Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 26, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1954
Page 3
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Friday, March 26, 1954 •« HO STAR, HOM, AIR AMI At CI-ETY Pbon» 74431 Between I A. M. and 4 P. M. Jpqlendar ^Saturday March'27 f/the. Hope Country Club Dance 11 be held from nine til twelve on Lturday night. Hosts will be Mr. H Mrs. Bill Routon and Mr. and rs. E. P. Young, Jr. ' First Methodist Church by the members of the W. S. C S. on Monday, March 29, honoring the Hendrix College Varsity Band with the MYF groups as special guests. , ;'The Melody Maids will meet with Janet McKenzie at ten o'clock on 'Saturday morning. s : Monday March 29 •The Wesleyan Service Guild of ;tlie ;Methodist Church will have a pot luck supper on Monday evening;'March 29th in the home of Mrs. ~'Uii(Jr Brown on East Fifth street. Jftliis meeting, Mrs. H. E. Patterson, misionary study secretary for the Woman's Society, will conduct the first half of the study of Jeremiah •A luncheon willbe given at the The Workers Sunday School Class of the Garrett Memorial Baptist Church will meet in the home of Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr., on Monday, March 29, at 7:15 with Mrs. J. S. McDowell as hostess and Mrs. Gladys Roberts as co-hostess. At 8 p. m. there will be a concert by the Hendrix College Band, Dr. Ashley R. Coffman, conductor in the Hope High School auditorium. Friday March 26 The VFW Post and Auxiliary will have a joint pot luck at the hut tonight at 7:30. A film on the VFW National Home will be shown. THANKS... MAC'S RESTAURANT 409 East 3rd Street Thanks so much for your wonderful response, and appreciation for our newly enlarged and attractive Dining room. We are happy to have the extra room for you and your family. Sunday's Special Home Baked HAM Roast Young Tom TURKEY Southern Dressing, With lemon and Giblet Gravy and Pineapple Sauce Cranberry Sauce. Stringless Green Beans — Candied Yams Buttered Fresh Broccoli (Choice of 2) Spring Salad (5 raw vegetables) Brown N' Serve Rolls Chijd's Plate 65c $1.00 Week Day Lunches 60c TODAY & SATURDAY >"* *. 4 — STAR — 4 .ENTERTAINMENT *** HE LIVED TO FIGHT , THE NAME OF "COWARD WITH A SECRET PLEDGE FOR VENGEANCE! with JULIA ADAMS • cmilWILLS • VICTOR JORY starring JOHN IRELAND ION McMlllSTER Nil MUCH CnrpUrOKE 3. CHAPTER 7 OF SERIAL, "THE LOST PLANET" 4. CARTOON, "SOCKO IN MOROCCO" SUNDAY _ AND — MONDAY fcflLtij >f »<Wf NSWjsjfy, Luncheon - Srldg* Held At Hop* Country Club ^ Forty-six members and guests attended the monthly Country Club luncheon - bridge held at the Hope Country Club on Thursday, March 25. Mrs. Roy Anderson ! and . Mrs. Lex Helms, Jti were hostesses. Local guests who attended were Mrs. Chester Lester, Mrs. Wayne Russell, Mrs. E. O. Wingfield, Mrs. Billy Tolleson, Mrs. F. B. Ward. Mrs. Kenneth Ambrose, Mrs. John Barlow, Mrs. Raymond Peace, Mrs. Merlin Coop, Mrs. A. D. Brannon, Mrs. Herndon, Mrs. M. M. Me* Cloughan, Mrs. W. Y. Foster, Mrs. Lloyd Guerin and Mrs. Virgil Keeley. Out-of-towrf guests were Mrs. Arthur Johnson of Clinton, Alabama, and Mrs. Max Baldridge of Texar* kana. High scorers at the ten tables of bridge were Mesdarhes C. C. Lewis Lyle Brown, Harold Brents, E. O. Wingfield, R. L. Cain, Eddie Whitman, F. B. Ward, Lloyd Guerin, Kenneth Ambrose and Merlin Coop. Prize winners were Mrs. Herndon,. Mrs. Raymond Peace and Mrs. Ruth Cain. The entertaining rooms held arrangements of spring flowers. Mrs. 6. C. Sutton , Is Hostess To The Lilac Garden Club Mrs. O. C. Sutton was hostess at the Lilac Garden Club meeting on Wednesday afternoon, March 24, in the home of her daughter, Mrs. Kelly Bryant at 1405 South Main street. Spring flowers were placed, on the mantel, the dining room table and other points of interest throughout the home. Mrs. Graydon Anthony presented a very interesting discussion on the "Culture and Care of Iris." Mrs. B. L. Rettig, president of the club, appointed committees and chairmen to decorate the rooms of the five homes which will be visited in the coming flower show. The Camellia Garden Club and the Lilac Garden Club have been selected as hostesses for the occasion. Following the discussion of the flower show, the hostess served a delicious salad plate to approximately twelve members. Loyal Ladles Class Has Meeting The Loyal Ladies Class of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle, Mrs. Bill White/teacher, held their monthly social Thursday night, March 25th I at 7:30 in the Fellowship Hall. • Mrs. Carl'Evans Opened the meeting with prayer, and Mrs. Glen Easterling led the group in hymn singing. There taking part on the program for the evening were Mrs. A. B. Mhoon, Mrs. Orville Steadman, Mrs. Louis Sutton, and : Mrs. Orville Hoelscher, : . Mrs. C. B."'Tyler conducted a Bible quiz with the prize going to Mrs. Clifford Russell. At the conclusion of the meeting the hostesses, Mrs. Orville Hoelscher and Mrs. Orville Steadman. assisted by Mrs. Fred Mouser and Mrs. Carl Evans, served a delicious sandwich plate to the nineteen members present. Sunday & Monday at Saenger Gordon MatRAE, Jinft POWELL and Sam LEVENE in a scene from Warner Bros.' "fflREE SAILORS AND A GIRL." Technicolor. Saturday & Sunday at Rialto PETER LA WFORD marches into battle, in this, scene from, MGM's rom:imic adventure, "ROGUE'S MARCH." where they enjoyed a game of bridge. m\M pw^vMWufS 1 ititi 1, Emanon Club Entertained Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson entertained the members of 'the Emanon Club with a dinner at the Barlow Hotel last night. Following the dinner, the group was invited to the home of Mr. and Mrs., Wilson on South Elm street •SATURDAY & SUNDAY F-I-R-S-T R-U-N —• ALSO — BILL ELLIOTT C Y" Out-of-town relatives' and friends who attended the funeral of Mr. Jett Williams, Sr., on Thursday afternoon were: Mrs. Exa Sleigh of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Otho Ingram of Camden,. Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Williams of Stamps, Mr. and Mrs. Neal Williams of Magnolia, Mr. and Mrs. B. L. Williams, Jr., of Stamps, Mr. and Mrs. Alvah Williams, Sr., of Texarkana, Mr. arid Mrs. Ben Core from DeQueen, Mr. and Mrs. W.' S.. Roe, Jr.-, .Mrs. Dutchie Bright, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Colefnan all of Prescott ( Mr. and • Mrs. George Brown of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Leamon Jonois of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Waldo of •Texarkana, Mr. Bob Williams and ; Mr. and Mrs., Davis.Ma'rlar of Rosston, Mr. Ira Vickers of, Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Mr. and- Mrs. Frank Drake of Memphis,'Tennessee. Coming and Going Murray W. fl>ete) Gibson of Sara- sot a, Fla., arrived in Hope Thursday to visit his uncle, A. H. Washburn, 709 S. Main st., through Sunday. Gibson was graduated from Virginia Polytech .Institute at Blacksburg, Va., at mid-year, commissioned a second lieutenant, -and will go on active duty early in April at New York City. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Gibson of Sarasota. Mrs. Gibson, youngest sister of the publisher of The, Star, has visited in Hope in past years; attended the puncheon-bridge at the Country Club. Mr. i and Mrs. Ed - Justus : left Thursday night for .Artesia, ; .New Mexico, to .-attend the wedding of Mrs. Justus' brother^ Jimmy May- Before returning home Mr. and Mrs, Justus ,will visit,in Arizona. The' Trimble sisters from Washington, Miss .Bess Trimble,' Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Wilson, attended the Kiwanis Minstrel at the High School on Thursday night. The Kiwanis Minstrel held last night at the high school auditorium attracted several people from Springhill, Louisiana. They were Mr. and .Mrs. Elbert Waldon and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Berry. Betty Berry is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins of Hope. Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mr. Ben McRac, Hope Discharged: Mr, C. J. Gilbert Lewisville; Julia .Chester Admitted: Mr. Byniim J. Drake Patmos, Mrs. Vclton L. Harris, McCaskill. Discharged: Mrs. Lula Allwhite Emmet Mr. T. J. Hartsfield Ht. 3 Hope Mrs. James R. KJing and. daughter Mary Kathryn, Saratoga Jerry Crawford, Hope, Tad and Herman Lester of Lewisville, attended the Kiwanis Minstrel in Hope last night. Mr. and Mrs. C. C Lewis have as their house guest, Mrs. Mabel Johnson of Clinton, Alabama. Mrs. John son has'been the.honoree. at several lunchecns and bridge parties. Mrs. Max Baldridge of Texarkana, was the guest of Mrs. Thompson Evans, Jr., on Thursday and ^Thirsty Skin needs this extra rich night cream This lusi^rioua night cfeapj. contains extra active ingredients—^*tra Janoliu and other fine emollient oils—tp Ulrica t« "tblr»ty skin" Sunday School Lesson By WlllUm 6. 6llfoy &. 0. XVhcin Jesus would teach His dis slples the Ifesson of humanity. Me spoke of the greatness 6f strvic«. When the inotner of ^epedle children came to ftlm (Matthew 20:20-29.) apking A special place tot her sons, James and John and the other 10 disciples ;wefe roused with Indignation Jesus spoke to them all very plainly* Greatness Me .said, was not at all as the world viewed It;, the princes of the Gentiles exercisnig do minion, an dthc great ones exercising authority. ' "It shall not be so," He said, "among you; but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; and whosoever will be chief amting you let him be your servant," Moreover Jesus said He was Himself among them as "he that scrveth" (Luke 22:27), artd to enforce the lesson He save them the example mf Humility and service in the washing of their feet (John 13: 4-16), But for the disciples there was something even greater than service. Perhaps it was when the disciples had learned the lesson of service that near the closing days (John 15:15) Jesus said to them: Henceforth I call you hot servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth; but I have called you friends." What did Jesus mean by friendship? Friendship, Jesus emphasized, had its foundation in love, Love in turn, was evidenced by responsi bility. Love had obligations; it was not a matter of words, or of mere sentiment. "If, ye love Me," said Jesus "keep my commandments" (John 14:15). "He that hath My Command ments, and keepth them', he It is that loveth Me; and he that loveth me shall be loved of My Father and I will love him, and will manifest Myself to him" (John 14:21). "If ye love Me keep My command ments." Ye are My friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you" (John 15:14). That is the complete circle, and the ' full revelation of the meaning of these passages The citing of these passages stresses this deepest experience in the lives of Christian disciples. We can be the friends of God, For the God whom Jesus revealed is not a power symbolized by some monstrous idol, but a God Who is Our Father. He is the enlargement and Perfection of the luiman father, who loves his own and Would not give his son a^tone if, he asked for bread or a serpent^ if*}}* asked for 'fish (Matthew"^). '^ "Which of you,' being a father'.'t' said Jesus.' What monstrous misrepresentations and agonies of soul might have been" avoided,' 'if., as Jesus sought to teach'us, we would approach and find God through all that is best it) ourselves and in our Elder Brother the Man Christ Jesus! ' "I've found a Friend, oh such a Friend! He loved me ere 1 knew Him; He drew me with the cords of Top Radio Programs NEW YOttK «i <' tfrafns tonight' tffcd MfySH fi«b Rope; 8 Phif and Alice 6: IS Sports SeHes. CBS — ilS B f:30 Sodfrey finest; 8:M fhfit'S Rich. AbC — , f ;30 Lon« JUh&Jsif 6 Oztie and Martlet. MBS t Staf« light Theater 6:30 ttaVfc a Heart KCMC TeievUloii Saturday March 27th 2:13 2! 30 3:30 4:00 5:30 6:55 7:00 7130 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:15 10:18 Saw It 11:20 Test Pattern Championship Wrestling ' Racing torn Gulfstream Mystery Theatre ' Feature The'alrS Nctws and weather capsule The Big Picture Amateur Hour NBC ' Two for the Money CBS ' I Married Joan NBC Medallion -Theatre CBS Bclk Jones Style Show News Final Feature Thearte *„ "We Happen". ' > Sign Off Percival..Lowell, astronomer, in 1903, predicted the discovery of Pluto, which was not actually discovered until 25 years later. love. And thus He bound me to Him." That is Friendship. tdld the tt(Mi4is-, fr of to* valley relieved <4f a 50 ; Moses-and/ vale pSwei*'' the group with the , neat Memphis 1ft, duce.* Plartft Idf the-jMS§ Wore tufried' dew ""''" Bureau,' "'< Moses Sald J ,tttf?; cah successfully.-ei r , _. ernmoht Ih the^ sam^'l Iness "With tofe belf^'" 41 and' regulated,", arid taxed and riortreguli n He itestified" thatinui rates lo coops arejchci those-; *t .WVta'JsttrtMKfi g^ives *"" *^^ ,NOW AND ALL NEXT WEEK FAIR ; : IUi What .you want most «' ^Ir^;\; T^W*gi ""'"'•;^^ ' _ r"S"« s? * A > * !-jt>5li CHEVROLET /*' ^^ / you '*'••••'first! ? •••• 1$ *H< M'''^^^^^^ •'><!. >,OvtaAeailM™* t , .H .viiMMPKm'jpS r ' IftJf /J 1 ttJtf* tf rA4tt<ftt This year, again, Chevrolet Is out ahead of the other low-priced cars in the things that meon more pleasyre and satisfaction for yov, And yet Chevrolet w$t* thft least- no other line o,f cars i$ priced $a low. So why go hundred* of dollar; higher when you cap hgvfe all these things yo« want |n Chevrolet? Com* in and let us ihpw you th* Kind of facts and figures you lik^ to $0*1 > r%~ t^ , : i^m^mMm ^^ggfe ^ ^ fS V 1 • » J^Vwiw- jrli^3il3!5g3s •*"f, fM^fsry'm^.^m J •> ™-r Vl^'< J 1 ), ll W«'?5f'tf??5 >srf* ft 1 -«\ ' J *|^f?'i«1 R S*> i '-' 1 minimi v-° i - "O y"*^Wi| il'xv,*^ I k«^;:i'lS Hl^HS'HB^ ^ . wi f^^l « ;^',l,M&! *T/iat exflaini why tnort fiofh and want Clifvrolds-^th^n any other cur, ^CHEVROLET ^ ^/d j/« S' j is r ;;cTOS&T.;, iM%$ W !&&tm&m ~ u

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