Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 27, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1954
Page 4
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"SrV HOf I IT At, HQPI, AfctAMlAi Jfl OffiC* JJfcf Before PubU6fttioa AlfQ r TV—. Wtth Tr* -A&ount li My* ' li (UfKttrtd. Dsyi Month 1.60 4.60 fflr*- 'Ki''-. 1.00 2.50 1.0* t.M 7.60 8,00 10.60 12.00 i.00 tt.00 Inefc 606 per Inch 50e per inch --..» obov* art fbr eon„.. imtftfflrw. lrr*(ju|or or iklp- edr'wlll tok« «ha one-day rat*. " ddll*"tlo»»ifl«d odvertltlna copy " ^affi«d' urttil 6 u.m. & i-tfii, followlno day. illthsri r*i«rv« lh« rlaM W It .alt odvertltomenti of- iblleotloh and to r«)«et Odv»rtl«lna wb» ,of dm or from littcn, Dure« tuch at HOUM* tiumtun count a* am ilopi'Sttir will net b« r»ip6ru .jt.HtoH In Want Adt unln* KSm-redltod 'to our attention ^^L«° n oNl ° d ^ 7-3431 . ••» \- ' i < < * PESTAR 8 ROOM house. Good location. Can be used as duplex. 812 West 4th. Dial 7-3152. 16-TF 5 ROOM house. Unfurnished. Hardwood floors. Two porches, nice yard. See owner at 1804 South Elm, 22-6t UNFURNISHED 2 or 3 room apartment. Private Entrance 1108 South Main. Phone 7-3691. 2G-6t MRS. W. G. Allison's furnished or unfurnished, 6 room house With garage, at 210 West ave. B. Convenient location and block from town. Phone 7-2582 or 7-3732. 26-3t FURNISHED 4 room apartment. Electric refrigerator. Garage. No children. Mrs. Anna Judson. 220 .North Elm. Mar, 27-tf 4 ROOM house and bath. Gas, water, and lights. On experiment station road.' Plenty space. Pasture for cow. Phone 7-3813. 27-3t 3 BEDROOM house. 815 West Ave. E. Phone 7-2663. 27-3t 3 : ROOM unfurnished apartment. 221' West Ave. D. Phone 7-2180. 27-31 P"M If27 weekday afternoon by ..., . JBLISMINO CO. I. Potm«r, President FURNISHED apartment. For couple only. Middle brooks Grocery. Phone 7-3791. 27-3t For Sole BABY Chicks, Large assortment See these chides before buying Several varieties. Dannie Ham ilton. Feb. 27-lMo e. Star Bulldlna , South Walnut Str««t. Arkaiuoi ' MASEY'S Farm. 80 acres am newly decorated house. On< mile from town .$20.000. Will sel house and 13 acres, $14,000. Trade for pine timber land. Phom 7-5535. Mar. 10-1 Mo Jl.Vjonti, Managing, Editor l" W,,: Ho«mer y M«ch. Supt. "~ • ' Monagor d..claw matter at >(fle«H0t Hops, Arkansas, \t£ot JMqrch 3,'.1897. Hay, Johnson grass & lespedeza mixed. Also some pure lesped dza. T. S: McDavitt. Phone 2116. 3-TF PENTA-Trenled fence post at plan % mile out on Rosston Hiway. W deliver. Phone 7-2048. 22-6 SEE me about your fertilizer re quirements. We can help you wit your analysis and price, J. W Strickland. Mar. 22-1 Mo 1.10 3.25 57t"'v>""v;""; 13 00 .,tt»lng. Reprrsentatlvej: |ile»,'lnc,; J602 Sterick -fa •'2,' Tenn.,' J505' Texcw i|lat 2,,Texo$;,360 N, CMeooo.L III,; 60 E f , York"-!?,' N. Y.J '1763 : Detroit 2, Mich.; i. ( , Oklahoma City 2, FRAME Building 12' x 20'. Compo sition shingle roof. Ceiled wit • > plaswood. Wired for electricity 2 doors, 4 windows. Fine for fish ing cabin, Also 48 mercury 4 doo §edan; 46 Ford 2 door sedan. 4 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan, 51, dopr super Buick, 52 Plymout 'coupe. Close out prices. Contac Frank Hoi'ton at B. R. Hamn Motor Co, or call 7-3812. 25-6 fli*: n)f .thY'Associated Presi: ted.Pres? is, entitled ex,- ,^jithi Itfa^for, republlpatlon if^lpcof*,n»wj'printed In thl» jr,^!o?')ve|l>"08,,all AP ntwi Fab/lps Bayon, i Nyl o n, Dae- ll b%nde¥vvlth Silk or,. Spring and Sum- Shop complete llpe of COUNSELOR - Beauty Shop, Phone e • In for free pon- |n|lHome Phone 7-2156. Announcements The Star U *UthOtUt*d to ** nounc* thftt th* ioll«tlfift «* candidate* for public offlc* tub- Ject to the action of the Democratic primary electloni. Far 1 Trenturif HARRY HAWTHORNB CLiF^oftO SYERS DWIGHT R1DOD1LL For Cttinty Clerk ARNOLD J. MIDGLEBR00KS JOLLY (AMONEfTE) BYEftS ARTHUR ANftEttfiON For Sheriff and Collector W. B. (Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK R. D. (SON) PHILLIPS TOM MIDDLEBR6OKS CLAUD H. BUTTON Alderman Ward I B. L. RETTiG 'For Prosecuting Attorney ROYCE WEISENBERGER tHt 8t6rtV: Ah extortion plat lee to the murder of Police Chief OHO Drover In Colorado City. Later the body of Edward Stone, jr., ton of Mayer Stone, was found along with a confession of miirdef. Young Eddie, a mental defective, possibly was led Into participation In the killing by someane else. When they went to see Mayor Stone, they found Mrs. Huflhes, the v/lfs of the acting chief of police. The mayor was not there. XIII . Mark drove fast, but it took them a little more than 1() rr.in- utcs to get back downtown. Thry were within two blocks of headquarters when a heavy sedan went past them, moving at a dangerous rate of speed. 'There goes our now chief," Wonted IXPERIENCED Waitress. Apply in person only. Mack's Restaurant. 409 East 3rd, formerly, The Snack Shop. 18-TF 3 MEN and women of Christian character who are interested in a well paying position No experience necessary. Willing to Work 8 hours a day. Average income $90 a week. Write Box A, Hope Star. . 25-3t Real Estate for Solo 6 ROOMS and screened in back porch. All large comfortable rooms with large Walk-in closets. Plenty built-ins. Needs- some ; repair but with a small amount of cash can be made a lovely home. Large shady lot streets. Will sell cheap. 212 N. McRae "Street. IF you want a nice 4 room modern home with garage .attached on 50 x 150 lot streets pavedi'back yard all fenced, with some ' growing fruit trees in it, you should see this one. Shown .only .by,.appoirit- ment. WE have a modern 7 room house within 2 blocks of down town. Built within the last 5 years ar^d is an excellent repair. Looks like brand new. Modern throughout, large rooms, plenty closets.' Nice size lot with shrubbery. Pa^cd streets. See this one 'GI loan available. 114 N. Walnut, We have a beautiful country h^orric. Located Near McCaskill: Three bedroom, brick veneer, hardwood BARGAIN in small screen telev .'sion, radio, phonograph console. Ideal for children's room. Phone 7-3223. 26-3t WORLD'S finest midseason bicolor daffodils including Mrs. Backhouse, the famous pink daffodil. Arthur Gray, Ozan. 26-6t RUMMAGE sale, used tires, lawn mowers;*' miscellaneous, Friday, Saturday. West Third St. opposite Chance Minnow House. 26-2t v rlc,a| Contractlnp-lndustrlal jr|e.rclsl ' Residential 9n's Eleptrical Service .^At'New Location UJ-O'South-Elrn, Hope MI»ZETB REWINP & SERVICE 7-2155 UPHOLSTERY jqpver?. Also custom Irappriee, cornices boards Guaran- ONE 1946 Ford. New tires, new motor, good buy. Phone 7-4446. 26-3t GOOD modern five room house, redecorated newly wired, good^ street, nice neighborhood. $3000.00 i cash or terms. FOSTER REALTY COMPANY F. C. Fuller Phone 7-4691 or 7-2068 27-3t floors, large rooms, plant'y ins: Butane gas, ^oungstown .kitchen. Pastel bathroom complete, carpet, copper "water pipes, termite proof. Lifetime 'screens. On 1V4 acres of ground. Worth $16000.00 but will 'sell for' just $8000.00 with terms. f AT 321 East 13lh Street we have a nice 3 bedroom modern home} Hardwood floors, attic/fan, floor furnace, Venetian blinds. Large shady corner lot; 'Paved streets. FHA or GI loan available. Immediate possession. AT 511 N. Elm we have'a small tile building and a large resident- al lot 75 x 150. Streets paved. ~" offer the works for $1000.00 An Mark s,aid. "No more town speed limits for him." The man at. the phone switchboard looked up when they came in, said, "Chief Hughes just left." "We saw him. Where's Hardin" "In your office. Waiting. He doesn't like it. And another thing. The -boys searching tha hill sent along a couple cartons of junk they'd picked up. Piled in your office. And the ball point pen is in the top box." "Found a pen, did they" • "Yes, Down near the road, I am derstand. • Has initials, on it and everything. G. W. are the initials." Dunn let Richards go ahead and turned back to the operator. "Chief Hughes get a phone-call before he left". ''Sure did.-Said she was his wife He left then." ' "You hear anything they said" "No. 1 The switchboard • operator eyeing Jim • curiously now. "She called only a couple minutes ago.- He was right here, talking to the reporters." "Did the chief -phone, his wife from here any time this evening" > "No; But he's been in and out a dozen times." The time of the call Jim knew, meant that Mrs. Hughes had waited, nearly 10 minutes after his and Marks departure before she hcc 1 phoned. If Eddie Stone's death had been news to her, he could 'not imagine her waiting that long to get in touch with her husband. "Tat noise, you heard," Jim said, "was the exploding of » hunch.*', i The 'man Burned back to his duties ''muttering about there being enough nuts on the outsidp without having them come right into headquarters. "Come on, Jim." Mark '^Uchards called impatiently from,the hallway. you the whole truth. It is something that shouldn't be told. But if Mr. Atwood says he saw me, he did." Another thought struck him "I can't talk! I'll be killed. You'll have to give me protection; Theyll kill me!' You'll be protected. You can stay right here as long as you want, until we get this settled.' (To Be Continued) XIV Carl Hardin talked. He, too, had received a "Wild Mare" note, sim ilar to Atwood 1 s. He had been instructed to have $400 in small bills ready, waiting for more instructions. He had thrown the note away, paid it no attention until he heard the news of the death of Chief Otto Drover. That made a big difference, the difference between a crank and a killer. He had begun to scurry around in an effort to raise the money. "A minute," Richards demanded. "You didn't have the sum de manded?" "Not in cash,' Hardin admitted 'You know I have large real estate holdings. But you can"t turn thdm into cash at a.moment's no tice. All right. How did you get tho pay-off instructions?" "By phone." With the exception of the THE VOICE — Leading voice opposing admission of Alaska and Hawaii to statehood is Sen. James O. Eastland (D., Miss.). Aiter holding the Senate floor for some four hours, he said he had hardly reached a "preface" of what he had to say. excellent buy. 25-3t Services Offered SEPTIC Tanks Cleaned. Phone 7-9989. March 1-lMo. CALL Payne Brothers! House movers, insured contractors. Public Service .Commission Number M- 1425, 313 Central Avenue, Stamps Arkansas, Phone , 3-4481 in Stamps, Arkansas. March 2-lMo. MATTRESS renovation and innerspring work. Cobb Mattress Co. 316 South Washington, Phone 7.2622, 4-tf Lost Made Into (nnersprlng ' T • ce . j» Mottress Co. .. 'Phone 7-381? 11 HEREFORD Calves 6 to 8 months old. Disappeared Wednesday afternoon at Tokio headed toward Proving Ground. Reward for putting them UP until 1 can get them. Call Barney Smith, 314 Nashville, collect. 26-3t GREENING INSURANCE & REIALTY- COMPANY Real Estate, Loans FHA GI Conventional Insurance PHONE 7-4681 "Carl Hardin appeared dapper. Mis slightly p.rot ( ru^ing eyes seem ed to bd on a universal joint. His lightweight brown suit was excellently fitted to make the best ot the meager frame it was supposed to set off. "Glad "you're finally here, Lieutenant,"Hardi n said. His voice was astonishingly deep, "i resent my detention, however. And I want to say rigjit now I do sympathize deeply and sincerely with Miss DrOyer. But I do not know what she "means by her questions." "Don't you" Richards asked. He looked at Nancy for some explanation. She said, "I guess I was trying to push my luck. I found out some things earlier that you wanted to know. I thought Id ' try again. I didn't get any place." The man tried ;a smile. "Miss amount and the time of delivery Hardins instructions duplicated those received by Peter AtwOod "I tried to tell this creature— this person who was talking to m —that I couldn't get the monej by the time he'd set. He laughed at me. A horrible sound. He reminded me. of Otto Drover's death." Hardin shivered at the recollection, wet his lips before he went on. "So I want out and tried again to get the money. I borrowed a little here and there. Hocked my watch and my ring. By the time for the pay-off I'd raised only $240. I didn't know what to do. I was frantic. I didn't dare wait I delivered the money I had with a note saying I'd bring the rest as soon as possible. I did. You—you saw me leaving North Hill after my second pay-off." . Jim Dunn let out his breath in a soft sigh. At least that explained why a pay-off had been made after the receiver was dead. Everything had been worked out on a tight schedule. • • Dunn had no doubt there' were many others in Colorado City'who: had made the trek to that deserted filling station with varying sums of money. The instigators" ot the plot Had struck, had ; 'timed every thing ! carefully, had collected, had killed to remove a danger point, and could now retire'- and 'wait Jim filed awayin the back of his mind the fact that the extortionist nad apparently'been well dcqualnr- ed here. Judging by two known instances, he had known the correct amounts to demand. Good Fishing in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, UP) The Arkan sas Game and Fish Commission said today that weekend fishing prospects are good in these spots: Arkansas County, bass crappie refuge lakes. Baxter, all fishing, Norfork Lake Boone, all fishing, Bull Shoals Lake. Calhoun, crappie, Champanoll Creek, Little Bary and Bangs Slough. Columbia, catfish, all areas.. •Drew, crappie, Lake Wallace. Franklin, all fishing in rivers. Garland bass, crappie, L a k Hamilton black .bass Lake Oua chita. Montgomery, bass, Lake Ouachi- .a.' :f •'.-."• " . . •Pike, bass, Narrows Lake. Polk, bream, Lake Mena. TAMPA >/ 4 - The committee ^t big league executives studying revision of the present draft rule has jut concluded its fifth meeting >f the winter and spring without eporting any appreciable prog- •ess. One pf its members, who >refers anonymity, ays he seriously doubts that anything Will come of it. • .' At the extremes of the two fac- ions involved In the'debate are he Washington Senators who now no farm system worth mentioning, and the New York Yankees, whose :arms arc loaded with gifted •oUngsters who will be stars within a few years. The Senators a We as other clubs which arc unable to main- ain extensive player assembly ines would like to have an un- estricted draft where all minor eague who are not being brought up by the parent team would be placed on the block at each winter draft meeting As it is nodw a clubs such as the Yankees stands to loe only one player each winter. The "have" clubs, naturally, are fighting any cusch revision with claw and hoof, feeling that it virtually would wipe out their huge minor league investments. Commissioner Ford Frick was at one time reported favorable to some sort of stringent revision asi an antidote for critizcd aspects of the reson clause but it said now to have cooled off. Pirates Are Causing Excitment FORT PIERCE, Fla. (A- Most everyone here is excited ov*r. the Pittsburgh Pirates' sudden dis of power that has produced . batch of surprising spring victories and has brought visions of a,nap pier-summer for the Buccaneers.' But not Manager Fred Haney. He has no illusions. He "realizes that this) is'the same :tcam that firiislicd 55' games oiii last yeir. Furthermore, it is minus its\ three biggest stars of 1933. Ralph Kiner, Danny O'Connell and Murry Dick- "I'm not trying to kid anybody,"' least of all myself," the friendly little Californian said. "The over' all picture of the club is better than it was last year, but most of the players are mere kids. We have a fine looking bunch of boys, kids who arc bound to become big league stars in a few years from now, but they're not quite ready this year. Although such rookies as outfielder Jerry Lynch, , InfieldeW George Froesc, catcher Jack Shepard and several pitchers have far 15 ACRES • comfortable two bedroom home, good barn, outbuildings, deep well, electricity, gas, All fenced - small orchard. Just outside city limits * Priced to sell.' ':"';'•• : '• FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 South Main St. Phone 7-4691 "This is Elmer Thorpe, Jim He's the mail carrier who has the district around North Hill," Mark Richards said. Jim said hello to Elmer Thorpe who looked wind-blown, sun Frank Leahy, here to announce his new job as a public relations chieftain, struck everyone with his improved appea'rance and relaxed attitude since.. he gave' up the wracking task of 'coaching Notre Dame. He said he believes this row* important contribution to the Irish was in installing the T formation here. Doesn't think any other 'ormation compares with it. exceeded expectations, Haney ..'stiff is undecided about his siartingz,. lineup.. .. ;' . Is Hope, Arkansas 27-3t OWNER leaving town <• says sell this attractive two bedroom home with carport for only $1,000',00 cash, balance monthly terms • Possession in April, FOSTER REALTY COMPANY 217 South Main S.t. Phone 7-4691 Hope, Arkansas 27-3t Notice fjwm Weft Graduation Gifts: The easy way, Lay-A-Way. WATCHES of all makes. Mhoon's Jewelry 119 South Main' SUBSCRIBE TexarHana Gazette. Complete sports. Other late news- KCMC-TV programs. Eqarly da- livery, .pale Hartsfield, Phone 7-4610. Mo. SALESMAN •$2.aq,'*W«eB'y $17.00, 2 people $3.00. DiscBWOQ trucks, all new innersprings, fpam pillows, refrigerated, "S«er" Tile. Boley's "quieter" Cour.t. 7-1 Mo. CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING Beet cut and wrapped for deep freest Blood for fish bait. See Ralph Montgomery phone 7-3361 NEW Trailer Parte, night $1.00. Weekly $5,00, monthly $19,00. Two new tilo sliQwers. two new stools- laboratories, shadier, quieter, Boley's Court. Reif^renpe CitU ' zen's and National 16-1 Mo. LOOK!!! , Your old furniture in most cases will makej DOWN PAYMENT WE give the best Trades for your old Furniture. Mar, 23-1 Mo, HOUSTON CITY FURNlfURE CO. PHONE 7-22gir " BEFORE buying fertilise,? see me for prices. We deliver anywhere. HAMILTON; Drover got no place with her questions ior ^ simple reason. There is nothing ' for me to tell. I was just driving along and suddenly two officers in a radio car crowded me to the curb. I don't know why." "You had just turned out of North Hill Road," Mark began. "No,' Hardin said. "That is a mistake. I'll grant it might have appeared that way. I was looking at the moon, Lieutenant. Very beautiful. I'll admit I had turned off my headlights for better vision, but surely that would come on|y under the head of a minor traffic violation" : 'You were following instructions for a pay-off," Richards said. "You turned out of North Hill Road." "No.* "You dont think we'll find your prints oh the package of money The hundred and sixty dollars" Hardin smiled. . "You couldn't" He glanced nervously at Richards, went on quickly. "I wasn't doing anything, but looking at the moon," "So you 'think you were smart enough to take some precautions Wore gloves, did you, when you were making WP 'he package" "You're rnaking a mistake, Lieutenant." ''.'"' "A polite way of calling me a liar,' Richards said. "And so you didn't -enter or leave North HJU Road -at any time during this evening" "No." - •'•'•' "ThlsUl be interesting. I'll get Peter Atwood on the phone and have him come over. I want la be right here when you call Atwood a liar to his face.' Hardin made a sound as if he had been hit in the stomach. "Mr. scorched, and snow-blasted. He had bleached yellow hair and large tcet h of "exactly the same shade. He said he was proud to meet Mr. Jim Dunn. "Jim, I wanted you to hear his story at first hand." Jim nodded and let Mr. Thorpe recite. His method of delivery was that of a prepared speech or clashsroom recitation. Obviously he had given thought and practice to his words. "I heard over the radio awhile ago, the midnight broadcast it was about Mayor Stone's boy. Myrtle and I were listening to the radio and we heard it. Myrtle's my wife. As soon as we heard, we started talking about if I shouldn't come and tell what I seen. She told me you folks would be too busy to listen to what I had to say." He waited until Mark Richards supplied the necessary cue. "Not at all." Elmer Thorpe smiled. "Maybe it ain't so much after all, but I read once how every little bit of intimation is a help. So I came right over to tell the lieutenant here about Eddie Stone, about him playing garage." Mr. Thorpe lit a c' aret and hid if. in a large hand so '/'Continued from Page One not long ago the 250 air technicians sent in already would be withdrawn by June. . .On March 12 the Defense Department appointed La. Gen. John W. .O'Daniel, now Army command er in the Pacific, to head the Milir tary Assistance Advisory Group in Indochina..... ; Two days ago'. : Secretary of Defense Wilson told a news conference the ' Indochinese . troops fight ing,beside the French .need "eflec tive- and aggressive" training if the war is to be won. Variou s U. S. steps to help the French have caused concern in Congress that the nited States might get so deeply' involved 'in the war that outright participation might be a .necessary next step President Eisenhower, at his Feb. 10 news conference, tried to quiet such fears by saying every step this government to fight the ing,the French to ight the Reds u Indochina is intended to keep ttii: s; country out of a hot war there -'"Just 1 >yhat will this country dc .f the.Red Chinese finally decide to take an active part in the fight ing?: No one in government gven an aswer. :But last Sept. 2. Secretary of State Dulles ' made a statemet which might be considered a warn ing 'to the Chinese. Their intervention', he said, could not occur without grave consequences which might not be confined to Indochina. Asks Divorce Be, Set Aside __ it appeared as if he were thumbing his nose every time he took a drag. "I deliver mail to old Mansfield's house. And to the mayor who lives there. So I've known Eddie for a good many years. We used to talk quite a lot and he'rl sometimes walk along with me and I'd let him carry my sack. A nice boy, Eddie. Always cheerful and kind. People said mean things about Eddie, but people say mean things about all of us, I guess." He waited again, took a deep drag on his cigaret and emerged from behind his hand. "So one day, about a week ago I guess it was, or maybe a little more than that. Maybe 10 days pr so. But anyway, Eddie was walking with me and he said, 'Mr. Thorpe,' because Eddie was al- w'ays polite whatever nasty people said about him. "Mr. Thorpe he says, 'can a personi^et mail Rollie Hemsley, pitching coach of the Philadelphia Athletics, has a new gimmick for getting his charges in shape and keeping sack during battingpractice. The stretching and bond-ing keeps em- supple and removes any soreness. Qav ilan Starts Workouts Chicago . MARION, Mrs. Fannie Mae Robertson of Pinson, Tenn. has asked Crittenden Chancery Court to void a divorce decree granted to her husband four years ago. Mrs. Robertson's petition con' tends that the husband, Carmack Robertson, was not a legal resident of Arkansas when the divorce was awarded in 1949; The woman said she didn't know about the divorce until she filed for a. non-support warrant at Hen> derson, Tenn., • where Robertson owns a variety store. Robertson has re-married. SARASOTA,,Fla. .(#) —Birdie Tebbetts serving his • first spring as manager of the Cincinnati 1 Red- legs, has found, his man—the player whose fighting spirit and hustle and all-around ornerjness are going to team up with Blrdie-'s brains to yank the club .higher than sixth place in the National League. The youngsters, wh6 already has captured Birdie's heart Is a'to- bacco-chewln, g .hard rock: named Johnny : Temple, --who played 63 games, for the. Redlegs last season and fully intends to play every game at second base in the- race coming up. Hot is listed at 175 pounds, but somebody must ' : have had a foot on the scales'. ; "He's the • toughest little monkey I've come, across in a 'long'time" Tebbetts: says .happily."Up to rio'w he's called !every man .on the team a dirty name except me, and I expect to be next. He's a real throwback to the old days. He's., been playing down in Venezuela this winter, and when he reported to me I asked him if he would like to take it easy for a while. All he answered was "I haven't got time to take it easy.' If he can hit enough to play second base for me, I guarantee you'll see some action. "Th other day Del Crandall Milwaukee catcher blocked the plate on him when he was corning in and you never saw such a colli Eion. The ball felw 'off and ; that big Crandall just stayed down as Johnny came limping to the bench. Someone told him Crandall was still down and he Jsaid 'That's nothing—I'm afraid to look ; and see if I've still got a kneecap." "Then before he sat down he CHICAGO I/P—Ah, for. the life;of a world champion. • ' - ••.•••.< Welterweight -king Kid Gavilp, his leathery face creased hvsmiles, arrived in Chicago last nightato begin his final week of drills befqre trying to dislodge- Carl (Bobo) Olson's middleweight -crown!; i;;ln Chicago Stadium next Friday. ;: $ Gavilan was bundled in a-heavey overcoa t as he stepped ',from : -a New York plane into blasts .of cold. wind. Reporters i whisked' him away to a nearby cafe andxthere the fun .began. •• :• • y Gavilan is one of the few sports big shots who is agreeable f9r anything. He'll pose for a picture standing on. his head c and wiggling his toes if asked.; i ; - .••.(•••:'",-l-' In' the cafe, ho wandered bacJtJB to the kitchen and donned * chef's white; headpiece and -coati ;Th'en he pretended he was carving ...up'^a big roast, from the oven. Meanwhile, waitresses and kitchcri-hjttlik krouped arpung him handing'him dollar bills to autograph. •'•' • i-. "These people -—what won't'.they think of next for Gavilan," fumed Mundito Medina, ' the';, champjoii's cagey 'little, trainer and a cb,£rac- ter in his own right. '•: ^ Medina looked around the kitch™ en. "Look at Gavilan. They could give him a blank check to autograph and he wpuldn't. know 'thft difference. Here h<6 is in all th'is heat signing stuff and posing tor pictures. He should be in "bed rest- ; While all this was going on, ;the confusion was cpmpletid -by Irjud barks and growls from an irpn- barred door, lead'/i'g to the office of the cafe's/manager. • ; ^ 1J| There inside; was a great Dane. Someone vyas patting. thp h went over and glared Ted Senate Rejects McClellan Plan WASHINGTON, : WI The Senal e yesterday; rejected a proposal by Sen. McClellan g)d-Ark) that ail revenues 'from gasoline, lubricating' oils ' a nd die'sel highway f t.a'xes' be earmarked for highway construction. ' V : ' , Under . McClellan' s plan the one bjlilon dollars annually produced bylHhese levies would bave been available for federal highways spending after July 1. 'The vote was 61-27 against the proposal. Jn supporting his plan, offered as an amendment to the excise tax bijj McClellan said the taxes originally were imposed for road building purjjoses^pd the money ' Atwood ! ! What, does Mr. Atwood i where if it's n$$gjmi to do ,,H||k this" Even in rigj^' And I ^ Wi WLtfm* » Wj^n 1*J« *;«••» *' toj-thern P,eJter Atwoo4 ro,a H,avd,in'?' 'Well, . -„ why not be- ^imsteW was' not 'pres, c»wse"that's" the function of the s careful to uae P the u: S. mail.' So then he told me he wanted to get his mail at that pld filing stBWon pn North Hill. You see, I cut ieross th,$t way to lie together the end* fj my route, Kluszewski, the biggest player in the world, and said, 'Let that be a lesson to you, you-big slob.' Our star first baseman hasn't thought of an answer yet." Temple played with Tulsa of the Texas League in 1951 and part of 3952, and is said to have left an indelible impression upon that 'circuit, which knew a few tough characters before he came along. He led the league in stolen bases in "51 and hit a robust .306 for most of the next season,s o there if, reason for Tebbetts to hope this bat will prove adequate this year, "He used to start fight in the Texas League that everybody got in," volunteered one of his admir ers from down there. "Once he,;#ot a rip across his head that took 16 stitches to close, but before, tho a bandage around his head, faring to go some more." . . < 4' The reason Tebetts is-so eiwrnr ored of the scrappy product cf Columbia, S. C., is • that he realizes all too well he, needs such a take-charge guy in his lineup- plus pitching—if hjs • maiden sen- son is to be any improvement upon what Rogers Hornsby did with virtually the same outfit last year. dog ,• and whispering in his/.ear. U t"He won't hurt no one," this fellow,said.,..',"Hg-. ju^t .makes a lot of rioise-. Hey, 1 Gavilan;" .-how. about this' guy—he weigh'S 150 pounds!" That set off the photographers. They wanted Gavilan. to get inside the office with the beast and make like he was going to punch him. 'Gavilan peered ,through the''irtif grating and "the great ,. Dane ~ called "Chef" — stuck his; nose through Gavilan stroked it. The dog looked up at him, "Okay." said Gavilan "I go in— you take picture. This dog ju'st another middleweight to GaVilan; 1 ' At this point, Medina was fit to be tied! ' "No dogs!" he.yelled. "No dogs! How stupid can you people get, One bite and Gavilan lose his arnx to elbow and world will be wrthouF man who become next middleweight champion. No dogs!" •' And with that, the group moved on to a hotel where Gavilan want to bed. . said the .mesure es tablished a poor precedent in ear- any 'tax'e's, for specific purposes: He sajd he was playing garage and wanted tp get; his mail at the old filing Ration,. Same fo&sj might think it funny fpr Eddie to still be faying and Ito ft.JW «vow rt- May Cut Off One Mqn Revenue Offices LITLE ROCK, If) —Some of tho H Internal Revenue Service's pne man offices in Arkansas may be abolished if a reorganization plan now under study materializes. Director Olen S. Godwin said to day that nothing definite had been settled. He said tl^e final decision would be made "pn t|)e n,a'tto,p,a] Shoulders Tells Whp Tipped KANSAS CITY, (#> — ''Grand 1 jury testimony disclosed yesterday thwM former-pojipe officer Louis ShQuttT ers narned an ekconyict as * possible key figure in the arrest 0* the Greenlcase kidnapKillers.' Shoulders said he was certain John Costello, pperator of a St. Lpuis cab company! was th? Tfla'n whose tip Jed him tp the kiflnapecs. The fprmer pfficer alsp testified tha t he believed his tipster "has a darned good idea' 1 who g9t the missing half of the $600,0,00 money. ' ' < Car| Austin Hall and Brpwn Heady were arrested in ,SJt. Lflulj and convicted, of tbe killing of 8-year-pW Bpbby lease, They >w|re execute^ 5n Missouri pfen.ij^oti ber a week befpre half of the ranspm rngn,e> Bobby's

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