Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY RECaSTER; TUESDAY ETV^NINGrJAlOJARY 23,^^ ^ FELIX TRIED TO GET SOME EASY MONEY, BUT HE WAS DISAPPOINTED WANTS—ALL KINDS. WANTKn—fJOOD LAND. WKM. Improved lying near lola. Will buy- half section or more if worth the luoney asked. Oive price and full particulars for reply. Owner.s only. Meshew & Company, Tnlsa, Okla. i \VANTi:ii —TiiRi;i': lajiiMsiiicn • n 'HIS for lir^lit Imuse kcc\iinB. Ad• iir.^< 15, cure Hccisler. \VANTi:i)-SACKS iiill.i Fcoil Yard. AT Til 10 VA- WANTlCn—TWO WllITI-: AVVAN- doltc roi'kerclb:. IMione 0-<7. \VANTP:D—WOOD TO SAW WITH buzz saw. Phone 4C1. WA.VT/Cf)—ROAK/IJCKS A.VO HOO.M crs; piKid rooms; modern house. J'hdiic 2i'<!. WANTKn-R.M.KSMKN FOR TUT-: (toiii Oil ll!;:-!!":-; l)!irn,s oil .-md stoam, iHcinDUiiral. , . ro diit, sni(iU<> or sooitt. liista'Vd ;'.ii.v. stovo in twi-nly minutfs witlioiit chau^iucr stove, fon- tr;uiinir aytnts pranlcd t'\i'liisivc territory. Rptail prico For a;;<»rHs and wholpsale i)rici' Aiidrrss (lorn nurrier Co.. Dos Moines, Iowa. WANTKD—r O M V IC T K N TTIIRT- fi'i- Rcni'ial liouso work, liuiuirc llti2 F.'.^l stri>.'t. WA .NTicn—woon TO SAW OR ai'v kind of work. ' I'honc 'yll. \VA.\TI;I)—KXIMCRilCNTI'-.H SAl.KS I;;ily in-thy v:<io(Is, at Frisliman"s. \VA>Ti:i)-ri.K.V\ WHITE l{A<iS. i W\U pay 3 cents ti poun(L Kcjrlster office. l,OST-C I! I f, D'S NI -rCK KI'R. u liio Willi .i;ray stripes. I'Uonc MI-", o;- loavo ;U Rt'?;i.-trr office. I'OR SAlJ-:-TWO I'.ISIIKl, COOl) clover seed. F. .McKcdvcv, Gas Kas. FOR SAl,i:—WIIITIO ORl'lXGTON cockerels. I'liono. 424. FOR SAI-K—AT A RAROAIN, MY modern ro.-idence at 423 Soutli street, l-lionu 210. FINK lt ;0 r.OGAN COUNTY KAN- sa-, near Oakley. 100 acres cult., Kiiiall Iiouse. Kood barn well and wind mill. Fenced. A fine wlicat quarter rr ady to move on. Can deal for lola proi .eriy. lOl.A I.ANU COMPANY. FOR SALK—MY COUNTRY HOMK we.-t of Hospital, ITVi acres ground, G room house, the finest barn in Allen criunty, Kood cistern, good collar all bricked up good, an ideal place to live. Reason for seliiuK, am locateil in the West wliore I have busines.'? interests. Tliis place will make a nice chicken rancli or dairy farm. Cn\] or write, .\. M. Kookcn, Colorado Springs Colo. FOR SAUE—39 ACRKS OF NO. 1 bottom land within 1. mile of lola at a bar.gain price; $500 down, balance on term to suit purchaser. Allen County Realty Co., Evaus Bldg. lola. FOR SAI,i-:~AT A BARGAIN, MY twr) story modern residence^ 219 N. Cottonwood, 'cavilli' 'j"ty. P.alliet. Reasons for selling, Teima or cash. A. E. FOR SALE—FINE BLACK JACK witli wliite points. He Is a fine one and will sell cheap if .-^old soon. B. B. Itrannum. Piqiia. Knns. FOR SALIO—fi ACRE TIMBER LOT on Neoslio River. J. Stevens, lliim- biddt. Kansas. FOR SAI.K--<;HKAP IF TAKEN soiiii; four room house, small barn, larso ;May idierry trees, gra|»e vines, well ami city water; 430 N. $UoO down, balance oa ttmo $5.00 i»cr month. FOR SALE-SU. ACRES LA.ND ON, poR SALP^-SK.VSONED STOVE street car line. Terms. W. E. Stalks. ; ^v„od. Earl C. Monfort. Phone •JTi-'lZ. FOR SALIC—lIOUSraiOLD FURNI- ture; some new chicken wire. Mrs.' R. E. GU'.sscll 120 S. Stanley, Gus, Kans. 1 FOR SALE—FIVE 'WTilTB OR- plngton pullets and ona cockeril. Dr. Neusome. Phone 824. FOR RENT—TWO 7-ROOM MOD- crn houses and a 4 and 5 room house not modern. Plione i>t;9. J. A. Adams. Oin 30 DAY IJARGAI.V. We have a fine tract of grazinff and 1 side of Kentucky street road. FOR RENT—MARCH 1ST, ONE 3- roomed house and 3 acres of ground; plenty of fruit and good w.iter; house north of cement bridge on east Addres!timber land in Eastern Oklahoma, tOiMr.-!. Haiiie Kerr, exchange for a well located modem | i>;ionc :i,SS-21. liouse in lola; 480 acres at |.5.00 per , acre, $2400. I..and clear and good title. Anything offered must be clear. Hero is a chance to double your money in two or throe years. IVliitalicr ii Donnell, lola, Kiin.s. lola. Kans., or FOR RE.VT—NICELY FURNISHED ivo room cottage; macadam street. I'hone ceo after 7 p. m. GOOD S-ROOM .MODKRN HOUSE in one block of car line, to trade for 4 \ or .">-room liouse . Phone 1330. i FOR RENT—ISfi Af'RE FARM IN Vwrnon county Mo.; 120 acres plow land. 1." acres bearing orchard. In- ([Ulre G. C. Parlasca, La liarpe, Kas. THE DAY'S NEWS III LW MK. A>n MRS. JVCKSON SFK- IMMSKU BV TIIKIK FKIKNUS. i. {}. Itoberls Re-\ppoiii|ed rosfma'.. (cr lij (lie l'n 'si <l (Ti» lor Four Vcars .More. LA lIAItn:. .Ian 2:; - Mr and Mrs S. M. .laik -iiii wne ;;ic'aUy sin prisi d Friday evening winn a lar:;.' iniinl.i r of fri'III!-, ami i.~ liiir.-~l in mi 111! Ill all carrying well lilleil l.askiis The (xcasioii was in honor ol .MIY. .lai-ksnn's birllulay. Tt^o^(' wiii> enjoyed tliis iileasant pvenin;; wiMe: Mr. and .Mrs .Simon I'eier. .Mr ami .Mrs. .( C. I'oweJson. .Ml .uid Mr.-. .1. .s. riiaiii Iiers. Mr aiid Mrs I 'liilii. rolil.niz .Mr. and .Mrs K K. Cat's. .Mr. and .Mrs. .lohn Ohlf.-.-I. Mr. aij! .Mr.-. .T. Q. Roberts. Mr. and .Mr- l.-ii Newman .Mr. and Mrs. Plmn Williams, .Mr. ami .Mr.--. Jlenry Felcer, .Mrs. Harry Deimnil" r. .Misses Helen .la <ks "n. .AJiiiia J'oi.-elt .lean ami Mary Kulierl?, riorencc New iii:in. Wiliiia William.-. ICJ .-ii- I "eJ;;' r .Minnie 01ilfe .=t. Me-srs. lludolidi Feig( r. -Mercer Gaiis. Harn'd .ind ."^ed- riek lUdierls, .\r!!iur and Rii -soii .\.w man. .Martin and Ctiarlie Coidentz. Dward. Derail and Duiiiont Wiilianis. Itarry IieponM'r left ."-'DDd .iy for Bartlesville called IIKTO on accoiin! of liie di 'alli of Ills l(!/>liier, Oiarlie, wiio coinmitted suicide i^.iturd.iy nialil by s!a.-!iing liis 'hro.-it with a razor. D!- sptmdency and ill liealtii were tlie <.i .'!se /if liis ra.^b act. He was at t'lairvant. Oklalioma taking Jreat- iiums wlipn lie ended his life. Funi'r- ;il servi.^es were iield there yestenhiy. Burial was in the Bartlcs\ille cemetery. —F. .S. Halm M. P., Oculist Theodore liansnn, j;encral superintendent of tiie ".Social Purity" state organization, delivered three interestinv t .-ilks her.- yesterday. IK' viKiled Iht high selioDi and addrersid t lieisturient.- at (Iiapcl. In the aftemonn he talked I'l i!ie lailies in liie Presbyreriar ciiiircli and in tiie earning ludd a nun 's me. lin;-'. He is li. re lor organization plirpoieg. Congre.-siona! Record of .laniiary l.''ili, II»12: K .\e(!iti\ !• :i.)!iilnati<in- reieUed liy ti'.i- senate .lanaary l.'itli. l.'tI2: .lames r. .Roi.eris to be postmaster at L;i Hariiu Kas . in place of .1. Q. Roberis." The above is exiilana- tory In itself and means tliat IJI Harpe will be siicceKstully idloted In the- IMtstoffice department lor another four year .s. .Mr. Stockton, wlio traded for Uie Kdv^•anls• grocery is nuivini: tho stock to Moran. —.luBl received a shipment of Blanke's Faust I'.leiid ('(dfee. Price 3i»c 3Sc. 40c, 4r,c per pound. L. P. Malcom. T. W. Fleming and A. P. Hoazland. of St. Joseph, were calling on J. A. Brown yesterday. Members of the Eastern Star are urged to attend a special meeting Wed nei=day afternoon in the hall to prac-, tice the drill la-t-ppratpry for chapter work at the re-u-ar meeting FrIdav nlght- —Ladles' Muslin Underwear at Clearance Sale prices at J. R. Smith's. CoDsfderable excitement wag aroas- IRA B. FRANTZ KKtJlSrKKED OrTO.MET«IST Humboldt, Kas. .Moran. afternoon of Jan. 16 ami all day the 17lh. (.allarpc, Jan. IStli and ID'h. ;iILL HEALTH CAUSES SUIClOE ' FOKMFU l!KSII»K>T OF GAS ( ITV TAKKS IMS OWN MFK. \» riianirc U Ife|iorli'il Todnj In the (iiiiditlon 01 Ilr. IteniiicK. ('•I yi- i.rday mnrning .•iboul sl>, : > h .11 liie Kasi works wiiiii a small bl::..i! (Il^(<nired a! Ilie n">il!i end id 111 ire (• ihiei- ard lour. 'I'lie MIH ller : >• uas l 'H.ij _')it nut and in a short wua e\lln;;ulsl;<'d, bi!(• r ' mii .li da'.i.'.ge vva.> done. ,\ s)iark fi'ilii the b'.i)\> oats shield caused the !.:.i.-.e. -()i;e 111! l .ai '.ie.-' Shoes in broken -',-.1 .• to ( !')ti' out at following: ?1.7 ."i ^ ,.ii--- r :• $) r .ii; T~-l.\« for $1 r .o; ?2 ..".i) tnr $i '.7 ."i lor $1. tor $-'2.'. and if:;-V) for $2..'.ii. At J. U. .-•iiii'.'i's. .Mr-. J. W. iti -.'t :.- sjii iiding Die week v^ibl );er i!i(i:lii-: niar ICIsianre. •!:;c r. im etings at llj.- Chris- :.iL ehaicii ar'- •••eitiimili:.; \.vilii inter- .-.-t. Kev. i;iii!ii(!i will preach this .mn:;.;; on '.Sit-'i;.-^ of (ind in ilio Uni- M rse.' Gton-'e .M.'.l.'ia! lias reliirn'd from Parsons, where he lias iieeli receivin.g ir"atu>eiits tor Ms eyes. i>r. Keyn(dd.- of lola was a pleastiui ..:!;• r ill 1.:. ilariie yest'Tday, I'ohen Wilsim lias reiurnrd to near It.ii'i r. .Mo. after visitin:; .1. S. Wilson famiiy here and oilier relatives .-•.nth of lida. M:.- Sally R. Davis went to Parsons y .-.ii.rd .iy' D vi.-i' a son and to undergo a series of treatments. —Fifty cent Wool Dress Goods Jor dining Clearance sale at J. U. S;iiiiirs. , .Mr. Tl'alchcr of west of Piqua. ^,ient Sunday with P. W. Jury and ..niily. li. S. Sears. ti;p man behind the cam •a li::s ojiened up a photo gallery (.'.er Ritketfs shoe store. .Af'er a delay of about three weeks i!! :;e(oii!it of frozen water and gas idles til" Holt and .Son feed mill was |iat In ojieration again yesterday. I!. K. Consedine. of Fort Seoit. was I li'islness visiior here* yesterday. .M;>.. E. H. 'J'ol.y is s;iending the day with .Mrs. I), Horvllle of lola. MIi^ii Nellie Gwlnn sjient Sunday with her brother, Bert Gwinn, and fam ily of lola. Frank Meader Is reported on the ick ll.-i. .Nesior Shearer is jierforiu- ng ills duties in tlie .Smith grocery. .Mrs. f;. F. Rollins returned from Al- ii.fT .a ye-'.erday. .Mrs. J H. Bock and daughter. Miss Maude of hda, spent Sunday wltli and Mr.-. J. B. Hurlock. AGENTS MAKE BIG MONEY SELL ing our line of teas, coffees, spices, etc. !5 ;g inducements. Liberal terms. For particulars address Grand Union Tea Company, 610 Kansas Ave., Topeka Kansas. —Do not allow your kidney and bladder trouble to develop beyond the reach of medicine. Take Foley Kidney puis. They give quick results and stop Irregularities with surprls- icg promptsess. J. D. Uuodls & C<x, CAS CITY. Jan. 2:'..—fharlii- DP- e null r Imitiier of Armdd Deiiontter iiiiiiirix (if Gas City, and of Harry I>e]!iiiiit"r of L:i Harpe and w(dl liiKun among ilie smelter men of the tune iiuvus. (iiiiiuiilted suicide in his r.i'iii at Ci.iirvant. Oklaiioma by cut- t -nr hi.-; throat with a razor last Sal- II:day niirlil.. He was at (Mairvant I taking treatments and it is thought ill ii .-allii caused liim to end his life. His I oiiy was reiiiDved l;ait!i '.-vi !!e and tin urre held tliere, ye .-terdn.v, J. Hunter re'tirned to Buffalo liii.-; noon. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Robinson, of l.iis • Aiigelc.-, California, were the :-iii -ir of .Mr. and .Mrs. F. S. .McKelvey S:itiin':a.>-. Tliey aye spentling tlic remainder (if 'lie Week with friond.s in lola. .Vo word was received here yest<?r- day as to the condition of Dr. C W. I.'rnnick. who id lying low at his country home near Wellington. The supposition is that li<! i.s belter as .Air. Frei'iiian agriH'd to write it his con- (litiiru was iinehanged. J. R. Heath of Humboldt is visiting his family for a fe -.v days. Tlie grade cards Wore received and [iromotions made in the hi.ith school yi-sterday. The former eighth A class ha-s entered the high school and start ing the sub-'-'rosIiman work. Everything in starting off in harmony and jirospects are bright for another suc- c.\'--sful term. William Davis and family are mov ing into the Remsburg property on North .VcRpa street. The various committees of the fire (Vjiiytiiietii are busily engaged pre) aring for the oyster supper to be given Thursday evening in the hose house. Ilo-.v would you like' to he the water superintendent? Mr .Frevert says he .'ipent one lioiir and a half In his office hist week. Tiie ri'inainder of the time was devoted to frozen jilpes. Mr. and Mrs. James Porter and son <>f .':outli of town, and Mr. and Mrs. C. R. f!armaln were the guest-s of -.Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Lower Sunday. .Mrs. R. W. Stanton and daughter, .Mii!* Mae, have gone to Parker, Kas. fi.-r an extended stay with Mrs. C. E. B'.-.rns. About the first of May they will leave for Oregon to Join Mr. Stan ton and make their home. Mr.*. Julia Brown, of Travis Addition, is reported verey low. Mrs. Casey, mother of Mrs. John Ap- nl.'gate Is reported not so well today. .Mrs. W. TT. Webb and daughter. Bessie, and MrF. Glllam, returned this morning to the Webb home in Fort Scott. Roy King made a business trip to Humboldt today. Mr. B. Abbott Is suffering from a badly mashed hand as a result of getting It caught between two heavy doors. Jack Humes received a telegram Buy Tone's Spices -At- Carl & Hunter's to his iKm .e ini 1-r-i-e-n-d-s here, funeral services yesterday from a drilling company in Omaha .Neb., asked hiin to work for Ciem. Mr. Humes Is thinking ser- ii'UsIy of going. John C.olile of Humboldt spent Sun day and .Monday with relatives and (KLEBKATK l.\ WA.SIII.XJTO.V. Kansas Onj- Uill Ho Date of I)iiin<-r for Kuusuns. Washington Jan. 22.—Kansans In Washington will observe Kansas day with a banquet, January 2:», at Con grefc-s Hall hotel. There are more than :;0(l former residents of the Sunflower state in the- District of Columbi .i and an association wa.s formed ia.-i year for the nnuiial observance ol Kansas day and for other social meetings during the year. I-'ay. .\. Seaton secretary to Senator IJrIstovv; H. C. Sticher. Secretary to Congressipai' (>(-es. and (Jeoige Woods, secretary ti Congressman Jsickson, are in cliargi (if the arrangements for this year' event, .M' iiibeis aud others will ad dress tlie banriuet. • <'Ax voi; ASK yumvA Vonr .Money Hack for llie AskSnt?. Vfiu Promise >(illiing. W. are so confident that we can furnish relief for indigestion and dyspepsia that we promise to supply the iiiedieine free of all cost to every one wild uses it according to direetioiis who is not perfectly satisfied with the results. We e.\pct no jiromlses and liiil no one under any obligation whatever. Surely nothing could be fairer. We are located riglit here where you live, and (.iir reputation should be sufficient assurance of tlie genuineness of our offer. We want every one who is troubled with Indigestion or dyspcpiiia in any form to come to our store and buy a box ot Resall Dyspepsia Tahlcts. Take them home, and give them a reasonable trial, according to directions. If they don't please you„ tell us and we will (piicKly return your money. They have a very mlid but iiositive upon the organs with wliieh tiiey come In contact apparently acting as a njg- ulathe tonic upon the relaxed nm.s<;u- lar coat of tlic bowe' thus overcoming weakness, and aiding to restore the bowels to more vigorous and iiealtliy activity. Throe 25c. r.Dc and $1.00. Rem<?mber, you can obUiln i{e.\all RemedidB only at our store—' Tho Jlexall Store. S. !^. Biirrcll, West Sido Sijuarc, lola. Cold Seekers Stampede nt 60 Ht'low. Dawson. V. T. Jan. 20.—-With the t(;mucraturo 60 below zero, the stampede to the new gold diggings at Sixty .\Iiln continues. Prospectors are sink ing Hhafts. The gold commissioner has changed the name of tho main south fork of Sixty Mllo river, on whicli the discovery, was made to ;>ial- son Creek, after John Matson, the discoverer. —Charles Durhani. Lovington HI has Mucceeded in finding a positive euro for bed wetting. ".My little hoj wet the bed every night. clc:ir t'.iro on the floor. I trlea several kinds o; kidney medicine and I was in the druK store looking for something different to lielp him vyhen I heard of Fole} Kidney Pills. 'Ater be had taken then: two days we could see a change and when ho had taken two thirds of a bottle he was cured. That is about si.\ weeks ago and he has not wet It bed since." J. D. Mundis Co. AVILL .MAKE iii9r >!MI(M ),000. I'nited Stales Flans to Meet Demand'- for Clean Paper .Money. Washington, Jan. 23.—An estimate for 10 (Hjo.oOO additional siieet.s of currency paper from which $f».'>9 000,000 worth of paper money is to bo printed, was siibmit-led to tlie yesterday by Secretary MacVeagii, to meet a shortage of small bills and demands for '^clean moneyi" The bureau of engraving and printing will bake during the fiscal year of 19K{, $I60,(;onony of and $10 treasury notes; $2:»3 Oi'O.OOO of gold cerlificafcs, in values from $10 to $100 and $:.n6 .o ()0 ,(ii»o of $I, ?2 ami $.'• silver certificates.' The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for nou-rrsidenta, and do a gen'cral real estate business. We represent three of the beat loan companies doing hual- ness in Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan Imslness. Hnd guarantee as cheap ralr^s and' quick pervlee rn e ^ir i,e !;ad anywhere. The Allen Coiinty Rialty Co. E. li. rhimp .soii. Mgr. OFFICES EVA:!.-3 BLDQ . lOLA FAI(.M LOANS! CHKAP .IIOXEY! Wc represent one of the best Farm '.nitti Coini'ianie;; doing In the "itato of Kansas. We can loan on farms anywhere in Eastern or Cen- 'ral Kansas. Our rales are the low- •st and our terms are the best. Call or write us when in need of a farm loan. Phone U7. TJIE I'KTKKSOX LAND COMl'AXY Old Court lIou .NC JUdg, l7of Springs, Arkm Round Trip Tickets, lola to Hot Springs. Ark., with return limit of Uiree months from date of sale, with stop-over privilege* going and return on sale every day in the year, for «18.60 The on.-- .vixy fare is SlS.Ct. E. E. MUNGER. Fhone 160. Xo. Fac Agent "Cares In Every Case." —Mr. Jas. McCaffery. Mgr. of the Schlitz Hotel, Omaha, Neb., recommends Foley's Il'mey and Tar Com- podnd, because it cures in every case "I have used it myself and I have recommended It to many othefa who have, since told me of Its great curative power In diseases of the throat and lungs." For all coughs and colds It Is speedily effective. J. D. Mundis it Is speedily effective. J. D. Mundis Co. A Chacor. "But, .Tpbn. liDW did .v.i.i. cei rid c( pH the criMlitinrsV" "I lit QJ-. C ol '..vour »nd tainor.faa .be cnn4i >(Uloat« imaI^:a|i"*Uon or haraliwt plwter. W» S»»« Littleton to Quit Congress. Chattanooita, Tenn., Jan. 20.—Congressman Martin W. Littleton, of the first New York district, will quit Con-, gress and resume the practice of law after his present term explre .H. Mr. Littleton made the announcement here today. MISSOURI VALLEY. SANITARIUM, Farm and Chy Loans KAXSAS AKD OKLAHOMA Low Rate: Anniial or Semt.Annnal Interest—Prirllege to Pay in Full Vednced Bates on Fire Insamnee! R.MXunnlngham 014 Cvaxt HosfS BIdg. IOM, FOR ^ALE! 50 HEAD HOUSES and M[JL£S I have Just shipped In 25 head from Coffey Co.—sorao weaning mare mule colts, somo yearling mare mules. One pair of mules Bve and six years old, weight 2300 lbs. One pair of mares sl.v and seven years old, weight 2a00 lbs. Several other mules In the bunch. They are all well broke. Several head of horses and mares, all young and good farm stock, some single drivers, city broke. Anyone wanting to buy, sell or exchange, see me at once at Ida Hocse and Mule Market 1 block west Santa Fe J, C Bntelier . Fhom PROF'S'NAL DIRECTORY MOJlEX TO LOAN. » Will len^ on household good*, * * pianos, organs, sewing ma* chines diamonds and jewelry. 3? Sr J. W. COFFEV m 'H 110 Jfortli Street. v * ';jf6ynl Typewriter Agtncj « Controls Exclusive Sule'ol t&k dt Sojal Standard 'lyiienrlir* A In Allen County • E. BaHHlnff. Aitent « * Northrup Biilidlne Knnit. f • Typewriter Repairs «nrt Supplies » * * «'W »'»T8 ''«J * * r> * » * * » « '8 « jfi 3» m « * «5 * .1. * 4» * * .» Dr. C. .M. tin** • DE.VTIST « Room Mo.' i, >orMirnp SKIK- Extraction wltliout imtn .liy t !i* * use of -Nllroii.'* Oxide Gas • Phone—Office 553, Res. 8&>. • WHY NOT! • Have TouJf, Piano Tuned by •» * w Experienced Tuner—On» ' UT- • * Ing In yonr homo town. , • « T.O. CANATSEY • $ Flano Tuner and Rspftlm • iS Roberts Music Co. Phone 411 • ' « •S ' F. L. B. LEATELL, >. >, • a BpecialUes— 0 £ Diseases of the Ch«Bi 9 Diseases of Chlldram. 9 * Pkones—Office 147r Bes. Ii7. 9 a IOLA StATE BANK BLDQ. • * • • * ^ » Seal £8tate and LlfeitMlc t * AUCTIONERB It * Satisfaction guaran teed.Wire er • * phone at my expense for dates. 4 * B. B. CLABX, », •i' Yatet Center Over C<Mn. B«ak • + 4 •:-*** + ******* + ***«# ^ PBDQLLIF HEIGELl .•'U . U0% South St < -u aAvirxss A»D SAOOCLBI I .^i. fienenU'Repalring, AH Klaii • 4 • •••••••••••4i4#« 4 MONEY TO LOAH 4 on all kinds of household (oodi 4 or Jewelry—anything of value 4 I3lgU8 . Pawn Shop, East Side 4 Square. Office In Fruit Store. 4 All transactloDB strictly conA- 4 dontlal. 4 4 • •••'»44**4444444 Office Bei.. • Phone m Phone 18»>Y. « BIL.J. 9. WALKEB. 9 . ,. £re8S BIdg. 9 Successor to Dr. S. A. Coffmaa 9 Special attention to Obstetrlce 9 and Disease of Children. 9 $SiSiSSSS99m999»99 lot A R. R. TIME TABLES A. T. * S. F. BAILTTAT No. No. .Va So fo. Vo. So. So. 8outh Bound. 801—Datly Pasienger....... JrORp. H '<!03—Dally . Passenger J:4S a. at, SD7—Daily (except 8andey) Paseac- ger 8:5 «p. m Dally (except Sunday) Way Frolffht. Arrive 12:01 p. a. __P9- nart l:OB p. m. North Bound. 302—Daily Passenger Z:2>p.m. 204—Dally PassenRer 2:20 a. m. 20«—DaUy (except Sunday) Faaacn- ger 8:30 a. m. 23*—DaUy (except Sunday) -Way Fr. ii-ht. Arrive 11:15 a. m._ Depart 12:01 p. Missouri Pacific B. B. FrelBhta—We»t Bound. 491—I^wal <daUy ex. Bun) lv.....»:«p.Bl. 131—Colo. Red Ball (dally) iT...8:38p.nL Frefahta—East Bound. «58-JEled Ball (dally) an \:U».m. 193—Locnl (daily ex. Sun) ar. i:00a-ia. P««enaer»—Wert Bound. _ 407—Kansas City-Yates Center Mall ao4 •Express (daHy) lT.........-j :47p^ 409_8t.' Loula-Wichita Mall and Exprew (dally) Iv. an a. m. PasMngers—Eart Bound. ^ 110—St. Louis-Kansas City MaU and press (daily) ar. 7:17 p. m. 408—St. Louls-Kansaa City Mall a«d Ex• press (dally) ar. 8:SS a. n>. M. K.XT. BAHTTAT South Bound. •No. BTI—-Way Freight, (dally ^ejeep* .. Bun<I»y>- 4:J2 a. in. Ko. 7fi—Ml.v*d (dad/) 4r«p.m. .Vo, 72—Pnnaenirer. (dally) 12:t» p. m. ^MmhM^T.: t:«|p.». Vo. 7«—Mixed (dally) 2:S0 p. m. will cauny paji»«n»er«. MOXEY TO LOAN ON FABMS! .If,you are wanting a Farm Loan let me tell you about my terms and rates.- i; handle private and Eastern money. C 0. BOLIDTGEB lola. Bans. —Parsons troubled wtth partial paralysis are often very much benefited by. massaging the affected parts UjoroHgiily when applying Chamberlain'? Unlment. This liniment also .'r^lteV^'iiieamatic palss. For asle br nUdeialQ^s. •.|.-.;..^.v

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