Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 25, 1962 · Page 9
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 9

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 25, 1962
Page 9
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$5.5 Million Entertainment Confer to Open South Korea After GI Fun Dollar By CONRAD FINK SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Despite their stern austerity cam-; paigfi, South Korea's military rulers ate betting heavily that they can .provide the American GI the ! off-tQjty fun he seeks. The question bothering some Koreans—and many high-ranking U.S.iOfficers—is whether what the ! government will provide will con- j flict with what American mothers ; and church groups think the GI j should get. i The answer maty determine the j success of Walker Hill, a giant; fun center the government is building with $5.5 million squeezed from Sotitih Korea's lean treasury. It is named by the Koreans in' honor of Gen. Walton H. Walker, the U.S. 8th Army commander who defended the Pusan perimeter in the early days of the Korean war and then drove to the Yalu River. Walker was killed in a jeep accident north of Seoul in December 1950. Walker Hill, overlooking the Han River 10 miles east of this capitla city, is scheduled to open in December and start gathering some of the dollars that many of the 50,000 U.S. servicemen in South Krrea now carry to Japan on furlough. Walker Hill's beautiful 156 acres will contain low-cost hotels, motels, swimming nools, hunting areas, fishing facilities, libraries and steam baths. There also will be bars, night chubs, dice tables, roulette wheels, slot machines, card games and, Young Hobby Club Still-Life Pictures By Using Shadows By CAPPY DICK An easy way for boys and girls to draw still-life pictures is to pin a piece of paper to the wall, place an object so its shadow falls on the paper, then trace the outline of the shadow. This makes drawing a breeze! The stunt is by no means a substitute for true free-hand drawing, but is fun. In daytime the object can be placed so sunshine creates the shadow. At night, a lamp can be placed so it causes the shadow to fall on the paper. F-igure 1 shows the arrangement of paper, object and shadow. Instead of a teapot, any object having an interesting outline may be used. The horse in Figure 2, for instance, was drawn from a little statue. Toy metal soldiers or cowboys may be used, Trace Shadow's Outline JFK Tells Cabinet to Lay Oft Campaigning WASHINGTON (AP) — President Kennedy has told his Cabinet to lay off political campaigning during the Cuban crisis, the White House announced today. Press secretary Pierre Salinger said Kennedy felt that in the current times it would be better if members of his Cabinet, who first orall are needed, in Washington, would not participate in the congressional campaigns. .Several Cabinet members have spoken in 'behalf of candidates. Why let a sickly furnace make your home uncomfortable, endanger your health, run up fuel bill*? for (^oletnan BLEND-AIR Giv«s yov central heating comfort with the strange*! warranty •vtf offered! Save* space you c«n turn Into "Ir* fag" area! Lcurry Kiiesen** Coast-To-Coast Store or a savings bank in the form of an animal. Use a soft pencil to trace the .outline of the shadow, then take the paper 'down from the .wall and .either fill in the outline with water color paints or cut it out and use it as a pattern to cut a silhouette from black paper. If you do the latter, paste the black cut-out on a sheet of light colored construction paper (Figure 3) and you will have a neat picture to hang on the wall of your room. If you are making a shadow picture at niiglht, the light bulb used to project the shadow on the pa/per should be the only light burning in the room . Otherwise, the shadow on the paper may be too distorted and faint. according to informed sources, pretty hostesses. One Korean official says: "We wonder sometimes what all the moms in Ohio and Pennsylvania will think." Gen. Guy S. Meloy, top U.S. soldier in Korea, says he knows from long Army experience that American mothers and church groups will react vigorously. Consequently, he says, if there is prostitution or crooked gambling at Walker Hill, the entire complex Page 9 Clly Thursday, Ocfobsr 25, 1962 will be declared off limits and the Korean government will be "out of luck as far as getting GIs is concerned." Some U.S. servicemen sav Walker Hill couldn't offer GIs anything not offered in most cities of the world and that Tokyo will remain Northeast Asia's biggest attraction. I THINK HE'S A FAKE! I'M &A& tfw THAT. STEVE JANYON, Hear The... Kingsmen Quartet of Dallas FRIDAY, OCT. 26 - 8:00 p.m. ONE NIGHT 'ONLY Assembly of God Church 8th & Kansas Garden City, Kansas NATURAL GAS HEATS 6 TUBS OF WATER Relax. Enjoy your soothing hot bath. There's plenty more hot water where that came from. Piping hot water for laundry, dishes, cleaning—all at the same time. Your automatic water heater replaces hot water as you use it — all for only pennies a week. PEOPLES NATURAL Q Natural gas does so many jobs around the house so well. .. and so dependably. You see, Peoples' experience and efficiency assures that the little gas flame is on the job at the touch of a finger. And Peoples' free service keeps gas appliances operating perfectly. Peoples is a tax-paying company. Peoples' taxes help pay school teachers, policemen and astronauts ... help build schools, highways and jet bombers. In 1960 Peoples and its parent company paid more than $32 million in taxes. &RINO HER TO ME INTACT- BUT THE VANME WOULP fr£ OHUY A BURDEN THEY UIE LOW/ BUT THEY HAVE NOT LEFT THE HILL TOP! I HAVE NOT TAKEN AWAV MY EVES.' NAME OF A P0<3! THE U.S. AIRCEAFT E6- TURNS.'AOAIN. 1 -TAKE COVER.' TH6V FLAIL. THEIR IT I* C0PONEL CANYON —ANP CONSUBLO.' LIEUT. LOOK! TWO PEOPLE STANP BY TO DROP A HANPIE-TALKIE £APlQ TRANS/WITTER.' NEVER PIP I PEEAM I WOULP BE HAPPY TO SEE MV SI5T£K ALONG ON AN ISLANP WITH A MAN.' WE CAN NO LON3ER TRUST THE WEEPIN<3 OLP WOMAN/AND THE M3UN6BR ONE WOULP ON TUB HILLTOP/ CISCO KID. IT AWT OUR YOU P/PNT WARN US HET7 = SO TOU6H / IP YOU WMNT US TO 6O APTEK H/M AGAIN, IT'LL COST you ANPtVELL use &UHS! WHAT? PIP VOJLET) HIM GETAWAY? ./ T MICKEY MOUSE { A PHONB IN ^J HIS CAR,.I'LL (CAUL, HIM ANP SEE WHV HB ISN'T HBRR VBTi Q IMS Will Dlin.r i World Wilt, burnt JjlKtloM f V^l-'l-'r- 7, ""^A YOU'RE /LATE FOR JL PINNEK AT /MINNIE'S! WHAT ( HAPPENED? f t TOOK A ( SHOKT cum BLONDIE NEVER SAW IT ll " Wllil COMMERCIALS WHV DO'VOL* \WANTTO f T WATCH IT ON I C TELEVISION YOU READ THE BOOK AND VOU SAW IT IN THE MOVIES ^. DAGWOOO WHAT ^RE VOU WATCHING? BEETLE BAILEY THEY PON'T HAVE ANY FAITH IN ME.' LOOK AT !E A5SISMV\ENTS TrlEV GAVE ME.' OFFICER: LT. PUZZ RNG-PON6 OFFICER: LT. FUZZ SONS-FEST OFFICES: LT. FUZZ. " ANP THIS LAST ONE REALLY BURNS ME/ H LT. FUZZ OFFICER: CAPT. SCAggARP" SNUFFY SMITH COME OVER TO TH 1 HOUSE, QUICK.DOC!! MY MAN SNUFFY'S GOT A RIFLE-BALL IN HIS LAIG !! AN 1 1 GOTVETH' FASTEST, MULE IN TH 1 HOLLER TO RIDE"OL ( LIGHTNIN"' POGO VSR ANV00DY f»AY$ US PUTTlN' OUT A SOUNCtt T UM^OW, H6S6'5 UK6 TH6 ( «0(3 NOmittAPV . POR WORK'" TH6 0U5W655'" STAMPS AIN'T MO 60QP! COM6TO US" NOT TO NO RlVAU FIRE we 6M P STAMPS THE RYATTS PAMl TAD/-WHAT HAPPENED Tt3 ALL. THE DRANK TWO QUARTB AMD THE Resr OF US SPLIT THE OTHER QUART. ATONE TIME; TAP/ f WBLL.NtXJ SAY NDU /fxl/vrME TO DRINK V LOTS OF MILK, MOM! ^N THE HIGHSCHOOL FOOTBALL CAPTAIN TOLD ME HE PRINKS TWO QUARTS EVERY

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