The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1942 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 17, 1942
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 1942 BLYT11EV1LLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE EDSON IN WASHINGTON By PETEll EUSON Courier News Washington Correspondent y WASHINGTON, April 17,—How Ticusing authorities go about determining how many and what kind of shelter to build in u community that experiences a boom due to rapidly expanding war industry makes one of the more revealing- sidelights on the intricate detail somebody has to think about in a well-run country, to take care of civilians. Take a typical ease of a new aircraft parts plant to employ say 5000 workers. From a production standpoint, a city of 200,000 or so, where there is available power, transportation and proximity to not only raw materials but also to the final assembly plants, is chosen. The purely manufacturing aspects having been settled, the labor supply problem comes next and right uring this new construction will over-build the community, driving rents down after the war is over. BATTLE OF LOCATIONS In most cases, private building interests can handle part of the job, usually providing houses and apartments that will rent to higher paid workers. For low income groups, government subsidized housing often has to provide the shelter. Suppose the split is 50-50. That means the government must provide in this typical, mythical case some 1-500 units, perhaps half to be permanent, half to be temporary, some dormitories for single workers, the rest family units. Then comes the battle of loca- New Zealand Is 'Women's World 1 By ELEANOll HAG SI)ALE NEA Service Stuff Correspondent WASHINGTON.—It's a woman's world in New Zealand these days. When the call to serins sopped up one-third of the total male labor supply, the women pitched in both in industry and on the farms —and production is .soaring. "We have all put our shoulders to the wheel," said Mrs. Walter Nash, wife of New Zealand's first envoy to the United States. Nash is representing his country on the new Pacific Wur Council here. Mrs. Nash is nr.- only proud of • . -I*.!. I .1. 1 * i^Oll A.T 111, Will I I lions. Where will the city permit hej . c(j jn Uu; So ; jth the new housing to go up so that it won't compete with housing already available? If the location is en the other side of the tracks, what about public utilities—sew:rs. must be with it, the problem of sheltering | streets, schools, hospitals, shopping- workers. This is where the fun | facilities? The municipality may be broke and taxpayers unwilling to assume another bond issue. The federal government has to foot the bill in that case. All these housing headaches are no exaggeration. Every defense or begins. First., the labor force analyzed for skills. How many machinists, machine operators, semiskilled workirs, common laborers, men and women, married and single, will be needed? What will their war housing project must by law pay be? Pay scales determine the j b s approved by the President. Get- amount workers can pay for rent i ^^ a u this data ready for submis- or towards purchase of a home of their own. 1COI QUESTIONS sion to the White House means that the Federal Public Housing Authority must prepare careful analyses The next step is to look at the and surveys with their recomimn- local labor supply. How many are { 'unemployed now? Say 2GOO. How many have the right skills to work in this new 5000-man plant? Say 1CGO. That will leave 4000 immigrants to be supplied. How many of these 4000 in- migrants can be sheltered in existing dwellings? How many vacancies are there—houses, apartments, i;coms—for sale or for rent—and how many are suitable for these new citizens? Assume 1000 vacant housing units are revealed in this survey. That would leav-3 3000 to be supplied. How permanent is this plant to be? Will it keep going after the war, will it cut down 50 per cent, or is it purely a defense plant that will shut clown completely the clay peace comes? The answer is important, for it will determine whether this new housing is to be permanent or temporary construction. Then comes a survey of the local building and real estate circles. How -much housing can private capital supply? Will th3 local banks help finance new housing? Real dations. These are known technically as LPR's—Local. Project Reports. There's one for every defense critical area in the country. & :".: C WASHINGTON TONIC Stiffer sentences are due for draft evaders, 907 of whom have been convicted thus far...The last she "sells" it with all the zei one-man Chamber of Commerce. While she sipped tea in the legation, she told how her country has free medical care "for everyone" and a maternity program "that has made New Zealand's infant mortality rate the world's lowest for years." Besides grrat diary herds and booming factories, she said she wanted Americans to know about' the climate, "just like it is on your own West Coast." The threat of invasion, winch for the first two years of th? war seemed so remote to both Australia and New Zealand, did not catch the smaller of the two countries totally unready. - EMERGENCY'SET-UP ALREADY FUNCTIONING Since the flu epidemic of 1918 New Zealand has had what it calls an Emergency Precaution Scheme, under which plans were made to deal with regional or national crises. The earthquake which shook the country in 1931 put the Brazilian police in flu; southern .state ot Rio Grande do Sul have .seized a German-mnde map, outlining that state, northern Argentine provinces and territories and the entire republic of Uruguay as "tuture points of German domination." 'the map was shown by Kin iVIrs. Waller Nash, wife of New Zealand's first envoy to the I'niloil States: "We have all put our shoulders to the wheel."' Maybe they'll do it all, and maybe they'll balk at the whole idea, fig- 150,000 of 750,000 textile workers , E. p. 3. to its second great test, move up to 40 cents per hour anc j today it has been completely minimums on April 20. ..Federal > overhauled to cope with total war. laws prevent the government from "\ve have also managed to keep contracting with prison shops for retail price increases down to an war production.. .Btfmb shelters are average of less than 10 percent— required on all new construction something dear to any woman's in Panama...WPA has spent $450 heart," says Mrs. Nash with true million on 963 airport sites. housewifely concern. How was this done? By a combination of strictly enforced price controls, and a Government-initiated policy of stabilizing wages and farm prices. Some commodities, like bread, coal and sugar are government .subsidized. Butter, eggs and fruit are under control of a government department. Electricity, too, is federally regulated. So far only tea and sugar have been rationed. Mrs. Nash admits that the size of New Zealand and its socialized 1935 make regulation of war inflation NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on this the 17th day of April, 1942, Percy A. Wright has filed his application with the City Engineer of Blytheville, Arkansas, for a permit to erect the statutory facilities for the maintenance and operation of a trailer camp in accordance with Ordinance Number 447, the same being an ordinance regulating the erection and main- SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Good Living, Honesty and Sincerity More important Than Good Manners Estate Board and Builders' Ex-1 tenancs and operation of tourist change have to figure on this, too.-1 courts and trailer camps in the I government set-up since A Cordial Welcome A wails You at One of the finest, most modern shops in Northeast Arkansas. I'lionc 3202 Glcncoe Bids. of Blytheville, Arkansas. Said trailer camp to be located on lots one <1), two (.2), and three (3), in block one (1) of the Blytheville Lumber Company Second Addition to the City of Blytheville, Arkansas. Signed: ' E. J. Heaton, City Engineer. (4)-17-24 "Wounded" Tire Brings $15 CHICO, Cal. (UP)—Five years ago someone shot a hole through one of Chris Auer's auto tires, and he had to buy a new one. Along came the rubber shortage this year and he sold the tire, hole and all, for S15. JOE CAMP SAYS: Mr. Husband - Mr. Breadwinner, or Head-man Don't let The - last Train - load of Good Health Leave you at the Statioi With Your (Jallescs broke, — a cinder in your eye And Your pants slippin. Doctors won't pass you, for Life Insurance IF You're slippin. A Check each Month much more simple than in the United States.- She also concedes that the tax-rate is rather high— the normal income tax surtax rate rising as high as 87 per cent in the upper brackets. "But," she adds simply, "\ve get such a lot in return." Ninety per cent of all the hospitals are public. And a welfare organization, the Pltmkett Society, financed partly by the government and partly by private subscription, provides free prenatal care and daily nurse attention for some time after the baby's birth. You may choose your own doctor, but he sends his bill to the government—instead of to you. Only specialists and private nursing homes are extra. Text: Luke H::!7-<t8, SS-fH ! ISy WILLIAM K. GILItOY, I). 1>. Editor of Advance. Honrsty and sincerity are at the very heart of true religious profession. "As a man thinkcth in his heart, so is he." If honesty and sincerity are in the heart there will b? truth in words and actions. Throughout tlu: ages men have made profession of religion a cloak for much 'that has not been honest or sincere. Sometimes this arises from sli:er hypocrisy. It may be socially advantageous to seem to be what one is not. To h;ive a good reputation in Die community may be greatly to one's interest, and if a man have not the root of the matter in him hi.s religion may be a matter almost entirely of profession and very little of possession. one who placed humility at I! .'e;y heart of Christian virtues an attitudes! • MIND YOUR MANNERS v. •. Grande authorities to Judge Julio O. do Givgorlo, a Uruguayan government invi'silyaior of Na/.i and other Axis filth column and subversive activities. It corroborated a (Charge made by President llouse- velt last fall that UK: Na/i planned to divide Latin America iuio ureas ibject to flu'ir rule. German infiltration into south- rn Brazil and .such Argentine reas us the .staiegic; border Terri- ory of mislont's has been In prog- for a number oi years. Many t' tho Germans resident In soulh- rn Brazil und nurihcm Argentina or a general ion or more, have been pence in: riunniltural colonists. Police Active However, slnre tin- rise of lllt- erLsm they have been subjected with increasing pressure, to Nad ideology and pritu-iples, through the machinations ol German consular officials and Gestapo agents Sou,th American governments have laced growing dUiicultii's in coping with the rising threat to the sovereignty of their countries. An all-out drive against totalitarian agents c'id not begin In Brazil mid Uruguay until those countries—together with most of the other South American republics—severed relations with tho Tost your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below; '3. On a rainy day Ls it a good idea to. say, "Isn't this u depressing day!" to everyone you meet? 2, When you go to see someone who Is 111, should you keep telling him in a hearty manner how we! he looks? 3. When there arc several visitors in a sick room, should they be careful not to let their voice grow loud as they talk? 4, Is it good manners for « business person to make fun o hl.s employer when talking to cus lomers or clienls? 5. Is it good manners for a guest to ask her hostess questions about her maid? What would you do II— You are Invited to an organi- dinner and II, is not clear Answers /our money? 1. No. 2. No. You'll make him think ic must look awful.if you try too hard to convince him otherwise, Just say once that he Jooks well. 3. Yes. • ••' 4. No. ' ;5. No. Better "What Would You Do" solution— (a); (b) might be thriftier—but (a) Is better" manners.' to you whether you are invited as a guest or whether you should pa for your meal— in) Ask w'aeie you are to pay for your ticket? (b) Walt until someone asks for Start The Day With— 7-DAY COFFEE A Maxwell House product, blended by Maxwell House. Itcgular Trice 1 Ib. 25c 3 Ibs. 69c (Watch for week-end Special) Exclusive at— Pickard's Grocery 1044 CMckasawba Ph. One of those present, a lawyer— thai is, a teacher of Jewish law, not a lawyer in our modern sense of the term—sought to justify himself but Jesus turned to him and reminded him that lawyers shared his rebuke in that they won? wont to require from others what they would not do themselves. The 1 lesson is a plea for reality, such a.s is needed in every age. True j Christianity is the foe of all pretentiousness and self-glorification find of all effort to make an out- .waid .show for srlf-intercst or for spme other cause of what is not really in one's heart and Hie. The demand of God Ls that, we should exercise wisdom, when we profess Axis upon recommendation of tho conference of American foreign ministers late in January. The 'Bra/Allan police have been extremely active in rounding up spy rings and fifth column organizations, Including many Germans and. Japanese and even a lew Italians. Two hundred of their prisoners have been lodged in u special concentration camp on the Ilha da jFlorcs in ftio do Janeiro Bay, and arrests continue. Important Military Role 'Nevertheless, the campaign now being waged the fifth col- umnism got off to a late start, and it appears likely that ever sterner measures must be 'brought to bear against Axis subversive organisa- tions before they are finally wiped out. SPECIAL SALE Thursday Through Saturday! EXTRA SET OF TIRES WITH EACH CAR! Take $365 But not all who lack honesty and love to God and love to man. in be your Family's only refuge. A Check each Month Will be a gladsome news To a bustcd-Family. A Check each Month Will make You still live In the Hearts of Your wife and babies. sincerity in their religious lives arc tit heart hypocrites. There are many for whom religion is a sort of convention; they accept \vithout much thought lornial teaching* and formal practices and custom:;. With such acceptance there may be heartfelt sincerity. It would be a great mistake to imagine that who are strict in outward practice arc necessarily lacking in inward religion. But th:rc is always the great danger that outward conformity may be emphasized without much regard for inward yracc and righteousness. determining what is just and right and not merely what is expedient or according to a custom. It is an 'excellent thing to have good man- jiers, but good. uuuhneVs . •substitute for eootl living. President Getulio Vargas, of Brazil, recognising his country's clanger, has authorized an army increase by calling up reserves and permitting voluntary enlistments. Both Brazil Army Chaplain's Wife Is Pulpit Substitute and Uruguay, as ft' well as most of the other Latin American countries, are receiving lend-lcasc armament from the United States as fast as it can be supplied. The countries lying south of the Rio Grande, protecting the southern flank of the United Dartmouth Has Library Of Movie Manuscripts BRIDGE WATER. Mass. (UP) — When the Rev. Owen W. Kcrr left his pulpit, wife and children to .become an army chaplain, Mrs. Kerr took over activities at the * '''' * I Union Congregational church for When Jesus in the story in our! the war's duration. lesson came into th? home of a I However, she whs well prepared HANGVER, N. H. (UP)— In 1D3U film director Walter Wanger started Dartmouth College, his alma mater, collecting movie manuscripts. ! Now the college lias perhaps the ' world's largest collection—750 original scripts—far exceeding the collection of the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood. The Dartmouth manuscripts arc bound and catalogued, and many contain notations a.s to changes ordered by Will Hays' censors. His office is cooperating with the college in building the collection, housed in the English department's Sanborn House library and used Pharisee who had invited Him to dinner, He sat clown to en I without first washing His hands. This was an offense aaainst Jewish custom, and it was also so much at variance with a reasonable practice of cUan- liness that one can only conclude that Jesus did it purposely because He sensed the preUntious- to ofTiciaU: at weddings, baptisms and funerals since she had taken qualifying courses at Boston University's Schools of Theology and Religious Education. A late comer among musical instruments, the violin was the first ness of some of those who were; 10 reach P^'^ction, about three by the Dartmouth script-writin classes. present, and been use Ho wanted to teach them a lesson. In strong language He stressed the fact that mere outward observance could not satisfy the real purpose of the law to which these Pharisees professed to be so devoted. He pointed out that there were Pharisees who tithed mint and rue and every herb, who were very strict about formal requirements, but who had no regard for justice or for the love cf God. He took the view that they Forty-two young women giving instruction to young men in the Civilian Pilot Training Program. should observe- the matters of the law. but that they ought not to leave the greater and the more im- nrc i portant things undone. He rebuked them for their iove of placo and praise. Surely a just rebuke from HOLD EVERYTHING! «wft JOK NOSK: IT WIU, KK HK, For the good wife When Friends find out, you left her no money. They'll Pass Right On By— Then. JOE CAMP & COMPANY State Agency Managers RESERVE LOAN LIFE INS. COMPANY Commenced business in 1897. r -* ' r j -* — - - ' - L -• • ->•-"• •" .• , centuries ago. States may soon be able to defend themselves from any military threat, and to play an important and practical military role in the general scheme of hemispheric defense. The first public motion picture show was on Feb. 5, 18*70, in Philadelphia. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores a look at these: .1941 Oldsmohilc 4 door Sedan, 8000 miles, spare never out of'ruck, Radio, Heater, Spotlight, two fog lights "WILL TRADE." 1938 Chevrolet Tudor Sedan, Good Tires perfect condition 1035 Ford Tudor Sedan, Good condition liMi Ford Ton and half Truck. Good tires 11KM Chevrolet Sedan, Radio, Heater. Good condition. CASH 19,'M Ford I'ickup Truck. New paint job 1931. Chevrolet Tudor. Hi inch tires, Good condition. CASH 193.1 Chevrolet Tudor. New paint job. Good condition 1931 Ford (Coupe. Good condition 1029 Ford Tudor. New paint job. , Five good tires Also Reliners for your tires 3.50 Come To See Us! Cars located at— BLYTHEVILLE TIRE CO. $265 $165 $185 $135 $115 $115 $125 . Highway 61 North 1'honc. 2201' 3 TIMES AROUND THE WORLD DAILY ON SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL Three times around the world—more than 75,000 miles—is the mileage flown daily by American Airlines' giant fleet of Flagships. And every ship is lubricated with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. When you use Sinclair Pennsylvania in your car, you're giving your engine the same protection given costly airplane motors. So take a tip from American Airlines. Use Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil for safer, quieter lubrication. "It's my new davenporl thermostat—wlicn il clicks 10:30, it slarls them on Ihcir way home!" .J.ALLEN Phone 2005 — Agent — Blytheville, Ark. Order lOc Defense * v*—^ f Stamps Delivered to Your Door... Courier News

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