Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 17, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 17, 1943
Page 5
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Thursday, Juno 17, 1943 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE FIVE Farmers Use AAA Program To Boost Total Production News Told in Pictures How Canada Solves the Mine Problem Spring Wink Great Northwest Yields Lumber for Bombers eo 1910 1915 1920 1930 1935 1940 '•if American farmers today arc using provisions of the Agricultural Adjustment Ajjoiu-y program to slop up their volume of production of all food and liber required to meet increasing \var needs. The AAA is anil has been ustd by farmers to produce all that the market will tnkc. It helps farmer:', to improve soil fertility, to produce the right /.^mounts of the right things on the right land, and to obtain a fairer share of the national income. Despite a severe drop in production ui 19S5, due largely to the. drought of li!;i-l, total farm output for tho 10 years of tho AAA program has averaged ~->\<> percent larg-er t'nan for the 10 years prior to !!>!!{!, when Ihc AAA first came into oxislence. For tho past six years, this in:-rcare. ban been nearly \'A percent. Kvi- •Jlence of the prodnctioa records hoiii^' hunjj tip by farmers ir, thr fac', that farm production in I'.llU wr.a -i- percent, larger than in Ihc World War I vonr of 1018. Reds, Germans (Continued From Pago One) I Bussin leiffmy t crowds from congregating. Defense guardsmen. Texas ran;, ers. and local law officers had th city under an iron guard durin lh ( , nmht. Numerous arrests were I made for violation of the curfew ! order which took effect at ii:.')0 p.m. smashed through j (CWT) which barred all persons before Smolensk not having essential business from the streets. While the defense guard was the Smolensk area announced the Russian communique. sian scouts defenses land captured equipment, and •killed, several do/on Germans land captured equipment, and sped j largely from sections within 100 •back 'to their own lines after the | miles of the city, state police were Isorites, the communique declared, i sent here from as far away as Dal- innofher sector of the same las, Fort Worth and Wichita Fall,s. Ifronl, a German scouting par'y | The disturbances were gcneral- Iwas mowed down by gun I'iie and Jed by two alleged rapings attribut- Iretrealcd, loavim; the bodies of -I!) ; etl to Negroes. About a week ago Ideatl in front of the Russian lurue.l |a while nirl telephone operator re| ported to police a Negro, later finally shot by officers, attacked her near a warehouse. Iwirc it was guerrillas w'tfl'e credited aid. in the same with killing a ompany of Goniians in an In second case a housewife, To meet threat ot coal shortage, Canada has released nil former miners in the armed forces tor a three-month "coal furlough" to work the bituminous pits. Mere Pvt. J C. McDonald gets Ins release from the Canadian army, then swings to work with n pick in Nova Scotia mine. M.ilil-ory Wedding—Mechanized Styk a railway station, and with do- | mother of throe children, told po- stroying trucks, railway ears, bar- j lice a Negro yard worker attacked railway the coin- tracks and supplies. Tin |r,-\ck also was blown up, Wfmquo said. fiussian gun batteries sank five (louts filled wlih German soldiers 111 action on the Volkhov front kculhcast of I. e u i n p, r a d. and kmnslicd 1-1 German blockhouses Jllfj dugouts and blew up an am- •nuniliun dump, the communique pnnouneed. Two German planes wore shot (own in duels over the Lisichansk I ll'ca of the upper Donets river, j Jl'o artillerymen pounded an en- ' supply column and destroyed s than 10 trucks, the bulletin her after she had hired him to work at her home. Crowds of white men surged into tho Negro section. Tho riots K tart- ing early Wednesday morning were followed by a declaration of ina.'lial law last im>.hl. Todav the city was warniinj.'l with militia in uniforms. legro Section (Continued From Page One) taken the lives of out i and one Nei;ro. 's transporl a lion resumetl lo- and most retail establishments again opt n for business. Pol. Mason said lie planned' to 5011 the air laler today to re- pxt thai ,-,11 businesses be red. Some establishments had fed because of lack of help al- iNegroe.; \\tre onlered off the pets. Others closed to keep An Ounce of Prevention Cbanute, Kas. —(/Pi— Talk" about people getting excited, Marl Legge knows the meaning of the phrase. He was in his motor boat when the junior .suddenly came loose and bubbled to the bottom of the lake. Hastily preparing to dive after the precious bit of machinery, Leggi 1 unfastened his expensive wrist watch so it wouldn't net. wet. Then he tossed the watch into the lake. -*v» « «w— - The toes of shoes won by court dandies in the 12lh century were curled in the shape of a horn. Olive leaves and oil play a large part in biblical loi'e as well as in the ancient legends of Mediterranean countries. It used to be crossed rifle;: that formed the arch for the bride and l"'oom at military weddings, but at Ft. Lewis, Wash., this couple 1'ii.ssed under the big cannon of General Sherman tanks in a jeep- drawn trailer. All Quiet on the Tunisian Front •i •,'• *~ .'•:• ,; ' \> : - ' i ^'SIS' ,' j£l^ ' Wor n Railroad ,,- Wt& • '-- •«•-,- '" • . - ' i •?:. , S^&i-^tM:-® dated, but it's mighty useful. Thiee soldiers push this earn locomotive on a tun.iaDle at the end of Uie line on an the-South Pacific. Cunsliucted in 1910. this uarrow-guajje |»ha4,'been abandpned but now nauls Army supplies. Symbolic of the finality ui' the axis defeat in Tunisia i.-; this i.i :i solditr lying dtud in an observation post, his guns ailcnt, hia liands ' his lighting over. Four-month-old kangaroo pops out of the pocket with a wink in its eye while mama strikes an impressive pose at New ifork's Bronx Zoo. Summer Sign Wood for war is rolling out of the great Pacific northwest forests, including those of Canada's Queen Charlotte Islands, wh.ich supply 'spruce for RAF Mosquito bombers. Here two riggers wave Irorrj the top of a ZofV-foot spruce after trimming the top branches. Swinging an ax to beat the axis, right, is husky lumberjack Ollie Brackoos. Cat Catches a Kingfisher at Funafuti, Straw in the wind that straws will soon be in the wind is this pose of Manpower Chief Paul McNutt with summer skimmer. (U..S. Navy Plioto From NEA) Up onf<> the beach at Funafuti, in the U. S.-held Ellice Islands, comes a Vought-Sikorsky Kingfisher, Navy scout-observation plane, towed by a Marine tractor. Carrier and Child Nazi Captives—Sour and Sweet Biggest and newest of Britain's aircraft carriers is the Indomitable, a veritable flouting airbase that has seen action and suffered slight damage in the Mediterranean. Landing on the Indomitable's deck, bottom i« a Sea fire fighter—sister plane to the Spitfire. Study in contrasts is seen in these pictures of two Germans taken' prisoner in the Tunisian fighting. Haughty Nazi in helmet has just found out the master race has met its master. Grinning German at right seems pleased to be a prisoner. Plenty of Potatoes Here Desert Pals A British flyer gets the lowdown on this desert life from a pair of .conversational natives. The camel has played an important war iole in North. Africa despite jt-exjii tanks; and The Army still has potatoes—much to the dismay of K. P.'s. Here a quartet of Second Army soldiers blitz through a pile of thusg delicious spuds on maneuvers in Tennessee, miiL.! itwieavjri'wrvs-isismt

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