Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1954
Page 2
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stAR, HOM, ARKANSAS * ,miIil without bid! euf> , , ,, Minneapolis) Minn. (j ls very fond of his dog, "Shop," and fie should be.- Recently when- ah angry cow butted the child to the 'ground, Shep,came Jo 1 his masterJMeaetife W httffn* the cow give gifound.wlttt much 'barking and sriarlifig. A f&m- hand workirig on the Stevens farm saved the boy before he was seriously har'med. , ,^ ,90 , B 81,25 99 C 50.75 cars 96 B 6l,75. , , Eggs un'&ftled, receipts 20,849; hblSsaie buying* price's, unchanged to Ijcent Jdwei? V., S. large 38,-39.5; U/S'. «ed¥ms '30; if. S. Standards' "35'.6 cuffeht receipts 34.5 checks" dn£f d'irties33 . ^.CHICAGO, March 29'Wl — Grains rieisdedilCvWGr^after.-a'/show; of firnv n'eBs' durirjgj<>the<, first hour^on^th'e JbardMrTrade.'today, 'By the firne ^ -»---«--' i ^arig. losses .mounted Decision in State ROCK {#) the Arkansas Suprefflf* Court tdday handed dawn" these" dccdisfons: fillfp Oofr #ug$fi« and other v<) Howard E Wacastef, appeal from Franklin Circuit Cotirt, reversed O. W fooblp vs, city of Little ftdck, Pulft^Ui Chancery Court, affirmed, Ray tifewls vs. T M Phillips, Van Bureh Circuit Court, affirmed./ Clarence Long vs state, Jeffer- sort Circuit Court, affirmed Pred T Mnddock Vs L A. Me- ClendOfl and others, reversed. Clark County vsl C/ P, Mitchell, Clark Circuit ourt, affirmed. ,^ A Puerto Hican conilltutlon 'modeled on that of the United Staes s approved by he U § Congress and a vote of the Puerto Itj6an people in 1952 ' / tumbled to new laws for th pjia-t several yoais, Whnatals a took u, fairly heavy noiind'ng, paiticulai- ly.the May delivery. cw crop soybeans were independently firm most of the sossioh Wheat closed 1 to S'/s'jower, Ma-" $l2.18'/i-g, corn ^ to \ cent lower, May $1.S4-$J,$5, voats '4-s, lower May 75"n rye 5 — B'' 2 lowei Mfly ,$2103'/4'$1,03. and soybeans 2 to 3V 2 higher, May $3 67'/ 2 -$1 68 Cash wheat: None, gctn: No. 1 yellow lake 1.58--; No. 1 aM 2 yellow 3.59; 'No. 3 1.57V.,-'58"> No 4 1. No. 8 1.55 sample giado J.47-54., Q&ts'. Ifo. 1 while 80, No 2rie&vy''wh'ite,80 1 /i-$li No 2 white 78, Soybeans: Nbne. Barley H&mirtat:' 'Maltlti^ 1 20 62 feed 92H.14, Field seed per 100 lb* nominal':' .Whftt? >,. clovoi 10 5011.00; "r'ed top 57.00-58.00, alsike 1750-18.00. timoth# O12.50-13 50, red clbver, 27.00-28.00. YQR K COTTON \y, YORK, JtfWch. 29 futures drifted Iqw6l today on scattered , liquidation '_ .a;nd hedgin^ wh^cK m^ only^sc"al'e-down tfado siipydrt t and sbo'rt coyehng Switch j^ig from nearby -May," to later months wis rtjo'der'ately activr Sto'w- conditions, In 66ttoft textiles and spot markets created a heti- itn' irfe in fUur??. i' "tabr ''afternoon prices were It) ,td '30 -'cefitiT a fl bale IbW^r than the 'OVtsj 1 ; clos^, t May- 34 V34, Juiy and, Qct. ^33. ' $$$$$ GO UP IN THI§ SMdRE—Gas escaping from a well 16 mites southwest of tfobbs, tf. M., 1 is burning at the -rate oi $1.16 worth every second That's an estimated lOO.OOo.OoO cubw fe6t 6 day, enough to supply a dty the size of Ft. Worth, Tex., with all the fuel it needs. Gas Was ignited, when it was forced froth the well by underground pressure, causing either^ a friction spark or fin' arc in a broken electric lamp. The steel drilling derrick 6ver the well melted and toppled oVer, within two hours. The chaired mass at left (arrow) was a $38,000 well-cementing truck caught i too close to the well when the gas "blew." »| Three Die in Fire ' in Kansas City KANSAS CITY. Mo.' (UP) — Three men were killed yesterday in a f 11 e that swept the two upper floors p£ a small hotel in downtown Kansas City Police identified the dcnd as Blackie Baiton, 39, who was ir> jured fatally when he leaped frojrt a third floor window Solomon D*avid Blantbn, 77, 9 pensioner, and Charles Crouseu, 79 forrnerly a county employe The bodie S "of Blanlon and Ciouse were found on the third floor of the three-day stiuctuie the Walker hoiel. Five firemen were injured in fighting the blaze but none was seriously hurl. File department officials believ* ed the blaze staited in a trash closet It raged foi more than five horn* as dozens of firemen fought to bung it under control Fir6 department 6fficiais estimated loss in the' blaze, which guttfd the lop two floors yt the; 'old building about $15,000. ,Th&' hotel was located half a clock from police headquarters n STRANOE PLAC£ FOft SKIS—Marine Ffc. Robert G. Everett, training at Ft. Richardson, Alaska, xfrould be thfe first'one in the world to agree. Bui after reading hls.stofy you'll probably W sympathetic with his predicament. "While practicing his skiing, Everett ran into a moose. After a' lengthy staring period, the moose made the first move and Everett made the second move— straight up the tree,- skis and all. After a half hour he was res-" cued by a, group of men who scared the moose olf with blank , cartridge shots. >A French Line Banned i at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK fM—"The French li." a movie featuring a sexy dance by Jane Russell moved out into -the subrubs today after run- ing into oposition from the Little Rock Board of Censors and the Catholic Legion of Decency. The board ordered cutting of the scene in which Miss Russell gyrates in a skintight black gown The, Legion of Decency told Catholics to stay away from the movie entirely. The bord selected; a three-mem 1 her comm'itl'ee to attend the fitst showing at a downtown theater. The group huddled outside the theater and decided-that 'the 1 scene \vas objactionable. Mrs . Charles Craig, one of the c6rnmitlec members, said: "When she (Miss Russell) came out in that red dress that wassail right except maybe her bosoms were jiushVd up too hig^. But when she'pulled that black outfit on us— Whew." „ SO vVJHO'S EXCITED?-rNoted athe'dwt-pBd actor since Buster Keaton, Alan Ladd faced (fie toq test,of deqd- panness when he m,e» Marilyn Monroe in Holly wood M receive Photoplay Magazine's Gold Medal awards as "Best Aetptf' a,nd "Best Actress" of 1953 .Ap seen above, the" proximity ,10 Marilyn failed to crgck Ladd's,deadpan record. Ladd was panned for his work in "Shane" Marilyn foi her performances, ^"How to Marry a Millionaire" and "Gentlemen PrVfer Bl6hdes." Broadcasters Name Officers fvafflKm^ *AV •'. ^4J»Ol4/i* >, k ,*,*. • •_„ >h and deserves a factual ^f'vffif-????'"^ 1 ?"" l ° uy news PaP er advertising you pT V^Mfl*^ fnv|stment in every copy of the paper l^ 1 1 - fWll^^fl? 8 y° ur S8&s message because the cirqu« fe% /lapojilf the newspaper is also the circulation of &, . '^l>t^%»eing, So, what you get in retyrn fpr K /^^wra^rtising dollars depends on'the news$s' 'Vl^^^^iflatlon,. In order that you may buy *% 'Ll^ftCj^Sfl't^'iiewspap'er as ypu wowld ^ake ariy *The Av#t Pgreqy of CIrcul«r,» ,i lions U a coppeVatiVe,' nonprofit 1 o^ipcifltlon <jf 3,450 iadyertlseri/ > J *i Jn 1 for teVjSn^ r? pprting slre«btion ( ^CT5. A sound business investment, we hold membership in the .Audit Bureau of Circulations,* well known to, advertisers and publishers as A.B.C. Only publications with paid circulation-evidence that peo* pie want ihe papeV-a^e eligible for membership, At regular intervals one of the Bureau's large staff of experienced Circulation auditors conies to our o^ce to mafa a thorough audit of our circulation records. The FACTS that he obtains as a result of the audit are published in A.B.C. reports which tell you: How much circulation we nave; Where it goes; How obtained; How much people •pay for our paper, and many other'FACTS that you need ,iii order to KNOW what you get for your advertising money, It's never n'ecessary for our advertisers to ask, <f Oh, wBr'e is my wandering ad?" They get tHe F-ACTS from our A.B.C. report and KN0W. tot 6 copy today, &r? , i > .' 4! '' - $ 't ^ ^"blWPr-v-^r''^i' 1 ^') 1 ^^ LITTLE BOCK — The new piesident of the Aijcansas Associated Press Broadcasters Asso elation zs Ted Woods of ladio station KOSE at Osceola. Woods was named to the post neve yestfiday to succeed L B Tooley of mdio station KXAR at Hope, Bill Bjfley, KVMA, Magnolw, vice president EVans, KLI/P! RA, LitUe Rock; Ceqil Smith KUIffl OA, Siloam Springs; and Sam An- deijson, KFFA,, Helena, da ector-i Oliver Gramlmg assistant ger- cial manager 6f the Associated Press, and Justin R Andeison, AP executive represntative, spoke at the meeting The Aikansas Daytime BrOa< casters Association resolved to continue their fight to get an extension o"f broadcast time from the Federal Communications Com mission. Mutual Affiliates of Arkansas voted to becorne n permanent or gamzation and named Andeison president Jack Parish of KOTN Pme Bluff, - wa's elected vice president * (OS RANCH ALL CONTEST EVENTS * WILD HOR$| RACE * BULL RIDING * SAPDLIi^QNC * BUU P0GING * BARE 6AGK $500,00 ADDED TO PURSE SQUARE DANCE dN H0£$f JACK TBLCK & FANCY B»£ii~ HIGH JUMPING HORSI TRICK RQPIINO l I > T " ^ s J v '^ e > v W WfTH MAP OF CANADA'S URANIUM AREAS . "CANADIAN URANIUM WITHOUT COST OR OBLIGATION '' MAIL GEORGE HOGARTH, untu LIMITED n{i *L^ 95 KING STREET EAST." •^T TORONTO, CANADA, ' ADDRESS Don't buy any cdi' until you drive ONE in power! CHRYSL Anything less i$ yesterday's car! NUNN - MCDOWELL MOTOR co 3rd & Walnut Hope,, Ark #fW •>**?•-^/»»>s"« ?}••; 'f ~,— r ~*, •• \* <- "-,:- >s/-, »v r-'-,' *. -*•," ' "\ V.A. ,. vt •»'••* ^ ' ' * ' •» s " Yoor machinery is always in a BUTtER Building Yog don't have to waif» ttnie overhauling rusted machinery when you keep'it in a weather-tight Butler steel building!,You get njec;h»n,e;ry JW"^»4;pwt fa8(:eri t ,^ tpo, through big sji^lp'g; d^ors ?n,8}d,?9, en4? or both) Rigid frame stefj eon«tr«ct|6|t wi$ jalvanjzed or , aluminum coverjn'g fives unobetr«pt§d spwe Trom floor to roof, you get mM $pa'^e,per dollar in ^ wind- safe, Hghtjtfnjjf'Wfti fire-safe 0u^l'er building! ' befpro yew Why waste dollars in , .,, high-maintenance construction wh?n y°w 8*t ? perjrtar^nt Butler building at such r^fwwWe ,990 ? Is sure to get our price b^fpr'e ypu b«ildl

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