Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 22, 1912 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1912
Page 9
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r ji.i.i. ai \ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 22,1912. Now going on is one of the Greatest Sales of the winter season. Our aim is a quick and sure clearance of Winter Goods. A great many of the reductions are below cost. AH are hberal and genuine. COME TOMORROW! .L^NUARY CLEARANCE OF WOMEN'S SUITS All IIIIR s -cMfon 's i; r.Uos In nil 111" newest i' ,;i:r, .styles, no 111 lilg KU 1 L » at Jimt liall inlce. fur . . . $7.,VI for . !fS.7.'. r<..- . ijtKMW lor $11*:, for . *l±.-)0 for . $15,(W 5i:.r.ii $'J2 .'.11 Suits S'llits S:!ils Suits $:;||.(Mi Suits JANUARY CLEARANCE OF WOMEN'S SUITS AND COATS Left fi(.iii last seaFon'B pplllni:. A good vr.!i<;y ol ^'yjrs am! weaves. Suit-- and Coats :ol(l up to $3.'.; clearaiiee price._$•).*)."» M<n one Pony Skin Jacket valued at ffiO inc'.iided in this !ot at $JK0."5 January Clearance Sale of OutiiiK Flannel Cowns. Prired at r.Oc. 7:«c, s.".e .<l .<Mi. Sl.-i:,. $l..-iO, $1 .75 and ?2.(iti; clear- :il!e0 jTici r.. 25 I'EK JKNT OFF Clearance of Evening Dresses. m l;eatitif\i! Kvetiing Dressps—the latest sty'es—^i:ii ;k. lo.e. l.!;l!t blue, b'.ack. while and tan. )'r:<ed at $17.50, .«.2n. $2.". end 'Ar,; i !t 'ai :i :i.-e i.rice ...O.XK-THIHI) OFF Clearance of Fancy Waists. One lot of Silk Waists in taffeta, black, !iii :e ai;il tan; tilso =o:ne Persian and Net Waists, pood style, \alues up,to $7.r>0; clearance price — JANUARY CL£4RANCE WOMEN'S COATS. OF Tlii;' sea-on^s !n•^t ."^tyles, in plush, liiiiiid- I 'oth, siiK's and iioveliy nii'.luies. Cleataiu-e ;:i!e al just half price $7 .".n Cciiils I iHhl.iilei. prlei- SlK.ii'i r.-a •. rlearalMi; in ice r.!L '"'l- (<);lt^•. ileaialice pliie SI.'.Coal.-. <liarai:('e ]nU-i ,*r. .'iH Coats, ehiiianee jOiee iM'.-'io Ctiat .i. el.'aranie price S '.'ii .iii Coat;-, c 'enrance ]>:je(: . . ?•_•.","!) co.-t'i ilearar.(ie^ jiricp. _ $:;7,.'"i ('oat>--. ce ar jiric'' S:!'i:Oi) Coals. clearat:ce iiiico". — !!!7..'.ll ^s.7 ."i ii!!S..-.ll ifi:5.7.'> -«J.V.III January Clearance of Sweaters. One lot of Ijidles' White Sweaters, sllBhtly soiled, rcKular price $r ..DO; rlenrance price, only - Si«l.»H Clearance of Boys' Sweaters. In white, regular $.3.00 viil'.ios; clearance price . . , . J)S<^ Clearance of Infants' Sweaters. In white and color.s; wortli up to Sl-"0; clearance price 23<^. 3 ."»C-". 55C Clearance Sale of Misses' Coats. Sizes from 10 to 14. Price ran?? from i2.."0, J.-J.SO, $4.9.'; $C..'.0, ?7.r.O, $10, $12.n0and !.-.. Ckarunce price ONE-HALF OFF Clearance of Dresses. Peter Thompson Dresses, colors, blue and red. reE:u!ar price $]2..'i0, clearance price now only -. »7.i)H Clearance Sale of Furs! Two White Fur Scarfs, were $10, now on sale al SS*J.7."> Ore Cray Squirrel, was $.'i .00; you can buy it now" for---- - --..JSI,.~() Our entire line of FUlt SKTS and SCAKFS Koes at H.VLF I'KhE Clearance of House Dresses. Two piece House Dresses, made of blue percale with white dots. $1 .75 values; clearj ance price EXTRA SPECIAL! One lot of ladies', misses' and children's Coals and^ .Jacket.*, worth up to $r>.00; clear- ••ance price :)8<ft One lot of children's Hearskln and Cara­ cul Coats, special clearance price $1.4^ Another lot at $1.98' Another lot of extra fine q^lity regular $7.r .O and $5.00 Coats, clearance price.. Clearance Sale of Corsets. ^ Discontinued numbers; regular price $.'i.50 $.-|.00, $3.50 and $3.00; clearance price ..$1.79 Another lot of $1 .50 Corfeets; clearance price 98^ January Clearance of Skirts. One lot of Skjrts—a good assortment of colors and styles, in P.inamas, Voiles and Serges, worth up to $11 .50; now Si ?2..'>0 Clearance of Evening Capes. Six Ilroadcloth Capes In'fan. red. apricot, blue and gray; priced at §12.50, $15. $16..50 and $25; clearance price 0.\E-TIIIltD OFF One lot of Children'* Cap.<, worth up to S5c; your choice iOC Clearance of Shantuiig. Shantung, 30 Inches wide, colors, green, plum and black; regular price «5c a yard; clearance price _ '.i^C Clearance Sale of Rugs! Right at the time of year when you want a new. Hug, we offer you choice of any Hug in the house at a great saving. A good assortment to select from In Uody Brussels, Wiltons Velvets. Axmlnster, Tapestry, Ingrain and Fiber. Prices rangfe from $1.2."., $2.50,. $5.00, $7.50. $10, $12.50, $1.5, $17.50. $25 to $50; clearance price 25 PER ("EXT DIStOl.\T ~ Clearance Prices on Comforts. Priced at $1, $1.50, $1.75, $2 $2.25 to $3.50. clearance price 20 PER VEST I>I.SC'OU>T Clearance of Baby Blankets. A good variety of colors. 50c values IJJ)^ 75c values for $1.25 values for \ -98<& Lace Curtains. One lot of single 1 -ace Curtains, also a few pair of Sample Curtains, go at PRICE January Clearance cf Hand Bags. In Velvet, Suede, Dead Rags. Tapestry Rag.^. Leatlier Bags; regular $1.50 and $1 .25 vaiues, clearance price 98C Clean-Up Sale of SHQES li::r '.,1 (.f' Shoes. bf .iV 'en ;.i/.e:-,, i:i tan, patent and Kill leather;', bution ami laci> sold re^i-hirly for $1. ?:!..".:>. $2.50; clearalieo price— Clean-Up Sale of SHOES One lot of Hoys' ;--!ioes and a few pairs of .Mis.-ifs' and Iji'Iles' Shoes— sold from $1.25, $1 50 to $3; cb ar- ance-iirlce, per pair— ^. 98 CGJits Clearance of Kid Gloves. One Ic' of broken sizes in blaek, blue, green, gr .iv and red; $1 and $1.50 glove:,; clearance prill', pail- Ji.lCt Cliai:io!:i (ilove? In creaiii and white, broken sizes $1 valui^ for '-l^d" Clearance Sale of Underwear. One lot of Women's Vest>-. In gray; regii- 50c value; clStiraiiee price 'Ziid One lot of Ladies' Vests and Pants; 25c values for , . 21<^ Ladies' fine .Mercerized Union Suits. In white, blue and salmon, re.gular price $3.00; clearance price Jjtl.ijO JANUARY CLEARANCE OF V DRESS GOODS! LOT 1. A large assortment of Wool Dress Goods In Serges, Basket Weaves, Mohair and Novelty Suitings. 36 to 42 inches wide. In this lot }ou v.ill find most all colors. Kegular I>rice $1 i'nd 85c yard; clearance price 496 "LOT 2. .January Clearance of Cotton and Wool Dres .-J fjcods, 3G inc!:es wide. In ISasket V.'eaves. Voiles and Novelties in plain and mixed colors. liegular 50c values; clearance price, per yard 356 January Clearance Sale of Cotton Suiiirig, Corded Poplin, Mercerized Diagonals and A'ohrir Suiting.'-. 27 inches wide, regular price 2."<; aiW V>c; ciearai^cu price a yard 20C* January Clearance Sale Of all Silk Otto; tan Shantung. 27_ inches wide, in lavender, rt /eda. green., tan. "wisteria and .'light blue; roMi 'ar $1 .00 vaiiie^: clf^nmnce price, per yard ^ {)96 ^Clearance of Persian Foulards 3'; inches v.ide; colors, black navy, light: blue, gray, lave;.der; regular jirice 50c a yard; clearance i:rice IJ.IC; Clearance Sale cf Veiling. Oue lot of Vedln;; In a VMiety of colors, winSh 25c and 35e a yard; cieaiaiiee pr:e •, o:i!y . - ~ H)(January Clearance Sale or Serpentine Crepe beautiful patterns, always sello for 20c y .ird; clearance price 146 m. owEss IN mm mu '•• A.MKI:K'.\X rRoors OFF FOR CKix.i. E.M.H.V COW.VN-B.IRBER'S SOXG. rcrni'-r lirti-tM ("hurc!! Paytor I)r- Ijvrr-i .Vddrcsse> Here. Rev. W. n. Owens, fo; n;. r pastor of the First j!apti .-i cauich in this city, has beconio a District Suiif-rintendeni - for t.'-.e S( ci. ly for th^ Frien41ees and delivered two brief .-.d.ires .=es In the jntcrc.-t of his work here yesterday. The a('.i!rtsses were brief, the firEt be<in t!:e First Preabyierlan church In the morning and at men's meeting In _l.t: First nfl]>t!?t Church in the after- coon. Rev. Owen Is eloquent and enthusiastic in his"new work and enters in>o it with a vigor that piomlses excellent results. At the mcn'.s meeting, Rev. Owen _ looked over the congregation and found that the hair of most of the men present was sprinkled with gray. The ciuesti .in. "Where are the lioysT" arose. - It was answered by the minister who , said that a large per cent of therb are trailing with the gangs In the streets of' the towns and cities of the country Slid a large per cent of them are In .pri&on. "In the past two weeks" said Rev. ' Ov/en "I have addressed the prlson- ^ ers In three Jails. In my audience there wore more bo .rs than are before me ih'.s afternoun." Th? oilnl^ ter apiiealed to the men to Hialce friends wit!i the boys, take an IftteydBt. In tleni and i-ee that they are brought " w 'thin the iirotectlng Influence ol tliC churches. Tlie Soeiety for the FrlentUesf ll an ori .'ania7t .ion headed by .ludgo 'T. P. Carver of Topcka for firft aid to in 'ciiprged nnd pnroltd convicts. The, Society picks up the casioff when h* has no friends, no work and no place' to go and assists him until he gets'a itart. Word"! of lirantifiil Easter Soncr Coni- jio-ed bjr'an Ex-Re.Kldent. CEN J Manila, Jan. 18.—I'ndor the direction of tieiieral .1. Franklin Bell, commander of the Philippines division, troopa are being dispatched on the trans- j liort I»gan for China. The First Baullon of th.- Fifteenth Fnlted States Infantry, numbering tive hundred men constltuti' (he troops Ciiosen lor action In China if the occasion arises. XO t'.\rSE TO DOITHT. CLAIMS PRIOR TITLE. Joint T. M'ood Soc«i fo Aiiniil Con-" islalile's Levy. 1 A .Statomrnt of Fnrt.s Itarked by a Stronir Guarantee. We guarattee Immediate and positive relief to all sufferers from con- 'stli )ation. In every case where our icmedy falls to do this we will return ' - ... , - .X . t^-'e money paid us for It. Tbat'«. a _ John T. A\ood has broucUti ^Bjtt In ^.^^^ .vtatement of facts, and we waft the district couit to restrain T S. , substantiate them at our r|ik. Hce / roScan from eXrclLg"a" Orderlies are eaten Just like fvecuiion ^"^eTat th^lnlt^nce of a ^^"•^y' Particularly prompt and rrtrdTe ^^is^uaiVr^^^^ sj.^°irsii?^^^^^^^^ f^^Si. . rnn»w^ «nlP« t«dem^^^^ live.action upon the organs with which ^S'' ^^'V^TJ^^^f 1 S they come in contact apparently act^and when the company bond he ^^'^^^ regulative tonic upon the re- i .\ copy of an Easter song reached i the Register a few days ago, the words \ of which were wrlUen by Mrs. Enima 1 Co'.van Barber. forme:ly of lola but j now oi Gcoding, Idaho. The music was composed by Jean Buckley. Words of the song, "He Rose Today," are as follows: He rose tcday; New forms of beauty spring to meet the light. The desert earth with radiant bloom is sweet Old things have passed away, the dark is bright i And death lies conquered at the Saviour's feet. He rose tcday! %ie rose today! He rose today; Above the cares that weigh the spirit down Above the losses that we mourned with tears In love and light with grateful hearts we drown The wrongs, the sorrows and the pain of years. _^ We rise today! We rise today! CHORUS. We today! Not e'en the weight of sin can crush the soul One touch dlvlnej our burdens fall away Beneath our feet the somber shadows roll,. With lllm wo rise to meet the heavenly day; We rise today. IJe ro.i 'e K^lay; the hud of promise tremblt^l into bloom; The Eong of ages swelled with fuller tone. With 'glad revealing llgltt within the tomb; The new dawn crept, unlllndercd by a stone. He rose today! He ro«-c t^day! BAILLIE WITH XEW YORK STORE. A Xrwsiiapor Worker Re-enters the Dry Goods Rnslness. ovelooming weakness; and aiding to restore the bowels to more vieorous an^ healthy ac^vjty.^ Bezall OrdfltU** ,w onsoriMuaable the stock and that It was Ws properiy. The court issued >a twnporary writ In 1>ehalf of Mr. Wood and the case will lie tried oat In tbe distriot court and Ideal for the use of children, old folks and delh-ate persons. We can not too highly recommend them to all sufferers ireiu any form of constipation and Us attendant evils. That's why we ba?k our faith In them with our of money back if they do not give entire satisfaction. Three si?es: 12 tablets 10 cents, 3C tablets 25 cents and SO tali'.ets 50 cents. Remember, you can <>bt:\in Uexail Remedies In lola only at our store—The Rexall • _, , ,, , , Store. S. U. r .itrrell West Side of the j ^I'e n>H refulgcn Sauare. ' ^^^^ ^^^^ tcday! lie rose today! He rose today ;the wnjiry burdened souls watching wal.*. To see the rote light nilngle' with the gray; Shall live anew whca on the world shall break ce of the perfect —69EKjlaney. R. IH. Conp'q^bam. Attention VI. R. C The Woman's Belief Corps will meet at the court house rest room at^^JKrtf past nine o'clock tomorrow morning to attend the funeral of Miss Alice Johnson which will be held at. half past ten o'clock at Builders' 'Oiapel, 6W NorOr^reet - yas. E. J. VAUCHJf, Prefc J —I have opened up what is known as the old Star Barn on West street, and will run a Sal« and Feed Barn and expect to have Public Anctloid Sales every Saturday, and will hold my first safe on January 20, Saturday afternoon. Will have for sale that day 20 head of horses and mules. So if you want to buy or sell, iti will Jwy 79» to attand these aalea; Q. C. ConMiae. T. S. Beillie. who recently resigned his position with the Register a^ advertising man, this morning entered the employ of the New I'ork Store where he will be glad to greet the many friends he has acquired since coming to lola. Baillie is a man who will make good anywhere you place him. Of recent years, however he specialized in dry goods and later in newspaper work and he Is more at home in these lines than any other. He Is a man who never knows when to quit when there is work to do and no one ever saw him when his sunny nature had deserted him and he couldn't see the brighter side of things. He will make a valuable man for the .Vew York Store. It'll never be too much trouble lor Baillie to beam his most cheerful smile on the buyer who has Just bought a bolt of silk or the one who has Just purchased a spool of thread. He knows selling methods and selling conditions. He is loyal to his employer and square with his friends. Hard to find' : r.y better material In a man. The Register wishes Mr. Baillie an unlxiunded measure of success in his new position. i . MCHOLSOX'S .SOX LS ILL. George A. XichoNon Operutrd on for ApiicndiritlH. Mr.^^orgc K. Nicholson, who arrived In lola last evening to attend the annual meeting of the United Kansas Portland here, received a telegram thi.t forenoon from his daughter-in- law in Chicago, Informing him that his son .George A. Nicholson, was to be operated on this morning for appendicitis. Mr. Nl;'ioIson knew that his son who has been attending Chicago University, was in poor health, but the telegram was the first news that the trouble was appendicitis. He expects to leave for Chicago on the first train at the conclusion of this afternoon's session of tlie cement directors. Miss Carrie MeJvin and Mies Veva Melvin left today for Falls City, Neb., for a visit of several weeks with friends.' Secretary E. V. Berry of the Y. M. C. A., spoke at the Christian church in Yates Center last night on the subject, "Sane Leadership for Boys.",The meeting was a union meeting for men only, an4 was very jvell attended.-The talk was made as a part of tbe work of the local If en and'Religion Forward- Best Lump Coal—delivered anywhere in city. f THENEW7DN 4 U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour, to dealers only. Feed, Bran, Shorts, Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds. 100 pounds per sack—guaranteed weights. Newton Milling: & Elevator Co. PHONE 157 ' Willis Pereau, Agent 1 THREE XEW SAMPLE ROOMS. Iniprovompntx I'ndor Way nt the Kol icy for Tiireo Weeks Flnislied. The Improvements whlcli have been undr way .at the Kelley hotel since j Chrlstmaii have Just been finlshd, and • the Kelley Is considerably changed as a result, The rooms to the north of the Kelley formerly occupied by the Morrison grocery ^have been utilized to bring about the chance. A doorway has been cut under the stairway in the lobby, and this leads into a fine new check room. A door In the left of tbe che';.*c loom leads directly into a new writin.s r^om. fronting the street. J with individual desks. A door in th^i right of the check room leads into . three new sample rooms, which, with tbe one on the second floor, makes four forthe Kelley. These with the two In the Pennsylvania hotel make a total of six sample rooms for the hotel. The furnishing ef the sample rooms with tables and other accessories has Just been completed. The ^ space formerly occupied in the lobby j by wilting desks-has lieen taken up! with large benches, which increase the ' seating capacity of the lobby. Che New Chinese Gnamti for FLOORS, FURNITURE, BATH ROOMS. ETC. ^ PILES CURED IS SIX TO H DAYS. —Your druggist wiU refund money If PAZO OINTMENT tails to core any case Of Itdilnx,' Blloil. • needing or Frotnidlas JPIIM In.f lo U .day* eoe •SVALtl ON IT. • Strm» it with « _ hammvr.or pour water on it and aatisfy-yours«IC that thU oarnlMh,9>lll not crack or turn mhUm* —The W. CvTe «ts ReaUvrCo.. Kre<t

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