Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 23, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEB. TUESDAY EVENINU, JANUABY 23.1912. r 1-, Our JanuM^^learance at Its Best All Coats, Suits and.Furs at JUST HALF PRICE! Many Big Reductions All Over the Entire House! 14.' Big Cut on Grocery ir Prices. ci. Sec Elliott's Ad on Fngc S DORIXDA'S KIVAL. Dorinda's grandmamma wore muffs . TTpon her rosy ears; Red mittens hid her little hands— No blizzard stirred her fears. She faced the frosty air with glee Her eyes were strangely bright; Her laugh was sweeter than the bells That timed the merry flight. Dorinda wears a rap of seal. Her gloves are buttoned higli; JJo smile adorns her haughty face No laughter lights her eye. Dorinda drives a costly car. Framed In by heavy glass— But I would turn from her to see That oldtlme vision i»ass: —Cleveland Plain Dealer. Mr. and Mrs. C. K. IVrhnm ont<r- tained a company of dinner guiwts last night with a unique party which was a celebration of thoir tinih wedding anniversary. The liivilatioiiH wero extended for "dimirr" und nouo of the guests knew of the orlKlnal plana which bad been made for ilu-lr entertainment. and white.. Instead of lilvev.taid (li'.l >:i. and white'instead of silver and rbiiia. tinware was used to serve iho several elaborate courses which comprised the dinner. Platrs, knlvt s aiu' forks were tin and even the sugai and cream were served in kilchi-i cups instead of china or glass. rh> center piece was a large tin pan in which was placed a vase flllod with red flowers. The favors were rod geraniums in tin mcasuring^cups am" each lady received a package containing a tin knife, fork and spoon. After dinner the company played games and made merry in an infonnat fashion. Before leaving the guijsts were hsked to choose from a colJ'jc- tlo nqf parcels and In this way much of the dinner service was gi>u:u the guests as souvenirs of the party. • ., Many of the Ip.dies wlio wore prcsr enl belong to the Poinsctta chlmble club of which Mrs. Perham is president. They meet fonnighUv and spend some very jileasant afternoons together. Last night Mrs. Perham asked their husbands to the dinnea also several othnr coupl '.-s who anv iuiimate friends. Thoso present were: Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Bartlcs. Mr trnil Mrs. Beach. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. rook- Mr. and .Mrs. H. C. Cliapin, .Mr and Mrs. W. B. Culherlson. Mr. and Mni! B. E. Clifford. Mr. and Mrs George Howard. Mr niid Mrs J. E. Jonesj Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Miller. .Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Porter. Mr. and Mr?. I>e Massengale Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Smith Mr; and Mrs. T. F. Zeipler. Mr. and Mrs. I. W. McCall, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. REXALL COLD TABLETS 25c a Box Prompt treatment of a cold may prevent, the development of clironic catarrh or a chronic consh. Sold only at BURREirS DRUG STOKE The Itcxiill Store West Side of the Square "Kiiusiis caltlnir you! Kwrj IndnMrtal iipporlnnllj' Kierj iicrlniltural n|i|ior(nnlty K>cry social and ednralloual oiiportiinit) K;io:n for a mllliou!" KANSAS DAY POSTCARDS! in six color work 2c Each at EVANS BROS. BOOK STOBE. J Stevenson. Mr. and Mrs K S. Slpugh. . Mr. and Mrs. Henry SK 'yer. Drand _Mrs. C. M Col?. Mr. and .Mrs. F. K - Remlnrton. of l .;iHarup. Mi«R IJur- detta Wood and Mr. Roy Sanden. Miss Rmh Maasengale, Miss Grelch en Zeigler and the Misses Kartels as' slsted the hostct;- in serving, • <• • Miss Florence Hobarl will . ni<rtali; her card club with a iiari.v on Thurs <lBy afternoon. O Don't Abuse Your Eyes Reading at close range, as near-sigbied jier.sons must, is productive of tln> most serious cases of w:eakpnvd vision that the Optometrist is called uiwn jto correct. If you cant read {with ease at about eighteen Inches, but must draw the type close to your eyes to see properly, you need glasses—and yon I need them at once. Consult our Graduate Optician about your case NOW! y. W. C. A. >oJes. The business girls' gymnasium class will have a meeting tonight. Several new members hav«- joined th- class and thty with others who may desire to take up the work will havi a uanil-er of si)ecial ine<!tings to mak •M) werk In physical culture which t'.io claiiB has done since its urgauiza tion in tin- fall. The bowling club will assemble at sevf-n o'clock Thursday night. At eight o'clock Thursday night the annual business meeting of ilii' asso- 'iatioti will beheld. A nomlnatinr committee was appointed at the last meeting to suggest new board members. The association meinlicrs v) vole upon these names Thursday •;ic'il. Ui'porls of I he treasurer and general secrotary will be read. After • .!<• bUtiiiii 'tiK iiiri-iing IIKTC will III music and a social hour. On the evening of Thursday, February IIrst. George Haucroft will lecture in the Presbyterian church under ih' auspici's of the Y. W. C. A. and V. M. <•. A. TickitB are on sale la olUces of both MSKoelatlons. It irf hoped that proceeds of the kclure will be suf- lleient to allow .Mr. Ili>rry to eiigag" Dr. liancrofi for a frei- lecture lo iwi\ on Sunday afternoon, i -'ebruury fourth Mr. Hancrofi's subject for the eveii- ijiB will be ••Uld.llfs of III" .Mind." Tljr- JuiilDr .s have been divided Into three seetloUH undiT the dire <-llon of Miss Uhoila Sharp, .Miss .Mary Che- iiaull anil Miss Nadini' .\l <holBoii. A program will be rendered at each ini-etliig oP the class in the fulun: !ind the divlslouB will s-^rve their term ill i)reparing the enlertainment.. + •> <> —Kvery lady in lola should atten.1 the Big Special Kmbroideries Sale Wednesday 9 a. ai See window dis- plav.—Riohardvon"s. <• v •:• Miss Anna Sraitli entertained a jiar- ty of high school ^students very delightfully last Saturday night at her home in W ^heeler Heights. * * • Because their meeting two weeks ago was postponed on account of tho cold weather, the Current Events club had a double program yesterday afternoon. Mrs. T. F. Zeipler was host ess of the club and her dutertainment /included the serving of a dainty re" Bst after the program. The James Whitcomb Riley pro- 'Fsram omitted two weeks ago was carried ont very broadly by Mrs. George b. Curtis, Mrs. Philip Helgele and Mrs. U Sleeper. A biography of Rllcy and some of his best loved poems were read. Mrs. S. L. Jackson presented a well written paper on "The Inventions of Women." Miss Gretclien Zei^Ier pla.ved for the club. Mm. H. O. RIdgoway. Mrs. Qeorge Vosse, Mrs. John W. Henderson, MIM l.«ulse Kanakc and Mrs. R. H. Stevenson were given membership pilvl- leges. Mrs. Stevenson has been n member of the club for several years but withdrew some lime ago because of other urgent duties. She was reinstated yesterday and will rcaame her work with the club. t * • * The newest thing In cooking utensils is aluminatc ware. It comes from France, is white, and everything known to an accomplished cook may be procured In the ware. Even frying pans, roasters and baking dishes may be had In it and the aluminate kitcli en promises to be a thing of beauty. When Miss Frances Urown of the Agricultural college lectured here-a few months ago she mentioned alumi n;;tc ware In very complimentary terms. It -will mean a great saving of time and work for the housekeeper as dishes used for baked or escalloped recipes may be removed to the table at once. The aluminatc ware is about the thickness of ordinar.v. china but according to severe tests It stands e.\tremc heat better than.aluminum, tin or any other ware now in use. * * * —2 .(!Cn yards of Pretty Kmhroider- ic.^ In.sertlons and .•\ll-Over l''iiil)roid- r-.ies in all widths go on sale Wed­ nesday—!t a. in. Head a<l In today's paper.—Richardson'.«!. •> •:• A glance at the advanced spring fjishion books convinces one that the extreme in feminine apparel is losing favor rapidly. Skirts are slightly full er, waist lines are full length and she peasant or kiinona sleeve has almost entirely been put aside in favor of the moderate sized and sewed-in- at-the-armhole sleeve. The empire ef feet will be use<l very little in modish spring frocks. Sailor colars and la- I els are not very popular and the spring coats suggest the "cutaway. The coat suits will not be altered much but the skirts will be wider at •he hem. * * * In addition to the literary work which occupied the Unity chil; y-st day afternoon, music was a delightful fiature of the meeting. The (iri •iiii8l(! writ I en for Peer Gynt was 'layed by Miss Florence Hobarl, Mrs. ) T. l.aGrange. Mrs. J. G. Walker. .Mrs. ColTntan and .Mrs. I.. W. Mayber ly, f.W of whom rendered piano se- liiiions. Mrs. S. R. Hurrell pla.ved a \iolin solo. I Miss Blanche Ponsler was voted into membership. The club will bi'giii the study of Shakespeare's •Winter's Tale" at the next meeting. + • • The Guild of the Episcopal church vill meet at half past two o'clock to- aiorrow at the home of Reverend and Airs. Xau. • • * The ex-Teachers' club will be enter ain»d Friday afternoon at the homr if -Mrs. George Davis, on south State trect. The other hostesses will br \Ir.s. F. E. Saliee and .Mrs. William Knapp. • • + The North Side card dub will be entertained tomorrow night at thr 'lome of -Mr. and Mrs. Fred Freeman 12u .\orth Washington avenue. • • •!•• Dr. F. C. Wirt was in C'hanute yesterday where he made a professional visit to the son cf Jlr. and Mrs. Geo. Trombold. .Mrs. P. S .Milch<ai who has been ill of grippe for a week Is almost en- irely recovered. • « * Two parties an- being givn today I the home of Mr. and Mrs. H.arve Howard. This afternoon Mrs. How- ird and .Mrs. James T. Reid entertain —i a company of guests at cards and onight they will entertain their after I noon club and the gentlemen. + • •> —Ynii can always get postage taiuns at Spencer's. They also are irrnrin;.'. Ilil.s week, a box of superior uuiHiv Stationery neat and new, for 'Tc. (.'olng Fust. FWSHMANS Tailored Suits— $9 .75 Worth $15, $18 and $20 Maiic o,'. ;-:.ei'.4<.s Ciicv- iots and ['"-.v.v.y Mixtures in r!l lixes women's Hiifl niif-'sos' and in many aLLnietivc styles and all wanted colors. We must dispose of every Winter Suit in stock—therefore are marking them at lower prices than ever before." Be sure to see them. Wonderful Values in Cloth Coats $7 .50 Worth $12.50 to $15 Warm Winter Coats of broadcloth, serge and fancy mixtures in dozens of plain and fancy styles are on sale now. This low price is and 'f. their actual value. He sure to see $15 to $18 ^7 CA Coats for ^I.«IW A Woniiin lo Know. {From the Public Irf>dger, Philadelphia. The five most nduiirabb? i|U »lltles \\y II woman an; womanllnc.':!', good breed iu',; tact, liroaduiimlednes.s and sense rrf hiinior. Wonianllnesi- is the foundation nl the ideal GoD.l l)rei rlliiK IK most e.ssentlal In oine life and soclely and is bound to I Improve the whole race. Tae, !.•: admirable tiecnuse it oils the rlctliiti (if life. nro;i'!-iuindedne.s.s enables a woman !r) see life from the viewpoint of oth- ors, n:aKos her tolerp.nt of tlieir mls- ake .i and failures and suppresses un- hist and unkindly criticism. S< n<e of humor i.< very important, as eople lacking it are utter bores. It •!iakc>- a woman a congenial compan- nn and frrouently turns near-trage- I dies into comedies. REy. OW£.\*S €00D WOBK. TUc Minister. Describes In Detail Uie^ Parposes of the Hoctetr for the Friendless. The Society for the Frlcpdlcss— What Is Itf It Is an Inter-state. Inter-denomlna- tlonal, and national Home Mission Society; which has for Us. purpose the Heclamatlon, Reformation and Chrls- tlanizntlon of Uie Criminal classes In our land. It was founded In 1900 by Dr. and Mrs. Edw. A. Fredenhagdtt at Topeka, Kansas. It has srown rapidly In the pa>t eleven years. Eleven states arc fully organized and work has been begun In several others. The. Society is under the control of a Board of Directors, composed of some of our lead ing busines."! and professional men. Judge T. F. Gnrvcr ex-judge of Kan- sa.s Court of Appeals Is the President of the National Board and also of the Kansa.s-Missourl Division Board. The Society has five departments of service. 1. The Prevention of Crime: This Is largely an educational work. The superintendent.^ of the Society visit churches and places where they Dtay have an opportunity and plead with fathers and mothers for better home di.'cipHne. They visit schools and Sunday schools and plead with l.oys and girls to live honorably and rl.ghteou^ly. They made 1248 addresses and n.l .'iR jicrsonal visits during the year 1910. 2. Prl.snn Ucformi Great advancement has been made in the Fniied States, in Prison Reform since the beginning of the Nineteenth Century; when most of our I >ris <in.'4 "were dens of infamy and vice, into which prisoners of all age? and both sexes were thrust indiscrim- fnately. The |iri.=oner for debt,—some tin>es refiner! women and helpless cni'.dirn—were compelled to witness ?l;e most loathsome scenes of dcprav- 'ty and to be constantly in the presence r,t the most notorious criminals." fSee McMasters History of V. S. Vol. 1 pp. 9K to 10 (1). But much more needs to be done by way of cleanliness, better ventilation and better oppnrtunitiese for reclaiming and reforming the large number ':T young people in our psnal Institutions. •T. Jail and Prison EvanirrlIsm: T'li.-- work con.-iKts in religious in- Mri 'ctfon and preaching the Gospel tc (iTose lieliind the bars. It is the holding tile Star of Hope. Jesus, for tliir life as well as- the life to come. I. PrI* oner's MA. a. The Temporary Home. .\11 ex-prlsoners w!io will accept the pood offices of the Society are ;-:-lprd lo find pl .Tces of honest emploj iii'^nl: so that they may become s-elf le.specling and resiiected citizens of thp ?!:ite again. "They are received Into till" Temporary Home; where they i-r-eive free board from one day to i week or iiinre if necrssary. In tlu l\.in=a.-:-.MisKoiirl TlIvi.<lon fi9<) ex-pri: .•tiers were helped last year. The Society has aided S,324 In the Kansas- Mi.ssoiirl Division since its organization. Is Ihorp n nerd for the work of Ihi Society for the FrIondlcssT l.*t us study the criminal comlitionf I'ur country to find tlie answer First, (he number of criminals. Thr Census Bureau recently issued a statf mrnt oncerning the prison populallor of the T'nited States for 1910. From this statement we learn that on thf 1st of January 1910, there were 11.'. ."•79 persons in prison. There \wer« 179 7fi3 comn)itment.<; to prison or one •.•ommitment for each 190 inhabitants Now. tills does not mean that one person out of each 190 Is a law breaker: fnr a number of the persons, committed v.ere sent to jail more than on^f i '::ring the year. The report show: 'iiat oi>- .Tanuary tiic 1st. 1910. Kansa '^H 2."29 prisoners \r. I;er lOI? penn' IT.-tl 'iiiinn:-. Tl :rve wrrr .1 S9S j 'or ••'laii <-.":ii!'i!; :i <1 'c iri.-'n during tl;- y .^ar. Tl.rre w-i ir.-o n::::::itn!ent U: r-.fh A"2 poiiu'atien. Wiiataro crJii'nn'.^? Ul.sln.--/ '!> 1^ ji !; hrys. jus' \uiyf. wiif) fnivl:. :l:e h:i'.','.' the wor'il. Tt v.: .• \>ii\- fr MI 14 (• 24 yiKir-: of nire wlo f '^iv 'tt ; <• l-ittlcf he'wirn :;i .,;:!e- 't; r', a> eevry old soMi -r tepi ynit nut wi-ere are o:;r l.y'. y" T .-iy ai- not In .sc'hci^!. Tjii'v all..- i: -ti:ir' or our !.lt.!i ;•;..(,' ur: iN 'at,-• at' y .iiing ii'i :i Ti < . an; n-ii .':ianil hi v -ry large ntuiiher- 'n e:;'- l-'i.r-i'-y c'li anil clur .-ehe-. \\ •rr" r;. I'.ny? Tliey are in the "tian:.-.-;' ti. he found In the country ciliage.- as v.i-ll ju-; In the l;irger lowi:;-- a;"l t-i • li.iy ;.re ii liie jails and penlit ni!:irie.~. CQo Saturday's Uau ==Specia!= For One Day Only—Saturday We shall place on sale our entire stock of FANCY SILKS, FOULARDS, fancy CTIKCKS and STRIPES heretofore sold at $1.00 per yartl; Saturday only— 69c yard New Yor SEE NORTH WINDOW DISPLAY. I 1 I' (• .1. V- l:n "iilll minal court . says: (>r the prl.-oner.-; In lietwf-et lS< I \. I •! ve­ rm!;. ar< t' :< 1 ' In ;. \,iT- f.i'y lie I'.":i roiii: iI am. i: I- Combination Range. Burns coal and gas without change. Four gas burner lids and oven. Broiling burners. Good heavy coal box. TO CURE A COLD IX 0.\E DAT —Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund money if ft fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature Is on each box. 25c. It is announced from Simla the summer capital of British India that about $975,000 have been collected for •stabllshing a residential Hindu university at Benares with an adequate European staff. .rtni.-!. I. ty. .MIs.T.uil "Ninety )i< •: c i i I 111- enii!i!i:; I tlie :c-'es f r 1 : Kan.-'.i.-; Cltv y.v. Slatl.-^;!';; «!-| III'.' Ciixn •.-.->• nil.' ly I 'l :• ,•. r.t imys. Ii'iere l;e> • \ery 'arjte rvin! lap .-i r.'i p( r •• riipcr t fl'-rt. ;• I • (line j;i;i>' .i •! 'I'lie mi>slen Jiti u of Ibo S IM !cj) for llic Frlendteo!- I- iin effor; lo re-iaim form, an^! ;ave I'le im-n anil hr .y.- the wriiuen and ^!rI^•. who are '-om- iiiiiti'd if) f.ur pr;.^(;n.-i as well a- to prr vent them from .going into the wroiv- tlie criminal way. The results of the w(irk FIIOW.=- that rr-any. very many of the=e pfeople can be saved. How Is the work siipporl<>dr Tlie wol-k is supported by the private contrihutlon.o of those who bo- Uive In the Home Mis.^ion work of the Sofiety for the Friendless. No public collections are taken. In 1909 the companies In this country using electric wires expended ov-l._ er 17,000,000 Ip the purchaBe of poleg -idis Co. The Danger of I JI Grippe —Is Its fatal tendency to pneumonia. To cure your la grippe coughs take Foley's Honey and Tar Compound. R, E. Fisher Washington. Kas., says: "1 was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat' encd pneumonia. A friend advised Foley's Honey and Tar Corapbund and I got relief after taking the first few doses. I took three bottles and my la grippe was cured." Get the genuine in the yellow package. J. D. Muo-| mh^^r^^ierurzr^^^^^^ , tola Furoiture Store THE RICHARDSON LAr)IES' TAILORING AND , DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Teaches the latest easiest, i.iost •.cir.aiiiic and complete s »yKteiu of garment cutting ever inveiiteil ami liavi; had in our school at Clianuto over 9i) student.'; the past yt-.ii: ' Provides the cheapest and only .siu ciH.-ifii! v.ay to learn dressmaking. Is t!ie only educational institution i. Iiich allnw.s ii.s graduates to return at any time without extra expense to i -e \iev.-. practice or study new points. Is the only school of tliis kind wliic'i positively guarantees satisfaction and gives an nnlniited nu'iiiber of le .'•.^•oI •.s lor ;i single tuition. Students can enter the school at any time a.s wc do not teach in classes. WHY NOT J Learn a trade wliere tlie deinalul f;ir ercei i'<!s the supply? Be your own dres;:iiiakor. able to (lr( lieMi'i- and at less e.xjiense? Gain .•in aeconijilishnient whii-ii will be of. everyday, life-long l)r;icli<-al value to you? Give your daugiiters a practicjil ediii alion? ltK.MK.>IBi:U You can learn everythin.g about liressiiiakliif; ami I.adios' Tailoring. You <-;in take any special p;irt of tl <• eoin;-.e piid eaii limit your work ID that one departiiienl or can mi grailiiaily aciniiiing the whole course. After completing the eoiirse you i'fc .illnwed to lirl.'ijr any amount of .'-I'wli g to the «lass-i-()i)m, i le same .ill. iiMi.-n and In­ st ructions as Ipefnfe. You are allowed lo attend at your irvii eoiivi'tiieriei' and lo come ui:til fully .salislied. You are allowed to return at any II I'e witlmiit extra expense to review, pracllce, cut p.ilterii'; or ii .-:e the frishioii Joiijnal:-<. V(ni work on your own levviiig. Ilie'.liy SOUTI saving the cost of tuition. You are taiigit lo cut till fancy effect i such as sleeves, trimmings, yokes, plait .'i, tucks, etc. to the e.xael iiie ;i .iires <if the (iirni. We liave liiiiglil young l.idles thirteen years of ;w;e with entire success anil <ran al.-o teach you. in graduating you have an actual, practical know:>>dgo of dress- niaJ'.ing. lires.smaking has reached such a \nnn* of eomiiloxity and difflculty thrit the only jdace i- i-vi \ c le .Tnied sm cet sfiilly is in an organized scliool, working iii.:!..- iirii.-.d i:i.s'riictor.s. THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL .Mrs. L. K. .Sniitli and Miss C. >. W.vat!, .Managers and Teachers. (Over Bigus' Fruit Store) 15 '72 S. Jefferson lola, Kas. Bell Phone 21 Piano Players FOR— Wc arc .'^oiling lots of Ihcrn iiD'.v in our An- i!ual Ck'iiraiicc Sale. Our .store was full of huyer.'^ all day yesterday and they \v."rt; all astoni.sheil to linti .such low prices on high grade Pianos. The Pianos we are now selling for $187, $190, $199 to $215 you will pay double this price for in the. large cities. Player Pianos priced to yuw at $700 to $800 in the Fast—we are actUMllv seiling the same instru- . ir.ents in this Clearance Sale ft .r $ir)0, $475, $500. ORGANS AT ANY PRICE. Edisf.)n Phonographs, Victor Talking Machines, Columbia Graphophones and Records. We are special dealers in these lines. . Victrolas from $15 to $200. You are welcome to our Easy Term Proposition J.V. PHONE 421 Roberts Music Co. IOLA,KANS. flnJMriM^iiiifft

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