Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 16, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1943
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, MO'PI,. ARKANSAS Wednesday, IT" 1 . •'— vided ilysis of Hews by • i ickenzie Ie DeWitt MacKen?ie is ^vacation; this daily column written by Max Hill, © scurrying for cover and a compromise session. On the other hand, Giatid not only has money, but he also has supplies, such as oil and peanuts and wine and plenty of mutton, to trade with the United Nations for the' necessary weapons of war. Besides, he has 'sent & substantial sum of money in gold to the United States, ' _ ,, It must be said for de Gaulle, whatever his attitude in the present C nmtnenfri station may be that . he . h , as V*Ommenr worked and {ougrl t hard for France from the day she became a puppet of the Nazis. First he organized the French National committee, then the Fighting French, and now of course he is a leader in the joint committee. This may not justify, however, his determination to eliminate all Frenchmen fritten Today and loved by Telegraph VUIM WlilMsll k/J *»*«.-* --.."T t „,»,.-„. *er chief of the Associated who ever had any .contact y j _ .. « rn_i..,,iA ! Trl~U,. -nr\** Me nviflPllt ClGSl §S< Bureau in Tokyo). j f ti*r**- HiLi- iYleast one member of i Vichy, nor his evident desire to rule in his own way. . - Regardless of what turn joint committee squabble ^formed French committee , will be the American itional liberation has had the \ Dw i gn t D. Eisenhower, who has in _!!•• i "'• Barons Move to Third-Place in Southern Loop By the Associated Press Regardless of the stakes, those big bad Barons from Birmingham just plane don't like to see things stay put. Night after night they argued with Nashville over who was going to be boss in the win and lose department. They lost, for the time being at least. No sooner were they finished than they picked an argument with Chattanooga over who was to be the team behind the team be- the hind the No.l outfit, it! The Barsons romped back into last night with a con- Africa Will Do What A(lies_Say Howie Doin? with , sense to strip the organi- |bf its political implications et'.down to what he thinks is Sasic purpose — a united ^unfortunate that the chief Jfe6nists, Generals de Gaulle Ifjiraud cannot be as objec- »d end their cautious spar- ,,-,-r position, since "so much is l&ke for all of us. ,M question as to whether one IGiiraudist or a De Gaullist is nportant," Henri Bonnet, ,_i:minister of information in c&nmittee, said in a recent in- "w. "We have been appointed linit for France, and we will ; f *as such." ^Bonnet is now enroute to Al;." but it remains tot. be seen his reasonable attitude vincing pair of wins over the Look- the final say — if he so wishes. Africa will remain the province of the commanding general of the United Nations armies for a long time to come, and the French can't move without consulting him first. , . That means the British also have the right to approve — or disapprove —of any suggestions made, since it is a joint command. However, until now the Eisenhower policy, and there is no indication of a change, has been to take a strictly hands off attitude on any question involving- the French which does not touch on military security. There isn't much chance, therefore, that the situation will get out of control with such an arbitrary checker in ready at a mo- outs. Meanwhile, the Memphis Chicks, who took a drubbing from Knoxville Monday night, evened the series at two-all with a 12-8 slugfest decision. The Atlanta Crackers, flush with th'ree victories in a row from New Orleans, fell off the win wagon when the Pels' Jesse Danna served up a 3-0, eight-hit perform- Little Rock's game at Nashville, was postponed. Today's teams and probable pitchers. Little (Greer and Kerksieck or Papish) at Nashville (Alderson and Gardner or Signer). Memphis at Knoxville (unannounced). IJjave on the two men whose era.t'ion is so necessary for a stul committee. « , T reliable French ce,s in Algiers said a schedule on meeting between de and Giraud had been can- today it was disclosed **met in private, evidently pre- p'g to discuss their differences gjfnion without too large an [fence. ?er Associated Press correspon- ai Algiers said .he believed neeting resulted in .added lor de Gaulle, with'some ment's notice. ecified concessions JJs part. ..' Ke, " t current impasse,, Gi- which back to the pre-war period^ . ranee's antip.uated'a;tid;cjjmf political Structure'^for its\beV .g, is made more complicated' f .& comparative financia); po- tis of de Gaulle and Giraud..• pther Tiand, de Gaulle gets _ ' all ot his funds from the ...j' As an r indication of i'what ielng thought of the : : existing in at least some .influential „„' quarters it is only neces- $0 read a few newspaper .edi- }ie Yorkshire Post.'describes'-; de. Slle'as stubborn while' the; Lon- I; ''Daily Express hopes the gen- Stephens and Dalgren Still Head Batters New York, June 15 — (IP) — If you're busy today checking up on how much income tax you have to rush to the collector, it won't take you much time to check up on the Major Leagues' leading hitters. •Those same two sluggers who have been on top for weeks, Ver- nonj'iJunior) Stephens of the Stl finish Brow n s and Ellsworth (Bab"e) Dahlgr'enTof the Philadelphia Phillies, still are holding the front. Stephens' average today was exactly the same as a week ago, .369, twenty-nine points ahead of Cleveland's Oris Hockett. Dahlgren's pace slipped slightly ' from .367 t 0.359, but he was able to maintain a three - point edge over the fast-rising Harry Walker of the St.'Louis Cardinals. Little Dixie extended his consecutive game batting streak to 21 during Fights Lost Night By The Associated Prss New Yodk — Jackie Cooper 149 Chicago, outpointed .. George Kochan,. 160, U. S. Coast Guaid (.8) New York — Joe Mulli, 150 Brooklyn, outpointed Ernest (Cat) (Lefty) Lachance, 128, Lisbon, Robinson, 148 3-4, New York (8). Portland, Maine Maurice Maine, knocked out Ted Cnnstie, 128, New York (4). Scranton, Pa. — Charley Sabatella 142, Dunmore, Pa., stopped Tony Grey, 145, Brooklyn, (8). New Bedford, Mass. — Jimmy McLarnin, 133, New Bedford, outpointed Russell Sawyer, 133, Mew York (8). Buffalo — Johnny Green, 145 1-A Lackawanna, N. Y., knocked out Joe Spangler, 147, Richmond, Va. l °Los Angeles — Luther (Slugger) White 134 1-2, Baltimore, outpoint- ed Juan Zurita, .133, Mexico, (10). Chas. Brewster Credited With Perking Up Phils By SID -FEDER Associated Press Sports Wlter This is a little baseball laugh that wanders around the major and minor leagues like the chocolate streak in a marble cake and winds up with a very red face for Branch Rickey, the old smoothie Charley Brewster, star Philly shortstop, formerly resided in Hope, whore he participated in athletics while attending Hope High School. Ho lived here about ,1 year and was a star football player but was not eligible to play with the Bobcats. Local grid fans will remember the spring training go meof 1934 in which he was the outstanding ball carrier. Pacific Coast Football Loop Split ,in Two San Francisco, June 10 — (/P) — Tho Pacific Coast Conference 10 member football circuit was split in l\vo sectionh today because of wartime tavel restrictions, with the possibility that Stanford university, long-time strong member might mil even have a team. And the fate of the annual Now Year's Rose Bowl classic at Pasadena admittedly hinged on wheth SPORTS ROUNDUP -By Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr Associated Press Sports Columnist Now York, June 16 -</P)^A race .luck to Carl Voyles, Wil- Burnham, who ran in all the important indoor miles. . It was bear ^ w ^^ scheduled for Saturday along ham and ma y ^ ^ with the junior "hampumsh^ lcam togetnol , but cause Dodds won t run on Sunday nc t h / rlo{inite iv won't play and the A.A.U. some opposition in Haegg chose to run the 1500. - the'week and increased his average from .348 to .356, moving to second. • , Stan Musial of the Cardinals, in accuse w rumme'rup last week with .352 ? over dictatorial" "kidded to .333 and fourth behind over dictatorial | Mc Cormick of Cincinnati. '9 will quit fighting" among selves and "help us get on he winning of the war,'' Paily Sketch is a step ahead tje others and accuses de ildle'oi being "over dictatorial" "' >"non*CQOperative." A tighten!o£ the purse strings by the ' ' might send De 'Gaulle My best Friends were| amazed Johnny Lindell of the New York Yankees third laht, week, also went into a tailspin that cut his mark from .3i7 to .294 and placed him sixth among the hitters in the unior circuit. The National League had ten I batters with averages of .311 or better, but the weak-hitting American League had to take in marks of .276 to count the same number of leaders. Sports Mirror By The Associated Press Today A Year Ago — Big Ten all star track team defeated similar team from West Coast Conference, 69 2-3 to 57 1-3, for first time in six meetings. Three Years Ago — All but three players on Cleveland Indian roster signed statements calling off revolt against Manager Oscar Vitt. Five Years Ago — Jimrnie Fox. Municipal Court Municipal Court Lonnie Brown, running a stop sign, forfeited $1 cash bond. David A. White, drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10, suspended during good behavior. Albert Dye, drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined $10. Calvin Kirk, drunkenness, forfeited $10 cash bond. Johnnie A. Howard, drunkenness, forfeited $10 cash bond. Burt Durham, drunkenness, forfeited $10 cash bond. Annie J. Wright, disturbing the peace, forfeited $10 cash bond. Lula Pearl Simpson, disturbing the peace, forfeited $10 cash bond. Hazel Washington, disturbing the peace, forfeited $10 cash bond. James Tyus, d i s t u r b i n g the peace, forfeited $10 cash bond. Civil Cases Vincent W. Foster vs. Jesse Carter, action on- a note for $94.60. tee. . From the Giants' place the standings, we'd guess they're working on the idea that father always is in the doghouse. Week's Worst Gag Today's Guest Star Carl Bell, Fort Smith Southwest From George Manoukian, Ham- Iden Conn.: "The Boston Red Sox have a new twist to that oft-used baseball expression — that is ( Ark.) I swinging like a Barna-Docrr. of the ivory markets, as well as n shot in the arm for the Phillies.' It's about the Phils' new shortstop, ChaH'jy B r c w s t e r, who speeds up tho i:ificld like high octane gas. And it fits into the diamond picture today because the good burghers of Philadelphia arc still dancing in the streets ovci yesterday's astonishing antics which saw the Phillies and the Ath letics each win both ends of a doubleheader on the same after noon. Some Fgiger Filbert cnmc up with '.he discovery that it's onH eight years since this happened before. But one fan ins'ists he c;m'l recall the occasion — and he- says he even remembers back to when Roosevelt was first elected president. Baseball men tell you Brewster is the guy who is making tht Phillies run like a IG-cylinder job again, just when it began to look as if they were the same old j i- lopy Anyway, they've won five of six starts since he parked his si/< 12's in the infield. And what makes it particularly funny is that less than seven months ago. the Brook lyn Dodgers ,o w n e d Georgia Charley. Rickey practically gave him a way _ unc i n ow the Bums need a shortfielder like a hitch-hiker needs hih thumb. If you don't believe ^hey're desperate, just ask Limping Lippy Durocher, who's had to m-eak around there himself the last few days. It was so bad yesterday in fact, that Ernie Lombard!, bahe- ball'svorginal gluefoot, even beol out a bit to short, as the New York Giants jolted the fading Flatbush- »rs 0-5. This setback hank the Brooklyns three full games out of er the season was carried to a successful conclusion. Conference r e p r e sentatives adopting what was described as ••the only solution," at their meet iiu; last" night approved the spli sclu-duled to reduce the travel o football teams to a minum in co operating with the Office of DC fonse transportation. A scm- round Robin scries wi bo played between the four south orn members of (ho conference Stanford, California, Southern Ca ifornia and the University of Ca ifornia at Los Angeles. The winner will meet the winnc of the northern section for the co fprcnco title. The northern groi includes the Universities of Was ington and Oregon, WashingU State College and Oregon Sta e relaxed, Gruadale Manger fred R. Masters of Stanford said was possible his school would t field a football sound. Stanford t it could carry on if reservis s ere allowed to participate in the ,,rt. but such action has been pposed by Army heads for plays m the schools in which It has lablished training centers. Dardanelle Soldier Wounded in Action Washington. Juno 15 — (/n ~ T ^. c ''- gt. Joseph R. Gray, son of Mrs. rmour Gray, Dardanelle, has jeen wounded in action in the bin - pcan area. IhpcDcWar mtrnnc pean area, the War Department nnounccd today. . He was the only Arkansas includ- d In a list of 393 wounded soldiers eleascd by the department. Goat, kid, shark, snake, kanga- oo. and many other skins are be- ug increasingly used ns uppers for vomen's shoes. College, and the Universities Idaho and Montana. But. unless Army o o rogulalio Wanted! Men and Women Who Are Hard of Hearing To rnako this dimple, no risk hearing test. If you nro temporarily ilcnfened, liotherad by ringing buzziiiR l"""l " oisi!s duo l " na ™' onocl or coagulated wnx (cerumen), try the Ourinc Homo Method teat that BO many any hna enabled them to hear well again. You must hear Ix-tlcr after mnkuig this simple test or you K''t y uur money hack nt once. Ask about Ourinn F.ar Drops today at John P. Cox Drug Co. Ft out of the picture. . . After remarked: that's over. Now maybe some sleep. Market Report ix times in nine-inning game with St. Louis Browns to equal Major ^eague mark set in 1891. „„ two Important steps may > you overcome the discomforts -.harrassmenfc of sour stomach, rnerves, loss of appetite, under- festive complaints, weak- on who Is operating on only a 75% Healthy blood volume or a tUgffirtive capacity ot only SO &iiormal 19 severely handicapped. wttb ample stomacfc digestive Juices ^red-biood you should enjoy M of well being whica denotes fitness . . . mental alertness! Judgment for plaintiff by default, in the sum of $94.60. One Auto Stolen, Another Recovered A 1936 Ford Coupe, owned by Ceor«e Stroud, was stolen from in front of his home on West Avenue June Red Sox first baseman, walked G ]asl n ight, police reported today. Recovery of another auto stolen at Texarkana yesterday from J. O. (Bunk) Clark, was 'also announced by local police. The village of Attu in the Aleutians normally has about 50 in- jui umity *i»*j»»™»- i • j * Powder. Get Mewana. (habitants Soothe and cool away heat rash, and help prevent it. — TMP -^ Sprinkle with Mexsana, U m *T formerly Moxiuaa Heat „„„, focal infection, 8SS t may be Just what you need as Hf ^^*- designed to promote the , t -tl digestive juices In tha __i sodto iwlld-up blood strength [Wcfent. „ Bnfld Sturdy Health Ice fl»* the Doctors way better S'^ S&ie our Fighting Forces and* tpyf thousand a of users have ; to the benefits 8SS Tonjc has " them and Ecieatifie resewc^ I tO tt - ;, feat It gets result*—that's •"••-•—•re:. . •—-"-"agturC Tonlcbwlidssturdy ywteel llfce yourself again/ ' tA Broadway Court Reopens Wednesday Night, June 16 Presentable Couples Only Cover Charge 40c Couple - - - 25c Person OUR SPECIAL • Chicken in the Basket Cold Drinks Sandwiches (We Are Closed on Sundays) BROADWAY COURT . Mr and Mrs. Roy Lee Arnold 'Mr 'and'Mrs. A. 'A. Haynes ST, LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., 16 _(#y-(U. S. Dept. Agr.)— Hogs, 9000; openings about steady with Thursday's average on 180 Ibs. up; top 14.10; early sales 180 -,300 Ibs. 14 00-10, with some later deals 13 DO-95; packers inactive; 170 Ibs. down steady to 10 higher; good and choice 140 - 160 Ibs. 13.15-75; 100-130 Ibs. 12.15-13.00; sows steady, largely 13.35-65. Cattle 1000; calves 500; steers supply light; market not established; other classes steady; good and choice heifers quotable at 14.00-15.00; common an r l medium cows 10.00-11.00; medium and good sausage bulls 12.50 - 13.75; vealers 25 higher; good and choice 1475' medium and good 12.25,1350- nominal range slaughter steers U.00-16.25; slaughter heif- •s 10.25-15.50; stocker and feeder | steers 11.00-15.65. Sheep 1000; no early sales; indications around steady. NEW YORK STOCKS seasonal peaks on commission house buying which touched off "stop-loss orders on the upturn Wheat was strong early on small mill buying, presumbaly 'reflecting army flour purchases, and reports of poor crop conditions in Canada. At the close wheat was unchanged to 1-4 lower. July $1.43 3-4—7-8, September $1.43 7-8, corn was unchanged, July $1.05. ats were unchanged to 1-2 lnghei nd rye was off 1-4—5-8. Cash wheat: No sales. Corn, No yellow LOG 1-2; No. 4, 1.00; sample grade yellow 1.01-95. Oats: No. mixed 73 1-2. Barley malting 105.13 nom.; feed 98-1.00 nom. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, June 16 -OT- Poultry ive 11 trucks; firm; market unchanged. At ceiling. Potatoes, arrivals 100; on track 128- total us shipments 950; sup- lies light; California long whiter demand good; market steady to firm- southern truimphs demand first place in the National League hince the St. Louis Cardinals belted 'he Cincinnati leds 3-1 on Harry Oumbert's two-hit hurling. The Phils got Brewster, along with Conker Triplett, in the three way deal that was .supposed to make a "chump" out of Ounrv Bill Cox. Up to then Charley hnd been moving around so fast his j laundry didn't have a chance to •atch up with him. At Nashville last year, the folks said he really had the makings 'o Rickey brought him up. Burin in/ Branch sent him to Milwaul e with a bundle of cash — estimated at $15,000 — for Hal Pock, :.hc two- 'oed outfeilder. The Brewers t'.ol him just ten minutes before the draft meeting last December, and •he Reds drafted him right then. The Brewers squawked — But Commissioner Landis said the leal "stuck," and Charley'd been with two clubs in ten minutes. A few weeks ago, ,Cox traded Danny Litwhiler, who was doing 'he Phils no good, and Earl Naylor to the Cards for Triplett, Buster Adams and Dain Clay. The Reds, full up with shortstops and •ilways looking for a fly-chaser. It takes guts to" hit the silk" Yi-T a paratrooper's confidence in his equip- 1 • • • •--- ••-•• His "cluile has nienl makes his jump easier. l, ( , ;ll checked and m'hecked. His green coverall uniform is hriar-proof. His special hoots are roinforml to protect his ankles from the shock o£ landing. New York, June 16 —UP)— The slock market moved into slightly higher I ground today although pro gress was slow in most divisions and some gains were pared or can celled. Rails, buoyant earlier, were un able to extend fractional advance after a mid-day flurry and, along I with industrials which had done a | little better, stumbled occasionally toward the close. I Dealings were marked by mter- Imittent lulls that held volume to around 900,000 shares for the lull session. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, June 16 —W>>— Grains turned weak in the closing minutes today, cancelling advances with had extended, from small fractions in oats to more than a cent iw rye. Profit • tafctoS entered Jll II 1 , BV*M !.••*•• •- • /-I 1 rather slow; market weaker; Cal ifornia K. -fi whites US No. 1, 4.1015: commercials 3.80-40..; Texas bliss triumphs victory grade 3.7085- Alabama' bliss triumphs fairly' good quality 3.7; Oklahoma bliss triumphs victory grade 3.61 NEW YORK COTTON New York, Jun-j 16 —(/P)- Uncer- 4.^ C W 4. W4 '» T " "' ' ' ' . . ainty created by the Congressional fight against administration subsidies, coupled with small mill de- nand for spot cotton, restricted futures trading today Late afternoon values were unchanged to<'10 cents a bale higher. Jly 2023 Oct. 19.84 and Dec. 19.<H. Fuutres clojsed 20 to 30 cents a bale lower.-; jly-opened, 20.24; closed. 20.17 Oct-opened, 19,8,5; closed 19-78 19-6.6; closed, 19-00 •ent Brewsler to the Phils for Clay. He's made just one error in six games-and has zipped up the infield until you'd hardly recogni/e i; And Triplett has earned his coffee and cakes with two homers in the same half do/en games. One of them, hooked up with a triple, gave the Phils a 6-4 decision over Boston in their opener yesterday, '.lonny Northey hit for the jackpot once in each game and the Phils took the nightcap 2-1 which boosted them into fifth place in the league. Meanwhile, making it Philadelphia's biggest day since Billy Pcnn got together with the Indians, the A's socked the Red Sox 7-4 and •1-2, with Dick Siebert sending in four runs in the opener and Jesse Flores flipping his eighth win of the year in the afterpiece. Bagpipes Needed for Combat Band Camp McCain, Miss. —(/Hi— Four bagpipes — preferably puncture- proof—are wanted by a new con. bat drum and bugle corps whicn will follow the 345th Infantry into overseas areas. Already equipped with 30 bugles and 18 drums, the corps makes it plain there must be bagpipes, too Members admit they want thei. battle music to include the pipe--' even if the 345th has to turn to the famous British Eighth Army Band for them. France acquired Indo-China now controlled by the .Japs, in the years from 1802 to 1893, This is anollinr example of how the Army de- si«ns special uniforms for special jol.s. Oowu lo'lho underwear —where styles and fabrics maluh llic elimale. You ran also have {rood styling and nasy-filling romforl in your underwear. For, during llifi past /If) years, UK: makers of HANKS Underwear have kept up lo ihc minute in knitting and tailoring underwear lor comfort and long wear. As one example, HANES Cro'loh-Cuard Shorts (shown at righl) provide gentle athletic support. For warm-wealher comfort, wear them with a HAM.-.S Undershirt. Knit to exact fhesl si/.e. Us Li-hly al.surlKMil faljric evaporates perspiration quicker —keeps you cooler and your top-shirt fir.-li'T. I'.H.llaiirsKniUingCumijany,Winston- Halem, North Carolina. 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