Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 16, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1943
Page 4
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i :iY s v-~ r 'i Of PAGE FOUR HOfG ST HO P.8, ARKANSAS Hope Star Star of Hop», 18W; Pf«*| 1W Consolidated Jonuory 18.'«° Published «v«ry w««k-doy afternoon bf Star Publishing Co. Ine. (C. E. Polmor and Alex. H. Washburn) at th« Star bulldlno. 212-214 South Walnut street. Hope Ark. C. t PAtMtR, Pre«l6«nt ALK. H. WASHBURN, Editor and P«MUh*> Entered as second, class " iaMe ^,2* {fcf Portal" lee at Hooe. Arkansas.. under the Act ot March 3, 1897,; (APJ—Means Associated Press ( N e A >—Meons Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Notice FOR ALL KINDS OF REPAIR, work, lawn mowers and gas stoves. Call T. B. Fen wick (Oscar), phone 180-J 10-Gtpcl SEWING MACHINES. BOUGHT sold, rented, repaired. Parts and accessories. Adding machine. See James Allen. 621 South Fulton Street. Phone 322-J. 11-lmpd. SIDE GLANCES ByGalbraith Ai «.»•« SubJerlption Ro»* (Always where S6.SO. r counties. S3-SO per year; else- Member ol Th« AMo«lafed Presi: The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to news published herein. Notional Advertising * e <"«" nto '. i ?'r Oktahoma City, 414 Terminal IBdg.; New Orleans, 722 Union St.. Charaes on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made IraH tributes, cards of thanks,reso- kitions or memorials, concerning the deSarted: Commercial newspapers holdI to th s upsoliclted monscripts; ••.••••-,'. Classified Ads must be In office day before publication. All Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone. One time—2c word, minimum 30c S ix times —Se word, minimum 75c " Three times—3'/,c word, minimum 50e One month—18e word, minimum SZ.7Q Rates are for continuous insertions only fTHE MORE YOU TELL JHE QUICKER . YOU SELu. v* • For Sale MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES ' for the children, delivered com- nlete with clean washed sand. " , t-t L-. T ti« t~*f\ Hollywood By ROBB1N COONS Hollywood — It will take abovit ten minutes on the screen, and I'm here to state it will be one of the most thrilling ten minutes you will ever get in entertainment. It will lift you out of your seat, and ou'll be humming ta-ta-tum-de- m-tum for days. It's the finale to "This Is The rmy." There are five hundred okliers on stage, in full uniform, arrying full packs, their bayonets xed and gleaming under the arc ghts, their battle helmets slapped n • With ' menacing belligencery. 'hey are ready for action, and hey're singing about it, marching. "This time is the last time, is heir song. It's one of the tunes rving Berlin dashed off for the stage show, and it's in the movie. This time is the last time, and hey're going to be certain it's the ast time — by winning the war nnd keeping it won. They're up there, tier on tier, and'as'they sing they march in a military snake-dance. Behind them is a huge sky-blue, star-spangled curtain, and as they march the curtain rises and there is a giean- tic Uncle Sam, and just inen flag- bearers come march'nig over the top beside Uncle — 150 flags in all, filmed in color. Wow! .... I got some of it, seeing it shot. The 500 on stage included the regular "This Is the Army" boys augmented by other Army men from a nearby desert camp. They had all been, rehearsing for days — 'with LeRoy Prinz, the dance di- '£ % Wll ^ •*y•>?» !i bSsv^iS V f j~? m $4% f -V>, •*v, k/to Tl ^ fa Not Yet By Roy Crone *t> [T7^ ,M*V: rsAsy FACES 71= I WITH AN & "">»«»,, *«« CAPTURE HlrVN'. 4£ "*3—-——*••" """ .0 ^ ©• s> .k 1 INfi. T. M. RFC. U. S. PAT.OFF (,-ib -(.'- rri*: Popeye Thimbld Theater UJIL.L. SHEXA'.COURSENCn ....» THIS .. ^J i—'*—' -rf- /'NA MAKE JEALOUSK -iv ')) yJM~Jt*> s) •6-16 "We <ni«lit to kci'P H"-' <>i (1 lnwn lila! ll W:1S NV cn ' • went lownr, so if the people wunUnc, I'm willing lo run for muvor t\.U:un! ,. \K . Wotl I tight O^Stezsr 6 BURWSO UP, ^-i&. "Something Old—Something New— -HfePie^ (SW OLD \] FfU. LOOKBETTERTHftM SOME GOOWSKlN IN Tfig/ I LOOK i^ BLACKS •«58SSr"M > ?-=-ir ATTIC ,«SES ^jnc^CS iiQP d£> Ctf v'^35 •i t-.;^^ $33! £H&ll : f^5||ilif/i m^< w Donald Duck Time and Tide — By Walt Disney FUNNY BUSINESS •Hempstead Phone 89. County Lbr. RED CHOW AND COCKER Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded bv day, week or month. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmpd S^5 © 1935 CHEVROLET. FOUR GOOD tires. Cheap. See Monroe Smith, Washington, Route 1, one mile off Hope and Columbus road on Guernsey-Washington road. • 10-6tpd. PIANO — COME AND SEE IT. Priced at $125. See Tom Ellis, 904 West-'Fourth. 14-2\vks pd. MY -, barn, c hicic en houses, smoke house, 10 acres of land with 5% in cotton, farm implements, Jus outside city limits. City water and lights. Phone 38-F-12, Mrs R. M. Bunkley. 16-6tpd THREE JERSEY COWS, FRESH; .two heifers, with white face heifer calves; one older cow with white face calf, heavy milker. See R. N. Mouser, Phone 22-1-3. • 16-3tpd. For Rent COOL FRONT BEDROOM. MRS Guy Card, Phone 5C1-J. 302 South Hervey. 14-3tch LARGE SOUTHEAST BEDROOM. Adjoins bath. Garage. Mrs - George Sandefur, Phone 122, 320 North Washington St. 14-3tch. W1U1 JUJV.J.VVJJ J- •• • 1 rector, ; and Sergeant Bob Sidney calling the turns. It was Sidney s voice you heard over the loudspeaker, in last - minute directions. Then they were "rolling. The playback machine started, and "This time is the last time set your feet marching. But it was only a close - up of a section of the gang and.the song snapped off in the middle of a beat — leaving me with one foot in the air. The boys broke ranks, slipped off their packs, and beat it outside to take the air between takes. They were back again in 20 minutes, lining up for more, and Sergeant Sidney got to work on the loud-speaker again. "They're rolling.- — this' time for close - ups from another angle, — and the music was on again. I got that foot down and marched (stationary style) happily on, but just for a moment.-That shot was finished, the music stopped'. That foot was caught in the air once more. I went over and looked at tne orchestra pit. They had sawed off the legs of two pianos, and the legs of all the chairs. That's because the improvised theater stage wasn't high enough over the orchestra, and—the floor being concrete—they couldn't lower the pit. The army musicians were fairly squatting to their task. They would call in the boys again, and they would shoot a little and let the boys go. Music and no music, more music and no more music — all afternoon. The boys put on their packs, and took 'em off and put 'em on; they fixed •A c?%; ^U^v, 1°^ (7J »5 \ " ^~ J. o '/"/^ Ctp "ii. 1*A Divntj Pi^Ui-au BUT; 'VuNCA^ t ,ri! NOW VHM"D'V WANT " KNOW? \- ,^\ « rii"^ -o ^ \VHATTj\\E L: <* a S^ > u '-" x^- ~^_ ^ Blondie An Open and Shut Case^ ^ N -w ^%v?s ••ULSSS THIS CURIOUS WORLD *Y William Ferguson A;OSJ'T VOU LET ME COME M AMP SHOW VOU - ^ MV SAMPLES ? AK1V JSrfei, i,:*"!:??!; .ml / x< AMSWEfc j ^- MV •< QUESTIOKl 01 HE'56OT ME U^ IF By Chic Young d , I6UESS ( WERE JUST A ' &UWCH C;- HVPOCRITES I paq >}<9 Boots and Her Buddies How Come? By Edgar Marty*; CLOSE IN, REDECORATED north side, modern, furnished '' duplex; two beds. Bills paid. Tom Carrel, Phone 164^ 16-tf. Wanted to Buy i^ TWO RADIO TUBES, 12-S-A-7 AND I • 35-Z-5 Also one baby stroller. . Call Sgt. Neil at 565-W. 10-6tpd. | 2,000 GALLONS OF SORGHUM. .Cash. Stuearts Store, Hope. ll-6tch. TirtWANJFiH luo^f •A>. OR 40 ACRE FARM; GOOD house and pasture; close in. Call 768. n * Personal MEN, WOMEN! WANT VIM? Stimulants in Ostrex Tonic Tablets pep up bodies lacking Iron, Vitamin Bl, Calcium. Trial size costs little. Save REAL money, " get $1 size. Ask about big money'• saving "Economy" size. At all drug stores—in Hope, at Cox_ and Gibson Drug Store 15-3tc. 6-16 IF VOU FLEW THE MOST DIRECT ROUTE PRO/A NEW YORK ® TO MANILA © YOU'D FLV OVER THE ARCTIC COASTLINE OF CANADA © \Ve «bV J £"=, swm m* ^~"?^ - (C - ^ , v* I// bV\t St't^Vu.'O wSwovvx ty.ort't'O" \j P V (••'<*„ *%S*tZ?Z?~ Red Rider COPR. 1M3 BY NEA SEHVl'CE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT OFF. CHE/WISTS HAVE DEVELOPED AN EXPLOSIVE CALLED PeNTAeRYrHRirETETRANITRATE. ef-z'emKt, (i/iYte&ttecl. Q-('^'J ^p**—--"WITH THREE ON BASES, A WALK MEANS A RUN, T ' FREP T. MIL.L.ARP, •*TV. J-'S.-'*-*>•*_ WOE.R ' .•DEKD- Wasted Breath ""RE.T5" i HE ——• w By Fred Harmon M (>-!(> ^S \ Y •^ i & '^ >& 5^' (. /A OH, \F 1 VOER.E wuVou F\N)D 1HXVI 1 —r SILNIEF'I fr 1 -A. V >. Alley Pop Talking Through His Hat By V. T. Homlif COMIMG, UlCJF ***«J*«v^«v*. w** •' a victory garden!" OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams NEXT: Movinf Mount Paloraar. OUR BOARDINGJ4OUSE with Major Hoople " ~ ^ <&& r * IKE CHURCVA\U.-TO 6ET TME M^OB. IOKW, OOP.' TAKE IT V EA&V WOW, BOY.... 1 eOTCH/\.' p»°Js -r^L. HAT'OFF vou...rv\w Be -- OM VOUI3 KJOSEJ BUT.... If era i, V I ^ f ^_ <" --•yr&^ -£&?? L -^-Cai ^(,, SOFT, BV ^ , ANXAOOS Freckles and His Friends His Helpful Harem h'0m C *FH- - lt -R. 1943 BV Vif* EEBVICE.JNC'.T. M. UfXU. ^ ?^». jtt. < OM, LARD, ARE YOU HURT? );'^% iVr- .Vrr f-CT \Ji-il I f^nU^K - /• ife V B , , LET I>AE GET vou TMIMG "Ib BATHE YOUR, eve / -WHAT . HAPPENED? I HIT JERRVS FIST SO HARD VJITH ^^v EVe.lT KNOCK.ED ME OVER.' HELP.' By Merrill Blo«ei«S; AND I WAS l SAME THING- ABOUT YOU O^ CALL AN

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