Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 24, 1962 · Page 8
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 8

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1962
Page 8
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Page 8 Garden City THegram Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1962 I Life Begins at Forty Widows May Uncover Hidden Business Talent By ROBERT PE.'ERSON A perennially popular book the past decade has been "Teach Your Wife to be a Widow." It faces the grim fact that nine- tenths of us males will be outlived by our wives, and tells how to groom tlie missues to carry on with us. Rut, of course, most men don't think that far ahead, and when widowhood descends most women sink or swim in the morass of ensuing business details — depending on their self-confidence and motivations. A woman who decided to swim is Mrs. Irene Michel. When she was widowed in her 40's, a score of years ago, she knew hardly anything about her husband's firm which manufactured cosmetics, ranging from lipstick to nail- polish for the export trade. "I was a h-usewifvj with three children, and had barely set foot in my husband's plant," said this chic, handsome woman with silvery hair and blue eyes. "Before he passed on due to cancer he told me he wasn't leaving much money but was leaving something better — a family business which he hoped I'd take o r er and operate. "So two weeks . rtsr his death I left my children with f. nurse and went to his office an I sat in his chair. That was my 'irst big step. I called the 22 employes of the' firm together and told thorn I was going to take my husband's place and that I would need their help. They wei-e wonderful in pledging their support. "I began by goin 0 through the files and reading the correspondent. I wrote our agents in 22 countries and asked for reports on produce accept..:ce and for suggestions. "I also began spending time in the factory learning just how our products were manufactured. And with the help of my daughter. Georgette, who was then in her teens, we began applying a woman's point of view to our products and sales methods. "Within a few weeks I discovered that running a business is not as complex as I had feared, and I became so engrossed that I actually looked forward to going to the office at eight in the morning, and staying until five or six in the afternoon. "Although I had no business training whatever and had never thought of myself as having executive ability, I was determined to keep the firm afloat. And I think it was this determination, along with luck and the help of my employes, that has seen me through." Apparently Mrs. Michel harbored more than a smattering of dormant business talent, for the firm bearing the family name has prospered. She has expanded, successfully establishing her products in the U.S. and abroad, and has brought many innovations to the cosmeti; field such as unusual packaging, novel ad campaigns, and new style trends — including introduction of those new, spooky shades of pale lipstick. Many women will orr day face similar crises, and Mrs. Michel's comments may be helpful in suggesting that carrying on your husband's business may not be as overpowering a task as it appears. With average intelligence plus confidence and deterunina- ti n, most women can summon talents and capacities which will see them through most any crisis. If you would like a booklet "Starting a Small Retirement Business" write to this column in care of the Garden City Telegram enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope and ten cents to cover handling costs. IT'S SMART TO BORROW cash for house repairs "Do-it-yourself" or pay cash and make big savings on Ihe cost. Let us supply the money you need. See or phone us now for quick service — quick cash. BI-C 110 W. Chestnut, Gardw City Open Mon.-FrKhy, »•$. Sat. 9-1 Quick S*rvlc. No. IR *-7626 we FILPER PITTED CLING LAVOR NOW AT Here»re a coUple of familiar California visitors... 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MIXED VEGETABLES 5 ,S£ 89«i SAVE .. rfc «.-^PAC REGULAR 3Ic FRESH FROZEN SLICED PEACHES 4 ££ FLAV-R-PAC REGULAR 39c FRESH FROZEN MIXED FRUITS 3 £«: 89* SAVE 35c SAVE STOKELY'S WHOLE GREEN BEANS 4 303 CANS HY POWER 1°° CHILI with BEANS 3 303 CANS $100 i Garden City Tnletfrnm Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1962 Navy, Marine Enlistments 4 Are Extended WASHINGTON (AP)-Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara has extended enlistments of Navy and Marine personnel for uj> to one year, saying they are needed to man the U.S. arms quarantine of Cuba- McNaimara, in announcing the order Tuesday nilglht, said extra manpower also is needed to reinforce the U.S. Naval Base at Gtiantanamo Bay, Cuba. McNamara said the order applies to all men now on active duty and in effect means that there will be no discharges, except for hardship, until further notice uip to one year from now. AH Navy and Marine Corps personnel are volunteers. Congress recently authorized President Kennedy to extend enlistments up to one year and to recall to active duty up to 150,000 Reserves to meet any crisis. The congressional authority expires next Feb. 28, iwo months after Congress reconvenes. McNamara said no steps are being taken to call up any Reserves at this time. Pentagon officials said the extension order probably would increase the Navy by 10,000 men a month and tlhe Marines by 2,400 men a month. Ticket Sales Out of Hand MEXICO CITY (AP)—V.Tille the Davis Cup combatants of Mexico and Sweden cnotinued their rigorous training today, ticket sales for this weekend's interzone matches got completely out of hand. Would-be spectators waited as long as 12 hours for a chance to purchase a ticket for the matches that will be held in the 3,500- capacity Chapultepec Sports Center Stadium Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Officials conservatively have estimated the demand as four times the amount of available seats as the tennis fever here has been at a boiling point ever since Mexico's victory over the United States in the American Zone finals in August. This weekend's competition It considered even as Mexico's Rafael Osuna and Antonio Palafox go against the Swedish pair of aJn Erick Lundquist and Ulf Schmidt. However, the victor is favored to beat India in the final interzone match and go to the challenge round against Australia in December. WHATS FOR SKINNER v MACA-BACON 1 7-oz. pkg. >/, tsp. pepper SKINNER Long '/ 4 cup grated Macaroni Parmesan cheese '/ 2 Ib. slicsd bacon Cook macaroni as directed on package; drain. Meanwhile, cook hacon over low heat until crisp. Drain bacon on absorbent paper; reserve '/< cup of bacon drippings. Crumble bacon. Combine macaroni, bacon, J /4 cup bacon drippings, pepper and cheese. Toss lightly. Serve to 4 lucky people, as the best side dish ever for meat loaf or hamburger. Average cost per serving: 19c. A simple dish that's something special when you start with Skinner Macaroni. This is the macaroni made with 100% amber durum wheat. That's why it tauten belter, cooks better, looks better. Why it has the Golden Glow of Quality. SKINNER MACARONI t SPAGHETTI • NOODLES

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