Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER,,TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 23.1912. Wednesday, January 24th= Beginning at 9 a. m. and Continuing All Day This sale of Embroideries is one that should interest the ladies of Jola immensely. .The assortment consists of 2,000 yards of New Embroideries and Insertions in various widths, lehgths and patterns—a lucky purchase, lately bought of a New York jobber. We secured the assortment at much less thaii its real worth, and these beautiful embroideries come to ycu in the same un- derpriced manner. The collection consists of Nainsook, Swiss and Hamburg Embroideries, in Edges, Insertions and wide widths, Allovcr Embroideries in handsome patterns. SEE WINDOW DISPLAY. Not a yard will be sold until 9 o'clock Wednesday morning, in order to give all ample time to share in the distribution, and none will be reserved for anyone. All will be given an even chance to secure the best bargains. These Embroideries, if bought and sold in the regular way at regular prices would cost you 2oc, ']'H ', 'iOc and (J5c per yard. Pick as you will, use your best judg­ ment—Wdcnesd ay mr at 9 o'clock. A YARD ONLY 15 cents: 113, East Madison RICHARDSONS 113 East Madison Cbc New Chinese enamel For FLOORS. FURNITURE.. BATH ROOM^. ETC. PEBSONA ^ALK ON IT. StriKe U -with . I hammer, or pour .^•tt>r on Hand saiWfy yov^rsalf, ths: thU tiarnUh will not crack or turn white, j fOS. SJtLE Wlli:\ 1U:1J 15VIK A( HKS A Woiiiiin Fiiid^ All lf <T Ktursj .mil j .liii!iiliiin Slippiii".: Vi^;iv. I .nnd ii.iins that <.'>:v.r w;..':! iiiijr .ix- } Jail iiiake VV:--' ••: i ir;-:' '".M k.n a-. ' hill iJain?. 'r. : •-. i':.. > .-iil'-. I'.ir- • Iro.-r '.T'.i: lirii'.':; aii • .' j <1i 'al;!iy apiprfai!; of !;ro^^y n; liriu'nis ln-i-a?- li'.'ir."- K!.:n> y, i'ii". • arc fi 'F k!(;;>y.-- i^r.'y T;-'v n-'.tck kidnv.v l-y ,-• •iJ;::';; cause ••: ii ir. ;in •svonianV w in!?: Mrs. .In;;: ''•:••}•. r.U- K ,i;:rili .^I lola- Knn.s . .-.!>>: ••."•^y 'rMn.y- \>vr> disor.ler.d ar. i i -r.v .r i E.y ]•:•,,:: ache a ;;rt-:i: .;";•..! AV'.-r; li -ins Ki':- rry Pii's \\.'.-. !.;•':;::;.; ;M r.:y W.-r.- tioc. I ;:'<(] i;.r:;j :;::;! T ;.cy c.;v.- :!..• i::: iiidiia!!' Tvll-:. An .i;:;. :• n.'r i>f my fan^i'y w..f in u xv -ai-. I 'i;- on i.ipiiDc. P<i.T!:"s Kiilnoy Pills .was i.v.':i-.\. 1 :at:o .ismir, Sivini; r.r..y <n(1or.<'::.fn. For .-a!c '.y a!! ,ioa:rr?. }'::'•' "• .• Fosicr-Milhuni r,>. ISiiiTain. N. Y.. .to!<> ai;.:'nts Tnivd .'^*a:o=. U<.; i!;-^ r;-i;y:.,—DnanV'—acl take no other. It to ll.' « '•I wi! n.t- i;.' : .vf i!. r; \V:.:k or, "onr tii;:.> wh- •'. 1 V, ill .. hii: cji;. ] h.^d (>i -ca?'o:i vi-i- n b:-. b'.is:;:» ss estHt )lisi "7K -nr. As 1 v..ur in I asked a fellow •wi'.o v.-;,s ?cr.:: -i •• -iii-i^ a mo'.'-'.-T ';• sji d (••.:' a prunt and .;;.iv.. in'' ;i<. s:.'i-i u-'ioli. I •went on in and :>. >oui;-- f :i..-,v st> d- ped un and ask>-d v>!.;:: h.. couM do for nif. I lu!) him i)ri !ly. 11- vas very \vSu-> .t:'. :,!:.!!•!.• :ind himsf'.f or.t ;o iv. - :•• l :;vi 'r. F'ivi- years iat.-r I v ..7:- iri'.v .^:.>;:i plate. I :iotif'd niy j.dri-.. triir.d in the nar at a hie disV liiciatins a letter to a sii-!U!?ra';ii'r. I ask.d a clerk if my "r.-^tMi'!:d .s:!!! cra)*lcy(d thi re. "V s lir! he. lii is .no" Itie laanacrr.' I wi -nt hack uni t!ie now nui'i.ig. r cam'> foruard and niisw'rid all v;y nursuon?: as plensar.l!y and as kir.d'y a? he did when a jr.ere e!c-k ll.> had not chanptd a Lit in aff.i'djiiy. As I went out 1 alinoEt ran ov^j- a fellow who •was polishiiic a t-rass railing in front of on? of tlie ennnrer.- It was the Bame fello'v w},o r'firmed the uncivil .inswer tli« first ti:;i.' 1 went into the place. He vas still drawing th:rty -fi \e dollars a t;:'inih for scrubbing floors i»nd j>oIishins brass. The now roanager got thirty when he start ed in there. Put he smiled while the scrubber growled." ^% Monejr. R. M- Cua&ingiiaio. Comjiany ^^. had its rc.uular month ly m-isiir last niiUu at the armory, .•iiid il-.e I'ay ii)r the second i|uartir of 1: II v.a* d'.'Jii'.-.sid. Tiie vole on the ar.utial military l.'a!l was I'cstiionid. K. K Ham, e ,-ishiir nt tlie Mi.ssonri P ;.ci (ie d'po: wil! liavf soon for Coi- feyville to take a position wiih tlie same coini>any. —Dr. ITIrt, Osteopath, Tel 487, »8S. M 'Mle Munc'T went to Wichita this inrniii^' v\?:tfo he has •.niri'ttd a j)o- Si: ii<n. \V. S. (""icodin rir'ivrd a tele?;r.!ni :l is innriiiii.c from C .'0. Xicl'.olsoii in t'!;i(.iio str .iin^ his son t;. A. N .i !;u's(i:i wi.ii luid. rw. ut ati oi;era- ',i >!• UT app. ndii iris yi.s!« rd.-iy is tiiii; aloHK line. • If you wi'.nt priv.ite lesson."; in i;ki:>';i ^ & Torm T\l'r:\Vi:iTINT. enrol! this nionih. M-nKi. ••.r.KWF.ii P110N1-: NIrs F. IJ. riiiirch of .Mioona who \ i~ h->n in "'n cii.v \isilini; h-r sis- :er. .Mrs W K. liavis reiurn-d hoi; e !(^a: y. T'li Mi-so 'iri Pacific puts a new ••I!" c.iv i 'f ' ir xt Suiid:'y. .No m 'rial ciiiiti:;' ..^ in tli • titric «f r!ir Ier:.i :i:i;us js all'ii ip.-i!"d. ;.s a:.'nl NiiitU '-r h;'? ijilt h.'-n aOvIs-d iif any ;.,-i :c..l '.l.; .n-;t;r" from the r.^-MiIar Coiiiplexinns Flaked Off .It Homo (From Pilgrim Magazine.) ' The iiirl witli the poor complexion (< inpl.iins. '•] h.-ive to touch up my (•t;eck<. I am sallow and a sight and only n:y makeup saves mc." .\e\v as a matter of fact, more w.-iinen .s.|)oil their Kood looks than Ini ;i; ive iheni with cosmetics. The prac [tiie certainly is inexcu.sable now that j Mie virtues of ordinary im^rcolized wax linve heconie known. The mereolide in the wax has wonderful ahsorbent j i>e',vers. It canses the faded or dis- [ •.•iiio -ed scarf skin to flake off in minute, aliiiost impercepilhle particles, so I uently. Kvadually, as to cause no in' (iMUi uience at all. In this way the oiinideNion Is actually removed— liK .wise all fine lines, pimples hlotch I fs. nioih patches or other surface de, fi < t.. .\ new complexion appears—a ch-nr sninoth. youthful, healihy-hued kin such as no paint, powder or lo\\tm can produce. An ounce of mer- '.o 'ized wax. to ho had at any drup si.ire. is .sufficient. It is applied like i -<ild cream. —No tr'Mihlo t'l ^ive ronkoy's Roup r. -dy .lu.-r a pinch in drinkinu .J • r T •' (".v/s take (i.i ir onn iii .nc. V'l:- rale by Morri.^ ^- llow- >i.-s Mary it<rk who Incame rn-n- t..'!.v d aiKiut six week-- a;:o ;.:el •\as !; k TI ;O the saniiarium for .•tnnn' ]••!< v..s;.rday for fii^rlin?;- ton 10 visi'. rrlatives. .She l;as h. en r:::if,;ial ii>r S'ii:ii- ;inr.- hut htr eoii- d:-'on was not such as to warrant her r. '.as.-. —Dr. I.nrr 'H. Hnll, Osteopath- 1( leplione 120 and 6C1. .Mr. :;i:d Mrs. Earle Deleplain of f'lrivii' ar.. !!!.• parents of a son born .Snnday niiiit. .\*rs ^'.T.iin'-r.-; who has h-<n at tl'.e sa ;ii';.ri'!ni for s« v :ra! wt i ks takin? 'r aim'-n! was r'movd lo h'^r home it; Gas City yes'eniiy. —If yonr. fhi!drc?n are subjer ' r; • hs of cr'-«!!p. watch for th "^-^v •^y r,;t')m, hoar-eness . Give Ch lain'? C; ir-'h Ilenicdy as soon r'- r>.ild beeonies hoarse and 'lie '.•»•' n-.-iv le warded off . For sale • d ale.-s. C" H P:-arl •. of Top"ka. slate aR.nt fr.r th" (.'ohiitihia Fire insurance com pany was in the city today adjustinj; li-f loss on the \V. J. Woodsidc prop- -riy at T >.iy Kast street. Hood's Sarsaparilia Cures all humors, catarrh and rheumatism, relieves that tired feeling, restores the appetite, cures paleness, nervousness, builds up the whole system. Get it todar in usual liquid form or chocolated Ubleu caUed SBreatalM* I llinry AUierdwine returned this niomiuK from Fi. Scott having driven to that city in an auto y. sterd.iy. j .Tames Finley today purchased (he I n .ivid Kwart f.irm just north of the ; lulu l^Icelric power house. • —It will he to your interest to buy I vo'ir Fiour and Feed of H. Klaumann, 1 20c S. Jefferson. Phone 259. lir. S. S. Hilscher was in Chanul< ysiurday assislinii in evaiiKelistic m "etit>;:s at tlie I 'ri shyierian church. He returned last nlaht anj Went to Chanule again this morning. Rev. O. C. Mooniaw is in Indejiend- -nee attendini: the district conference of the Christian church. —The W. C. Teats Realty Co., Kress Old;;. Office rooms 22 to 24. .T.ick ScJileiehel: of Iluntholdt was in the city this morning enrouK; to his home from a visit in Wichita. —!>«- O. L. COX. Ornllst. The nights of Pythias at their regular meeting last night conferred iht rank of Knight on five candidates. Baxter D. McClain lost a valuable ing ^Tsoll watch .Monday and believes he dropped it somewhere. —The P.ooster Club will meet at 'iie city hall Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. Mr. F. I.. Walker, a real estate deal- <^r of Stigler, Okla.. arrived here this morning on business. Mr. Walker has been successful, in selling considerable southern Oklalionia land to lo­ la people and has also disposed of a good deal of lola proiierl.v. .Mr! Chas. Secrest of Ida •who has been looking after thi.s end of the business, will go to Stlgler and devote his lime to the business. Miss Elsie M Hopper, of Dronson, ami George C. Sparks of Ft. Scolt, were unlK 'd In marriage yesterday "vtninK In the iirobate court room by Judg'- Smith. —Fred Bowden, Phone 78S. Period Deeontor. Ottawa Herald: A bowling team from lola will be here Wednesday night to bowl the local team, Ottawa *as been defeated several times by lola and the local team will try to retaliate on this occasion. D. H. Busb of Sontb Washington street, is reported to be very danger- oaiilf m. 7AeLifeofJosepr (From Dnngeon to Palace) Rev. Goodrich, of LaHarpe, will deliver a Icctnre for the benefit of lola AV. O. W. lodge nt their ball in the K. of P. hall, on Friday Evening, Jan. 26 There will bo a musical program In addiUon to the lecture and a pleasant evening Is assured. All Invited. ADMISSION J^REE! /( IS part of my profetxional seroice to ahoto tvomen hoa> tc correctly wear their coraeta Let me select and fit. in the •«• elusion of jrour home, that comfortable, clnssy, perfect garment— \ Spirella Corset No other is so llexitle, yet permanently shape- retaining as Spirella Boning Light, cool, sani. tary,comfortable. Guaranteed for one year .ixainst rust or breakage. My personal , .j Bcrviccsi are free. Iguaranteeaprr- fcct fitting, modish Spirella Corset, An •pr <-iatmf-nt wtlh ni« iitcrt ho t4 >Iiii**ioa on you—it MTinsat to your coQvroienci% PoBtcardorphonm | Co/' f'tti7/ hrinp m«. Mr*. Gartrud* Chapln (J19S. .Sjcamore I'hanrSit 15% Reduclion on all Suit Cases and Traveling Bags Mr. and .Mrs. Joneg of 8 North Fourth .street arc the parents of a ;.:irl born this morniufe'. Harry Davis is making a visit of several weeks to his farm in Dallas, Ark. Kd.Uutler shipped a car load of cat- lie to Kansas City last night. Miss Margaret Hreckenridge will leave tomorrow for Kflinghain, Kas., to make her home. —IC. .>I. .\n(rnui. Painting and Pap- erlnir. Phone Giil. Orlin Stone went to Kansas City this afternoon for a visit of several days with friends. .Tack Hume.* left tast night for a imsincss visit in Omali.a. nf^rr .'>lnrt r< tiirni ^d lasl night from .1 busini to points in Westi rn Kansas. Folej*- Ileney and Tar Coniponnd. —.-. '.•aid:- family 'medicine. Give it -.II children, and take it yoursel; you feel a cold coming on. It diceks and cures coughs and rohls and croup and prevents bronchitis and pneumonia. J. D. Mundis Co. r How MuGh More Could You Earn if yoiir brain vus in condition io do its be.*! nurk! .\ hard -norltini!: hrain mnst he fed—Jnst ns siireljr and ularlj as other part.s of the bodjr. Feed your lirain right and you have Inlien a step forward. Grape - Nuts FOOD —made of nheut and barley, U rich in bniin.bnlldinK nintertal, surh (IN Phosphate of PoUiNh, which !•* Rrown in lhe»e natural food grains ThouHandH who »!«c tJrapc- \»\* and cream regalarlir get results— sturdy health and clear thinklnsr. Thltt food may be Just what yon need—and ''There's a Reason'* Postum Cereal Company. Limited Battle Creek. Mich.. U. S. A. 951^ HE.IRT B.ILX BESIBED. C «^^•.,WVVG1 ?EE^E . 1 I .Tanuary 0. i;)12. I ' f'aplain William Woodriis Green | ! to .Miss Gertrude Mncfarlalne Dr. | 1 One broken heart |.-.0,(Mm I ' Dne wedding trousseau.... 1,000 | I I • Total ».M.000 i ! , I This statement, couched in legal verbiage and filed In the form of a suit for damages, tells briefly the denouement of a San Francisco society romance that ended disastrously on Friday, October 13th tho eve of the day fixed for tlic marriage. Tlie plaintiff Is .Miss Gertrude Mac- far/aine a society bells of this city and llonolulu, and daughter of the former chamberlnlrf of the court of Hawaii. The deefndant is Captain WllUam Woodus Greene of the Jap­ anese'tn rbine JIner Chlyo Maru, favor ite of the Mikado of Japan, and who wears more medals for service rendered the ./apanese government than any other Anglo-Saxon. TIME TO TAP 3LVPLE TREES! .llready the First Suin ;e8tioD !i ofj Spring arc Felt. "It's' getting time to tap the maple trees." said an old settlor this morning, "When it freezes at night and •;ets warm during the day, that's the lime." Of course, some maintain that majile trees shouldn't be tapped earlier than February, but that doesn't obsctire the- suggestion in tho •w'ords of the old settlers that spring is near. With Arctic weather but a feiw days past the cold has been cast into oblivion, and already severe cases pf spring fever are reported. A barefoot boy was seen on the streets yesterday and not because ho didn't have shoes and stockings, either; groups on the street corners are talking of going 'ishlng, already the desire is felt to see the first robin of spring and this is January! NO MONOPOLY III STEEL TIUDE riTY TE .\.'tt 3I .\TCHES (J .VMES. ••The Hoostcrs" Have Secured a Game IVilh the Stronp Florence Teanu The city ba.«ket hall team which was organie/.d somo time ago by Carl Uohorts, and which has recently been named "The noo .>>tcr3 " has been pr.-ic tlcing rgu'larly and strenuously, although •» ithout much noise and Is nov in suth good form that games are being sought with some of the leading teams of the state. Mr. Uoherts :s correspontling with a number of te.ims o)pr the state, but the first definitely matched game of any Im- iioi i.'n-.; is ti..'.: with the Florence Kas., high .-chool team, which will oc •:ir In this city a week from next Friihsy. This team Is a very strong one. and If the locals win this game they will at once become prominent in m.-ket ball circles over the state. It possible thr.i a practice game wil! ,e ilf.^ed wi'!| I '.i,- yates Center team ;:'C time 'text week. I lid you ever notice that the pub- lie, as a rule, does not stfeak of a :i!ill of. Fare" In exactly the proper ter?!).s? That is, it is very infre- luently called a bill of fare. Following are some of the names which have been applied, in a local restaurant to the bill of fare: Program, score card, price list, rule book and altiiaiiac. One railroad man Invarfa- !v speaks of the bill of fare as the Lull of lading. PUfc'SII>E>T OF TRIST VERY E-W- PII.VTIC l> HIS TESTIMO.NY. He i>eclared That Such Monopoly Was Neither Possible .\or Desirable In This t'onntry. The Board of Directors of the Y. M. C. A. will hold a meeting tonight at hte Association building for the pur- lose of electing officers and appointing committees for the year.' At the meeting the annual report of the As- .sociation i:i,>on which Secretary E. V. Berry has been busy for the past several days, will be read. Mr. Berry .says thai the report for the year 1911, which will be given out tomorrow for publication, will be generally very satisfactory, and will show the largest attendance for the year of any year In he history of the local Association. Those who consider the present warm spell should"remember the sayings of our forefathers and be less lated: "January warm, the Lord have raercv!" That is one of the old ayings. Following are some others wlilch may seem contradictory: . "A favorable January brings us a good ear," "If grass grows In January it grows the worse-for all tho year," Always expect a thaw in January." The .Vllen. County Poultry Association will hold a meeting tonight in the office of Call Peterson to finish up busines.o nttittcrit connected with the re'.ent ijcuitry stow. Manufacture of Portland cement has almost become a Swiss specialty. In the Jura region the banks of the streams are almost lined with cement factories. The Industrial production of the French city of Marseilles amounted last year to the sum of $266,340.0P0. Tbe nninber of- vessehi that entered" [the port-lMt yew ww 8,319. (Ity itii- A-isofialcd Prcs-s) Washington. Jan. 23.—Emphatic de- nia' that the United States Steel Corporation is a "monopoly as charg- oif was made to the House Investl- gatlng committee today by President F'arri'll. He declared it was not tho puri,ose of the corporation "to gobble the export trade of the world at any cost." •The monopoly it the Iron and steel trade in this country," said Farrell •'is neither possible nor desirable, There is no monopoly nor anything ajijiioaching it. Since the steel corporation was organized there has been much new capital attracted to the industry and many furnaces have been built which are not controlled by the Steel Corporation." EiYert of "fJary Dinners." In his testimotiy yesterday President Farrell a.sserted that the "Gary linners,'' at which steel manufacturers assembled to discuss the trade, had no influence in fixing or maintaining prices, though he thought they lind influence in maintaining the sta- hility of the markets "I do not believe." he said, "that •he iirices of any two steel manufac- 'urer.s in the United States today are iliko" "Why has Judge Gary said that the lay of comiietition has passed?" ask- id Representative Beall. "I think he referred to destructive on;petltion,' said Mr. FarreU. "As I matter of fact steel prices today M -e very low. There is no doubt that reports of son;e corporations soon to ijc trade will show they are not getting the cost of manufacture out of present prices." Fiurell Belicres in Publicity. "Are you one of the apostles of this new cult of industrialism advocating government control of corporations as suggested by Judge Gary, Mr. Carnegie and others?" "I believe there should be publicity of corporations that this should show profits and losses,'and general conduct of business," said President Farrell. "I think there should be a su- Iiervising boArd, but 1 believe it would l)e impracticable, almost impossible, for a government board to fix prices, even to fix maximum prices. To determine the cost of articles manufactured In the steel business one requires a corps of hundreds of experts. I would have a supervisory board which would have authority to investigate all corporations for the purpose of preventing not only unusually high rates, but also unusually low rates which would result in reduced wages and impairment of the plants." Mr. Farrell said be did not believe that the Sherman law should be repealed but that it should be clarified so that business men would know ex;- actly what to do under It. .\dTocntc;< Better Ralls. President Farrell told the committee that steel rails In this country which sell for ?28 a ton, the basic priqe. supply only half the market. Si>eciai rails are made at higher prices. He also urged more expensive rails for safety. "Rails today," he said, "are too near the danger zone of brlttleness. The liability of breakage and danger is greater than in the days of the softer rails. We should have rails with a lower grade of carbon and of softer, steel. They would necessarily be heavier and would cost more." Mrs. Chester Hartpence who has been at the ^nitarium for three weeks was taken home today. Big Mop Gr^y Prices "want'your ordm and are going to make prices that will bring theniw' , 25 bttnches fine yellow Ban ^Liias,. doz. ... 15c 2 ixMa-ior 25c 10 ((iiirciiciiV good ripe BaYii(has, dozen . .10c 5 bbjir fiAe Red Apples, per peck 35c 10 boxes fine "Sunkist" Oranges, 150,176,200 100 pe Northern; Po(ijB^^/(no frosted: on^) $U;. $1.25: New «oittvsheU English Wa ^nWlb. 15c WOLF'S. PUI^Iim FLOUB. Wo have tin Ij/nd 200 sacks Wolf's Premium Fiour with . another car on track and for^j this week only will offer It to. our qustomers at a strictly Jobber's^price of. per 8ack„81.35*^ TMa Is a low price for fiour on Se present market and it will be higher next week. Better bUi'^ a few sacks this week. Wolfs, Premium Flour Is a strictly high patent and . wo. \ guarantee every sack to be satisfactory or mbney refunded. Forest King Flour, sack—$J.1Q-, Hudson Cream FlourJ $1.40 Turkey Patent Flour fil.40. Old Glory Flour $1.95 Perfection Patent Flour—IIJO .J 10 lb. sack Corn Meal 22c 1"7 lbs. Granujated Sugar 1 I with f5 grocery order—V ' 2 lbs- 25c Coffee 4.)C 50 lb. sack Salt SIOc Swift's Premium Oleomargar- ' ine. per lb. 25c/ Monarch Oleomargarine, per. lb. only 20c. iVrmour's Oleomargarine, two • lbs. for 35p 1^ Good Oleomargarine lb—15c " 10 lbs. Ginger Snaps 75c Iowa Belie, Snow Bail, Kellcy Cream Gold Medal or Con-' grcss Brand Sugar Corn. 2 cans for 15e Dozen cans 9Pc, Early Jitne .Peas, can lOe Large cans Tomatoes, 2 for iSe Small Tomatoes, can 10c 3 cans Pumpkin 25j5 'i cans Hominy 85c 12 cans Hominy »0e Van Camp Pork & Beans. 3 cans for 25c Large cans Beets 10c • 3 large cans Milk 25c G sma'l cans Milk S6c 3 cans Oysters ; 25c 3 cans Kidney Beans 25c 2 cans Gooseberries 25c 2 pkgs. Mince Meat 15c 5 pkgs. Mince Meat S5e 3 pkgs. Seeded Raisins...^25e. 2% lljs. Bulk Raisins 25c 2 lbs. PrunjBS 25c 4 lbs: Pink fieans ^^„a«c' '4 lbs. Navy Beans -86«. 3 IbSi- Lima Beans 25e 4 lbs. Japan Head Rice—25c 3 lbs. Fancy Head Rice...25c 5 lbs. Broken Rice 25c . 6 lbs. Rolled Oate 25e 7 lbs. Flake Hominy B5c .=) lbs. Bulk Starch Site 100 Clothes Pins lOe Large pikg. Gold Dust 20e 8 pkgs. washing Powder—25c. 7 bars Lenox or Silk Soap 25e 6 bars Naptha Soap 23(B 4 lbs. Soda 25c Black Pepper, pound 25c Whole Pepper, lb. »e: 3 pkgs. Macaroni 25e^ 5 lbs. Buckwheat Flour—..25e, 3 lbs. Soda Crackers 25c 3 lbs. Ginger Snaps 25c. 20 lb. box Crackers $1JI& Japan Tea. lb. 50e Imp. or G. P. Tea. lb «0e Package Coffee, pound 25(! Com Starch, pkg. ..5c. % lb. pkg. Cocoanut I5c % lb. Baking Chocolate-.lSe-* 5 boxes-Matches ... 15e.- 12 boxes Matches 35^ 4 S^'sacks-ISible Salt„..15e 5 g*lon Coal OIL. 40c WhMp Syrup, pall 46c^^ RedO^yrup, pall -9^-, Stotie Jar Apple Butter...25c..^ Red Salmon, can 20e Pln» Salmon, can ^lie- Oil Sardines. 7 cans 25c Mus^rd Sardines, 3 cans..25e 25 at. can Punch B. Pow. 20ed 2 la^oz. K. C. B. Powd..-25c I..arge packages Oats 20c 0oo4> Broom JSc Small Sour Pickles. gal..-85c Sauar Kraut, 8 lbs 85c Dili''Pickles, doz 15c Fine', Mackerel, 3 for 85e 10 !«; pall Jelly, -6«e" 2 Ibi Dried Apples 23c 3 Can Mantles—.^ 85e..- Cider Vinegar, gallon—- J85«: 10 lbs. Pure Laid ^..|1A».-. 10 Ifl^k. Compound i»Oe 5 lb* Breakfast Bacon 90e mmilmmmmm

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