Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1912
Page 6
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6 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 20, 1912. IT LOOKS AS IF THE TISIBLE SFP- I'LV WEKE SMALL. >'o Cbangcg YTortb Itciiorting In Live »tock or Utiit'r Ifurkets. • • • (IJy ilic A 'ssoeiiK -d Pii -s?') . ChirDgo, Jrn. 20.—Signs of a largo decrease in ihe Lnittcl S^aics vlsiUia supply anil '.cdiij'.i! estlir.a.t.s of tiie Auiirtillbn'i h'lptil v.-heat up lo- j day. Tr.e ojitnir.;; was iinchang-ed lo ; ^ up.. Jlay EtJitc'd 1 -i \o -^^ unchanged to \i, i:a\anc- lu.-e lo 'ji 'iJ^. ClQ-c—J::n. 'JbVn; May ¥T.OUvi; Juiy 95%. (.UKX—.Jan. tio",; May 06',-i; Juiy CC>Ai5%: Sep:. COv^. •.UATh—.Inn. i'.>'i; .May 4:)",*; July 4."ri: Sept. 40^A. POKK—Jan. $l.l.r,t;; Mav flG.iO; July $10.2.-.. L.'^ki)— jri.iT'i.; May ?U.32VJ1/ s.:;:.; July ¥J .i7',-; ftpt. «'J.i;o. ( hiiiii ^u LIvi'sl<i(-!>. f'hicM^jo 2' .—CAI iLK, i-Ijit.s l".!.''; uiiirk^t xv(ak. i;.'c \t 's i4 .s..'(; ^ .1!; stcikii;; an.l li<>iir.- |:'..7.' <; t nij; itj'As and ..ciltisi 12.1; 'lif caht-s HOGS—I'.'ifi 2 .',i-iii; niiiiki't five :<)wr.-. lAfi'iit J.".'i (;2ii; mix(:d ;'I1''JO..';.-; lit-avy 'i'J.i.'.; rougli j."..- (!; plj;s J ; |i'i ."...I'; 'julk oV A »AIL ORDER DE<VL. •» Down in Oklabonia the other • • day a man went Into a store to • <• b«iy a saw. He saw the kind he • • wanted and asked the price. It • <' was,$1.65 the dealer said. * •:' 'Gvod Bracious," said the • • ninn. "I can get the sa^ne thing <• •> from Sears, Roebuck i Co., for • <• "Thafs less thnn it cost n:?." • •> said tlie dealer, •hut ill sell it <• • on the .•••aiiie terms as the mail <• <• Older just th.' .-ame." • •> ".^11 right," said the casrom- • . •> or. "Vot: ••.'.n Feiij ,t along and <• i ch.irge ir in my :icra;int." *> i '> ":<iil oi your life;." the deal- • j •> <r rep;/-..'. ' ."o chr.rge ac- •> I conn'..?. Yoti ?a')'t do business •> •> witi; ti;e older house tliat •> <• \..;y. f*o:i; over Iho cash."' •> *• fi o 1 '.is;o!:;cr cnii;p!lod. •>; •> "'.Vow 2 rents for iio-tage * j t- r.rd .-> cents for money order." *> '. •:• "What—• •:•; •> "Orlaialy vou have to send <• | a In'ter and a n.oney order to a •>] mail order lio:ise you knew." *!• The cusfoi'ier. inwardly rav- <• j jng, kept to hl.f agreement and •> I A QUEEN'S PHILASTHROPHY. St. l.tiiN «.'r:;iii. • .S.. I.oiil>. .Ii:n. 11 —\V!li;.\T, firm. .May ItnU ; July COiJ.N—in'grer. .May HT'*'!> •'V: July OA'i iii.'y y.iiy .".!; .iiily •!•".. Sf. Louis Liie>t6cK. Si. I .OU1.S Jan. 2i .—1. ATI l.K, re-' ct.itits 3 000; .marki -i s-lraily. .Native ! _ iii'tf steers $i ."i'<i 7.."ii; (ow;; and hoif j.% :• •> •:• •> •:• -:• • • • • •:• •> paid the nickel." . ".Vow 2.-« cents cxprri'snpe." "Well. Ill !.-> ." he sM. but paid It, fiayin« ".\o\v haud me tlia' saw and I'll take it li <fi;)(> iiiv.scif and be rid of this foolery." "Hand It to you? Whore do you ihjiik you are? You're In Oklahoma IMKI I'm In ( lilcago. and you'll have to wait two weeks for llial saw." Whereupon the dr:;ler hiin;; till' ?;!W iMi a iH 'K and put I lie money In 'lis cn^•.ll ilniv.-<»r. "That makes Jl.CT." he said. "I( h:is coKl you 2 re'il.s more and taken you two wii'ks lonir- er to fet It than If you lind paid my prlcr> (ii the first place."—Krom tli> American i..iimberman. • <• •> •> <• •:• « • • • • • FOR THE FIffST TIME, DEFEAT lola Basket Ball Teajni Lost to Baldwin Last Mght 36 (o 22. \ ci .s $:i Otiiij G..a.; .-;<H;- i iv and i:>ed< r.'^ |... ....j...j. .:• .;. .> •> •> •> •> S:;.T."i!(i."i..^o ;calve.- ia caik>a:i.s ».">.00li" * * * — T .r.i). * iions— Rccc'p;.- 2"' . riy to live ;o teu !o .V'^; ;ii:irket stea- and light.^ $4.2.-!'<'/i;.2ii; :i :;'t :d nu:l : ;.! .•la r.s $t;.eO K; (ity Grain. Kan.-ns Cii.., .i:ln. .—'V. HK.'vT, i*o- ct;::is cart. •. .i-ii >vh.;i; market un (. .ins.'d ;() UKV.IJ. ;<!,. j lucd 51 .0:! .Nil. :i, Jl .t-i'-M lO'-j; 2 ri^i! ikivi-;: Si) 2 'Tf''^. r!-\-.—May" 'i:; July ;.;!..''., ;.iu. f'()!;.\'—I 'nc'.-.r .nciMj ui U v,rr .Vo. 2 n:\\ci]. 1^; N.>. i.:,' ••: i^.; N... 2 C*^'; (.!': Mo! ;:.»:;''• ••M:7. Ci.iv,— iiny '17 :->-!)or=: Juiy ;>;••.,•.''--j bid. OATS—Steadv. .Vo. 2 w;;!i- .-.'i :-2'-i: .No. 2 mixed •;!''rj':.-.OV::. liVK— !i.">r;; llr'.c p.'r bu.^htl. i'AV—S.,'.'.ay. I :i. K-e .i;!:.-.;;y $21 C'-l": choice prairie J!'• ."i''' !!KOOM COi'.X—Stea .iy. KiiHsa^ City Li\e>t<irk. sntKI.Y .MAKK.S I>Y,sri;i'SIA GO. . ^ ;'.ni Kr.n?a!-- Ci'y, Jan. 2'. —fATTI.:-:. rr-j r,:;;;t.: am: :."irki - --r;i.:y. .v:><';v.' ' ri •. r.- i'.:' 'i • ii,-^'.;\e cv,:- ar:i I -lieifrr? ?:;.(''^t <;.->'',- s'.ockt r.- 1 e: i ''1 :>.('•.•: Inills t''' - (i;\\c> ? I.'v'r, : w^^u -.n 'r.-; $!.7.'>.:' 7 -..i -.-ttin Si' ''0 w .-..2."». . HOGS—Hiccli.1.= '.IT. loW'T. HUi 'it 111 (;.:'t; ;.ou\y |i :2!'-;;'2" l)!i:.-;i.'rh il ..• t ;.2.".; i:;;':;!.iii^s 2.". 'a .••>.2r.. Uiiii>a!> J"ly I 'rediKC. K :•.Tl ^a.•; t ily, J:,u. 'i" C. I i-iiii'iy •:'.•; f! ;i .::'i; inr Mi. k 2:'... r.i.i;-- K\t.-i\-. ::.(.•: llr.•t^ :'2 or.i!< 22 '-j. I .tad ard .Sii<!(er. S:. !.iiaf-- Jai:, 2".— I.. ••;c<fl(> Ouf-ef-Order Sfomarlis I'udinfr IniFi^'c.^Hoii In FIn> .Minutes. N'.ithin;^ wi!! rfiiiiain undiirr.'.-ted or -our nn vTir ••tcnriich if you will take -1 '•"f.'.^ ')'n :i rs^-i' "oi.:a--!onally. This • nwi ri'ii) li^ijp't'.ve rnrt. antacid, t'.io'icii a.< l'a;;r.l(?s .-'Dl pleasant as - !r.(:y. "ili .:;:r.-t ar.ii nrepar^ for as>:'!ii:a;i.-.': inlo V.rO blood all tlie food y.'u can ca:. Kat v .hai :nur ?'nmnch crave?, with i.'.r Fii-'ioi; f-;.r of indisn-itlon or tr.r .T yn\i -.vii; lie bothered witli -ci;: !^fin'-.-. ill"i-iiin? cr.s on Ftrn;- bi:'v:t,;-rn lie.~.<::>c'ie!= from stoin- • ii:.i;-f :i. '.ru' lirtat'n. water brasii a I'f i'kr you CW.T^OW",! a '';:..!) o.' :'•:(;. or o'.hcr riifotrreeable 111'--. :i'f. ?; • rwi: y.u be suffering now any :.-;om;.(ii disorder you can u.-; ri'irf witliin five niinate.^. . Weil, bow do you feel? lola got beat last night. To be more e.\plieit, ' the local high school basket ball team I was defeated by tlie lialdwin high I school team by the score of 36 to 22, actually outclassed by a margin of ^4 pointa. lola basket ball fans last uighi experienced a feeling heretofore this season entirely foreign to thtm. and the Baldwin tec;n lelt the court with a feeling or" 'rinniph that no other visiting team hf.s ever had. What was the trouble? Hid Baldwin rea'iy, as the sco.-e would indicate, outclass the loUi five, did tiie team which has been defeated by teams lola has defeated take a feaii-. from the locals oven though the latter played as hrilllantly as they did in Ihe Clay Center game? The fans will answer no. If the local's had shov.'ed the form llicy did in the Clay Center game, think the fans Kaldwln woald have come out second heat. What it was. neglect of practice, no game li; (he papt two weeks confuislon of slcr- tialfi with a new <'eTiter, or simply hu -l; of Ilieir usual ginger, nobody ai -ejuf to know, but those who are acdua'nt- ed with the iilay of Ihe lola teiim will agree that they did not -show their Hsiial fcirm last night. Although Jlald- wln played n ve-y aggressive game, they did not. show extraordinary speed. On the average they were Hllghliy larger tluui the lola lioy^. ' and Kinzer, their ct-nter, was. hirg-r than any iiian on any team lola has I i.layed. The was very rough. ! both teau.b being none too careful of ; their opponents, and time was called I in several instances on account of j slight Injuries to players, tola's sys- 1 teni of passing* the ball rapidly down , the field vas not in evidence las' i night, and the lola boy.s did not seem ; to be able to break up the team work • • of their opponents. As near as an ob- I-ondon, Ihiglaiid, .Inn. IS.—o..^ of the mosf interest lug and unusual server could arrive at a conclusion jihiTanthropies in tii" world is just bfi:;:; iiiaiigurat'-\l li're in ibe interest of as 'to why lola lost the game. It wai Ihe laboring girls. Through tl'.e co-operation of all ladies v .iioso first name on account of the defensive work of is .Mary, a fund which yields an amius-.l revenue of over ?7i'.o;n. was donated the Baldwin five. Many times lole to Queen Mary and she in turn devoted the monetary joruiii to a "charitable passed the ball to fair shootlEg dis- object in which 1 aui rreally Inleres '.e -I." Tlio {Jueeti's jilai! has now been lance. but never did lola get RO few lOLA and Fort Scott, KANSAS "DON'T HURT A BIT"—That is what our patrons.^, say. We do the best dental work at-the most reasonable pnces. ^ . . ' itofore having »oiir dental work done bv o«'\crs call upon us. Wcf ard In ..vr I^JiIlurpe ctfiees EVEH.Y THURSDAY. ; 0 (l:ce iiours: 8 to C Sundays lO to', 12 Evenings 7 to,'*, j to Change in Time January 21st, 1912 On Sunday, January 21st, a number of important changes will bo made in the time of M. K. & T. Ry. Trains. Patrons are accordingly requested to obtain advance information as to time of trains from ticket agents. i announced by the estalilishiucnl of a luiliday home, for v.orking giris. "• \r.'.\ V':' \.lll ^ i w -I IP', from your pharma- c.i.---.' of I^ape's riiai'.ep- )':' ! a'lwr.ys go to the table ie:i:iv .";ii';t;te and your •I: : !!••;.> >;i :o (l. bfcaui-e you ;:if:e .iiiuid !><• n'l Intligestli n or 1 r.l;-' or ;-.ra '';cii" or ^-•,oIr.- ' : (h i;-i.-i'ry a'l tl;e n.-\' day; aril, br- i.-,!ir'( fi'.'' I ,M. y,ui no!!,! nr net il b'.:;ati>i'.< ^.l!•s ill":/ j y,y ,.j. |.;.-^ ,„ ,, jimr .'••duiarii p..'':cr.- and ,.;ir! ',.i\y<:': r";.:ui and fre.sli. iiapi pr'n can in> o!, 'rn •J '!riti;'.;l>t. ar.d '.intain.- air-ie li:;i ;o l '.i ..riiii;;hly cure ilie • of Inii!) '^l|(^^ or dy-i tp- • is iii.lii'.ni; bitivr I 'o; u::-^ 1 ,. •!! or .<-inir iii.irs fn.ii; or t;i cm e .' i ;i in:: •'! :! If ' CM) I'ape's • 1 ,iia yo .ir 1. 1 ,1 !i ;. i V..:; f c: I :l:l T!..' I or t'., • •; r -:n ..i :.r-| . hradaclie. i Yim (••iiibla't ki"''i a iiandl -T - ' " ;: aiti in '.!:«• l•o',^^e. mor- l.oral .Clarke!'. (I 'rniliice oiiotation.'-- f^i i :;d il.^.ily by C.ur'ii'.! ('oaii>ii>s!oi; t'oi::i r.ny): Ev;(;?— i"' ci'iil.-; I'l-r r.l va. I'O'.rUTKV—-.ienf^ i-;.i::.i;.= old Clicks 4: yoiUig .oc!;.- li: duvk.-i 9; ;;i est 7; tuvkty lun.-^ I'-: old ti.i .i.-; ?; guineas ]2V'. iiin'tiClt—2Ic per poucd. ]4iL:-;S—S to 9c. Quotations fursis'.ied daily by S. I). Pay I: (•OP..V—oO cents. KAKKill COIl.N—.".Oc per bushel. HAY—$:o per ton. OATS—45c per bu.-:hel. NO Sl.i:VI( L' 'NtM!;!!'',-. . O.MOX CliKKK. January t;».—0;!r (ii-ar friend and neighbor Grar.('.;i;a I'arnhart died last Tuesday and wa.-; i'l'riii! T!;\i:sday in the Dewit c?m'ctcry. .Mrs Uarnard wiil long be re;iieu;bered b.y a ho.-.: of I'riends in tiiis neiuhboi liood. Slie was a kind neighbor and a loving n:ot'iier and grandmother to tiie little ori'.'.ian- cd ones she has hud the care of f, r two year.'?, and will be sad'.y mi.'^sed a!- t'.iou.gii she I'.-'^d bera an :nvaiid for. sev.'ra! years with that dic:id discasf ilia''f:ti»s. Dv.icht Mi!!rr !iad a .-vve"e a;.ac'.; of stca:r'.;i troubli- .-it t iu;:;'! .'ilo'i -ly which aluiiis 'i in i.e-iri fiiiiur;: I lie -.MIS ;ak;r. vi -y .aii.! liiy ar.d v .;.TJ rendend u'.i .'on;, iwi;.-. For iv,.') irs ; nili-r till' <;;:c- ;ir :;vr!. y wo.i; -i ; 'Kfi .re lie kyiow any: !!in:'. i e i^: now abl.> to b.' nr. ' .-.roi:;:!: :v.';ii'.. i '!"i'oai:is th'.'T ':M !:?i;t a I '.i :.-i :::i'! .•;.r | ry at ti-v .V ;i .-,:-,'.i.'; .-a! • I'.'vy ] .Mr-. Ciiii eiv-iiii K. n; :\<• il. ;. .\.;i n-| lay witli C.iani^tia t;-l ;ii :n. | (U -r. Ciitl .i : :-on :>':•. .Nr. - j ;r:.:i.;- la'.oii;-,- !:o:- i- "n:-.' v' ;,; t;:i ' sail- nil! -a to .Mr. .N.i-M:i:'.'i'- r io.'. . ! fair shots at the Itasket. The Hald_ ; win gu.^rds wor'Ked fiercely and suc- *. cessfuJiy worked oiu the jirincipiv I that a game is won. not r.lono by rLKA .SANT VALLEY HILL. —C'rir'ev .'\icKinncy points a team make:, but by th.- IK> I'ar..-Jll. place Bear PO'nfa it. keeps Its opponents from i .January l.-i. iiioVLd f.rm llu' I'ari-ell. , l^i.iua, to i;ie .No.-lraud place Thur.s-, "•^1""^; day. Jiir.niio .\yr-rs .;;;\vril all nig'.it at Audie lioaiiuri Thursday ni:cht and took the train at i'iqua tlie nevt day for ICit.cka 10 vi;;it hi.-; hrc'.her, John Mill f:i!.i:!y bcfor;' for Idaho. Ui." will ti .aie I'ack and start l:ir Ic:: .;i li 't- next day. Will -'i.-;)!; deilve-.-i-r; a half dozen J - I " ill iol .i Vi'ednesday. Wi;. .Mi';\'npey ;ir .d family drove up to .-(.•• i il .ir ,i.:!i: •;:irc avi Wednesrhiy One feature which makos.tite victory ine.\],llccble. Is the fact tba' sou;? time ago the lola high sclioo' second team went to Baldv.-in ane v.-ns drfeated hy th" score of 30 t( 27 a iparf;:n of but three point''. M:;? !';''dv,in improved so much, or is lo- 'a's second team better than her lir.-t? The «abuTat<^d Ecrire of last nigiifs g"n ;e follow.": Ask for particulars io avoid getting left. Ask The Agent (333) SPRMG FMCiES m lOG WIRE We have our ware room full of the famous^,. American Hog and Stock Wire and are re'^dy tO'' quote the lowest prices. i iriwara Co. I a:::l ".ic- t: AM .-:.o died ai 4 I n.l I:. •. i: III ::i r •- tlilt!" i: ;.i:ien Ic i,: ..d iiiinds. ()r::i I 'l-. •; n.: ; t- lii .' iio: .i 'ii'.-!!!iv IV':..; I rri-i ivill.-, w: :::ri'--:t!;-,;:. lii . o'lUi of iii-- 1;:' i 'lilli; <U',:. T: I' iTV .liuiiiii! in worK I 'll'iiiv. v^•. .:- .-i.n and .••V i iMiilirn '•.'line !• T.i',:::-.lay Ui nl- .!!•..Mrs. i;?rn- , ;::', ., i:'. ' A \.. -.• Jield I-ri- j : ;'. ' •'. ::i .'i. !•; .y liiititrf. | .l:i .1 !;< ai ::i \ . !. tiuffalo • I.:./ V, - II- ' !• \.:|' conuuetaj o liiii .•ilii,..-: f'l- :•. v.Jiile. , ':.i;-i I'M II ;; Mr rar }->lday ;i. t'.i!<-iu:;). They rf nrxl week. : ii|iiii-r at .lohn ' vith a goi.dly and all en- lOI.A ThoM",:-in. I^ i"'ati?i..ll. Sii:ith. \'.'".lti !•. OI, G C Ft; 2 FT 0 I • I ') u FTM 0 ;* II II 1 r, Tiiree iioints a'.Carded. F(J .1 • -I'' ••: I.!. .a;; ;i:e ;n-.. 'i V. ;i - :i:i oy- ii ; nro'.vu'-: I-'i :;;:iy v.'i ' ! :ii.ii :;--r in M ': i. ^.-ii' 1.. IliP'-ri-iil Klini-i 111' Itoiiliiii;. Kdi:or 15 :"r: M.M.D'.VIN Krni :, F WilKbl, F Ki'>:'.er. C l)i-nn, G Trotter. (J i» FT 0 3 () 0 0 0 •'i I) II 0 3*' '* One point ai.jrded. iMn: OF iiKAirr FAILIIIE. "The KnJ (ame .Suddenly lo .Mr>. K.iie I.e>I:e. of Itoiirbon Count .v. Sirs. Kate Leslie, aunt of W. I. "Lesii'! of this city and who lives seven miles porth <.f Hedtield in Bourbon Coijr.ty. died suddenly ihis morning of he.:rt failure, e^lie was ill but an horr. W. 1. Leslie was noiified by te'e-1 '.'iro'i .^fj'i'liiii; (11 .Men To."ierrr)H .'.I t.(ri;eii;. ai T.'.ree (roiock. Tb.-re will be no ine I 's ii .t-i -nr.g ii the i^ir.-.'. laiili .st ehiiica tonight, the liicetliigs uii.i:! ;.a\e lieeli 111 progress d-.inag the la-^t wceii ii.,..i:ig io i .-.o.-.e io!::onov. i;:tei ;';:or. :i o t cck 1 V. itb a i.uiia iiie'liiig oi u.eii in tiie i -irst i.aiiu.-t (.iiiiicli. At t;.at time a'--'-. U uiU be detoi'min'-d -..hether to .•jrit:r.i;e the uieciings throughout the coming we>-k or :iot. .-'.T i .ie nn-ei:!:;,' iasi night. Ilev. W 'iaiii (^-.dy. pastor of the Fresbyteriaii church at Coioiiy. was liie speaker I He gave an earnest address on th subject of soul-w;niiing. There was a good attendance and the evangelistic comirittce of tli" .Men and iieli- sjion Forward iio'.enieut is v.ell j'ieas- cd with the effort made. With improved weather conditions ard less do'r.g in the social world, it is believed that the meetings, if continued next week, v.ouid attract larg- J er congregations. The men and boys of lola are urg- -phone of bis aunts death, but no .in-1 ,o attend the meeting to-aiorrow^ nounc^nient of f-.meral arrangements .afternoon in the Baptist church. wsF ni5de. The Famous J^^^ Lamp The best part o( the day tt the evening, when the whote fanuly is gathered together arcttnd the lamp. The old days of tlie unoLjr fircpUce aod fiicLering CMidle are fone foreret. In tlieir ' p!sce have come the cocrecicnt cil ftore acd the iodiipeBnble Rayo Lamp, Tltere ate toSty, io the Vnktd Stales aloa« mere than 3,000,000 oi ihcK Rayo larapa, gin'ig their dear, while iijht ta mo:e than 3.000LOOO bomea. Other lamp* coit moce, but yoa cancot eel a b^lcr lijfat than the loar-pnced Rajro prtu b has become Mpopolar we cuy a.moit caU k ** tba officii kibp of tb« AmKtiaxa fajsHf." ^ Thef^jvuBaJeoffoIklbtsa.w&l'.cndeomeicdbdfitah—aa aRaawnt aajrwimik Aafc yes dealer lar a IW Vnp: or WTLe <^<npira Stahdard Oil Company —C^iiaries rr.iriiaiii, l.oviii;.;ten 1!!.. '^-.s s;i( cLcA 'd In lindin.:? a po-;Mve ;'ure for bed wetting. "Jiy lluie bnj rt-el t!ie bed e\ery night Pi -,>:'.r thro' on the ficor. i tricfl .several kinds of Kidney medicine and I ia the drug ,tore lookirg for something different to help him whf.n i heard of Foley Xidncy Fills. Ater he had taken them :wo days wo coiiid sec a ciiaase and v^-hen he had taken f.-.o thirds of a liottle he curcl. That is about •:lx weeks ago and '-.e net wet in bed since." J. I) .\!i:ndis Co. I'reliialnnry to the big gair.e tlu giri.^' teams of the lola and .Moran i' a .wuing man i |;'(:!, s< lioo'.s p'ayed a game which vn '-niowiiig It -,v;-.s won hands ilov.n by Moran by thr int'iiding It, • scon- of 33 to 4. The iola girls obiicvi, i-s to a j v.,>,ilii perhaps have made a birttei tiutr.b. r 01 p-.::,:r i:: r.\-,-r\e gal-| .-howir.g if it hadn't been for Miss I 'Tv at •!.. i.-ii ).,Kt i Hurlev. the tall .Moran forward, whc n' 1 y.ji; ^TI;':! l,f me say i th lew a basket every tfme she got the tii:it t„.r- s,-, i i' Kinds nf "root-j ball, it being impossible for the Io';a .-l-.'., ;.,.i!.:i',;y I'dl.bM. v> i •ii:li(li' iliiin v WATCH THE DAILY MARKET REPORT f'.r oir i.iier'.s. iii:t 11 ii:ei!ibei- trie prices (fuoted in The Register are J tl'.e ^aIl :e .'ay tii aicr hs i.^ved and not for the day following, j Oui- for l',.!!owiiig Jay ,vi' be subject to market changes— ; hiy.hrv or low;;/ as i::e\c:is'- i!..iy h-.. \s'e advise our custoincrs to call : us i:,i bd'oi-f leHir.:;. We .vilf i a/ you best jirlco iKJSSible"for your , prodi'.ce at uV. tiaie.s—bn.-^ed on in-itct conditions. THE COGHILL COMMISSION CO../ riione 37Q Wext of .Snnta Fe Trnc):!i loin, KunMS • ...J!?. ill'-'" "hica arv- :•!! ri-Jr. :HUI one kind -.vlKch !s a'l >vr,.n:r. It is all rii;!!t to ch 'iT your cvii players and to ^ive the "Ye'l" r'i->d io sing and to applaud a eocd iiliV. .-'iiid it is all rif-h; to ni:'ko re;harkr. < vcn to shout :'ei ':arhs. pr -vvid, d -.ii. y .rar or insultin?.- to reach high enough to guard against her throws. She made 31 of Moran's total of 33 points. CLOiriiE IJ, Ki.ti From tiie tanri!!— .lo:;i-i:r.l: fifo n. i:dgar. for ii .ar.y y .^ars a proiainent resident of Lawr- ac»-. died th.s morii- iag a; his !iOi;.<» in loU. Heath cuiiv at 3 o'cloc'K this morning and wat due lo siomacii Uouble. .Mr. lidgai was ovtr T'J years of age and is survived by a yy'.fn aud ftv-; soi:s and two daughters. The family had intended ;o bring the body to l ^Twrence foi burial, ljut owing to t!;-: serious condition of Mrs. Edgar, tiiis v.-r.-, found impossible, pnd interment wiil be in the lo'a cemetery. Mr. Edgar v.-as the pioneers of Kansas and for many years lived at 102 Maryland street. North Ijiw- rence where he had an insurance office and was al-o a justice of th> peace for a number of years. .^!r. Edgar was also d'sttic pension ckiiic agent here until the tinie he rrn.ovet' to lola. lie was born in U-tyron. O.. July S, 1S32. and was married there In 1S.'.4. From Ohio ne moved to Kansas and served HS orderly sergeant In Company D First Reeiiiun' of Kansas .Mllit;.i In IS'iii lie came to T^awrence and resided here until about four years ago when he moved to loin to spend hla remaining dayf with his children who live there. In his later years Mr. Edgar Invented the Edgar lock nrd was (he founder of the Edgar t.'ar Lock and Seal Conj- Ijany, of loin. ' Mr. ISdxar waa well known In T«iv,'- renee and he wlH be rcmeinhereil by a large n'imber of friends hero who regret much to hear of his death. To those 'who next summer wll! covet a chance to maVn a trial at Arctic pxnloration, and who dread the South In aummer as a placr> of yellov.- fever and nroaqultos. It may be interesting to know that Taraoa. Fla., was about the only place in the United States that did not exnTiene* any verv low temperatures during the re- Clent cold niBp. The lowest at Tompa wu S4 degrees on January U. Thirteen must be an unlucky num- ', her for the lola basket ball team, for le not vul- their first defeat, sustained last night at the hands of Baldwin, occurred in "-'.y rMs miii-,.;:!! d young man did their thirteenth game. The boys are none of tliese. -lis cne fixed Id?a|far from being discouraged, however, •=ei-ini !l it) L? to r..ak' r. noise and to! and are as confident as ever of win- insult th- ;l:.yers of the visiting j nirg the state championship when the team. And FU with a voice like the • annual tournament occurs at Law- hull of n :,c::an br Gv .'nt th? e.eulng j rence In March, yelling "C.ii 'be i.iic mu-t!" "Git the I'nlversity iri;>: " " him; Git him!" "Hit the bai-r hir.d:" "Oh, you big mutt; 'b'on're iic'Iiin" btit a mutt!" And so 01;. -ind fo .tn until half the '•njoymi'iit nf the rrame was spoiled for Ibose v/irMn the sound of his voice. Doesn't he krow thar no gentleman wiU r>n . pihei to a p.layer in any s.ime or a.^s.iil him with a remark of any kind which he would not nddrofs to him if they were standing face to f:!c-? Iio'-sn't he know that "t Is cov>a'd!v to insult ?ny man when that man is in a pojltlcn that makes it Impcssiblc fnr him to rejilv? i' hi- drv.'sn': kinw these things It is time br wore Iparninc. h?nce the tha- you i.rini these few remarks fron; a r.-\SKKT HAIX F.\.\. m NORTHRUP NATIONAL BANK E lOLA, H,i.>SAS OVEU FOllTY TEARS OF rONSKKVATITE BAXKIXG LV IOLA MJeposiitory for the rnltcd SUtlvn, S'.AU- of Kansas, and Allen Connty ^ Ori -HER.S: T.. I.. .VOHTilHCP, President u. P. XORTHRUP, 2nd V-Prea. F. A. iNOKTllKUP. Vlce-l're!;!dent MELVIN FRONK. Cashier. R. J. COFFEY, Assistant Cashier CAPITAL §50,090.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 .Interest Paid on Time Pcposfis Safety Deposit Boxes for Bcni TOCU BUSIJfESS SOLICITED. •ff ^TT or OUT.-. I - .. _ F »AN'K J. ri ,;:NF -v ni:i<'-s oath that he Ls sraio 'art;.r of thr n.-i.-. jf F. J. I'MINTV ft Cn., doSu. -LSin».'ai lij t'lo 01 :r ni T-Iri-. •• -iid Sta! ^orrsjkl. anil ll. » L ."r.t-i ; . 'w rj": f. •>SF. ilf.vp.4i:'. i>.;!.l.'." ; . . i -.-la i-c.- .'SV of ClTARKI: CJL-^i'.Ol OC CtUk^l uy lu2 UOC In -viJ .'3 CATAHRU i:-,:^c. rriAvr: j. cnE.VEv. .STcm to iM/or.' r.- - ! ri-bsrrlLf/l In prtseso •Jii. fj> ciy o! i> ^:^-^.-r, .\. D.. I^'u, A. W. CL::.\.SOX. IiAl";i Calarrti Ci;rt »' t-.h-***. f*.tjr-.'..!j ar.t! nr-. ilTfrtly upon llK- I'- .;.U .i'.i lu.l'oui jurtiees of t.» •j-ati-m. Snul tor T.->-.i:n<.- li^. ir-.-. :. >. rn!..M;i 4 CO.Totcdc/ Sfiid by Ttnml-iA r.v. T»ti Uaa'l I-liT..!- 'b »f r •~«»-n. I tHilTIAHV. O. \V. .Velgbbarger was born In '.Icklng <o :intv. Ohio, }«e|it. 7. 1R3K, •iud died at iola. K :;s.. Jan. .12. .1912. being T3 years 4 months ami .-> days old. He cnine with bis narents In bis iKiyhcoil days to lllleoli", where on Jan. 27. I 'l .'.'s he we.s married to Sidney Turnlpsced. To this union was born four chlldn-n. Ihr.'f girls and 0 hoy. The wife and two glrla have gone lo the better world. June 8 1882 he was married to I.ucy Solander. To this union were born two girls, one having died In infancy. Dr. F. I^ B. I^avell is suffering severely as the result of freezing his feet when stranded out in thi; country with his automobile during the recent cold snap. Both his fret were fro7en, but until now they bad caused him little trouble. ' —Sneezing moping fowls have Houp. Cure them quickly- with Conkey's Roup Remedy, Get It on a "money-back" guarantee at Morris & Howard. • The Baldwin basket tall team which n^syed the lola team here last night, left this afternoon for Moran,; where they play the high school team of that city tonight. \ Coyan and Crawford will reiay In a mll^ roller skating race tonight at the rink'^salnst Orde 'Webb. Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. A03nSSIO .t ETcn[B )7 lOe Mtatei 15e Afternoons Sc . ftkatea' 10e- THOS. H. BOWLUS, President J. F. SCOTT, €a«hler Alien County State Bank IOLA, KANSAS ESTABLISHED A QUABTEB OF A CESTDKT. Capital r. $30,000.00 Surplus $40,000.00 Deposits $550,000.00 INTEREST PAID OX TIME DEPOSITS SAFETT DEPOSIT BOXES FOB KBOT 7^ TOLA STATE BANK Capital Stock ,..$25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME DEPOSITfV IM E. UOUVILLE, Pres. W. 8. KALTJLUI, 2ad Tfce FttU J. II. CA3IPIiELL, CaiUor. .. > A. W. BECK, Vlce-Prc!^ F. 0. BENSON, AsH. Cw\Mr SAFETY DEPOSIT IIO.VES FOB RENT. CANCER ^^^^^ —Persons tronbled with partial ^' ralyals are often very much benefij^' by massaging the affected spaiU'; tboroughlTr ^ben^pplybs 'aln's Liniments Thla ilnlQieiit^ ""' wlleves rhennuUle^aUnr: Foe '"^"^ aU

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