Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 9
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8 THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, JAN UARY 19,1912. >EW PKESIDENT OF IMU.\CETOX U.MVEKSITV. MAY WHEAT A6AIN BELOW $] 15: v - IT IS PKEDIfTIOX OF I ; .HU'.ID MIIl'ME.NTS. I.ftp><n<k MiirVpt Is Still Strong iind I'ruiliu-i' Contiiuii'.s SIriidll} Ciliiilifiiir. <Ily the A«*iclnt(>(l Pr^im) Chl.aKo, .Ian. in.—Forecast of larger X. o-.lil Blifpinents oHitr than from AiiuTican had dcprt^ssinK effpvt on wheat. The o)ieiiinB was unrhaliROd to \ri<SV* hisher. .May started lin(5t U. ."^aln of shado to IdfiV*. diflineJ to 997^. CIo.«e—Jan. H.'.T,; May $1.0014, .Iiily 94-4 : Sept. <XiVt . COR.N—.Ian. C3',i: May CC«.i; .luly C.^T^ffCfi; Sept. 66',<,. OATS—May 491^; July 4.'. to Sept. 40 'i. PORK—Jan. $!.">.00; Mav JlC.lTVi; Julv S1«..".0. L.\KI)—Jan. $9.10 to $9.12'{;: May 9.371-'.; Julv $9..-.0; Sept. $9 .62M:. Chlcaco LiTCsfock. Chioafro Jan. 19.—(;.\TTLB;. receipts I 4 ..-.'iO. Market steady. Hceve^ $4 .S(iTt S.'.O; stockers and feeders %'i.~t><!l (!.00; cows and heifers $2.2.i@6.3.j; ralves $6.nOifj 9.7.'>. HOGS—Receipts 29.000; market .steady to five cents his^icr. Light $.-..S .->@6.30; mixed $G.0Of( 6.42>-i: hea-j vy $(i.0.".(fi6 .4-'.: roush $G.C .'i '?J 6.30; nips ?4 .t>Offi .".7ii; bulk of sales $t;.20'? t;.4o. I'rinco'nii I'li^ic, > j- 111 tlillitV.S .ll 1 iiroslil'i.. \v:;>i^.K"-'M- < '1 iT 'ellilM I iif '.])'• lin oCl^i <-lUIR liiBSE^J .\. .1.. I-;. I-.. — .I'.bn \'.\\i\:>n Hlusrl iir .>r .'ssiir of ].] • :i: lU '.]:•• 11 ir .i I UK! l'iir..TKily today hy ilii- liounl iiii- i...-.iiiuti!..'i. !!•• t-.iii : i -'i-' V.Ood: iiu- WilMiii, who i i'sif;iii'.! i;: I'l 'if,,) lln- : MI U^V r.i>\ ^'I': 'r of .".'cw .lir.-ry. Dr. a 11 (lilt ill' i.-: V.i V I In l^M'. .Hi I inoA 1S"1 1 lii'i-ii Mi'ar l.i;;'i .liuiiuil .•••iJ :'.uili>!!l.<. St. I.oiiis (Intin. Si. Loui.s .Ian. 19 —WHKAT. close, weak. May 9»i,h; July 93 %ftV2. COR.N—Lower. May 60%; July r,r,Yi. O.ATS—Firm. May ,">1; July 4.">. St. Loiils Livcstorli. t .St. Ixiiiis, Jan. 1!t.— <\VTTLK receipts 4 .i""i; luarket strong. N'ativ*' beef steers $4 .ri ('(fi S .r .ll; cows au<I heifers ?3 .ooir/(i.7.": stov-ker-s and feed f-rs $::.2.".f/.".."o: c.-.lves $.'i .0oji7.."0. I ii ()(;S— Reeeipis 14 .".on; market | striinir. I'iijs and lii-hls $«.r.offj fi.:{i>; ' aad liuichi rs JG.U .'iff/ (;.40; (,'ood lieavy $(;.2.'.'(i (l.-io. 101. \ VS. HAI.IIUIN IDMt;!!!. <)ii«' 01 lvUi'> ( l <i 'i>( !;li,aN Mir tl.c • Stale ('liaut|ii<»t«li!p I'laj ^ Here. 'Tlie bask.'i li:i;; f;;iii,e .M I'li' ii.iriuiii t<>;i;i:li! ti -w-'ii l: •• i.:; ^}l•!lOoI teams of l!:i'.i! .•. ;ii :.n 1; e<iii!d liardiy li.- a li. !;••!• (i!:<- ii,;in i (i'lay Onler-lola r:u,ie r .i 'i :I-J:C,. I MI I tl.i- indieanfiii.-- ;ui' . .a. u w]'. t 'l' just about a.--, uc.o.l (.i-l' tin; dope oblaiu .iiiie is ir.,l;r, o;- i .i i.,:;!. y- I. tue !o;-al.< arf ai jr.'.'^.T.'. .-ni-^ '•liljileii and '.hii v.i'i iiro'.ipii .y tile eff (';-t of niakin;.' the i-.n.ic. i elo.=;er than it would o'.htrwi.-e liave been. Tlie outlook yi>:ii,uiy­ ing for lola's hopes w:i= vt -ry biaek I'antrell. one of tiio ;c. :il for'vai ,!.-•. i.e 'ng out o!" to'.vR au ;i i; expi.-tt-d :i- return in t !ii;e for the L ;.iiae and Itv.d- if'Ui 's center. h:-\ir.-; l';<>n taken ill with pr.eunion;2. Canlrc iiov.ever. a: rived ;inexpe;tei!iy la.= t e. »r.;cf: Iiav '.r.'i befii ituab 'P vi i-:;.-. ;.i. uniV;,!- ti .'n to take pan in ••a- -av.e. H'-.i!ley s i '.'re!:-.^ althoai:'.! r.;; yi-t^. iijas. wj!] i-robal/ly n.i: i ciai. l".:::! tn p!;"y in the pain.. ai-' .';o;.e i~ eor ;/.i .,il> M 'i'.i 'll II.- (•!!<! .'••o lifd::.)''• ,1 ilcM' iif Pape 's I'old ;'(!iii|.^'ati'i • 1 ly v.Mi liouis until three rut: i' - -c ,i Itiken. 'i'. • IM-, )..ii-y::\''.> l -.i -adiielie. I 'ull- li- iiji'l I.II -MfiVd iiii. fi v .-r- - •. • If • ...u.:.. r.:!in!i:ri of 'he i!o.-c> ci-c ihi..!'. !iii ;-.M "'?is caiarrhiil dis-- . riir. a. -s. -tifnesr. rhftit .ia- iia;i!> M .il o :i' r rii-ii. lieirin in lia .i a.' wiy iii.-: (l<ise. i i'..; i'.- I' ' ! Ci.ii .iioii-'d isTiie result • f >• .-• : ••.-•;^nr ,-a at a cn-t n'' ]-.i.i :• .aai! t'l.aisand dollar?-, ami lU) i;-):n'i)e. which we lia\e 1 ' ; iv. :y i:. i:;.t :ated .is not of'•• :a t:.. a!:iifni vt colds o:- • T .if • a-il. ?- Co!r.pci;rd .?s <!;;•.-(••,-i -•.>!:;•! :••(• kiiovv ledtre that then' r..- u r..i 1. -i:;*^ made anyw'-.e;-;- . : in i ;i'> -.vor'.ii wii!(-a nil! car.!>•..!• c-i'M - r (I'.d uiippe iirsery a^ ';-r i;:;.'!y .-iria wi'!-.o;;t any (.t '.er ;!.-^^i- af- r-rffects a '!'>-.-n'•: . 1 (* ]M'-e'.> CoJd ('otii- w;;;!'.;. \v': • any ihup -Mst in the Kansas City (iraln. Knntas flty. Jan. 19.-^\VIIICAT, re- (-elpt< car.--. Ca:!! wheat, uncliatiR- i -d. .\n. 2 hard. JI.03Til.US: .No. .Sl.oni 1.H7; .No. 2 ted. $1.00; No. 3. !M;'„99. Cose-.^tay $l .oi'!;-;'iri Kellers : .Inly 92'r( '» .-ellers. COU.X-^ Steady. No. 2 mixed. Ci «n Xo. :;. M^i.'in;'; Xo. 2 white. I iIsr.'T, Csi;,; Xo. ;{ Close-.May I i;i;--sf( ".i bid: Jttly tu;'?/-\ sellers. (lATS—rnchiini:ed. Xo. 2 - white .".r-T; r2'i: X". 2 miveit 4ft*^i .".O'L-. HYK —:'.")'-'.ifi 97c I'.cr Inisltel. HAY—Firm. Cho:-e timothy $2!Ti22. choice jirairi* $H .'of; l.'.eii. Hi:on .M COHX—St. ady. Kan-iis Citv Llvcstorlc. Kar.-as City. Jan. 19.—CATTI.I^. re-• :"ini-- ?.M''>. .A!;trk"t steartv. Xnfive ; -•t,->rr .'J .«.">.."ii'T; s III': cow? and heifers' (III'!; O .TiO; Ftockcrs .-ind fteders $4.00 ':'}.<<<•; bulls $r ..."'i''i ."...")0; calves ?4 .."ir. . r, s..-.<t. I HOnP— Receipts in.f.ef.; ii;arket fiv.- ' to ten crnts lower. I!i-.!k of sa-c.-; , 'fiO.2'.; hr-nvy $r 2r.'ri iJ.:!'-; packers ar.J ; hiitcher .5 $''.10'Sn.30: lights $."..80jj ,; piss $4.r.i.i 'ri ri .."ii. I hcs the b»:St of it. lo:;^-: at <! Ciay Center,, whifii def(;it( ! i :.i -(iw.n. 'Di;.-- ifope is ihe Tii'^r; d ::e- iKitaiitaMe. iia; f'-f tiiofe who ;:i;e let;.: !<\:-y, it liiigiit be put t'iis w;iy: :(.-. iir.s Jeaied Itii.'falo tw;.-.--. -.ini'. 'iay l\ni'-r once; llu:ralo liefcaiMi Chiy t eutcr; - Ci.'iy Cfuitr defeated i:;-'.d'.v:n. The game tonisht will I.e prec.'deil by a game between the p:rJ".'- team of the high school, and l!;e .\ hi^ii school team. ( ard of Tltanks. .-:r.' -(.thank tlie friends and , • . • II.. -iii.. (,f tl:e A. O. V. \V.. Klk:-. W. O. ^V ,.-.d <;. A. li. who w.-re so i ki'.d t.> '1- diir'nir the i !inr.3it and (•(•a-:i ;'.;.• )-ii-l)ani!. son and broth- •••r. .\'-;> t (i the friends for ;);e beail- Tli ;>l flera! ..ii/f rin^rs -Mrs. A. J. \Val'.••'-•.s pnJ FMiiiiy .!. II. Wallers and !-'ai:\::y. mUt.ST (OLUS UKE.VK EASILY. JioH to ( itrr ii Had (old ai;d L'td f-ri;'!!!' .Mi-cry i:i a Few Hniirs. .N'Mhin:-; t !ia! you can ti .ke will >.:is=: Il.-.z -i 'l iiacin w. rt 10 Moran thi.s aft.rt'oon 'o >;sit >.i ';i ;-d:;y and : .-''.'iidav Willi li( r :..(•• • \'is= l .ci .a 1, A"(ijr:r.!i, of Moran, ar. ; i;;-':: i; Il'.y.-r. of l.::!iarp(, vv-r. inarri. d li'is'.- .-.i tlie <ourT l.oi;-:'^!)y I'lclaK Judc" Smilh. ^ Ka'iKas Cilv I'roditre. I Kansas C-ty Jan. 1!(.—lU'TTFR—. Crer-iiiery ••ec; fjrsts "S; seconds :;•;; . p.'ick'ris-'- Eto ^k 241.V ! 1-:0GS—Extras :;3c: firsts 31; .sec-• one's 22'i. ; Lead niid Sprttor. I St. I<,';is. Jan. r.<— Lead, firm *t.- r ;7',-j'fi r4e; spelter, firm, $i;..">.". Lorjil Markets. (Produce nuotations furnished f!;iily by C -;2hil! Commission Comuany): FCCf— 2') cents per dozen. Pni-|,TRY—Hens 9o; springs .S; old cocks 4: young cocks 6: ducks 9; geese 7; turkey hens 10; old toms 9; guineas 12i.{;. BFTTER—21c per pound. HIOES— 8 to 9c. (Orain quotations furnished daily by S. n. Ray): rOKX—r,0 cents. 'KAFFIR CORN—".Oc per bushel. IIAV—$10 per ton. OATH—l.'ic per bushel. The rush and roar of deadly modem life is everywhere. ^ Your nerves are weak and worn, they are overtaxed, strained to the breaking point. Strengthen them, build them, vitalize them with a Food- Tonic, Emulsion is one of the oldest, purest and best-known of FOOD- TONICS. ALL DRUGGISTS riJEI'AKE FOK THE fO\TEST. riTllniliiarlex for lolu-FL Srolt De- liate Orriir Next M'wk. The rei>ort from Ft. Scolt lliat the sludcnts of the h\iih school of that city ar<> bef-liinliig lo preimre for ili"' I'lterscliolanllc contest witli the local ! high school docs not catch the !oc«I students napping, for .th"y have been making preparations for llip contest for several weeks past. Twelve or more students are engaged In preparing debates wiiich they will probably deliver next week at the preliminaries here, at which two will be chosen to rnpresent lola in the contest. Tlie contest will occur here this year in .Marcli, and -will be s(*me-wbat different from thos" lieri>infore. Th.-* usual contest in vocal music will not be held, and the contest will consist of four numbers only: the oration, the declamaticn. the debate and the essay. The pndiminaries on d'-cla- iration, I'ssay and oration i)robably will not be held for several woeks. Th'^ debate of cpurse centers the interest, at it scores two points for the winning side while the others score but on.' point each. ELSMORE HAfllELORS (HMJAMZE. Resolve that They Will Torn Awjijr From Leap Year Offers. The bachelors of Elsmore have or- ganixed the Bachelors' Protective Association and at a recent meeting pass«d resolutions in whlcb.they declare they will spurn all Uaf. yeai offerB; be continually oa tiie lookout for members whom they find Imperiled anil endeavor to extricate said brothers from the meshes of such condition. The resolutions adopted were published in the Elsmore Leader of this week and signed by the secretary, A. Rcxroat. I MEW YOMK STORE For to Pays SSoi'e-Vrkes as Follows: As is our usual custom to have one big sale on all merchandise prior to invoicing—Now is the time to save money on all your purchases. 20'/r Discount on all Wool Blankets from $3.98 to $10 10% Disccunt on Cotton Blankets from $1.25 to $3.5Q $1.25 yard for $1.50 quality Skinner Satin, any shade 89c for Chiffon Broadcloths, 54 to 56 inches witle, values up to $2.75 yard. | 89c for $1.00 W. B. Corset, Style $7.65, for stout figures only. Sizes 27 to 36. $2.49 for No. 771 $3.00 W. B. Reduso Corset, sizes 19 to 36. Never before sold at this price. 15^0 Discount on all pui-e wool and silk and wool Undei-wear, from $1.75 to $5.00. Choice of any Velvet, Satin or Leather Hand Bag in• the house at HALF J^RICE! 7:=8 Bleached Muslin, was Qy^c yard, now 4'/^c No. 60 Berkeley Cambric, per yard ' 12c 14c yar'd for fancy fleeced Flannelettes, suitable for Kimonas, Dressing Sack;-;, I'egular price 18c. LasI Cut OH Fancy Silks and Safliis! Kf4°?^t High grade imported Dress Patterns—4 to 5 yard lengths ai ji^ price as lollows Price 1 paltern, 4 yards, bhick with flowejred border, was $15.00; now. $7.50 1 pattern, -ihU yards, brown with green border, was 815.00: now....... .$7.50 2 patterns, 4'/^ j-ards each, black with pfrey border, v/ar $2.25 yard, now. .$1.13 1 pattern.4V. yards, green with gi'een border, v/as $2.25 yard, now $1.13 1 pattern, AV^ j'ards, with two-toned border, was $2.25 yard... .$1.13 2 ])atterns, 4VL> yai'ds each, navy with navy bordei', was $2.25 yard, now. .$1.13 1 pattern, 5 yards, light i)liie with light blue woven ]}order, was $2.50.. .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, Nile rreen with green border, v/as 82.50 yard, now. .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, light blue 36 inchBroche Brocade, v.-as.$2.50 yard $1.25 ] pattern, 5 yards, pink 3G inch Broche Brocade, was 82.50 yard, now... .$1.25 1 pattern, 5 yards, white 36 in. Broche Brocade, was $2.50 yard, now... .$1.25 BIS SALE ON BLACK TAFFETAS—$1.10 a yard for silks worth up to $2.75 yard. We have just 8 pieces and now is your chance to buy a big bargain. January Clearing Sale of MusMii Underwear Some are slightly soiled and mussed from handling. These are marked down to Cost and Less B ig Bargains in Night Gowns High Neck Gowns, were 50c, now 1 39<^ Slip-over or high neck Oowns. were $1.25, now —75<! Slip-over or fancy Gown.i—aliRhtly soiled—were l)Sc, now 50 <J Slip-over or fancy Clowns, wore ll .l'S, now . . 89<^ All Gowns marked 51..''i» and $L3r.. now _ 98C All Gowns m.'irk<-d |L7."., now SI.tin All Gowns mdrked $l.yK, now S1.50 All Gownn marked $3.0S. now S'i.OS All Gowns marked nowj ;3 .50Aud up to Jil.i'l) Gowns, 8:{.98 Women's Petticoats Greatly Reduced In thUs loi you will find a number of samples at ahnosit One-half Price! t «..".0 Petticoats now 84.98 $4 50 Petticoats now 82.98 $4.;)S Petticoats now $3.50 js.r.o t^ptiifontti riow — 8!2;.SQ Jl'Tiii Petticoats now S''*Sm $l.r.O Petticoats now... $1.25 I Women's Combination Suits. Corset (over and I»niwers or Corset Co^rr iind .Skirt Women's Coirhinption Corset Cover and Drawers— wer>» <l..".o; now T5<^ Women's Combination Corset Cover and Drawer.s— were iiz:.; now y8<^ Womrn's Coinhination Corset Cover and Drawers— were $1.75; now SI.'{5 W omen's Corset Covers. At <i'rratly Kedneed Prices—Tnkp .\otire! $T, Fancy Cojset Cover.-, were 25c, now Wi Fancy CorHet Coveis. were 50c, now 48 Fancy Corset Covers, were '.iSc. now... . : 36 Fancy Corset Covers, were $1.75, nowl -:J 9* •~$i!ii WOMEN'S DRAWERS AT BIG REDUCTIONS Women's good quality Drawers, were L'5c. now 1 19^ Women's good quality Drawers. nic<'ly trimtiicd, were 50c, now 39^ Women's good quality Drawers, nicely irimmed, were 9Sc. now „75< r January Sale of Women's and Misses'Salts. 15 Suits were $15.00; now $7.50 25 Suits were $20.00; now.. .$10.00 32 Suits were $25.00; now.. .$12.50 18 Suits were $35.00; now.. .$17.50 January Sale Taflored Waists Tne • celebrated "Excelsior" Brands, for which we are sole agents in lola, will be sold as follows: $1.25 Tailored Waists, now 98c S1.50 Tailored Waists, now. .$1.33 $1.75 Tailored Waists, now..S1.48 $2.25 Tailored Waists, now. .$1.75 $2.50 Tailored Waists, now. .$1.98 J&nuary Qearing Sale Women's Coats, Skirts and Dresses 14 Reversible Coats, values up to $25.00; choice $8.50 19 Black Broadcloth Coats, were $7.50; now $5.00 25 Black Broadcloth and Serge Coats, were $30; now $15.00 SKIRTS 1 37 Novelty Mixtures, also grey black and blue, were $6.50, $7.50, $7.98; now $4.50 Dresses up to $18.50, choice.. .$7.98 All Furs marked do\vn to i/^ Price! Closing Out Our Stock of Portieres, Coucb and Table Covers We n^ed the room—we must have it—therefore the prices are the very lowest ever sold on this class of merchandise. You can buy them singly or in pairs. » 100 Portiers at 98c each Originally priced $4.50 to $6;50 a pair. (These curtains will keep the cold out.) 5 Table Covers were $1;98.. .50c 6 Table Covers, were $2.50.. .69e^ 15 Couch Covers -^ere $2.98 JfSd

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