Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 23, 1976 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, April 23, 1976
Page 10
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Hughes Died in Blaze of Obscurity Published by the Students of Carroll High School Vol. 23 Carroll, Iowa, Carroll Times Herald, Friday, April 23, 1976 No. 30 35 Ways to Catch Some Sun Since the spring weather has finally appeared, why not take the time to enjoy it. When the rain isn't pouring and the worms aren't out. go outdoors and get some sun. There are always many athletic events to involve yourself in. Pump-up those bike tires and go bicycling. Dust off your golf clubs and play a round or two of golf. Engage in tennis, singles or doubles. Gain exercise by jogging or try yoga. Gather your friends together and form a baseball team or basketball team. Attempt volleyball or badminton. Not the athletic type? Croquet is often challenging and fun. A ping-pong table can be moved outside. If you have a green thumb, now is as good a time as any to start planning a garden. Plant something different. Try sowing fruits and vegetables instead of the usual flowers. Experiment with herbs, also popular are avocados. Think big, plant a sapling and watch it grow all summer long. Get a gang together and pitch pennies! Put your dog on a leash and take it for a walk. Be different, oil your roller skates and go for a spin! Throw a frisbie around. Saddle up a horse and go riding. Those with an artistic streak, take advantage of the weather and paint outdoors. Visit a park and swing on a swing. Feeling industrious? Wash the car and wax it. Pull your ladder out of storage and wash the windows on your house. Dig the weeds that are starting to show in the lawn or mow the yard. Who knows, maybe these activities might even pay off! Question of the Week: How About a Track King? As many of you know, the tradition of "Glamour Guy" has been discontinued for a year or so. Do you think that it should be re-initiated or left alone? Or maybe we need something new and different. Of course it is too late to have any sort of "Glamour Guy" dance this year, but in any case we posed a new question to the students of Carroll High. What are your ideas on having a "Track King" to reign over the girls'relays? Lori Wilson — Yes, if they have a girl for the boys' News Clips A.F.S. ELECTS NEW SLATE OF OFFICERS A.F.S. held a meeting on Wednesday, March 31, to decide on new officers. Those chosen were: President — Mike Petersen; Vice-President — Brenda Huebner; Secretary — Roxanne Ohde; Treasurer — Cindy Franz. Plans for the marathon dance to be held on May 15 were also discussed. The dance will be from 5:30 p.m. to midnight. Entertainment will possibly be provided by some local groups. Advanced tickets are 60 cents for couples, 40 cents for singles. At the door tickets will be priced 75 cents for couples and 50 cents for singles. Prizes will be awarded to those who dance the longest. The dance is open to anyone from Carroll, high school age or above. All proceeds will be donated to some sort of charity. -0- BIOLOGY II CLASSES START NEW UNIT The Biology II classes are currently studying personalities and also preparation for marriage. Each student is to pick a topic within these areas and do a report. Some topics chosen are fundamental development tasks between the ages of 12 and 21, and human emotions. The students will become more involved as the week progresses. To start with however, they're defining paranoia, schizophrenia, and maniac depression, along with finding symptoms and possible treatments. The last part of the nine weeks will be dedicated to Botany. -0- SENIORS PLAN SKIP DAY The Senior class held a meeting last week. The meeting was called to discuss a Senior class trip on Skip Day. It has been tentatively decided that the class will spend a day at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. If this goal cannot be reached the class of '76 will go to Adventureland in Des Moines. In the remainder of the meeting they devoted time to ideas for fund raising. Working in concession stands, bake sales and a show at the theatre were all submitted as ideas for fund raising projects. A committee was picked to further research possible activities. It was voted that those members desiring to attend this Senior class function must pay $5.00 (along with the $3.00 class dues). Both of these must be paid by May 1st. in order to be involved in Skip Day'76. relays, they should have a boy for the girls'relays. Jeri Beidler — Yes, so I could be an escort! Janel Sporleader — Sure, why not, equal opportunity for all! Sue Millender — I think it would be nice if the boys would go for it. Beth Petersen — It wouldn't be so bad, but I don't think too many boys would even want it because they would probably be ridiculed about it. Peggy Willenborg — I think it would be a good idea. But not too many people would go along with it. Tammie Eissens — Well, now that girls' sports are picking up and finally being recognized. I think this would be a good move towards building spirit. Jean Johnson — If they can have a track queen, why not a track king. Tim Dvorak — If you have a track king, why don't you have a homecoming king? Jane Bliss — I think they should have a King and Queen to reign over both of the meets. Roz Fair — I guess it would be all right, but I really wouldn't care one way or the other. It depends how many people are interested in it. So far, I haven't heard many people talking about it. Sue Lehrkamp and Lori Wilkins — It would be a bad idea, because the guys wouldn't participate anyway. They eliminated Glamour Guy because no one would get involved, why would they care about this? Jim Seidl — I think it would be great if you could get enough guys to go along with the idea. Joyce Onken — I think it would be neat. We don't have Glamour Guy anymore, so why not? It maybe would make the guys feel a little better. You could at least give it a try. Note: "Glamour Guy" was originally eliminated because it was sponsored by the FHA and they felt they could no longer raise enough money to support such a dance. Carroll t-|rgH School I «ww* Adults Student** 100 Rapping on Records By Roz Fair Peter Frampton, where have you heard that name before? Well if your older brothers or sisters bought albums, you may have seen his name on a Humble Pie album or more likely an early solo album. Lately, though, you've probably been hearing his name on the radio. Twenty-five-year-old Peter Frampton has come a long way since he quit the group he helped form, Humble Pie, five years ago. He has been performing concerts for seven years; two as second guitarist in Humble Pie and five as a solo artist. He has released four solo albums: Wind of Change, Frampton's Camel, Something's Happening, and Frampton prior to Comes Alive. Before Comes Alive, his first platinum album, none of his albums had gone beyond the 200,000 sales mark. The album itself is a collection of numbers from previous albums done live. The single of the album. Show Me the Way, was originally from the Frampton album. The album starts off with Something's Happening, a rockin' number from his third album. The second side, shows Frampton's talent with the acoustic, guitar on such songs as All I Want To Be (is by your side) and Wind of Change. On side three is (I'll give you) Money, an earlier single that did well on the West Coast. Side four finishes the album with the classic. Lines on May Face and Do You Feel Like We Do, which shows the talent of Bob Mayo on keyboards and Frampton on the talkbox. All the other songs on the album complete the sound of Peter Frampton with the help of John Siomos: drums, Stanly Sheldon: bass, and Bob Mayo: guitar and keyboards. Peter Fampton's sudden success won him the cover story of Rolling Stone and other magazines including Newsweek. Pack some food and have a picnic at a park or a lake. In the evening, make it an outdoor barbeque. If you like nature settings, try backpacking. Take a weekend and get an early start on the camping season or go fishing. Combine ingredients to make your own flavor of ice cream. Set-up a Kool-aid stand — if you're feeling squirrelly. Of course, there are more alternatives. It's a great time to drive a convertible or just roll the windows down on your car and feel the breeze. Better yet, "hit" the dirt with your motorcycle. Whatever you choose as an activity. HAVE FUN! [Sports] Girls Golf Has Conference Meet It's conference golf meet time already as our Carroll High girl club swingers prepare for their familiar rivals. The six school event will be held in Denison, Tuesday, April 27. The girls' team will take an impressive 2-2 record with them into the contest. Coach Charlotte Lockey's squad is led by All-Stater Holly Juergens who does not just putt around. She boasts a 38.75 stroke average and holds all medalist honors for the season thus far. Coach Lockey will wait to see the performances of other players before naming the six member roster for the conference battle, but Holly Evans, Molly Whaley. Tarn i G raham. Lisa Fredrickson. and Jean Grettenberg have been handling the varsity duties and are likely candidates for the positions. • v ln JV golf action, the girls hold a 1-4 mark, losing some of the matches by only two or three strokes. Their effort is being made by many girls who are just beginning the sport as well as a few old hands at the game. The seven JV golfers are juniors Beth Petersen and Rita Harmening. sophomores Alison Beck and Julie Harmening and freshmen Teri Wilson. Nancy Mechura and GlorianneCollison. Keep up the good work and good luck for the remainder of the sea son! CHS Boys Win Meet A delay of game plans didn't hamper the boys' golf team as they swept the Carroll Invitational in a tie-breaking play-off April 19. The meet was regularly scheduled for Saturday, April 17. but rain forced a two-day postponement. The weather was much more cooperative on Monday for the nine school, eighteen hole event. Coach Bill Evans was very pleased with his team's showing in the contest, especially their season best combined total score of 307. But 307 also happened to be the magic number of strokes for Storm Lake after finishing their eighteenth hole, so a three hole play-off determined Carroll High as the real victor. Todd Pettitt led Carroll's winning effort with a 71, followed closely by Jeff Jensen, Tom Reiman. Brad Wuertz, and Jim Sides. Congratulations! WASHINGTON - (LENS) — Whatever eventually happens to the vast and tangled financial empire that Howard Hughes left on his death, it is certain that scores of lawyers will grow rich disputing the proceeds of his estate, estimated at $1.5 to 2 billion. Towards the end of his life, the whereabouts of the reclusive billionaire inspired as much speculation as the existence of the Loch Ness monster or the origin of flying saucers. It was not surprising therefore that doubts should have persisted over whether it was really he who died and whether he had or had not left a will. By all accounts, the emaciated 70-year-old man who died of kidney failure on a private flight from Acapulco was indeed Hughes, the country's second richest man. He had been an air -ace, aircraft designer and owner of one of _the world's biggest airlines. CHECK He died en route to a hospital in Houston, where he was born and where he was buried. His habits were eccentric and his financial dealings mysterious. His name cropped up repeatedly during the Watergate scandals. The businesses in which he had made his fortune, thanks in part to huge government contracts, were oil drilling, aircraft, films and, later, military helicopters. He bought Trans World Airlines and RKO Pictures and sold both at a large personal profit. The empire he left, which included large gambling interests in Las Vegas as well as big parts of Nevada and southern California, was consolidated in 1972 in the Summa Corporation. This was his personal holding company. He owned all the shares and issued no accounts. Hughes Tool, his original Tlmei Herald, Carroll, la. | f\ Friday, April 23, 1976 • ** company, inherited from his father, went public in 1972. The ownership of Hughes Aircraft, one of the largest suppliers of satellites, missiles and electronic equipment to the military, was transferred to the Howard Hughes Medical Foundation in Miami, a partially tax-exempt charitable foundation. It was believed that Hughes wished to leave most of his fortune to the institute. At his death, Hughes was a much sought after man. Plaintiffs and prosecutors in numerous legal suits sought his presence in court in vain. He ignored them all. Chief among these was a suit by the Securities and Exchange Commission against Hughes and Summa Corporation for alleged stock manipulation during Hughes's takeover of the Las Vegas based airline, Airwest, in December, 1968. Others will miss Mr. Hughes's day in court. The Las Vegas newspaper publisher, Hank Greenspun, is suing Summa Corporation for $142 million. Summa, he says, wrongfully placed a lien on 2,000 acres of land he owned as security against an unpaid debt to Hughes. Defense attorneys in a criminal trial in Los Angeles would have welcomed Hughes's testimony as well. The defendant, Donald Woolbright, is accused of criminal extortion for trying to sell back to Mr. Hughes for $1 million some personal papers stolen from .Summa's offices. It was after the burglary that Hughes' last famous venture came to light: the "Glomar Explorer," the Hughes ship commissioned by the CIA to raise a sunken Russian submarine from the bed to the Pacific. Mysterious but profitable, it typified Hughes. YOUR CHECKERBOARD CORNER =That New Hi-Octane Pig Starter Really Starts Pigs Right! OVER 80 CARROLL AREA HOGMEN ARE USING THIS GREAT NEW STARTER ALREADY! THEY LIKE THE NEW "CRUMBILIZED" FORM AND REPORT FAST GAINS, WITH NO LOOSENESS! Shown here is Randy Drees, son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Drees, Rte. 2, Carroll with his set of pigs started on Hi-Octane. Randy reports excellent gains, no loose droppings and real good feed conversion. HERE ARE THE FEEDING FACTS ON RANDY'S PIGS: • NO. OF HEAD 132 • STARTING WGT. ......34.31 Lbs. • WGT. 16 DAYS LATER . .56.92 Lbs. • AVE. DAILY GAIN/HEAD 1.413 Lbs. • FEED PER IB. OF GAIN . ...2.11 Lbs. • FEED COST/IB OF GAIN .... 19.79< THIS IS REAL FINE PERFORMANCE AND WE CONGRATULATE RANDY FOR A JOB WELL DONE! wwwu Call Us For New "Hi-Octane" Starter For Your Pigs, Today! '•••••••••••••••••••-•--------------- _...___- if ' i — NOW IS THE TIME TO KILL THOSE DANDELIONS! Our "Triple-Tonic" Will Do The Job — Plus Fertilize and Add Iron to Green Up Your Lawn USE ONE OF OUR SPREADERS, FREE -OR ASK US FOR LOW-COST CUSTOM APPLICATION! GOLF / • TRIPLE TONIC. WEEDr ' FEEDS IRONADDE. Jim Sides • Mixes Easily — Stays in Solution • Has Neomycin to Prevent Scours • Works Great for Calves, Lambs — Pets, Tool NEED A GOOD MILK REPLACER? -TRY OUR "NURSE GRO"! CHICK SUPPLIES? -WE HAVE 'EM! • Feeders • Waterers • Purina Chick Startena Produce & Feed Co. — T b Your COMPLETE Feed, Seed & Farm Service Center

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