Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 22, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEBy \ ' morn, - lldtppers- UpJae haiti ikcket,|i Bif. 'Oarli. I iirsL she wakes. Iwns. her feet, ottish plaid ch day: at and trim, of SwJM.r%th Irish laco ^rten Beenjitpr wear; $ m& that i^i neck is Dutrh, 3i-C€* her ^^le of hair. ia <chanee day turns cool, u a fetchU^ way lilt'-OD a tfilssian blouse, flaiuiae. NeapolltanV haaTor out'«f town; kteh'acarf 4*W Bc<>n surmoant. iPariB evenli^ fown; i her wardroht! seems to br tfrions mele^ jBTerjr comeivpf the earth— iliah fiahccv: *' • ^-OorncKa. Redmond in Puck I Charles F. gcoT^ and Mrs A. H lell wUl giv^ a card party next lljiy night |it Mrs. CamiibcU's for members of the Tliurs- enioon card club and th'^ir 1 Fr»d Coffleljfl. 30.S Kast Lincoln j -will be hostess of the Vlol<-t >li the apprpaching Frldiiy :if- 11. r J.C. DawBon. of .Albany. Or.- i.Visiting hfer sister, Mrs. F. A. sr.' Mrs. 1\^ner*s mother. Mrs IrHsh, of V^tes Center, is .ilsn fUwi on SMlnj; Mllllnerr. fliapes f9]r the spring of it to be trqbi medium to rather I'. The shapes have wide lisix inches>1>elng nothing unus- The crownsi^re rather small for ^tie of the iirims ranging in t fixim ftboia two to four and a iiipheD. TWf Urg¥ shapes are vHrcalar arte oblong, and ocr.^- liy u brim ^iects considerably 'toone 8i*s. 'The crowns are ^qnars and ^val. rtjidlum sHe shapes usually .airned bHniB, with crowns of height ihe brims are pener jiewhat m the order of the Bailor./ Bicomes, Napole- BdmarquiK are also seen if-the mediu^ size pressed goods. l;.;!ind inilaq,'are the favorite 1 thus farfpr tlij items referred Slam Fize ^apes are also mado ^lous roug!\1'8traws in brichi l.'as well aa/",variPd nacre and ilnatlon colots. The crowns of iioadc- hats incnide Tarn effects: l,.1iatKe rathi^ freely and others little. A collapsable btlloon •'of '^Milan ^ ftlso seen. |ten a h«t comes well down over %9d it dooB ^ In rather stniight t ,/lt _ttoK very;closely; and in this 'eetldh we nptice nets worn over Wfr..which iKems very wise when M B to try jitn so many h.-tis in leoarse of tfffl day. Iflbe of the wfm'brim hats hav" a flight bend' apwards ai the [tt'and Jn wmxiPB •'»•'•"* "at built thf-y'iitc wlSnjr tilted to one Jlipc shapcF are being made with loth straw tops and brims, wiih a jher straw under brim ic notlceablft that many of the pes are being made in the darkest Vit the new colors on the shade lurhans »rc of rather a large varie- »lth a generpl tendency tow;ird ht Where" the turban itself is t -Jtall. a trimming to give it height a-order. Thf turbans arc made BBjr £8 wjli as of dull, fancy |<dB. in nacre and plain colors nres.of twii sorts of braids are anncommon.—Millinery Trade Re- • * * . ^11 of our Pfttiy Pattern Hats, in- In'K our FltmiB Hsts.- fine tailored I jap .seUli«-3ttisk)]i^ at halt the " d'^rftt.—SfthtirdBon's. P #ir]i^ Strong? your childhood days you leottlC thread a fine needle with- :ottt^effort You cant do it with the same fact](ity npw as then, because on^^s vision loses strength with' the passing of tti^^jrears. .A pair of glasses will go far toward consen-ing TBtir power of., vision for the ikin to comfl'.'.when the pre- 'ciotunesa of ;ajfitbt will be more a prisciated iqr. you. You should ^ ve them, NOW. '."^VWa will give" Vour eyes a scl- ^ttJBeaHy iexact ' examination ;BD4 >:prDvid^ >ou with giasses Nflmt wlU comtit the defect In if^^fS^j^ia^M iene you; Daily Memorandum CALENDAR PADS For Your Desk 10c each BURREIL'S ^^"^ ORE The Bexall Store West Side of the Square Mrs.'W. H. Owot!, 908 East Btrect. will be hostess of the .Missionary society of the Baptist church Thursday afternoon. * * • The first Saturday In February, the Temperance Legion, a juvenile .luxlll.iry to the W. C. T. l'. will have a social at the rest rojjms on Kast .Jackson street. The society had a very pleas;int afternoon session last .•^atunlay of which a program was the most imiiortant thing. * + + . —The pretty line of Millinery every 'hing included goes at 50c on the dol- •ar.—Uichardson's. * * + Mrs. George A. Fry will give a card jiarty Wcdncsd.iy night for the Wcd- nrsdiiy Euchre club. •> * * The Loyal Woman's Bible class of Trinity church will have a business meeting and social afternoon tomorrow at the parsonage. * + * —Tlie cost on our Pretty Line of Millinery Is not conisldered in our Clean Up Sale—Richardson's. •:• * + The annual election of officers will occur tomorrow afternoon at a meeting of the Methodist Aid society to be held at the home of Mrs. J. H. Price. Tea will be served after the business meeting. * * + Mrs. B. F. Robinson, who has been ill for a week is slightly improved today. + + + The Mothers' club program for Wednesday afternoon is as follows: Rbll Call—Miscellaneous quotations Scripture lesson-—Mrs. Kinne. Reading "Managing a Mother," Mrs. H. S. Davis. ilecitation Mrs. Vaough. Club song, followed by question box. * * • The annual buRlneas meeting and riecilr.n of ofBcers of the Y. W. C. A. will occur Thursday night at eight o'clock. All memiiers of lhi» asso- chitioii arc asked to attend. + * + — Tlie Richardson Hry Coods Store Is mnklnpreraarkably low prices on .111 Winter Coats. Suits, Furs Millinery and all Winter Goods. * * + Tomorrow will bo sonata day with I he Music club and four very flue numbers will be rendered. Three Beethoven Sonatas and a Grieg number are being prepared. Stanley Church who has been in Oklahoma for some time returned home Saturday and will contribute 'o the entertainment. The hostesses at tea which will follow the music, will be Mrs. O. T. I^Grange and Miss Patii Motcalf. The complete progrnm is: Sonate opos Beethoven .Stanley Church, Frederick Frevert. .Sonati- Opus 31 Beethoven Miss Metcalf Sonate Opus 8 Becthovm .Mrs. Evans. M:s. Waugh Sonate Gups 78 Beethoven Miss Joy Hershberger •> c * —Kk-ery lady In iola 'hould attend the Big Si>ecial Embi..i»ries Sale We<Jnefdav 9 a. m. See window display.—Richardson's. * • • Tuc Sorosls cl'ib will have ;i Kansas Day program Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs J. M. Brown. The followine Jippropriate literary program will he heard: Roll Call—Recollections of my first davs In K.insas. Kinsas State Institutions—Mrs. C. E. R«.-. BP1 I. Our State and Peonle ,TS Others See Vs—Mrs M. M. Stoddard. Rook Review—Price of the I'rairie, Mrs. Charles F Scott. Music. * * • —big line of Warm Blankets going at a big discount.—Richardson's. * * * The vpsp ?r service at the Y. W. C A. yesterday afternoon was attended by Iwenty-two women, who enjoyed an inspiring address on "Prayer." by Rev. Carl W. Nau. A duett by MI BB Cleone Stebblna and MI BM Bess Billbe .completed the service, A vesper aer- vlce will i>e held once each month at the aBBOctation rooms. ' —Dr. MeMWaa. PM M« It tt4 ML * • • There w*re tr»o exehango aalei gat-, urdayafternoonX which were gener-) ouBly pafronlzed by houaelteeperB. The Altor Bocloty of 8t. John's church hold a sale at the Brighnm hardware Blore and the W, C. T. U. occupied a window of the Pally millinery atorc with an array of good things. + • + -PK. OUfJU COX, ueallrt. * * + The ABTRinm Woman's League memWeri ara Tcqucsted to meet at the W. C. T. t^. roo!n8 tomorrow afternoon. Business of interest Is to be transacted. —Dr. Trirt ,'0 -<*«^|mih, Tel 487, 188. + * • 2 01(0 yards of Pretty Embroideries, Insertions and All-Over BmbroiderleB in all widths .co on sale Wednesday— 9 a. ni. Read ad. in today's paper.— Richardson's. * * •> —Dr. Lnry !K. Rnll, OsteopaUk telephone 1» and Ml. * * + A woman who think.s the making of confectionery a necessary part of the holiday preparation, made some delicious chocolates after a now recipe this year and was well pleased with the results. Hot mashed potatoes were mixed with confectioner's sugar until the mixture was the proper con- sistoncy for cream Ailing. The nieces were shaped and put away to cool and then dipped in melted sweet chocolate. The candy was creamy and delicious and was more satisfactory than lx)xed creams to members of the family who are not fond of extremely rich candy. + * + .Mrs. J. B. Kirk. •>nho for the past two weeks has been confined to her room with an attack of the grippe, was able to talk to her friends over the telephone today and assure them that she expects to be herself again in a few days. Mrs. Kirk's illness prevented a reception and inspection of the Eastern Star which she aa matron-"WaB helping to plan and the chapter expects to arrange to have, their entertainment in the near future. * * + Shielil's orchoBtra will have a dance tonight In Masonic hall. + * + The Ix)yal Daughters class in the Christian Sunday school will have n social and business meeting Thursday evening at the home of Miss Esther Dingman, 423 South Chestnut street. * • * The Loyal Sons and Senior Phila- •heas of the First Christian church will be entertained Thursday night at the home of Miss Carrie Johnson, at ihe end of Jefferson street, north. .\ B.VXK'.S WISE ADVICE. I'tfllzniion of the Hy.rrodnrt!) »re!i- snry to 8oroesN. The Bank of Bronson has sent out an attractive leaflet to Its patrons, he last page of which contains some • ery sensible suggestiona Here they are: "There is nothing except a nian'-s wife, that will work so hard for him as a hen given the opportunity. From sunrise till sunset she will hustle and scratch. A little extra work in properly caring for -JOO or 300 hens this •vinter will pay big returns, but they luiat have proper care. "The ultimate success of the farmer lies in his ability to utilize the ly-products of his farm, some of which are: Corn stalks pasture along 'he fences and waste places; skim milk, stable manure, straw stacks and >ven weeds, if properly handled. "The only way of securing full benefit of these is by keeping plenty of ivestock, thercliy maintaining and in- .•reasing the fertility of the soil. In This climate where tame grasses can be grown the matter simply resolves itscif into kcciiing mote stock and raising more grasaos/ Alfalfa will ;row Kiiccesafully in Thi.s climate and I he next ten years will be an eye- opener to those who doubt 't Successful growing of alfalfa wll bring .1 big Increase in tlie value of landu.^ A wiu. / or » !>.iiolar. Tbeodor Mi>i'im«eii. the f .imou-* his fDrlan. h:i(l iinr nn'.i I'l" :ip;>'-iinuiee. but the mnimer. <if n ^ili!il:tr. Once during the luilf h"ur"s drive from Merlin to Cliarlo'tenlmr;; tlieMi\r In which the proffMMir rmie nrjii imdly nft the track. The re.:i nf the passi'ligerN alighted, the hor-o-s xvere rcninvecl. and the Birnpdeti • \vii.< left until help roukl be f<niiifl Mi'mriseii rcni.TinwJ. rending his l>«<i|: hour p»ss(>d. and the snimd i >f leiei-s niid Jacks and the plunging of hi>rs «->i' ii'xifs arousf>d him fmm his reviTle. With ni> ^^i^A of dls- corapofiire lie :iriisi' friim his seat and went ti) 111" diHir. "Ah." siild he, "we seem to h:ivi> come to a stand.stlli." Her Specialty. "I thought you said George had mar- rle«l « i :i >r»\ manager." "He d-:d."I called on her yesterday, and the hon.ce In teriilile disorder. It looked as If evcrytliinc bad been left to lake iMre "f ii.>;eir." "But you s!i"uld <ee her m .nnaglng George."—Chii;igi> Kecord-Henild. •*KanBa8 calling yon! Etery IndnBtrtal opportnnity Erery agricnltaral opportanlty Eiery social and rdnCatlonal opportailty Boom for a million!" KANSAS DAY POST CARDS! in, six color work 2c Each at Great System Perfected by M. Soyer, Famous London Chef. ELIMINATES MANY TROUBLED By Martha McCulloch Wlillama. William Sbalceapeare, it may be, had not cooking In mind, when bs set hts witches chanting: "Double double toil and troubtef Fire bum and caldron bubble." Nevertheless, the fact remains that the burning Are, the bubbling caldron are eourcea of double trouble to womenklnd. Therefore, they should rise np a*-! call hleased H. Soyer's Byetem of paper bag cooking, which haa come newly-to their help. It B -ves the bi4>bllnga of the caldron, an'', thereby the troubllngs of the cook. Thia In many, many ways. Perhapa the most instantly apparent one is— the fact that there la no caldron to be washed or acoured when the flesh Is weariest So. also, are the roasting pans and ttoae for frying, likewiae the broiler. Paper bags can do the work better— and he thrown away when tboy have served their turn. But do not make the mistake of ttffcing it for an accomplished cook. It is a help toward helping yourself, nothing more. Beef or Veal Loaf,—To each pound of raw minced lean meat, add an ounce of finely minced suet, half a smalt minced onion, a dust of pepper, a pinch of salt mixed through a scant spoonful of flour, and a light sprinkle of powdered herbs. Mix the aeasonlng -well through the meat, shape it into a flat, round cake, rub butter plentifully on the outside, put into a greased paper bag. seal and bake In a hot orcn, allowing fifteen minutes to the pound. A few slices of tomato put in the bag holps to make tasty grayy. A spoonful of tomato catsup may be vsed instead. Baked Onions.—Parboil for fifteen minutes Spanish or Bermuda onions, chill them in cold water, then cut a V out of the hearts. Fill the space with buRer, after dusting It well with salt and pepper, put the onions in a bag with a lump of butter and a very little water, seal and cook twenty minutes in a hot oven, or thirty minutes In a Very moderate one. (Copyright, I9n. by (he Associated Literary Press.) PAPER BAQ COOKED BREAKFAST DISHES. EVANS JBROS. BOOI BVOU. By Nicholas Soyer, Chef of Broolte' Club, London. Eggs anj Tomatoes.—Butter a bag thickly, put Into it balf a pint of tomato catsup and butter the size of a ^valnut Cook in hot oven ten minutes. Cut a aquare ti^om the center of the bag, break Into it. one at a time, four eggs. Codk for three or four minutes. Dish up. Cut away all the top of the hag and serve. Kippered Mackerel with Fine Herbs.—Cut salt 'mackerel into fll- leta, lay them in a deep earthen dish, and cover with boiling wgter. Leav* in watar bnit a minute. Take out, wipe dry, dust with coarae black pepper, and put on top of each flllet half a teaspoonful of minced parsley, and chives of onion, and a bit of hirtter the size of a small walnut. Greaso a bag well, put in the flilets, seal, and cook for twenty minutes in a hot oven. Serve hat, with brown bread and butter. Marechal of Lobster and Egga.— Take, the white and claw meat of a lobster, chop it small and set aside. Riib the brown meat smooth in a basin with, a bit of butter and a good dust of white pepper. Add gradually half a bottle-of tomato catsup. Work all well together. Put into a bag tour slices of bacon; Do not seal the bag. Cook the bacon four minutes, then take out, and put in the lobster and tomato mixture, seal and cook for eight minutes. Cut open the bag on top. put in the white meat, and make hot for four or Ave minutes. Lower the gas very much for this last cooking—the white meat must only get very hot. as cooking toughens It. Serve in a very hot dish, -gamlsbed with the slices of bacon. Bftga a la Tripe.—Rub together an ounce of butter and an ounce of flour, cook smooth In half a pine of milk which lias been flavored lightly with mace. Add to It two large thlnly- sllced onions,-cooked in a bag with a little butter, and six hard-boiled eggs cut in halves lengthwise. Pcur gently Into a well-greased double bag, and make very hot in the oven for ten inlnntes. Serve as qukkly as posBlbie, on a very hot dish. Eggs en Stmaeburg Creutons^—Cut the crust from four even-sized squares of stale bread, butter them thinly, dUBt lightly with .-pepper, and spread with a layer of fole gras. Cook for fiv* minutes inside a well-greaaed bag, then citt open the bag and break an egg on each rquare of bread. Duat the egga on top with pepper and a' verr little aait and cook tar another, four minntea. Serve immedlateir on a very hot dish. Eggs a la Baehamel.— Cut fonr hard-boiled egga in halves lengthwise, put them Into a thlekly-graaaed bag with a gin of cream, aait and pepper to taate, and a tiny duat of powdered mM«. .GMk-ilva misuteaia • Aiod- •raUovaa, and aanre bri on Bquaraa of tightly buttered, toaat. (Copjrlsht. l «n. br Sforfla ft Wal- toa Company.)' offveiy Suii^^C^ in Values exceed anything we have ever given. We still have a large number of Coats, Suits and Furs to dispose of, and in order to make a^Ieafi .i ^^eep of them we have gone through the whole stock and made reductions that are sensational—even for a clefttance sale. Every garment at a new reduction. .1 • • r a •' -ii 100 Ms at $10 Values up to $20. i An assortment of stylish Coats that is remarkable for the price offered in this lot The materials are Reversible Cloths, Fancy Mixtures, Blac^^ Broadcloths, Polo Cloth, Serges (^lA AA and Plush at _^lV .UU That were formerly $18 to $20. Positively the most wonderful values you have ever seen at the" pride; Attractive styles, made of excellent iitn- terials, such as Serge, Cheviots, Fancy Mixtures in every new color and black. Most of them lined with Peau doscygn*^, some with guaranteed sateen.' Beyond question the best Suits ever ^ '' offered at .. i Coats $5.00 Women's and Misses' Coats in all sizes are to be sold tomorrow for $5.00. Black, brown, fancy mixtures, misses' black plush and cara­ cul included—coats that are marked from $7.50 to $10; no clearance price VuiUlJ GREAT SKIRT SALE TOMORROW CLOTH SKIRTS, HALF PRICE! $5 and $6 $7 and'$8 $8 and $9 •Skirts Skirts Skirts $2.98 $3.9S $S.90 One lot of last season's Wool Skirts, choice 98c Women's $22.50 HA and $30 Suits . J>1T. Upv/ards of fifty Tailored^ Suiis from high class makers, priAcipal- ly one of a kind; suits ~ ~ worth $30; on sale.:.. mi $7,95 $12.50 and $13.50 Tailored Siilts for Panama, Serge, Fancy Mixtures, Tailored Suits that are positively worth double and more than we ask for them. Each Suit means an actual saving of $5 to $8; worth $15 ,at ., Dress Goods Less than m DAIF One lot all wool Suiting in?plain and fancy, 52 and 54 inches Wide, sold $1 to $1.50 yard. See Cfth window display.. At .JUu •-' ^ • • All Furs Reduced to Half Price! ;\ 'jiiRD IN iiANn" BRncj.s TiiK r«>VEvrio\. !// OFSyr.H OK, B ALTIMORE ,M D •KALBANK rDoiXARS TjarUwainr. WaJhing'or. I;C. .laii: 2J —The factor which turned the fide of the Democratic convention toward Baltimore iiiore than auvthir.R f to lor iis next convention was the $100,000 certilied check presented, to. the ghaixiuaflt at .^jthe committee- .Nnrumn i:. M.i«k Without this tangible evidence ot. sincerity on the part of Baltimore it is ^Very doubtful the cor.vrTi:;o:i would h'avfr gone to the East or not. • • - • • , -i .VKRESTFU .M' roi.O>T. Boj I'leadeti U> he Sent (o TrlMm to Lesiru Trade. Garneii New.s: Becaiue he wanted to be Fent to the reformatory .li Hutch icson where he woald be able to learn a trade, and not have to wander about the country taking up what jobs he could pick up Fred Effington 18- years-old, pleaded guilty to burglary before Justice Ebert Simon and was bound over to the district court for sentence. Effington was arrested at Colony charged with breaking Into a Mexican's house at Welda the night )>efore and steailOg a revolver, watch, |3 in money, and other goods, rained at $11. He went on towards Colony and officers there were asked to be on the watch for the boy. As he entered the city he was arre .sted. brought to Garnett and arraigned before Justice Simon where he pleaded guilty. The lad did not try lo deny the crime, lie i-ald his mother lived at Chanute, rbat bis mepfnther was mean to him. and that his father was at Parkvllle, Mo. Kor years, he say*, he has been tramping around the country tryinr to get a job at aomv trade as an apprentice but has been unable to do BO. He wtloomea the 8enteo «e ' to Huteblnaoa a4 he say* It will (Ire These Are Good Popcorn Nights Delphos sheet steel Corn Poppers—the kind that'do no burn your hands .25c Wire Coiia Poppers at,..10c and J5c Brigtiam Hardvrare Ci»r him a chance to learn a trade. His step father is mean to him and he cannot Slay at home, he said. CHARITY. Hdw difficult it, is lo be wiidy charitable—to dio good without multiplying the sources of ev3f To BVe aimf ii nothing unless you give thou^ also. A Bide ihou^t and a iillle kindness are often worth moie duui a great deal of money. FOIt S.\LE>-CHE.VP IF TAKEN soon; four room house, small bam, Icr?c -May cherry trees, grape vines, well and city water; 436 N. First. down, balance on time |5._00 i>er month. ••• —Mrs. A. It Tabor of Orider.. M«C bad been troubled with •rclr'1ie«f«ck« for about five years, when she MfiM taking Chamberlain'a - Tabieta. lite haa lakeatwo botuea- tf r «bMa'afnd they bave eured-bet. Sick ImMdt Is caused t>jr adiaordered atoomeii: for wblob these tableta are espedAII/ la< tended. Try tbam, get well and stay w«ll. SQldbyalidMlen.

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