Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 26, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 26, 1954
Page 2
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hopt *fAft, H6PI* ARKANSAS Friday, March 26, 1<>54 Is always ready |f 1WI '"" n a BUTLER ftuiUiitg .,., r <* > w !, J ""*• X'^'- -' " "*'4#»V 'tJiaVfe +b waits time overhauling rusted y;\^* tt &&#&& ft' i» a weather-tight Butler *fcffee>uTl<IingI IfoU.gk.madhinefy ih and out faster, ,thr6Ugh*rgi9Hdirig doors^in sides,'ends or bdih. consttuction with galvanized or ,g|ive8 unobstructed space from et more ^pafce,per dollar in a wind' Butler' building I. fo'*ee«us , Sa« '---.,- ., - r It* Bf i f on f ce»j. obout Stiller motbto- 'ery iforagt, flrotn tlorooo, lobflng or -v. ; Te«dtoq towi,'ho|l hooiei, laying houici ',,,", et comb/noliod bulldlngi la (II your <xoel Call Boyle Continued from Page due making fl galloping retreat from relily. Wo, he aKvays justifies It as "a form of selfexpression." ' But 1 ask you supose an ordi- Jiar y men is confronted by the sight of an amiable cow in a pasture, In which of these two ways can he. better express his finer nature: 1. fiy admiring the cow and pondering the miracle of milk, or 2; y carrying out 'the instruct lions of a how-lo-pnint a bbw "book —and spending the rest of his life defending the portrait from neigh bors ; who are -sure it Is really o picture of a horse -with four lau' cets? I say admire the cow and let it go at that. If a man desires to lor- got his own woes, he can do it better by exercising his sense of wonder' than by plunging his brain into a sad of how-to-do-it booklets. So strongly do I feel on this subject .that .1 have written an ariti-hqw-to-do-itbook. The book consists of a single page follow cd by ,a long index listing howto dp'.-1,001 different things..No matter which of the 1,001 how-tordo-it items you look, up, it refers you to page one. On page one Is printed a single word in large bfock letters: Vdon't" Anyone who seriously wants to cure himself of the how4o-do-it di sease can read this book at a glance and 'feel, himself relax as new life pulses back into his tired Old troubled .veins. The title 'Of my book is, Vhow not-to-do-it and 'feel better all over." My 'feeling is that this vol .time'will destroy all other "how to-dorit" books on -the .market — Unless somebody comes up with one .called, "How to 'Inherit Mon fiy." also was seen as a _ Hogs 8,500; c airly Active 'Untied as spot' firms ^transferred to win. barrows and. gilts steady t&.lO'lbw- hedge positions forward. • I . , Th £, ? ct ,.. er than' yesterday's average' .sows Late afternoon "prices were 20 double-barreled move to embarrass Steady tb 25 lower bulk 'choice 'cents •„ bale lower .to 20 cents the West because of its delay m 180-230 lb -27 00-10; Ver y few ear- higher than 'the previous ..... Jy 23.8590 several .hundred . head choice No, 1 and 2 '-or Uniform lots under 220 -Jb' 2t<15 " about: 2? head 27.25; 240270 lb 26,00-85 2,70300 lb 25.0K)'2e.25 '150170 20.0027,00 sows 400 lb down : 24;0050 'heavier: sow's 23.00-75; ! 'boar's 17.0020.50, Cattle -600. calves 400 moderately active cleanup trading mostly Individual head commercial and low good yearling steers and heifers 18.0049.00; utility and com- hour and then recovered. Toward MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVEStOCK I deliveries in check. Switching from NATIONAL STOCKYARD, 111.[nearby May to old crop July con 'Continued Pag« t«Ji m6Vc intended to give the puppet East Ggrfnrm goveihment prestige which hitherto it has been unable close, granting full sovereignty to Chan- Mny 34.30, July 34.51 and Oct 34.01. jcellor Konrad Adenauer's West German government, while awaiting ratification of the European GftAlN ANO PROVISIONS ' CHICAGO, March 26 l/f) Grains Defense Community project. held within relatively narrow pried <In washing ton. the U. S. State limits on the Board of Trade tn- pepartment called the Soviet man- day. Only exception was old crop soybeans, down around 5 Cents at one time. Dealings were routine and rath er slow, even for a Friday. The market sold off during the first mercial cows 11.00-13.50; canners and cutters 9.0011.00 some strong Weight cutters-to 11.50 utility arid commercial 'bulls 13.0(M5.60j'-cutler bulls '11.00-13,50 good and : chocie vealers 2l.'0d'15:00 individual liead prime -vealers- to 27.00 cbmmer- cial a/id low good 15.00-2p;00 commercial £nd good slaughter calves 14.0017.00. ' ,'': Sheep 200; cull to good wooled lambs 18.00-24.0Q, including 90 head lot ofmixe 'd utility and good. . at 24.00 scattered sales choic.e but mostly heavy ,woo"iskin_s ,25;00-2G.OO; no high choice or prirhe present market steady.' NEW YORK STOCKS stock market advanced' tb'day and ended .a /three-day decline.'It was : higher at';the .start 'and carried '.its 'buoyaiice. right oh into the early afternoon. The push /ahead sent many Js sues up major fractions ; to around a point, and some marched on aheadfo r gains of between 2 an dO points. • POU.LTRY.AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, March 26 (M — .Live poultry steady; receipts 168 coops f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 24-26 lieht hens 1819 fryers or broilers 2226; old roost ers 1618; ducklings none. : Butter weak; .receipts 1,262,633; .Wholesale ;buying prices Y? cent lower 93 .score AA 63.5.93 ;A 63.25; 90 B 'fi3.25; '89 'C 56. A 75 cars 90 B 61.75 8 C"57;5. ;Eggs weak: .Receipts ! ; 16,349; ^wholesale buying prices VS 'to 1 ;lower 'U. S. 'large '3839:5; U.'S. medhism 36 U. S. .standards 35.5; current receipts 355 checks and dirties 34. q LITTLE 'ROCK 'W ' —.. tiMesvillo Floral area: Market steady to 'firm, .bemahd good. Offerings generally .short of trade needs.' Some buyers report theyar e unable to buy 'enough 'birds to fill orders. Trading light. J?riies,at the 1 farm, up to "if a. 'm.'today, broilers or fryer's, 2',2 to 3'A pounds, ierits, 1 mostly 23 ients. NEW YORK COTTON /NEW YQRK, March .26 W) Cotton futures ,were irregular today, a slow5demand;for,spot:cotton brbugiih iliquidatiori in old crop months,while li£h t .profit taking held new crop ,!P, O.-JBOK 14^0 Easter's tihe -corner to choose < i . you Unquestionably smarter $38.95 Spring amd Summer Styles ip stack. .lambs the finish buying picked up and many deliveries went above the previous close. • Wheat closed %-! 3 6 lower, May $2.20y 41 / 2 , corn .'/» lower to % high er, 'May $1.55 '%, oats , lower to (ff) higher, May 75%, rye unchanged to %lower. May $1.09, and soy benas 3% to I'A higher, May $3.fi4'/ 2 -$3.64. Cash wheat: None. Corn: No. 2 yellow .1.55M.5B, -No. 4 1.56'/ 4 ; No. 5 1.55y 4 ; sample grade. 1.48' / ^-52 1 '. 1 . Oats: No. 1 heavy white 81, No. 2 80'/4; No. 4 white 7Vi- Soybeans: None. ' Barley nominal: Malting 1.2062 100 .10.00 food'92-114. Field seed per lb nominal: White clover NEW YORK -March-26 Ml —'Thn al - 00; red top 37 - 0058 - 00 : alsll£e NH,\N YUKti., wiarcn ztj t/n.-r- me „ •Hmnthv 12^0-1350 red nnlt m.nvkPt advanced: thflftV anrl .".oOlB.oO ,/timothy i/.SU iJ.ou : icu ;2223 clover 27.002800. Picconi Refuses to Call a Vote ROME, (UP) Foreign Minister Attilio Picconi today shrugged off a new Communist-Socialist effort to unseat him because the name of his son has been brought into a sex-and-navcotics trail. The Communist and Socialist opposition reopened the "scandal of the century" last night with a demand in a senate committee for Piccioni's resignation. Premier Mario Scelba apparently had won a three month respite from the scandals plaguing his regime when the government won a postponement of parliamentary discussion of the case until July 1. But Socialist Emilio Lussu and. Communist Mauro- Scdccinmarro presented a mation to the ^senate foreign affairs commission in. a 'new effort to embarrass Scelba's center coalition government. Oliver a "sheer facade' T and said if Soviet troops were removed "the entire puppet rpgime would collapse under the weight of hatred and hostility of the populace which it has the effrontery to claim it represents." ••;'•' (AUthoriatative sources in London said sovereignty "merely fixes East Germany into the orbit of satellite states." . The Sovie Union made its an nouncement through ADN, the official Communist news service in East Germany. ADN said the soviet union listed three "concessions" to East Germany. 1. The Soviet Union.will have the same relations with East Germany as-with other sovereign states.. ' -2.' East Gerrnany will have freedom to use ."its own discretion' 1 in foreign and internal affairs, including relations with, West Germany, •••••. :.'..•' .. ' . ;. 3. Soviet supervision, of the East iGerman government is lifted. The announcement said, the occupation of East Germany by Soviet troops would be "temporary." ' East Germany, in return.for her "sovereignty," agreed to continue honoring its • obligations ;to the Polsda m agreement under which huge.areas in Eastern part of the country were lost to Poland and Russia. The regime also promised >to maintain "development of Germany as a Democratic, peacerlov- ina state.". Western officials through the psychological effect of ;the an nouncement on .West Germany would be. unnoticoable. The y pointed out ,that th« "con- Garage Owner Suffocates NORTH LITTLE (ROCK, Wl. —Coroner Howard A, Dis^hpngh .said yesterday that a sinpuldering fire in a couch caused a 40-year-old garage owner to suffocate in his three-room >.ome here. Coroner Dishongh identified . the victim as Baxter W. Brown. He said the body-was found on the floor near.the bedroom window. The couch was in an adjoining liv ing room. Donations toHempstead ReiclCross Contributions to American Red Cross: Patmos Previously reported $3,198.88 Mr.' and Mrs. A. N. Rider $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Formby $1.00, Mr. and Mrs, ,C. P. -Jones $1.00, Mr. and.Mrs.'Glen McDonald $1.00 John Laha $1.00, Miss Laverne Rider $1'.00, Hinton Home Demonstration Club $2.50, Mr. 'and Mrs.' Elredge Formby $1:00, : Mr; and.Mrs. Monroe Kent $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. GUy Martin $1.00, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell Rider $1;00; 5th and 6th Grade Room Patmos School $.25, . J. Drake $1.00, Total $3,212.63. G&F Vice-Chairman Campbell, Succumbs ONElDA, Mi -' John CambeUi! Arkansas Game and Fish Corftl mission vice chairman, dfed uriekl pectedly here yesterday. He was"! about 00. Death was attributed to a heart| attack. Campbell, an east ArkahsfasI Singer Awaits Ruling .From Argentina NEW YORK' (UP)— — Jobles debt ridden Crooner Dick Haymcs waited today for the Argentine government to decide whether he can travel abroad as a citizen of the South American country where he was born. Hayines flew to Washington yes terday with his attorney, Hartley Crli'm, and spent an hour closeted with Argentine Ambassador Hipo lito Pa. Embassy officials said later ho had applied for a pass port. •The singer returned to New York and his actress wife Rita Hayworth after ducking questions by reportersabout how the application 'for a passport fitted into hJs plans to fight a deportation or der Issued against him Tuesday by the U. S. government. cessions" merely .followed whatj already had, been .in force in West Germany. Even'though the Bonn government will not enjoy full sovereignty until the European army becomes ,a reality, • .West Germany's .limitations on /her independence are slight. The major limitations are her inability -to ;make .armed .alliances and to have military and civil Vi- aton. Mrs. Cordcll Hull Dies in Virginia WASHINGTON 1 '(UP) Mrs. Cordell 'Hull, wife ef the former secretary of state; died today at Stauntoii, Va., it was announced here. Mr.s. Hull was 79. StateDepartment spokesman Lincoln White said Mrs. Hull had gone to Staunton Wednesday to visit her sister-in-law, Mrs. Irene Witz. She died at 1:30 a. rn. EST 'today. NOW GROUP ^"RMING NEW Non Cancellable nospltal Policy Home Security Life Ins. Co. • Guaranteed Never to Raise . Rates. • Ages — Birth to 100 Years. •• No Medical Examination Required. • Good Any Doctor or Hospital • Demand Non Cancellable Policy. Call or write your Reliable Agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 planter, was appointed to the corhj mission in 1948 by former GoV. Ben Laney, and was elected Vice chairman' last year. 'jjjfl About four years ago he was! crippled in a boat explosion . >onl the Mississippi River near. Helena.I The widely known sportsman ,andl hunter also was president of thel Barton School District boardj here. He is survived by his wife, a son and three daughters. falatf (OLDS — CUSTOM —• SLAUGHTERING Anytime You Want Beef Processed for Your Deep Freeze - MOORE BROS. Dial 7-443T NEED MONEY? We make real estate loans forjl •all purposes—to buy, build, re-'| •pair, refinance, etc. Our attrac- 5 tive monthly reduction plans.;! 'help you to pay off the mortgagetj systematically and conveniently.! — the interest, reduces eachi?) •month .as you make monthly payments on loan. . ;• There Is No Better Plan HOPE FEDERAL * .Savings & Loan Association 122 East Second St. Phone 7-4661 QUALITY o FIELD and GARDEN SEEDS • FERTILIZERS, SUPPLIES and INSECTICIDES. 'We specialize in Willhite Melon Seed and Funks G. Hybrid Corns as well as all other quality items. 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See and drive the-cam that challenges the fnie8.t—u»)d PMAl.RAMOI HYO*A-MATK, A loanmil, niih Pmilinc'u >Mii>liti»at ^" i n e. delivers Jiue*c»r perfouH- tU p?4k economy. Ptwpr Pojyer Ste«iHg, Cwnforj, •ent '\i r jiw y<Ju open tup «'ide nylpu und J0atl(er give tbc viiig-roopi beauty iand coi rareij by tb? iliaUpguisljed $$$ typ r Cu*to«i interior illustrjiKxi above.

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