a seasoned signal-caller, standing cooly among hard-rushing, clawing whiteshirts and still completing about 70 per cent of his passes and hitting would-be receivers with all but two of those he didn't complete. • One of his tosses went 15 yards for .a .touchdown; another was good for 23 yards to;the one and set up a score. ••••/' 'Walker also put on a fine running display, using his blocker$ smartly and making up for the lack oL bruising power with a tricky, gait that eluded taclders in a broken field; -Ho scooted nine yards off tacke! for a touchdown and stepped off 36 yards on his only punt return". He boomed a Quick-kick 60 yards and kicked -five extra points in six tries —one was blocked. It's unwise • rate a team playing against itself, but there's .reason--to suspect-that the 1954 RP- zorbacks have some chance of be- tering the' 3-7 record of • last year Joe Bill Wilson a little used reserve in '53, has improved tremendously and, along with speedy sophomore Benny Berry, should be a lot'Of help to first-string bruiser Henry Moore. Wilson scored three Red touchdowns Saturday. "Wya'tt had praise for the -line play, observing that he blocking and tackling were much harder and sharper than they were a year ago. Particularly outstnding were f ' 'ards.i;,W.^ls»:tl^'Spbe } rts and Bud. ooks. arid Cackle.- Bill . Duncan. Walt Matthews,' Jerry McFadden . and Ronnie Morris showed promise of helping repair the graduation- wrecked end positions. KCMC Television Tuesday, March 30th 2:15 Test Pattern 2:30 Hodge Podge Woman With A Past CBS The Secret Storm -CBS 3:30 On Your Account NBC 4:00 Happy Home Show 4:30 Rocky Jones 5:00 Cowboy Corral 6:00 Hope Hour 6:30 Edwards & News CBS If 6:4j5j, The ,Bi£, Playback ^M^sfotfiilfefM . 8;iooMM\^tMpe'. |-4- CBS 8:30 'U. S. Sfeel Hd"ur — ABC , 9:30 See It Now CBS . 10:00 News Final '10:03 Feature Theatre 11:05 Sign Off 3:00 3:15 Age Is Creeping Up on Dodgers taken into the police station at the time and in the manner alleged" by Dolan. In a concession read in disricl court before his execution, Hal said "neither the money nor* the suitcases were brought to the sta tion with me." Several witnesses who were al the police station testified before the grand jury they saw no suit' cases brought into; the sais -with Hall. Among he witnesses subpoenaed by the government for the Dolan trial are five St, Louis police pnrtment employes attached to the district where Hall was booked, Hall's confession said he had nearly all of the $800,000 in two suitcases and brief, -case at the time of his arrest, "I am positive neither "of t^eof- fjcer s carried any suft S^seg 01 briefcase when we left the apartment," the confession ad<1ed, Shoulders has said publicly he gave one'xPf t*i e suitcases' to Jo)w Hager- to carry .out to a'pplice c ^ r Hager, St, Louis cab ' driver - was credited by Shoulders with providing a tip which fte4ped, le"»d lo the arreat of Hall., B,oth Shoulders and Dolan have denied any knowledge ol the miss, log part of the ransom money Shpulders has said he ' was stpleq*Jr,Qm, brought L.OUjis. «T,8» IWOhl f. •By JOE REICHLE.R- •, VERO BEACH, Fla.— The ;biggest threat to the Brooklyn Dodgers' chances of capturing their third consecutive pennant is; old age. ''•••.. :; r The years are Isreeping up on the club's top ; ;stars. Duke Snider' is 27 and Junior Gilliam is;25. Ail the -other .regulars are over 30. Jackie Robinson is 35 andPeeWee Reese Will be 35 next July, ' Age and all,', Brooklyn has an. awfully impressive club that packs 'tremendous power, brilliant ?.defense, outstanding speed and thp • strongest pitching in years. The team is set in every position. About the only newcomer certain to "Make" the club is the manager, Walter (Sinokey) Alston, Some of the others, like Don Zirn- mer, shortstop, Don Hoak, tb,ir3 Jbasarnan^.and , Sandy Amoves an 'JyiJ fj'elti'ifr, Jbpuld make almost any teamUn/ the leagyo. But here they will probably have' to go back, to the minors. The Dodgers still are the team/ to beat for the National League' flag. ' Ludwig van Beethoven, the composer was both nearsighted and very hard'-of hearing in his 'later years, Legal Notice IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT MILDRED ALEXANDER .-. PLAINTIFF VS. -. ' McKINLEY ALEXANDER -.. .. DEFENDANT WARNING ORDgFT . • The Defendant, McKjnJey Alexan- r, is'hereby warned to appear in, this Court within thirty days hereafter and answer the complaint of Mildred Alexander, Plaintiff herein.* WITNESS My hand and seal as Clerk of this Pourt on this, nth day oj M^rch, 1954,^ ' , SEAL Garret* .Willis, 'Clerk March 8, 15, 22, 29 legal Notice NOTICE OF SALE " The following described personal property will be sold to the high- eft and best bidder, said bids to-be sealed and are to be receivecl by the County Judge of Hempstead C9ujpty,-Arkansas at 10 a. m. on April 1?, J954 in the office of the Pwn,ty J,.udge in the

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