Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 24, 1949 · Page 5
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 5

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 24, 1949
Page 5
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••pi tt, mt MM»B OHy Gl»tt-a*i»tU, MMOB City, U. CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT The big, comfortable, shabby room was instantly alive with quick voices, brusque movements, gestures—the articulation of shock and anger, astonishment and humiliation at Amenly's drunken disclosures. But although Terry saw and heard, fully conscious of the emptiness of relief—the sword falls, the blow is delivered, what else is there to fear?—she was also- aware that for the split second', which is as years, time had halted and the past became indistinguishable from the present. Her eyes obediently followed the unrolling film of the moment; she saw stupefaction on Hugo's face, she saw Chris's eyes bright with rage, and Amenly shrink back defiantly. She saw Jack's expression, and read it, correctly, as gratification. She knew that Cordelia was still sitting beside her on the huge divan heaped with mats and pillows, and she felt Cordelia's hand tighten on her own. She saw Hugo and Jack move, in unison, to step between Amenly and Chris and she heard Hugo say, not loudly, Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- but sharply, this; : T11 take care of And yet she was not really there at all, except in her body, which sat erect, unyielding, on the hik- iee. Her hand was unresponsive in Cordelia's and she had not spoken a word. She was a child again, running in a garden; she was caught up in her father's arms, his laughter was louder than the bird song, he was stronger than a hundred men—this mountaintop was next to the. sky, these flowers bigger than the stars. She was a child who would live forever in this moment and this place. And then she was a girl, crying in a stateroom on a ship because she was going away from. home. And now she had come home again and Maria was brushing her hair, as she looked in a mirror, 3nd along the corridor outside someone hurried on noiseless feet and laughed —a little maid, a girl younger than herself, hurrying, soundless on the stone, laughing because she went toward love or sleep or mischief. A parrot she had once owned, and which long since had died, asked querulously, "Quien sabe?" over and over; a dog she had not thought of in years barked and a woman's voice she had forgotten, said, "I knew your mother, she was very beautiful;" and a man pulled back and said sullenly, "Confined to barracks, I presume. That's very funny. I'd heard a a little about you people over here—smug, patronizing, Victorian—but I couldn't believe it. Apparently I've upset an apple cart. I apologize. It never occurred to me that you didn't know about Mark Austin. What difference can it make? The Russells don't need money and are above scandal." Jack I'eached out and took him by the shoulder. "Let's get going." "Okay," said Amenly, "if it's an old Hawaiian custom." He went toward the stairs with Jack beside him and did not look toward. Chris or Terry. On the big hearth a sweet- scented fire snapped and murmured and released its warmth against the slight evening chill. Its voice was drowsy and distinct. Jack and Amenly went up the broad stairway side by side. The living room was 2 stories high; a gallery on which the bedrooms opened ran around it at the landing, There Amenly paused, pulling away from Jack to lean on the railing and look down at the quiet people. "Y o u're nothing but a pack of cards," he said contemptuously, "so, as Alice also remarked, 'Who cares for you?' " "That's enough," warned Jack; and those below heard footsteps and the sound of a door opening and closing. Chris broke the incredible spell that held them. He came over to the hikiee and sat down, taking Terry into his arms, removing her, as it were, from Cordelia's jurisdiction. Cordelia folded one hand over the other but did not move away, and Hugo came to stand beside her. A DDRESSING a group of prominent Jewish business men in *»• the course of his recent visit to the U. S., Winston Churchill brought down the house by recalling, "I advocated a free Jewish state in Palestine in years when that was a very unpopular notion in certain government circles. Be assured, gentlemen, that I shall never desert you in your hour of glory." Mr. Churchill said that the • Israeli embassy in London was mortified to discover that ' all the other embassies made a point of offering a cup of tea in the afternoon to the bobbies assigned to posts in front of their buildings. The Israeli staff hastened to ma.'xe amends to their bobby, explaining, "Forgive us if we don't know all the fine points as yet. We haven't had an embassy for two thousand years!" * * * • Robert J. Landry was .overcome by the Advertising magnate who told an account executive, "You're fired; turn in your ulcer." Copyright. 1919, by Bennett C«rf. Distributed by King Features Syndle«U. SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOn & ?*-r= - ty =r [HOPE? . Bcrftt 'frft IDEA. ' <Ht HAWE. of HOBBY HORSE. COMES FROM ^ u-f-fLE. IRISH HORSE.', OR, POKY, <KA.-f WAS -teAlMED -fo AH EASY RIDING ^AI1". -frit HAME. of -fHt. HORSE WAs"rtoBBYr who had professed to love her said, "I promise you shall be happy." She smelled pipe smoke and leather and the sweat of horses, and her father said, "What you want in this world you have to take." All this she saw and heard, and yet everything • in the room ' in which she sat beside Cordelia was as clear as still, unsullied water; the portrait of Robert Russell over the fireplace, the many flowers in heavy pottery bowls, the stained coffee cup on the table beside her, the carved wooden Buddha across the room, serene and smiling. Sounds were clear too—someone passing by outside laughed, as the little maid had laughed long ago; and a far-off singing drifted in, the wind in the palms clapped small, dry hands and the surf breathed against the rocks and beach. She , could feel the heaped mats on the couch, her one hand pressing down upon them, she could feel the thin flesh, the hard bones of Cordelia's lingers around her own. She was 2 persons and one of them had nothing to do with what was happening here, for nothing "iVwly. had happened to her of any moment, she was an onlooker here, a stranger; and the other went back in time to a secure world without a danger or foreboding. And yet Hugo was saying, "I'll take care of this." It took so long to say 5 words, yet they were quickly said. Terry came back to her integrated self with a wrench which was most painful and which she felt deep in her flesh and Cordelia said questioningly, "Terry?" But Chris spoke before she could form words in her mind. He said, savagely, "Get out. of my way, will you?" and moved quickly to brush his uncle and cousin aside. But Hugo said with authority, "No, Chris." "He's to get away with it?" Chris demanded. "Brawling is hardly the solution," his uncle answered. He spoke evenly, almost mildly, to Roger Amenly. "You are not yourself, Mr. Amenly," he said, "and while that is hardly an adequate excuse, we must accept it. I suggest that you will be more comfortable in your room." He glanced at Jack, who nodded and put a heavy hand on Amen- ly's arm, saying, "Come along," without inflection. But Amenly : 'Terry?" said Chris, his voice roughened; and when she did not answer, he shook her slightly. "The devil with him," he said, and then, "Terry, please!" Cordelia said, with distaste, "There is no reason to .be melodramatic. Hugo, get Terry some brandy." Terry released herself from Chris, she spoke quite loudly because, it seemed to her that she spoke in echoing space and emptiness. What she now experienced was loneliness. What would happen to herself and Chris did not at this moment greatly matter. The world they had built and briefly inhabited together had been of mean, small proportions. In it they had found pleasure and not much more. Now it existed no longer, except in time, and was as remote as her former world. She said, "I don't want brandy, thanks. And Roger told the truth. My father was dishonest. He ruined himself and the people who trusted him and killed himself because he could not face it." She looked from Hugo to Cordelia. 'T couldn't face it either." .. Cordelia began, "We won't talk about it tonight," but Terry shook her head. "No," she said, "we'll discuss it now." Hearing a sound, she turned, looking up. "Jack's coming," she added. "He's in on this too." Jack came downstairs. He said, standing by the fire, "I persuaded our guest to retire." He grinned, LlVlK<i OH AX ISOLA-fE.0 ZJfl.OUP Of VOl^AHIC ISLANDS MIDWAY BEfWfc AFRICA AMD SOU-fK AMERICA. IK -fRE Sou-fH ArtiAN-fic DID Ho< AE< WORP OF <riE EHE> OF WORLD WAR OWE. U^L 1922 SCOAPSi (. DOES BE. if 0-23 FEATHERS of OF YOUHH BALD EMUS ARE DARK. YfKEM -THE BIRDS ARE FULL^RQWM tHEY WILL KA.VE.WHnt, BALD- APPEARIHc; HEADS. BOARD AND ROOM ___ I DON'T KNOW VOUR. PLANS, BUT I'M GOING By GENE AHERN remembering, and then looked at Terry- "Go on with what you were saying," he said, "or am I intruding?" "Of count not. I'm not rofnr to try to explain or excuse," she said. Her accent was quite marked. She had been think- Inr, K she thought at all, In Spanish. translating as she spoke. Now she forced to iuink in ir.d to TO CHECK. OUT OF 'OSOWAN LODGE'FOR. HOME, AND BACK TO MY JOB BEFORE TH' FIRM BUYS A TEAAA OF STURDY MULES TO TAKE MY PLACE IN TH' WAREHOUSE/ rr V£> 1 I'M ALSO ABOUT REACY FOR. DEPARTURE/ •••THE AAANAGER. HAS OFFERED ME ANOTHER. V/EEK'S STAY AT REDUCED .RATES - BUT THE WORD REDUCED* REMINDED ME OF MY LOSS IN WEIGHT FROM INSUFFICIENT FOOD HERE/ rr SS TO 'OSOWAN LODGE' Chris said, "There's nothing to explain, Terry. Aunt Cordelia's right. In the morning we'll talk about It If you Insist." She folded one hand on the other, as Cordelia had done. Now," she said again. "I'm sorry it happened this way, but U had to happen sooner or later." Hugo sighed. Be asked Cbrlr, "Ton knew all thlsT" "Naturally," Chris answered. And thought, Well, I'm glad it's over, In a way. And then he thought, Poor kid; and then, What comes next? Terry said, "Chris didn't know it when he married me. He thought he was marrying Mark Austin's daughter. The Mark Austin people knew and envied and honored. I intended that they go on believing that as long ai possible, so I came to New York and lived on a shoestring. A golden shoestring." She looked down at the emerald blazing on her hand and spoke to Cordelia softly, as If In confidence. "I had this," she said, and turned her hand, "and the pearls, I had clothes, and furs and a legend. I was part of a legend. Chris too," she said. (To Be Continued) DAILY CROSSWORD |*If|5lc| |C|O| us] AfoAH NUMSKUU. & PA UM E erOAf, PEiWA- treat your = HOW CAN CALL A'WHE=AT A voue /JLSM NOTIONS ACROSS 1. Petty ' quarrels 6. Short theatrical performances 11. Part of a door 12. Beginning* 13. Harden 14. Former silver coin (Ger.) 15. Sodium (sym.) 16. Knot in cotton fiber 18. Gourdlike fruit 19. Resort town (Ger.) 21. Evening sun god (Egypt.) 23. Elevated train (Pop.) 24. Bark of mulberry 26. Maiden 29. Not consumed 31. A sea N. of Aleutians 33. Cluster of threads 36. Farm animal 37. Speck 39. Obstacle 40. Crust on a wound 43. Obtained 45. Persona] pronoun > 46. A tendon 48. Girl's name 50. Intent (Scot.) •• 51. Erect 9. Indian tent 52. Apportioned (Var.) Ivtloir 1C •oil I [plcrtuT t ul 53. Remains 10. Promenade 17. Schoolmaster 20. Sharp, stiff spine DOWN 1. Obsolete form of: harpsichord 22. Small rug 2. Famous 25. Keel-billed cuckoo 27. Encountered 28. Slight 30. Conclude 31.- Studded |A|P| IMTAl IN A canal 3. Babylonian god 4. Sea gull 5. Driving ice and rain C. Habitual drunkard 7. Chip off (Dial.) IT Rlt 32. Inflame 34. Parents and children 35. Walks 8. Little island 38. Graves Yesterday'* Aniwefj 41. A pilaster 42. Inventor of telephone 44. Tense 47. Moist 49. Narrow inlet (geol.) w, Zo 41 25 47 zz 48 27 44 Z8 4& ee SUPE AND MAIL THIS LETTER FOR ME, PEAR I'VE JUST GOT TWO MINUTES TO CATCH MY BUS TH\S ISN'T RK3UT,CAPTAIN ... I SAY WE PULL OUT OF THIS TROUGH AT ALL HA1ARDS /.' ATROPIGAL \SLE WITH A 1 ^ NO, BRADFORD LOOK. AHEAD... CALM SEAS AMD- 1 *••> PEACEFUL HARBOR LOOMS UP IN BRILLIANT CONTRAST ASAIMST THE BLACK. CNERUAKG1KG SKY- l /T'S A MIRAGE, CAPTAIN/ \ IK51ST WE PULL AWAY... REMEMBER. THF."MAHNDlV.'J TWE OAPTAJK BARKS AH ORDER ... BUT TO NO AWL. WHSLEY IS RIGtD AT THE HELM... A STRANGE GLARE, IN WS EYK- %?J 'tfWP* VOU DON'T INTENDTOBUV BEBE'S l-\£,\?\ II PAINTING,MRS.5WEETLIGHT?THEN/j RASHLY ** WHY DID YOU MAKE AN OFFER FOR IT? "ALLOWED MYSELF TO BE INFLUENCED- • f FOR AN INSTANT--BY/ OUR FIRM'S rrf t PRESIDENT! ) \ DAILY CRYPTOQUOTE—Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXB is LONGFELLOW One letter simply stands for/another. In this* example Ads used for the three L's, X for the two O'sV etc; Single letter*, apod* trophies, the length and formation of the words are all hints; Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation GLRERCVV LV RNO O' N AC T C-» DCROCB NH — OBCN'DBTPVOKV. Yesterday'* Cryptoquote: ALLOWANCE IS TO BE MADJ3? FOR HIM WHO FIRST ATTEMPTS A THING—PROVERB, plstrlbuled by Ktne Feature* Syndlc«l» AMANWHol APPRECIATES < MODERN ART, APPARENTLY! THOUGH A SCOTCHMAN, MARTIN M C KEE SOMETIMES DfiPLAYSAN ALMOST • FRIVOLOUS DISRESPECT FOR TRAW7ION! THERE ARE MOMENTS WHEN I- REGRET PUTTING HIM INCHARGE OF THE ^^i) BUSINESS W/ LATE HUSBAND AND i CREATED! „ „ \& • ALMOST K> MUCH flS I REGRET ENTRUSTING OUR BELOVl CHILD'S HAPPINESS TO HIM.' • •COME IN, LUCIA DEAR! <SOOT> •w J I'M EFTURMIMS THESE PAJAMAS AMD I WANT , MY MOMEY BACK! r ort? I*"* A *S* $~5-. ^ I $ f * I* *•+&«& £*^"<**<** WHATS THEM? J'J. Kjfljjrtjurtl S .I'A\ AFRAID OF . .U 1/S TUCN THAT BOY LOOSE: DO YOU HEAR ME?TURN HIM LOOSE: JANOTER KID, 1 SNPES/Tv-lE W30DS ISFULLOFEM^ I _rm' Copr. IW9, King Fohitn Spidiute, lac.. WctU tigfatt leacrrtA. I CAN'T EVEN SHE BUSS V MY DEAR JUDITH, DON'T HAVEN ANY MORE, STEFAN ) LET YOURSELF BECOME T. ...I'M FRIGHTENED/ ,—•T" , PANICKY/ M. y ^ SIS, 1 AIN'T GOT MO Hit HIM CW01CE BUT TO TAKE q AGAIN, BETH iT WtM YEAH! BOT WHAT AM I n GOIN' TO DO \VltH HEO? I USED UP ALL, MY* ROPE TYING '(III ^ A, -23 tip, BUT WE'RE SO FAR OUT.. AND I CAN'T SWIM/ I WONDER IF VDU CAN HELP ME FIND SOME INFORMATION THAT IS FILED HERE/ CUM OF CLEM, !T WAS] REAL MICE OF YOU TO TELL ME THAT/ OAKY LIKES; ME// lfi-11 r /W, SHUCKS- THAT'5 ALL / 1C* t fttWi* SOOW 111 BE A-GOIW BACK: TO TH' HILLS- rtVTWOWTM SOIN'TO KISS, YO' ST4ND BACK/ IF YOU TRY' KISS ME, I'LL SCREAM FOR HELP/ TO . us.r.i. o*. Af Htwtlmarn AT THEEARMHOUSE... PAPPY, I'M COMMA M4KEUWCLE BEW AND CLEM 61VE BACK YOUR COWS AK !\V SOUWDS LIKE A DAMSEL , IN DISTRESS/ 1 I'LL SAY/ D IT'S A CALLI ALWAYS INTO THE BOATS, 1 AU.VOU GUVS'N 1 I GALS,? WE'R* OfF ON THE BURIED < TREASURE HUNT* 1 ' HANG ONTO sou/a. FLASHLIGHTS. SHOVELS AND MAFS.T' EVEraVBODV ^MEET-ON SHOWED "WAIT! •JS.OES.f SHOVE OFF.' VIHATTHE SUR BE *- jVrt t'«t. rr*fi r Ut-L FOn-THAT ISLAND OVER L THOUGHT IMTMC MAD P.USH ETTA SLIPPED Be IN ONE OF \^ BoflTS/y'SrAlPS AND ' HAS LEFT „ BE- H7MO- ANKLE/IfFEEtS LIKC 0 THESE TWO SETS OP FINGfiRPRINTS PO NOT MATCH, EPPENPI.' ,,V»WEVEie, THE COPE IN voue BAOIOCRAM is IDENTICAL WITH THIS SET TAKEN 8V THE ISTANBUL POLICE,' SEE?THE LAST!THE RAOIOGSAAA ADOS:] PIECES IN THIS PUZZLE APE "SIMS SYNTHETICS NEAR BANKRUPTCV FALLING NTO PLACE, STOP PHOTO REQUESTED | STANDING BY FOR TRANSMISSION.^; tt.x ^..^ V; / TAIVlB.'/OUR BADIOPKOTO I MACHINE IS ALWAVi READY,' V, WE START THE CVUNPt*. / eEvOLVINO>SO,' ANP THE * "^ A COPY OP A PHOTOCWAfH ft&NGr TKANSVJTTED IN AMMICA/

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