Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. SATURDAY EVENING. JANUARY 1912. The Hvther of the Xan. (After Hall Caine.) "When he's asked yoa if you'll wed .him and you've told him that you 'mm, ./When he'« spoken to your father and the date is fixed, there's still Ulnother task before you—dodge it, . girl, you never can— .Tou must gc to face inspection by the mother of tht man. When he's led you to the altar and you .start to spend his riougn And yt* try to do his cooking in the vbeit wny that yon know. "Who "WM It of tea biscuits always made .1 lighter pan? Very'simple is the answer. Twas the mother of the man. —Detroit Free Press. Another of those delightful Clink'^r •Cliib parties was given In Masonic hall'last night, where the following guesta'danced and enjoyed the inform al hospitality of the club: Messfs and Mesdaraes C. J. Balliett, S. n. Bixby, L. J. Campbell, R. R. Urftlte, Mel Pronk, V. U. Fr>-, F. J. Hortoa, W. S. Kauffman. D. C. Morrow, ,D.. P. Northrup, H. M. Palmer. "J. T. Price, Dr. and Mrs. D. W. Reid, Dr. a *a Mrs. J. T. Reid. C. H. Shields E. D.'ghlelds U P. Stover. C. K. Taylor, H. C. Wheaton. Frank Wood, Mor- .-nvin Tholen jr., H. H. Howard. ' Mesdamea W. S. Goodin, \an Leff- lec,. Mary E. Mann. MissiM Mnry Woods, Setta WilFon. Haul' Bowlns, 1... Ploje Houser, Mnry Northmp, Haael Goes, Jo H.irrigan. JBertfaa Swlgart, Hazel Drake, May Brigbam. Meaara. F. G. Apt. T. H. Bowms, F. - W. BrbWBter, Lee Bowlus Dr. R. 0. Chriatlan, R. J. Coffey. Lewis Drake. Geo. C. Delgnrno jr.. George J. Gordon. Dr. C. M. Russ. Dr. F. L. B. l .K 'a^ ell, C. A. Swjggett. N. J. Brigham. • * * ^r. Lucy Hnll, Osteopath. Teiejp]i«Be 120 and 68L • . I + * * Mr, and Mrs. C. S. Drake are in Kin cald today to visit her sister, Mrs. U. P.-Shcpard. Toilet Arliclcs- Anj'thing worth having in Toilet Articles we are sure to have. PERFUMES- You -wall go far to find a better line of Perfumes jthan.ours. BURR'EIL'SI?^E The Bexall Store . . West Side of the Square Mrs. C. A. H. DeSaulles and children who have boon in the Kasi for some time, are cvpectod home late tills month. * « « —The nipJiarjKon Dry Gooils Store l -i ni:ik!ng rrniarkahly low prices on sU Winter rents, Suits. Furs Millinery ami all Winter Goods. * •> The Current Kvents club meeting, wlilcli will b? held at the home of Mrs. T. F. Zeijsler. 614 South Washington avenue. Monday, will includi jome-IiusinesR which requires th< III tent Ion of all members. A full attendance is requested. + * • —A big line of Warm Blankets going at a bis discount.—Richardson's. * * * Mrs. H. R. Goshorn has returned from Kansas City where she has been since the holidays visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Lockwood * * * ' —F.vpry lady .chnuld attend the big Special Skirt Sales Saturday. Read a 1 in today's paper.—Richardson's. •> • •> berg, Mr. and Mra. J. P. Wolllngs- wortb, Mr. and Mra. M. Robinaon, Mr. and Mra. John Jackaon, Miaa Grace Payne, Miss Alice Skinner, Mlsa Mattie Ray, Mlaa Opal ReiUey, Mlaa'Opal Hope. Miss Edith MaxweU, Mlaa E>«fna Maxwell, Mlaa Maude Anderaon, Uiaa Mary Anderaon, Miaa Fannie- Voor- hecg, Mr. Hugh Rellley. Mr. Verne Russell, Mr. Homer Maxwell, Ur. Clyde Skinner, Mr. Charlca Ray, Mr., Bcrkililser. <•••}• The annual meeting of the Y. W. C. A. at which reports of all departments will be read, will occur next Thursday night at the association rooms. All members are requested to attend. The IjiHarpe club will have a social next Wednesday night at the home of Miss Ina Roberts. The girls of the Carlylo club are preparing for a poverty social to be held on Friday evening of next week A number of people from lola will at tend. * * • —The pretty line of Millinery every thing included goes at 50c on the dol lar.—Richardson's. >-0T THE ONLY COLD SPELL. H»w Wrinkles Are Caused—and HemoTed j Many delightful parties have been The Relief Corps^meeting vpstor-! P'^'^n 'he Fri^lay night five hun- iiay afternoon was an exceptionallv j tlrpd t'lub this winter and one of the busy one. Mrs. Post was iniiiat.d i'"ost pleasant occurred at the home aad ^-Mrfc Dr. Ames was voted into ^'''S- W. R. Hcylmun last memberafaip. The celebration of January twenty- ninth was talked about and arranpe- menta made for dinner and entertain meat All Corps members and their hnabands and all Post members anil th^r wives are invited. The Corj Would be very glad to extend an invi- tatlctn to members of their families also but 80 many guests are cominp from Yates Center that their hospitality must of necessity be limited. The. president appointed the following :pommIttees: Flowers —Mrs. Harriet Logan, Mrs. Oma Lamb. J Conference—Mrs. Mary E. Smclt- ster, Mra. Jennie Mather. Mrs. lx)ttic UcClure. Mrs. Alice .Vewman. Program—Mrs. Angle Pegg. Mrs TJIara -HlUbrandt. Mrs. Lena Brown, Mra. Margaret Hcigele. Executive —Mrs. Harriet Ixigan, ,Mra. Sallie Coffield, .Mrs. .Martha I 'Clark. Mrs. Margaret Anderson, .Mrs. Trowbridge. Mrs. Da.v. Conductress, Mrs. Oma l .rfimb; As- •istsnt Conductress, Mrs. Harriet Ix>- gan; Asaistani Guard. Mrs. .li:li:i Brasafield; Second Color Bearer. .Mr.'Margaret. Anderson; Fourth Color Bearer. Mrs. Blanche Cruig. -^r. MeMniel Phones K and St« + * * Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Anderson of North Washington avenue, are enter- "talning Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Robinson, of J /ia Angeles, California. Mr. and Mrs.. Robinson lived here about thirteen years ago and many old friends and neighbors will be glad to have the opportunity to see them again, •i" *> 1-All of our Pretty Pattern Hats, in- rlndfng our Plume Hats, fine tailored Hats are selling briskly at half the marked price-—Richardson's. • * <• Mrs. H. H. Howard and Mrs. James T. Reid are to give two parties next T«i »aii8v at the Howard bungalow on fitonfli'Backeye street In the afternoon Ihe.v will entertain several ta- Wea *T gnests at cards and at night .members pf their afternoon club and the men" win be entertained. •> * + —Fre^ Bowdes, Period Decorator. WATCH RQ'AIRING -A good watch needs expert attention when it is not in -good condition. It should be given to an exi>ert of known ablUtv". Our Watch Repairing Department has for jears been in charge of a man who has made a specialty of rei)alrlng tliJe most intricate and delicate movements. You should bring your watch here. •mmMM. I. * T. night. The club members always consider their entertainments as unworthy of press notices but the meet- in cs are informal and the membership includes only a few congenial rounles. Mrs. Heylmun served a dain •y supper last night. •> + * —Dr. Tflrt, Ofiteopaih, Tel 487, 188 • * Mrs .T. B. McKinley and Mr. J. V. >5cKinl":.-. of Burlington, who are visiting V.r.s. J. D. Arnett, will return home tomorrow. -> • •> Daughters of ihe King and members of the Missionary auxiliary of thr Kpl.acoial church wore guests of .Mrs T. S. Stover yesterday afternoon. The auxiliary met at four o'clock and h«'ard a program on Alaska, which Included roll Call notes and a paper by Mrs Robertson. The program was fdlowrd Iiv the serving of ten. Or llif Ir.s' Friday in February Mr.M. Rob erison will entertain the ladies. •:• •:• .Mrs. B. F. Robinson, who has beer ill for a week is sllglitly improvec' today. + • • Iolai ;3 10 th<' nunib<'r of t«enty -fiv( iviciudinc Captain and Mrs. A. J. Ser- v .-y. Mr. and Mr.";, T. N. Slack, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Slack, Mr. and Mrs. Franl Taniit-r, Mr. and Mrs. See. Dr. and Mrs. H. 1.. Hendricks. Mrs. A. H. H- cox. Mrs. H. H. Sherman. Mrs. L. B. Giadfe'.tor and Mrs. C. M. Rj-ynolds atfndcd the funeral of Mrs. Adam B;'rnhurt at Piqua yesterday. * •:• • —The ooKt on our Pretty Line of Millinfry is not considered in our rjean Up Sale.—Richardson's. .> Miss Alfa Duncan entertained a number of dinnpr guests last nigh* with an attaractively appointed party for Miss Vava Backus, of .Minnesota Miss Backus formerly lived here and the other girls who were asked werr her most intimate friends. The table was trimmed with smilax and light was from red candles. The places were occunied by Miss Bpckus Miss Velma Sleeper, Miss Inez Potts, Miss Trean I^owdermilk, Miss Lettie Woodin and Miss Duncan. -DB. 0. E. Co£ Oeiltot * * I'nder Ihe direction of Madame Bahr -r Patliorne, a club of young musicians who call themselves "Our Girls," ,2re rehearsing a \ery prettv- operetta. "The Princess Chrysanthemum." which will hr- iirpsepted to th«^ public soon. The rehearsals are being held in the Y. W. C. A. rooms. Proceeds will be'.used to buy materials for the music and arts departments of the public library. • + * The neighbors and friends of Mr. and .Mrs. James Davis, living six miles north of I^aHarpe gave them a surprise last night, which waa an enjoyable occasion for ho"' snd hostess and a large number of visitors. A country supper, generous and delicious, was served and flid-fashloned games were merry diversion. The company whioh assembled for the party included: Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Anderson, Hr. and Mrs. George Bems Mr. frowell Has Records Which Show SS Relow Right Here In lola. Editor Tola Dally Register: I noticed in last Friday's Register your account of the past records of cold. etc. I believe that I am able to give some evidence in this case that will even change the report that the thermometer Indicated 26 below 13 years ago. It may not help the reputation of Kansas but I think that we should tell the "whole truth" when we are testifying. The 12th day of February 1899. it being Sunda.v, the different th^^rn)ome ters In this locality including loin. Indicated from 26 to 31 below. The low Kt ..was by the lola thermometers. Br the consensus of reports the temperature was Anally placed at 28 be low as being accurate. It occurrec on a very still and clear morning people hardly thinking It was so cold until Investigation was made. The mercury in my own thermometer went entirely down into the bulb which cnnsed us to look up the mat- tor. E. I. CROWELL. Of course. Mr. Crowell is entirely right, The "Old Man" on this paper who has been here always, has allowed the boy a on the staff who jusi came the other day to look wise and write their little stories about the way in which such awful weather never, never, happened here before. dear! dear! doesn't HE remember? Doesn't he remember how the ice used to freeze ten to fifteen Inches thick on the "sloUgh" up at the olc. farm where the cattle had to drink; Hoosn't he remember mornings wher the floor of the little loft bed-room in the old log house in which he slept v.;\s covered with snow and how h< thought he would freeze to death before he could ever get from his bed tc the side of the big fireplace down stairs? Talk about fifteen degrees below being cold! It was summer tlm« compared to the arctic winter of that !i:tle loft bed room! Doesn't he remember the time when the boys wore as much disappointed if there was nc snow on the ground Thanksgiving as the boys of this degenerate day are if there Is no snow Christmas? Doest he remember an awful blizzard that caught his father and older broth r early one November in the Seven tics as they were bringing a herd of cattle up from the Indian Territory uTid nearly froze them all.—cattle and men and the horses they were rldirip o death? Doesn't he remember how busy the family used to be bringing intimely calves Into the kitchen tc keep them from freezing to'death ir =ome late March storm? And how skilful the boys got to be In making and fitting crutches to chickens whose 'cpt had been frozen off because they ^hed their feathers too soon? ralk about cold weather! rOLDS V.\XiSII. 'IM - Sensible OfemIt;Iit Keniedy for Sensible People. .\ftf r you have upset your stomach Itli pills, iwwder.s and vile nostrum.- nd still retain possession of that ter- lh)e cold, do what thousands of sen- Ible people are doing. Do this: Into a bowl three qtiarters full of oiling water pour a scant teaspoonfu! f HYO.MEI (pronounce It Hlgh -o -me) •r ,\er head and bowl with a towel and rt >Bthe for five minutes the soothing, ealing vapor that arlsea. Then go to bed and awake with a •lear head In the morning. HYOMEl •:oe9 not contain opium, cocaine or my harmful drug. A bottle of HYO- IFI Inhalant costs .'.0 cents at Chas. ;. Spencer & Co'.s. and druggists ev- rywhere. Guaranteed for catarrh iFthma, croup and catarrhal deafness. Couldn't Keep It Quiat. Being called to hi.s ft-et nnexr>ected ly at'the gjitherin^' and asked to rf spond iuforuwlly to the "Th. L,adies." Mr. Giifers liemmed aud haw ed and l><>;:un: 'My friends, ull iliat 1 ism, nil ths I have ill lliu world. I iiwe to a won- an—my wife." Here lie w:(s liiiernipteJ by that in dy herself, who arose and salds "I told you whuii you put the pro; rty in my ;. ;r<i give it nwa. ; the first time :• o;i o.^cn. ;i your mouth. -Judge's LilTii .v. (From American Home.) "Why did no one think of this before?" writes a clear-thinking reader. "Wrinkles «re caused by the akin becoming loose. Obviously the remedy is to tighten the skin. Equally it is obvious that the only thing which will tighten the skin Is a iKjwerful astrin 6dnt. "N'ow. it Is well known that the only powc:ful astringent which is absolutely harmless aud beneficial as well. Is pure iiowdered saxolite, obtainable from any druggist Dissolve one ounce in a half pint of witch hazel. Bathe the face in it dally and—'behold! The result is almost magical. The skin becomes firm and smooth the face feels snug comfortable and solid. Instead of loose and flabby. Simple, Isn't it? .As I .isked—why did no one think of it before? "One should be careful, however, to u.=je no other astringents than pure .saxolite as the former do no good .-ind are really injurious more often ;":;au not." A BUNCH OF IJOQUETS. •*(Irrln(r Interviews of a Topic World Wide Interest. Tl'e Good Roads couveniion attracted a number of more or les: ...oi..ment citizens to Emporia recent y, snd the Gazette interviewed ai .any of them as it could reach. I^en le some isample results: Hon. Charles F. Scott, of lola, 1: iiuoiig Einiioria 'B distinguished visit irs. .Mr. Scott won a national rcpu atlon by his Intelligent labors In t;on ;ress, and as an editor he has a wld influence. Being asked by the jiin, iltor for his views on the i)olltlca iroblems of the day .Mr. Scott said I foresee a bnllLint future for th rand • old party. The candidacy c ;lie groundhog for the olllce of chi( .I 'teorologist has served to hurmoi. ize the various conflicting intereiui .an indorsemeht ot the groundhog 1 omelhlng upon which all factions ca. .inl^e with enthuslalim. and when wi ally to the support of tins iiingnllr •»nt creature we forget our dlffei encee, and toll together like men am jrothers, for the Public Weal. Th jroundhog Is the cornerstoijc upoi Wilcli the Btructun- of our natlonr. TOHperlty rests. The groundhog ap pealB to all that Is best in the hear every tine puiriot. One of the fin stanzas of American poetry is th' ributo l >y William CuUen Bryant he groundhog, ofi its moimtaii .'•ighl. unfurls its standard to the ali c doesn't rip*arjund at night, smok' •iican ttes:. or drink or swear.' " Ralph Faxon, the celcbr.-ited edito. ">r the Garden City Telegram has beei r. tov.-n a couple of days and place: ^e Seal of Approval on Emporia. Hir >aper ha.s ceased to be a dally, and 1. low a trl-weekly. Garden City is toi Miall- a town for such an expenslv< ps.per as the daily was. and the fac iiat Ralph was able to. keep It goinf ro lorg has been a source of aston ahment to nian.v. .Mr. Faxon. Is abou o besiu the publication of a ncv. jerial. arguing that the groundho; ^tould supplant the eagle as the grea •\merican bird. "There is no com ;)arison between ti\§se animals." salt' \Ir. Faxon, with emotion. "A ground hog, -A -hen properly cooked is a feas. or the gods but even the landlad: of a fourth-rate boarding house woulc lot droam of roasting an eagle. It b true that eagles^ lay eggs, and ground hogs don't, butt we mustn't eonslde: aiaterial things too much when choos ng a national bird." .\ttorney General John Dawson whi .as in Emporia making a speech be "cr the Good Roads Convention, callee t the office to say: "Had I served '.i.pbbs and the groundhog and othe; Toather -wbe crlttura as 1 sprvei' Dave Mulvane and the gang that tool re into a high mountain I would no oday be eating out of a red-headei! I 'an's hand. You may say for me thai '•reafter my heart and purpose wil! e tri'o to the groundhog. He is a rock that never fails." .\ rO >FIK.MED .STATEMENT Krldence lola Itendrrs Will Appreciate. Rheumatisin Is A Constitutional Disease. It manifests. Itself In local aches am^ pains,—Inflamed Joints and stiff muscles.—but it cannot be cured by loou applications. It requires constitutional treatment dnd the best Is a course of the gr6a blood purifying And tonic medicine Hood's Sarsaparillr irhlch corrects the acid condition o the blood and builds up the system. Qet it today In usual Itqtild ^orm c bocotated tablets railed ttirsatabs. Doan's Kidney Pills have done splen id work in this locality. Have merited the unstinted praise hey have received. Here's evidence of their value that none can doubt. It's testimony from this locality and well conflnned. Suc!i endorsements are unique in he annals of medicine. Should convince the most skeptical Tola reader. Otto Kreuger 407 Chestnut street ola, Kansas, says: "My kidne.vs were badly disordered and the kidney secre- ions passed irregularly and contained edlment. I was subejct to severe at- ack.s of backache and stooping or lifting always caused sharp pains in my oins. Xot unMl I used Doan's Kidner Pills, was . able to get any permanent relief. This remedy heljjed me 30 much from the first that I con- inued its use until my kidneys were doing their work properly. At that time I gave a statement for publication, telling of my experience and I now take pleasure in confirming it." For .sale by all dealers. Price 50c. Fofter-.Milburn Co., Buffalo. X. Y. sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and •ake no other. Presbyterian Ciinrcfa. First Church: Rev. S. S. Hllscher. the pastor, will preach morning and evening. The evening service will be continuation of the evangelistic meetings of the week. Everybody is In vited. Sabbath School at 9:4» a. m and C. E. meeting at 6:30 p. m. Little Bonders CbnpeL Mrs. E. N. Jones, superintendent. Boy's School at 2 p. m. Regular school at 3 p. m. Young People's meeting at 6:30 p.m Bassett Chapel. W. H. Means, superintendent. Sabbath School at 2:30 p. m. First Church of Christ Scientist Sunday School at 10 a. m. Church services at 11 a. m. Subject •Life." Testimonial meeting Wed. 8 p. m. Services are held in the church build ng. corner East and Sycamore St.s. The reading room adjoining the church !.=i open from 2 to 4 p. m. each week day. A cordial invitation is xtended .he public to attend the services and -islt the reading room. First M. E. Church. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. Sermon 11 a. m. Subject: "Gospel 'oinfort." Ei)worth League 6:30 p. m. Sermon'7:30 p. m. "The Supreme \ttractlpn." Church warm. A cordial welcome :ood music. J. H. PRICE Pastor. St. Timothy's Kpiscopnl Chnrch. The third Sunday after I'::piphany, v'ollcct for the day. "Almighty ami r.erlapting God mercifully look upon )ur Infltniiv.ic.<, aud in all our dan .'crs and necessities stretch forth thy right hand and defend ns •hrough Jesus Christ our I.iord. Amen. Services tomorrow will be: Sunday School'9:45 a. m. Young men's Bible class (at Rec ory) 9:30 a. m. Choral celebration of the Holy Com nunlon at 11 a. m. The Rector will give two special rrmons commencing tomorrow mom ng on "Liberty" and next week on 'Truth." Events during the week: Wednesday: Ladles' Guild 2:3a Friday: Litany at 7:30 p. m. followed by choir practice at 8 o'clock. All are heartily welcome. CARL W. XAU. Fred First Baptl-st Church. Sunday School 9:45 a. m. iJowden, Supt. Sermon at 11 a. m. Theme. "A Revival of the Pew." Men and Moy«' meeting 3 p. m. B. Y. P. U. 6:30 p. m. Herbert Jadgley president. Sermon at 7:30 p. m. Theme, "No Room in the Inn." Prayer service Wednesday 7:30. Come, you are welcome to all services. A homo like church for a home Ike people. Especially the stranger. G. M. SHEPARD, Pastor. Keformed Church. Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. Holy Communion and sermon at 11, with offering for apportionment. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 p. m. Evening worship and sermon 7:30 Bible Study and social prayer on ednesday at 7:30. The lesson will be he Book of Esther. Here Is an opportunity to join a class whlph is .-eading the Bible through one of the nosl iuipottant things a CIi .r:siian o: any other pcrFfin wUo wli^hr'i to kr.ov. he truth and do the rii;;!' c:;n dc There br iirc'.iari-.'oi;•• srrvicr tonight (SHtnrcI.iy) :it 7 EvervLtirlv ".• c.'oonie .n ali r- kc'--. V'.'AI. II. Kill I r.«. Pa !•)!•. Moderation In Praise. The 7onng man was aboiit to be mar* ried. ••PraIse.joar wife's grace and beaoty constantly," advised one friend. "But don't overdo it" cotmscled dn other. "Sbe may conclude that she h^ thrown herself away on you and want to go on the stage."—Ix )ni8vil !e Courier- Joum.'d. Foley's Honey and Tar Compsnsd. —Is a relfkble family medicine. Give it to your children, snd take it yourself when you fsel a cold c>)mlac on. It checks and cures coughs and colds and croup and prsrcnts bronchitis tod pneamosto- J- D. Hnadii Co. Trlnfly .Meijiodisl >. '.wrt\\. Sunday School at !t:i". iihiee foi everybody. Morning worslJii at 11 T: c .u.cra- ment of baptism will be ;(i!:;'.'n'i .'tcJ and probationers •.vill be :•'•.! ini-^ full membcishii». Othe:'.-: wiil i.c received by letter. Epworth League mep.i:--: :il --Vi. h good place for yo;:ii.:,- i-.-., !• .\t the evcnlns ."riviec T::'.o tht .sermon by the pastor -.v; \ .iv- illustrated by •;tnrr-r;)t:c',n I'.verybody win be welcomp. On Moncsy -i.-irjit there v.i.'i be : special moetlnc oT thv rrusioe.''. Tht steward: A -i'! iiir -e' <::\ .A'cnda.* night. -At tht c'ose o'. ;i:p mi-'.-week service on WeclnL.-d-.v thr -e v.i.'l !,- ele:!tion of a ir.y dr-icuaip and a reserve lay deksatf to o .d -ora' conference. •The fourth tiuaricrly tonrcrehce of Trinity church wil! be held by the district superintendent on Saturday, February at 7:?.0 p. m. C. F. .lOHNSON. Pastor. First A. .M. K. Churrli. Preaching at 11 a. m. by the pa.stor. Subject, "The Lost Rescued." Class meeting at 12:a.=> p. m. Sunday School at 2:4.=> p. m. After services for benefit of revival. Prayer meeting at 7:;'.0 p. m. led by George Daniels and Edward Gilbert. Preaching at 8:10 p. m. By request our snhject will be. "An Eagle Stirreth Her Xest." Let everyone come out and help in this fight against sin. God is wonderfully blessing our labors. Thirteen have claimed his lovo in their hearts; others are at the pool waiting for the troubling of the waters Oh come over in Macedonia and help us. All are welcome. C. A. WOODS, Pastor. Second Baptlxt Church. You are cordially In\ited to worship with us in the following services: Sunday School 10 a. m. Preaching It a. m. B. Y. P. IT. 6:30 p. m. Preaching 8:10 p. m. We hope to see. a large attendiance at each senrice. Bxslt xe the Lord> our God .iixA worsfalpi «t his foot stool. the Ricbardson ladies' Tailoring and Dressmaking School Tenches the latent cosiest, quickest, most .scientific and complete p.vstem of garment cutting ever invented and have had in our school . nt Chnnute over 90 students the past year. ' \ Provides the cheapest and only succesi ^ful way to learn dressmaking. , Is the only educational institution which allows its graduates to return at any time without extra expense to review, practice or study' new points. Is the only school of thi.'; kiml which positively guarantees satisfaction and gives an unliniited number of lessons for a single tuition. Students can enter the school ,nt any time as we do not teach in classes. WHY NOT? Learn a trade where the demand far exceeds tlie supply? Be your own dressmaker, able to dress belter and at less expense? Gain an accomplishment which will be of everyday, life-long practical value to you? Give your daughters a practical education? REMEMBER Vou can learn everything about Dressmaking and Ladles' Tailoring. You can take any special part of the course and can limit your work to that one department or can go on gradually acquiring the i whole course. After completing the course you are allowed to bring any amount of sewing to the class-room, receiving the same attention and instructions as before. You are allowed to attend at your own convenience and to com* until fully satisfied. You are allowed to return at any time without extra expense to review, practice, cut patterps or use the fashion journals. You work on your own sewring, thereby soon saving the cost of tuition. You are taught to cut all fancy effects such as sleeves, trimmings,' % yokes,'plaits, tucks, etc. to the exact measures of the form. ^ We have taught young ladies thirteen years of age with entire 'i success and can also-teach you. , , ' In graduating you have an actual, i>r.ictical knowledge of dressmaking. Dressmaking has reached such a point of comi)lexity and difflculty n that the only place it can be learned successfully is in an organized Hcliool. working under trained instructors. THE RICHARDSON LADIES' TAILORING AND ] DRESSMAKING SCHOOL 15 "4 S. Jefferson lola, Kas. Bell Phone 21 (Oier lUgns' Fruit Store) Mrs. U R. Suilth and .Mrs. Carrie Wyalt, .Hnnagers and Teachers. -ATTEND THE- January Clearance Sale Now going on and save money. See AD in last night's paper. Bench Wringers Galvanized Tubs Wash Boards Wizard and White Line of Washing Machines Let US fit you out. ll&BsSllilllON "Kahsn.s calling yonl.. Every ifldostrlal oppn^nnlty Every agricultural opportunity Every social and educational opportunity Bcom for a million!^ KANSAS DAY POSTCARDS! in six color work 2c Each at I EVANS BROS. BOOK STOBE. . Ji; or he is holy. Psa. Come, you re welcome. J. \V. GORDON, Pastor. (Iirlsiinn Clinrrlu .Mrs. r. W. Cooper, of Conner iiringy, will speak In the evening 7:30 lornin^ sermon by the pastor. Spe- ial music by a large chorus under irectlon of A. L. Boatright. .Mrs. "oopcr has unusual ability as a public peaker and her vital theme will be of iuch interest to both men and women. Bible School at 9:30 a. m. Young People's Meeting at 6:30. Gas City Church: Bible School at o'clock. Sermon immediately follow g. OTHO MOCMAW. Pastor. When you want a reliable medicine or a c3ugh or cold take Chamber- .lin's Cough Remedy. It can always e depended upon and is pleasant and afe to take. For sale by all dealers. It 13 part of my profestional serofce (o show iramen haio to correctly wcanr their c-jrsets Let me select and fit, in the seclusion of your Isome, that comfcrt- ablc, classy, perfect garment— \ Spirella Corset No other i» so flexible, yet permanently Ekapc- CE Spirella Boning Light, cool, sani- taiy.comlortable. Guara .itAcd lor one year against rust or breakage. My personal services are free. I guarantee o'per- fect fittins. acdish SptreBa Corset. I' A>ap|i<K.-.lnai<wilb ' MpUmnonbiiSMBB CO you—b mfiKtsai ia •/Dcr coamiaca. Mrs. ^G«*tv«dl« pik»i»l>k 619 S. Sytampre * - rboue Siv Restore Faded, and Gray Hair to Natural Color—Dandruff Quickly Removed, , Thprf>- i.<: notI;:n;r now at>ont the ide .7 of iisiii^ .sa?" !<<•: r.- 'oring the cf>\nr ni the h.-iir. tliir t.-r<,vran :lniothor5t kept their lnc!:s sofr. linrk and glo:<.sy by using a ".c.T?" tp.T." WhonevcT their hair fill oiit or Xnr,': on a dull, fad'-d or .":trcakiil nppcamnre they ni.aje a brew of snp- leave's ar.d npiilied it to tl»?i.r li.-iir. r.ith wouderriilly iM-neficisI effwt. we do;i't hnve to regort'to oM-!iii:e. tiresome me?b".!.s of ,>r?.*!)?ri/r{: ;he'ho:-hs and in.Tk::-?; t 'je ten. TIIM a dine ly sk'llfid ehei .'ii'.ts better than we coiiM il'> it oiirselv'>, .md a!I we hnve to lio is \>t call for the rer.'l.r-malc prodm't, , W.veth's and Siil-^htir n .iir Ue.nj- edr. fontninhit: sa;" in th',* propei" .•strenjrt'j. wirh the r.(!i!i:i'>n of .«:r.!p'iur, aiiotlie;- nlil-time <>e -lr. re::)'-i';-. ; The ni .Tnufaetiireis r<i thi-! reme'iy aiill;wri:;o itriiE:;;-;^ v., :~'-\'. it e.n.ler p-iir- antee that the money rr!:! b^- ro'lin'ied if it f::ils to ilo cxactl.v as r(<;ireseTit'vl. • T >in": ne!;!ort .votir h .ii.-, (J -t .1 bDftle of \V .ireth:.s .S .1S" .nnl S".'. !inr t<>-i\ny. a.^d notice the difference sftf.- a ffv.- <Ir.ys' use-. Thi- propnration i.* offevrj to the piiiilie at fift.v cent's a l)r'r:>. .\n I D recomniendeil and sold b.v ail driiTiri--its. Special Acent—S< R. Burrell Foley SMneyPllU " —always give aatlsfactlon beefatfs fhey always do the work. J .T. Sbel^ nut. Bremen, Ga., says:. baiv'iS iUO. Foley Kidney Pllla with great BiitJ»- faction and found more relief'fr#tt< thelp use than from any other MdfMv' medicine and I've tried alntosTall kinds. I can cheerfully reconunaad them to all sufferers for Udaay and bladder trouble." jr. D. Mnndli Co.

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