Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 22, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 22, 1912. THE GEHHAX SOCIALISTS IX POSTER. Runs Light -Sews Ri^ht See the White Jola Furniture Store / PEBSONAIS I " Mrs. KlizalHili liliickliuni. IMS been h<T<,' for ih«' jiasi two iiiotiilis vJtUinR li.>r (l;iii;;!il<r .Mns. C. II. Shields, It-ft SaUirday l(ir Kuinoml Okla., for a visit with In r daughter. Mrs. AViiliajn I'atti rsoii. Tho riplit vcar oUI (lai:f;!i;«r (if .Mr. and Mrs. \V. S. liird, of 4lii .W.. . Third sin-rl, .'iliiipid .-ijid f •;! on • icy pavnneiit Satunliiy susiaitiiiii: a severe fracluro of the ri>;lu arm 1 iweeu tlif wrist and elbow. Sirs. J. Hu.ston of War.'^aw. 111., whi) has been here for the v:\f.x three - weeks, visit in.c wiili iwr itar..!;h !i r, Mrs. I*eter Coliiiiiliii.--. niurned to h-r home Iod;)y. t^he was aeoomiialli'd by Mrs. I'oiumhus who will visit with her for two wi eks. fO) Tomorrow nij;.; ihe I'..'iaril of I'i- rec-tor." of the V. M. C. .\. will hold a meetiiv!; at tiiv .\.-.-oeia!i(m hiiildinf; for the jiiiriiose (,r .•!eeiin>r offie.and npointins enininit 'ei s for ;:u- eoiuin!: _ar. l ..iiiuli will be >o;ved to tlie board at se\iii o'eioek. -Tt will be to your Interest to buy yoar Flour and Keed of H. Klauiuann. 206 S. Jefferson. Phone 2.'.9. Conijiiiny M will V.old it.- reLMilar montlily mu.-ier at tiie arnioiy>;lit The meeiini; will I).- of i -]ie..-;.!l iiu- porlaJK e. il .'5 'tlii' 1. ::'ilar '..iinili i|\iar- •er jmy will i.e di.^i.. IIM^. ami a \oii- will i(e laU^n "11 iiif tiii.>tinn >•! ^whether or t\n: ihc i oiiii'.'iiiy .'-;,al! -^'w: its annua! milita.-y ba;!. / —If von want inj'.ale loson-- in V ORBG(.; .«!!f)j;TJ).\.VI) .V TorcH y TYPKWniTI .VC enr.d! t:ii>- iiiontb . ; MABici. i !i{i ;\vi:u. nio.MC ics. ' Attonx-y r]\T\f. lliuer r^iunnil y»s- terday from ureal lleiid wli.;-' In- has ~ been for a short liiue on bu-^iinss. Mrs. A. re >;jr retuni'd bonf y-ster- day from C'lianule wli. r.- she has b'" ii visiUni; lier so:). Kt;ssi U l''gg ai:'.' ftmUy. J. V. Uoh'Tis -A-, ni M Ottawa this afternoon for a brief hii:^i:i' .-s visit. A, felcsrram from r-ty C". rV: T. F Zelgler stai'-s that h- 'vijl refir' ~ . from Uis Florida triii tomorrow nl;;b! f •Robfrt rain and Carl Milliurn v il", leave in t!:e iiiorir.:: for K.:;n--2S Ci'y. "Where they so to join tht- navy. Cliarlp? K.-:;h will le,-'.'.-- ton'-'bi for Kansas City lo atcein a i.o.-iiion. sr .Ti of Mr. am- V.a^ bten Charle.=. the littl Mrs. t'jiarles Fnr.k. w'n lia- bfen i!' for r-T .n tiuie \vi;h ;:.e .•^earKl ver. i^ repo 'ted to be no -.v almost i-ntir' !y covered and the home was relta :-e (i from quarantine today. There i- at lea.-t one Inlan wiio d:'e<; not tfiink the m<ntii.n in .^^auir- day ^itiifs Register of an In^a physician i^rf scribinsr for a man In**!;* is anytliinsr extrannlinary. Tiiis lolar. is a iihysieian !:im~elf. and he Ijeen preseribini: for some time for i>a' tients in Germany. B. n r .rawn If Princeton. K:.r.^.. c?ine in this 'jmrninL' in his auto .-ii- route to Ft. .Scott wh .-re he will n.ah. hi.« l .i 'h-.e in V.u- future, Mr. Krown rc'i'iirt.^^ tliat t-he mads are in the wor.-t kind of condition autoing. K. I) Kiii^oii. (.f i;ir!;'ure, who ha lie*'!! hire f<ir a brief visit returned to his home toda.v Mrt- 1 'nrd. of !>. , v (i:<!;. . brOUKilt tci Ibe bo.-,!'.,: l!,i.. li.iiMliln; where wit!iin the ii.\t Uw days she will jjnibably uiuier^io a serious op cratfon for an illu. ss df lotit; siand- ia%. ^ Mra. (loodri'di. (ilv r-b rl; of la Hart>e. wlio h•<^> been \-v\ sitifiusly iU for >^(5li .e was n iiiove <i to Ih' bdsplta) tins ai'ten:i>on. John Neif;!iliar;;er. ni ^Tound. W'asii InCton. wii!> calbii lieri- M'VI-TH; dajrs aeo i.y tli^' liiaih of !iis fatb .er. G. W .jXeighharjier, left today for Ne- osbo Falls for a short visit with old friends. Mr. .\eie!,I)arj:er will return .to this city to i!;ake another visit "with friends and relatives before returning to iiis home. JJrs. F. II. fhunh. of Altooi-a is in the city for a vjsit of several days •wWh heV sister. .Mrs \V. H. Davis, and family. Attorney C. 11. .Apt b-ft -(••-•fen'a v afternoon for Wasliinfrlon 1). C. New York City and Pittsburgh, Fa., for a business visit of about two weeks. Alv/n I>efner sjiont yeaterday in Elsiuore visiting with his sister. Mrs. J. J. Ludlum. I T. Cunningham, traiuniaster for the Santa Fe. was in the city this afternoon on business. !!• rlin. (lerniany. .lati. "i'.—The fierce national campaign which ended 'lu- ly iL'iii. brouj;ht to the ^^ocialisls of Germany coin|i!ete victory atid :aii!;s'.:i .1 lli'iii as a d <unii :ant factor in llerma tipolilics. Among the leaders ilii MI siui;!.' u ni stand-- "it more strongly than the powerful niian SocitiU;', ileir I'.'l'el. .Xnioiu^ I! i' other idaiforms which put then o iMiw.r weri' r. :s laanees given won.en Ihey would f.ivor ciinal lYraiie and tlie ::;aiid tl: •> (oidi .•i«ai!;.-l tie' inlargenieiit of the army and ;vy. Tliiv l.-itler was :t dir .cl slap in the face of Kaiser Wilhelm. who ad- cated in(re:i;eil exi'.'mlitures for. military purposes. r •0 . ,v7N WISTFUL FACE :i 1 (1 tlien a .sk yourself if Si)m (;lK-(ly is not hoping that you* will ask her to • wjcnil an evenin/^^ at the Skating Kink. Healthful, enjoyable exer- ci.^o among pleasant companions, with good order .'^t i icily enforced. Fiink 6pen on Tuesday, T -iv.i-sday, Saturday, nights at 7 o'clock and on Saturday afternoons. Evenings: Skates loc; Ad- n-i.--:on iOc. Afternoons: ,A']rni-^.«ion free; Skates 10c AUDITORIUM SKATING RINK Ik'-y Coh'n v.lio it this ci'y soiuo 'irie a.i ;o to ta !;i a ti-iiirn in f.;i'.'."r- >n. Tex., is h'-r'- a ef s- •> "r.'.! .!:-y.= wi:ij iiis -i.-i-r. .-=eiiyiiei-- is. ! ' !"• •. (• V\'. :',an .ey iliblebrai.ii. .\r ;::d Fiinklious'.v. T. A. Milne and Mr. .'doori', went ;<> .'i'.,.-. n •;.,':iri].!y i;j:-ii! If) at • ml a meeiinL- 'lie Kn;;;!i ;s -f I'ytV.ias, at;;! <•< hear an address by Grand Ciiaiu-eihir lowers, of Cciumlms. At the close if !h ' inei'tini; a b. leiu't seri. d •o those i;r( s. nt. Th- lolans return'd lictne yesterday niorniug. —Frrd KontU-n, Pcrtod Dccoralor. '1 '.te )i ys o" t>e lobl I.!'-•'! ^(•i ;Ofd .'i ••e.Wi 'i; l'>;il they ni e- id ;n'.'ie tie l ;abiw :u :a- ,. a:,'i tln -y ft,,-! drtain that t )iey • -.'i! I.:.-.. !,.;uie a uui: !i !-i -it .-r si;"«T ' : .'<•>• ; e.-n iiji to ti !.d |ir bes! • 1 l"< r -•\eii V 11 ks pre\lous to •' • l;a; '.n u i tae td .iv.Ts ' .'id ' b. :i • 1 . i: :. .1 -b... T),.. •• 11 i.- Ii :lrl:lke .Itld ' .1, • i e 1 i: ini; it i:].! nt. t !ii y .vi'l I).- In t^i ii- ! ri-t form next r 'rtday It Wbi ti Iiir 'i .t I..'iwrence in fh!" »I)y. .\ '^ireDuoe- woik-oiii Is being taken th's aftern -ain at tin- rink. l-.d >i:r;!i'ld manaued from being known that, into the crowd of weak, weary, depressed; or are you filled Vkith vitality and energy? Health is the foundation of success. Nerves, Brain, and Body should be staunch— dependable. Scott's Emuision the best of food-toriics, is the firm footing for health. AU. omjaaiara "J to keep it during the i< ( • nt i^^^oid snap, he froze his left '.ir ,:r.i\ ri '-hi foot, but the rising ii .raturn lias made the nxcmbcrs -o -ore liiat iie could keej) it secret :'o :oi :i :er. y.r. Itavi.lsoti, cashier at the Mis- onri I'aeiiic depot sulTer-d severely ';i.-; ni ^jhi :'S ;h;. result of ptomaine I'oisoii c.mtiiined in some hash which .1" ate Jit a ri-siaurant last evening •er supjier. The poison had no ef- f'l until several hours later, and in f'w minures .Mr. Davidson's condi- li',!! bicamt serious, .^n'idotcs were : •.iininistered and h" was soon reliev- .1! iih!.on;.;h !ie was unable to be out this iijornin.j,'. Ti-./' siv-y.'nr-old ilaughter of Mr. and .Mrs \Vri;;ht. of number 1- f!as- hMt vas tl 'e vlciini of a very unus- .-ind ptiinlul ac<-idi.nt yesterday • 'orniiiL'. The liMle vir! was playing .iili li«r I'votbir when she acciilent- .-il'y (riii[)ed and lidl in such :i ;nan•i< r iiiat a shoe bulioner which he hild ill his hiiinl was thrust In In r left. eye. Fortunately, however, the iit.sirumeiif did not penetrate the eye- bivil. fastening instead, in the lueni- hraii" of t!ie ey-lld. Kxcej.l for a s!;/lit s <;rer:e .js of I?,*- ,.yo Ih- :>rri- deiu will ha \e no serious results. Sam'f Uarden Land*. Mtieh id '.lie -.^arddi land In lower Plam i-: n. e • tv ib:;'.:iti;r trenche.'* to r:i ;Ii. . ^ . I It.'i half l.s trench ii;id : •'. \ 'inly rii e can be •^t.iv. •! ;:i t 1 • ; • • !:••-;. Tliiw iini-tlcal- ;.v 1 :,!\ ••i. '•- i or :'-.rlea land yr ••: • . . • 1' •• ; ri.e of sui h ir; .! ;:. .• e ^ . ; . s U to A NoJre Dame I.afly's Appeal. To all knowing sufferers of rheunia tl-:n, whether mur -cular or of the joints, sciatica, lumbagos, backache pain.s In the kidneys or neuralgia pains, to write to her for a home treatment which has repeatedly cured cU of these tortures. She feels It her duty to send It to all sufferers FREE You cure yourself at home as thousands will testify— no change of climate lie'ng necessary. This simple discovery banishes uric acid from the blood, loosens the stiffened joints, purifies the blood, and brightens the eyes, giving elasticity and tone to the whcle system. If the above interests -you, tor proof address Ura. IL Stun- fBsn^ Bos Bt Noti »M0tJBd. BURNED JUDAS JN EFFIQY; in That Way the Owtdes Showed Their Love for the Christian Religion. We hanged Judas Iscariot today. Baring expressed our joy over the resurrection of Christ', by gorging our selves witii roast Iamb and bitter wine, by firing guns, rockets and torpedoes and by lighting bonfires, we gave vent to our remaining enthusi* asm in one grand burst of mocic ven geance directed against the unfortU' nate mortal who was destined from the fo^dation of the world to figure OS a cat's paw In the plan of salvation. The burning took place In the front of a little church of the Vlrgta, situated on the highest part of the city. From a pole erected before the door hung a crude, wretched, melancholy figure ftuffcd with straw, and ridtcii- lously suggesting the image of a man. Within the church the priest was conr ducting the regular Sunday service. At last (ho doors were thrown wide open and the whole congregation gushed forth like water from a broken dam, and Immediately thereafter every man and boy In the square was shooting away at the effigy. Poor Judas whirled about and danced In the air as the bullets peppered him. and suddenly burst into flames. When a Greek feels particularly happy, or wishes to express bis enthusiasm he produces an old musket or pistol and discharges It. Resurrection Day In Greece resembles the Fourth of July in the United States.—George Horton in Argolls. WAS ALWAYS ON THE JOB Mr. Binigleton Discovers a New Situation With Danger From Street Begaars. "For a long time," said Mr. Blnglc- ton. "I have made it a custom to lool: carefully in cither dii-ection before stopping to look in at a show window, doing this to avoid being taken by surprise by beggars. Now I have discovered another street situation in which one must take like care. "Walking along the street this morning I became conscious that one of my shoestrings was untied and I looked along for a convenient store step on which I could put my foot up; imu there I did ptit It up, and I was busily engaged in tjing the string, working away at It with no other thought in the world, when— '"Mister,* 1 heard a voice nt my car, "can you give me five cents to get a cup of coffee ? I haven't had—' "And there ho stood beside mo, rloi<e alongside, where he had mo at a disadvantage, lie was within my guard, and I gave up. not bccauso I thou'.;ht I oirght Co, but because of my inward appreciation of the work of«a man who evidently was always on the Job, ever alert and letting no cbanco escape him." Walnuts High in Food Value. The food value of walnuts is very high. They are very rich in fat, containing as much as 63 per cent, while the proteins amount to nearly 15 per cent. It has been calculated that 30 large walnut kernels contain as much fat tas pounds of lean beef, and yet the walnut is used as a supplement to a square meal. Added to this the glnss of port, say two fluid ounces, contains besides ISO grains of alcohol, "rf grrins of grape sugar. In the combioation, therefore, we have all the elenien!.s which make for a complete diet—viz.: Fat, protein, carbohydrate, to wMch may be added mineral s;'!t>. Port and walnuts after a meal ;:-e ilKicfore, from a nutritive point o! vtew, "ridiculous excess," and may Icid to digestive disturbance. Both w.:'.n .;t:: and port wine contain tannin, v.hxh is uusuitcd to some constitutions. Easily Adjusted. When the family for which Uncle Erastus had worked so long and faithfully presented him with a mule be was overcome with joy. "lie's a bad kicker. Uncle Rast," Bald the son of the family. "I told father I didn't see what you could do with an animal that liked to kick and back better than anything else." "I'B got dat all planned," said Uncle Erastus, solemnly. "When I bamesses dat anlmile into my cyart, if he acts contumacious an' sfnrTs In to back, I's gwlne to take him right dut'n de cyart, turn It round an" den harness dat mule In bindslde befo'. Dat'U humor him, an' It'll get my cyart up de hill jcs' de same."—Youth's Companion. Origin of the Stocking. A writer in a French newspaper has been Investigating the origin of stockings. It appears that Henry IL when preparing for the marriage of his sister in 1359 first conceived the idee of silk hose, and was the first to wear silk knitted stockings at that epoch- making event. A hundred years later one Hindr«s established a factory for stockings in the Dots de Boulogne. This was the first hosiery factory in France. It was a success at the start, and. when It received protection from [ the then ministers, it was a kind of gold mine. In 1663 the venture iras turned into a company. From it arose "the Society of Silk Stocking Makers." Wednesdiay, January 1^ Begmn:xig at 9 e. m. and Contintxiiy^ All Day This sale of Embroideries is one that should interest the ladies' of lola immensely. The assortment consists of 2,000 yards of New Embroideries and Insertions in various widths, lenorths and patterns—a lucky purchase, lately bought of a New York jobber. secured the assortment at much less than its rear worth, and these beautiful embroideries come to you in the same under- priced manner. The collection consists of Nainsook, Swiss LM\ Hamburg Embroideries, in Edges, Insertions and wide widths, AUover Embroideries in handsome patterns. SEE WINDOW DISPLAY. Not a yard will be sold until 9 o'clock Wednesday morning, in order to give all ample time to share in the distribution, and none will be reserved for anyone. All will be given an even chance to secure the best bargains. These Embroideries, if bought and sold in the regular way at regular prices would cost you 25c, 35c. 50c arid 6oc per vard. Pick as you will, use your best judgment—Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. A YARD ONLY cents 113 East Madison 113 East Madison TAFT mLKS MJINST BECIILL lin: I'KKSIDKNT .\(!AIN I'OINTS OIT TIIK D.XXJKK OF TIIK IDE.V. Slrnttg iVords I'snl in u I'lmerful .Sjiect /i al New York Saturdiij Mu'hl, Ni -.v Y(iik .Ian. 20.'— With a feeling IfiiiinrialSon of tlio prineiple of ju- liiiial rec^ill deli\ered to the liar as- Miciation of tile state of .New Vork ai Its banquet today President Tatt (oniiiidi il II bu.^y evening here whicli e inii'loyed chiefly in spoec-h making lit three different functions. After H pli>a for simplification of Ic- u-al procedure which h.; argued with miicli earn(!stness before the ei)iii|mny of lawyers, .Mr. Tafl waxed more Ini.-:i\,; III romlng to the topic iijjon w'.iU-h he ( viilently felt so deciily. "Wo do not believe that all people .I'..- nttpii for poiiiilar government," 'ic : tiiil. "Some of us don't dare say r ). i.iil I ilo, and the question whether .• i' fiiile is fitted for iiopular self •'. •.I iniiient deprnds upon the rc- .traint that (lie minority can place up;n the majority to see that justice Is i^one. "U'e of the bar are called upon to de •iile whether we are going to protect lie iiiiiitirion oi" the judiciary and eontiinie ii. ir.iIei )endL =ni of a majority;ng the time that it is deciding iiuestions of law and justice. Inconsislent, lie Declares. "Tiie judicial recall—the words theiuseives are so inconsistent that 1 sate to utter ciieni. Are we going to :;iakc our constitution a liqcid thlsg, ^o tliat a niajority can flood tlie halls f justice, decide every action and over .•ide witii popular passion and prejudice every principle of this government the greatest God ever made? Vnu must bear in mind that this matier of judicial recall is being agitat (1 the ei3uniry over that the men peaking for it are many. What I .van: to call your attention to is that it is necessary that good people like yoti should speak the truth that's in you for courts and their independence rnd the restraints of the constitution that weer imposed hy the wisest an,'.-;ors any pcojile ever had." In ri:f(;rence to the simplification cf lo.iial procedure, the President said •v; had had a feeling that the bar and ;he bench "owed to the people greater effort toward making the administration of law effective and just by ex- i-editing Justice. "I am glad to know," he said, "that THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL Tetiehcs the latest easiest, quickest, luost scientific and complete Ky;;tci!i of gariiiont cutting ever invt-nted and have had in our school al (.Lanute over 'jO students the past year. l'ro\idcs the che;ii)est and only s.iiccessful way to learn dressmaking. Is the only ediii-alional institution which allov.s its graduates to return at I 'tiy lime willioiit extra e.vpense to ri;view, pnictice or study iii'W iioint.s-. Is tile only school of this kind which positividy guarantees satis- r ;..-tii!n and gives an unlmiited iiiiiiiher of hrssons for a single tuition. Students can i:iti-r the school at any liiiie as we do not teach ill classes. WHY NOT I I.earn a trtiile where the deiiiand I'ar exceeds the Kiijiply? lie your own dressmaker, able to dress heller and at h'SS expense? Cain iin accoiiiplishnient which will be of everyday, life-long practical value to you? tJIve your daughters a imictleal education? i{K.>ii:.w;jKU Yoii can le;irn everything about Dressmaking and Ladles' Ti'ilorliig. Yuu can lake any special p'lrt of the course and ran limit your work to that one department or can go on gradually aeiiulring the v.iiole course. After completing the course you are allowed to bring any amount of sewing to the class-room, receiving the same attention and In- !tructions as before. You avt' allowed to attend at your own convcnienc- and to come i :ntii fully satisfied. You are allowed to return nt any time without extra expense to leview, iiractiee. cut patterns or use the fashion journals. You work on your own sewmg. thereby soon savinj; the cost of tv;ition. You are taught to cut all fancy effects such a.^ sleeves, trimmings, yckes. plait.^, tucks, etc. to the exact measures of the form. We have taught young ladies tliirteen years of age with entire !f.ccess and can also teach you. m graduatingyou have an actual, practical knowledge of drcss- i.iaking. Dressmaking has reached such a point of comple.vity and difficulty that the only place it can be learned successfully is In an organized school, working under trained instructors. THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING SCHOOL airs. L. R- Smith and .Wrs. Carrie \Yjntt, Jljiuapers and Teachers. (Over Bi§nis' Fruit Store) lola^ ^as. BeU Phone 21 W/z S. Jefferson n Love Work Trafllc. "Here's another aeroplane horror." remarked Cynicus, looking up from his newspaper. "Anybody killed?" asked Sllllcus, "No." growled Cj-nlcus. "Coupl* married In one!" If you jDut love into your woi-k you get better results. Men who make Photographs and would rather do some- thin.g else don't turn out finished pictures. We love our work. Our pictures show it. It pays you to have us take them. 8 Gibson's Studio 110 X. Washington. Makers ef Photes That riesae. iiieic is now a profound effort to study where It is that we can shorten litigation so that delay won't make just judKn:ent unjust." Referring to the French code which had been dwelt upon by Ambassador Jusserand in an address earlier in the evenii;g, the President said that as with us there was a "tendency to assume that litigants were made for the couits and the e.vercise of the refinements of reason rather than vice versa. ' Glad <o See iloform. "There is much the same tendency there as with us," he continued, "to keep the antagonists pawing in the vcstlliUle of justice. We have not yet reaciied the secret of promoting real juptlce, but I am glad to know there Is n niovemeiU the world around to secure reform." Till' President rrferred In this con- necilmi lo the luoveinent "to do away with the dli'graccful ex-^'-nses eonnec: ed with litigation In the federal courts." Throughout his speech the President vas frequently Interrupttd hy ai Iilaus;.' and cheers and his declaration Oifit he was not afraid to express hi.'opinion on popular government in con nectlc.n with his denunciation of thi rem!!, bro'ught the big assemblage tr its feet. • The President was driven from thf Waldorf dlrc^etly to the Pennsylvania terminal where he took a train leaving Khnrlly after midnight for Washington. ENBUNDIINORDSSillBUMED jlr. Sinister Charges These JDonntrles With llaviuff Wrecked Persia. Sf:ED,S F.iHILY FAfiEWTLL. ('aliatiuu Army Captain and Famih Oft* Jn Arizona. •-r TkT -^<^f^T7yTt?'^ Hutchinson Gazette (SundayI: To ! night at the Salvation Army barrackf ! Cai)tatn George B. Sefeds and his fam- ; ily will bid f.Trew^l to their friends •! in. Hutchinson. It is the last meeting over which Caotain Seeds wll' ! i»resiJe and the public Is Invited. Ser' vlct'S ot a special rsture will be con' ducted and all who desire, may have ' t^ie opportunity .of saying a last ^dleu i <o (he num. bisKvlfe and children, before thev dejAflL for Arizona with ,tholr afflict^Jrtaughter, Captain Ka- Ue Seeds. _ > Vienna. .Ian. 22.—"The net result of t!ic liritisli and Russian action in Persia renders a nation, which was making progress toward peace and order and was building up its finances for the establishment of a constitutional government, a land of haos and anarchy, without prestige among Its ovra people, and, in addition, has meant the sacrifice of hundreds of Innocent lives." This statement was made today by X. Morgan Shuster, the American who was dismissed as treasurer-geti- •rul of Persia recently, and wlio has •^ist arrived here. "The Mohammedan people " contln- ed Mr.' ShUBter, "are further aroused galnstltlie C'hrisUau nation. Great ritain und Uussia, far from- being )n a more solid basis of friendship, '.re now face to face on opposing Idea of a disorganized territory. r^rinifioiis Covem Persia. "The Russian and British legations re the real governing forces in Peria. They are acting through a di- .•ctory of severf Persians in order to ivold international responsibility, but iiorally they arc responsible for the iestruction of Persian nationality- hen it gave promise of establi.shlng • stable con.stitutional government, "he seven men who are. nominally governing Persia, are without char- \cter or reputation. They do not com -mnd the slightest respect of their countrymen and would not exist a day rithout the protection of the Russian and British legations. "Russian forces and influences are 'teadily advancing southward, and unless there is a break In the present rend of events, the realization of Russia's dream of warm water port is » matter of only a few years. Great Britain wftl then be confronted with r living Uiifiso^Indlan frontier prob- •enx" . 'I Try the Register Want ad wajr.

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