Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 27, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 27, 1954
Page 2
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HOft StAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SafufJay, March Tt, 0KW*». f> i-< iSKJaai^ Bfttweart I A, M, «nd 4 P. M. ' ' ' , -Club Danpe i-jll IWelv6tOn K^lSrt'flHdlWr. and , J s wifi meet-Vllk o'aleck on Hepburn and HoldenTake 'Oscais' By ALINE MOSBY FHday Mafeh2$ HOLLYWOOD), Calif. (UP) — A story once considered useless as The VF# Post and Auxiliary will mo vie material, a big*eyed Holly- have a joint pot luck at the hut tonight at 7:30. A-film on the VFW National Home Will be shown. 'an Service Guild of Chtireh will haVe 'n „.- gfapper on Monday even- faich 29th in the hom« of Mrs. .:___.,.i-0ii East Fifth street, ^meeting, Mrs.-H, E. patter- '%'loh'afy study,, secretary for niin>.s Society, 'will conduct l< Mil ot the^ Stu8£ 'ot Jere- hditoh wjll be given at the "Me&odlsi dhurch by the (8fs^'itf ; the "W, S. C, s. on ijf, Mtirch' 29, ,honoring the 'St Cofbj^V,ar3ity ,Bdnd with 'j^frojjp's.afS' special guests, Ifijfk^rs Sunday School Class conducted the business session. The nominating committee pre* sentcd the following slate of officers for approval: president, Mrs. jawrence Martin; vice-president. Mrs, Franklin Horlonj secretary- :reasnrer, Mrs. Virgil Keeley; pav- lamentarian, Mrs. Tooley; historian, Mrs. Hoy Allison. Program chairman, Mrs. Teddy Jones', read a personality sketch about Norman .Vincent Teale. Mrs. Mac Stuoft then introduced -Mrs. Toolcy who presented a book review on "Take to Marguerite Lyons. ,«M$Cl* VH i** 1 *^ ..AVMUfc* 01 $'C0]Ui£r,'. iTiv on, Mon- $J1P -Wtyh T^S, is'i 1 host|Bsfe and sag" co-hostess. .. .(M *-' •'; <,', , ^l?y$t(Ufee a-con-, •fi&a&nttf'BAnd 1 , »is?I-- *.tt*r, «p'^ Conductor } LUSTER __^ fc|f^,l« MW$* ^Wtri 1 ' §* wood newconier, Audrey Hepburn, and veteran Actor William Holden won coveted ' Oscars last night at the 28th academy award ceremonies, H , "From Hene to Eternity" reached the rank of a film classic by winning eight separate awards including the '.'best picture" Oscar honors that equalled those for old favorite '("Gone With the Wind Miss Hopbcirn won the best ac ress award :for her first picture, 'Roman Holiday." Holden won his Tht> president, Mrs. L. B, Tooley |fi rs t oscar foi- his portrayal of the Cosmopolitan Club • Has Meeting * On Tuesday night, March 23, at 7:45 'the members of the Cosmopo- Jitan Club met in the home of Mrs. Hamilton I/. Hanegan. Associate hostesses were Mrs. R. E. Jackson and Mrs. Lawrence Martin. Spring flowers were placed at intervals throughout the Hanegan home. cynical hero /in "Stalag 17." Song and dance man Frank Sinatra, to the- shouts and applause of 2,800 celebrities and fans in .he Pantages: Theater here, collect ed the best supporting. actor award 'ot' his first serious role, that of a tragic GI in "From Here to Eternity," of his ico-stars, prptty Donna the -Hills" by The hostesses served a dessert plate /to 17 members 'and one guest, Mrs, fcos,ter Hobhs. Friday Music Club Me&ts.ln Home Of Mrs, <3,arrett,St.'ory • ,Th<» Friday Music Club met in the ,home of'Mrs. Garrett Story, 421 ,West, Second street, on Thurs- dayl March 25, at. 1-.30. Associate hostess was Mrs. Talbot Field, Jr. T,he home of Mrs. Story was decorated with beautiful arrangements of spring flowers'. " (The president, Mrs; Gardner, condoled the business meeting. At this time, plans were made for a Musicale to be held in the junior high' school auditorium May 2nd, Gu'est artist will be M&S Ida Weir, •The state convention which will be hpjd W Hot Springs on 'May 2nd ndj 3rd ! '" .discussed. ! Mrs'." ThorriaS Cannort' gave, the pro'gram'pn "Italian Music", Sybil .Sniriey, 'Wa'nzell Nbt, Ruby Sue *Cb>*nelius' and Frances Ftfazter,' a 'flu'te quartet frbm.lhe High School Baid, presented seve^al ^lectj^ns qMfSi/Ed Murphy Clayed; se,veral rii -- selec-Uons.i , i"- ' hostesses served a,^?lpd Seed, shoutedt-"Hurray" and raced ;o the stage (to take an Oscar for the best supporting actress of 1953, also an "Etcirnity" role. "From Herb to Eternity," James Jones' lustjf barracks-room nove! of Army life i in pre-Pearl Harboi days, had boon 'turned down by iuiy major studios befprp Columbia bought it ior the screen. Jone carlhy dialogite and plot had boon considered unsuitable for film fare Yiet it swept the academy awards catetories, oqnalling "Gone ' /with tho Wind," arid passing "The^Bes Years of oir XJves," whicl won seven osears, Fred Zimmerman won for bes director and Daniel Tdradash lot best screen play with "Eternity.' The movie also scored in the black and white photography and film editing divisions. Zimmerman -.indicated he though another star of the ^picture shoulc have been honored, when he saji after 'the ceremony: 1 "The picture -never could hav< Won these honors without Monl gom,ery Qift, he was the heart o the movie. 14 Arkansans Backin U. S. ( ,, and CSbinp ' Misses Genie and Irene ,Charn- berjain havo -us their guests, their sister, Mrs. - Mary. Byrd, and Mr, By/d, Mrs., Byrd -is ,a former r.es|- don't of Hope. They how reside in California. , •SSSfot^i 1 ™ W "?«WWIT''' Mrs,..,Ear,vini Yarhe^ry lpf.t Friday for Ozark, Alaba«|a, where ? will be the guest of her daugh- . '^Mrs, Haryey Foster, and Cpl. Foster, ,. ITT, r > - :-T-~-J--» -„,. ,1J Escqpes River Put i Drowns in Bathtub SEATTLE '(^-Stanley, J, Dap e^qaped with .his life Tuesday j^ljen his ( car plunged from tho end of a pifir into the deep waters of-Salmon Bay, Yesterday he,died by drowning in a bathtub. Porwer J.ofan P, Brill Jr, said ?3j was admitted to a sani tadium Tuesday evening for treat m#nt of "general depressJveness," Yesterday another patient found him in toe Pep, and; his S-year^old son Thomas were in the ' car when it rolled off the peir Tuesday while (he father was tryjng to locate a boat belonging to clients., .Dec was an insurance underwriter. window {{SEATTLE "Wash, (UP)' — Thi Tiansport Gen. -Simon* D; Buckne. 4$ expected to docta-here^o'moiyov yjtll 1,729. passengers', ineluding 1 Arkansas servicemen, from t h Fa'r Ba,st. { - L Arkansans aboard; Sgt, Alex Adams. Caraway M Sgt. V, F- Dowejl, De Queen; Pvt 2 E. B. Finley, Lake City Cpl Louis Murdock, Malvern WOJG Clell 0>venby, Greenwood PFC Elmo L. Roland, Blythevill P,V1- jrjrnmie D. Walkpr, Charlo ton, , Sgt, Carjop G. Wood, Tyronzs Ppl, Louie L. Cordpll, Rector ;i Sgt. William R,. Lovett, LJttl< JFlock Cp;. R, V, Rattler, Texa kan a A2C H. J. Vok, Hickorj Ridgo; Cpl. J.arnes C, Williams Permott A2C William H, Wilson Altus. • The vessel is expected to dock a 0 a.m. Electricians at Spa Walk Out HOT SPRINGS OB Eleven AFL eje,ctricaj workers walked off thei powej- house near here yesterda to back up demands for employ ment of a full-time n)aintenatic eleptrlcian at the plant. Construction Supt. Mike Gripp said the walk out forced the facll ty to Jay pff another 100 workers Officials of toe A. L. Johnso Construction Cp., contractors o the project, met with a spokesma or the • union yesterday in an c PRESCOH NEWS Monday, MaCcH 2§ Circle One of the Presbyterian Church will meet on Monday aftei-' noon at 2 30 in the home of Mrs Guss McCaskill with Mrs. Bob Robertson co-hostess. Ciicle Two will meet at 2:30 -p. m. in the home of Mrs. T. C. Me- Ci'rcle 'Three will meet oh April 12th Gifts Chorus to Sfno at Presbyterian Church . The 35 members of the Girls Chorus of the Prescott High School under the direction of Clive Mc- Clellahd, Will be presented as part of the morning worship service at SPOTTY—Many-citizens of Rome, Italy, were probably startled when they-first,got a glimpse of this, "leopard," but then they remembered it was carnival time in the Eternal City, The youngster's baby face was a dead giveaway to the otherwise authentic- looking costume. 11 o'clock at the Church Miss Judy Miss Simonie Gllden panists. Presbyterian Gilbert and are acccm- NEVER THOUGHT-IT WOULD HAPPEN—Jeweler Leonard Trank, .ojE.Ljjjs Angeles, Calif., didn't think of the potentialities ,when he refused to take a customer's check for $168.69. The unnamed customer went to the bank and drew out the amount in pennies. The bewildered' jeweler is shown above with the - money—16,869 pennies. Rare Thing for Witness to Question By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON UPK-It is a rare day in the CapjtoJ when a witness before a congressional investigating committee is allowed to cross- examine someone who has testified against him. This is the usual procedur: the witness, at a table, faces the committee , members sitting behind. a long raised desk They shoot questions at him, He answers or refuses to answer. If he refuses he must have a good reason—for example that his answer, might incriminate him-^or he faces jail for contempt of Con- Mrs. Frank Gilbert Hostess to 37 Club Mrs, Frank Gilbert was hostess to members of the 37 Contract Club at her home on Tuesday. The rooms arranged for the four tables of players were colorful with bouquets of jonquils, iris, narcisus and a potted yellow mum. The high score award was won by Miss Ann McSwain. At the conclusion of the games a delectable salad course was served to 12 members, bridge guests, Mrs, Clarke White, Mrs. Allen'.Gee, Miss McSwain, Mrs. Matt Hitt of Little Rock and tea guests, Mrs. Dudley Rouse and Mrs. Bemis Marshutz of St. Louts. The Intermediate Girls Auxiliary of the First Baptist' Church met on Tuesday afternoon in the home of the Counselor, Mrs. Thell Hanning with ten-members present. The President, Ava Lou Garrett, presided and the meeting was opened with prayer by Beatty Wilson. Betty Erskin read the minnutes and gave the treasurers report. June Hines, program chairman, presented the theme on "Freedoms Holy Light." As the following gave talks they displayed dolls represent- Mrs. OwMUe Kelley daughter OJ i Mr and Mrs. Jflhnn* Hooks ; .of.Pfc23- : coft, has" been rMdgetf t<f Sigma T*" Delta honary English fraternity at East Texas vState- Tea6her,s, mei-ce, Iftg the tfljuntry thoy spoke on and placed them* aiound an open Bible flanked by the Christian and American flags: Mary Buchanan, the Indian; Wanda Huskey, Italians; Margaret Phillips, Russians; Betty Wilson, Spanish; Ava: Lou Garrett, Japanese; Pansy Buchanan, Chinese. . ., The meeting.; * closed , i with the, pledge to the .fftlg^flhd the; ' America. ' * '•''• \'."t''* ' ' Refreshments were enjoyed. Carolin Sarffett Hostess •".;'-, tO Jr. G.. A^S. \"' ..,' I '. ' ',V ''.'' :: Caroline Sarrett was hostess to the Junior Girls, Auxiliary of the First Baptist;; Cb!urch, ; at ••her ) homo oh Tuesday!: ifternodh.."' : ? ': • The ' opening prayer was voicfcd by Mrs. Wesley Lindsey. ., ., After the 13 members worked on the "Forward Steps," Mrs. Lindsey told the story of William Carey. Caroline Rains closed the meeting with prayer after which cold drinks and cookies were served. Needlecraft Club Entertains The home of Mrs. Foj' Box and Miss AHce Grimes was decorated with spring flowers on Tuesday evening, when they were hostesses to the Needlecraft Sewing Club. A dainty arrangement of violets and japonica centered with a swan graced the coffee table. At the close of a pleasant evening spent sewing and Visiting .refreshments were served to 15. Mrs. Juanila Taylor and children wore quests. Out of town members included Miss Opal Daniel and Mrs- Lee, McCain of Hope. The Negro Community Or bring Items to Mitt Turner •t Hleki •Funeral Home ' gr.ess. The witness may be permitted .of th,e'car 0nd,' escaped through It tempi to end the strike. pulling the boy with him TODAY and SUNDAY LAWFORD fiHEENE to ask the committee members a, couple of questions. This is neither a cross-examination, of them nor of some other witness who has said damaging things about him. Now McCarthy is in the position of having to appear before hifs/'own subcommittee to answer its questions about his fight with the Army, And McCarthy insists he must be allowed to cross-examine witnesses against him. It isn't final that he'll be miUed to-do it. That will he decided" when his subcommittee lays down its rules for If McCarthy is the probe- refused cross examining rights, he may appeal to the full Senate. McCarthy chairman of the sub' committee , already has stepped aside for this investigation, letting Sen. Mundt (R-SD) act as chair- mqn. And McCarthy has said he won't vote. TWs voting may be important since all the witnesses will appear under oath and if the committee decides anyone recommend the is lying it can Justice Department take ovpv the case for pros* edition. Since McCarthy is still a mom* her of thp subcommittee, he would have the right to sit behind the }p»g desk,' with the other members when tho hearing starts. Jf they decide ha can't cross- examine— that they'll do all the questioning — r h? migh$ lust as well sit out in the audience until his time to testify came. But jf he is allowed to quiz the Army peopje testifying against Mm, there is np predicting either the putcocfte o£ the earing- or the direction it will take. He's a tough, i-.ale«Uass questioner end cpuld, it he wished, drag. in side issues. He " Sidelights on Awarding of Oscars B y BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (/P) —- Oscar side lights: • Last night's Academy Awards starred Frank Sinatra in the saga Hollywood loves best—the comeback story. •,'; A year ago the sensational crooner of the wartime years was washed up" in Hollywood. Last night,he. was right on top agaip. The'Hoboken slugger fought his way out of - career'd'pld'rum s by self. He campaigned hard for the Maggio role in "From Here lo •Eternity" and finally convinced the producers he could do. it. A self- styled "song and dance man," he won the supporting actor Oscar without singing a note or dancing a step,. . - Filmland's recognition of his fent was expressed by the cheer that went up from the iPontages audience when his name was announced. It was 'the 'biggest applause of the evening. Sinatra came to the- affair with his chil dren by his first wife—Nancy and Frank Jr. His-present wife, Ava Gardner, who was .also -nominated for an Oscar, is finishing a film in Rome. -••'.. Drawbacks; The -Pantages onlookers, some of whom had paid $12 a seat were disgruntled because they could scarcely hear what was said. Emcee Donald O'Conner was also disturbed because his gags drew few laughs The public address system was too low. Thereweu e also grumbles about too many commercials. The academy can't seem to escape the tedium of too many technical and minor awards. Assets: The use of film clips and costume models added much needed eye appeal to the program. The Donald O'Connor-Mitzi Gaynor duet was zingy. Also appreciated were the glamor dolls who hand out awards. Most impressive—Liz Taylor in lavish pink tulle, Lana Turney in bright red taffeta, Esthov Williams in pink laffeta with roses and very lowcut • Services, will be held at Davis Chapel Methodist Church Sunday, March 28. ( iSUnday School is at 10 a.' m., morning'worship 11:05. The pu»lic..is~4nvited. The" Rev, .J. I, Davis is pastor." There will be a fish fry at the home of Mrs. Mattie Sanders Saturday night, March 27, at 702 North Laurel Street. B. Q P. W. Has Social Meeting • The home of Mrs. Marie Chamberlain was the setting for the monthly service meeting of tho Prescott Business & Professional Women's Club on Tuesday evening With Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson ana Mrs. Bess. Whitmarsh associate hostesses. ^Iris and p'ansies in graceful arrangements decorated the rpins. The President, Mrs. Elizabeth Hays, presided' over the business session. Club members raised $60.00 this week to be applied on the swimming pool fund, by selling gift i certificate coupons; Games were enjoyed during the evening. . i A. delc.table salad icourse." was served tor 23 members-. . Mrs. Tom Bemis and her guest, Mrs.. Bottle Bern,is of v st:--Louis spent Tuesday and Wednesday in F.o.rt Smjth with' Mr. and : Mrs. Fadjo Cravens, Jr., and family. 'Mrs. Matt Hitt returned to her home in Little 'Rock on Wednesday after a visit with Dr. arid Mrs. O. G. Hirst' and ^ther relatives. Mrs. Hirst accompanied her home for several' days visit/ ' Mrs. William "Buchanan has ro- urned from New Orleans'•' where ;bc was the guest of Mr., and, Mrs. Sd Oldenberg. ' ' Pfc. Warren Kinney, Ft. Sill, Okla. is here with his parents, Mt. and Mrs. Lee Kinney, on ten-day pre embarkation' learn before going .o assignment in Germany. , Mrs.' Tiltnah Wo'rthlngton" ,and Virs. J. W. Gist spent Monday in Tcxarknna. Mr. and Mr. Frank *Turbervil1e were Monday visitors in Texarkann. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Pratt of Ne\V- part announces the arrival' of a daughter, • Janice Sue, on Marc 18th. Mr, and Mrs Homer Ward .of Prescott are the maternal grandparents • \ — CUSTOM — SLAUGHTERING ' Anytime You Want Beef Processed for Your Deep Freeze MOORE BROS. Dial 7-4431 h\ Tfie Spiritual of Zion singers of Magnolia will render a musical program at Beebee Memorial CME Church Sunday night, March 28. The public is invited. . Funeral services >for Arbella Pi2- kens will be held Sunday, March 28, at St.- Petev GME Church, at 2, p. .m,. with burial in St. Peter Cemetery. Mrs, Sarah Marshall of Texark,- ana died, Friday, $&arc -26, Funeral vins has returned home after hav- NEED MONEY? We make, real estate Ipans for. all purposes—to buy, build, repair, refinance, etc. Our attractive monthly reduction plans help you to pay off the mortgage systematically and conveniently — the interest reduces each month as you make rnohthly payments on loan. There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL Savings & Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 JOIN NOW GROUP FORMING ;'• • 'NEW Non Cancellable Hospital Policy Hpme Security.Life Ing, Co/ . • Guaranteed Neverto Raise 'Rates., ••• • Ages —Birth ti 100 Years. • No Medical Examination Required. • - ' , « Good'Any Doctor or Hospital i » Demand Non Cancellable Policy. Call 6r write.yourRellable Agent CECIL \YEAVER ' Phone 7:3,143 .' P,,O, Box 104 Mrs. Eevelyn C. Burton of Blevins has returned 'home after having been called-to,the bedside of her sister, Mrs. A. C. Jones who is ill at her .home.in Monroe, La., Mrs. Jones is the wife of Dr. S. L. Jones, :editor of the Southwestern Christian Recorder, Mrs. Burton was ac- .companied by her mother, Mrs. Ollie Cross. TURKEY and The second quarterly'• conference of Shorter . Chapel AME Church will be held Sunday, March 28. The Rev; S. M. Scott,- pastor and P. L. Johnson; Presiding Elder, will be in charge. •'•''• M}« el- one Four Schools Make NCA Rating ROCK Commissioner The PTA of Fulton Colored School have cooperated very nicely this term. Mrs. Elisa Hendrix, presi-' dBOfc of the PTA called a group of laftes together and spent fjve days at the school center in making uni- fovms for the Rythm baud. Mrs, Rebecca Nelson was the head seamsti'ess and 14 other ladies assisted in making the costumes. The approximate cost of the material was $135,00. The pupils of the rytlnn band made a very nice showing at the Heropstead County Talent program, winning second pjace in the primary division, Six girls from the Elementary division doing » a tap dance, first pla.pe for the. Fulton Colored School. The president of the PT,A and tbe Faculty wish to thank eapb and everyone for their cooperation. Kentucky Officer Seeks Arkansas Job PQWUNG GRBE-N, Ky., Uf» —A police captain who wag fired from th e Bowling <?reen police chiefs job at Blythevilje, Ark., and wU} gp there ,Mwd?y to investigate the possibilities. Hubert Phelps was ousted Marulj Vegetables and all the trimmings |or only Open 7 Days a. Week in our New location t Gorner. «*-"-•*• j^«|«t)an of Colleges wis * FIELD and GAllpfN SEEDS • FERTIUZERS; SUPPLIES anc| INSECTlCIDiSi 'We specialize in Willhite' M.plpn Seed and Funks G. Hybrid Corns as well as ajl ather quaJity'items. When you think of seed it's Where you can pork while you trade 310 E. 2nd St. LET THE MAN HELP SOLVE YOUR HEARING If you hove 0 Hearing Problem you are invited to come in for 0 FHpi test of yowr hearing. If yo^ noy hjjve a Hearing Aid bring it w|rh yq»{ aVgjIgbJe, , . , , Hearing Ai'd (< fe 4*fc M. Sin(;e 190^WprW's First ' , MARCH 30

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