Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1974 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1974
Page 5
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|ay, November 2, 1974 INCES By GILL FOX M i I b»«A. Inc.. T.M. Rig. US PH. OH. fiat's funny. I was trying to dial grandma and somebody said 'Aloha'!" OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN «V, UP .THERE-IT'S FOR YOU/ WELL,; WHO ISIT? V THAT'S EWOLX3H.' IF ITS THAT HEAW- SET, BEARDEP BOVFRIEND OF YOUR SISTER'S, I DOW'T WAKJT YOU SET- TIMS IWTO A SET-ID V/ITH HER BY REFERRING TO HIM AS THE "HAier 1 HULK? ORTHE"BEARDEPBULHV <5IVE ME THE PHONE/ /— \ WHY MOTHERS' GET GRAY ll-l P 1|T< ty MU fc»t. T_M H«| UI PH Off UR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE ,5, FREP.T THINK AY (SREATEST INVENTION AS THE R0CKIN6 CHAIR : NERATaR! A£>.' /OR KEALTtf W POWERED THE TV. [JNFDRTUNMELY, THE KILLEP BY THE POWER LOBBY/ INVENTIONS HAVE WAV* BEEN E AMERICAN BUT PI ; 'f BELiEVE 1H HARP V/0RK ,_THE WAV TO THE TO P.' NbW trtERE'6 A FRESH IPEM <*X 'NE C7F HIS W0RST PAY5.' © 19M by HU Inc , T M EK&MEEK HOPE (ARK.) STAR Names Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Tralee damsel 5 Former name of Thailand 9 Musical syllable 12 Cain's victim (Bib.) 13 British princess 14 Cameron or Serling 15 Doomed 17 Village in Ohio 18 Change 19 Bestower 21 Engrossed 23 New Guinea port 24 Wicked 27 Appear 29 Talon 32 Feminine name (pi.) 34 Oleic acid salt 36 Most unusual 37 Doctors' assistants 38 Brought up 39 Matched groups 41 Powerful explosive 42 Head cover 44 Eve's son (Bib.) 46 Small military units 49 Charges 53 Time past 54 Little by little 56 Timetable abbreviation 57 Irish stream 58 Gaelic 59 Ethiopian CARNIVAL title 60 Was viewed 61 Merganser DOWN 1 Jewish term of reproach 2 Old Greek coin 3 Dispatched 4 Senior 5 Texas' Houston 6 Native 7 A fresh 8 Merit award 9 Return compliment 10 Was borne 11 Jewish month 16 Expunges 20 Speedster 22 Nuisances 24 Pigeon [2H3H tannin nrarara cana 25 Having wings 26Supervis6rs 2R Carlo 30 Solar disk 31 Rebecca—•; author 33 Lebanese Iree 35 Sheen (var.) 40 Hebrew ascetic 43 Pius XII. Paul VI. etc. 45 Harness parts 46 TV- persona lily 47 Taj Mahal site 48 Italian coins 50 Duration of office 51 Alleviate 52 Killed 55 Century lab.) 12 3 4 IS \6 7 113 20 36 38 25 153 56 59 9 10 11 30 31 |48 150 54 57 158 60 161 51 52 By DICK TURNER QI X ^o/ © 1974 by NEA, Inc.. T.M. Rtg. U.S. Pal. OH. "Oh, let's just go in and buy it, Homer! I think we owe it to ourselves!" BLONDIE Vitamin C is good for you. That's why we martini drinkers manage to stay healthy — chewing on the lemon rind. Send your favorite senator a caucus clock for Christinas. Simile: As indestructible as Halloween candy corn. Any more, it seems that the only serious offense is to get caught committing a no- no. GOOD NEWS, • DEAR- TONISHT I'M _ GOING TO MY T GARDEN J * CLUB'S FUCHSIA ' FESTIVAL b* NJ L\Q d-2 By HOWIE SCHNEIDER U'< by NEA. Inc. TM «q U S. Pll OK 00 FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES TO FREEWAY /rW i® wZ «/ ..^'^' „ ^X o •^Or J£S^7 -//-2 %?J<: C.***~ MERGE \*o <3Tft) YIELD CRINGE BUGS BUNNY ByHEIMDAHL&STOFFEL ' JUST THOUGHT I'D DROP 0 IN, RJDDSY/ WHAT'S NEW 5 R A^JD HAVE &EEN WATCHING TELEVISION... VHATS WKON© ? I THOUGHT VA !BUT THIS IS TH FOURTH « .TIMEIVE HAD TO / j LOOK AT THIS Ni FLASH GORDON IPagc Five By DAN BARRY : NO.' 1 WILL V -MAKE A5TRU66LE OF IT... IT COULP EARN ]Y fM/SH HIM/' YOU APARPON/'!/ S£T OM WITH IT, CLAIUS ALI/ THE BORN LOSER ByARTSANSOM » UM by «A. Inc . \ M BH U 5 Pll OH (JEAVE THG ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE WHERE'S DOCTOR ) UP TO THE STATE UNIVERSITY eoiNGry HE WANTS TO RUN SOME DATA S THROUGH THEIR COMPUTER IS IT AMDUDON'T GIVING NOU KNOW THE PROBLEMS?/ HALF OF. y IT, MARKO/ I THOUSHT \OU HAD YOUR OWN COMPUTER/ CAPTAIN EASY CRATE--APPAKEMT- LY PKU0DEP1 THEM HE GOT OUT AMD I HAP TO-ER.- By CROOKS & LAWRENCE WHILE UPSTAIR AH, WOWPERFUL!... VOU'V/E BROUGHT THE MONEV F(?OAA_ LOMPOMi By CHIC YOUNG BUT! WANTED TO SO BOWLING OKAY BUT IF YOU GO BOWLING,^ DON'T BOTHER TO COME HOME I'D LIKE TO ROLL i BOWLING BALL RIGHT THRU THEIR FUCHSIA BED/ »YMOND WINTHROP ByDICKCAVALLI CINDY STICKe HERTC3NGUE OUT AT ME WHENEVER I PrONV KNOvV WHY SHE DISLIKES ME. OH, SHE DOESN'T DI6LIKE YOU... SHE JUST DOESNT W/^ YOLi TO TV11N K SHE'S IGNORING YOU. CAMPUS CLATTER By LARRY LEWIS I GOT THE IDEA OM HALLOWEEN. IF WE CAN'T BEAT ST^rf, MAYBS THESE WILL AT LEAST THROW A SCARE INTO THEMj ' I <NOlV SOME OF \ THEM SCARED MECK j OUT OP MB I / PRISCILLA'S POP ByALVERMEER BLESS HE-R HEART, SHE'S KMITTING ME A SWEATER" NOT EVERY \ GIRL IS SO DEVOTED TO HER FATHER'

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