Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, SATURDAY EVENING, JANUARY 20, 1912. Runs Liirlit -Sfv.-s Ri'rlu See ihc While lola Furniture Store I PEBSOyiS Miss r I!..;:--:. r.'l-.r.y. L- here for ;i vi-i: a;;.! M:.. Thomas i'h'.li.^. —The W. C. Kea;;? To , Kres.- Bldg. Office roo:i;s C:.* :o 24. R. M .rr .nr.!.",-'.;..:.. v...^ yesterday n:; ! Mr. Pen::" tinsr opL--. :• : K. P. K::-; :<:.. ,. ! "n-t r." •: from i\:a>:-- •' •; . • ' •• : - • ' tn :U! -ii 'i ;. ! • •• • ••rl '.n < til" K;ir: .- \ :'• •. : • i • . -r^' ; sot'iiiriot;. —^'c Money. IL ^^. rrr.p'nrtnm. >ii>s K;!:v:;': Pi -ort. i-- I. •• Hess \V- < ;• t;. p.- ? \ (••,.••• in •:. :• •' on !'i:si:> ; ••. aft' ri .rtor.. Ar:!-r- Pr^fro:.. iV::ii,.i fur •o b II. B. Wiley, of Kansas City, is in the city today on business. A. C. Rankia spent yesterday in this city visiting friends, enroute from Kansas City to Texas on business. Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Morse return"i !a-t nigiu from a vi-it of sev- ' nil days witli friends in Kansas City. i:a nus-in.s. who lias been in Kanj City for tlio jiast sov«'ral we:-ks on l.^isin. ss. ritiiriied iionu' last night. Miss Zciia Stewart, of Yate.s (Vn- r. i< in' ll ;o city today for a visit aith friends. Thi' vonr.c pon and ilaiicliter of Mr. nr.d Mrs .Tohn .Harris, of two nii1«'s . .•' of I'll' city, .iro 111 uith sfiirlct fiMr. and tlie h (i::'.t !,:is lii-n (iiiar- •l!!!il)Cd. —If yn;ir children are siibjec ' . ?:icks of croup, watch for th >- -yinptnm. ^-oarsencss . Give i"'h ^-* liin's CM ;!;!-, Uoiiipdy as «oon r\-.ild lirco:n.''s hoar--o and tl-.e ••••ay be v.anlal off . For sale ' -aiors. P.^cr>»fary P.erry. of the Y. M. C. A.. ~ armn :rr!;i €n's for the .in- o\ i'oy;' liailT!"f of i!io .\>--so(-iation. V ! ii h will oi-ciir thin y,ar on Fcbru- • y •.'".i. Mr. B'^rry is jlan'klJn^ on • :•-.-t plat'-s. li- !i '.v Tish. formerly niqht sf.rer- t : 1, -.r ,'t Kansas Portlard. ; lit now trnvelins: for a c:ir wh .-^p' "1.1 r\f.' (I '-r .nnny of Prr.r .-yiv .-.nia i~ , •> rity for a oviof vis;* v. ith . !• r. is. r,.>o.!;n. A. II. Cpn-p'-o" and .1 . ! n: n :i;rno .l !;;st nii.'!:' fp^rn if.'o -.T .i. Tor.n . wii.To t !)oy hnv- • :•• Ti. I a " .•• '[vs of iis' stoi'k: : .• n-: lijxj:- l',M!'::i'd. i" O ;"'or:ii-il, f( ~-. I.oi.;-, on-'' of -• ! Ts oi -li^t-r-M!- '.Iror.'" :i il .^vot .^l ;o t '.:o i'lU'^r- C.'' cr .ir. ry stor---. is in the ;y-t .i .liy ••stiuatinfr '1;.' aco'.iracy • ;'r V i -icriits and ni:i-';r..- as rc'- !- Is i!v p i.';ri !uirfJ by th UTOC'.TS. ^'.',1''r .radti-lti rftnrn.^il yi^stor- • "t. \V;yr.' r.nd Uorkvill.-. , I.-ho:' hi> !-;>s h'-n \;si:ii!? for • : s. v-^r;i' tlin Mr i1r:^(!:l-ld •^•or. i;'].- iio .r.." (,f 1 ••ir.T one liny-o-:i;r hos' sal'v:::':i for .s 3.,'v-.r .V . r." FT Wiyni^, for •. v..;:, 'I.- otii.'r tM't v-s.mT • • ;; i V. ;•. ih- .'.^i -pany ... •;. ~^ ^ tj.;,, to i 'r-^ i o!;i- I •'i !•- ; ••••[••rs -nd >^rVf--ai (i:\y; r .T Kaiis.'s hr.;;.- M P - - - TVf":v."r :;T -v,-, M.\i;>;i. i • Tl,. Y M >' l-:i!l !• to ;.!;iy n »'lKh •• >: Tliur^day !• : • ri <'\r •• ' r. ; Mr'.; II--. nf'r 'rnooT: • •• ] y,- ^ M-- • Mr r-.-.<: - no r. h': ^•.•r •• 1 'Nim Per riafr p^:.; iii a liauau't lo H -.r .iv i:. .Nv.v York, in 1>4J. .\!:i.';,t> !.>r t ;:.'S' '.v.ii, s'o::.;u-;i trcj'i; 1..;i :!, Ti .'.i::y y'iy:<':i- «/V.T>- s • 1 r K;;.;; . .\",v !.•!.• i'lii.- . :S. s .1- \>'il as Il-.-r. -.iU-'. li . iii • rd'-rs. \-'M6) . .. > L" .It ail drUL 'Ki .-t." 1' ill. ir.'.: jokif uouldii't bo so • .. i; I'll t true: .\n lula pliy- ••. !;: > v.O '!iily 1 n ntti-ndlm; a • ••: . . !.•>-•• i;!''-'s. was not »"rl- .' ''f-A' -'.v.' on ao.tiint ol i .1 ' I •; • I •.vl'.i IT li" la'mh' i: • •• !-.;:'f.'V- .1 S' ly fn'.lii a i !i '.' •. T'." pii>s!i i.'in (• ; • \ ••. ..\:'\ V. !i a i,o ra ,!i -.l l'^ • • '.'y !:•, invaiiatly roK; Of > -v;;:! ill. a of kfop: ; : .- , rt n-; H/Mr;:.;: ),:•] told ' ; :,v .ri-i\. I 'll*' little t'o;. •".lama. I lik- •- -Wf:/. r-y (Jrrr?" ••; • . [: ••• ijor'* iiak'- !!!•• ij'Vzh.' : : •; •• y '.;.ui ;y :er. n \\ \r'> \>P OSAGE. ; v.-:.o .v:i- . r-insr ." ; M'-n^i'iy • \ t'ninp .-•.nr a- is no; '.".fc opt..a'icn lint:: ox a* Daya'd W'l ,.->;:'y iv ^nin::. . .• --nt (uch r.S '.n is !;;rii)in ,i: Mrs. ;..-n;? work ;.' HOW C Her nc^ll 'r. U.if:;-.- :v r- I thrrks tl. felt aiiC W... : ! • . • • th:::!: th- r : • : • ; ' rcftn;r- •: ; y : .• • ' : : . rt<:'. iv^'l r: 't • '• ' • ••• •• • Card'ji a-: s :•; ' '.'.y ' ':• ^ em'i won->;'.'_iIy vr- -.s. . the inii5-.'"S a:.! -. rV':• : them Tip X3 h'_. It h'.'l;-^" to rffr-.-": t''<- T.-^'-.-T-J overwork. I; vn--' -•. i 1. -.' . 1. Fifty years' ST.r- f -sf"? • f :":y prove the i::.r:: ti.:s jiu:-: :y vi>;.table, tonic f..- -AC. Ia''v ,:rv COT .;;:.:.;'.-, th-" C llr-i •n-ha ha :• i ' f; ::• -1 1 ;- r.-- \ The bor.rS t '"f ^s oi t'..; = vr .-.o test-:d wy::;: :.i's r.'i.vlv. .so-:i: themselves In Kai^y diii ^re::: , Try ic. N. B.—V^riie to: tjihs'M^.^»cry Dipl.. 0 -!fi- pooca JVeiwine Co., Chatuacoga. Tern.. !of Jtutmetions. and 64 -r3f^ book. "Hoae TrcitaMt ^a " r-r^ii] 'hr- .Jajh-a' • :.-j y'-ar, und i;Xi'..(j;:: .. sp;;n;r. :. C.L'.rr Va;:.:-,- :. r^' :n;'r..i-k is r<^;>orte'i ''<••:•... ai: 1 '.'••rda IJ'^-.l wer.' •. .•- '.r. i'y\::.:^, a c oup;' • '. ! .• •:. i'.y :r.( :<•'] on a • . !•• .'. . • v. k. .. l-r.:: :.• ndini' V. 't Wwr' V.':irren • r:. ! ' i .'.jr.a. nwl Fre'i • •- : •••r- of !^:.^_^\. i • V •;• . :i' .1. i.rnt:.-oii Vu'-; I . - :v . . r.;..I v ry IV. i: :> Cri'Iay wa:- . • ; a- -.i'.' owin;; U) tiii: ::\ nde.'.'-r v.i .o ua.s P'.it or. as • .1 1 . ..r- II. til. - t. rui o. (ourl ' •-. • •. i -i) a'f.'.'id ad i:a.^ h '.en '; a,: .T .ind hat ja.-t r.< .--nth ,• r."' 'r' ;:: •>:.' iajsi,;!.-.". j:d \Vo::. n:i.ii in i:i- !<'.::CP, hi:: - •• i? li rt- (.f -oaii- o: tii" pt -r- . oji;':; v ;:i ;i. tiiis '••]:;. of (.our; . • L...' SI: '..- as a j!:r->r. \'".'' ani! ]...'a :-i Ts!!-y siiipped two r < • L -'i-' ;.j :;.e Kan;:ii C:"y n ;ar• Tl. ~:ay. .'•!a:y D'lniap is ba'k in -<'ao<:)I again • k. srtt ^r a inonti; of absence • - id i.y sirknt^ss. 'ir. i-'.r\f- .\ev. iiian is reported ill at t-.'s Nv .-itin^. F -i- ; V, .'.f,-. v.ho is speh.iing tl;p .si-;'. • wit!! i:nc'.e. AVill Warren ^ ent 'o 'Pas City T'ai-.r-rtay tor a few liays' visit with relativ. ?. .\ <.c,iiiile of land buyer.s of nbar Facia are here looking for a location. .1 WA.VTED AT OXCE—A VIOLINIST to play every night at t)ie Grand + Intercational Sunday School Qaestioas (Copyright 1910, by Rev. T. S. LIntcott. D. D.} • •:• •:• •:• • •> •> •> •> •:• <• v •> • •> <• <• •> • •> •> •*• • <• • •> •>*•<• • l.c .«is «n for Sunday, Jiin. 21, 191'2. Luke 2:1-20. THE niKTII OF JKSr .S. (;OI .m-:.\ TF.XT —For unto yon Is born this day in the city of Daxid a Saviui;r. which is Christ tlie Lord. Luke (li V.-rsos 1-:;—Who were Caesar. Angnstvis and Cyrenius? I. JI Verses 3-1—What was the political or national status ot the .lews at tJils lime? i;!t .hidah had neither itln? nor law-plver at tiiis time; what prophecy is tliere which intimates-that .Messiah was to bo liorn uinler such coiiditions? ii) Why IkthleluMii called the city ot David, and what doi's the nan;..' of the city signify? i.'ii Wrsts ,")-<;—What would be a correct designation of a man who do. s not willingly pay his taxes? ii;> Why uure .losepli and Mary not to be censured for travi'UiiK abroad at such a nionientoiis and critical time? (Tl Virso 7—l>o we need to do anything special, except do- Inj; our every day diit;. to help God bring to pass at the exact time "and place whati.-ver he has planned for us. Give reasons. iM Why was it tin.' plan of God that Jesus should be born in Mi 't'.il.'hiiu in a stable, and cradled In a tnanger? I;M Ijo.'s God have more interest in the masses or the classes, that is i lithe jHwjr or the rich? il'.'i liow do you account for It that no person gave up his room in the inn. and that no private citizen offered hospitality to a wi .'i.ian cf such respectability. In such a serious condition? 111! Verses -S-lo—Which method assures us of the more Oi- vine ri'velations and why. specitically seeking them, or devoutly attendiiiK to oi!r every day duties? U:;i .May any .codly person in these days ever expect to be visit.'d by an angtl? tl3t Why is there never any reason to fear, either a natural or a supernatural revelation, if we are serving God? il4i Versos 11-12—V .'hy was the birth of Jesus good tidings to ti ;e shepherds and to all men? (Vt) Ii)oes wealth, or social position, or education, make lii'opie ii;or.' sensitive to the supernatural, than the opposites ot th.'S" things? 111'.! V.,-rse,'; 13-14 — P/iil this host of angels come at this moiiu'nt. or we;.' tli.^y already ih'-re and the eyes of the slieji- iierds "s.idd'.uiy opcn.-ii. and Ila-ir tars attuned to see and hear th.'iii. i!7> V.hat if any reason is there to believe that we are mn.-tantly sm-ouiided with a iK .'st of angels? (IM Vi>r.-e .s l.-.-lii—How much hurt or help would this reve- !:i?!on have hi '<>n to tl ;e shophOnls. it they had gone to Uethlehem to see for thi-:nselves? <l;'t V .-rs.s 17-1'»—How iinicii obi;«ation rests upon Chris- ti.nis. to Hiake .bsrs known to the w ...!d? liOi Ver-cs How Is it that when we tiad out tliP larls ('onrerninir Je>ii«. that onr Itearts are so ni;?li!lly .stirredJ (Tin's {s one of ttii- <|Ucs |ions that may lie iiiism-rcd in writinsr l>y members of the elub.i I.cs.-on for Sun-lav. Jan. —"The Presentation in the Temple." Lnk.- .> ^ jr. .;- .j. <. .J. 4. .> •:• <. .> •:• >KKn OF .V ( irV .MISSIONARY. .•:i>iTO!: i;i-:(;!.-;rKi>:— Th: • wri '.T is so ;.;!aU that someone .I.-; o ;..:>!:.,J ;)),• s .ii .jecr of earing for he n .'dy O-ILS of lola fur disiiission. I 1"'.; to ^iv.^ a f.-w words in :i-: .'iida'ic.n of una: ha-; been and .- Ij. ii.i; do;..- at the pr. s.'nt. ..\l .-o to .;a:;i;i .-^t son..' thii 'it^' that still need 'o In don.', altlioi '.gh just the way 'o arii)!i .ldi-li tl..' Ili'i .1 is a |iroiil-m I' -iihe If (lor d .'.ir friend. .Mrs !•;. N .'one..:. ,-o:;!.l !n'iHi|.|y herself .: u) a do/. II wirk .T .s. .-H.' rould still ;,r..l «ork foi il',' ihlrteetitli. I '.esble hir work spok n of In the i;i'i;i ?tc.r till' oil .er e \-i iiliig, s!ie Is ' ories|.>.n .|iiii; sieretary of tin f'ljilrl- rit'.'s i! >!iii' Poard. .Mso one of il.e in . ttlgai in« roiiiiuitli -e. Hhe has nu- .':i 'rois !i tter--- to read and anst\<r •••.Dili I l -ep'. a;ioti it seeiii'i to me she |o. .s !•!.' l.-i:x''r part of th-- work of ••'1" Association. Soiii.' of the createst needs whli-h i]i!"sal to her he.irf cannot he reached •)'-. aofo'.'.nt of her limitations in re- -avd to tiii'e and strengtl*. Oil.-- of ties' is f.'ie nei .'d of the sec- •wl. tiiird or fourth visit to the hofie 'hat has had the rirst h'l| ful vi.= it. Si -i to remain in the hoi'ir- as nurse •:i cafe of sickness. To have the time •II sliow tie- needy how to make the i.. 01 rL -f.irnii.c strength. Also to '.i'l tiio.-» to sef ;;e om;ilt)ylaent wV.o ari- o;it <i work. .\ ftn-at r.— i' is one to visit with iove t.nil .-ympati.y in tiieir utarts for i.o-ip ill sorrow and (iN -t-'rac.-. Yoi: laiL'l ; say: "Tiiis is the wr .rk • f '.'.ir iia-'o"- of loia." Tiiiy v .'iu!d ni •-'} to (io thf work of ni.'ire than one •r .-iT) if tiny c".:!".!! !.^.^er the demand. .An ! yo!! kiiow they rir.^ kept very b':sy 'o"!;!:i;; : :t.-~ 'hilr ova fl •.."ks. I wa.- :o;.! by a IIMIV wi -o visited in Fort .-:i-'.,it recrntiy that a uopian, who '.i-.'ds t!'f> salarv, ,!..'.-.,Tes nli !i ,.r time o (arinp for and distribiit'ng the elo- '.hi.'!g given \iy tiie people of tiie city. "Just Say" HORLICK'S It Means Original and Genuina MALTED MILK The Foed-drink for All Ages. More healfWiJ than Tea or Coffee. Agrees with the weakest digestion. Delicious, invigorating and nutritious. Rich ntillc. maltrd Rrain. powder form. ; A qoick lunch prepared in a nuonte. Take no snbstitaie. AikforHORLICJC'S. Others are imitations^ .Siie do s the work of a city missionary. She Is paiii by contributions fron; ihe difierent churches, also the other orsanii'.ulioi.s payir.g a stated sum e -ji -ii i;;(;;ith. I If we could have a city missionary i in loia to supplement the work already doiio. our needy ones would not 1 liavu to suffer untii Mrs. Jones or the Poor Commissioner could take the time tQ assist them. I as a member of one of 'he churches, would be willing to se." a little less paid ti: I our own church if necessary, and 1 irive a errtnin aii.onnt each month to this objrct., .\noi:,. i ;i ;r ?e ;t:or. : For e ich ( • • Sit.ME r.VN I '.ut Students Had to Quit. .•=^0: je ;,. o .lie api/arenrly imrcme . tea an': nffi -e pcis.onin^—if yru '.:i- nr'. Xa'itre wii! tell, you =0 in th- lilm. nts she -ends as v.arnin^s. .An'! kviien yuu '4f r a w.^rninr. heed it or you :.- iii'.rt. ir.-. .\ younic college stu- '..-r .t write- f '.-o :r. v. w York: • 1 had hien t 'i! freq:;ent!y that cof • e wa= injiirio:is :o ir.e/' (tea Is just 1- bad I ".in'! if I had not been fold, i: aiu...-! lonr -taHt iieadaciu 'S v.itii v! icii I besan to niiff.'r'after usinp it • >r ve\.:al y. ar.s. the <ta 'e of leth .nt- m.-ntali;y wlii-i; ;.'ruiiualiy came .I'm !:ie to hin !"r ue- in niy stmUe-, ,.• pi -n-rai Ia-.-..uiie anil indi-i>osit!on .1 .my -orr o; i'iir:-t wiii-!i p<j->.-s.-e<l •ne .ir ,_';.t to have been sufficient inilng l:..-' I d !-;.':.'.ir.!e.1 tiiem til' my physi 'an to!.! nie a few :iujni ;.- a^o tiiat I .'.ii!''t i:lv.' up coff. e or (|uit eolUge. I ' ''il'i !i.-i;a -e no ior.'r-er, and at once li .andoto d i "On tl" a 1'. ••• of a friend 1 began •0 d:^nk P.i-':i:'.i am: rejoice to le!I vi/i \\\.\\ ttii', t!ie diVU!? l.n coffee" (tEe .•i.'!)i- druK— caffeini—is found in tea» I".."! and the healthful propertle.s of Portuni in it.s piare I was soon re•i .-ved of ai; my aijDiect.=. The headaches and nervousness dis- il)i>ea :-ed eiitirely, strenir'h can'^ back •> ne. and my comple'-ion which had 'e-'n very, very bad, cleared up beau- rifully. Better than all. my mental facijlties •vere ton.:d up. ac<1 became more vig- •).'-ous t.'ian ever, and I now feel that no course of study would l>€ too diffi- uU for me" Name given by Pos- tmu Co.. Battle Creek. iSIich. "There's a reason" and it is explained in the little book "The Road Wellvllle." in pkgs. £Trr, read the alwTe letterl A new oie appean fram time t« tine. Tlier ,aro gnrafaie, tnti fall •( kaouui •>iBlcp9Mt, , church : • • li.eir ii.issionary ;'p•'•".' •> 'ii in le-'ain disiri'i.s of the •.'un. For is everybody's bu: i!.e--. - - Jy's :;:?iness—or at '•••Rst I •; i: to let some Opn . :, r, : ,; x:_\~ V .'Of -k. We see a need: C-od grant t'lat we !ir,y do w ,':at wo ran. I bel'eve o'-r S' r .'i- N'rs. Jones been called and fitfeil for her work. Hut the -\'a.ster said- •Inasmuch as ye did it unto i>.. )..;,sf of these, ye r)id it iin- fo me" .And tlie work is too great for one. FRO.M A FRIE.ND. —Mrs A. R. Tabor of Crlder. -Ma '.ad Veen troubled with sick headache fo,- about five years, when she began taking Chamberlain's Tablets. Sh«> has taken two bottles of them and thnv have cured her. Sick beadach« is caused by a disordered stonrach for nhieh ta.blets are especially intended. Try them, get well and stay well .«o!d bv all dealers. Gave Him Something. ".A£i'lj.''ei) .'S' Il ••.t.lalmed ft m.'U'istn .t.' • v." ; . • • u ari' the vcr> u;;il) w ;'.s i.-^ui ^ ,it my dour yesterday;" "Ye'j.- .ss.-:,!.,! ii;e >.'j'.Tniif, witb a sneer. ••a;..i . "i; I'.iiiu"! ».lve n>e uny- thlnr;" "V»'e;i. ;• ; '.ire ', .,. s.'aietllillK HOW I'l Ur;. • . I.i. i . 1 •ii-.e;.ia|ill. ECZEMA Tttlv. Mt mmm. tmn*, Hk-Cnit, WetiMi sua, ECZE.M,A-'CA.VBE:CUBEJ> TO STAV. ««' w^'-n i t^sfunti. f tbc&n ju-i wlut lur —C -t3 -K-K-l> s.iil n .)t man-ty ca:cJi ..'i iir> tuc SKtiile. Ui mar. unw tban brfoiF. K^meuibrr 1 make tlil4 bna.. BtatciiM-fit zlt«r I'Ctiai.; ten yoaifl of riy ttni» on tbli €>r.e (^:...*.ivano eanitimjr ID thi *iiM -4n Umt naiLirtA." c:' a I. .ill ..n -i.w-i <•? !tu divsiiul ^ieaf^- }i .>w. ) rt ' noi cTLT^ ttlL -»t cM y.»a taw u-«.tl, a ..r tnw aian^ <J ^-lorthsre told F'.n tmt y»ti c>JiW uot tn? cnrcd- aU I ;i>k It juat s vtan.-c t'> cliew y-.u tta*t I know vtiat 1 un tatklnv ai -'uit. Hjna mm mrstr me TO L.\y. I will i«n.l T->3 a FKEG TttlALof mr mild, p.-,.:;!*!!!!;:. iruAra..!.;-U cure ttiAt Wilt ciOflEirc yet more in a iUj rhin 1 or aoyfioe el** co'iM lit i mtynth'% tlrie. If /ou am dlagn^rd ami liibmangvtl I darv yoo in yire nr a cboJtce tii prorts my tMaimH. Br •rtmucrc'a-iUTToamlt en^'Tmnn iriln«i fnrt Ulan y.>n ud avrr thooir&t tlit* worVt ifku iat rna. Jiutt^yliasd you vlU aee 1 am tci;.iic jun tiw tmuu '0, ^ Dr. J. |.C»Mia^29h^Svw^jS^^lb. Home Health Club By Dr. Darld H. Beader Laporte^ Ind. E Tory day Doogerii: The Home Health club is the ejiemy of fear; it constantly advises ait who may be possibly brought under its influence, in the slightest degree, to be brave. But there is a dilference between bravery and carelessness, and there is one kind of /ear tiiat is much to bo commended. Always fear to do wrong. Never fear to do right. Carelessness is wrong, whether it be care lossness of yourself or others. You would consider it criminal In one who had a contagious and dangerous disease, to go into a public place and thereby spread the contagion. When, by carelessness, you contract a disease, you not only endanger yourself, but your friends with whom you are brought in personal contact. At any rate you place yourself in a position to become a trial and a burden to them in taking care ot you 'during .vour illness. Ordinarily this care is a labor of '.ove when it must be given, but it is highly reprehensible and useless to cause .your friends such work, anxiety, and sometimes expense when it can be avoided. It is not with any disposition to be conie alarmists that we speak of "every day dangers," but to call attention to the heedless—even foolish— Incurrence ot danger to your own health and that of others. Just think a minute. See that dirty chap over there with the sore mouth, uncombed hair and a general appearance of fllthiness? He is evl- I'.entlv the victim ot his own indolence or general "onariness." How would you like to take a cup of water from his hand? Worse: how would you like to take a drink from a cup or glass that you knew he had be-?n drinking from? The very thought is sickening, isn't it? It Is almost sickening to ask the question. But those who look after the health of others iiave to do. and -say a great many unpleasant things. W.'ll, just remember that every 'Imo you take a drink from a public "rinking cup or other vessel of the kind, that some such person may have drank from it. the minute be•ore you did. and left upon its edge where you may get them, the microbes of some awful disease. But. you say. that kind of persons are not to be seen on sleeping and drawing room cars, or even respectable day cars, about decent hotels and the llwe. Just remember that scrofulous and -viihiiifie diseases, the most contagious, insidious and dangerous are ens ly conveved bv the bacilli of the disease, — germs so infinitesiraally small that the particles of the air tliat • <>!i breathe are sometimes larger: and not onlv the wealthy and high ev •^rywhere; but even royalty may be hereditary or acute Biifferers fron -t?i-h disiases. Af Hot Springs, Arkansas, the most fninoua of all places for the cure, by the waters, of syphilitic and mercurial iliseases, the flrst-clnsa hotels dn not even make a ;)retrnsp of furnlsh- 'ng bath-fowels to their guests, but for fear of promoting contagion, re- (Ulre every guest to supply his own ba'h-towels. The managers ot those hotel.s, doubtless under the instruction of resident physicians, do not risk as safe, such articles, even 'hough thoroughly laundered. But lit tie less dangerous are the public towels anywhere. Have your own drink- ins cup with you. wherever you go, as scrupulously as you would have your own tooth-brush, and carry your own toiiet arficles ev^n when you start on th''' briefest trip, where it Is possible that such articles may be needed for ..'ven a motncnt. These admonitions and everything akin to them should be taught by par- .-•nts, in the schools, and all the time. The approach' of disease is invisible and insidious, and for this reason it is less guarded against, in th«> simplest niatt.-rs. If a malady like consumption or pneumonia, which two •.vere lately shown by a capable and Ji'Tinguish.ed. specialist In vital statistics, in Chicago, carried away nearly fifty per cent of those who died in 'hat city last year, should come with the roar of a lion or the noise of a great gun. the utmost means ot defense or escape would instantly be organized. And yet. neither a herd of roaring lions or a battery of great guns is so dangerous as. these diseases, and many others that are entirely preventable by carefulness in all the ways so frequently set forth in thi?se lectures from the Home Health Club. , In the advice of -Moses, commanded by the Most High, to be given to the children of Israel in the passage of the Wilderness, on hygiene and sanitation these everyday dangers wer^ shown and directed to be guarded against "thus to put away evil out of Israel." This subject may seem ristastetul ind almost.uncanny, but it is one of utmost Importance and should be regarded from that standpoint To be brave is one thing, to be care ful Is another, and there is no reason why they should in the least, militate against e;nh ether, and this is what is meant by .idmonltions to guard against "Everyday Dangers." All readers ot this publication are nt liberty to write for Information per tnlning to the subject of health at any time. Address all communications to the Home Health Club or Dr. David H. Reeder. LaPorte, Indiana, with n.ame and address in full and at least four cents in postage. —I have opened up what is known 34 the old Star Barn^on West street, .md will run a Sale and Feed Barn and expect to have Public Auction Sales every Saturday, and will hold my first sale on January 20, Saturday afternoon. Will have for sale that day 20 head of horses and mules. So If you want to buy or sell, it will pay you to attend these sales. G. C. Constine. Charles Bishop Auctioneer. TO CUBE k COLD IX OSTE DAT —Take Laxative Bromo Qninloe Tablets. Dmgglsts refund moner if it tails tp cnre.^ £1W. Grove's slgna- t»,<A e >cb box. 2fia 100 Miles Around lola We are sending and shipping Pianos for miles around lola. We are now conducting our BIG AN- •NUALSALE ON PIANOS, and the people in East- em Kansas know they can get what they want at our store, as our stock is th« largest in the state and our prices the lowest on all grades of Pianos. In this sale we have good Pianos for $100, $160, $176, $198, etc, Lots of new Pianos—standard makes—^for $200^ $215, $220 to $249—on easy payments. Never before have we been so well prepared to give our customers high grade goods for about one- half value. Used Kanos and Organs at all prices from $5, S8, $10, $20 to $45. J. V. Roberts Music Co. S;ierirf Hoover Kerr returned yes- 1 terday evenmg from Oswego, where J he went to serve subpoenas in the [ lascs of Nellie Bales vs. The Natural Jas Company and Flemming vs. The Natural Gas Coiiipany. Those suits v.ere instituted by citizens of Gas .Ciiy for the purpose of securing a reii:nd of the deposited with the dd Taylor company and to prevent I r:-.e gas company from suspending gas' service without giving notice of at least thirty days. The Danger of La 6rlpp« —Is its fatal tendency to pnemno- nia. To cure your la grippe congtis take Foley's Honey and Tar 'Gom- pound. R. E. Fisher Washington. Kas., says: "I was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat ened pneumonia. A friend advised Foley's Honey and Tar Compound aad I got relief after taking th« first few d'l.-^es. I took three bottles and mj la grippe was cured." Get the genuine, in the yellow package. J". D. Mnn- dis. Co. —Here Is a remedy that will cure .ioi :r cold. Why waste lime and mon- ;y experimenting when yon can get a :>reparatIon that has won a worldwide reputation by its cures ot this disease and can always be depended upon? It Is known everywhere as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and is 1 medicine ot real merit. For sale by all dealers. . lilalne Durbin, the Fort Scott boy ' whose fame as a batfeball pitclrer once protiil.sed to land him at tlie top of tlie heap but wh08ci< work did not show up to advantage In the big leagues, has been sold by the Omalia baseball club to the Oakland club In the Pacific Coast league. Durbin-will go to Oakland soon to begin training will} the team for the coining.season. WILL GIVE $500 TO SICK OF lOlAAND VICiNltY Indiana Scientist Who Originated the Now Famous "Home Treatment" Offers $1.00 Treatment Free to Sick and Ailing. In order that every reader of the -Agister who needs treatment may nave an opportunity to test this cele- jraled medlclfle. the now famous In- iluna scientist has come to the front rt-ith an offer to give absolutely free i full size $1.00 package to five hundred persons to prove the wonderful -•laims which have been made for it. In making this offer the scientist =aid: "I know that .there are many people who have been suffering for vears with some chronic disease and many of them have spent large sums ot money seeking a cure. I know that these people hesitate about Investing money in medicinie t>ecause they have despaired of ever getting well. Thousands have told me that story and many thousands of the same people have told me afterwards that my treatment had cured them after doctors and everything else had failed. I want to show these, despairing people that all the newspaper talk about my treatment Is luteljr true. I want to prove to a limited number—no matter what the llsease, no matter how long they may have suffered, no matter how blue and di«roura«red—that my treatment really and actually does accomplish the wonderful results that have been reported." People who suffer from Rheuma- ism. Kidney Trouble. Stomach Trov bie. Liver or Bowel Disorders. .(!»• :arrh. Bronchitis, Asthma Chronic .'oughs. Weak Lungs. Lumbago. PItes, Urinary Disorders, Female Weaknesses of any kind, the weak, worn oiit; broken down and despondent •wiU->be delighted at the effect of a few-doses. This wonderful treatment creates . a fine appetite and helps the digestive organs to carry on their .fuactionir -AB they should. It strengtbensr tb» kM^ neys. too. and drives rheumatism .poisons from the blood as if by magic. That Is why people who try it become so enthusiastic. Any reader of The Regtster ,who will try this extraordinary mMlCtiie that has created so'nmeb exeltefflSat by Us cures can obtain- absolutely free a full |1.00 treatment by. simply filling in the coupon below or writing a letter describing their'dto In their own words. It they prefer, »nd maii(pg It today to Jaa. W. Kidd Fort Wayne, Indiana. No money need he sent and no charge of any kind will be made. AH this otter is limited, you abould write at once. In order to be sure to receive your free treatment Coupon A-103 for Free Dollar Treatment ^'•^"^;n7 ;J^S '^*'^Fun7,%'?o'r..=. ot Treatment for my ease. FRBIE AND POSTAGE P.VID. ju ^t an you promi.'-. Jfame 7 ' PostolBce „j state - Street or R. F. D. No :- -— •-— Age -—• How long afflicted? — Make a cross (X>,before dlsea-ses you have. Two crosses (XX) befor* the one-from which you "suffer most.. Rheuroati-sm T ... I.umljaiso Catarrh Constipation ....Plies Diarrhoea Torpid Liver Indigestion .. .Stdmach Troublei Poor Circulation .. . Pimples . .Eczema . .Nenn^gia .. Headache . .Dizziness . .JCervousness . .Obesity KiiJnev Troublo J.. .Impure Blood • Bladder Trouble I Anemia Wtak Lung.s t. Chronic Cough ;. Malaria !• Asthma |. Hay Fever I Heart Trouble . .Female We^ne» Wo.Tib Trouble Ovarian Tiouljte ....Irr6 «ular Periods Painful I^riods ~ Delayed FMiods ^ ...Hot Flaall«j »t ' .. .Bearing Down Falas Xeacorrfa«% Give any other symptoms on a separate sheet. Con -ejnjK >ndeiw» i^ al^^IanaoW^

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