Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 15, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1943
Page 4
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ARKANSAS Tuesday/ June 18, sis of the News by Mackenzie \ Editorial Comment * Written Today and Moved by Telegraph or Cable. (While DeWitt MacKcnzic is on vacation, this daily column is being wnttc n by Max Hill. former chief of the Associated Press Bureau in Tokyo.) BY MAX HILL The Axis finally is feeling the with our bare hands and pull them down," one infuriated soldier exclaimed to an American correspondent. Naturally he exaggerated, but it was his spirit which counted. How are we to know, then to what fury and what hatred the current bombings of Germany may arouse the Nazis? There is another phase which enters seriously into the question of mass bombing o£ the European continent. We lost 26 Fortresses Sunday, and the British lost 24 bombers Saturday. Until a more specific announcement of damage done is released it cannot be said accurately whether the raids were worth the cost of almost 500 skilled and patiently trained men and millions of dollars worth of flying equipment. A veteran airman once said to me: "I'm always skeptical of these raids whicH end with the announcement, 'all of our planes returned safely.' That means one of two things. Either the planes were ' i uG AXIS luietllj l^ 1 iv^imti VHK. LWU in LI 150. *-« ***•>-». c lull impact of America's tremen- fly i n g so hiah accurate bombing dous plane production, both on ' wa s impossible or they failed to Bettina Makes Short Work of Opponent Brook Philadelphia, June 15 — (<T) Corp Mclio Beltina, who makes no secret of the fact that after the war he'd like to exchange his M. P. armband for the belt of heavyweight champion Joe Louis, had a new reason today to believe that he can do it a left hand punch that would fell an ox. The former light heavy weight champion from Beacon, N. Y., exhibited that punch last night, ending a year's absence from the ring by knocking out Lou Brooks of Wilminton, Del., so fast that most Double Squeeze iand and at sea. after months o£ [delays which seem inherent in a democracy. >And it must come as quite a shock to the Hitler-Mussolini-Tojo •combine that the United Nations snow have awakened to the credo •expressed so aptly by a Japanese •when he was criticised for the tac- 'tics of the Kising Sun Army in China. This Japanese said tartly, and with evident scorn toward his interrogator's attitude: ;>'Nobody ever has discovered a polite way to kill a man " ; Our air power virtually unaided brought about the surrender of the three Italian islands in the Mediterranean — Pantelleria, Lampe' dusa and Linosa — but most qua! Heid obsrevers are convinced this wfll not be the case with Germany and Italy proper. History backs them up, and in some instances bombing has hac an effect .completely the reverse of the one desired. Britain's resis tance was stiffened, not broken, by Approximately nine months o steady raids. . One of the reasons the Spanish republicans fought so feiociously - around Barcelona was thc devas tating and constant bombing o that city. of the 6,543 spectators (Gross gate . "We'll shoot down every plan that comes over, and if we run ou of ammunition we will reach ou reach their objective." Now, that is a callous attitude, but undoubtedly a correct one; The bombers Saturday and Sunday must have gone in low over their targets, perhaps as low as 2,000 or 3,000 feet, and at such an altitude they were extremely vulnerable to ck-ack fire. This heavy loss might indicate, Iso. that the Germans have ound a way to strengthen their efenses. It is known they have adar to guide their fire, and some eporth have it that accurate gun- ery is now possible up to 30,000 Get A less publicized but just as important phase in our air power is he work being done by patrols over the Atlantic. The danger spot n th P mid Atlantic is now far better patrolled, both in the air and on the sea, than it was a few months ago.- . An indication of how successful this work really is came with an official announcement that no western atlantic merchant ship sinkings were reported last week for the first time since Feb. 15, 1043. We still have a long way to go. however, before we can even suggest that the submarine men ace has been eliminated, but com- , $13,489.75) had to buy a newspaper to find out what happened. The blow temporarily blinded Brooks, who hung on the ropes crying, "I can't see." Referee Irving Kutcher led him to his corner and raised Beltina's hand in 1:49 of a scheduled 10-rounder. Many in the crowd, missing the lightning left to Brooks's left eye, booed the Negro, but Dr. Ralph Lanciano, State Athletic Commission physician, said later, "he did the only thing he could have done — quit." "My examination showed Brooks had recently suffered an injury to his right eye," Dr Lanciano said. "There was no wa_y this could have been discovered before he entered the ring. He had only partial vision in the right eye. When Bettina hit him he suffered a concussion of the left eye. He couldn't see." Bettina's manager, Jimmy Grippo attributed th c deadly punch to Bettina's training as a militaVy *WJth"ba7es loaded in 10th, eerybody runs before Orval Grove lays down soft squeeze bunt to box. Bill Dickey stumbles over Wally Moses, who has home stolen m cloud of dusT Luke Appling also scores as Pitcher Marius Russc.with no play at plate, tosses out Pitcher Grove. Chicago White Sox score five runs in frame to win first game of doubleheader at Yankee Stadium, 10-5. SPORTS By Hugh S. Follerton, Jr. Associated Press Sports Columnist policeman. "I didn't want to say this before," he said, "taut Mclio broke the ribs of three sparring partners in New York while ho was training for this bout. He sure can punch." Bettina weighted 18 to 182 J-4 for the unfortunate Brooks. After iKe midnight fire Roy Anderson & Company Phone 810 Hope, Arkansas INSURANCE We close our place of business | every Wednesday afternoon. In case of emergency 'phone 85. petent naval men such as Admiral King have hinted recently that we have some new device which will cut losses down to an even lower level. . i . That is not pleasant news to the already beleaguered Axis. Fights Last Night By The Associated Pre«s Philadelphia — Melio Bettina, i 187 U S. Army and Beacon, N. Y., stopped Lou Brooks, 182 3-4, Wilmington, Del. (1) Chicago — Clarence Brown, 200, I Chicago, knocked out Johnny Flynn, 219, Rochester, N. Y. (6). Baltimore — Pedro Hernandez, 139 Puerto Rico, outpointed jFrankie Carto, 130 1-2, Philadelphia. (12). Tampa, Fla. — Tommy Gomez, 186, U. S. Army and Tampa knocked out Buddy Knox, 205, Gen- leral Mitchell Field, Cudahy, Wis., Newark — Curtis Sheppard, 183, Pittsburgh, knocked out George Brothers, 182, New York (3). New York — Wallace Cross, 215 1-2, Newark, outpointed Tony I Musto, 201, Chicago (10). ONE OF THE GREATEST 1000 mm YOU CAN Il9 BUY! You girls who suffer from simple anemia or who lose so much during monthly periods you feel tired, weak, "dragged out"—due to low blood Iron—try Lydla Pinkham's TABLTTS—one of the best ana quickest home ways to help build up red blood to get more strength—in £uch cases. Get Pinkham's Tablets today! Follow label directions. Slugger Drives in 6 Runs With Three Homers New York, June 15 (/F)— Ned Irish is laying plans for a college basketball season at Madison Square Garden next winter, thougn he admits it probably won't be basketball as usual. . . . Ned points out that it doesn't take as much time to train courtmen as football plavers, n " 1- as much space to Iran- sport them. . . .Bucky Harris fined two of his Phillies' players 50 bucks apiece for missing the bus to ia exhibition game at Camp Shanks, N. Y., last week . . . Larry Atkins, the Cleveland fight promoter, already is planning to move into Detroit Oly mpia and the Chicago S t a d i u m as matchmaker after the war. only one lesson to give golfers low to swing a club — but that c pros never will lack for busi- ss because no one ever can hicve perfection in the swing. Today's Guest Star Lee Dunbar, Oakland (Calif.) ribunc: "San Diego's Padres, ard up for pitchers, are rccom ended to investigate .Tiggs, a limpanzce at the San Diego zoo. ggs has been known to hurl an •angc 300 feet with bullet - like iced. He's a southpaw and might ?> » Due to Shortage of Labor and Supplies We Are Compelled to Discontinue Finishing Laundry Work on- Ladies' Clothes - - - Children's Clothes Underwear We Will Continue to Take All Wet Washes - - - Rough Dry Work And Will Finish Shirts and Flat Work and Pants DRY CLEANING WILL BE SERVICED AS USUAL We make this announcement of curtailed laundry service because the extreme labor shortage has thrown us behind—and the co-operation of all our patrons is necessary if we are to get back on schedule. Cook's White Star Laundry & Cleaners Phone 148 By The Associated Press Seventh place the batting or der genlly is reserved lor thc pop-fly swatters, but yesterday at Knoxville things were different. Hitless in his last three games and dropped to seventh slot in thc Knoxville lineup, husky Garrctt McBryde rammed three home runs in successive trips to the plate, knocked in six runs and figured in a swift double-play to lead thc smokies to an 11-2, breeze over Memphis. Little Rock nudged Chattanooga out of second place in the red-hot race for chief challenger's position with a 10-inning 9-6 decision over first place Nashville. Other games last night saw the Atlanta Crackers nipping New Orleans, -5, and the Birmingham Barons blasting Chattanooga, 13-3. Little Rock waited until the top of the tenth before setting off thc fireworks that downed the Nashville Vols. The Travs had scored five in the first, then watched the 1 Vols. The Travs had scored five in the first, then watched thc Vols go one-run ahead with a four-run rally in th c eiyht before counting another run to tie it up in ninth. Mack Stewart, Charley Gassaway and Eldon Lindsey allowed 12 Traveler basehits, Lindsey being the victim of the tenth-inning explosion. Al Moran, Charley Hawley and Ed Lopat d.id thc Chunk- king chores for-the winners, Lopat getting credit for the victory. Today's games and probable pitchers: Birmingham (Fox and Lapihuska) at Chattanooga Miller and j Carpenter) Little Rock (Kerksieck) at Nashville (Alderson) Memphis (Walker) at Knoxville (Powers or Ogden) New Orleans (unannounced) at Atlanta (Cortes) One Minute Sports P.a'jo If that 30 - day harness rsic meeting at Empire City goc through, trotting horse men woul like to have thc Hamblctoma raced there to draw the crowds But Bill Cane is so anxious to pro serve thc Goshen "tradition" fo the Hambletonian that he even ha considered holding the mcctin there without betting. . . Bab Hunt, former Ponca City, Okla heavyweight, returned to the rin two weeks after he lost a thum in a hunting accident in 1932, b the loss now keeps him out of U cle Sam's armed forces. . . Erne Jones thc golf tutor, claims the t perfectly ure." the Padre Service Dept. So many athletes from Indiana nd Dayton Universities have land d at Camp Croft, S. C., lately hat a program o£ sports contests between thc two groups is being vorkcd out. When Joe Domnanovich last year's Alabama grid captain, enters thc Army this sum mcr, he will be tho fourth All American from the Crimson ride to sign up with Uncle Sarn. Others arc Chief Petty Officer Bernard (Tony) Holm (1929), Ensign Bill Lcc (1934) and Lieut. Leroy Monsky (1037). With them arc Licuts. MilUml (Dixie) Ho well Arthur (Tarxan) White and Holt Rast, second stringers on the all-Amer ican squads. . . . David Harums of Baseball Look Over Calendar By JUDSON BAILEY Associated Press Sports Writer Today is the deadline for mak ing trades in the major leagues without getting waivers. Tiic David Harums of the dia inond made a couple of restless moves yesterday that indicate they haven't overlooked the date on their calendar and may do sonic more important business to day. The Brokolyn Dodgers hiiv been trying to puddle Joe Mcd wick for several weeks without getting any satisfactory offers. The club that would be most likely to take him would be the New York Giants, floundering in seventh place and desperately in need ot reinforcements. Yesterday the Giants traded Outfielder Herbert (Babe) Darna to the Boston Red Sox for southpaw Pitcher Ken Chase. Neither of the players involved have accomplished anything notable in the last two years, but the transaction loft the implication that President Horace Stoncham hoped to come up with an outfielder from some other source. The Giants also recalled two pitchers, Hugh East and Ilubc Fischer from their Jersey City farm club in the International League. Another deal made yesterday was the purchase of Inficlder Dor Hcffncr from the St. Louis Browns by the Philadelphia Athletics. He will be used as a utility man. Only three games were on yes tcrday's program, but they cnabl the leaders in both leagues to it crease their marings. The New York Yankee whipped the Washington Scnatoi 4-1 to increase Now York's lea over Washington to three game The world champion St. Lou Cardinals checked the Cincinna Reds 5-3 with the Cooper brother Mort and Walker, playing print pal roles. Mort pitched eight - I ball to gain his eight victo against three defeats and Broth Walker, the catching member of the family, hit a triple with the bases loaded in the sixth inning. Tho Boston Braves, beat the Brooklyn Dodgers 4-3 i n a twilight tussle to take their five - game series 3 to 2. The defeat dropped the Dodgers two games back of the Cardinals. Grasshopper Planes to Aid in Invasion Fuel Sill, Okla%, .Tune 15 (/I 1 ) The Army Grasshopper plane its hops from pasture to pasture without benefit ot runways —may solve the problem of removing wounded quickly from mountainous battlefields. That nl least, is the hope ot hioher to 15 cents lower. Jly-opcned. 20.24; closed 20.M-24 Oct-opencd, 19.83; closed, !).«•• Dec-opened, 19.04; closed, 10.1. Mch-opencd, 19.44; closed, 9.W May—opened, 19.20; closed, 19.." Middling spot 21.98n; unchanged. N - Nominal. OIL PRICE HIKED (^ Washington. June 15 -(/!")-Kep- senlativc Worlcy (D-Tcx.) said day the Office of Price Admmis- aliou (OPA) has approved an dor which will mean an in- of seven cents a barrel ) Major Victor E, Frav.ier, Kansas City, Mo., flight, surgeon who is nikaing the Army's first cxpcri mnnls with the light-wcasily-hand- Icd two-sealer at this field arlil lory school. The artillery suses the Grass hopper for nnrlal target spotting but Major Frazicr says it wil make a good one-place ambulance "An ideal place for the Grass hopper ambulances," said Majo Fra/.ier, "would have been the South Pacific." "Ambulance planes at Gona anc. Buna operated off fields located 1 r 15 miles behind the front linc.s id the train was so rough mctimcs took several days t t the wounded soldiers to th cilds. "The Grasshopper planes coul •wo picked up the wounded, on a time, and transported thei the fields used by the big am ilance planes in a few minute The low - powered Grasshoppe ns such a slow landing speed Hi can land in any open spot c vcn on wagon tracks. It alrcac as showed it can land and lal Tf in these mountains. Capl. Thomas F. Piper, Lock 'avcn, Pa., once in a firm that lade the Piper Cubs, and who is n instructor here, designed the mbulancc which now is ready to ly into the hils if anything goes vrong on the firing range. It has a cushioned litter rcplac- ng the artillcvy spotter's scat, t'hcrc is room for an attendant or jhysician. if needed. Major Frazier conceded that an enemy would have little trouble pot shooting the little plane, but it that happened "we could make the mercy trips at night •ease of seven cents a barrel r 1 lie price on crude oils for TcxJ-a ninhandle producer 'Cut out the pig Latin and tell ,c what happened." the copper rcicred. About four million British fain | ilics now grown their own vcgc tables. NEW YORK COTTON New York, June IB (/I 1 ) Cot ton prices were unsettled today ii restricted dealings. Lacking any thing definite on Washington' price control policy, traders loo their cue from the action of grain and securities. Extreme early losses of 50 ccnl a bale were reduced as trade pric fixing orders were emphasized b a lineup in July liquidation an smaller hedge offerings. Late afternoon values were u changed In 25 cents a bale lower, Jly 20.21, Oct. in.01 and Dec. 1'J.CO. Futures closed 10 cents a bale • "Divo Bombing" mosquitoes — 'Tour Motor" (lies—lire just two of the insccl-ciirmies llmt wiifio war on,- ( our soldiers on many l»iilllcfroiil»...V nml two misoiie *liy the army iifc-a nidi vast i|iiiintitiud oi I-'I-IT ""d our other insecticides. For those super-slayers kill ninny vicious iorcin" '"'."•!* " IIHt al * "'oy mow down household insects licroV tit home! Fl.lT bus tlm A A. Hutiii" . . . »1'° highest established lor household iiibCKliriilrs by iho U.S. liurcati of Slumhinla. Uuya botllc—today! Market Report . _i._ ...--i „*,*•» t-im-i'il nrnif floill III POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, June 15 —(IP)- Poultry, live 19 trucks; price at ceiling. . Potatoes, arrivals 76; on truck 134- total US shipments 622; supplies light; demand for California long whites good; market firm; for southern triumphs demand fair, market slightly weaker; Cul' ifornia long whites US no. 1, 4.28, commercials 3.84-4.00; Louisiana and Oklahoma bliss triumphs victory grade 3.90-4.00; Arkansas bliss triumphs victory grade 4.05; Texas bliss triumphs victory grade 3.954.05. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards, 111., June ] 5 _(/P)—(U. S. Dcpt. Agr.)—Hogs, 16,000; opening around 15 lower steady and occasional cow deal unchanged; common and medium good sausage bulls 12.50 - 13.75; vealcrs 25 lower; good and choice 14 50; medium and good 12.00 and 1325; nominal range slaughtci steers 11.00-1H.25; slaughter hcil- crs 10.25-15.75; stockcr and feeder steers 11.00 - lS.fi">. Sheep, 2,500; opening sales generally steady; choice spring lambs 15 00 on local accounts; good and choice to packers 14.00-50; u few 14.75. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago, June-15 —(/!>)—'Trading in wheat quieted down toward thc close today as the market firmed after early offerings were absorbed. Traders said there was 16,000; opening around la lower = c f ju buyinR nn the sct- than average Monday on good and «viacncc ri y ^^ ^^^ choice 180-300 Ibs. at 14.00-10; most ly 14.05 on pacer accounts; 170 Ibs. down 20-25 lower; 140 - KiO Ibs. 13.15-65; 100-130 Ibs. 12.10 - 'JO; sows 25 - 30 lower at 13.25-65. Cattle, 2,000; calves, 1,500; narrow demand early for ' steers, mixed yearlings and heifers; bulls Broadway Court Reopens Wednesday Night, June 16 Presentable Couples Only Cover Charge 40c Couple - - - 25c Person^ OUR SPECIAL • Chicken in the Basket Cold Drinks Sandwiches (We Are Closed on Sundays) BROADWAY COURT Mr and Mrs. Roy Lee Arnold Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Haynes Phone 344 backs and there was little lion to press thc selling side. Oats also were firm in the fact of an active demand and offerings Continued scarce. Rye strengthened with wheat. At thc close, wheat was unchanged to 1-4 lower than Monday's final prices, July $.441.43 7-8; Scptrncbcr $1:44; corn was inchangcd at ceiling bids; oats gained 1-2 to 3-4 cents and rye vas up 5-8 to 1 1-8 cents, July 97 3-8 September 99 1-4—1-8. ,,„„,„ Cash wheat; No. 2 hard 1.4(> l-t. No Corn. Oats: No. 3 mixed 71 3-4. Barley malting 1.05-1.15 nom; hard ] 04-1.10 norn; feed 98-1.06 nom. Soybeans sample grade yellow 1.60 3-4. NEW YORK STOCKS New York, June 15 —(.I 1 ) recovery road was a bit rocky n today's stock market althougl scattered rails and industrials, were able to register moderate gains. . Losses ranged from fractions v more than 2 points at the start n rather lively dealings. Offering theu dried up and most imua casualties were reduced or cor verted into plus marks by nm day. Tho pace was slow from the on. Quotations near th<; close war no worse than irregular. Trail fers for the full proceedings wci around 1.000,000 shares. Yesterday's tumble, sharpe since April 9, brought a revival bids here and there on thc theory , the list might have been oversold. There was nothing in the way of a [buying rush, however. IM EVERY PUFF-ON EVERY ROLL fine roll-your-own citrarcllcs in every liundy pocket pnckuuo ot Prince Albert THERES NO BITE IN PRINCE ALBERT. THE RICH TAST£ PERKS THROUGH CLEAR, MILD. NO SPILLING OR BUNCHING, EITHER. CRIMP CUT TO LAV FLAT, ROLL QUICK, EASY, TRIM. BETTER IN PIPES, TOOl Enjoy the economy of driving a high-quality, late-model Used Studebakf 0 Engineered to save you tires and gas >T<HOUSANDS of motorists are now driving used Stude- J. bakers because of the remarkable tire economy and gas economy assured by Studebakt-r engineering. There's no needless bulk in a Studebaker to overload us tires or overtax its gas supply. Come in and make a. selection from our stock of used Studebaker Champions, Commanders and Presidents. We carry good used cars of other makes-aud you need no special authorization to buy ooe. ARCHER MOTOR COMPANY Keep your car up to par with Studebaker service Drive in frequently and have your car inspected, no matter what make it is. Efficient mechanics will do your work quickly and at moderate cost. Don't wait till trouble starts. Let Studebaker experts check your car regularly and "keep it rolling" for Victory. _. . , Cl . East Third Street Hope/ Arkansas T^^mm^mm^MMmS^^^^^^ s ^^^^^ si ^'

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