Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 20, 1912. lOLA DAILY KEGISTJiK - TIM IOU Daily Raeord and rha lola Dally I Indax. rf fiK BEGISTEB PUBLI8UIN0 CO. KBter«d at the lola Postoffice aa Second- Class Matter. . •avertiains Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. ' By Carrier In lola, Gat City, Lanyon- villa, Cfnereto, LaHarpe and Baisett: One Wt^k 10 cents One Month 44 cente One Tear ;6.00 BY MAIL: One Tear, Inside county S2.0u OM Tear, outside county ;..J3.00 TELEPHONES: Business Office U Society Reporter li Job and Bindery I>ept 141 OftlrJal Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. BAKING POWDER Absoluiciy Pare The only Baking Powder made frgm Royal Grape Cream of Tartar ^ NO ALUM, NO LIME PHOSPHATE SCKIPTIRE. 1 .4.^^4.1.. 4 4. Errlrsliislrs 5 :1 .7. Keep thy foot when thou goest the house of God, and be more read to hear, than to give the sacririce fools: for they consider not that they do evil. He not rash with thy mouth, and let —not thine heart be hasiy to litter any tthing before God; for God U heaven, and thou upon earth: there lore let thy words be fe*. For a dream comelh throuKh tl multitude of buslneKs; and a fool voice Is known by multitude of word When thou .vowcFt a vow unto God defer not to jiay It ;for he hath n l>lea8urf In fools: pay that which -thou hast vowed. — Better Is It that thou shouldest not vow, than that thou shouldest vow and not pay. Suffer not thy mouth to ca ;i.=e th flesh to ."sln; neither say thou before the angel that It was an error _ wherefore should God be angry at thy voice and destroy the work of thine bands? - For in the multitude of dreams and many words there are also diver? vanities: but fear thou God. WHY XOT A COrXTY F .\R.MElll Under this heading there was imb iished yesterday the suggestion thai Allen county employ an expert, sclen tlflc farmer and farm manager, whr should give his entire time to build Ing up the agricultural interests of the county, and letters from Presi dent Waters and Prof. Miller, of the - State Agricultural College comraent- - Ing^npon and approving the idea. The subject is cpntinued in this issue to emphasize the suggestion and to call special attention to some of the points made by President Wateri and "Trof. Miller. As the lottef-s make clear, the ideii Is not by any means a new one. It really originated with the late Dr Knapp of "the Department of Apricu'.- ture, who was put in charge cf th work und'^rtnken by the Dcpartmcni to combat the boll weevil hi the coi- _ ton States, tte very soon discovered that there were many sections in tin u South where it was going to br- impossible to raise cotton, for a long time at least, and yefwhere the people had never raised anything else. " The only solution of the problem therefore, was to teach the peopli ^=how to raise other crops. Of coursf Dr. Knapp could not spread himself ov^r five or six Stat<-s, and so he in stalled an agent In every county tr _ spend his entire time among the _ fanners, showing Ihem what to plant -how to plant it and how to cultlvat- "and harvest it. The results were sc quickly apparent that many of thi _ Southern States soon toOkiit up and have Teaped incalculable benefits from it. You may have noticed that I the production of corn in t^ South- em States has multiplied three foil during the past five or six years, li —iB the county farmer who has done it. And did you notice what President ' ~ Waters said about the Denmark sys tern and its results?. A miserab'." — little pld rocky, boggj', cold, country- let And y£t it supports 155 people —to the siiuare mile and exports nini dollars worth of food for every acre under cultivation, w bile • it is just about all we can do here in the finest agricultural country on earth tr raise enough food for ourselves and only twenty-or-so of us to the square - mile. The difference is in the wa.v wo about it. Air over Denmarl there are farmers associations, litil< tight corporations which employ i-.r expert to help their members get thi' __very last drop of milk at the very letat cost. These Danish experts act --also as purchasing and selling ripent."- T for the associations they represent, 'seeing to It that ihi-ir jKitrons ge' what they have to buy at vholesali; rates and receive for what they have I .to sell the hlghepi price that ran be ^commanded. , Dut thaJ Is another Jtory l^.^-V^e writer of tills knew what was being done in Cir .South and he knew j _JWhat was being done In Denmark, 1^ sad he knows what Is being done in many other couctrips along this line. |r But be wanted the first statement to ^rate from President Waters, aloji^ with his own weighty endorsement of the plan. / There can be no possible question that what has worked out well in oth- ef counties and in other States and in other countries would work out well here. Thrre I'TC f .ir:ii'is ii Allen county wh-^ ; •:' •;.<!l ' for years and yet have v.r,: t ahoad while otlvr.^ who h;;.t' wcriicd m harder li .ive -rowu wralihy. Then must be srn;-' reason for it. One ol those who h;ive not got nhi ::d coulc! invite the County Tarnier to rcme out to his fjirni and tell him why.—and the chances are he could do It: and in telling Wliy there had been a faiiur( in the past he could point out the way to success In the future. Some inaii with a little patch of ground near town would like to try truck farming hut never any experience; h* could come and find out from th« County Farmer how to go about it. Some orchardlst has "heard all his life" about spraying, but doesn't know just the mixture to buy or how to ap- ii \y It; the County Farmer could tell hlnj. Some corn raiser got only half IS big a crop as he knows his land .should produce: the County Farmer could t"Il him why. Somebody WIK has h<':ird about the jirollts In alfalfa would like to know if it wouU; •row well on his soil; the County Farmer could tell him. These' are some of the thousand questions tha vould bo put up to the County Farmer for an answer that would be worth m.'.r.y thousands of dollars to Allen county. But the County Farmer would not sit in his office waiting for things to •9 brought' to him. He would have .1 score of projects going on all the ime. He would be introducing new varieties in corn and wheat and vcge- ab'.es and having thorn tried out by one farmer under expert guidance. He -would have a model acre in at ast every townshiji, demonstrating iust how much corn or oats or wheat or potatoes ought to be grown. He would organize boys corn clubs and lavc a tliousand boys for the firs; inie in their lives really inti iTstod In lio farm. (Think what thai would ncan to Allen county, that one hingl) He would take iho County air out of any ruts it may have fallen into. He would put new life into the cod old Horticultural Soci. ly. H" vc-ild make the Parmer's Institiite -eally amount to sometiiliig In a wc d !io would be a little, on''-inar. .cdel of the Agricultural College, and he Kxiierlmi-nt Station, and the De- laitmcnt of Aprieullurf. camiilii!; IgSii lure In Alli II (ouiiiy all the ime, and he would earn his salary I hundred times over. SUFFERED EVERYTHING For Fourteen Years. Restored To Health by Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Corcpcunt]. Elgin. 111. —"Aftt-r i;'jrtr-.-. yrsrs c' suflering e-.L-rvthii!" from fen-aic coir.- p'iints, I am at last restored to health. "I cTT .pIoyeJ th? best doctors ar.l even went to the hospital for treatment and w^as told there was no help for nui. But whil'j taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound I began to improve and I continued its iit:c until I Vfoz made well." BIrs. HENEY LEI£.-:BLRG, 743 Adams St. Kcamey.-:vil!e, V/. Va.-"I feel it my •Juty to writ'.! ar.d say what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vtgclabic Compound has dene for me. 1 suffered from female iveakness and at tiroes felt so miserable could hardly endure being on my feet "After takinpr Lydia E. Pinkham's Ye.sretablo Cojnpourd .ind following your ri) -cial directions, my trouble is gone. Words fail to exptva my thankfulness. I recommend your medicine to all my friends."-Mra. G. B. WHITTINGTON.. Tlie above are only two of the thousands of grateful letters which are con- sUMtly being received by the Pinkham Medicine Company of Lynn,Mass.,whItA show clearly what gn-at Uiings-Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegi^table Compouml does for those wHo suffer from woman's ills. , ^.y^ want "IM^I'l sdTlcc writ* to Xfdis E. Pinkkam Hcdicinc Co. (eonfl- dentlal) Lynn, Mas». Your letter will be opened, n^ad and aniinrred by a noBUM) Md IieU in strict conJldeaee. And now ladles and gentlemen, the •ubject is before the house for dis- r-usslon under the column rule,- .vhlch means that everybody is in • iled to say what he thinks about it )ut to try and keep his thinks wlth- a the limit of a column. What has he gentleman from Carlyle, and the -cntleman Irom Deer Creek and the entleinan from old Osage and all the •est of the gentlemen got to say about '? Shall we havr* a County Parmer <T not? If not why not, and if so how and when? (UIJIIT T<»; i :rT WILL THEV. Fredi'riek I'phain .-Vdanis, who ha:•-• -asfonaKy done a turn of niuckiak- ag himself, denouncfs the new.sjia- 'tra for their tit^atinent of lumber- i;an Mines la the Lorlnier matter. Ilnef. he sayH has utterly disproved :ie diarge tliat he attempted to rais ;e :ny IIOC.UOO l.orlmer money, but the ipwspnrnrs have given no sort of pub- Iclty to the evidence in lline.-i' favor, .vhlle "playing up" every Item of tes- tiicny to illfciedlt him. We know- nothing of the proof of Mines' Inno- •enee but one thing is reascnabl.\ :?r;-i!n—tiie ncw.cj-.apers will prim ;e report o"" the Senate committee :'.\\?\\ is, collecting all the evidence :nd give Mlne^ the benefltl of everj'- :iing the committee finds, whether for tr against the lumberman.—Topeka •r.pUal. / That is what the newspapers ought to do: but will they? They did not do it the other time.—that is the "reform" newspapers. It will be re- nenib^red th:it this is the second time 't 'liator Ix)rimer has been investigat- d. The first time the committee ren- Inred a Judgment in his favor. Inte :id of printing the testimony upon vhieh tills report was based, the '.ewsi ;aper8 . most of them without i -cn reading it, promptly declared he report a whitewash and declared '.orlmer guilty. We are not sure but ive believe the Capital was one of hose which did not print the testimony but which did dcc'Iarc Lorimer '.jujliy. At any rate when one of its 'orrosi'ond<nis recently attacked Sen- :tor Curtis because of his vote in favor of Lorimer, the Capital made no rif'fcnse of Iiim. The present Senile committee in all human proba- uility will bring in a report favorable o lorimer for nothing has been de- ..•loiied in this second trial that was iiot shown in the first. When It doeii, it is to be hoped I ho n(-wspapers, the '•:e;il!.Tl among them, will print the report and give, not only Hlnes. but !.crl:ner himself "the benefit of everything the commitiee finds." alon under the chairmanship of Sen- grettable incident but these are all we ator Aldricb, the Register called at- happen to recall at this writing. You tention to the fact that so far from may take your choice. But it will concentrating control over finances of not make the least difference' which the country in New York the plan in one of them is the truth, so far as the fact discriminated against that great practical political results are con- money center, and suggested that if cern.d. Governor Wilson's Goose is any section of the country, had cause Cooked, fpr complaint It was Wall Street. In confirmation of that opinion . ., ... there appeared in a recent editorial J\f"'"/ *° In the .New York Times the following and the in- paragraph- ' numerable demands that are made upon her time and strength the Reg- Jotcn"L'M°n'''" ^"J f °/ istcr did uot intend for a moment to the association, scveni of them ex-of- ficlo. Of these, tie banks of .\ew York minimize the very great amount of City, doing 30 per cenk of the banking worK along tne same lines that is be- bu-siness ci the country, would choose jng done by the Salvation Armv and "'rh^'^n^tlrrn^uVber.''-^"^''''^^""^ "t^er religious, henevolenc or charl- Tho Times then proceeds with AUCJL ^'''^ organizations. The purpose, of force, and It must be admitted with ""^^ ""'^ ^^^"^ t^^' a great deal of reason, to protest- ''""""^^ ^'^^ being made upoi, Mrs. Jones than the community had against this discrimination. It may be that the discussion which is to comr In Congress over the measuVe it^will ba changed in this respect, although It may very v.ell be argued that \ew York has had control over he country's finances long enough and with enough disastrous results in Tiany Instances to make a change desirable. But the .'act that Wall Street Is complaining Should at least silence the criticisms of those who have op- 71,0 Lawrence Journal declares posed the .•Vldrlch plan on the score ,j,at "Taft Is a stronger and better thai it pu> the Street In control of the President than Roosevelt was," but I a right to impose upon any one individual. That these demands are made in spite of the activity of the vation Army and other societies shows that there are many cases of distress which those organizations cannot or do not reach, and the relief of which, therefore must be provided for through some other agency. nation's cuTency and banking ^iys-j tern. that he has been made unpopular among the people by 't'he most brutal criticism." And then it proceeds to declare for' Roosevelt. Isn't that ,a pretty good way to encourage "the most brutal criticism?" Doesn't the •fournal know that th" very iiurpose of this criticism Is to turn nicN •igalnst Taft, and not to safeguard llie public weal? .SO.HKilODY EhSE f .'ETTIX (J TIRED l.,awrcnco Gazette: The people are ired and sore at having a lot of poll- iohins shout from the housetops that he "People" want this, and the "People" want thai, without knowing or caring a whoop whether the pe-ople ever tl.ought of such a thing or not. They have kept on electing Republl; Mildred Is trying to locate a con- an legislatures and Republican offl- dens"d milk factory and the Ledger ;al3 firmly believing that in tpe end is very Intelligently boosting the prop hings w:ould be riglited. They have ositioa by printing tetters from towns been rewarded by laws that nobody where such a f.actory now exists. In understands and. few pay any alten- one letter from Mulvane the writer tion to. and still by other laws that expresses the opinion that the "Con- nobody asked for or wanted, and that densery" In that town has advanced have resulted in the turning of the the v.ilue of land in the neighborhood people against the party that Is held ^o $15 an acre, responsible. * » • We are law ridden and law cursed, and the threat Is ow to pass still more laws that the people do not want, and they will re- nudiate along with the makers of hem if thev are passed. Kansas has notoriety are too often construed not Taft. nor Roosevelt, nor Bryan. «=<'°^"" nor I.aFol!ette to* blame for political ir economic conditions; she has a The Mildred Ledger has cUangec' ot of politicians who have been try- hands. Mf: Jlellrn, who has made the ng to get and keep office regardles? Ledger a mod'', small town v.eekly of the wish or welfare of the people, bi ing succeeded by Mr. R. H. Coi'ey The new proprietor has tlie best St, rang neawy II a -.vcrriHii i: si;cr.!< nni' !;•-ihhy 11 a Vr-o:rj-.tily ••vr.y, moth- crhvvid means to h -.-i' bii: L'rh-. ^iua \.Ti-.-.'.-. Ttio trouble lies :n :hi: f^L^t :'aat th- .fiv "wi -c-.n ;;:r :c>- T: -r: -veaiincss ond disieass oi t::c •.Hstin-^t''/ ic!ii>::> j or^,^r .)5 ;a -lii! arc uaGctcd icr moUicrh '>3c. '«>.!« c ;i;i hi reuieUiji^. Df. Pierce's Fa crite Pfescriptioii Cures the -n-catn^iscri rsd duordcrs of vronfen. i.' Ect-* dirccUy en the dclicpto and j .'T '^ortaot organs concerned in irotiicrhood, makii.'g tbsia LsiUthy, stroc^t vii;ot-oii.'', vlrjic tiid c !.-3illc. "FcvoHte Prescription" iijnblic; tl :c ind-jpositions of the period of cxpcotaoc)' cf.i tr .iUcs bah-,-'s ad,ent easy acj clir.ost pa:ule:;s. It qi ;::U 'jns an! v'talizcs [."-.o fciniaino 'or^Jao;, aiid ins-jrcs a l-calt!'y LKJ robust baby. TiiousaatJs of women harn testified tj its r.iarveiij:!;: ncii::-. It Makes Wcsk Women i^iror.^. li Makes Sick Women WetL ^ Honest li .-iij ^ists da .-.ot ciT -.T E -j!)!;t;tutes, nr.d ur<-; thc .-r: upon you as "just CI !in»J." .^.cccp: CO reorot nostrum in plucu of this r-iV-sccret remedy. It' I )nta:r<s r.^t n t'o <{ alcchol ci.J i:ot a (.tz'a of hjhh-f:'-n;ing or injurious d.-ugs. I3 n r .ri f cr-'vzzt el hi-alin-^, r-.tivc Amcri?-!! roots. Dodd Gaston never wrote a truer •.vord than when he said that one of our troubles these days Is that "bids .\S TO ".SOLDIEK.S' B.VYONETS." Wi' hope no \o.or will fall to ob- :"rve that .soldiers' Itayonets were illed out yesterday to .suppress some .•!i)."'Ki workers in the woolen mills of 'lie .-tat*- that olerted Senator l»dgc on the prr-lense that schedule K Is for je lieiiefii of t!ic.-e textile workers, t'le eonditI')n of whose employment /.I.'; become unbearable.—Fort Scot; Tr'hune. Another illustration of the fact that nothing which appears in the Fort Scc'it Tribune that in any w-ay rt- lat-s to the tailff can be depended upon. The last legislature in Mass- aciiusetts passed a law making fifty- four hours instead of fifty-six hours a loiial week's work in the textile :ni!ls. Th'-re are thirty thousand^ •.vo:-lvers eniidoyed In the mills at ' awrenco. .Mass.. and about half of liiem struck because the employers would not I 'tiy the same wage for the fifty-four hour week that they had i.-ecn paying for the fifty-six hour Wf'-^k. Sometliing of the difiiculty ol the situation may be understood when it Is remembered that among these v.O.OOO employes there are fort.v-flve liitrsftent languages spoken. Practically all the strikers were foreigners, and the "soldiers bayonets"—which by the way were called out by a Democratic Governor.—were used for no o'her purpose than to persuade these men that they must not prevent several thousand other men and women f!om working and must not destroy property. All that Schedule K hadlto dj wit!' it was that had It not beieu for thai .^chidule. ;fiid others like ;li. the hien wJjo went on strike would have been back In Southern Italy Or other parts of ICurope earning twenty or Ihlriy (enis a day instead of I wo or three dollars u day. Col. Harvey says that Governor Wilson told him that Harper's advo- ae-y of l:is candidacy was injuring lim. and that was the reason he took 'lis name down. Marse Henry Waterson says he heard that conversa- lon. The Governor himself says he r-annot recall having s;iid anything hat would warraitt Colonel Harvey In making such a st;iieni<'nt. Judge I-^w- :'ng says that Harvey asked the Gov- •rnor flatly If he thought the Harper •dltorlals were hurting him. and that ••.Vl'son reluctantly told him they were. Col. Tom Morgan, of Ottawa. Kan.sns, says' that Governor Wilson boldly and without regard for conse- 'iuenre.<, served notice on Harper's :h.-;.t hf did not de.slre Its support for h< reason It was advocating prlncl- - I< R In which he did not heliere. There may hh other stiitemf>i.ts and interpretations in regtird to this re- wishes of the Register. It has developed that Senator 1-:: Fc.lleiie has a brother in Wisconsir who calls himself a Democrat. Th< emphasis goes on the "calls" in order •!>at the two LaPollettes may not b( fonfnsed. Galveston fronts the Gulf of Mexico, "Way down South" in Texas. Where roses and oleanders and palms grow outdoors in January is a good place to winter in—that's self-evident. Galveston, too, has Hotel Clalvez—a new million- dollar edifice, located near the beach and seawall.. You will like Hotel Galvoz, once you enter its doors. A charming southern hospitality is supplemented by all the lu.xuries of Fifth Avenue. Go to Galveston &A% winter on the Santa Fe. The train service is convenient. Tiie excursion fares are low. For bock'.ct ami full i:i='orrr.ation ?.st W. E. RALSTON .U.'LXT Phone 275 iola. Ks. Fredonhi Herald: Ti.e IK-W seeoni, iiaper :;t Sevt'-y died hist week About the most risky business on •tirih no'vadays Is to put money Inte tan ing a new newspaper. n U mm mi Where Scratched It Made Sores. Terrible Itchingand Burning Kept Her fromSleeping, Cuticura.Remedies Completely Cui'ed Her. No Return. '"n-.m .-• ars aril !' N ".ir.ti.r I h.iil a bfikim; out l!i::t <<•. i .l 1 iv '•::':!.• !iiii!.v. ii atii .ij ..o i: M LTJcd •'. 1 '-o crazy, ^-r.^ ;•. tir.-; < i;i little I .s •11 t:i; \ I '-Xi r.::J f.jr.a'l 'ill it <ovir.-<l my wl.o! • IKH!/ nin* liai '.i .i <!•) • . 1) my i-i. ajto ..-in- •!..'.:i t.) ::i.v el- I. iV..,. Wi;. : 1 i:..U\\'\, U nLi.t" :<!r.-. ^iiiw tl. • t -ri!)l,- i -i; bur.n- l ;:c kf'.t i;:c f:.! • .••livp- roi\Ti;i» r.\n \<iH .vi'ns. Kroni 111!" Chicago .\ev.s. A mtiii tifter hiT own hetirt can In reresl a widow. And n-riiiy a man lives the simple 'if'>— bcetMise he hils to. Th*' world owes every man a chance 'o earn tin honest living. A wom.-m is alv.ay.s .uroud of her husband—during th" hon"ymoon. Few bachelors are as gay as they want women to think they are. When a straight mtin strays intc i-rooked paths he is ajit to go lame. K man can acquire an awful groucl; if his breayast doesn't suit his fancy. After a man .sets in bad he is sooi' forgotten—itnd ho ought to, be glad of it. f Th.o worst .vour neighbor does often sectiis botfr than tlie best you can do. When a girl throws a man over he is apt to light on his ka<es in front of tinothor .n:rl. Tlie only way a m;in can get the best of a woman in -an argument is to turn on a line of baby talk. It's etisy for an old bachelor to ac- (|iiire a wife. All he has to do is to 11.;?.' :!F tl woman hat- r and some wo- ii;:;n vill do the rest! H.U.I. STKKKT LS CO .HI'L .llXnC. In commeniInK tna recent Issue upon the now banking and currency plan oropbsed by the Mopctary Commls- N-^\\^ "^w ^v ^' '!i all to MI) ; i:r;'0--o. •V.\ f'-i •,:..« I;,'I to try t'i'> Cerkii-a Tlfi:icv!:, i. I t::- C'litxura .i-vap md Cir .iru.. .):. IM ni. :il '> Ui-iol- Viiil, for :IIK)::I (..i r 11 thry '( rjr..l I 1 ..v. 0 : tirti t:;i 1!; - Au . I !. •..T li.iil .. .rooi' t.ii'tif.H tl- t i:;-. (-ii;.'lii:n t':.! I •iil.i- out till 1 I >::i:.\>ei ,-l ii-iri'; ttifl e'ii:!r;ii.^ t:iil Oliii:i.i r.:. I li •! iiiily \iyy.'. illiir. a frv.- 1! •. I. •!.•.• f <.>::;i| ^• I'l •.< v.iT.- lM -».'hlllilla't)'. it 1. Ill tllf (.iti.iu; wail goftc. "'rtuiM timt llvfd IM (!.• Ii-.|i«> 11 limn I.:iev liow I imtt:>i\. IMIV. iii-I'lilli 1.: i : <.j;i mill Oliitlii ;:1 (ir, .1 in.-. I i.i'. : I k. laV.X wllhiiiil 11 I.I- 1 ,1.1 ; .-i' ;. ii.A : lU) wot IwllrVir ttii -i. ;i'>. |..t r I. li:rtll<-« tj ^r i;'!- »kln dUt -aM! llull tin- <'iit>llia i*nap M 01iiJ.iii.-iil." (rtluMil) .Ml • t>i':.ili <'jli.iii». v'luktK.iu, 111., Mir. Hi, toil. Ciittnira tk <ap and Olntiniiit (or Kali timuali.iut tUe wurld, but m tlii. <- .vl.o' i'Xte »i!ffi -rMl ^urh, lott hop« uiid --vltli- t -0*. I.'.ili. ill atiy tmitinenl, a I11H-I=I N.nplo cf turt. '.orrthi -r with RS -p. IMJOIICt on thu r tre and tirulmnit ot the ckln aujl M .lip v.-UI l" MtilH Irif, onartiili.-atio>i. . Aili'r.y;. I ct:^ U .-L(f A CJiem. Vo-'.-'-, I^ytj 5A, iJajtou. KI'KI K(TH»\S OK AB.VCHEI.OIt. From I lie .\f>w York Press. The fun you pt.y for is more fun to the m.".n you pt.y it to.' What a ."lan can': understand is a woman would rather write let!i|)v.- a w iTr .s tha The capticiiy of a nitin's family Is only I'lilUMd by a man's eajiticity to get It for .'hem. A m;in is al^'ayl w -|II :ng to get him srli Into tro 'ible; he wants somebody to l.iid ;i hand tit piilllnjy him out. I 'lii -ii's nobnd;.'.-! lioiiislv a woman is !o .sus ;>i (ion.-< of :m the hiisbnnil of .1 woman ^> ho bii >K ''ir more clothes 'hiin lur Jiii-'liaiid (an. Kr(-.:hlful i'olar W(ii(I<( - M'w with lerrlllc force tt the fni noiili and play havoc with the pltln i -uifhig red rough or i-tore chnppHi' ht'm:.- and lips, lh;it need lliic-klan's Artiira t -;ilve to heal them. It makes Hio skin soft an<L-smooth Unrivaled for cold-po.e.--. also burns, bolld, r.orea, tiiecrs. «• it^. I)riils«».s and plb -j. .Oniy 2 "i at Ri; drnj'rl"ts- Harry Wihon returred nJicht fron> n visit nf several weeks to rela-.'. • •> > • > > * •:• V $3 .50 RECEIPT FREE FOR AS oiiiEi '.s .SEE mixes. WEAK KIDNEYS * + •;• <• 4- • • * • • •> -i- JIELIEVES Um>AKT ASD KIDNEY j"'Ji :OrULE,S, BACKACHE, STBADT- The MtilJer With Kansas. | IXi, SWELLIXft, £TC. I.eave :nvei.!. l 'o.'=! : All sorts of the Bladder, Kldnejs, .. , , i and Buck. -.•atwii.s tire b- iiig giv-Mi Ini- the (!;•- j • r-i.t of Martin in the. S •venth disirlet. j v.-ouldn't It be nice within a week Ml" real reason hi not h::rd to tind. i cr ,wo to, begin to say goodbye for- rhe in.surgents who started out to "V.:- to the scalding, dribbling, straln- . , Ing or too frecjiient passage of urine; ,i:;.organ!ze the Repuhlh-an party n , „„. f„re,,ead and the back of the head li:s iitate htive succeeded. TIte party s lhoroui;h!y di iporiillzed. It tin •lection were to be held today the tl: 1" would go Di-iiiocrutie by a arge majority. the stitches and pains In the !)a A : the growing muscle weakness; s liefure the eyes; yellow skin; sii:--p;i.-h bowels; swollen -eyelids or ,,,,.„ |.;ri:.U.--; leg cramps; unnadural short It is not impo.'islble ihat Mryan may ^leeiiiessuess and the despon- .(gtiin be nominated for president, -.'vA ,jgj,^y^ I have a receipe for these troubles hat if he is he may again ctirry this . . th.-.' von can depend upon, and If you r-f insurgenLs afe lo.^ing no o;,ror J ^^..^^^ ^^^^^^ ^ fecoverj, you mind of the Pab-,,,,,,.;^ ^.^jte and get a copy of It unit} 10 poison the le agttinst -Tafr atu! the Repul.,ic..n , y^.^..^. „ j^j^.^,. ^^^^^^ yo„ ,350 e;:;!ers. Ii 1 tifr is not defeated for ; 3,,^^, writing this prescription, but •n-e!-.etion It will he no fault of theirs , [ ^ ^,.j„ p,^^ ^^ sen^ it fhe in.surgenTs jire much more near-: , „„ entirely free. Just drop me a y in act^^^.rd with the Democnrts th.-.n i ^^ig. p,. g Robinson, he Ucguh.r.KepubUcan.s. All^KP ;^2 Ut-k Building. Detroit, Mlchl- '••"'•hings lend to lead vol .rs into the • ^ ^;J„ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ic n;nks^ The only difrer- :,. ..^ ,3,^ p.,.,^,;^,,^. leen I a.ollette and \\ ilson. ^ ^^ ir Clark is that the former 13 j,,,, harriies' ig. more radically Democrat- creat'healing a Oemoeraiic ri;nks. The •nee between l.n"o!l larmon or •f anythin 'c than the latter. Xo man who be- 'ieves in tlie things which I.aFoll.tte ire.-iches can justify himself in voting h^ Republican ticket. The siilvation of the Republican >arty lies in the nomination e ,f 'li.ft. lis open, courageous and sane advc- •acy of real, practical, reform is win- ilng the admiration and respect of •verybody, without regard to ;iarty. Vll true pro.^ressives cvn conscien- lously railv to hts s ;ipiK ,rt. Courage. :)a 'riotiF :n and lofty s'atesmtin .-hip ••'•ill command respect in this country The- time will come wh-Mi T :ift will he recngni7 -"d as one of thn very great •'St presidents. Kanstis Republicans who still be- i-^ve in th.-> principles of the i.t'rfy md are proud -if its achifvemer.ts. I 'ed not b" disecuragfd. Th" iv^'y iif .-vlved l 'oii;i !i?!ni fid will survive in rtirsercv. .It m:iy t'leet v ith tempo- ir-iv defeiit. liitt (I'-fi-'t does tiot mean I>::tli. It is, soiiKiiaies :• blessing in li.sguitie ill -i plain e-ivelope. As you will see is recipe contains iless remedies, but it and pain conquering po-.vers. It will qtiickly show its power once yo-: u.=e it. so I think you had better see what it is without delay. I will >er(l you a ;opy free —you can use it and cure yimrself at home. A Girl's Wild Midnight Ride. —'I o w arn people of a fearful forest (jr.- in !'e Catskills a young girl rode herieback at midnight and saved many Siv.';:. Her deed was glorious but Uv-.'s arc often saved by Dr. King's .\'iw Di.-^covery in curing lung .frou- b!' . eo'.igh:-:.. and colds, which might ;i.!-. ,T ended in consumption or pneu- ^<ii iiii'. "It i-:i :ed me of a dreadful "o 't '^h ;uid lung disease," writes W. R faiterson. Wellington, Texas, "af- :e.- fo'.ir in our family had died with cdiisiiniiition. and I gained 87 pounds." Nv.'thiiig so .sure and safe for all t! lo'it •'11 (1 l;iT ,g troubles. Price -"iOc and $1 .00. Trial bottle free. Guar: uleeil by all ilniggists. |tlvcB in lows. Highest iVSarket Prices For HIDES nnd FURS -at- L. KRUPP'S .lUNK YARD Phone 314

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