Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 24, 1962 · Page 14
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 14

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1962
Page 14
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Life Begins at Forty Group to Study Health Needs Hie harangue over health care for the aged the past year, this column urged that a committee of impartial, top-level citizens be appointed to study President Kennedy's Medicare tfah and determine Lf it was Socially and economically sound for our nation. But no committee was appointed and the ensuing debate on health care for the aged descended intoiwn emotional free-for-all vocalized by such biased groups as physicians, labor unions, and tli e elders themselves. Now that several weeks have passed since Medicare was defeated by four votes in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Jacob K. Javits (RNY) has taken the initiative and has invited 12 prominent citizens Breeding Follows Same Vote Pattern J . ELLSWORTH, Kan. (AP)—Rep. ] J. .Floyd Breeding, D-Kan., said ' today he followed "the same voting pattern during the past two. years as I did'under the Eisenhower administration." VI- have consistently followed a moderate, middle of the road Kansans Among Cuban Evacuees NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - The Navy released the names of evacuees flown to Norfolk Tuesday niglht from the Giiantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. -•Included were: ^•'Clarence Fbacker and Donald M f -Fbacker, whose next of kin !&• "given as Jeauette Fbacker, 505 East 72nd Terrace, North Kansas City, Mo. v Jean and David Higdon, whose next of .kin,is listed as C. T. Cole, feravois Mills, Mo. ? Mary, David and Gary Myers of Burlington, Kan. V Eloise, Mary, James, Brenda and; Wanda Talley, whose next of Idn'is listed a s Lorence Wright, 2020 Emerald Drive, Lawrence, Kan; : : :; iLaCleta Wood and John Gibbons : whose ncxt'of kin is given as Fred .Cook, Clarence, Mo. . course ever since I have been in Congress," Breeding said in a prepared talk. "I have avoided the extreme of both the left on the right"When I think a bill is right, 1 vote for it. When I think a bill is not in the best Interest of Kansas or the United States, I vote against it. I followed thi s rule under Mr. Eisenhower. I have followed it under President Kennedy and I fully expect to follow it under the next president." I Breeding' said his strong support of a bipartisan foreign policy started under the Eisenhower administration. "Mr. Eisenhower believed that the program for strengthening our friends and allies both economically and militarily to withstand communism was absolutely essential to our own security," he said. "I supported him in this view. "Mr. Kennedy has' continued this Eisenhower policy and I have just as strongly supported him. "Mr. Eisenhower fought valiantly for expanded international trade and twice under his administration I voted for extension of the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act. This year, I supported Mr. Kennedy's Trade Expansion Act along with a vast majority of Democratic and Republican members to continue and expand our trade program.." to evaluate Medicare, along with other proposals, and make rec- commendatio^s to the nation early next year. . , With such fine, non-p6HticJal minds on the committee -as Ur. Arthur Flemmlng, president of the University of Oregon, Russell A. Nelson of Johns Hopkins Hospital, and John C. ^eslie of Pan American Airways,, we' stand a good chance of getting an intelligent, unbiased appraisal of the best way to provide for the health needs of elder citizens. • A billion dollars is a shadowy ' figure — and not particularly \ overpowering considering the size ' of the national debt and the pro- j posed Federal budget of $92 billion dollars for 1963. But a billion begins to jolt the brain when you contemplate how long the missus would be gone if you gave her a billion and told her to run off somewhere and spend it at the rate of $1,000 HEALTH CAPSULES by Michael A. Petti, M.D. IP YOU'RE ALLERGIC TO HOUSE PUST. WHERE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PLACE TO ELIMINATE PUST ? KEEP PUST CONCENTRATION AS LOW AS POSSIBLE IN'.YOUR BEPROOM SINCE YOU SPENP ABOUT ONE-THIRP OF YOUR TIME THERE. TOMORROW:. PHOBIAS. H»alth C«piul«« B'tv»t fulpful information. , It ii not intandid to bt of a diagnoitic nituro. ' Page 15 <«nrilcn City Tcli'grnin Wednesday. Oct. 24, 1962 per day. She'd be gone 3,000 years! ' ' . ' * * * ' Great minds often differ, as seen in the. disparate geriatric views of two scholarly tycoons — Edward F. Hutton, ex-chairman of General Foods and founder of a great brokerage house, and Owen D. Young, former chairman of General Electric and R.CA. Both these stalwarts succumbed last summer at the ages of 88 and ' 87, respective^ • When I talked with Hutton a year or so ago he denounced mandatory retirement expressed his. conviction that age invokes wisdom, and left no doubt that in his opinion elders have much to contribute to industry and society. But Young took the opposing view and once said, "A man can be of maximum use only to his own generation. I really believe that there is more harm done by old men who cling to their influence than by young men who anticipate it." Apparently Young tossed off as exceptions such global titans as Khrushchev, 68, DeGaulle,. 72, and Adenauer, 88. Thomas A. Edison will never rate as patron saint among restaurateurs. Wrote he, "People eat too much. It is like taking mor phine, the more 'you take the more you want. People' gorge themselves with rich food. They use up their time and ruin their digestions and poison themselves •with excess foods. If doctors would prescribe diets instead of drugs many ailments of normal man would disappear." If you would like a booklet "Stretching Your Retirement Income" write to this column in care of The Garden City Telegram enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope and ten cents .to cover handling costs. •NOT MORE IMPORTANT THINS? IN THIS WORLD TO &JORRV ABOOT... IM BUT (to CONTENT OJITH MY SIMPLE PONV-TAIL,.. CUHATS THE 6000 OF HAVlNS NATVf5Al.lV CUKLY HAIR IF NOBODV'S JEALOUS ?/ STEVE CANYON. CARDBOARD CUTOUTS FOR WALL & TABLE Spiders • Black Cats • Witches • Pumpkins • Jointed Skeletons FAVORS and DECORAT/ONS Horns • Noisemakers • Blowouts Napkins • Plates • Tallies lOc t. 39< OSTU MANY, MANY DIFFERENT CHARACTERS All Costumes Are Treated To Temporarily Retard Flams Complete With Masks Witch Clown Devil Oypsy Skeleton Black Cat Blue Fairy Deputy Dog Beanie Flint Stone Cinderella Peter Rabbit Twinkles Bugs Bunny $144 r s i $199 SIZES: SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE MASKS The scariest faces come from Duckwall's. Masks for every member of the family. to 59c Domino Half Masks Lace Yrimmed . 25c Mask Fasteners 5 for 5« Beard and Mustache 29c Character Wigs 49e Make Up Kits lOc Nose Putty 10c Character Hats 39c Snickers, Juniors 59t Milky Way Juniors _ S9c 3 Musketeers Juniors 59c Burterfingers, Box of 40 _....69i Bpby Ruth, Box of 40 „ 69c Power House, Box of 40 69e Brach Peanut Butter 69e Brach Mall Mallow 69e Oh Henry, Box of 60 „ 97« HAI.LOWEE PEANUT BUTTER KISSES ORANGE AND BLACK WRAP 65 PIECES TO A POUND 29* lb " I Wrigley's Gum, 50 pcs 39c Tootsie Rolls, Box of 60 .59< Tootsle Pops, Box of 40 „ 69t 101 Pops _. „ 69e Candy Corn, 20 • 5c Bag$ 69c Bubble Gum Coins 49c Bazooka Bubble Gum „ 69t Wowie Way Whistle „_ 5e Wax Funny Face _ „ 5c HALCON CANVON,YNO USE TO ,..~ _ PO you FEEL A5 I | yoV, BAB// WE'RE' IN THE HOT FAT -FOE THE SAKE OF SOME ALLEGED MICROBES I SENTIMENTAL WESTERNER, JUST . LIKE THE OTHERS.' VOW SHOULP HAVE .THOUGHT OF THESE MATTEE5 BEFORE you JOINED WITH THE YANKEE MUST 60—BUT CCNSUELO 15- A\V NIECE .' PO THAT EVENTS ARE CLOSING IN ON US? WHILE IN THE HILLS ' ...THEN.YOU Dp NOT BELIEVE THAT SUCH A PLOT A0AINST THE PAN AMA CANAL EVEN EXISTS?.. HEARD OP ANAEROBIC i CORROSION OP METALS-AN& THE PROBABLV HAVE FOUNP A WAY TO STEP UP THE BITE 50 IT WILL ACT FASTEfc/.. BUT I'P HATS TO BE PONE IN BY AN ENEMY J. CAN MRPLYJVEN PRONOUNCE/ CISCO KID. OH, ir& YOU, eoysf you po THE Jos t 6BWTUEA1EM, iT MS 0EEM MOST MICKEY MOUSE Will DUMr Prodnrtlol.1 IT'S PANSEKOUS -TO HAVE NAIUS STICKINS OUT OP WAU.S! I SOMBBOPY RUINEC? AW PARTOAMEl •i+ f *Sr~ /"-""IT" •*»/»•£ ,,ifc- '••tt.,,^ BLONDIE IT SEEMS TO ME ) ]| l L.> YOU SHOULD < KtSS NX3UR NWIFE ) 'M HOME- WHERE'S NAY V/ELCOME KISSt? BEETLE BAILEY HE'S TOO KINPHEARTEP ZERO IS SURE A (3ENERODS eoy I HATE- TO SEE ANYONE TAKE' APVANTASE OF ESPEClALLy RIGHT BEFORE INSPECTION SNUFFY SMITH ONE DOS IN TH' HOUSE IS ENUFF! 1 TELL HIM HE CfllN'T KEEP / LANDSAKES!! LEETLEJUGHAID'S GOT ANOTHER DOG FOLLERIN HIM XHCME/PAW POGO 01 A\fif. ?\3> 0RUNS IN A 1 Of £OINf£8?£ir f»UCe & AN' SACKfif V COON CHI'. JgyOUHeAKP'eOUTfMf 010 NfeW SfAMP PI.AN, TH&y \6 PfffeAMBP UP? THE RYATTS PAPPV, WHEN WILL WE FINISH READING THE PAPER ?

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