Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1954
Page 3
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f ""J5S •• , March 29, 1954 MOM IfAR, HttM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Pboni #-8431 B*tw«*n I A. M< and 4 P. M. Boyle [Calendar ' Monday March 29 The Wesleyan Service Guild of the Methodist Church will have a [ JJdt Itick supper on Monday cven- jng, Marcfi 20th in,the honin oi Mrs. JElmcr Brown on East Fifth street. At this meeting, Mrs. H. E. Fatter- fcon, mlsionary study secretary for Ihc Woman's Society, will conduct Jhe first hill of the study oi Jere- faiiah ' • ' .A luncheon will be given at the First' Methodist Church by the Members of the W. Si C. ' S. on Monday, March 29* honoring the tendrix College Varsity Band with ic MYF groups as special guests. V . , i_ < The Workers Sunday School Class if the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet, in the home of Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr., on Monday, March 29, at 7:15 with Mrs. J. S. McDowell as hostess and Mrs. Gladys Roberts as co-hostess, >At 8 p. m. there will be a concert by the Hendrix College Band, Jprv Ashley R. Coffman, conductor ifttt the Hope High School auditorium. jJlTuesday March 30 ijjThe Jett'B. Graves Sunday School 6jass of the First Methodist Chur- (!h will meet' in the home ol Mrs. Hbllis Luck, 855 East Second st- jjket, on Tuesday night, March 30, at seven o'clock for a pot luck supper'; All members are-urged to at- AJiTuesday April 1 ^ ™.fl|T-he. spring recital of the Junior and Senior High School Glee Clubs •$Jll be presented in the High School ' atyditbrium at eight o'clock on Thursday night, April I. :< j . . • • J| 'The Chancel Choir of the First Baptist Church will rehearse.their Easter music on Thursday night, ^pril 1, at 7:30. All members are urged to attend. The •Soprano section will serve. • ard McClain in his home at Hickory Shade. For her wedding the bride chose a dress of beige linen with matching accessories. Her only ornament was a strand of pearls. The couple's attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Osborn of Hope, and Mr. and Connie Leverett of Texar- kaha, Texas. Following a short wedding trip, Mr. and Mrs. Dougan will be at home in Emmet, where the groom is employed. Those attending the wedding were: Mrs. Bertha Martin of Emmet, grandmother of the groom; the parents of the bride; the parents of the groom; Billy Cole brother of the bride; Mr. and Mrs. Osborn and Mr. and Mrs. Leverett. Births Mr. and Mrs. Louis Howard of Dallas, Texas, announce the birth of a son, Louis Randal Howard, on Saturday morning at St. Paul's hospital/ Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coop of Hope arc the maternal grandparents. Mrs. R. E. Howard of Camden is the paternal grandmother. He is the great great grand son of Mrs. E. G. Coop of Hope. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Draper of Queen City, Texas, attended the Kiwanis Minstrel in Hope on Thursday night. Monday April 5 WSCS Circle 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday, April 5th. at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Claude Tillery for their "Secret Pal'" party. Each member is asked to bring a contribution for the gifts they have received from their pal and if you- cannot be-present please send the name ol/:.the. member you think has been gtfpur pal and i your contribution by cingtlier member who is. coming: .it»hytlls Cole' > Berthel Dougan On Sunday, March 28, at 2:30 p, m., Miss Phyllis Cole, daughter ot Mr., and Mrs. J. D. Cole of Em- ji^et, became the bdde of Berthel Ijjpugan, son of Mr.' and' Mrs. Floyd Cougan of Emmet, in a single ring ceremony performed by Mr. Leon- Coming and Going Bert Chamberlain of Southern State College at Magnolia, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cha'mberlain. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McFarland have moved to their new home in Emmet. Mrs. John Robins had as weekend guests, Mrs. Stella Barrow, Mrs. Barrow's daughter, Lucille and her friend, Miss Tillman of Memphis. Bob McPherson and. Bobby Phippin have returned from Fayetteville.. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dunn and Debby of Dallas, spent the weekend with Mrs. Dunn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cline Franks. FEATURE Jane POWEU : Gordoa WacRAE [- wi.h GENE NELSON , A WAHNEH isos PICIUBE 4 NEWS Color Cartoon "Of Rice & Hen" O Gene TIERNEY ODana ANDREWS O Clifton WEBB "LAURA" Garden Club members from Hope who attended the Southwest District meeting of the Arkansas Federation of Garden Clubs held in Camden on Friday were: Mrs. C. P. Tolleson, Mrs. Steve Carrigan, Mrs. Arch Moore. Mrs. L. C. Cook, Mrs. H. E. Luck, Mrs. Garrett Story and Mrs. Harry Shiver. Donations to Hempstead Red Cross Contributions to the American Red Cross: Hope Previously reported $3,212.63, Hope Brick Works Employes: Thomas Brewer $.25, Tom Phillips $.50, Lonnie C. Jackson $1.00. W. H. Gulley $.50, John Roach $.50 James Smith ; $.50, Hardy Mason $.50, Runl Williams $.50, Willard Cooper $.50 Jessie Benton $.50, Marvin Warren $.50, Gilbert Moses $.50, Clarence Ogden $.50. Sam Coleman : $.50 Fred M-Pherson $.50, Learn Bootser $.50, A. J. Reggans $.50, Henry Modisett $.50 Huey Mauldin $.50 Percy McFad- — CUSTOM — SLAUGHTERING Anytime'You Want Beef Processed for Your Deep Freeze - MOORE BROS. H Djql 7-4431 I.:- JOIN NOW GROUP FORMING • NEW Non Cancellable Hospital Policy Home Security Life Ins. Co, • Guaranteed Never to Raise Rates. • Ages — Birth to 100 Years. • No Medical Examination Required, t Gopd Any Doctor or Hospital • Demand Non Cancellable Policy, Call or write your Reliable Agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P, O. Box 104 Continued iron! Page One family since your great, grea*. grandfather —on your mother's side, naturalty-^-ran away with a toad. I forbid you to be an elephant. Get that nonsense out of your head." But Elwin was determined to be an elephant. When (hi began to change from a tadpole into i young frog, he kept pulllrig on his nose to make it longer and learned to blow water 1 through it. He figured that to become an elephant he-would have to eat like a horse so he ate all he couldi, At night he hopped into town to the public library and read every book he could find on elephants. All day long he took elephant-build' ing exercises. Little Elwin ate and he ate. . . and he grew and he grew. . .until finally, at last, he Woke up one morning and found he was —an elephant. At first Elwin was happy. His mother was proud of him, too. . . But his father told him angrily, '''You're nothing but a freak." The other frogs, his former playmates, cut him, dead. Finally one told him rankly, "With all your bid ideas, Elwin, don't you find this pond a little small?" Elwin brooded and brooded. Then one night he packed all his belongings in a small bundle put it over his shoulder, hopped silently in and kissed his sleeping mother goodbye, and ran away to join a circus. He thought the other elephants would welcome him. But they snubbed him 'You have a- strange accertt," they told him. "And why can't you just trudge along -like a decent elephant? Why do you have to hop all the time?" "If I can't join your troupe," said Elwin stubbornly I'll become a star in my own right' And he did. He hired a smart manager and overnight "Elwin, Ihe world's ( only hopping elephant" became world famous The climax of his act came when he slid down a short slide, hopped over twelve barrell at a time a pretty gnl singing —a and landed ori his back feet bowing gracefully When Elwin had become the wealthiest eleohanl in history, he received a "telegram saying "Your old fi irnds and neighbors joined in asking you tb our pond's most illustrious son, to return and be the main,.speaker $t a banquet to kickoff \QurHannuaj community charity drive for sag^d ampjiibms Sorry we can't offpr'fto pay your expenses. Signed Mayor Frog" "Gee, it would bo fun to see the old home pond^ again even though mother-is dead," Elwin told his manager. "ChaTter me a plane" Everybody in the pond was on hand T to welcome Elwin, >His, wrinkled old! father reaphed up and patted him on the tack of his leg and said fondly, "that's my boy Son. I'm proud of you " Cheers ' rose o r every hand when Elwin. got up to speak "that night' at the banquet. "I t is indeed a pleasure—" Elwin began, then went 'hanumph, har-r-rumph." "Got a cold' ' asked the mayor "Oh, no,' Elwin laughed. . and the n told the audience. "Excuse me. .'.just a frog in my thoat." 'A frog?" cried the mayor, looking around to see if any of his constituents were missing, Panic spread t h r o u g h the crowd. Lady frogs gathered their chldren about them and hopped away. The big bullfrogs began hurling mud at Elwin, as they hopped away backward. "I bave reared an assassin," cried his other. Then he, too disappeared. "Look, it's all a mistake," said Elwin. No answer. He looked around wistfully and croacked, "Jug-o-rum, Jug-o-rum. But there was no reply$f The pond was empty. Heart-broken, 'Elwin returned to the circus, made a farewell triumphal tour then retired and bought an aftartment on Pnrk Ave> pue. He spejj't ^he rest of his life in it alone as ,a hermit elephant, reading his press clippings. Moral; In this .world a big heart is rarely understood by small minds. Atkansas Delegation Seeks Re-election , IN HUDDLES—Arkansas members of the House of Representatives haVe filed their party loyalty and xofrupt; practices pledges for renomlnatlon. Incumbent congressmen seeking renornlna- tlon are E. D. Gathlnns, Wilbur D. Mills; James W. Trimble, Brooks Hays, Oren Harris and VV? F. Norrell The six are shown, not In the order named, discussing the announcement of their action. Prof ,Vln- < Brazilian dele- GRANDMA WOULD APPfcOVE-It was probably a combination of spring and 10-cents-a-cup' coffee which inspired Bob Hancock of Hancock's Restaurant, in Asheville, N-^, >to putttoe once-popular sassafras tea on his menu But in Grandma's tey< drinking the aromatic tea was a regular spring ntual. Waitress Mary Cochran say.s most of the drinkers are curious. But not R. C Bob Ingram He's getting a refill Hancock dug his roots on Gabriel's Creek in Madison County He put the sign up more or less as a gag, but business came quickly. • FIELD Qn d GARDEN SEEDS • F5RTIUZSRS, SUPPLIES and y We sp^clqlize in Willhite Melon Seed gnd Funks G. Hybrid Corns o§ well os glj other quglity items. SEED STORE ipniMiiF^ if jp fif jn^pi An nnftf »J*I» Stft UMM« ' &m***M** ^ «,' ?*i t 'itW' ti&wAs&t •&}t&&&£sifa ym$^ Benson Predicts • Continued from Pag« One the market shelf, it is not clear just what the effect will be on the dairy farmer. Benson, speaking in a television interview yesterday (NBC "Meet the Press"), said he beb'rves it will bo in the best interests of the dairy inndustry. The real answer to the surplus problem' is inrreaspd consumption he said and to help step up demand the department plans to launch* a nationwide pio- i notion program, tion in the months ahead. FROG TEAM—Partners In a marine salvage team, Eleanor F, Champion, right, supposedly the flrst "frog lady," has her boy friend, Richard Anderson, adjust the ajr hose on her suit. They - • are both students at Poston University. e, samples, a -cfip^of Caracas.*-* VeneMeJa^v' ,,^e njany topips/trf/faa • .,^___>*d ft .the conference, W|ll» be 4he'rising cost of coffee.,", /''GRANt>" OARAGE -« ej^ P "ball gara&» Would ,bft the answer to ManidhOTS 'ing problem. ,Show» with a jbodel of Ws>toVeAUo the circular garage would accommodate" i006-eats; would bd IjrO.feet high >nd'fcoulcT be btilllutby >» Top Radio Programs NEW YOR VUfft— Selected pro- irams tonight (Monday): NBC — r :30 Barlow Co'ncertj 8 Jaseha ieifetz in Voorhees Concert; -8^15 New flfewscast' Series CBS — 7, Sus- sense Drama 8 Radio" Thea'tef; 0 Vaughn Monroe. 'ABC—8:30* Decision Drama> "CampuS;" 8^15 World We live In 'Preview MBS-- ~ The Falcon; 7:30 Under Arrest. •j. * Yellow orchids usually are tne iost fragrant. ! > .'" Neglect of JPILES Is RISKY Business!; Let This Free .Boole Tell You ,^ To Do About Them »' •"TQ*«*v«| V » "**t» »J nent. t .. Address' *.«,.^ w «.-«. Hospital, Suite 1519, 911 > E ' ^ wood, .Kansas City .9,1 Mo.' A ' ASPIRIN' WO Tablet Bottle Fresh water clams are parasit? es of fish for the early part of their lives. * Kentucky produced about 64 million tons of coal last year, den $.59,^ l.?e Holmes $. ble |J,00, Jessie mje Jones *J.OO,^. B, Beard Jae. Maxwell $.60 f alpot $.25, aien HwcHabee, $1.0Q I^rs. Sam Strong $1.0Q Mrs, Mp; ie Co* f J,,00. M,rg. S. P, Johnsqa fr.UO, Arthur Tajftor $*.«& M,p t a.nd Ntf. Chaj, 'S/fl$l$:|a.$aM*% £»4 HftWrm' *1 mi"«TW>.B -ft .*B ' TilaAoS E. 0. M. SPEC ) 1 "^* 7 , •? L .•-?.»' i. -"W , J.l..*f\ ^^^T, ^.J TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY' Men's Summer Slacks All rayon, and acetate. Stripes, checks 'plain colors. Sizes 28 to , 42. Special , ' $3.98 Boys' Sport Shirts Short sleeve sport shirts in plaids, checks, plain colors, Sanforized cottons, washable rayons. Sizes 1 6 to 16. Extra Special, $1.00 pH««".p,M ••- ll.l— *• ....... .IBIIIIWH.III I (I^|H,.. IT I I ..... L l 1WIII | )|| I «••••••. Ml Illnm.,,^ 17x31 HuckTowpIs In colors of green, red, / Lilpc, gpld, pink gnd rpse, Special MEN'S KHAKI |\ » / H'T" ^r^flSI PrinfedWi WU'^^^B , .Cotton, .(

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