Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 20, 1912
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lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 75. Suecrc^rr to the tola Dally Register, the loia Uaiiy Record and the tola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 20, 1912—SATURDAY EVENING. Dally Register, Established 1897. Weekly Register, Established 1S67. SIX PAGES STATE Wm in MHIT CiiE THE WEATBEB. For«»c««t for Kun.sns; Fair tonight and Snndny; not much change In fcnipc-ruture. Data recorded at U. S. Weatiicr iJurp.iu office: Tc:crcr3ture: HlRhest yesterday at 4 p. va. 2S; lowest today at 2 a. m. IT; i doflclency in feraiierature yesterday 12 THE ^^IRE MORE E iNSI'K(TI«.\ I .V ^V.S AltK = .'Jcficioncy since January 1st, UIGID THA:V KVKU . j ^VecKlcn for 24 hours cudlBR 7 GMION IN USE OFGOeRENI I'lCTlKE THEATHFS JIIST HAVE tTTOFF IN IIOI.SE. ElPrlilclt.v Must »c (tuurolli'd Tluit It Mu) Slidl Iii(l«- iwndcntly of UiKhiuc. So :•. in., 1; ;eficienry In precipitation si.'!'.T .J:iiniary let. .2S inch. Kclrti'r. ininSdity 7 a. m. today S" per cm!: hardinetcr reduced to son leve' ?(' ;{.S Indies. Fiinri.'^p tod.iy 7::'.." a. ni.; B-.mset .">:31 p. m. ?m OF THE PUNT WHS SOLO Tlie recent visit of Stall Fire Inspector 0"brien lias dtMuoii .straled the fact that the IJrc in .-iM 'clion Inw?! of Kausos are more rigid ever. First the installat!on of tiif escapes of the standard proscribiU l.y si;itute was requirfed, then the h-.v deti .anded that aisl^ should be provided at stated spaces iu every aiuusenient house. These laws I'speclally affected the theaters auti they weie complied with as rapidly, in ii'ost cases, as could be done. Now comes a new order to auuseuient places relative to the use of electricity. Inspector O'Brien, on his recent visit, pointed out to Chief McCarty. of the tire department, that the i:cv.- law requires special caui.ou on tl :i' i.ait of iiuiuse- inent houses , usii.g eioctricitj. Jf moving pictures ar.- thown, the wi>- ing must be arrange.! .si; that the current (^an be shut off i.i the auditorium of the the operator The safely in If fire breal: sluil off not lure operator ger, or the light the machine booth and kept '.uirnins in the auditorium until patrons can make their way out of the house. Chief McCarty spo.i yesterday ::f- tornoon cxplainins tli--' requirciiients of the new law to tiie jieisoos con- <•'»« fonnmny Fui'ltintcnt ^'0 ^'s la I,. I'. Colili'iilz. On thi- order of tUc distri- t ri:i :rl. fihorifr Hoover Kerr C.ils aftrrnDon 'o 'd a part of the eauii-mont of the Taylor. Kiiol. Lipht and I'owcr Company, conSiistinK of 2.000 shares c f the capital stoclv of the company one lias well i.'lj^p lines. cnFln ^s. tuliia;;. p::cker.«. rf g :i !-Ttors. iiieurs, jratc valves diips and other fir<turps. The sale was held on the company property in KIni township and tiiere wore two biddtrs. .Mr. L. P. Cchlentz and reiircsentatlvrs cf the lieminp; Investment Ccmrany -.^hich claimed to have a lien on the property. Tlie sale, howpver, was c?rried out as dlrect?d 'ny the court and Mr. Coblentz was the successful bidder. Tlie price paid was about $1200. G MMINS GETS THK .SKMOH IO>VA SKNATOH LS A CAMHDATE FOU-l'KESlDtST. OOHPLieilTES THE SITOJTIflli E.smi.UJ.Y FOI! HI .S nsiKGENT FKIEM*, SENATOU LAFOLLETTE. TI:f>. I't;l« "t'rec'c-.'.Ivts** i;i (iic i'iiid Afriiinst Taft Not inrlud. luK Itouse^rlt. lOLA H.\S NO I'Ol.lCE .IlDtJE. Ahsonc*! of .liulse SmeKzor nnd IIJ- ne;<v of .ludire Duncan Cause. Ono city olf.ce in loin has boon Waslil];.rtcn, Jan, -0.— Senator C'li". nilns, of Iowa, today iinnotjnccd his candidacy- for the Republican noini- nat'.on for president in a statement saying that if ths lit publicans of lo-i wa believe him to he a fit man to urpe before the Chicatxo convention he will accopt their decision. The entrance of Cummins into the presidential flRht matrriaHy comidl- catos the Republican situation. Taft is now openly opposed for the nomination by Senators LaFollette and Cummins, both i'ropressivos, while other Troffressives are urging the nomination of Roosevelt. Senator Cummins' statement follov.s: "So much lias been published in theji;,|.; AKH.VNiJE.VENT FOK HIS KE- THE LAW MUST BE ENFORCED \ • — THAT IS TAFrS QUIET BUT_FIKM DECLABATIOA'. BUSINESS MUSTJIDJUSTITSELF THE IMtEStBEXT THl^'KS PEOPLE TOO mSE FOU SOCIAXISM. There Must Be Team Work Kriiii; I'rotiperltf Buck to the C'ountrj-. to LITTLE PtI Yl H^S HBOifiitTEO rn i VIOLATE!: v»i AKA.NTINE—KILLED- been remarkably peaceah!" for the past several days, and the prospects are that several more daj.s will elans'* before a jiolice judge is rfqulred, but j in case such an officir sliouM be needed it is probable that .Ttistico C. S. Fottt-r wo'.'ld be called upon, the cerned in iola and the e::auge6 as SUB- , gested will doubtless be made j''•""''^^ ' ^"^i'^*' any Justice may promptly. PoUee judge, pro. tem. Tli" Chief AlcCarty states that there are . •'•'oi:itir.(nt, in this case, would , also a nun.ber of iii.-iness b-ildirc- j '-'.v ::ive to bo mrdc 'ly O.n mny- in this citjr that ^re. pot up to liie:^' ; standard of |jfccautfon as di;.i 'id • l .:w. The owners hsv.. been n '>i'!":''' pinTiiii nrrnn in iirnw ii iJur ,:^?^rr,r *rs',,,.;;:'';iiSSPTSIN SEEOS IS. VERY ILL cently. iie looked over the^'e buildiugs | a:id lie is oiioted as rtr-jt-.:; ^lat :in ' I'^s elianges were n ::''!e \r, con .'or. i- i .'iii'"<' to the st .it;;'.- 1 'o -ci 'itiDj).' Wdiild fo 'i.'w. lol.-i ;(v :i \tli'>!''. inucMr. is i;t u rcli l .i'tter cond^".;.;! .-IK ri ',:ards Ii" l;a/ard< than a rn. jiriiy of (uva.s ;,i the sl.'ite. Tliir tlie d'lisioii cf tlu- in; pi'Ctdrs WIMI were hi-re ;.t :<. ii 'cc ^Jlii: iif ilic hr'' Iiisi)('<"M (iii tuirea;: several tiionilis ap'i Chief McCa 'ty "•'however, is de .-irous of brini;!!)?; the city up to tue hichest pOr-sMde s*;^n- d:>:d and is hoping fh3t ail <'-.''i 'r- wiio know the'r stnicti'ves nt'e-i • iiT '.l't chrnEe.= will m.-ike (••o nece.-j .cnry in- i rriir Iclii Hrtitcr of S. \. Has 'I'li- l:(r(;!l<)sl-. ;il lii:lchJiison. ''.il'';;''; iiaU' >r:i\... at oiii; time ne-.v<.-pai;ers and so much written and said to me concerninn the presidential m.attor that I fc':l it to be my diit> to make ro ih.'' RppubJ-cans cf Iowa a jilain sti'tor.u !it on ,;hc srlii. ct. "Immediately ui>on my rctitrn from '• the Ir '.st si '.^sion of Ciiupics.! I R :ivei out tiirou.cli rhc' pross :ny oi .inion j with rospyret to 'he presidency. Tha; : opinion remains unaltered. j "The situation, however, has ma- ter'all.v changed and it now senias probable that mere tli;-n two caiini- datca for the nomii'.arion wilt be seriously considered by the national cnn- vcnticn. "Cndcr these conditions, if the Rc- puhlicci/fi of low:i feel lhai 1 am a fit man to be presindd to the national ccnvinticn as a candidate for t!i" pr"sidei;llai nnmili.ittnn und desire to so pr<'sent me. 1 will .-<ppreela(e acc'pt their confideiu •• ;:s a most srat ifyini; cviilence of their continued f.iitb In my purj ^s^ to serve, as best ! ciin tlie i:infrft! wi -lfare of tlie people. ••CilKuedl ALIIKIIT n. CCMMINS." LuFiiIlitte Flcht wm nn on. At the I'ropressivjj Republican cam- talf.'n Ii<a<I( rs here Ihe d 'dara- lion w:'s made loih.y by V'. L. Hoiiser, in e!;ar:;e, that 'h«- ,fight for LaFol- TIItE.MENT HAS I5EEN MADE. QKIO ICE GORGE JtlOVING OUi l !u( Fnlilic Aniiounceraent L: Delayed For F««r of '1 rouble Witli the ReactionaricK. Hiidji, Texas, Js Enforclnfi Ln-.v vlth u Vcnpeaiice. <Bv- the Als^^iTtci rrcss) ^IICH PROPERTY IS BEI.NG DIN Aiistin.Tcx.. Jar.. UO.—George. Lock i STHOYED BY FLODD. killed today for aileged violation j of the uioningltis tjuarantino at lid- \ I^^J5'•^.^''5°'"'^l "f -,.'"..^.''.'lV°'•.Ll":^o «l I'arsrcs .iiid Other Float^ig Illy th" AwMXjjitcd .PresK") Chicago, Jan. 20.—Accortling to a 1 tbe sheri ffhcre. I^ick a stock man.; I v. as en route to IJuda to .see his mo- ti;cr, when h-; was warned not tn ealer the town.-.. He was killed cu the- porch of his mother's home. and Things Crushed as the Ice (Jors Out «»• the RlTtT, (i;.v tho .\ s.soclfl toil Press) Louisville, Ky., 'Jan. 20.— Und ;r i pressure of the upper Ohio and its MORE TROOLE FOR A TRl'ST. dispatch to the Chicago Daily News •— from Peking the abdication of the .GoTPmmcnt Will Pr «.sc<'ntf tho Har- ; tributaries the ice gorge here broke Manchu dynasty Is accomplislied. j Tester Trust now in Stale Cotirts. } today and the immense pack, which 'i<y the A-'Jsiici^ttii s >-si«, rested on the rivtr bottom and jani- W'ashlngtQn. Jan. 20.— Attorney Gen j channel of the Ohio from cral Wickersham today assured the s^ofe to shore, began to move do'vn The act already drawn up is delayed solely to prevent an uprising of the reactionary Imijcrtals headed by Prince Kuag. , (Houso Commltfee «D Rules that tho stream, sweepinR the banks, crash- Tirn Tbin will be the temporarv I Oovernmeni would take action against jne coal barges and" ether iloatin:; cfpital while Ih^ new i;overnnicnt is the .International Harvester Comr"- jjroperty. Several h.:rg;'S mocri d kn'un; ari-mg t Congressional investigation f i ...jong the bank were sunk. 0:i." Dr. Sun ..-i .Si-lf-sacrUicIiiir. ; which in now under consideration by Y ^M-^C was hurled :i.£;ainsf the Ilfe-s:.' ihe coniiniltce. [ iup; station cru.shiug the liull of t'-.f The- river is ri.-iina at i Siilvatiou .\r:.iy. Is very ill <'f t ;ilii -r- uioi^ls :vt II'.itc (iiii8 ()u and | Iivsirians !i: vc ^ai'l t! r, siu' must be l ;:k ''li to .:i .i<'i:: if In .• i;ii' is t 'l be .••.ived. 1tie|l(;te Would eeiM (liKT; 'as if llie-f Wen IniKhiiison Cazetie h:js siartid a f'Uii' I :io other ciaididate on the horizon; h.-'t it was Mr. LaFollette. flrsi, last and all the time. PI nve'iients very so<m. I JllteUETHE INJUNGTIOi The Fisrht Hetweon Cas flly iiud d'as ("<i:>ipiiny on Today. The i>rr!iu':nary Ekiriuifh in '.lu- fii;hl betwcr:: t!ie psoiile of Gas <"ity and 111" .VattraJ Gas con>pany. .'-•UC'-F<^or to tbe Taylor Fuel, Light and Pciver conii>any. Is on in Hie district court this aft' rnonn. T!ie aiip.lication for a temporary writ of injuno Ion EouRbt by S. F!eirming agains^i ic ii:iy the e .\veJi ;;e .s of lie .Seeds '.)•• •.]\ tt) Phoenix. Telling ..f ihe •.y-. '•].•• ('i.TZctle y::ya: • •Dr. A. J. Sfppy. t ::i- tulcrculosi: <'-.i-'.l in il!e e.i.plrjy of the .-tate of >;:':s :'.s. p.:i.l :•. v.sil to the Captain . •• .(is !uiii;e i;i tlie Hilvtion .Vriu;. • •air i'!..- Vi 'sterday :r^<'. made a thor- •11, -.Il cva !.iir .:!t !on of Captain Katie pi J P ' f "lie piri wl'o has lieen sufferinp UH'. L ; ro:'.! (on; ii'iption of the liing-^ and wh '.si' pliysicisin says she njust he re- jrove.J to Arizf:!!a soon or si-'cctiiiiluto til" riivnz"': of the d !S'":isr>. "Ki.' .Seedr. fund which is being rais- •ri In ,"'ifr.Ty t )K" <-\])rnsc'; of the fam- to I'!:oenix. wa<-' !ncrcas<'d by sub- icripli'^ii;- aiv.cnnting to ».'.7 .."iri vester- d y. T; is mnkrs a (ot.->l of JITO.-'.O •o fa." s!;I>-^rri!<cd. I 'Ut does not rep- re?en'. Pa'f the amourt necessary to , •oavey the family to 'ib<dr ilestina- if enoush remains for fo'^>d un• ij! t }i(-y succeed in gettin frestabliahed. r->etni'i «"eds has receivnrl le;-s th.".n ^a.^ company, is being heaid \.y ..I"-'^- {,.^,,.^.;,f i,;^ rijoweuce of $17 per we. k Fou.t. The company th.-auc-l: rs , ,„4pf„,^ pa clennrtmei.:. rcslstin-: the ^y•lh•:•, „./f.^ as rrsh is cnn- »r "i.', . .• . .. I .Tn.Ml Thr^ f^nlvntion Armv recpiires Mr. I-lemir..::L- charges mat t.;- fas j,,,., se' company I a.^ ilir-'atencd to advar.. e i, . , . , , ^ (he rate f<.r gas to thirty cents V <-r ' e n in case ii. thousand and that it demands the de- ' ' * - ' • posit of $ri when tl:al stim has already been posted vi'th the Taylor company h.v the con.-i;;i;ers. If tliese deiti.-.nds are not coiiiii'i-d witli i!;e compcny threatens a;- • rrc.'ue lo tlic petition to abandon th<' i .as -ervi.e and W:>'('K the plant. Tl i- plaintiff seeks lo re- .•^traln the c ..'pimy from .ceas'n.i: to supply gas unless it does su on reasonable no;!: , ."-t ur.Jir iViirty I'lv.- He also seel' - '.D V jover '.':ie $."> v.i:i.-'.i i "'^ he posted P; ii( lo?!! for ^ras sprvi'-e ' ' It will !.e '.i-ar.<'. tliat t'le gas coiii- Tl :e K>'?;i ;<ier had a pleasant call this nK ):iili;,T frriii .Mr. .'». K. Rohin- . r>;). foMi .erly o' lohf but now of Los .\iif:t> s. Mr. Itohinson left lo'a aboit^ '"'M .ti'ii y(prs ago and ."fter a few • er .js .-p.!i» In mining for gold in Id-.iii wi T to CaUforiiia v,hi»re he be- iiiti rci.icfl in the n.itiing and littir.e '>f got":!. It is as l!ie repri?- rt.-'li— r! 'li- I»::ciflc Cm Co 'ii- aey ti-:i! h» is now traveling across |t'ie c.-n'iiieiit exbilhtliig t!-e v.'ares of p.iny di.cJai:.s nnv revponsibllltv ,,,r > I'-'-t'-rlng upon the any money , , .ted wi,„ Ihe old Taylor r-;^;- ;;^/rr ;?::;^::::.;ie :;"^r';lir^ ', o'l nJid tl'.e'- <'t,| iota f :i(ijds comiiar.y. wli-'-h prop'riy was take n j over li.v t!i< in .ind is .!( Is alleged, a:- ' leii.iii^Dir lu ' \a't another d<i).'.-I'> or i J.".. wV.ile M 'using to refund ir.omy I j .rnd in to Tt y'or ( The ea^e >v:!l not enly affect the-r j w!;a wish to continue taking gas (i" the new cnii :r«ny. but aho C:io.-e '\'.t>, wish lo dl.-'< ntlnue it. •ing tbelr %lsll. A BOY'.S NARROW ESCAPE. I l^>,-^i !l !y it is hecaiue lo'.a doctors '.' •') vrofic'.rnt that their patlent.s i r i '(-«rt then;—until they die, r,r , i: i;:;iy he t.' ii;<i::rrn medicine is not '> ehtaiiabie ir parts of India. .\t any late, one lo!a physhdan has received I !in order from a man In India for a -riail bottle of a certain kind of medicine. ThL»v)ider was filled today. (iliiss Bottie Hurled hy Couipanton Grazed Jagular V«ln. The RegLMer is sorry to learn that Charles, the twehe year old son of|.\i;i.-i; Alice,.lohnson ,who has resided Mr.,snd Mrs. C. E. Pry; of Davis ac-i ;.t 7'." Nr.rth Cottonwood ever since dition narrowly escaped sustaining a [ £ :;e and lier brother, \Veb5ter John- aftal Injury Thursday evening. The i ^on. moved to Iola from their farm In Senator I.aFoIle^t»e's only comnieni when shown the Cummins stnteinent was: , "I have nothing to say." A "Favoritp Son" Cnmp»t{;n. Omaha, Jan. 20.—Concerning the announcement of Senator Cum::iins' willingness to make th"? race for the presid'^ntial nomination Victor Rose- watrr. Repvbliean National Committeeman for .VebrasUa said today: '"The ai'nounc'>ment is not unexiiect ed as it has been plain for some time that I.aFolIefte v.ns losing ground and >•)::•> the opi'onrnt,; lo T,-ft could not win on the ph'.n nuippfd out of ceu- lerinij behind iJiFoUerte. and there were mjiny £;igns for ''sh .')dowlng a Chang'' r.f base by which a numh'-r of favnril" rtjus would he brought out to mak" th<' fi^ht one of the field agai'ist Tafl." I .•:F «neMe Mill r :jinp;)lirn Coinitr.v. Ciiicago, Jan. 20.— Senator Robert M. LaFollette will take his pre .4id ,->n- tial. candidacy out West, possibly .t.s far as the coast, on a trip that will •:tart early in March. Plans for the •rii) are now b'dug iierfected in the LaFollette headquarters here. "It is likely the Senator will to.ich h" Pacific- coas'." said Robert M. lJuck, secretary cf Ihe LuFi.iiette •oinn'ittee toilay. "But even if he should fail to go that far it is c.-»rlain he will be In .\orth Dakota, Kanoa.i, N'ohraska and Okhihonia." Mllscn'x Name FiJet! In >ehrn>ika. Lincoln, N'rl... Jan. 20.— The name of Woodrow Wilson was presented as a c.-'ndi<lale for President on Ihe Dem ocra'ic primary ballot by a jietitlon signi'd I 'v tliiriy Oiuaha citizens which wa-- fil'l with Secretary of Slatt? Walt ioday. The slgnalur>s were of men i-ronilnepily afhH^ted with Ih- "Hrvai'-Wllrou" party. I'nn't Have I'rfninry In St. l.nuU. St. Louis, Jiui. :'.>).—So omehil jirl- mary to <lrct d> lecates to the Democratic Sl:ite conventicn at Jopllii, Fcbrii.'vrv 2fl wlileh " wll' determine v .-lic;h:r F';!k or Ciiirk wlM htive the .Mlihoi'rl intlorsenient for urrsidf^nt, ct'.n be held In St Louis under a ruling of the board of elwrllon coinmis- sioner." foda.v. San Francisco, Jan. 20.—Dr. Sun Vat Sen announced yesterday that he ui>s willing to withdraw from the presidency in favor of Yuan Siii Kai :u-cordlng to a cablegram to u Chi- >i'H' Dally here today. The cablegram said that Dr. "Sun would step j aside Immediately after tho ubdlcu-' tion of the Throne. M'nshinctnti Will Delay Rero;ni[;iiMi. Washington. Jan. 20.— The cabled ' .'ppeal for recognition of the Chinese republicans, signed by Wang Chung Wei, was received by tho State l)e- parim'^nt yesterday. It is regarded as marking.a serious crisis in the import DEKlOCeHTICCfliENTIONLIlTE To lie Held In llutohh'son .March L'« to Select DelcpatcM. Toprka. J^tii. l'>.—Th.- Kansas Democratic convetitici! to name tlie delegates to the national conventicn at nalllmorc will be held March 14 in Iliitchln.son. station, rate of a foot an hour. FREDDIE WELCH TO IIOSIMT.VI. Th- Democratic St:\fe Central Com- ;tnt negotiations in China for the res- | mi»*.ee at Its meeting tonight dccld- oratlon of peace to the distracted country, for the decision of the State Deparlment on the appeal is certain to iiavc great In.luence upon the five other powers Interested in the siiun- fion. It is probable the depar'tneni will not move in tho matter until it has conf''rred with these pov.ers. TO HE FIRST FAIR SUNDAY. Hasn't Been a Clear Siindaj so Far This Year, But-^J'ouiorron X.iy Be. Know Wlio He Is! .Neltlier do a Ld of Otlier Fedpfc. (nv th- Asi -iK-lMt'il I 'rPNMl Los An.gelea, Jan. 20.—Fredd,- Wnhdi. the Kngllph ilght weight sc-hedule lo Jig!)! Hobby Wangh i;" yenioii today w:s taken to a hospital • at Venice, It v >:.s stated that he ii II I disturbance to business ar pos- strain "d th" tendons of his neck ;iirl .New Haven, Conn., Jan. 20.— Speaking before the New Haven Chamber of Commerce last night President Tatt ir."de a plea for the continuance oil his economy and efficiency condmisijiofi^; declared that the admlDistratioa baa that it will continue to enforce the law against monopoly and unlawful com- aga.'nst monopolyy and unlawful com binations and urged business men of the country to get together with him to insure prosperity. Senator Bailey, of Texas, an earlier, speaker, although he called himself an optimist, had sounded a -wamlnff against the increasing danger ot So- ciolism. To this ^warning the president took exceptions. "I don't think," said the President, "that we are as near that wihich he fears and which I should fear II I thought we were near it— Soclallstn I have abiding faith in the American , people. J have abiding faith after a ! iime—for they will come back and dis- - •:iminate between what is good cloth : and what is fustian. Wvat we need Is ! prosperity. A lack of prosperity does not make the rich uncomfortable; it Is laqk of prosperity that makes the poor uncomfortable. What I hope la that we'll all get together in gooditeflm. work to bring about prosperity."The President spoke on the relatiohs- of the government to business, one -4^' the toiucB he dwelt upon freqiwfi^y. on his long western trip last tall. Be ' did not begin speaking until late, and - his address was short. In its relations to the railroads, the trusts, the tariff and the currency, the goverbmeiit v;!r :ny touclies business, he said. He exjlained the change that has coin« in the ;:ttitude of the railroads ;eg!.^^I:it!on affecting them now on the L-;:i;ii;i' hoolcs and which they opposed vljjurously n few years ago. The rer cent del isiona of the Supreme couirt la I wo "great cases," he said, had pav- .. tie way for business to live within i: r untl-litist law. "Il has been enforced," said the t'.e.-:ident. "and il will continue to be enforced quietly I hope, and With ae If tomorrow is a clear day, as the :iredicllon of the weather bureau says ! there ed that the middle of March was the I -itH .'-.t possible time the farmers coulil ,iay mor» attention to politics than getting their ground ready for spring crops. HulrhJnson, for twenty-six tlie hot-bed of Repuhlicanis!!!. w;'s select?d as ihe place because it rolled up !he Id^pest majority for a j Democnitic congressman this mouth that ever w;is given to ^ Democrat in the S'.'veuth district. Lots of llnrnionr There. Peace and harmony abounded at tht? committee mccflng. About onq hundred Democrats were present. While hack so «:'verely he could not ki ..i. •lis er .gaL 'eincnt. Welch was to ha"e hi.en Mie opponent of Walsrast Thanks aiving when the match was called off because Wolgast was stricken wiih appendicitis. T. R. DENIES ANOTHER RUIOK. had been much sharp talking I ;„g :t will he, Iola will see Its first clear throughout the day about Clark and Sunday of iril2, as the records at the Wilson, it did not cret-p into the corn- local office of the Weather Bureau ;.ii!tee meeting. =how that weather has been had ' The official call will give at least on very .Sunday so far this year. The i two delegates to each^ county in the !nost rc.en: clear Sunday was Decern- 1 state. There is one delegate at large !>!r 31 but on that day tlie first cold i for each county and th-^n each county of the v.inter was experienced, the is to have one delegate for each 250 :r.. rturv falling to 1 below. Tomer-, Democratic votes, or major fraction, row to be not only clear, but i as cast 'or secretary of state last •vreeable in temperature as well. ; year. The small counties which do TKO.tH'SON HAS A HEALTHY IIOOM (iardtn Clly Toleerani Says Ex-Tolan Is Favorlle for Sc::«»or. j not have even a total of 120 Demo- icrallc votes will have the two delegates. Th'' county conventions to name the delegates to the state convention must he held .on or before March 7. The Garden City Telegram, telling cf t 'lie candidacy of Judga \V. II. fhoniiiion. formerly of this city, for I'nltpd .States Senator, at the Demo- cr?t!c primary, rays: r^ihle." In speaking of the tariff, Mr. Taft Ksked that basine.=s men urge congreas- to continue in existence the- tariff board that thf tariff may be revised. If at ali one schedule at a time, wltli \ 'he lease disturbance to be and uponJ.,' U;e most, scientific data obtainable. The currency system of the United i Si.ates. he declared, must be changed and in the plan of the national mone- lary ccmmission submitted to con— :;rcss he has found nothing to fear ft cm "Wall street." - ' "1 hope," he said, "that the people, end congress will find yjat it places tlie discretionary increase and decrease of money in the hands of per- sons not controlled by the inQuence of Wall street and not too ^nch controlled by the political government at Washington." The President had only a word to say about the recall of judges to which . Senator Bailey devoted some attention. "Pack of everything else in the gpv- — j ernment," he declared, "is the admin- Conflict Rased i»H Msjht hi tie Strt'cls | istration of justice and it seems to me that to attack it is the stroke of a dagger at the heart of our civilization?' Kc Wants to Know Who is Tryinp ti> EsIIe Him Now. (By the Associated Press) New York, Jan. 20.— "Who is trying to < xile me now," .said Roo.sevel; eodn.v, when asked about the report that he was going abroad. "I never •hoaplit of such a thing and never heard of the rumor until this morn- Report had it that Mrs. Roosevelt ^sJio has been ill, would, in the opinion of physicians, be benefitted by a sea voyage and that Colonel Roosevelt would atxompany her to Kurope. .STILL FltJHTING IN ECIADOR. of tiuayuqallL I.HV the .\.-».si ,..-l'it(.il Pres-s) "! Guayaquil. Jan. 20.— Fighting ocr ci:rre:l in tne streets last evening and w ;>s k'-p; up all night between adherents of Genera! Plaza and supporters ef General .Mfnro (Tty th" A.i.soclatnd Press'* He Cut Chapel to See a Fire. President Taft "cut"-chapel at Yale Tho followers of! this morning long enough to Join the rush of students to a fire. The old south middle dormitory got afire. Taft C.fneral I'laza were defeated. The | und ell counties are to hold conven- Ics.-es of both ;)arties were severe. tiens by delegates or simply holii The hattlc began at the moment of I had risen early and was on his way Democratic mass meetings to name t;:c arrival of the peace commission I to chapel when he saw the smoke and th". delegates. No county committees j eompose -d of th" .A'nfrican and Brit- I heard the rus.h of feet. With all the_-are to be allowed to name the dele-Msh consuls and ether fore-ign repre- . ardor of college days he joined'the'* Tho;:gh nuich hasn't been said abotit ! rr.tca. An effort was made to ask tli" NO CU E TO ST. LoriS CRI.HE. Flnyer Prints so far Fall to Identify Victim of Hrntnl Murder. boy was playing near his home when _one of two Other boys wl'o were iu a vacant house near by. threw at him a broken bottle, which struck b'.m on the left side of the neck, catting a long deep gash and fpIiiUng the left ear. The gla^s penetrated deeply, baregly grazing the iogukir rein. The wound required « number of stitches. KIBI township, is very 511 witli pneii- luonia and that she is not expected to live. Mr. J. M. F. SnodgrasE, piano tuner, who has been in St. Louis several months has returned to Iol£. Patrons Kin find him at the residence of I. B. Boaer.. 423 ^utb Btre«t. ITiv the A.>isocf"led T^P^S) St. Louis, Jan. 20.— The finger- oelved in his county. prints from the headless oornse found in an ash pit y^'sterday were compared with seven thousand fingerprint records in the police department today in an afleuipt to identify the "Black Hand District" murdt^r. No clue or tract: of the head has been found. The ^head was apparently severed witb a cleftTcr^ • . Judge Thompson has been doing this work quietly and without any hlnv.-. In fact,/it is probable that astute but complacent Chanute lawyer snd aposile of democracy, former Senator Hugh P. Farrelly, doesn't know that he has a dangerous rival out in western Kansas. He is liable to know i It soon ^oveyer. „ to aboHsh the t failed. There was soit!'» tii^k of taking a straw vote, on Wilson ani' Clark at the committee meeting, but this did not materialize, itoth sides a;)p"ared to be afraid to tackle- if. FINAL REPORT CLEARS WILEY. -, the Wil'lam 11. Thompson Vnlted j iK -.tlonal conven'ion "^.i.e- .Senatorial hcoui Is getting to | two-thirds rule, hut hi- a !ienlt!-.y youngster. The Garden Cliy judge will e.\h!b!( this to hN f .'I'ow-.'ieiiincrats at Topeka at the Jeffcr .'-i :r dliiner F. bruury 22. I'.y tli.Tt liiiie. he wi;i have got thiU'^s In good .'^hape for an Insptctlon and !e and hi.- friends ficiire the:e will be nothing about the hooiu Hint will ?3iiFe pnv shame or embarrastment. W;ia t:ine .Judge Thom|>.scn Isn't •oldlng court or pre|iaring for his terms or closing up details In his office he I- carefully writing letters and putting the thing up to Oembcrats all over western Kanras. The Telegram '.tad a lellev this week from a friend iti northwest Kansas who said the Dem ocrats up that way were pleased with the Thompson candidacy. He al-^o .said a number of letters had been re- •^cntatives. Houfc ('ammittee Sustains the d'ov- eniracnt Chemist. Washington, Jan. 19.—Dr. Harvey W. Wllay, chief of the chemistry bureau, the storm center of the food administration controversy last summer, is given a clean bill of health in the report of the House committee that investifiated the charges and countor charges. The committee will present its report to the House Monday sustaining Dr. Wiley 411 along the line except in unimportant details and technicalities. The nex» game for the Iola basket ball toam will be here with Lawrence next Friday night. Except that it Is understood that Lawrence has been defeated by Baldwin this season, no dop^ is obt«tn«ble {^1It| i;am^ _ : ed the firemen work. When the worst .Mthough much ihe greater part of! was over he continued to chapel, ar-the snow, which has been lying on T ''e t^ronnd since the of the year, has melted off. yt the ice remains, net only In p' ols In the low places, and In treael-crous iiatches on thf pavement-. In* t;n bodies of water usi well ^ ard liiose v.lio II-e ice skatia:: | are I'nving a rare icf>r.d time. Notwith ! ^tfndlng the mild temperature of tl|e (By tho A.xsoclafed Prciw) i-ast several day.=. it is reported frtrm^ Ames. la.. Jan. 20. —tthloroform and the river that tlie i?e there is eleven" three jihysicians were necessary to Inches thick. I top Mrs. A. Fox from laughing over I iici- daughter's story conc «?rning an At the time "Pri.irhi Kyes" appear- ' incident In a circus. Today she is gang" and for twenty minutes watch- rlvlng just as President Hadley ctni- cluded prayer. THE STORY WAS TOO FUXSV. :t Took Chloroform und Dortors to Pet an End lo the Langh. e«I here Thursday nieht no more attractions had hr?n definitely arrnnged for at the Grand this season. Today Manager Levan received a telegram from the "Heartbreakers" company -low'y recovering from the illness re- rultiag 'rom the long laugh. Not realizing the seriousness of the case the daughters joined in her laughter. P.ut when the mother h *d laughed which had been playine this week at 1 oortlnuously for two hours a phySl- the Grand, in Kansas City, askin,? 1? j eiru was called. they could not appear here en Feb- marj" 9th instead of .some time in March, the time previously s ?i. Mr. Levan replied that the date February i^lh v.ouid be sati.sfactory. A number of local Knights of Pythias are planning to go to Moras to- nlgllt to 8a Initiation. J. A. Gish, Jr., who was connected -1 i .vith the Iola Portland for some tintt, ••vas here Friday'on a bnsinesa trip.'," H9 is now on the road for the Fuller , CoCTpany, of Allentown, Pa.. 8elUng '__5.* machinery and cement plant, snppll^. and is making a complete tour of wen<v. em mills. ^

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