Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 25, 1962 · Page 11
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 11

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1962
Page 11
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Supplement to Garden City Telegram Young Man on the Move I GREETINGS — Congressman Bob Dole (R-Kan.) extends a hearty handshake with his left hand at the High Plains Music Camp. The girls, pictured left to right: Henrietta Ulrlch, Sylvan Grove, Anita Radloff, Phillipsburg; Dianna Smith, Russell; Cecilia Coddington, PaIco; and Esther Ulrich, Phillipsburg. Enemy Shell Alters Bob Dole's Career Thousands of people who have met or will meet Congressman Bob Dole as he campaigns for Congress in the new First District may wonder wliy this vigorous, energetic man always extends his left hand in greeting. Only One Real Issue Campaign There is only one real issue in this campaign for Congress. Bgb Dole uses independent judgment-Breeding votes the Kennedy line-lock, stock and barrel. Bob Dole supports such programs as conservation,. REA and manpower retraining. He voted to strengthen the obscene litera- tflre law, the pure food and drug law, and the self-employment retirement act. Dole's Voting Record In Congress Outstanding Bob Dole, our Republican congressman, has. compiled an outstanding voting reaord~rw»*«fl«ft. which demonstrates mature judgment, independent action, and a basic belief in the system of government which has created the most powerful nation on earth and given our people more and Kennedy Grab For the President without congres ,,sional:controL" — . .!,. . ^i., .. "One Man Clan" Dole observed that the Presi- rn^eales^enacted'thTs year. dent seems to proceed on the theory that he needs a "one-man Rep. Bob Dole, Republican nominee for re-election to Con- better things than any other gress from the First District, to- people in recorded history. day pledged continued opposi- Bob Dole is for voluntary ac- tion to the "one-clan" grab for tion in a free society. He rs power by the Kennedy brothers, against mandatory programs. He "The seriousness of this open believes in economic freedom as attempt by the Kennedy admim- opposed to a managed economy, stration to control the lives and "You cannot manage an eco- property of all Americans," Dole nomy without managing the lives said, "places it as one of the of individuals," Dole says, "and most important issues in this too much power is already con- year's campaign, centrated in Washington bureau- "The President, with strong, crac y» working Democrat majorities in Supporting Dole t ui this Dole, who generally carries something in his right hand, offers no explanation but behind the left-hand grip lies a seldom told tale" of service, pain and travail of a devoted wife, family and friends. Ask Bob Dole about his war experience, his medal for bravery under fire, his wounds and long hospltalization, and he changes the subject. "I was just another foot soldier," he says briefly, but it Is a fascinating story, (little known outside Bob's home town of Russell)-a heart-rendering one with a happy ending to come from World War II. Since Bob answers questions so reluctantly however, it had to be gathered from family and friends. icii»;ui.c»... Bob Dole comes from pioneer He tried to limit oil imports;. stock ; His g ran dparents, both the B tried to limit free mailings by- Doles and the Talbo ts, came to Russell county before the turn of the century, as early settlers and farmers. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Doran R. Dole, Russell. For 35 years, Bob's father has operated a feed and produce business, and young Bob worked there while going to grade and high school.,. .*.*...••••. ...-.— ---• ••A powerful youngster, he found heaving sacks of grain and swinging cans of cream easy, and he heard farmers .talk about their problems, lives and families. Today, as member of the. House he members of Congress, he opposed the Foreign Aid bill and voted to reduce the appropriation by $100 million dollars. Dole has adamantly opposed repeated Kennedy grabs for more power;-to enlarge the scope of the Federal Government, tb spend more money and % hire more federal"'employees.' tie vote'tf against both federal debt limit opposed the withholding ^ on ^^ ends and interest as a 4. fi scheme to put thousands of add! contention, - Tough Farm Bill "If theae penalties are as stated in the bill (original Freeman pro- racy." woiRiiig ueii««;»«»v «».njw«.v.—.., -.- posals) they would be more fit- Bob -Dole is conservative with the House of Representatives and ting j y app ii e d in a despotic na- the public purse. He knows that the United States ^Senate, is not ti( j n where the big boss is trying you cannot continue to mortgage satisfied with Democrat control. to c j u j., the peasants into line, the lives of our children without He is campaigning the nation for -Representative Dole rep damaging their prospects. He 'Kennedy congressmen and .... senators.' grab sciieme lu i»ui muuaaiiuo v» ««y«- Qay, as memner 01 mo. jiuu,^ ,,, «. o, C °i!l !,? hoc tion ' al employees on the payroll, committee on Agriculture, Bob is said, tne ^resident nas and fldd to tfte tflx burdens of the fighting for the welfare of many of the campaign trail in ag<jd and those Jn fow income thege game farmers of Rus sell brackets. and those throughout the dis- He is a spirited and effective trict with the concern and under- fighter, who introduced'the first standing ingrained in him during 0 " resolution to investigate the his formative years. Billie Sol Estes scandal;, and led A Fine Athlete the unsuccessful fight toi prevent the use of public money to lobby for pending legislation. His opponent, on the other hand, "went with Kennedy" all the way. behalf of "Kennedy congressmen and senators." "Following at his heels," Dole said, "are his cabinet fleers, singing for their political suppers at taxpayers' expense." It was while attending the University of Kansas, waiting tables to help pay his way, that Bob enlisted in the Army. While at KU, Bob earned freshman numerals in basketball, football and track believes that the best tax reform is a cut in federal spending. Yet Bob Dole is aware of the responsibilities of government in fields of public service. He stays on the job while Congress has important measures before it, and herein lies another great contrast. During the past two weeks, Dole voted for: The Cuban Resolution, the Berlin Resolution and presidential authority to recall reserves all for the purpose of strengthening the position of the United States in case of world crisis. And his opponent, Floyd Breeding did not vote on any of these on final passage. He was campaigning in Kansas. Dole was-on the job in Washington. Dole voted for the bill to strengthen the obscene literature law to protect children against this sort of filth. And where was Breeding? Campaigning in Kansas. Dole voted for the food and drug act to strengthen its provision sod Btotect consumers. (Continued on page 3) "This one-man, one-clan for power over our lives must not succeed. "As youT congressman, I will continue to resist attempts by the Kennedy's to enlarge the federal government, to spend more of the taxpayers' money, to add to our burden of debt, and to extend mandatory controls over our daily lives." • Opposed Debt Increase Recalling that he voted against two increases in the federal debt limit this year, Dole said he consistently has opposed attempts by the Kennedy administration to add more employes to the federal payroll, to spend more money and to add to the growing debt to be paid by the children and grandchildren of future generations. "We cannot hope for tax relief without a reduction in federal spending," Dole said. "Federal spending cannot be reduced by adding to the government payroll, adding to the federal debt, by approving expensive giveaway programs designed principally to extend the authority of 'Representative Dole reports he has been assured by the Department of Agriculture that the proposed penalties are to be modified by amending the bill. If so, one may well wonder why such harsh terms were proposed in the first place." - Dodge City Globe. On the 10 major issues before an d lettered ds a quarter-miler Congress to increase the size of n j s sophomore year. He entered federal voted government, Breed"yes." Dole voted the ing "no." Breeding voted for every major measure requested by Kennedy- more spending, more controls, more federal power. So the issue is clear. Breeding does what Kennedy, wants. Bob Dole represents the rest of us. service in June 1943, was selected for officer training the next year, and was assigned to the 10th Mountain Division as a platoon leader in February, 1945. At the start of the push across Italy's Po Valley, Bob was wounded twice. The first was a grenade sliver in his leg while on night (continued on page 2) Check (he <Uuor«rvK oihtrwiw thi* mc»»B« KUt It t (411 U'l«I TCIEC.IWM DAT LUHR ANIGHT Lt'UH HO. «OS -CL Of SVC .dc Wll Jill irtd, bv J S T1 * 1 nur v it t f\7T( WESl i rwnrftTVY T TTVTTT//^vTVT HERN UNION ^ 1^01^1^ JL/JLrf \J> Jl\xa.iyJL oiKifmu 1 ih« mttuic wil .cm at the full rjic f UIA R*H ItHl" ICi[0»*M ^WO-t i-» be J HU 0 42 ( 0 FSA040) PD*FS SAM FRANCISCO CALIF mOP PDT OCT 8 1962* HONORABLE ROUKRT DOLE, CARE MRS A. TV STEELC* i»01 STOUT ST PRATT KANSs I WISH YOU WOULD MAKE IT KNOWi) THROUGHOUT YOUR NEW CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT THAT YOU HAVE MY FULL SUPPORT FOR RE-ELECTION'. YOUR VIGOROUS WORK Tl CONGRESS, PARTICULARLY YOUR LEADERSHIP I.) OPPOSI.1G AGRICULTURAL LEGISLATION THAT WOULD REGI^-IT THE PAPERS OF KANSAS AND OF THE iJATIOM HAS GIVEN YOU WIDE RECOGNITION. I FEEL CERTAfl YOUR EFFORTS WILL BE ACCLAIMED BY THE FARKCRS AND IS FACT BY ALL V.IE THINXIMG AMD RESPONSIULE VOTERS OF THE FIRST DISTRICT'

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