Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 22, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1912
Page 2
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^ ' THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER/ MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 22,1912. Oiir r <).smn)iii|[lan C-arU. For early morn, wluii iir.'-i i-lu- wak' :i This (jalnly iriuidiii KWIIH A Jiipaiioae kimono owns, Turk's sMpptTs fur In r f<>'t. SIK' K"<'S I<> walk In Sroiilsli iiliii'l Ami AIliliic liiil ••:irli d ;iv; A Norfolk ]:iPki'i, \u-M and trim, My modlKli (lan<:('f>. A Kown of Sw:!-;';. wjih lii-li l.n;.- I 'v ofli'n s'vn 1:J r u-iaj-; Slio lolls nic. that tlio iir.k is I tun':. And lirii>k Ivr style of liiir. And i' ii'TcliMPci' lilt' day turns ((MII, i| SliP lias a fctrliiiifr way Or slliiid"" "n a K'lssian hloiiFP, My modish fiancee. Daily Memorandum ALKNDAR I'ADS J"'c»r Youi' Desk i Of each A iiat of N"apoli(an Sho has for out of towu; A Spanish scarf !'v.- tuiiv snrmortiu. Her Paris rveniim pown; In fact, her wardrob.- s-ini.s to l)i> A ourloits inoico From every corn! r of the earth— My modish fianofc. —Cornelia U'-lniond in I'af'.c BURRELL'S i ^H ^E The IJpxall Store West Sitdc of the Square Vrs. f'h.-irh's F. .Scott nnd Mrs A '1 raiiiphi-II will uivi- a t -ard tiafiy ii' \t Thursday nifjht at Ciiiinh^ li 's r''sidonce for mi lali. is of th" Thursday aflcrnoon card c!uh and ih'ir husbands. • •> 4- Afrs. Fr'd C(.(\h 'd. Ka.^' » Strrot. will 1)1- liosi'ss of Ih<' Viil' i cltil) on th.' .ipproachin;: Friu;!.- - ternoon. %• •> .% Mrs-. .1. P. l )av ,;-on. of AH. ipy. Or - pon. i.<; visitin;; h '^r .= i .«t. r. .Mrs. V. A WacncT. Mrs, \\';r^n< v'< foi ^i r. M-^ N. I'arrish, of Yatc.s I'i nt. r, !.•; ai- • her guest. T!ei\>; nn Sjirius >TiIlinery. DrcRS shniies for t!:.' siirine of T'':; I>romisp to be frrm m'-diiim lo Tal':- r iarc". Till' lariif .=ha|.cp hav,- v.;!;.' brims, six inchi s b-ins nolhinc iiiii; iial. Thi- crowns .iri> r .iihiT .'^niall f <r thf> size of the ''rims ratmiai' hi iRht from ahottl f.vo Ui four ;:;!•• .i half intlK'S. Til- hiV'.:.- vlr.iii'.- both .'irrular and obiMpir. ami ci- - sionally a brim oroj'cis CC-IIH'M. ;. 1 .v more to oni' sid- 'I'IK- crown; : ; both <<<iti.'ir" and oval. Th.-^ m-dium sizo sl\iti' s i;- ' '''v hnvn uiiitinu'd brims,'i rrovMi^ cf m<'dittm hdu-ht Tli. liriii.- .-ir^ •^••v • ally somewhat on the or'lrr of iV Mandarin sailor I'.icor,:-K, S.-. •<>'.. ons and marc 'ii?" ;;r" nmong the medium .^Iz-- pnss.d •.•.oo'- TaRal iind mllan arc th- fnvi-., straws thti* far lor I'lV it 'in^- r'f rn i to. .Medium fizf shapes ar" aU'. m -.i! of various roi:ch .<ir.i>\in l.ri^' plain, as well a.*; varied nr.ere ai-. ; combination cclor .s. The <r (.'v, i.. oi' Ihcs;' mr"(|e liats inehid • T .itii elTeetv some bnls'' raih« r fieelv ;iiirl (.ii;. r- but little .\ (ollap.-iahle b.Iiuo!: shall" of .Milan 's a'so stcn. When a hat cotne.^ well do-'.n ov. v the head it do.'s !0 i:i raiiirr -trni.i:"' • lines, fltltnsr v ry closdy: rid in connection wc nctice n-i*; \< i rii o >'r •h--" h'lJr. wh:rh seen;..; v, • y v.;:' i:. :• one has to try on so ni 'ijiy h;::: :i: the cGurse of i!'.'- day Some of the wide brim h''s '?a\ I just a slicht ''cnl "ipwrirds* at tl- front, and In weuri; - tbc^e ijaf jjufir hats they arc u:ua !!y lilted lo oa' side. Sonfe shape?, are ))i-HL ' in.'d • •.•:!•• Smooth Ftrr.w tops and briii :s. v.i-!'. rougher straw fc.r th- under brim It '= noticeable that TC .-.nv o; shapes are beinj m ;;df- in the drirites" tones of the new colors oti ;iie ciiad- cards. Turbans are of rathe- a I ::r :;e -.^rie- ty. with a ^i-^^ner.-' I'lidercy luwa .rd heieht AVhere ih.e tT :rb;.!i •;•:;( ;f not tall, a trimmini: to pive jt i.-is) • js in order Th > uu-b;-n:. ar- n ^'d- of flossy :.s ueii «s of dull, f:-ncy nra'd/^. in nacre and jdain <-o;o:-.Mixtures of two sor 's of bra 'd.- not uncommon.—Millin. ry Trai'.r 11' view. —All of our Pretty Pattern Ha' -. :r.- cluding our riuiue Hats, fine ti -iinr. i Hats are sellin;; Iri-'k'y at half t'; marked price.—Riciiaidson's. .Mr.~- \V. H. Owen. '.>0*'> Kasi sire.-t, .'ill b.' hosliss of the Mis.<ioi:.-iry so- i ii\y oi ihe Kaptist iliurcii Thurs- 1 day alteriioon. Tile lirs! Saiii :-d ;iy isi Febru.iry. the I .O .I.i! 'I'ei;iptraiu-i- l-euion, a jii\-'nlie :;ii\l'i:;ry la the \V. ('. T. {'. will li;i.e a .';< :;i ihi- n si rooms on I-:asi .iarksi II St reel. 'Ihe society had K '.i -ry i ]e.-l:^•.nc• afternoon s's.sioi! last '•'I'.lurday c! which a program \v;'.s lie aiosr !ii.;;<';-iani ihiai:. •:• •:• i^r. tty line of .Millinery r-vcry I'.'.u--' .ac'.iu!e'i iid, i at ."/'c on tiie dc!a;-. — ! .Iriiardson's. •% •** Mrs. C.-ors-'i- .\. Fry will pive a i-nr! party VW-cliiesday iiiuhl fur the Wnl-<lay Kuchrt; club. The l.oyal Woni.ia's llible (-):iss oi 'i'r:n!'y church will iui-.e a b.isiness iieei;!;!; aiiil sni iai a!".ernoon tomorrow a' I lie parsfliia!;e. — Tli^ cii -t nu our Pretty Line ol Millii' ly is not c'lasiiiered in our ('!. :m l"p 'J^alc —Hii-!ia ;d .-oti's. Tile tiiitiiKil ilei-iion of olIi<-ers will ofcur iotuon'ow afternoon at a nieei- in:-' of ihi' .M'lhodisl soci ly to Id .1 the !i(,a.e ,,f .Mrs. .1. II. Price. Tea U .I! be .si rv. d ari -r lie- l)'i.sii :es ;i ::..:!e.:. Mrs. H. F. Kobinson. who has be< ii for .1 U'-k is sli;;hlly iuipro\'ii : idiv. J. .;. 'i'he >iiiih< rs' club pro^-rain for •'•••dii'.al.-.y afternoon is as Inllows: 'teil '•;!!; -Mise.-llane.nis 'luo'atiijtis .-tcr: t::re I.- -^ - .'^Irs. Kiatie. Rea'-i 'iL'- - "Manapiiii; a .\!ot:icr." M 'S. I'. ;i.-ivjs. 'vec: .Mr:-. V.'ou.uh. I'lub s,;'!f;. foiiowcd by <iiiestioi. ION. *> •> <• The r.niiunl bn.^in. m ^eiipiC and • :'ctic:i of oflit-r.- of ilie V. \V, C. A il r-..-er Tlnir;:l-y nipiit :.! eju'.! •.'• 'l' ! . PI. "iber: of tlle .-IKSO- ••.:'.'i <jii ask-'l.'o attend. •i- V — Tie K;.-h;-.r;',~fn l>vy Store tM '-inu' rei!i;.rkal)ly low j'rices on •i! \\'v.:< r Toats. Sr.iis. Furs Millin- ry ai.'d all Winter Goods. To'eorrow will b" s.Tii.-ita day with lie- M 't -Mc club ai ;d ro'.ir very lit!' :iu'nb- IS will I,e rendered. Tiirce ;;<-'ihi ;Vin Sonatas and a Griet: nu'C.- br-- are beiii,? prepar -'d. S';:nl->y t.'ir.irc'i who has been i:i Oklahoic.-.t for li'.ee reiur'Kil iionie .'Saturday a)'! wii! ei ,iirribuie .o '!i<- ein-rf.-iir- ;;ii:it. T'l-- h'jstes.=.. s at i -a wiii: h .-.;:? f.j,e.-,v the nv.isic. -.viil be .Mrs. O. T. l-aCr;-!!-.- and Miss Patti .Metcalf Tillfofr/le'e pro;;ra!i! is: '<o:i.-i; • <)i'iis .S I!<'e|ho\-'!; ..'^::ini'y cir.ji-cli. FreiV-rii-k Fn ven . .^ (); us .';i Breihovcn Miss M- !c; !f !-"r )Iiate Opu'-' .S !!" .••*;it )V 'f .Mr:^. KvHiis, V.'.iu;;ii SfiTi.iie i)i:ps Iie<-!hov< !• .Miss .lo" !'_ersi:lMr.':<-r [ou.tly patronized by housekeepers. I The AJtar society of St. John's church .held a sale at the Brigham hardware store and t !:e W. C. T. V. occupied a window of the Pefly millinery store with an array of .:Tood things. • v • -DR. O. Lj t;0X. OenUst ) -i- -> > Th.-» American Woniai;'.^ League ini5inb«rs arc re <n:c.<-ted to n::^: . ' the W. C._ T. T. roe -.Ms tomorrow ;:r;cr- noon. ' i:usinc3S cf Interest is to b-^ transacted. •:• •:• * " —I»r. Wirt, l)»t. ..imth, Tel 4s:, S8S. •> v •:• !2'-0 ycrds o: P/etty Kinbroideries. \n:- r;'.(>nr- ard .-M'-Over ICinbroiderie.s in r.l! widths no on sale Widne.-da.v— !• a. m. Head ad. in todays paper.— !:icI:aidson'?. •:• •:• V — Or. l.nry M. Hull. O.'.tfopnlh. ieU-j)l>i)nt? Jill iind fifil. <• -> > .-\ v/fifaii w'lo il 'iiiU.i il..' ;u!ie of '. oli !"e <-.tie;ii r .V -1 ner"ss;. • of te •irili'lay prep .ar:!' ion, in:o' - i:,,e de- iiciot 's chrcola'is after a new r'c-ipe ye ;ir a :d w:is '.-.-tl plear .-d with lie rc .oii!ts, liot ic.-i.slied polalo< M v.o -e nilved wi:!i i-oiif-.'e I toner's suutir uniil I'll inixliir • was th.- proper con.'•Isi -M'V lor (ream 'ellin?. The litces »e;-.- sli.ipeti and u\i> .-iway to <-o(,' ;:n(I ilien dippeil in nu-lied sweet choi-- ohiie. Til,' c:iiidy H.-IS (-reaiii.v and li"- lleloiis ;ind w .-e.- nion< satisftictorj tli;iii l)0\-d crt.itiis to iiicmb; rs of lie fapiipy wiio are not fond of extremely rich <'andy. Mrs. .f. M. Kirk, wha for IIP- past two W-^('KS h ;is been cuiillnej to her room wlih an attack of the :rrippe. was abb' to talk to her friends ov'r Ihe tcli'idione today and assure iii.';r. tliat she I .\piv:-ts to be hersetj" a ;J:;ii 'i in .-i f-w days. .Mrs. Kirtr'-- illiM:;:: |-rry-i led a rccepiion ai:t iiispciiioti ot"'t !ie F ;;r .iern Sl:ir v.Iiii 'h a.; matron w,-is belpin.-- lo pian an.! tie chapter (-.vpictii uj .-irraii.iie lo h.iv- Iieir enieriainmeiit in the near t ;i- f'lre. •:• •'• •:• .-^hiiM 's orch 'Slr.-i will ba\e a daiK • .iliiul '.i it; .Ma.:oiiic b;ill. • •:• <• I'll'- l.oyal i)at::-.!it( rs chiss in tlu- lirislLan .St;;ida.'- sthool will hiivc :i oci;iI and bn..iti''ss inet'iinfi Thur;^•lay .^veiiint: ai liie home of .Miss Ks- :i'er liinuiiian. '.2.1 South C"b oiiii;t direct. •> The l.o:.:.l Sens and Senior Phil i•e :<s of t ':e i-'irsi C'lrisiian (hifc -ii ill be ei ;t< riained Thiirtid.iy n '.Lht a" ' home of Miss (":irr)e .lid'iison. a' ie- eiif! o!" .leffersun streut, north. mm Me aroKiN€ Great System Perfected by M. Soyer, Famous London Chef. ELIMINATES MANY KITCHEN TROUBLES. A BANK'S WISK ADYK F. . linznli'in ui the yiy-Pr<idin-(s .Vetc^- sary (o .Siiccf >»i. The P:in!: of jtronsoii lias sent (jiii ;n ntiradi'.-e b-:if!et to its p:itrons i.e !a:t pai:e i.f which <-'intains .'-o!... ••ry s'li.-i!',.' sii.i'^i siioi.s. II"re the-, in-: ••'I"!.ere i.- nolliir..^ e.\'. pt a ai.-in' • '•U\ I'.al V ill work so hard for hi:. .; a h- !i :jr-.i'n tl.e oi'portiiiii!.;-. I-'io- -I.Urise til!'t she \\'ll l:iisi':e aiie • ra'ili. ,•' liiile e.\-tra work in prop •y <-:'.rir.e I 't.r -Jiiii or :i 'i 't b.-ns tl;i- • oi'er Ki'i] p:'y bit; reiurns, but tiie-. '•'-t I,:•,'.•• propi-r <-are. "I'he ulli"'ate :oii i -ess of the f:irii:- r li'-. in hi.- iil-iiity to i -li!i/,e ib" V pioiPtets' of hi- failii, soT'ie of • !i ( h ari : Corn litaiUs pastiue aloni; ' f'.;c's a'lil waste p|-'c,-.-: ;kirc :ik St.-!'.;, n:r;r.;.e. stra-.- .-t;tel;.; .;in: 111 eds. if j.ioperly liaiiiKiii. •'T'e o:.iy V. ,>- (if ieccriai; t'l:!! Irc: • I :' :!:i '.-e ; • by keepin:; pbn.t.v o; •-.••o(-k. tie -ri l.y ni:'liii:.iii.:ii; ;inil iii••• :i.--i'':r tie i' • tilily of t!;.' .-oi!. If his c.'in.-ite wr.ere f;i:ie t'r ;isses c;;-. ... gr-)\vii ti.e i:iiter : imply re-n;.-. :s(.'lf -i.'i epifj:- :i ere st.-i-;< ;'i<; .'l^iliB more grass's. '.if,:'!:- ' ii^ lou- suc( e.-:~ljiily in t'r.i.- i !ii: ..i'•-" n '.'Xi te;; ye.:rs wi'i be all ey. ^ • 1 e .aer lo t :in--" v. i .-i i:c -i !,i 't .'-^ii.-• ssfnl ..-iwiti;: :ili'.:ii'.i wil i.;-iu-- i'i-; ia ti.e v::!i:(- of i: el^. Is Your Vision Strong? In your <-lii;dbood days you Could thread a tiae needle willi- oiit effort. Vou cali'i do it «iil! the saiiie facility laiw a.s tic u. because one's \isiiiii le s BtreUKtli with li.e pu.-.>i!:(; >,{ the year-;. A pair of cia- -i .• will (;<> far tow;.ril cnu -erwiii; your jiowcr of vls-oii lor tlie days to coiee -.-.lie:! ; • ;) e- ciousness of sijtlit v.ill be 'hire appreciated 'ly you. Vo'.i .^'.oild have them SOW. W'p will give yotir i yes a scientifically exact examination and provide you with i:'asses that will correct tiie d.-lect in your vision as low as $1 oo. Graduate Opiicit'.n to serve you. • -1" -ery lady in lo^a s'-ioii'd :i:t.--nd •'•<• >';i (-cia'' ;-;a:liro:i!er:es .'-'ale III. -u:iv '.' :i II S-e willilie.s dis- i'r:v —ilh hardson's. <• • •> T 'le S'lrc Is < ! :|) -.• iM have :i K:ii!- h-.-is }-A\ iic^;i:na Tliiil :;.l,iV all'mooti :it l!li b'>ti • or Mi-5 .1. llN .nn. ')":<• folliMv in;- -ipiii-iiM -iate li 'irary pro-{. " -il !'.. ;;ril; I Ho!' r,'.'. Ib'i •,!lec!;riiiM of my Iirr' ; I: V'-' i'l Ki ""."s. I i.'-.j. .-• si:ii. Insii'iiilon.s Mr.;. ''. ( !•". ]{<'•<• 'I. C 'li; .!''• -"I 'l I'l'iiili !is 0'''i r.: See PI N'.rs .'i, M. ••Jioibbird. ii(A';< ;:• -. • Pri< e if iiie prairie, .Mrs. f'b:'r:' s F .>-'e .)t'. .Mil; ic. — ^ lii:- !iiie of V.:;rtii ilJankeis ^'oin;-' .Tt a bijr di.-co:inf —-Uicliardson's. T '.e VeS!' -r Sel -v;ee ut tliC Y. W. C. A. yesterd-jy afternoon was attt !id '<I by twenty-two wonicii, who enjoyed .MI insi'iiin;; address on "Prayer," by Re-.-. Carl W. .Nau. A duett by Miss Cleor.-. Si.'bbins and Miss lb ss Pil'he completed the ser\ice. A. vesper sel- j -i i'-e ^^ill be le id once fach .'>ionth at the as--<«-:::;Ion rooms. •:• •:• •;• -?lr. Mcllfllen. I'honM tf" Mod SK. T!:i re vi -re two e\ch-.-na--' sales Sat- | urday afternoon, which were gimer- ' ,:i te ^ '• :: •.: ,!a. pr: : - . lb-bled, l!: : 'lie stvai.'! • !ld !-e ;•. . . ii-:idi-::' I;! - p !ai .-::;vr •: ::• ffiiii :'s I--". • Ci'llipee ! • went I > I ' 'I sct 'ui to !::: i e "; . .1 I ;i ri •'i -i'. .. :• .- I .1 -I • •:ii ; . a 111! ! ':•• • • ; :•' '•: Mjl' X :, . • : -1 .e- dis • :: -; 1; ^ -i -at aii .l ••. 'i.- .:; 'I "We • : . :. -l.ieditiil.'* i'.tr Z-z:\ My. "1 lhie.-;.r. -. a -: W\ ; lj:ul m:ir- rii-d a ; ••• ! I:.::: --'r." "lie d :" "I .:i!i 'l I !e r • • vi.-rd.'.r. nt'd the l; la^e \. Ill . : , jli ,- il' .'.ri. -r. li loiil. I'd : s if 1', e:- , ..',1 : l,.;d bi'.-n Jel I to l:ike c;i : e I 1 i: .. •-p.'ll .M'ii '. i:.(l e ll:-i!ia',-iii'-' 'ieur;;^." i• It-« "'.•.'. ilefaiU. "Ii:in>iis riillintr }oii! V.Mvy indn.'-lrlal i»jM"»rliinlty llury iitfrU'Hltural opjiuriiiiiit.T i.'tery social iiixi eiliieiillonal iipliorluuity Kdom for a iiiillioii:" KANSAS DAY POST CARDS! in six color work 2c Each at EVANS BROS BOOK S^-ORR. By Martha McCuIloch Willlame. •V.'illinni Shakespeare, it may be, had rot cook!ng 'in mind, when he rsct hTs witches chanting: "Double double toll and trouble! Fire burn and caldrou bubble." Xeverfhclcss, the' fact remains that •h« buriiin;; lire, the bubbling; caldron .-re sources of double trouble to vvcmenklnd. Therefore, they should rlso up and call blessed M.'a cyitjni of paper b;it; cooUliut. which liai, come newly to their help. It • .veil the bi<iblin!;<? <if the caldron, tin'' thereby tho troublinj ,'S of tho eoti';. This In mr.ny, many ways. rer!iat>s tho most in-;tant!y apparent. i!o IK—the fact that there i.s no v-nldroa to bo washed or scoured when the llesh Is wearl'Ft. So, also, are tho roiisflni; pans and those for frying, likewise the broiler, i'aper bniis can <l (i tiie work better— a.nd bo thrown aw;iy when they liavo served their turn. Put do not make the mistake of t«*Uing It for an acccmpl'.siied cook. It Is a help toward helping yourself, nothing more. Beef or Veal Leaf.—To e.TcIi pound ci raw minced !e;'.r. titeaf. n-!d an ounce of finely minced .suet, h.ilf ;i rir.all minced onion, a <! of iiejiper, a p):!ch of salt mixed thro;:'-,'h a :ciiut :-loonful of flour, and .i l:-_'ht si riuUb,! of pawdered herbs. Mi:; the se:;.-onin-.; v.ell thneiLih the meat, sliapo it into ;i Hat, round c:ike. ntb butter plentifully on ll'.e ciit.''ide, put into a frei'.iied paper bti!;, seal and bai.-e in a iK't oven, allowlnf; li.'';een n-.iiuites to tl.o iinund. A few slices of tomato ;ut in the bap: liepi.^ xo mi^io t;:-;y -:r;>v/. A spconfi.l of tomato catsup ; lay be used instead. Brked Onions.—Parboil for !";:'lrcn ;!i;ni.!c-i Sp ;ull ^h oi" P.ermuda on:cn:T, caill theiii in cold v.-ater, tlien cut .". V o -.t or the he..rt.^. Kill the spiice v.ith bu^er, after (;!.-t:'.!r it v.-vll with : alt nr.'! pe ;i; cr. iiii; 'h.- onions in a. baK '.viUi a !;i:ap i .f b'lttor .'ind a very little Wilier, seal iic.ii cock twenty i.iiiii.ies in a ove-:. or thirty mi:i- utes in .1 Very i.-.ciic-i;'e one. (Copyrii;;.'. P'i!, Iv tiie Asuociated l.i:oiiiry Press.) -FRISHMAN'S A ^ei^attonal Clearance of Every Suit, Coat and Fur in Stodc Values exceed anything we have ever .?i\cn. We si ill have a large numher of Coats, Suits and Furs to dispose of, and in order to make a dean sweep of them we have gone through (he whole slock and mad( rcducliciis that are sensational—even for a clearance sale. Evoi v garment at ;i new reduction. at Values up to $20. A?r:is.sortment of stylish Coats that is rcMn ;'.i 'kable for the price offered in HM". lot The materials are Reversible ('l()'!.h>.. P'ancy Mixture.s, Black Broad- clot h^. Polo Clfith, Serges and Plush at uitsJlO- 75 That were formerly $18 to $20. Positively the most wonderful val- 11. :^ you have ever ?een at the price. At- li 'active stvles, made of excellent ma- loriais, such as Serge, Cheviots, Fancy riixtures in every new color and black. ?.jr)3t of them lined with Peau de cygne, -^•ome with guaranteed sateen. Beyond (I'lieslifin the best Suits ever otfered at $10.75 $7 .50^ to f'AP^R D.'C COOKED.BREAKFAST biSHES. • .•: S-y.", C:of of Brook*' Glut. Lu -i„ii. Tcmuiufz. ihitter a b;i:; iiit.i ii J.lit a pint of lo- I ail'l lei.ier liie sl'iio of a \:\ ;:oi o'. .'ii ton mln- i f;iiiii..'j in at tho center Iri .'.!; it, one at ii. C'',:ik fcr three or •s. T'ish up. Cut away of the baK and serve. Mackerel v/ith Fins siilt m.itkcrel into lil- in in a d-.ep earthen, .ith lmili;;K water. I.eav ry rjlcholii EGI-'' anJ thickly. .y.A. iiiato <-:!t: :.; ilntt. i; e.;. Cut ; of the I.:;..-, time, fo'tr ' four minui', till, tiio top Kippered Herbs.— Cut lets, lay the 1 i.d cover v water h.-.:f a ni;.".iite. Take out. v.ipe dry, dust with <-oarse black pe;>- : cr, and put on top of each fillet if :;lt a teaipoonfnl of miii'.ed parsley, and -l.iv, of onion, and a bit of butt-jf the sizc> of a s:r.:ill walnut. Gre;i. o .". hai: well, iiU|l in th? lillets, seal, and 'cok for t'.^qiity irinates in a ho:, even. Servo hut, with brown bread and butter. Marechal of Lobster and Eggs.— Take tho white a-.d claw meat of .1 lobster, chop it sir.".;i and set aside, itub the brown meat smooth in a ba- s:ia v .itU a bit of butter and a ?ood i:!ist of white I'epp.jr. Add frradu."-lly 1 alf a bottle of tom.ito ciitsup. AVork .'ill Well together, put into a bap four dices of bacon. I)o not seal the bav. f'ook the bacon foLir minutes, thea tiike out, and put in the lobster and I'liuato mixture, se:il and cook for ciL 'ht minutes. C'.ii oj^cn the bag oa top, I'Ut in the meat, and makij hot for four or live minutes. Lower ilio sas very much fcr this last cook- ieif —;.h(> white n '.'Mi must only Ret •V''ry hot, as coo'.^ns toughens it. rii .-rvc in a very hot dish, garnished '..ilh the slices of bacon. £033 a la Tripe.—Uub together an < unco of biitti r iind an ounce of Hour, cook .--ntooth in '.i;:!f a pine of milk which has 1, .; !lav red lightly with n.ace. Add to it t\w> luriio thinl.v- Hiiccd onions, coidced in a h?ii with a lltllo buiter. iui.l six hard -bolk-.l e ^'Ka cut in halves leai,tli\ Pr.i .T pently into a wel!-i;rear.ed double ; :<ii«, and make very hot la tho ovuti for ten mSnutis. Serve as <|ulckly its poiislble, on ii vc;y hot dish. Eggs on Stra«tburg Croutoni.—Cut the crust from four even-sized 1 .-;quares of sl .ilu brciid, butter them \ thinly, dust lifthtly with pepper, and • sprciid with a hiyer ef fole gras. Cotik ' for live minutes inside a well-greased i bag-, then cut open tlio bag and break an egg on each 1 c,uare of bread. Dust the eg .2s on top with jiepper and a very little rail and cook for another , four minutes. Servo immediately on a very hot dish. 1 Eggs a la Bechamel.—Cut four hard-boiled eggs in halves lengthwise, put them into a thickly greased bag with a gill of cream, salt and pepper to taste, and a tiny dust of powdered mace. Cook five minutes In a moderate oven, and Ber \e he: on stjuares of lightly buttered toast. (Copyright, 1911. by Sturgis & -Walton Company.) \ Women's and Misses' Coats in all : izes a're to be sold tomorrow for ;>">.Oti. Black, bi'own, fancy niix- tui-fis, misses' black plush and cara­ cul included—coats th'ai aie marked from .S7..50 to $10; 0^ clearance price JslIiJ GREAT SHIRT SAIE TOMORROW CLOTH SKIRTS, HAI F PRICE! $"> and $7 and i-S ?8 and $9 ISkirts Skirts Shirts $2.98 $195 $5.90 Pne Int of last sea.son's Wool ^•ki :'L5-, ch>)ice ..: 9SC Women's $22i0 Upv.-ards of lifty Tailored Suits from high class makers, p;'incipal- Iv one of a kind: suits <P | J fl C worth $oO; on sale dlTi J J $12iO and $13.50 Tailored Suits for $7.95 Panama, Serge, Fancy Mixtures, Tailored Suits that are positively v.orih double and more than we :i .-k foi- ihem. I.'ach Suit means an actual savin-jf of ?r) to $8; QC worth $15 ,at VilUJ Dress Goods Less than HALF Ov-^ lot all wool Suiting in plain aii.i fancv, 52 and 54 inches wide,: sokl $1 to $1.50 yard. See window display. At 50c AH Furs Reduced to Half Price! I -* > -3 i ^' Wi. •L a \ \ •& • • \ ^. 3 1 ? '. - - (i. • '.: I .il . • r: --.^ ..w • faitor which turneil th<- title cl' the Uciiiocraiic coinciitioii toward fSaltiiuore '.itM .enttoii was the $!iip.ciiiii cfrtilicil check pi-.-cntt-J to the chairman of the •.::.'ct tills tati>;il>lf cvitb iicc t,X siuccrity on tic part of lialtiuiore it Is very .•.•.:!id have gone to the Kast or not. i.Ot ' 1,1 re. to I t:' !c:. Il.' '<> ;•• tl. Trivon (n f.cjii;: I raiic, 1'. M.: c !.,• :.;ri(i'. ,. .• :.i: !.::;;• y ;.. liutc'. • (V • ii'i! '.<•• ;i;r> ]carn ;i ...i'. , Ml tin tl) wiiailcr tibiii!, Ill' c.iii!._, KiKIt';; what JDILS h<' i .ii .M I ji ;•: up I'riil KfflnKton Is>• i!v-.iM. pN .iib-i! I 'liHiy to burt:lary i'. lov .;i;:-M('' V.'.ii'W Sliurn and wa:- 1 '• lii .l ovi r til t!.c (ilstrict c:juri for .-•i!;t<:i-c. hitit:-.' 'U u:;.- arreted at {•,)lony c 'cMir. i| w'''.: II:I :iuiui,' Into :i Jle.xi- c :i 'i's Iicii .• ;i; W 'lila tiio nlr-tht liefure i :!i! sti;ii;n',- n^olver. watc;\ $:{ in ii.cni y. aiii' oi'.c- .•••.mN valuert at $11. Ill- \v.-nr *I:I ;.V, a;':- t'olony and of!!(•(•:- tiiiri' V. : t> u.'-kcd to be on the v.iit:;i fo; li.i. !.cy. \?- he entered t!ii- city I .f s.:; evr..::: hrourrht to Garr .i tr art .-.n riiiu- 1 before .Itistlce Bi- v.-.ure he pleaded guilty. "The !:; ' f.o. try to deny the ;;i.c "il- >:i'.'i ;'is m&ther lived at t I:..;i':'e, 'nt :i!:; -t 'pfuther was mean t > luu\ ami liini his father was at !'.'irl;vi!b , Mo. Kor years, he says, he \\:\~ been trantpici; around the -country trying to get a Job at some trade B .s an apprentice but has been unable to do so. He welcomes the sentence to Ilutchinsoa as tte^aya It will give, CfiB These Are Good Popcorn Nights Delphos sheet steel Corn Popp'.'rs—the kind that do no burn your hands. •. 25c Wii-e Corn Poppers at. 10c and 15c BriEii3ii?2 S ^iardware Co. !iii'.i a chance to Icarii a tra'le. His •tl p frttlier ij mi-aii '.o hiiu aitii he can- tiot stay at home, lie said. CH.^RiTY. How d fficuk i'- is to be wisely char'tabje—to do seed v/ithcut multiplying ih.^ sources of evil! To give alms is r.oi.h ;ng unless you give thought also. A litlJe thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money. FO:: S.XLK—('1IK.\P IF TAKEN .-•(loa: Ji /.tr room house, small barn, !ari;( Slay elierry trees, grape vines, -.vfll r:r.(! city water; .436 X. First. %t'»i ciowi!, balan.;e on time fti.OO per month. —.Mrs. A. R. Tabor of Crider. Mo., had been troubled with sick headache for about five years, when she began taking Chamberlain's Tablets. She has- taken two bottles of them and they have cured her. Sick headache Is caused by a disordered stomach for which these tablets are especially Intended.' Try them, get well and stay well. Sold by all dealers.

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