Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 22, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 22, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 76. 8ucccik,.r to the lola Dally Reglitar, the lola uawi Record and the lola Dally Index iOLA, KAS., JAN. 22. 1912-MONDAY EVENING. bally Register. Ettabllihed 1897. V.'eekly RegiUer, EiUbllshed 1867. EIGHT PAGES 1 J S OF U THE WKATIIKH. ruriMHKS win, < \>vvss (ITY PREPARE. FOR NEW CAMPAIGN WOUKEKS WILL HM» EVIL. TIIEX WAKE IT THEIH TAK^JET. Fori>rn>t for KiiiisiiMt Knlr tinilKhl and Tu<'!*<iii) ( nitrmcr h> ni'^t porUoff' toniirhl. t)ntn mnnlcd at tlio T. S. \Vt'i:!lier I [lurniu cfflrp: Tcmiif^i.Tlut": IliKliest ycstprda.v at 4 •!. ."II; lowest tills inornlnK at S !i 111 .'t; t'xci-s In ti'mi'Tiitiirt' yoii- Iprilay. s lU-procK ;I'X<.<'SB since .lanu- ary Uf, £so dp«ri';;-. I':e<-ii>ItatIon for 2i lioi;rs eniHug " ; :i. m. toilr.y, it; (Ifficltaoy sliicr .lann- ;;rv Ij-t :H fncl). lipi.itivi- luiiii'(!.:;y 7 a. ni. tminy 0.'> jicr cm;: lijiionn ter reduced to sea !c v.>i .•!().1J indios. S.inrisp tcdiiy 7:;!4 a. ni.; Funpct i,. m. CIlT Has Hcin DivMid IHstrlrls iind CanvMssprs «ill Ii<- A|i|i<»ln(- M 1 >ext Sunday. HENRY SMITH, Sr.. K:is( Sii.h:i- slroot. Siimle ).;!!)'>ii r. ii.i''.-(."lii-ist- ian, npv.-r goes t,i . linn li, <Mc., He. A census of a kind ii^ v.-r brforc taken In lola is to bi- coniiiu-nccd w\\ •week and onirics !;i 'm ''T !!i!:p like tlie foregoing will lie niii 'lc by the canvassers In tlip rc <or(! books that are to be provided for tln'in. The consiis will not only include tli.- jnen liut women and children and it is the i >«r liose of 111'' chunlii's to reach and classify <viry hKiividti.-iI in ihi' city of lola. This action waK d.'cidi d ui<- on at the iii.'i'tini; of M M - lol.i Afinis- terlal Assoi-iation this in;irniiip. It w;i8 faki -n upon ihi' r.coPMii' iida'i .ii of the evcutlvp coiniiii:i <e of tin- Men and It-liplon Korw.nil .\lo\ lui nl. Thi- census will show vcnir r;inv. address, aci-. oct iinil iiui. rhiivch ;if- liliatitiiK i; any, and an* oilur ila'a that may j;(> of hi lii ihe cir 'iih Workers In briuvlim almiil ilw 1>-ti< r- iiient. of your conditicii if it is ii'<Mhd. I>ata colic, rtiinp -s: ionable lions.;- ami r 'ciiris if an>, men and wo'in-'i of ill f-.nii-. win he iialheved and wli ii cvci ji-i 'in of this town has classiii. .1. i!..' evil ported ou! from th.' Kood. th.- workers will mak.' Ii their businev-s to attempt in a tiuiet iino.-:. n tat ions manner to bring about reformation. It is no; th'} purpos/. to barrass or h«niilia:e any oii< or TO |ir <>pecul'> ativihins snvi' i;:e i-laiuis of the Uospi I. Till' chunh'-s «a!;' TO knov.- ••'vbe-e they :;re at." v liy I'l. women jind chfhir-n do no! i;o dnircli. •h'-y are whin tie y d.i not do so find what wnrk of any •iiiei thrre is lo ''.o. Ilnvinp srcured 'hi>: iiiformaiio'i intelHcpnt hcnje |nilssinn- :iry work is possible. Sin'.ilXr ca_n\;;s- KCs^ in other cities have prov-'n of iTniu.^;;se value to il... n iigi:>us workers and if will hnve the ^aI ^.l• rei 'i!, lierc. The districts nsFium-I lo each of the church 's co -oi'.i^niup in the canvass is as follows: Trinity Mdhoili.s! church, all i ast of Fir.;! s rc< t in-lud inc the c .i;- .-id. of First siri'.-;: First Methodist, from ard including th" v.-.'st side of Sou'h First streii to and irclr>li','4 hoth sidi 's of Sycj.-r.ore s'T'-^t south: rh:istian churi h. all west of South Sycamore to and including l.o'rt sid-s of South Wa'.nul streei: U. f.irmpii church, w. st ;iid'. of Vovtb First strep; tr and inclui'iTiu both sides of Nirih Oak street: Firs' l'rcshv!rri.-ir: church, all wi st of north. Oj'.k streei TO and inc !i ;d.'np th.' c;] •: sido of North .T.^tlerson strict: i'.uiid- -rs' Chapoi. from nnd inciudiiiu th- West -side r!' .\or*!' .t.fTerson s;r.e' lo and hofh .--ijes of Nonh str -et: First Baptist church, all west of Xor'Ii s :r "et; rnif.hl Hrethnii, al; west if .•^oiiTh Wal'iut street. •The ii.Tste .-s wi'l arraiii,"^ next Su:;day for evuvassers to work the dis- triits and th-- canvi'ss is ii- be c ;in- pleted ne \i u...k Kepis! rat ion blanks will be iir'.;i ;.r.'ii and the infornii-tiou from each ili«iriei will b.' divii!'d annnp the .;.;ioi;s churclii s a-eord- Inp to preter. jic.s. 11 is hop. <1 that in t.hl.' way t!,.- work of the \arious rhiircii .'S n av be eenserved, and tlai ev TV indivi.'.iial ni 'he city may h.' reached and served by the ch'.trtli of his choice ANOERSON NJED RECEIVER Tilt" Hicks .Icwi-Iry rouirany in Hunk- niiilcy ((t'.irf. n. W. Hicks and Son. ip'.velr:s. wV ;0 purchased tl;» J. W .Coffty tind son store on Jefferson avenue, about one year apo Saturday morning filed a petition in bankruptcy In the Ft. Scott division of the federal court. They scheduled their liabiUtles as $119.')y with as.-els amounting to JO- fiOO. exclusive of exemptions, .ludpe I'ollork appointed .ludpc Wallace H. Anderson, of this city, receiver and he Is now In charue of the stock, having given b<inil In the sum of $r>,000. No inectlnp of the creditors has been called as yet but one will be announced soon. Snit was livoiuht :'..:;nlnst the firm In the di«tri.'' ci-iiit las: week to lecover a suiii of .ilnuit SI .OM) by Man Fly.^^of Yai' - ("•n 'lir. Tl;e sum Is albped fiv be due on a ni .te. .lOfF N WIECK ALL MEN OK N.1TI0>AL REPITA- TIO.\ l.\ THE KAILHOAD IVHECK. CRUShED IN A PRIVATE GAR FIHH OTHER OCCl PANTS OF CAR ESCAPED WITHOIT INJl'RV. T 'tr Viierk Orrnrrcd on tlic IIllRois I riitnil, a IU- MI H of Forgotten Orders. INTERNATIONAL DIP}X)MACY. The Deail. .T. T HAHAllAN, Sr. forme: prfsi- dent Illinois Central. F. O. MKl-CHKll vice president of the Ivock Island. K. H. PlKUflt: general solicitor. !•:. i:. WKIGHT, attorney, of Memphis. UEATII OF .MISS JOHXSOX. Miss Mice .liilinsiiii, at'cd Sh(y-se»en, Siii-ciinilii'd Id Long Illn«>ss. Miss :^;iei .Iol;i;!nii. ai'.e.I slxty-s'-v- I'll years. "v;',o ri side d at T'.til .North Sv< iiiuii.. ^•;^e••l with her brother .I. \V..l.--ier .'ohn;.i 11. died Satiirda.v eiulit lb"!!! ten o'cloi k MS the reitiill of a h.'.ir; trotibie with wliicl: sin. had sunerid for tie pa:il year, and with whfi'h she be« ii coiiiliied to her home for tli>>^ !:a;5i six months. Durinp 'Iv- I'.si several nKuifhs of IK r iUti' i'S. Miss .loIiiisoTi bei.n i'h a very danp. roils condition, and !.. r datii was not unexpected. H"- Centralia Ills.. .Ian. 22,—.lames T. Haraaan. sr.. loiuier president of the Illinois renin.!; Frank O. Melcher. -•econil vice iiresident of the Rock Is- '••iTid: K. n. I'iercp, general solicitor of the Ilo<'k Island, and Khlridge Wrl.nht, tea of l.iike \V. Wripht former Secretary cf War. were l.llled In a collision of two P.linols ("cntinl trains at Kin- iiiildy. Illinois twenty miles eai^t of here i<i,!;ij-. Thice tialninni «ere Injured an'l all the passengers were hadly bl-.akiu. Tile New Or'.ians I',.\).r'ss wr.; tflk- Inp waiei v.lien ;',e ; anain:; ),lmlt<i' ran into Is rear .'OiUM. TIM- killed ".re In tl.r |irivj!le .ai of .\!r. .Vc;-iin The bod es wer" found in the berths. Only foii: occupants of the jirlvate c..-caped deatli or injury: These are; Myron Ii. ('mry. private seero- tnry of Vice President Meldicr; •Ihn-. It. llii...!.'ee. attoiney for the Hoek Island fo:- the st.ntes of Arkansas and !.Mi:s ;.'..nH. and two negro porters. Scarrlly of \\:iirr tlie rini>p. M'cs her Di-f/.hei. with whom .-he Scarrlty ot «:ilfr iiie I HII>P. Misi .l;.hi;sot, is purvivfti by The resident.^ of KItimudy a town o. :.iioth. - ! rr.lh.-r. rb-irles M. .Ichnr^o-i. • tiftet n hundnl Inhabilauts. oi.ened of Thi.: .i.-,:ito« 1. 1'.'... who will be a;-.; I;'- te ..ttinil tin- funeral. Tii.' ••iiti'-r.-l N .in occur t:)morrow inornln;: ai lii::!'^ o'ehuk from l.itt'.e itulldrrs' fliiti. ). 1>- S. S. ni'..-chtT (..r .'.iaiinr. In !.'rmi -:it \Mil '.-i in the lola ceine- 't ;v. CEMENT filEN HERE TOOAy Annual Mre!iiii: of IJip I'nlted Kansas I'lirtland Is On. Tlie ::r.r.i;al n:ee-in..: of > Fnite'! ' r.: i'.:::;;! ("rnieni coii.i'.iny Is h.^itiu tr.- ;;:':.jucon in the offi.-e;; of tirorci' ;•: .XJelioUon in the North-- :iip Na:en .i! Kank buildtnp. i;hrre is a iatue .-.•,:!-a.I:\r.ce of interested per- S (-n.-=. None if the lu^^;ness transacted this ai .'i r;;o, n wit. prhiic. The cement men 'iwi\, r. aie poinp over .'.ffairs In tiie •H ':;'r.: trade and discus.sin.p import- ar.i pro: ositions affi ctinp their welfare. MOn .I) FOIM E niLLAUI) OIT. llnl Tiijiclia noniiirrnt Says He's in the K HCC fo Stay. Topeka. .hiu. Jii.--T!!e most import.'Ut [ t'taller d !.«cusi !ed by 'be one hundrerl or mori- leailiiit; D'lno- cni's at the comttiltlee mctlup ;it To iieka was tin candidacy of James Orr. of .-Mrhlson for governor. The plan is to have Mayor Ulllaril of Topeka, wPlidraw from the race In favor of j .r;;^ y,, ,„j„„:.:,: The inqu. s! Mr. orr. would mean Orr s no-r 1 ,„„,,„,,,,. f„n,inued lo allow their il.iors to .= urii )r ti.e Injureil soon t." t ;.-W!. iprii'd of the wreck. T ; .' iia-',:r.t: .i t'.e en..;lne Into the Vrivpio ' ar was i ,'.-'..vd for h!<n-!<s. Kn- itinr-r SMav; a ;.i' Flpman Vrrt. ;irt;- laan of the Llntited v.ere injured. The i b.;... - t .t t|,,^ I.,..,,! WHie taken thr .iup'.t heie lir.s 1 1. iiiiTii. to t'h'capn. T!;e call^^ ol i: <> wreck Is n.-cribed to tile tca'iit.v i.f water along th^ road \ ;! r.. ri: ( 'dcr makes It neces- ^.•.:y fi r tr:;'r.. to ta'Jte water at :\inr:iidy. and the freipht which took w:i;. r before lie expres.= . held the e\i.-,'-- '-.n-io cus''.mary. Stuart :iR.; \'<it \ I'je .. froi.sM crew lately •<;:t "n • p;.>nj'er tiain. It is be- y Ii aboii' i>.o order for a'l tiaius to take water. The flapnian of the .New, Orleans express, number nventy-five did not have time to flap, the Limited. The en.cine of the Limited went half way thro'iph the private car, splintering it. Ti:o four mgn who escaped were '.n the front rf the car and crawled through oprnlng.- made hy the engine. Tiie bodies of ihe fou_r_,C<>ad were mutilated. The top of the head of .Mr. Harchan was toin off. The atni-s of mn^t of the vi'.-tlms were torn nl'f and the ("ortor rr] orttd le?s held i -n only by shreds. Mr. Haralian's hoily was, perhaiis, nii:!llaled more than the others. Uespon.slblllty for the wreck was ula<-eri on the towtrman at Edge wood by Henry J. Uro.ker. flagman of train j number twenty-five at the inques*. "vhie!! began shortly before noon, lie te^tl^l.d that the lowcrman should have blocked the Limited, numhi THE. NEW STEEL'TARIFF BILL •""••'*****'*"^^*-^?lRBITISH ROYALTyiNNEWyflUK (I IS PUESENT S'lLLL S( HEIMLI TO TIM, IIAIiE HONE. Will Taft Hi'iiris it llaniiir. Wa«lilnKloli, Jan. 1'-'.- I'resl- lieiii Taft (.nipbatically denied today thai ineiubers i»r his c:blnel were urging lllni to ills- iiilss I'ostii-aater rteneral Hitch lock. While it In, generally believed thai illtchcock'a re- eoniiiiendatioit of a gineiii- iiieiit owned telegraph system as an adjunct lo tin: postoliice has annoyed uiid embarrassed the I'resldi-ni. It Is not thought that there will be a serioiLS . - bri ach on that account, o hriy per rent on, ,j iro.i ai:d steel tikr.ii' j •:• •:• •> •:• •> •:• •:• •> •:• •:• Pnihahiy AdKiII Twenty Milll(in;'> Kullar^ Worlli of Fiii'eign ]•'•' .Made (ioods. DriiE OF ('O.\NAH;HT AND IA.M. ILY (JIESTS OF MK. HEJIL OR. iLEy FULiy lOIQlIE REPORT OF C0>«RE{i.<lI0>At COM MITTEE 18 FAVORABLE. SEC. WILSON IS CRITIGISEe (OMMITTEE DECLARES HE MIS- CO>STRl'ED HIS DUTY. Cnmitlefp Ro-organixatfon of Fare Fond Machinery Xrcessary to Eiiicicnt Serrice. (i ;.v tti«> A ^..1 :.itrd pri-iKi I ; Washington. Jan. —Heduction:;' |:] of froi.i thirty all ^teiiis in IT-.' and the placinx ol fi <! tarllT {vv lis, of iron ore wlj»5 iiiraliine.^, pii,.T- ng iiia<liine:; cash regi.itiTs, .-laiis. The VMf i-* Purely a Social One r.u ! Thrre Will lie no Piililic Hecog. nit ion. irv th" .•\s ..:neI :U..<l Pr. ssjl New York. Jan. 22.—The Duke and Hiichpss of Connanght and their .-,uite arrived here safely from Ottawa, f'aa- M iuv vTf .-i.-i TIMST TISTJITO-" V I"''" ''''^ morning for a fciir da;.s vis- Mt>UL SlhKL TRIM, I LS i i.ncr », Ambassador aitd Mrs. Wh:" - i;nd i::ni:y ot! »«- unicles agaiusi wlii. u The Presidcli! and Alterncv of fhe a tariff i.* now .e».ed, are propose.! i:i; Trii.stnri' I 'lider Fire TlJilay Ml.; l''e!::ouiati.- s eel tarli;' bilJ. niado public today. Mill Admit ^i^d.lKlli.Oilil More (^uods. I (By the Associated PresaJ Washington, Jan. 22.—Dr. Wiley was held "not guilty" of conspiracy to evade th-s law in a report filed in the House today by the committee which conducted the investigation of the charges upon which the President was asked to dismiss the Chief Chemist. Not only does the committee absolve Wlicy from criticism for era- ploying Dr. Rushby of New York, but it attacked the whole administration of the pure food law and the methods of the A'^rjcultural Hepartment in particular. The report says in part: LanirniiffiH of the Report. "We find that the charges of conspiracy liave not been established. On the contrary the accused ofllcials were actuated throughout by a desire fo procuro for (he Hureaii of ('hemis- try an able assistant In Dr. Kushby under terfn.1 believed to be In accord v.lth the law. I "The administration of the Pur Food law began with a policy of ne- ttatlon and compromise between the Secretary of Agriculture and the purveyors of our national food supplies. Yciir committee does not question the sincerity nor the motives of the Sec- r»tary of Agriculture. However, tho Honorable Secretary, from the beginning apparently has assumed that hla duties are judicial whereas they are wholly administrative and ministerial." S-'crelary Miorousirncil the Law. • This iniscqnstriirtion of the law Is f'ln.laniental aad had rejuU.^d in a Irorefilr.x oreanizntlon within the De' riartin'nt of Agriculture and in the -;r-i-pafion of offices and boards to' wii'rh have bt-en given, through ex/Rv ttie .A ^^f.-it T')-..«*» AyashlnptoM. .Tan. 2J.— F'r .-sidmi I.ViiiocratIc I.e.-uler I'oder.vood es-|F;,rrell and Attorn.'y Heed, of th" tiii'.ated that the bill would reduce thejCuitfKl States Steel Corporation, tts- avei-.M^e farift" on steel ii.'Ji'orts fron, :M..'1 per cent to 22 42 ad valorem; tifylng toiiay before th.. House "Stee'l Trust" Invistigatinp committee pro- would reduce goveinna-nt tariff lev-jdnced the books and records ordered eaiHS f.oi.i ^:ee^ by ?.M':!..-.;(7 froll. |!,y ibe committee. .Mr. Reed said the i:i(/7. and by lour ti'l'lioiis from la 1corporation had not abandoned the 'ibe laiport.s of steel products, he sa ^d ' hope that th.- ccmmitt e would avoii! would be inireased by nearly f2i'.-| unnecessarv jiiiblicitv of the operai- iM .ilO (Mi. The bill will be laid before costs of the corporation's busi- the Pcmocratic caucus tomorrow and IK ss. if aiiproved will be formally .intro -i "is jt y,,,,r ],iiriiosp to puldish to duced in the House on Wrdn"sd.->y. | tbe v.r.r'd all tli" details of our le .il! Addltiun.s lo Free List. 1 costs of pnelect'otr.'" d-ontanded Fai- :A!ong with other a .-tlclcs di-ti.i-.l-• |,„i^v. -If ,t i.<." said .Mr. Far- uiider the rayno-Aldrich b:'.! whici: ,.j .n .., „,i„i. j, j.,,,.^. („j,,v;icp ,o would be placed on the free ai- industry built up in competition h.oop and bank iion and steel, barhei! ^.-jib ['eigiuin , Frarce, Itussi-i and wire and wire i\;:ri;ig. hors. shoes • „:j „.r nations.. If it is proi..-);s..d to put Mi'-se secrets in tl-e haiid.s of oar ;aw Reid. Tbe Dnke AVIII Visit Taft. Washington .Tan. 22.—The Hck- Connnught will come to Washini':. • i •• • • —«»- — to visit President Taft, it was kar;. •! ''^I'lorders;, power to Dvernile or here t^oday. Hi.s original jdan.s fid not include a c^II on tii" Pr.'sid..nt, which fact provoTced cMjnsiderable c;.::i ment. CLEVKINi. tUT THE ALLEYS. "Deiiris" That Hud Acnimulated Heine iU'Wined Today. the i :.jurpd iraicir.en who were tak- .-•n to fhnnipaigTi. to testify. Rtspon- .-iblii.v for the wreck, according to Ihe deputy coroner. He.- between Urockei fnd the enslneer cf the Ijimited. The balmy siirinp weather of today afforded th.' .:-iiy siree; department the much coveted ojnioTtunity of dealing ti»«alleys of waste. Purine the lecent freeze and below zero winils. much •waste paper and ru^bi^h drifted into the alleys nr.J acruuiulated in unsightly pile- Kvery tiKe a pciestrain passed an a'.'ey. he sV.iit his eyes to avoid the scene. It was. howiv.;-. to be borne in patience for ii could not be avoided nor eliminated until more favorable v.eather. Today when the sun W.1? f'^lninp and the soft winds were blowirr. crews of workn;fE weie busy in T"*^ alleys with picks and -Shovels az>' ihe ])iles of was;p were removed. T'me rtf the !:ebergs that refused to I'telt—on at fount of their size—were torn down with picks and .<:ma]] seas ; f ice were chipj^ed up so that the wn'er could run off Into U.e sewers. It a work much appreciated by tl:e citizens. Inatior for sure and :i grand tight a' 111 - prdls next Noveniber. The Deni- ocraiic 1 ad-rs who were in Top.ka did. not deny that many confenM-t were held during «he di;y to considt-r the Orr I'.ilhird d>-al. They hope it will po through and express the utmost confidence :n a state victory if the plan is carried out. j ., . :~ , ,^ nut the plan rxr-lved tb- most seri- w.^bi, v^ton" l-n/'oi <;^n«tnr r«r. ous s..back ,.t the hands of^Orr ami |^^^^-^^ (.ORE IN THE LIME LIGHT. tungsten ore. ;:iii( ore linctyptV. ii.a- chines and machine t<.'ols. .\niong the rb«i!'<-ti <Hn !iiT .po :,-e <i ar.- pig iron fro :ii to ,s per cent: scrap it on S.72 to S per cent; bar Iron and steel i:isi> in in per cent; slab iron ntid steel from 2">,67 'o 10 per cent; engraved p'afc.; for printing electrotypi.J from 2.-> to I.'.; linotype plate..-, 'id to 2">; lead-bearin;; ore ')','< (o 2.'i per cent on lead <•.>;:tent..;; lead bii'lion lo 2.".; nickei foreign con petitors our foreign biisi- nes.s won't be worth anything within twelve months." SOCI ALLS i'S (iKT CONTROL. Malcritillv Amend the Mine Worker*" (•(!:i.i'|ii<!.)u at IndinimiKilIs. I Ilk- .\ss.. il 1 're .is) Itidi:: i:p;;!is. Jan. 22,—The Soclal- st... la tli<> (-onvintlon of mine vvork- and alloys U>>>^ l" i'': z'"^' '" ^^^'^ '..-is today, by a large majority, amend- or pig'- •"' to 1". per cent. ,.,1 the conMltutlon of that organl/.a- - - ' - tlup by .striking out the clause for- bidiliu-.; the miners to take any jicli- tlcal stand. The convention has gone HI reeord as fa\orlng governmeRt .Ml other arti.-l.-s are to be duti'- ile under the bill at 2^1 per c a-', valorem where the mie Is not s;"- cifically given. Wliilu barbe.l wire 1.-- imt on the free |;-^^.te!cgrn;.^. audi;;;;.^;..;,,!-^-^,, telephone «ir.s are given a .ite c, „,,„,„., the S<.c|allst parfv JO per cent ..d va.orem. Ue.ii'-t-.ous, ^^^^.^ , eonfrary to arc proposed on automobiu-s. iiotorc>-cle;.- kn.^-s. c.illeiT T-,.,. J.^..,,,,,,^,. ,„ ponstlfution ie;:skels. rl es. s.; .tguns. kUcnen and „„;„,.a.,,, ,^ ^ead that miners "te^nsUs^ ^ VBhould recel;e ti-o "full product of RANK PRE.SIDE.NT AUKESTED. Rlrhard«.n. of M. Jriist «'«. dor Arrest in Tonuessce. .1 II- insiNESS MEVS LEAtUE. soon as pn • olution would provide fifty tlioasand 'dollars for the iiivestigation the firot Onranlzrd to rrojn«»te Sonud Hanking | and Fhiiince. T^jsiness men of lola will be interested in the org.-;nization of the Citizen's T.ea.cue or >»Kans5S. affiliated with the .National Ciiiz-^n's I^eapue for I report to bo made next summer. Gomez W«-a(^errd flw Storin. Havana. Jan. 22—That the Gon-ez administration has successfully pa.=s- ed the crisis resulting from the vet- eranlsta agitation appears reasonably certain from assurances given by the leaders '.'f all factions, who attended the conference at the palace last night Scott Gard. who has been making a flhe success of tbo Humlwldt rcflneij vnidier the condltlonB In wfaicb be took <mr the Binavsaait. «u here todajr Acjuatir It. H. Complripd. Key West. FIa.,^Jan. 21—The railroad which "steiis across seas" was ^ . , J . ,. . .opened today when a passenger train he promotion of sound banking. Its Knights Key on the 1- .idqtiarters arc at Ab-.lene and , p,^.^;.,^ j„ j.^ ^ thr-se bcsiness ir.en are officers: i C. M. Harger. president; Arthur;"' ""..e.^^awaj^ Hard, secretary; vicc-presldonts Chan I .. cellor Frank Strong. I^wrence; for-! Ki*ady lo Settle .Strike. m-r Governor J. W. Bailev. Atchison: I 1-awrence. Mass., Jan. 21.—With the E. R. Moses, Great Bend;"s. F. Wool-I "'fJ^n^^^t'O" °^ sttlkers" committees ' to arrange for conferences of em- ard. Wicliita; W. A. U Thompson Toreka: B. J. Sheridan, Paola: J. T. I^-ifterty. Wlnfieid: James A. Kimball. Salina; C. W. Ijandis. Osborne; G K. Tucker, Eureka; W. Y'. Morgan, Hutch inson; Charles W. Smyth, Wichita. -^The league's central organization is ar Chicago, with J. Laurence Mneh- lin, of thf^University of ChicaRo,-the well known authority ,on ecjuomlcs, executive chainran. Cynjj H. Mc- CormlcJf. the mflntiractirer, is one of tbe directors. The movement Is en- tirffiy oon-partlcan and non-poHlIcal. Thiitr-fonr states are already orMb- ployes with t,:ie mill agents, a feeling was prevalent today that a great step had been taken toward ending the -::;Uo of 16,000 tostlle operatives. Camper* ChalleBgrs He^barii. Washington. Jan. 2!.—Senator Heyburn (Idaho) Is challenged by Samuel Gompers, .president of the American Federation of Labor In an edi- .tctlal In the Febiuary issue of the A«0f1can Federatioalst to produce In ^'eoart ot law any evidence which ha may have VqC any Ulsgal acts jp«r- charged with making false ( the books of the trust company which closed its doors on December thirty, COMPETITION IN TOBACCO. Mr. Wlckersliimi Oetlar-.-s the PoMit Intert^it Fully Protected. <t5v the A^-•.lcIa««•<^ Pre.-5..!> Washihpton. Jan. 22. — Attorney General Wkkershani dcclr-res that the public intere.sts have been protected and that compet tion will be resto-ed under the rc-organizat!cn of the Tobacco Trust adopted as a result of the decision of the T'nitcd States Supreme Couri dissolving the corporation. Santa Fr Agents Held Up. (Ey th» .\s-=-.elnt'.<l Pross^ ^ Plymouth. Ks. Jan. ;;2 .V -Two maak- -d big.'twayn-.en heid up three Snr .ta Fe operators this morning, got (33, .T colds watch and a reralrer, and made b!e tliare."' LiMIIJEK TRl.ST FKiHT RESCMED It Is a Suit Krouifht l*y Missouri AgsiinSt :^(! Lniiilier Cnnipanies. lHy Ilje A 'i » I 'rr.<.sj 22.—The takin.z brought by Ion; her ting the combina- -. resumed hefo.-e Co.iiniis.'io.-icr R. H. Reynolds, of St. Lo:;is. hero today. All of the State's din-ct evidcnc^ has bceu in- hcdi;c<-d. and the he.irlng cf Witnesses for tho defense began today. Assistant Attorney General J. M. Atkinson represented the S'ate. A Missonri Ofiiciiil Serionsly IIU Jeileftton City, .'do,. Jan. 22.—L'.eu- •enant Governor Me'ich is seriously ill of imcuntnnia. He is aged 72. and on this nceount his recovery is deemed doubtful. .5. '• .•. I The Duke of Connaught. a brotl-'-'- of the late King Edward of England !:rnd th'-reforp an unci" 01 fhe present King, is Governor G.-neral of Canarla. His visit fo Mr. Reid is strictly infort?! al and there wiil be no official ree^.-,-• nifion of it on the part of the An;, rl- cnn authorities. It is the o'urcome r,: r. jiromisp made by the Duke to .Ambassador Reid some time ago and of which Mr. Reid recently reminded ti-.e Governor General. Mayor Gayncr expected to meet the Royal visito.-r; during their stay in -New York. Tb" ilucal party Is expcrfed to return to Ottawa on Friday next. This is the first visit of British Ro.v- alty fo the Fnitod States since fifty- two years ago when the Prince of Wales, who later became King Edward VII, traveled from .New York fc the far West where he hunted liulTa- lo. The leaders of society here have prepared to extend a welcome befitting the royal visitors. In addition to the duke and fl; • duchess tho party will include th'-li 2 .1 -year-old daughter I'rlnc-ss I'atric- M'ss i'elley, one of th-- ladles In waiting at the govenment house, Ottawa: Lieutenant Coloncd T,ow-ther, mill'ary secretary to the duke and Capiaia itivers-Tlulkeley, comptroller of the vice-regal household. The party will l )p driven to Ambassador Reid'a home and remain there until Thursday afternoon. ' The program is altogether a .social one as the royal family • desire to avoid the round of j.ublic functi.ins which an official visit would make necessary. SECKETAirV KNOX ON .ST'M). Ciillrd to E .Tphiiu E.\ppud?f tires I 'm-V.- Stalo Dept. Secret Fund. t'tmul the findings of the Bureau of Chemistry. Having disclosed a condition of discord existing in the Bureau of Chemistry which has lowered 'he .discipline, lmpair.?d efficiency and added to fhe cost of administration. It w-ill require a well-considered re- organizp-tion to restore that efficient service to which the public is entitled." The Cnmmittee's Recommendations "The committee recommends that the Chief ai the Bureau be given full powers wl^ch fhe law supposes him to have. The Remsen referee board is said to be legally constituted but i 'S acUvitios as a supervising power over the Byrean of Chemistry are de- clar<d to be outside of tho law. "The Remsen Board was created by President .Roosevelt. It is compost of experts. It reversed several of Wll,-;y's findings regarding pure food. The Committee states that the Secretary of Agriculture evidently regarded the board's findings as conclusive in all cases .where it reversed Wllay's rulings. The committee recommends that the status of fhe board shoufd be expressly defined." SENTENCED FOR LIFE, Yountr Cltirago Dorlor Will Pay tbe Price for Murder of Ills MIfo. T.v fh» .\s..ifK -l :i :od Tres*) Washington. Jan. 22. — Secretary Oregon, 111.=!, Jan. 22.—Dr. Harry E. Webster, of Chicago today was sentenced lo life imprisonment by Jud^e Farrand for the murder of Bessie Kent Webster last October. In pronouncing sentence the court declared that "no greater continuing uiinislinient could be inflicted on a young and intelligent man than to imprison him for life." The court said: •'The crime to which you pleaded guilty vras a cruel and cowardly- one. Un- r'er the name of husband you beguiled EesEie Kent to a lonely spot i and took her life. The brain that con- eived that mortal wound was trained and skilled in the use of the knife. With one b-aw the weapon penetrated Krox was siihpoeriaed to appear be- j „ ..j-aj j believe that while the • ore the House Committee on S'.it- 1 ..-^.j ^.^s stjjl jfowing from the gap- Department Expenditures this after-,,.oun^ you denuded her person noon to ex-.,a:n the "gecret Fund" py.-l:^^^ allowed her body to lie on the T.enditure.| for the Lake Champlair.; ground and the fall rains to beat Centennial c.-!etration cf II109. ly>-\ :» ^.^ring two weeks." nartment Disbursing OITu-er Morrisor; had r'fused to produce the vouchers,' NEW JERSEY AGAINST WILSON. RAILROADS MC-ST CARRY BEER. It .-fakis No ITIiTerenfe Whether Its Sair Is Against the Law or Not. Es-Cltairm;in Reclarrs the Goiernor Can't Carry His 0 State. j fBv the Assotrlated Press) '~T?altinor»; .Tan. 22—"'.New .Terseyi Washington. Jan. 22.—Beer is a wiil serd twenty-eiglit delegates to coir.n'odity and railroads must carry • he rational convention in Bai'^mtore. 't. when offered for transportation. Not oie of these -.•.ijl cast a l«illot fori '^""^ one state into "dry" counties of the nn-nination of Covcmor"i aro'ter .state, regardless of the laws , Thousands are Starring. ' j wcs the statement made here last j of tbe latter state. The supreme court Washlngtcn, Jan. 22<r--'i^n ap- ' j nUht by Janes R. Xcgctt, of New-|<f fie United States made this ruUog I peal fpr helo. declaring that ov- I I er three mitlion people are fac- I 1 ing starvation, has been received I ' at the headouBfters of the Red ( ' Cross .Society from C. D. Jameson I ( Red Cross engineer sent Co China 1 tO) devise means for prerentlng floods. i ark. N. J.. formerly state c'taiman i'oday regarding a proposed shipment rf the N?w Jer.-ey Pen-fcc-sfi:; state! f.''cnii Indiana into "dry" Kentucky commi'-tee. who wcs forced from that j counties. ^ rostfion gome months asp by Gov-; ernor V.'oodrov Wilson. Prof. II. E. Tewell went to Enid. OUa., yesterday where he has accepted a position In the schools. I ou Reescr of Hartford, Kas., stop i.;-cri off In this city this morning for a visit -vittilrlends. enroute to Nevada iSo.. for a visit with his brother, Bert Reescr, formerly of this cityi ,^

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