Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 29, 1954 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, March 29, 1954
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L Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor AI»»- H. Washburn •— How to Spend 25c for a Reasonably Exciting 2 Hours I claim to be a pretty fair judge |f whodunit mysteries, having DBquired several hundred of the paper-backed classics; and my formula for picking 'em is simple. Disregard the picture on the front cover. The more lurid the picture the lousier the stqry is apt to be. Check the author's name Talent is limited in this, as in everything else, and losing a quarter is less important than wasting two hours watching the book die instead of the villain. ^ Above all, check the printing listory, on the fly-sheet inside the front cover. If it shovvs that this is a,reprint from one of the famous sook companies you are pretty safe — some smart operator invested thousands of dollars a couple of years earlier to bring out thisi same story in hard covers at $2 to $3 per copy. And if the original 1 book went to two or three printings you are doubly safe — some of fae best may show 15 or 20 pr.int- H?gs in total editions, priced first at $3, then at'$!,. before coming dovs'n to your 2;>c paper-back level When I was a youngster you wouldn't have dared bring a papor- back book in the house. Of course the supply of titles back then was limited to what the English callei "penny dreadfuls" — Americans called them Nick Carter. ' But ; America being the No. 1 ind of mass production we made ic. paper-back book something of universal intelligence, adding to the original detective-story line a thousand others. • Today you can buy the eternal classics and a thousand reference titles for a quarter each. I had read a friend's copy of "The Iron Mistress," in the original hard-cover edition, and made a memorandum to buy one for my Ijflwn library, since this is the story TJf James Bowie and the famous knife James Black forged for him at Washington, this county — but I found the book as a new paper-back, and tore up the memo. During World War II there was an appeal for books to' be sent to the men overseas, particularly those in the Pacific. I sent out two boxes — and got a unanimous reaction "How come every last one of Jhcm was great?" -Just the. cream .of .the .crop., I sometimes miss 'my. guess on. , the newsstand, but when I get home and find the book is an overripe tomato I drop it .in the wastebasket. So all the ones in the library are at least"tolerable, and when you make from what's left you 55TH YEAR: VOL 55 — NO. 138 Star WEATHBR Arkansas -* Mostly much colder n6rth, this day. Low toftlght 2B-3&, Experiment Station f ending at Monday, High BI.^Low 51 L . Star b» Haiti .1IM, ; f »•*» CohUdlldaf.d JM.--.1ti lUt *,_ HOPE, ARKANSAS, MtiHPAY, MARCH 29, 1954 M«*b«: 1h« AttOtlettd Pr«. «. Audit ?««?",2t5S A*. MM NM Clttl. 6 Mot. Endlntf S»p». 10, Hi> -^ Library Group Visits Hempstead County Arkansas ibrary above are proudjy g ry Commission, Rock; Mrs. --Arkansas I as Library -- , , ooun.y urn,--,-,, Hope; Mrs. Anne Stingley Jackson, Arkansas Library Commission, Little Rock. a selection come up adventure. Of course there's a. paradox with a hair-raising in By PATRICIA WIGGINS WASHNGON,. (UP),,"-:. ture Secretary Ezra I. Benson ex- pe£ts.,butter prices ,to.,;piijngOf anywhere from 8 to 13 cents > this week when federal priceswpports ar.e slashed. Violence Claims Lives of 12 By The Associated Press At least 12 persons died viplenl ly, including three by drowning, in Arkansas for'the week ended last midnight. Two North Little Rock women Mrs. Harold F. Webb, 30, and Mrs. Juanita Morris, 18, drowned Saturday night then the automobile in which they were viding , plunged into a creek about'two miles west of Chicalah, Ariel, in Yell County, ' Harold^F. WeW^'dr-iVer^bf^lft car, was injured. State Trooper John Scott said two persons in anh White House Is Picketed by Longshoremen WASHINGTON W Longshore- nen estimated by police to num- er around 1,000 picketed the Vhite House today, in protest gainst the government's handling f the bitter dock strike that has ied up the port of New York. Metropolitan police said about ,200 to 1.400 of the men had come ntb the capital by bus and other means, mainly from New York but vit.h their ranks swelled by con- ingents picked up on the way. ?Hcy expected more. Plans announced by the dock- vprkers as they left New ' York tad also included picketing operations at the National Labor Rela- ions Board which begins consideration tomorrow of an NL.RB ex- arru'ner's recommendations in the Jlqtjk labor dispute. The men represent tire old .Inter i^tional Longshoremnr.'s Assn. (ILA which apparently won jotnd-supervised election just before Christmas, for the right to represent the dock workers, A aoard examiner recommended thai the election be voided, on ll-'e ground that the ILA was respon sibje for violence and intimidatioi which he said prevented a fair tesl atth e polls. A new unon, the AFL-ILA ii the election and protested the ap parent result. The new union was set up after the federation had thYown the old ILA out of its merri befship for failure to rid itself o gangster elements. ^Picketing, which began shortly alter the men began to arrive here alter their all-night drive from ,N|SW York, was orderly but on a jnfass scale. As new contingents LITTLE ROCK W)-'The Arkan-fcfme in they joined the marchers. Court Settles Clerk Issue in Franklin By LEON HATCH - Qo/et kepoteti by City Police EOF Hope- City Police reported a very quiet weekend with little activity that required investigation. | Julius Stewart, Negro, was charged with carryfhg a pistol and discharging a firearm inside the city. The complaining witness, Vir-j gie Stewart, told officers the man, shot at hpr at her home. Charles GoUgh telephoned officers he saw a man take a bicycle fiom the yard of J. D. Boswell, on Seventh Street. The bicycle was recovered in good condition on the Tol-K-Tex car lot a few hours aler. Also Saturday on West Second street autos driven hy Mrs. James Jautfrback end Mrs. Jim White, collided with heavy damage to the door of the White vehicle. Naguib Los! 4Pr ^j^^ ,' * f t "< • Out in Amid Rioting Pressure Up to Start McCarthy 4 A ' Hearing Soon WASHINGON (UP) — The Sen. ate Investigating S u b c o m mittcto amid Parachutists Is Victim of Ladder CAMP CHAFFEE (ff) M- Sgt. Homer H. McVay, a veteran of 93 parachute Jumps, including two In combat, Is at the Army hospital here with an injured back. McVay, a paratrooper in the 82 pd Airborne Division. Fort Bragg, N. C., fell five feet from a ladder at his Fort Smith home while on furlough, Judgment for $20,OQO Is Upheld , Civilian Rule Mov He is going 15 percent Thursday. He said thmis will probably mean a drop of 8 to 10 cents a pound in butter at the grocery store. "And a number of retailers and wholesaler's probably are going to push it down below armed "men facing the enemy but that _ possibly 2 to 3 cents more " ^pending their leisure hours read' ing about cops and robbers. It's not " consistent, but neither is human nature •— nor war. .Biggest kick I got out of sending 'those books to the Pacific was the story one Hope veteran told me afterward. He said the books were split '•: into sections -and passed around'among the men on his ship. When a fellow had read the first third, he scouted around until he [bund the man who had the second Tection, and so on. This veteran was two-thirds through a bloody adventure — only to discover that the guy with'the last section had gotten off the ship and taken the concluding pages with him. How, my friend asked me, did they finally solve the crime? . ... c ,,r,nnvtq other car wei ' e injured when it ng to cut dairy suppoits followed the first -vehicle into the creek. He/identified them as Troy Bearden, 31; and Mary'Belle Whitley, 38,.both of North Little Hock. Scott said the first car went through a dust could and the second, -which was following the first by means of the tail light, contin- ie said. Butter now is averaging about 79 cents The ucd into the creek. Trooper Bill Manes l ._ - _ " uuui uuw .o c, e .-. 0 ----- state Trooper BUI IV Ls a pound across the count! y. | Conway WeUSi 33 o£ support slash should bring it n'ifiht when -n nt imist. to hbout 71 fonts for alco - Ja f. c , ,'" B " V .__ .;. said down at least to about 71 t\\c housewife. In addition to cutting dariy supports Thursday, Benson is cspect _ " /""* '4 the car in which Wells was riding crashed into a bridge abutment near Newport. Manes said the accident oc' j curved about five miles south of ed to announce a butter disposal Newport o f Highway 67. plan for certain key. cities that should show up, if not immediately, at least "within a matter of days" after Thursday. Although retail stores don't usually cut prices of stocks on hand , a spokesman for the National Association of Food Chinas said she believes "the competitive situation would make an immediate drop necessary." A midwestern branch of the Kro- H'm m —I couldn't What, the story was about . There are a lot of missing IBi a war. even recall igei- chain and several other? already have dropped prices in s. promotional campign. At the sme time the butter support cut goes into effect, Benson is cxpeced to announce a plan by which consumers in certain areas will got a-n additionalbrp k on but ter prices. The government plans to dispose of butter at cut-rate prices in one effort to get rid of some of the 328,000,000 pounds of buter piled up in federal storage. The program is not expected to go into operation until some time after April 1, While the butter suppor cut inevitably will mean lower prices on Bus Loses Wheel, 14 Are Injured S|HOT SPRINGS. (If) A Little Bock-bound Trail-.vayg bus lost a wheel and veered sideways on busy U. S. Highway 70 near here yesterday, injuring 14 persons. The bus did not overturn. . Arkansas State Trooper Glenn .Minton said that M of the' 20 pas- seangers aboard the bu.swer e taken to St. Josephs Hospitl here for treatment of minor bruises and cuts. The drive, 30-year-old Gro- ,*»jer N. Douglass ot Hot Springs ^vas released yesterday. The others vyere to be dismissed today. Minton said the left iear wheel . . of the bus dropped off, pausing time a tadpole named Elwin lived the vehicle to'slip of the pave -, in a small pond away out in the ment, then turn acioss the highway and hit a tree near the Gailand-Sahne County line Schedule of Lav-Services Is Completed The lay-speaker schedule for the Wednesday noon Union Lay-services, sponsored by the .ministerial Alliance and the Hope Chamber of Commerce has, been completed.' The ' responsible committee foi this series of programs are well pleased with the, response from those who have been asked to serve in tlie various capacities. Some of the outstanding laymen in our city uuu^ a, ^-.— «- — have agreed to serve as speakers, more cities or towns in a test!as'well .as in other places for the sas Supreme Court today threw out conflicting claims of the two chief contenders for the pffice o Franklin County clerk, and , hel^l that Circuit Clerk Demus Aft person als,p is the,county, v It rule'(f'tfrat'the"¥fe1%ofi' Dlow Huggins vas county clerk in November 1952 was illegal. Bunt said the court the appointment of Harold E. Wacaster to the job by Gov. Cherry also was illegal because the legislative act which created the position violates he constitutional prohibition against local legislation. The ruling could have the ef- e'ct of voiding a number of other clerkships to which incumbems vere appointed on authority of acts of the 1953 Legislature. This could be true, however, only if each act is attacked in court. In any case, the appointed cumbents may serve only until the end of this'ye'ar and cannot seek an elective term. Until the 1952 General Election, the Arkansas Constitution said that in counties of less that 15,000 population, the circuit clerk also must serve as count'yclerk. In the 1952 election, an amendment was adopted providing that all counties could have a county clerk. Franklin had had a' separate wearily pressed ,its search' for prominent .attorney today a) amounting > pressure to get going with its investigation of the Ac Carthy Armya'ow. A., possibility of starting the hearings this wfeek was ruled out by temporary Chairman I^arl E. Mundt after the sparch for an impartial counsel to direct the dis- jute staled oVer the weekend, Mundt (R-sb) also turned down Sen. Jseoph »R.- McCarthy's demand that the subcommittee resumed the »hunt 'for Communists while waiting for the hearings to LITTLE ROCK UP) The Arkansas Supreme Court today upheld an award of $10,000 for damages resulting from improvements on U. S. Highway 67 in Clark County The judgment against the county was granted in Clark, Circult f V Court to C. T. Mitchell and Mrs. Cernon Mitchell who said store building and tourist were damaged. A question of whether the improvement constituted' a widening of old Highway 67 or a re-loca* tion-of the highway caused court to split on the, ruling. ( Associate Justice Sam Robinson, who w"te the ..majority-'opinion meeting 8TIU PC V ***»•»•—•- — - w j./ "- • a*\ '••'' r »r 4 canceled PresldentrMohaWhtedS guib's plans to. r"^"'•'- t " i -^* fi > cil ahd,rfestore Tho decision ,1 ant-Nai tiOns,,i.. ( who s collaps* ln".the r day, >hasJl6st-h;?p on r ,th^ riatio|i l s« i W a . lf X e -"' "«• •*•*{&&;• rival !o"r NaSser,''»took;' " r — their court start. devotional services. The services ,wUl.-be held in the First Baptist Church, each Wednesday, beginning Wednesday, March 31 through ApftrjU 28,The starting and ending time schedule will be strictly adhered to, -starting time Uij vVllJl niu«ji *\fvv ^ * i** *—vw „,___,_„ - tnce Continued on Page Three being 12:40, and ending at 12.55. Moral to This StOry Is in This World a Big Heart Rarely Is Understood by Small Minds By HA POYLE NEW YORK, Once upon a sticks. E'lwin was different from the other little tadpoles. AH they want- Hignway traltic was tied up until mid-afternoon. The other injured included: E. P, Nance, 72, Conway. Elizabeth Atkinson, 61, Little Bock. ' Mrs. L. M. Olson, 60, Little Rock. .'•Mrs. Bernad Cpstieman, 48, Memphis, Tenn, Miss Esta Lee Wells, 21 Mt. Jd,o, Ark, , Mr?, Esther E, King, 56, Little Hock. Mrs. Thet L_erz, 61 H.pt Springs little tadpoles. And did they jeei at him! "Elwin's g ing to be an elephant" they chanted "Elvvin's going to be an elephant.' Then they swam away laughing, All the residents of the small pond laughed at Elwin ejccept his * ' . _ _ _ .._. i i • _ *_ii county clerk for many years, bu't the 1950 census showed that the county had fallen below 15,000 in population, Nevertheless, Huggins campaigned for and was elected county clerk at the same election at which the constitutional amendment was adopted. • • • He contended that adoption of the amendment removed any possible doubt of the validity of his election. The attorney general's office held early in 1953, however, that the amendment was not self executing. Enabling acts would be necessary to' provide a separate county clerk in those counties of less than 15,000 population, said the attorney general. After such an act wasi passed for Franklin County, Gov. Cherry appointed Wacaster county clerk. Huggins refused to give up tho office until Circuit Judge Carl Creekmore ruled that Wacaster was the legal incumbent. Anderson joined in the litigation, contending that it Huggins was not the legal clerk, then the officewas his. It was this theory that the Supreme Court upheld today in an unanimous opinion, written by Associate Justice George Eose Smith; 1,500 Saved, nrouteto Their Homes ALGIERS, Algeria Iff) — A first shipload of British soldiers,rescued fro m the burning troopship Empire Windrush, sailed for home today thankful to be alive after one of the most spectacular rescues in national history. Some 1,500 'Britons — among them 277 women and children and 17 invalid soldiers — calm and quickl y abandoned the blazmgship yesterday morning 20 miles otf- shore in the Mediterranean and were rescued safely. Four crewmen of the 14,651-lori transport died when an engine room explosion sent fire and choking smoke racing through the vessel. .--.." London newspapers speculated the ship had been sabotaged but admiralty and transport ministry authorities refused to comment on this. The speculation was heightened because she had just been through the Suez Canal, the Egyptians are waging a ceaseless campaign to force out the 80,000 British troops., stationed there. I think we ought to finish this job before any other hearings," Mundt tpld reporters yesterday, Fo'Utvither member! s of, the, sey- gfi'«iaif 'Subcommittee ' -agreed. Sen. > Charles,, E/ Potter (R-Mich.) said'tiife'inquirj? should start'-"as quickly as posaiboe." The subcomWttee three pemo- crats — (Sens. John >L. McClellan (Ark.), Stuart Symington ' v (Mo.5 and Henry M. Jackson (Wash.) — also are urging speedy action. Key subcommittee members planned to confer today on „ the unt for a special qounsel. One Pi he group said, however, there u absolutely nothing to report yet.' Bejieveslke Wiliijgn Bill ed to do was grow up and he big (mother Matilda, and his father bullfrogs and sit on a lily pa4 and " T "•— iing "Jug-o-rum. . ,Jug-o-rum Oswald J. Frog. 'I dont care what you become, night long. But not Elwin. He A'anled to make his mark in the ,vorld. One day a strong wind blew a tattered old circus poster into the pond. Tthe olhe tadpoles swam up and laughed at the pictures of the elephants on the poster. But not Elwin. 'That is the life for me," he da- cided. "I want to go places and see things. I'm going to be an elephant." EJw^n, made fee- ^fteke of «>»r j|d,taf % ,>Qi»>ftfeo .tpTita «?te ^jjsm •;, *+£. Elwin," said ;ngly. "Justj mother, comfor*- health. 1 ' But' Oswald J. Frog was outrag' ed. He was extremely pompous about his .family tree, as his an-i eestor had been smuggled over on the M&yflower by a young Puritan Airforce Fivers Nnrrowiv Escape GREAT FALLS, Mont UP) Two including one Ark., narrowb Force Irom Pine feca " ' WASHINGTON W Senate Re publican .Leader Knowland (Calif, predicted at the White House todaj that President/Eisenhower woulc sign art excise tax bill calling foi reductions totaling 912 mill'on dol lars, as approved by the House. There was the implication this prediction that the president migh not sign it if he the bill made cu as heavy as- were voted by th Senate — a total of $1,034.000,000 A major cut voted by the Sen ate, but not approved by th House was a' reduction of the 'ex cise or sales tax on household ap pliances from; 10 per cent to 5 pe cent. Aiso the Senate voted to abo] ish.the admissipns tnx on movi tickets an4 others costing-less tha 60 cents, The THousu voted to put the tax from 2.0 to 10 per cent. A Senate-ifpuse confsrciu:',- committee is iipw trying to work put a compromise : ifeetwecn the two bills i Kfnowland talked with reporters] after he and other GOP congressional leader ,'had their regular Monday morning conference with Eisenhower. Americans for ion, in a Ac called 1 it a Widening; tH^JVus joined by Chief i. Justice ''• Odttta. Smith and Justices, Ed «•-»-*«« has'held'jio one 1 is entitled to _ _ ages resulting from a hlghwa^rp* loqatiori becau.'se"n,o person,has^a vested' right, tp' the maintenartce.o] a public'-highway in ,a,particuhn, ; is "preposterous to suggest that Senate commitee wlilch Is ser- ously intent on Wring a compe- ent and impartial attorney cannot one In two men. oc^ate an avtfable veeks time.*' f Despite, the stand of a majority ifth e group, McCarthy still ilanned to press for a resumption jf interim Communist hearings un- li the counsel is selected. The Wisconsin Republican pointed to he backlog of work piled up by ,ne subcommittee staff. Informed sources said the spe- sentence, place," Smith and 'Associates Justice; j. S. Holt and PaurWdrd w.f'" have ordered a new trial-}n' case on Clark County,s,appeal the judgment was' excessive. The Supreme Court' unanl mously affirmed the We- sentence of Negro Clarence "Long. for ,tlr Negro at Altheimer cafe on Aug 9, 1953. ' , "- w The state contended > that' wag killed as the outgrowth 6f _ earlier waur^ef between the tw Long's attorney argued that A len advanced on Long w,W* a but witnesses said they .saw such weapon. f ' The Supreme Court opinion UP held a Jefferson Circuit Court jur which convicted Long of first di gree murder and impo?ed the Hi cial counsel job has not actually jeen offered to anyone since Wil iam J. Jameson president of the American Bar Association, turned t'down,on instructions of the association bpard. A number of prospects have been contacted, however. , There are about 54 million motor vehicles . in the United States. Spme driving ducks have third eyelids which can be used as lenses to- correct vision under water, Mississippi Chancery Court, eeola District, was affirmed }n re fising to give Charles Bennpmpr a len on property owned by Gu Robbing and others. Bobbins and his'is,spc'atos testified they once a'sked Kennemore if he wanted any money withreld for his work on houses being built for .Bobbins by contrac&r Lowell Dickson. * They said JCehnemore told them i t was not necessary to withhold any in oijey for his work because of a.n arrangement ho had with pickson, , go,, J M ' i.' i t i l - ** Officers said they cp. 1000 bodies 9t- fanatjicjJl • All Around the Town The 8UW This year's Kiwanis Minstrel. written and dnected by Emmeu Thompson, was about as successful financially as in previous ytars. according to an announcement t>y Norman Mooie, president of the club . , . Appioximately $1,250 was cleared and will be applied to K Park . , . special thanks have been extended to the young ladies who sold tickets for the show including , . . Papsy Adams, Brenda Hamm Judy Bateliff and JjJUine Thompson of the seventh grade . . . Bevelyn Ball,' Wary Hall, Brenrta Payne $md Jo Ann Roberts Of the- eighth Pat Atfcerson. Judy Franks, j Ratelifl (Junior queen) and Jewel) ShQpe of the ninth grade One Alderman; post , Incumbent Joe Jones to}<| the, Star this morning he would fee re-election and only a *hmt >>m<» later Mrs. Knthryn Lou .Fks wjfe of Cline Franks, filefl' as a candidate opposing/ Mr; , , , . so far as this newspaper «m!d flnd out Hope has nevfl£ v had a woman serving on the <?quqpU W; §, Atkins fjled fpr ' as 'pity attorney, jet fighter plane. The ^ pilot, c?R8h > , „ ' 5 , it here yester- Asked whether he Ipojts for JM lad. ing . You are making u§ the laugh" of the entire pftnd," ha fold his som cqldly, "There beep a s Wa djl ^e> Jh> > tttf ^•* jn«n<inni>/i..tnni Vatttt . /fnrea.,T&U U- Charles senhPwer tQ a, fa&<&MiAH Whitehead, 25, of Pine Bluff, wag taken tp the Palls Air Force Base hospital He wasn't believed to be injured seriously an excise tax SUP he has Adams . (Senior quefn), Qinny Hern<tan, jQBeth Rettig-and Bobby Kay Turper of the tenth, , , , Mary Ida yew f l field '' Stokes, prove a reliction i| the legl in Its f&3l lorm ceils tm abgwt the §i?e the Hguse the.n wither L €^ ' Winifred Huckabee. lo.oal repVp- s,epjative of MetrolopitWV Life, JR' surajice Company. !s',%'M* to4_ay for a eonfere^ee^JJb. company officials 2*ZlZ, fa Ogrpt j [ble? the, con

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