Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1912
Page 4
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 1912. lOLA DAILY ilECISTEU roads luciin bigger ond better crops similar demand made by the Senator, m g ^TnS 1T^T\ Tif lota Dally RMw ^nd *h« loia Dally j 'or the farmer who hauls his produce when the question of a candidate for | jifl ill rTJ H Lr ^ Preserve Babys Skin OF LXTEREST TO AIL ELKS. THE &EQISTEB FUBLlSUMe CO. XntereA at the Tola Poatoffica aa Secoud- Clara Matter. Advertlsins Rates Made Known on AppU- cation. SUBSCRIPTION RATES, •y Carrier in tola, Oae City, Lanyon- vlll«,JConereto, LaHarpe and Bauatt: OM Wailt 10 cenU OtM Month 44 cenU On« rear $5.00 ^ _ BY MAIL: Q»e Taar. Inside county 12.00 On* Tear, ouUldo county ..$3.00 to market over good roads has more Congress was to be determined in the time to devote to his crops tiian he would have if the roads were bad _ TELEPHONES: Business Office It •oolety Reporter IS Job and Bindery Dept 141 Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper. City cf Bauett. Official Paper of Allen County. TALKIXJ ABOIT SEED COR\. The grain from twelrc well developed ears of srcd corn will furnish seed for an acre. But if one of those cars is sterile there will be a loss cf three to five bushels an acre in the yield. The Manhattan Industrialist estimates that the farmers of America lose ten milion dollars ever^ year through carelessness In the selection and testing of seed corn. "Many a farmer," says the Industrialist, "stores his seed corn In an ' happiness for the farmer and his fam- Thc bigger the crops the heavier the railroad tralllc. Transportation being all that the railroad has to sell the Santa Fe looks with favor upon any movement that tends to Increase traffic, as a business proposition, pure and simple. • The Santa Fe therefore is friendly to the good roads movement, viewing the situation fromth standpoint of the dollar. But there is another viewpoint from which the Santa Fe sees the case The system of railroad owned by the Santa Fe operates In 12 states, em bracing a great empire from the Great l-akes to the Gulf of Mexico on the south and the Pacific ccean on the west, it Is aa agricultural country generally, most of the slates being In the course of developnii'i-.l. Tlie Santa Fe is for anything t!::.! lui;;!? up and beautifies (he lan:l:! iraver-.-.i by Irs lines, and no comirtmity <: :•. turn out a betirr r.dvertlsrnu r.t t^i i's pro gressivonep.s and civic j iliiin system cf good roads. A gco'.i road In f'anl tf- a farm means good fences, vvcil rultivatcd fields, high grade stock, nice hous' and bam, orchard, vie. These things go together. Good roads everywhere mean good farms everywhere, and that spells increased i)rosprrity and open crib during the winter and then wonders why It will not grow. The corn kernel when first husked Is about twenty per cent water. Unices the grain is thoroughly dry freezing wlH destroy Its vitality. A weak germ produces a weak plant, and a weak plant produces a small yield. ^ It has been proved that the freezing of damp seed will decrease the yield as much as sixteen bushels per acre. "The best way to get the best seed is to fasten, a box on the wagon which you use at husking time and put all the large well developed ears, which grow at the proper height on vigorous leafy stalks and hang downward Into this box. Never take any seed corn from the outside rows of a field where it may have been fertilized from another field. The corn from the box should be stored In a dry room where it may be hung or spread out so as to dry thoroughly. "Any time during the winter the seed ears may be selected. This Is done by picking out on tar ks n «arly the type desired as it is possible to get and then comparing the others with this one until a sufficient number has been selected. Then the vitality of the seed should be tested by taking a few grains from each ear and germinating them in a place where there is moisture, heat, air and light. At least 95 per cent of the kernels should germinate in at least five days This germination test is necessary because it is impossible to tell by tht looks of a kernel whether It is dead or not. The ears from which grains that failed to germinate \jere taken may be used for feed. "The size of the grains should be uniform so that the number di-opped by the planter would be practicalij the same in every hill. The small grains from the tip of the ears and the large grains from the butt should pv removed, and all the rotten and broken kernels should be picket oiit. This winter has been especially hard on seed com. Too much care cannot be taken to insure a good crop next fall. The three essentials are good seed, good soil and good tillage. S?lect your seed in the way just wc- plained; rotate cowpeas or some other good manuring crop with your corn cultivate It at the proper time, and tli< extra dollars you will receive wil! more than compensate for the extra labor involved." ily, and increased prosperity fcr the country at large. THE SA>TA FE WILL HELP. AVord comes out from the publicity office of the Santa Fe that the help (if that railroad may be had whenever It win be of service for the improvement of the highways in the territory through which its lines are operated. The Santa Fe always has been ready to respond to any organized movement for good roads, because good roads are next to good crops in the railroad mans calculations. Gocd This i>aper doesn't agree with Postmaster General Hitchcock that the Government ought to go Into the telegraph business. But It can give him full credit,, for the most effective and sueeesFfuI administration of the IV.stofflee tli;.! has ever, perhaps,- been evU'.blt) d. H> has not only made it Bclf -.supporilng for the first time In twenty-seven years, but he has made It efilrlent In jirotectlng the people from Imposture and fraud. The report of the chlrf !ns'ie<'tor. lust n;ade public, shows that during the '.ir .st year, there have been put out of business, and m^ny of them In prison, over five hundred! men who have been using the ra.ills for fraudulent purposes and who have in the aggregate looted tlie people out of $77,000,Oi'.0. The Deiiartmcnl has b?en especially active in going aftci "the men higher up," and among th'. convicts are several men who had grown rich and powerful at the game "You hit the nail squarely on th( head, according to my way of thinking," said N. L. Ard, one of the old Re- :iub!ican stalwarts of Elsmore town- hip in this office the other day "when you said the election of a l)em icrat in the Seventh district was du< o Insurgent attacks upon the Re- imblican party. In order to show how "progressive" they are they seem tc think It necessary to discredit tlu whole record of the Republican party If the parly was mismanaging the •ate and the Nation and in league iih 'the interests' all these years .18 they say, why didn't they leave i one ago?" And there was nobody t( make reply. Second district. The Tribune said American-made: sugar Is often shipped, abroad and • sold cheaper than It Is sold here. That, applies to American-refined sugar. Mr. | Scott will not say this is not true. If be does we can show that It Is true.— Fort Scott Tribune. We do not know that It is not true; but we do not believe that it is. Will the Tribune please "show us?" Who would have heard of little old .Tohn Bunyan outside of England if he hadn't been sent to jail? (Respectfully handed on to J. E. House. Directions: Apply night and morning to such portions of the back bone as seem to be in most need of It). There were over three thousand murders committed In the United States last year, and nearly fifty thousand by violence of one kind and mother. We are neither very clvi- Ized nor very careful; The Capital does not attack Prosi- dent Taft; It merely differs with him In the jtosition he takes on public questions. CUTICURA Soap and Ointment Sonio of Ihc Prizes That Will Be Given at llic Tortland Meeting. Portland, Ore., Jan. 23.—Fat Elks, leap Elks tall Elks, short Elks and aged Elks will compete for cash and glory at the Elks' g.and lodge reunion in Poitland ne.vt .luly. The cnmnilltee in charge of the celo bratlon will give »2.". to each the fat- to.':'!, the leanest, the tallest, the short i-f and the oldest Elk appearing In the mammoth parade, which will be a spectacular feature of tlie week. Furth ermore, the winner in each department win be given an honored position In the grand march preceding the society ball on the.closing night of the convention. Portland business men will distribute approximately $lti.(X)0 in prizes among visiting delegations of Elks The following awards already have been authorized distribution to be based on the decision of the judges: Band concert, $1000 and $300. Rands In parade but not in concert 1500 $300 and $200. Lodge having greatest aggregate mllrage (number of members In line multl)>lled by distance from home to Portland) $:ir.O, $2.'.0 and |l.-0. I^tige making best appearance-in narad*. $300. $200 and jmo. . • —Lodge having greatest number of men in line (Oregon lodges excluded from competition) $.100, $200 and $100. Lodge wearing most unkiue uniform My OTHERS SEE THIXGS. •> • ••T!:e increase in imports of steel iroducts under this bill (the new aiiff revision bill) if it should become a law, will probably be abou' :\venty million dollars."—Democratli .eader Underwood, "l don't know miieh about the tar- :f, but this much I know: That if I iiy my goods in Europe, Americn as the goods but Euroiu: has th< lior.ey wherea.s If I buy my goods at nnir. .America has the goods and i' has the money loo."—Abraham Lin- olii. It will be' Interesting to see ho« many of those who boast themselves 16 Lincoln Republicans will vote for Ills new bill, which Is to give Araerl- •a the goods but which Is to send the .'oney to Europe. Senator Bristow's insistent demant bat a primary be called to determine the Presidential preference of Kr.nsas Republicans is entitled tr real consideration; but it would have great deal more weight if it could be backed up with the record of a A Permanent Cure For Chronic Constipation Althoneh those may dispute It wh tho have not tried it. yet thousands uf personal expsri- is a permaneat others, who speak from ence. assert that there cure for chronic constlpatloo. 8ome testify they were cured for as little as fifty cents, years ago, and that the trooble never came bock on them, while others admit they took several jbottles before a steady cure was bro .usht about. The remedy referred to ta Dr^ Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin. It has l.oen on the market for over a quarter of a centuir and has been popularized on Its merits, by one perepn tellins another. T1>e fact that its stronirest supporters an women and elderly people—the ones most peraisteotly constipated—«aakes It oertal* 'that tlie claims resardlns It as a pettimmat cure for oonstipatlon have not 1»eeB esacrerated. . It to-«ot Tioteat Ufce cathartic pHls. «rilUr«r "wstenv 't>&t operate* ««<my. without grlpins: and without shock to thQ system. It contains touic proi>er- ties ibat strenslhen the stomach and t>oweX muscles so that In time medicines of all Unds can l>e dispensed with and nature Is again solely relied • on. Amonc the legions who testify to these facts are Mrs. Emma Clemmons, Cleveland, Kaa., and H. M.- Davis, Osawatomle, Kas., and they always have a t>ottle of It In the bouse, for It Is a reliable laxa^itre for all the famUy from Infancy to old ace. Anyone wtshlnir to make a trial of this remedy before buying It In the regular way of a drug-elEt at fifty cents or one dollar a larife bottle (family alee) can hav« E iwmplo bottle.neut to the home free>of cboree by simpl.v addreaslns Dr. W."-B. Coldwdl. 405 Wasblnateni 8t, M»ntlreiit>, iiL your name and •Mrrtm <m Haw the Prninrrnts do Uuxhtcsx. I>;ist year the Republican House of Representatives created what Is- known aa the "Ulschargo Calendar" one of the reforms Instituted in parliamentary procedure by which. hen a bill had been before a comml' tee a certain length of llme''wlth.n:! Ing reported out, It might be call' 1 rom that coiftmtitee onto the lloor of he Mouse. iTrts was to prev<-nt ih lomln:itlun of the Mouse by Its com aiitteea. The other day when Mr. Mann the Uepubllcan lea'der. sought to lake ad .inlag" of that rule the De'iioerai majority solidly refused to allow th consideration of a single one of th Tollowlng bills on the discharge cal ndar and nullified Its action by vol ng solidly against their conslderr Ion: The Madden railroad valuation !)I1I, to regulate the hours of pest >mployes; the l-ifean bill to pension soldiers who were confined In Con ederate prisons; the Payne Tarifi' Commission bill, the Madden gas h? he Griest penny postage bill: the Ful r bill, to increase the pensions of ioldler's widows; the Dodds hill, dmit fraternal and trades papers to the mall as second class mailer, ai:d he Kendal! bill, to add to the com liensatlon of rural carriers. All of these bills now rest snug, n the committees to which they wer long ago referred. ' The nomocralic majority voted gainst every one of these measures ind thus placed itself on record in he matter of the reformed rules.— l .ic ;3venworth Times. .A lifetime of disfigurement and suffering cftcn results from the neglect, in infancy or childhood, ?3m'. $200 and $100. , . 1 ,. rr • T t. 1 -odge having greate.'^t nuinl>er of ot Simple sk'.n aflcctions. In the women in parade. $2.10, 51.-.0 and $100. prcvcniioannd treatment of mftior „ "^^^ decorated float in parade, $300. * • . 1 • . f J^oo and $200. cri :plionS and m the promotion ot Best drilled orgaiiiaztlon In parade i)cnn?.ncnt skin and hair health, *-''00 and $2C0." U . 1 r- ..• m,. ^fore than $2.0()0 will be distributed Cuticiii-aooapand CuticuraOint- bp:-^t decorated building in the mcii 'L aii; absolutely unrivaled. t?)ii»iij-:*tifl tl:.' .» n I .;M .r.I fnplpcf nich, wljh applifatlja 1.1 ••<u:i.i: i." lK:it. £, Costca. hu .-inrjs district of the city, and substantial prl/.es will he given to home owners who decorate their iiroiiertics. W.\T('II YOl'K II.UK, LAIMKS. KUri: ((»FKItE\UE 0\ TOn.lY. •L I'tcrnal Vlellanfo Is tlic Prire of Lux- nrhint and Hadhint Hair. If dandruff germs are devouring the nf!iiri.-=hu'ent that Iieli >n «s to the hair it will .'>oon I'.egin to fall. I'urtlierinore It win lose its life and lustre and will look REFLECTIONS OF A ».\CHELOR. "^rom the New York Press. Xobody wants to earn money halfj .s inrch as he wants to get it. Studying a looking glass seems tc- each women more than studyin •nathemntics. Any fair minded man who, argue or a thing long enough can convinc ilniself that the opposite thing i •ight. A man can be a good deal surer •bout how you should invest your money than how he should invest his own. A girl ought to always have pros •nee of mind not to wait a week after I man kisses her to tell him it was the first time it ever happened: POINTED P.\RA<.'R.\PIIS. ='rom the Chicago News. Motto of the miser—never give uu And many a man regards his wife s a poor relation. In planning for the future don'' iverlook the present. y Push some men forward and they vlll go back on you. Some cheerful givers make a spec- ally of handing out lemons. A tough man's Idea of being wel! Iressed is to wear a loud necktie. It Is |h» easiest thing in the world 'or a rtan to b^Jleve as he hopes. A man's idea of the '•social swim" s a where weak tea is dls- lensed. Much that passes for "pure cussed ess" Is nothing more than human nature. He is a patient man who listens to he talk of a woman who has nothing o say. When a man has occasion to appear before a police magistrate, he Is apt o forget his own name. 3Iore Ahont Cold Weather. lola, Kas., Jan. 22 ,1912. Editor Register: I see you are hav- ng quite an argument as to the re- •ent cold weather, and that It broke all records. That may be and Is true as 'ar as the local weather bureau is con ;erned. But I wish to corroborate the statement of A Reader in the Issue of January 20th who stated that the ther- iuometers 0t the locality registered ^6 to 32 degrees below zero on Feb- ruaiy 13. 1905 and also on February •2'.u, 1S99, in Cherokee county, this -tatp.t'ie thermometers registered 28 o 32 degrees below zero and the con- er.sus of opinldn was placed at 28 degrees. The Old Man on the Register may remember some cold weather but when he sees It so cold that the fires rem the chimneys free and fall off In chunks, then he will thing It's cold. O. M. LEE, 303 N. 2nd St. More than one-half o; ine world's «»,000 mllee of ' railroad! , arc m \. I>Ke«s>liiir I'rolileni hi Chi- riuii) .Meetinc. il'cil liili gato.'- represent- ng.the 1 2t 11.1111' n-.i Ml) er.-; of ilie Mod- become dull, faded and even in WODIIIIUU of Viuerica ar<' in ses- ~l<i \enly. : i.n In'fiKo tailay to di.-^eiiss tliA If you have any signs of dandruff lirnpo.-llion Hi a raic In^ rea.\e v.hic'i vou tingiit to go right to your druggist :<ee;ii .-i to \u- Imvliable. 'riie nie>'ting tdday and get a bottle of PARISIAN' an adjdiiir.ed ser.'-ldn cf the head i-'ACE. This dellgtitful and nfre.-;|iln.c '•amp meeting held In lluHaIi) last liair tonic Is guaranteed by C. It. S| en .lime and the matter of readjusting eer & I'o. to kill dandruff germs, clean the rales will come before the dele- i!ie head of filthy dandruff stop fall- gates tod.iy as a sjicclal order of busi- hair and Itching scalp or money iicss. .-V In the rates is necos- back. And It does just what it is guar- vnry. It .is a.iserted, because of legls- antced to do and that's why its sales !atlon regulating fraternal Insurance I 're so enormous the country over, in a niiii:her of .states. i'AUISIAN SAGE Is tiip favorite of n- Dr. n. Cope, of Humboldt ,Is the del- fined women. Ono bottle )>ioves its •'gate c'.iosen to represent the .\llen superiority, county camps and Dl.strlct Deputv W. Adams may also be present | SECOND DLSTRICT SI'I-'FUACLSTS. Ths bc-trlnt cf cMldrsn la freqiuAitty follo '-Tcd by peer hoalth for the mcthor. This suprenw) crisis of Ufo Dndiug iicr physical system nnpre- parod for tho demands cf nature. loHvrs :i:r v-i:h wcr.kencd resistive ^ rov .-Kr.<; ar.:l siK0 -iia:c8 chronic ail- ii*'^:^'- S^'J,' (-^Qt"^' ^ juenta. c.-ji bo avoided If ^J3ther's 'Sr'.ai:! u -.-d ueforo tho co:!::".^ uf, a :id Iho hfalthy •woman can remain a hciUihy ino'.:.:r. I'^ is tho cnly romody that perfectly and thoroughly prepares the S7:tcm ic.- I .rai !I:7 motherhood, and 'jrir^s about a natural and C .-.S7 coasuiarj'.t'.on of '.'.a trrm. V/omcn who nsa ?iolher's Fric':.''. are always rr .vni r.:;;ch y 'j .'r .-.rin^ r! -a tho littlo ov.n arrives, and recover more .-^sickly, and •..•ii'r- no ill riiecta, or cii.oulc tronblcs. Evor;,- espectant mother should safegnard ;:cr heal'h ty ndng Kc*hei"s rricnd, mM. iS^ i 9 1 IVaa prcpar 'r .g her physical condition imy^ "T"^ ^ K^M for the hci;r cf mothcr'iiocd. Tl'.iS nio^^icino is for sale .ai drug storoii. r/ri'o for free, hock for t:;poctaat mo'.herj;, ' on When you want a reliable medicine I Report of Ihc Convcnltnn- Held at :or a eough or cold take Chamber- ain's Cough Remedy. It can always le depended upon and Is pleasant and | afe to take. For sale by all dealers. A DA.MS TO <;ET !f.V'«0. Lawrence Lasl Vuok. The K.'iiisas E(in:il SulTrage Convcn- ioii of the Second District v.-as held •it Lawrence last Friday. The following oflicTs were elected: Prcsi- 'lent, Mrs. T. H. Chalklry; i:rst vie— iresidcnt, .Mrs. F. B. Bradley; secoi;!! Insnranco Cnmnany Vill Mail Check vice-president, Mrs. V.'olfe, Oir.iwa: to Hhn at Once. secretary. Miss Jessie Parker. Olatli Gnrnttt News: K. Leriier Adams, 'reasurer. Miss Agues Kn!(-y. l.av.- is:.istant postmast; r. who iosi boti: "cnce; auditor, Mrs. A. P.umbiius'h egs ill an avoident tliree weeks ago '^T' Scott; chiuilain .Mrs. liradley, O viun 'le wa.= tun down In- a south- ^'wa. idund .Santa Fe passenger train •'"' business meeting Friday af- .''li'jrsiiay w:'! rci -elve a cheek for $.5,- 't^rnoon rr |>orts were given by tli( m- the in.=uran.e money due him on ''S !ri<t ciiainnen of the variou.s d icecunt cf to;al disabilitv resulting partmen^s, and by the county pre^i Galveston fronts^-the Gulf of Mexico, "Way down South" in Texas. Where roses, and oleanders and palms grow outdoors in January is a good place to winter *j in—that's self-evident.~ Galveston, too, lias Hotel Cialvcz—a new million- dollar edifice, located near the beach and seawall. You will like Hotel Cialvc/, once you enter its doors. A charniinj": soiuliern hospitality is supplemented by all the luMirie;-, of Fifth Avenue. Go to (ialveston tin's v. inter t)ii the Santa Fe. The train serviv-j is ccnvjnient. 'Hie excursion fnrcs are lo.w^ For booklet and f;:!! infornir.tion. ask W. E. RALSTON .'.(JK.VT Phone S75 lola, Ks. rom tlie accident. This Is the sfatop.irnt niPi'.o today \.\ '. S. i!-;-."V ;ns of Kansas City, .Mo. n:-rp<; «f t::e comr.any in which \danis carried accident insurance. Hawkins • wa.i h'-re today and aftoi :iMk !r..s; an iuvc.-il .cation, sent In a re- lort tr) the coiiMi.-iay rccnnimendinc \dam?. !)0 paid t '-e full $.''.""0 due bin: ly t;i" loss of both 'eg.-, lie said thr •^oiTiDany would probably mail the lirck Thursday. ORiTiCALTIME OF WO W LIFE From 40 to 50 Years of Age. How It May Be Passed in Safety. Odd, Va.:—"I am enjoying bettor health than I have for 20 years, and 1 believe I can safely say now tliat I am a well woman. I was rcarcfl on a farm and had all kinds of hea%'y work to do which caused the troubles that came on me later. For five years duringthe Cnangeof Life I was not able to lift a pail of wa-^ tcr. I had hcmcr- rhages which would last for weeks and I vras not able to sit up in bed. I suffered a great deal with my back and was so ner %'oti3 1 could scarcely sleep at night, and I did not do any housework for three ears. Now I can do as much work as any woman of my age in the countj-, thanks to the bencilt I have reccivtd from Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. I recommend your remedies all suffering women. "—Mrs. MARTH.\ HOLLOWAY, Odd, Va. No otherrnedfcine forwoman's ills hr-s received such wide-spread and imquali- fled endorsement. We know of no other medicine which has such a record or raccess as he.s Lydia E. Pinkham's egetable Comjwm.d- For more than 30 years it hai been the ctaiidard remedy lor woman's ills. lenls. The reports showed much r.c. ive interest in suffrage. All newsi).i- pers are glad to have news and ma;:; lave come ouf for suffmse in tli-;ii dltorial colui 'iriS. The wouir-n b Ileve that the rnvudiiu nt !i ;;s :i E;OO( chance of witiiiii:.:;. but they also b.-"- c've that much work must be do :i( before the election in .November. m the evenini; a public ni'^-'tini; -.v:!;; "leld at the Presbyterian church. The ludress was Riven by Mrs. Marsaror. '4ill McCarter. o( Top; ka, author of 'The Peace of Solomon Valley," ami he "Price of the Pr:iirie." Her ad- 1rc.=;s was sane and sound, and slie •;i'okp to a large and appreciative a:i- linnce. The music was especial!y ^00 (1 and solcx-tlons appropriate. The Kansas women \ are greatly 'ilea .i ^ed with the interest of the Missouri wom'-'U In the Kansas move- luent. Mrs. I.ogan tii." parliamentarnn: Mrs. Wilder, i>resident of tb^ Atheneum; .Mrs. Moreland. prcsa •balrman for .Missouri; and oth'r Kansas City, -Mo., women were prts- >nt and pledi-'ed help and suitjiort of ho .\iissouri association. Tf yon have the slightest donht tiittt Lydia 13. Pinkham's Vc«:et--\i\k Compound wiU help y«a, writo to Lydia £.Pinkbam Medicine Ot. (confidential) Lynn, Mass., for advice. Tour letter will l>c opened. r.>ntl«vii.., iiL yo»r aam«ia »daAlreM|vn ;»v'AmVH />^"«nrt"™ luur loster wui wuj*™!^.., liammoeriain s uonRn .Kenipdy. and Js ^—You, can 't loge by buying Con- !{. C. IlOnLKKS TO HE HERE .SOON. ri.arles Typewrlfer Team \\\\\ Moot the Ivccord Team Hero .Soon, Wi'.Itcr Decker of the Upcord ISowI- inj? Alleys, has completed arrangements for a game here soon between he Record team and the Charles Ty:)e vrlter team, of Kansas City, which is >ne of tho leading team.'; nf the city 'eague. Both a Kansas City and a vric 'i '.ita team defeated the locals la.'^t .par. l;ut t'lcse teams wotild have to •-rfake scores far larger thpn at tl;a: •ime if they would defeat the Keccrd team In its present form. ' During tlie past several weeks the 'ocal tn-.vier:- hsLve been rolling scores absolutely unprecedented on lola alleys for average figures it being no nnconanon thin.z f.-.r each howler to average between 190 and 200 pins for 1 series of gan-.^s. an average which easily surpasses that of the Charles Typewriter team, or any other aggre satlon In tl^e city leaeus. Of oours", any bowling team niay' occasionally rin up an unusually h'gh score, but the local.5 hav? been mnking very hi'iU scores consistently for som'e time, r.r-' it would take a star teax of hoi'.'f:-, to defeat them on tfceir home alleys. T':ie Record team will co to Ottawa Saturday night to again def.'at the team of that city. These Are Gooi Popcorn Nights Delphos sheet steel Corn Poppers—the kind that do no burn your hands .25c Wire Corn Poppers at. .10c and 15c giiam ¥L^v&\^^r^ Co. Highest Market Prices / For HIDES and FURS -at- L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone 314 T110.S. H. IIOWLUS, President J. K. SCOTT, Cashier A§ien County State Bank lOLA: I^ANSAS EST.VRLISIIED A Ql tini-R OF .1 CE-XTURT. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 IXTEHEST P.VID 0-\ TI.WJE I )E1 O.-JT.S S.VFETY DErOSIT BOXES fOK KEJiT —Here Is a remedy that win care ^our cold. Why waste time and mon- ar experimenting when y-ju c^n get a preparation that ha^ won a worldwide reputation bj: Its cures of this disease and can always be depended noon? It \% known evBiilrwhere as Ch*mberlaln *8 CouRh .He|np*r. and is lOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON' TIME DEPOSITS J- E. HORyiLLE, /'res. IV. S. KArF31.\X, 2nd TIce Prej. J. 11. CAMl'BELL, Cashier. A. y\. BECK, Vice-rrcs. ' F. 0. BE.\SOX, AssL Ca >iMer SAFETY DEPOSIT BOXES FOR ,KEXT. If your .bens In France the i >erson8 who are einr pipped in,the cultivation of Ahe vine

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