Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1912
Page 6
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6 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 23,1912. Ti LEUDE m m ?IKKTI\(; -TO IlK HELD HEIIE NKXT .SIM)AY AFTKUNOO.N. !'Iaii«i an- for n S\\ Tonn, All Kamuis «'rr<-iii( \v;ni n Low SnUiry Lini- It (or I'lajvrs Relief in fivo minutes from all stom ach misery is at your drug store, wait Ing for you. ' These lar^to 5(T-cent cases of Pape's Diapepsin contain more tlian sufficient to cure any case of dyspepsia indigestion or any other »tomach trouble. K\yH\ii PORTLAND MEETI>G. Krgular Qoarterljr SIroilngr of Ilircc- (orM of tbc Kan!<a>( Portland. The dlrpctors of the United Knns.n3 I'ortlai. 1 IM Id tlielr :ti;n!.ir quarterly nipcting in the offlce of Grorge K. Nicholson in the Xorthrup building yesterday, the greateij part of the time belug occupied In disposing of me rej'ul:!;- rout!??" business. The directors present were: George E. Nicholson, of Kansas City; F. H. Glonn, NVvada, Mo.; T. W. Vandlver, .\cvad.n. Mo.; M. U. Aiden, Kansas City, kans-ns; J. M. Roberts, l^w- n^nco: H 1.. Henderson, L. U North- rui), .1. F. Gophorn and A. H. Campbell, of this city. OLITIG.U GOSSIP A iiK-*"!!!!? of base 1>:;I1 f.tns Intcr- fstid in the forniution ot •« cines I) Ic.-icuo has b.'cn called to convene in this cily nrxt Sunday aflcmoon. The c:ill coiiirs as a siirpiii!'? locally be- (•.TuSi> no one had heard of the pro- 110S'd !f:'.c;i;'' u:;til it was brought to llnjr :iil-i!:on tlirou-ih stories ap- ro.-iii;;:; in out-of-town papers. How- •'v.T. ha.s' JiaM is a live sport lociiUy j and a licaririK will (loiibtless be plioii to t!i<' pro'iiotTs of the now ieagu". i WlKthrr thi' fans will po to the <'xii-iii of'iip a salaiicd i -lub into':' | Pnlir <;:• not rrniaii:.': to 1"> sorn. U i Jj[]jlJt littob'JiK and nrnrby towns; ilui • i.s a iirotiabilit.v tliat sonic' < nuUi Ix' found wiio would finarc" | 111" !-ro!>o;Mion. K:'.:li s:'!ari-'.s and , The Stale .lonrniil Sperulnles I'pon !. IT jainps havo i)uf ItaEnn- ball out of j ('online; Conjjresslonal ('ontest!i. ii:c!i in tbc ra.s; and will in the fu- miT. 'r.'icrc isn't enoHRh' patronage ;i' If t !i Fii;);';!rt u i-am WIMSC nietn- ' r.- (ir.-in- hiph stii'mds. A club i for the Kansas delegation at Washing pit tl >rou ?li a sliort season on ton. The old order changcth indeed siiort j;!ni| s :'n'' ir.odi'iaio snlnrk-s. I for the ten wise ones at the nation's •rtic Chanu'r' Vribrnc t.'!!;i>e of the ! capital. Ten little, nine little, eight lit w )c :;-„e says; i little, seven little, six little, five llt- Witb. !!:.' ai ;>iT.,;th nl ihn baseball |tlo Indian boys. Just fi,ve left now of s;;c()n !li» r. :>v Uf iisiinl nmors oflibe orifiinal eight representatives and a Suntbo;:; ?i'!-a K :^!l^;r:s Thir : two senators who moved through the liino till' Kic:i'i CMUIT sfK 'nis to he j niarb!'' halls all unconscious and KCr liiia. uii Ti I" • S'liiii!;!'- .1;.: -Ktrv a tii.-itti r of r'.r'..--ri/.ii;p K::!is;>s Jca^;-.!.- v.ili b.- Mill- is a -.-l:''(! M ;:• I rijinscniai",(' at tlu WHEHTflEPeRTSSnUBEHBISH 1.1 :v. ; - .'i .'.flViCES TEXD TO DE. , I'.aC'E OF FUTUUES. >'o ChnnKC of Impoiiunrc In Lhc- vlock or Other .Vurket Puola- tlons. Topeka State Journal: The last three years have been strenuous ones (By thr Assoclntcd Press) Chicago Jan. 23.—Bearish European crop advises reports of larger ship- menu from Argentine and liberal receipts at points northwest made wheat weak. The opening was unchanged to % down. May started dollar % to % loss, rose to %. ClAse—May $1.00%®%; July Sept. 93%. CORN—Jan. iiZ; May 66; July 65%; Sept. 65%. OATS—May 49%@-li; July 44%; Sept. 40%®%. PORK—Jan. $1."..60; May $16.10; July $16.27J,4®16.30. LARD-Jan. $;t.I0!ft9.12Vi; May $9.37(59.40; July $9.52Vi. ta2.3—.'/soyTgads 7 cmfwy shrd Ehr wlii'ch lliiio th ;i Syiilhrastcni discu'?.scd. Cha in and have :i meeting. Any i .f 111.' '"liaiiii; • fan^ wlui arc inlercst- . il arc a -.l:i.l to pi'.dr. S8 K, HalU 'V, lit" (if sNori I:;;; i-lllor of the .Ici -nii:!. l \,ifi .s :iK Cily, y.o. .^cioriliii!; to ilic 1 ircr r.-relved 1.1 II- irorn si'cri H .ill. y |i Is planned Id (iri;.;!;i/" V.!M! •• ill lie known as III" S iiiilicit! K:ii!--:;s l .auiu'. (.'!:: RB 1), ^ i a i; ic:ii > ui Ic clio.i ^cn frnn; I'lir- M 'ls. C .ilcii.i. I 'iMiibiirt:. loin, ("ha!• •. Iiiili i' j'llcpi ••. I'll'rryviilc, Ton III. A s <liiiii ;Ic (if |i'l i;aniOR has ii '-ii siippcMid. iiiaViiift live pamcs a ;•. ill" <;;.~c.n 'o oi 'M .May 11 and I !(•-. S' i!io:;;l).T s. T!;.. salary •i 1 i r I'a'vy i)c ti\,-;l. ;•< from $7lji! !0 • •>•' It is ir .-Mc-; ti- n p 'ic 'i a leapiic could be maintained because the ,- I? Dull! I fhor: ail'! tlK- railroad ....-'iiit --r>ri Th-' lown'; cxDcctine 10 Join til is league would be re(]ulred • • I'lrnisl- -'<c ivrp,;.. '"on'-v ;•' r>nce i.a is to be hp!(i }rcKc in i;i (i9. And four of the remaining five will have to fight hard for their scats this year. For many years the eight Congressmen, Aiiihony of the First district, Scott, of the second, Campbell, of the Third .Miller of the Fourth, t^alder- of the Fifth, Kceder of th" Sixth, Madison of the Seventh and .Murdo(-k of the IClRhth, had moved free from fear and with dignity in the groove of rcnomlnatlcn and rc-elec- tlon. Th -y flowi-d like waters to the sea. .\nd then came the revolution. Scott. Miller and C.ildorhead were de- fcHicd by !lic jirogressives for the iioihlnatlon. Death claim d Madison and a Democrat now fills his place a: Washington. Senator Curtis, long a I 'Xiure in the delegation now faces the h.".rdt st fight of his career for nomination, and the winner of that fi.irhi may look forward to another stubborn fi^ht in the fall. Anthony .nil Campbell will have to fight hara this year for nomination. Bristov. alciie has no eaui ^e for fear, becausf his term docs not expire for another two years. Ot tile progressives who dr-feafcd for protection rights with the Nation.: %s.-; fiauon oi y.iiior I .a^ii-s. j Mr. ni'.iloy asks that any one in tlioiib^ retr.ifars, Jr.ckson of the Fourth ;:.)(-ve inti ri d in ^ forii>a-j district a'lOne is safe. Kees of the fifth 'e.-;gt ;p write iiiin at I v.-jii IK'VC trouble at the primary. viUjYo'jnc of the sixth will have Elili :n'or^ trouble nt the .ceneral election, ro If',,? •'.:.'< ih. f::'.is s( i -oiai- i .\Uirdock, another old timer, seems tc lo'.i j 1 f sail- .-iii!!. Hut rv(-:i for liim tiiei' l:r.'i r-f <•!•.(•• a:i iiv.^r SI!, h ii'.'if iiril :'.).o\e anil 1..- 'h ;::it as lo U:,- 'iln' f'v ir. n-'T-ceiit t.iii^in a' liur -mcclin;;, Sunday. January 'rii:h <eiMT t<i JtediTc""tVrinliles > V:\ •>; r vii'.-ir .M-.iIicine.i ;,.MT;y r-!;i ;i >re. a? in tl'" treat• i ("i-en.-^i . T .'if- teniJenoy r.ow,?- scrV f]:r rt-iiiovai of eauf- ••]-.<— t! an to treat ;-yrintojn? o: Ir t!,e iratter of wrinkles: fiir wo arc (';>,-!< ia.^tan Vt;(iv.- that 1" liaea o.- cau ~e;l hy t'-e .-^Kin bf- eir .L' ;-;^'i^e in li!ti."es, ic it tiers net •V-iIy fi! th" fV-!i h( nnth. Tl:" I, •hoTi •w ;i -!;'e=" n- '•r.-!-'. N?.t-ar- (• :::i' I'-ii;-- r tiiin-j 'e. or 'o ti^iit- ^'••,n-:•.;'!;•' it ';'—t^en il'rr.' :i- il f -r lire-. 'vrUik ^K .<n ,l fiih^ r-i' '.'••ii!';.- .-".in ;:i sa.v; or lia .ir. '; ker.« n foiiini'a for the piir- • • ^..\(•"•lle. 1 «7... In 'i i>int witeh •I 1 a a w.i h lotion. T-i • ••>• iri,!y r. r'i;"^.:-iiV, c-iipehTllv •••.y.y ;;r.- iiaiije-'in 'c .\sk tll( tor !!ie pi wi'ered Fa\i(l|t( ' 1 .'!-.-ii!\(-.•; iiK .re (ju'eklv than an"•T .'•(ir:-. ^'»K ^:vI•It KM»S IMIKM-STIOS. nil .-til­ ery (.'-iv, OvMien^la »»>d t|I .Mh In .Stomurh (iocs in FIio .Minutes. fat'iily. here oiiy'it ttr kee| .... Ii;,-ii,r| In the lioii-e as any . e'' \<y\ r ay have -in (iiiii<-k of In• '• li'in or s'ctiiach tmuble at any lie;'- (lay or ni.L'Iit. 'r;.;-^ ''sriii'.ess iireiiaratinn will dl;n:y;'!in;.' yon <and cverenttie v ili• 111?: (iI i)'it-"r-orJf.'r stomach fiv( li-ipii I-, afterwards. II yeiT meals e-(>n'l tem;it you, or wi;at li "!e you do eat seems i to fir von or lays like a luiup of lead Ir veiir Fio !"iac-'a, or if you hayet heart- barn, that is a si:ni of indigestion. Ask your pharmacist for a -fiO-cen' euFi rf J'aut-'s Hianei-rin. and take E i:if!(? iust as soon as you can. There will be no, no belching rf ani'iirrct.-d fond mixcl with add :•>•> iiom'acli gas or heartburn fullness or iinavy frrlin^ in the stomaqh. nan .'P. d«^hi':Tat!ng headaches, difzinesr (•r int-tinal ;rr;i>ing. This will al! CO. and. !u-:-:des. there will be l^o Bonv f'f fi Ii^ftovor in the stomach tojpolson y ir breath, with nauseous odoVs. Pi:;', Diapepsin I.'; a cenai^i cure for oiit-of-ordt r stoniarhs. b<=c, .use 1' -;-vvirt3 reriii^ii:.-it!nn and tains hob' of yiiir fend and di^eJt.* it jt st thf sarin- as if your stomach wasn't there are brpak(-rs ahei:d. His preference f. r a regular for the fat Wichita post- efhee job will niakc him trouble at the gi-lieral e.le<Iiou. It is possible th: t from I'.HlH t- 1!'12 nine of the ten Kansas eongrrss- men .•'.nd senators may be wiped out t-y the pencils of the people at th" rolling iilacps. And the t"nth maii i'.ristow, he had just beaten Ixmg, aii c!d timer, for the jilace. The congressional and srnatoria' fights this year will mark the las' stand of the old guard. Curtis, Anth ony and Campbell, the last of th-:- regulars on the delegation have detcr- jf.inrd oiv^oslticn in the primary .Mtirdock and Young, both progress- i\(s v.ill have their troubles with the l)--moer;:!s in the fall. li es, atiollK r ^iri)gres .-!Ve may lose his scalp In lb" ;irimary. J::rkycn is not in trouble at 'his- time. From the Second and Sev- iiiih (Hsiricl.i Democrats will fluh' Irom b'-liitiil lit-eastworks against lle- imbliran outsiders. Clilrago Livestock. Chicago, Jan. 23.—CATTLE, receipts lO.dOd; market weak. Ueeves $4.S0@8.40; Texas steers $4.40© .'..80 western steers $4.80®7.2.'>; stockers and feeders |3.75@6.fl6; cows and helf ers ?2.2.1@G.UU; calves $6.00@9.00. HOGS—Receipts 39 liOO. Market weak for light grades, others steady Light $r>; mixed |.5.S0Ci6.25 heavy $.">.S51t 6.30; rough $.-|.S.".@6.10 pigs ?4.2.'>&5..'.0; bulk of sales $6,000 6.80. Try This HonfM€ui9 Cough Remedy iSI. Lunis <<rain. St. Louis. Jan. 23.—WHEAT, close .May 9S-ft([t9y; July 93. COU.N—-May C6?4(S%: July GGlifr OATS—May rm:,; July 44-7i. .S(. Louis LIvoNlork. St. Louis Jan. 23.—CATTLE re celpts ;;.'•()'•. Steady. Native stei rs $4..'>0®S..">fi; cow.s and heifers $3.00';/ ."i .60; stockers and feeders $3.2.'>'ri ."•..'lO HOGS—Kecefpts H.-IOO. Market steady. Pigs and lights ?4.2.-.'{J 6.10 mixed $."..9.'.(&G.3(i; heavy $6.20^6.30. Kansas CKy (<raln. Kansas City. Jan.-23.—WHEAT, re celpts. C cars. Cash wheat unchanged. .\o. 2 hard $l.t'3%f; l.OS; .\o. .1. $1.0H;l.t'7; No. 2 red, 99®V.>; -No. 3 •J7®ys. Close—.May $1.00iA'5% bid July 92''Vi?i vt. bid. COR.\—Steady to »ic lower. No. mixed 67!?ifS: .\o. 3. 66(&66"<i: No. white 68(fi'.-i: No. 3, 67. C'.o-;e—May •JC-T's .sellers; July 6r.% sellers. OATS—Unchanged. .\o. 2 white .->l'-i(r/.-2>-i; No. 2 mixed. 49>i®30. RYE—9."(0 97e per bushel. HAY—Steady. Choice timothy $2 @22 :choice prairie $14.00® 14.50. BROOM COR.N—$7U'r(140 per ton. Kansas i'tty Llvc-stork. Kansas Cily, Jan. 2:;—CATTLE re ceipts lO.PPO; .steady to strong. Na iive steers $"-.2."i J: S.UO; cows and helf ers $:'..00ift 6.2.".; stockprs and feeder.- $4.(H";iG.t'0; bul!.s $3.--.0ffi .-..:;r.; calve $4 r.iTTi.S.oi'. HOGS—Receipts 2.",00n: marke -UT .d.v. Heavv $6.1<!fi<;.2(i; itacker.-: and butchers $(;.001t 6.20; lights $5.6 fi n.oo. Kansas t Ity Produce. Kansas City. Jan. 23.—Bl'TTER— t":reameo' 40c: firsts 38; seconds 36; •laeklng stock 24'.i. EGGS—Extras .t3c; fir-^ts 31; scc- icds 21Vj. Lead and Zinc. St. Louis. Jan. 23.—l^ad fjulet $4.- spelter, weak, $i;.30(t'6.35. ..r I-. J. <-:eii -i> O.'t t- M Trn. >l.. A (I-.. Il-.IT t* ''(•••.>, ri'irily Mii . I l.ri I vi.l pny '.h.' »neri . I». il i. V :.> r-- I-..' It -Kill , ((•: ii cinci't bi- (..-111 uj- Uii u.r I nrz nr i;.ii'-. i.( ' \.* (> • .T-. J. 1 ,. -.( -. I-.:--. „r i,T till•.!!."».« Ir. till :.Tt .I. ;ii fl >.M ; iir .iiic.ii IHT III (-(•, •r-i-M :< |.\1X . I'AlAI.'IDt ( KHANK J. < Iir .VIV. Su-om In •jr'orr r»- ^nU .iu:<«ir>b*4l tii my iin -j -^nu lu i.Ul («y ol IJ •i.-i .lK-, .V. C. IkW. ,—^—I A. W. i:t.l:.\SON'. > ".ill f ' -••'''1 »'!' I'l-I'll' llrtirn rHl.irrlt Ciirr ifl t .Arn li'li-ninllT nc'i Jlrrrlly lilnn: Cn- n-.i in -jr -ni^ -iUr.-arrM of I!* S'irtim. i^-iiiJ Ii -r II .iiii-.'.-iLi!-. Irr-r. 1 J.nilA'KV C CO.1\>\tA0.t S*'!*! t>y ail Dni .Tirl .'-l *. ".*,'. Ta*c llaira J-aii,il'- ' 'la tor rcive>»it.-n. I. ^ it:i Sr -:ih- nld i-V..- hi'lpli;.: Ves ! I.: biit-l.i : 'ue out i - .Ai-iis'.arice. . -1 \.-'- geiirrou: 1 -.. lie's alwa.r-. iSiidlyi- . M -e bi.!ii h-j belpeu "lie • : I:-. •;i ri Local .Markets. (Produce quotations fnrnl.shed dallv hy Cn^hlll Com.mlssion Company): EGGS—25 cents per dozen. POrLTIiY—Hens 9e; sprlngis K; oh •ocks 4; young c<i<:ks <;; ducks 9; geese 7; turkey hens 10; old loins 9; '.fiilnnas 12'/i. niTTTEU-21c per pound. HH'ES—S and 9e. OATS—45c per bushel. HAY—$10 per ton. KAFFIR CORN-nOc per bushel. COn.N—60 cents. (Grain (|uutatlons furnished dally b\ S. 1). Ray): PETEBSON'S FINAL PUFEB A Ouzy •y/hce!. The e.';c:.|.. t u-i.';'! o Will ni;.-:,. •;• j vo twelvi- r.- .'1 watch ever? "Sunkist" Oranffes Sires 176, im and Sl« mixed, per do/en -...-.'23^ ELLIOTT'S 4- 4. IVilh Two Oiliers, Former Connty .\t- lorncy, ilecoiiies Citizen. With l.ars John Uergsieit and Carl Frederick Hergsten Carl John Peterson former county attorney, took on' his final naturalization papers in thf district court this afternoon. The papers wi.'I be referred to the attorney for the Itnited States, bureau of naturalization and after approval by hlni will be returned here. May 14, Judge Oscar Foust will examine the applicants for citizenship and if they pas? a satisfactory examination ih constitutional questions, they will be declared citizens. Mr. P^erson was born in I.,ohorit. Sw-eden. and came to America July 20, 18S4, landing at Philadelphia. The Bergstens were born in^rebro, Sweden and landed in America at New York port 1..<.,1. l.,!..J..J. .J. ,1. J...;.!,!..}.^. Wby Salves Caul CDTC Eczema • I II •.:si 1 1:..- s : .. • ;-a .•(.- !)•;•'. • .1 li;;- -i.-:r t -I? I- 7- i»zn 'r.t: i.ii,;'., !i; lH.-cn if., i: t.-i. ::.^:-y <i :rpr;-iit •.-nil :'• r .11 d ^•ea.';••i' iiiai!.; Ilia' to-:!,-: t;ii'.-.!r o:. < r.iinct peBcU-alc i:-.T. -'i."':! lev.- .:-.e. fyl<icrr.ii:> t:.t- ii.a ^.-t-ri. s i, r-! •li.wtir,.iL —til- i,n.-.;'!.- f ;• iu:r-i Irtlir- •V r.\i,\:\'.i- tl.rt • r--i:'#-r. t*.'- wi "i : i.o:*.-.'". :;eei(i i--^!;,.:;);' J.:M--.I ; , i«. £ . -i!.. , *'!( '.• -er'e-Jnt ". t havg wi .i 'er,-:;. I'll, ihrjp:?!. ,-'ly- ttold oUjcr remcrttes ior akin of C'jr-I iroii'ilps ».!<t none tV.nt wo can rcconi- IiiKhly as tills lor wo Know that I'.P.U. Slops the Itcli at once. Wc can l^W-K j-ou a trial sii-e b<jitle lor 23 centt ihnt will i>c enoueh to prove IL Of cour.«e oil othir drun -Tlnts hnvc m.D.D. I'ri'iicrii tlon—co to them it yoi ! ernt coT.e to — I'Ut don't accept some I'iit proit .-^iiL.-'t'tii.e. nm \t vou r.irip to our ntore. w» am -fO ri-,-luln pf T/i-at D.D.I), wilt do for yo'J llist we o -^.T yr >:i a fii '.l aire bottle on filM siiarjni.'..: — !f you do not frd that It t"!,.* .iv-y t!'<i Itch AT ONCE, tt loetj y(<u n -Jt a cunt lirBRELL'S DBCCi STOUE—WEST SIDE SQUABE. CRE.V3IEHV TO .V. W. \. IWW.HWQ. loin Creimerv to SJiare Lower Floor Vith tola Co-Operator roiiipanr. The lola Creamery Company Is making arrangements to remove at once ttrthe M. W. A. building on North street, the company and the publishers of the lola Co-Op«rator the recently established Socialist paper, hav Ing arranged to share the lower floor of the building through whi-?h a partition has Just been bulk. The Cream ery will occupy the north apartment, and the paper the south. The work of setting up the press and making other preparations to get thie office of the Co-Ooerator in shape is progressing rapidly. Ed Batten left last night for Robertson. III., where he will be employed for some time In drilling wells. Coirta Utile, Bat DoM tk» 'Work Qnlcklr, or Maacy Bcfuitfed. Mix one pint of granulated sugar with % pint of warm water, and stir for 2 ininuteit. Put 2',^ ounces of Pinex (filty cents' worth) in a pint bottle; then odd the Sugar Syrup. Take a teia-siwonfal ever}' one, tw'ii or thre-c hours. A'<u will find that tliis simple remedy takes hold of u cough more quickly than anything else you ever used. ^ Usual I v ends a deep st'aU-d oough inaido of'24 hours. Splendid, too, for whooping cough, erotip, ohei't pains, bronchitis and other throat troubles. It stimulates the appetite and is slightly laxative, which hclj>3 end a cough. This recipe makes more and Better cough syrup than you could buy ready made for $'2.50. It keeps perfectly and tastes pleasantly. Pinex is thn valuable eoncen trated compound of Korwar white pint extract, and is rich in guaiaeol and all tlie natural i)ine clomenls which are FO healing to the nenibrnucs. Other preparations will not work in this formula. This plan of ninkin<» cough synip with Pinox and .xii-CTr syrup (or strained hone.v) ha.« proven -so popular tliroiish- oiit the United States and Canada that it is often imitated. But the old. successful formtila never been enunled. A guaranty of absolnte* satiofnctinn, er nioiicr promptly reftmded, goes with this rrripe, ''i'our'jTniirgiot has Pinex or •nill get it fnr wn. Tf not, send to The Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, Ind. MINLSTEK TO KR.V/IL. [HEW rORK STORE] Pre-Inventory and January Clearing Sale FOR 4 DAYS MORE. As is our usual custom, to have one big sale on all merchandise prior to invoicing—now is the time to save money on all purchases. Clearing Sale of Muslin Underwear These are marked Some are slightly soiled and mussed from handling. down to cost and less. BIG BARGAINS IN NIGHT GOWNS! High Neck Gowns, were 50c, now 39<^ Slip-over or high neck Gowns, were $1.'_'5, no \v75e Slip-over or fancy Gowns—slig.'itly soiled 50^ Slip-over or "fancy Gowns, were Sl.'J-"), now 894^ All Gowns marked Sl.SO and $1.3.'>. now 9Sd All Gowns marked 11.75, now $1.25 All Gowns marked $1.98, now $1.50 All Gowns marked $3.98, now SS.98 Women's Petticeats Greatly Reduced! In this lot you will find a number of samples at almost One-half Price! SG.'iO Petticoats now.'. $4.98 $4.50 Petticoats now $2.98 $4.'J8 Petticoats now S:J.50 $3 ..';o Petticoats now S2.50 Sa -IO Petticoats now $1.98 $1..=;0 Petticoats now $1.25 WOMEN S CORSET COVERS. So Fancy Coisei Covers, were 2?c, now 19^ 9G Kaney Cois-ct I'cver.^. were 50c, now -39^ 48 Fancy ( UU-M .-' Covers, were 'JSe. now. 75^ 36 Fancy Cermet CoVors. were J1.75. now SI.25 Women's Combination Suits! Womt'ii's Crmibination Corset Co\er and Drawers— were SI.."iii; no,v 75^ •VVomcus <:-,j:iitiin;'iion Corset Cover and Drawers— were SI.:;:.; : o-.v Women's Combination Corset Cover and D.-awers— wc'-e $1.75; nov/ $1.35 Women's Drawers at Bi^ Reductions. Women's good quality Drawers- 19<ft WoMieu's .good quality Drawers, nicely trimmed, were 50c, now— 39<^ Women's good quality Drawer.';, ii-eely trinniied, were 9Sc, now— 75 «f Closing Out Our Stock of Portieres, Couch Covers and Table Covers We need the room and must have it—tliei'efore the jirices ara the very lowest ever made on this clas.s of merchandise. You ciin hey them singly or in pairs. 100 Porticrs at 98c each 5 Table Covo;\s wore 511.98.. Originally priced $4.r)0 to $G.50 a Q (^',^.,^,., ^,^ere $2.50.. cold'out r' ^'^ Cover., were .$2.98 .50c .69c .98c, EDWTN V. MORG/W Wa.-^hingt'in. Ii. ('.. .iaii.' 23.—ICdwin .'. .^:or,^:.n. w;:o v. apiiolnted b, 'rehideul Tatt n.^ .'-ii;orkan .\mbaK ado - to \l\:-v.\\, has j;ist been sent to •he Stnate to 1)<- t-ur .flrnied. He has been in the diplomatic service since 1900 an dhas been secretary of lega tlon at Seoul, second-secretary at S Petersburg, confidential clerk to the assistant secretary of state. Ministe to Korea, Cuba Uraguay and last May made Minister to Portugal. Sj .Tcrcc! "r;e:(i. Teeth of .•'!! Ui' b ivo liceii wor shl|iid aivl lire v\ f-.;.-t. •> <'iifi-::l (Ml si rell< s In .•i->i::i' ri.|;::'-ii< ; s'^l-Iliiv;. Ilud fWvA'a toKtl: i-^ l '".•,-! In m Indi .Tii temide. tlv I'iii • i'.- w -.i -^i 'ilii lb tooth of II I""'.;-..-; \.l!ie oh' phiiiil'.-i iiiid >!i-ii':':: ;r..:IiAr -'-vc ii Hiiii liar ptiri'.ii'^^r. ii- ii'.. .Mnl.-ilmr an I Tonwi I. liJ-'il -r-; r-f -ve!.'-. T!;e Sl.imi'Si' Wi -ii- fii—liM ;se;r-iO!-s of tlie i:t a s;. rill iiintikr whi'-li ll'ci- v-i!i-. •.] \-< rv ]•••:'.)'.•:. luit in wiir with ill" r<r<".:.iii-•• llicy lo-it the li'"!;.- r ;ii :i!.T :il:>l •liid I') !-;iy ?.'!. ."jdlMiiO I'l ;Tt i! Ii.;'l: iiyitu. It Is MOW l;opf !:i :; siiirill • In six "I b'T : 1 temples I'f Si .in;-.' •n'(i liii-^. i'K-loscfl n:;.> .if 1 In; many c iipital.' OLD-TiMO mm DIIIKEPE'U Gives Color, Lustre io Faded and Gray Hair—Dandruff Quicldy Removed. From time immemorial, sage and snl- phur have Iwen used for the hair anil scalp. Almost everyone knows of the able of such a combination for darken- in); the hiiir, for curing dandruff and fulling huir, and for making the hair crow. In olden times the only way to get a air tonic ot this sort was to brew it in he bi>nic fireplace, a method which was roublesome and not alwa.v.s .satixfactory. "owadays evi>ry up-to-date drug- jlist ran supidy bix patrons with a ready- to-une produet. skillfully compounded in |»erfectly c-quippi-d lalmratories. The Wyelb Cheniii-al Company of New York put np on ideal reme<Iy of tbi.s sort, cailetl Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Hair Ilemedy, and autliori7-e druggists to sell it under guarantee that the money will l>e refanded if it fails to do exactly as represented. If you have dandruff, or if yonr hair if) turning gray or eoniing out, don't delay, but get a bottle of this remedy to-day. and sec whut « few days' treatment will do tor you. TblB preparation Is offered to the poblic at fifty centa a bottle, and U recommended ant) void by all <ln>fyista. 68{ the Original and Gen RLior MM ^ The Food-drtak for iUI K\ r^. For Infants Invalii.andGrowing • .ilid^'etu. PureNulsition,up'3ui!dingthewh< 'irciy. {nvigoralesth-nmringmothcrandl scaged. Ri-A ni2k. aitcd gram, in powc form. A qalck ianch prepared in a zhm<&. Tate no sabstitule. Ask for KOR .iCK'S. .^©tf in I\ny MiSk T.^sii — Of— lOLA and Port icott, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"~That is what our patrons , say. We do the"lbest dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before baving your dental work done by others call upon us. We ar* in oitr Lallaipe oflices fc;Vl-:i:Y TMCJISOAV. O.Ticc- hours: S lo 6 i?und.')ys- 10 to 12 liveuinss 7 to 8 IIOXOK .\.'H().\<J THIEVE.S. 'rp .\«s Conilcls (Iflfer Keward For .Hen Who Vliilated Promise. Huston, Tex., Jan. 23.—Bocauso th- honor of the prison system was as- .nersed wbcn two convicts escaped after the governor of the State hns proposed putting all convicts on their honor not to escape if allowed to work on roads, convicts at the static penitentiary have subscribed a sum of $291 as a reward for tbe apprehension of the escaped men. Recently Governor Colquitt pro- Iiosed a plan whereby convicts would be placed upon th<'ir honor not to escape and put to work building roads. .\o guards would be i)rovidod and tli>' prisoners virtually would bo frfc, with the exception that they Would be compel led to work whore direcred by the slate and during their sent'ncc The plan was ar-cepted by the cou- vh-ts, all eager to plcdgv their honor not to escape. The recent escaiie of two convicts lias aroused Indignation among the other convicts and thirty of them raised ?291 in hmounts from $1 to XIO :ind forwarded It to the governor as reward for the apprehension and return of the fugliivos who vlolat'-d heir own honor and aspersetl that of tlie convict body. WATCH THE DAILY MARKET REPORT for our jirlcf 3, but _re:::cnibcr thi- in k-e.-j quoted in The Register are for tbe .'.anie day ti;'<; imper is i.ssiied and not for the day following. Our prices for folioning day uili be subjc:ct to market changes— higher or loAver a.? tiio case may lie. We advise our customers -to call us up before seiiing. We will !>ay you best price possible for your produce at .nil times—based on market conditions. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO.. Plione ni6 W'e^t of Sania Fc Tracks Jola. Kansas —Mrs. A. R. Tabor of Crider. Mo. lad been troubled with sick headnch" '.or about five years, when she began aklng Chamberlain's Tablets. Shf >as taken two bottles of them and hey have euied her. Sick headache in cauaed by a disonlen-c' 'o'liach for which these tablets are c- |,'-cia!ly in- ended. Try them, get well and stay we-ll. Sold bv all dealers. THE NORTHRUP NATIONAL (BANK lOL.l, u.\>S.\S CVf.U FOIMT TKAIJ.S OF CO.\.SL'RV.\TIVE BANKI.NO L\ JOLA Depository for Ihe Inihd s:atis, .Stale of Kansas, and Allen t'oontr OFFICE US: I.. I.. NOitTIlRUP, President D. P. NORTIIROP. 2nd V-PreB. P. A. .VOKTHRLl', Vice-President MKLVIN KRONK. Cashier. ' K. J. COFFEY. Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,0C(^ Inlerrst Paid on Time TlcpoNlls Safety Deposit BOSM for Bent YOLK IIUSl.NKSS SOLICITED. Exports of Valencia onions show teady expansion from yc.a~>to y.^ar and in recent years usually excoedod .400,000 cases. Exports of oranges reached last .vear about B,000,000 cases, equivalent to some 14,000,000 box£ of Colifornla orang-?s. .Move vl.^Itod wiilr .Mrs. Unr. Itakcr. .Mrs. .Georgo Slierrll is enjoying a plea.sant visit with hrr si.-ter Mrs. Ke!I!e from Kan.'-a;-' City. G. W. Hnker a::d ?!>ns h.ive binn putting uj) ice tjis v.tek. Mr. Ciare Slirrrl! I.^ baling hay for Mr. Rem.=.berg this week. AV'e understand that Mrs. D. I* Piiker's relatives from Cherry Grove- visitFiI wilh them Sunday. Mrs. McHenry enjoyed a visit with The ichrrl chib'ron lire enjoying the I her little granddaughter last week. Foley Kidney Pills —always give satisfaction because chey always do the work. .7 .T. Shelnut Bremen, Ga., says: "I have used Foley Kidney Pills with great satisfaction and found more relief from their use than from any other kidney medicine and I've tried almost al! kinds. I can cboerfuily recommend hem to ail sufferers for kidney and bladder trouble." .1. D. Mundis Co. 'ce on t 'T i-'cnds now days, but gen- Ta'iy .forget when the bell rings. T":'.? people in lliis part are enjoy- injr the sunshine once more. O. V>'. Baker and wife visited over Sunday with relatives at Leanna. Mr. George Sherril and wife and little granddaughter, and Mrs. Keilie called at the Dan Baker home Sunda; evening. Frank Earth Is preparing to go to Mexico for a brief visit this week. We hear that .Mr. Barnett is quit© poorly this winter. .Mr. Elmer Barnett, of Kansas City, is visiting his sister and family Mrs. .^ullivan. this'week. Mrs. Hawley made a business trip to lola Thursday. .Mr.-;. Parrlsh is still very poorly. .She is no? able to set up. "The doctor was called again Saturday. 3Irs. Carrie Sherril is on the sick li.-it. ,;i'v*- ""i-i...-."45 .,5-'''. "'^ PRAIRIE DELL. .Tanuary 21.—Mr. and Mrs. .Jason Sherril entertained at dinner Sunday. .Mr .and Mrs. George Sherrill and Georgia and Mrs. Keille, of Kansas City. .Mrs. Sullivan entertained Mrs. .More ridny evening. Mrs. Clare Sherril .qave an elabor- •ite dinner to the following carpetrag fackers Friday: Mrs. Sulllcan, Mrs. .More. .Mr.-;. Vanline, Mrs. Barth, Mrs. Murphy .^Irs. Kellle. Mrs. George Sher 11. Vena and Georgia. Twelve pounds uf rags were sewed. Mrs. Sullivan visited Mrs. Ola Baker Thursday afternoon. A Tbc More brothers called on Mr; Willenberg Friday eveulni; whole Mre. Do You Feel This Way? Do yon feel oil tired out? Do you tometiiaes think yoo just can't work away at your profei- •ion or trade any longer? Do you have a'ptwr ape- the, and lay awake at nights unable to-sleep? Ars your nerves all gone, and your stomach too r Has ambition to forge ahead in the world left you? If so, yon might as well put a stop to your misery. Yon can do it if you will. Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will make you a different individual. It will set your lazy Uver to work. It will set things light in your stomach, and your agpetite will come back. It will purify your blood. If there is any tendency in your faisily toward consnmptioii, it will keep that dread destroyer away. Even after consumption has almost gained a faptbold in the form of a lingering oough, bronchitis, or bleeding at the luogs, it will bring about • cure in 98 per cent, of all cases. It is a remedy prepared by Dr. R. V. Fierce,, of Bnfiolo, N. Y., whose advica it livtn free to all who wish to wrjie bin. His great soocess bos come from his wide experimce and vari«d practice. Don't be wheedled by a penny-grabbing dealer into Uking inferior rabetl- tutea for Dr. Pieroe's medicines, recommended to be "just as good," Pi'. Pierce's medioines are op KNOWN cotiroaiTioN. Their every Ingredient printed on (heir wrappers. Mode from roots lyithout •leohol. Coataio no .habit- foraiing dmifs. Worid's Dispensary Medioel Aswci«tibn, Buffalo, N. Y. r

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