Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 8
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY JBVENING, JANUAjRY 19,1912. FEI .rr AND FINK—Finic thought it would be a cinch, but he overlooiced somethin?. r TO -1fr.T .\N JKNNOWN y PUlilLliT To NlCiHT - A t.CLtOVv CHtoTtO '^^.D AlL.WU H/iV^ TO MIT n;^'. OfiCC AND fll- .7 • /'isN'i THAT Ti <i:\ (60r=Tr-£."r THING ' ? HIS 8ACK ?'s^. v^€?l I V/ANTS—ALL KINDS. '.v\N'r!:'.i 'r'.vo on 'liiuKK. rX; llll'tit !i:tVI' \:vr.t ;•• 'i I !• 1 I Til- .\'\- Flatm MBti CSiy KAKSAS AlCD OKIAnO]iri Loir Batei Aana'al or S('nil..(nnr:al Int«reit^Privlloi;e t «i I'ny in Kali nedncfid Bates on Fh-f lusuruucel R. M.Cun n ing ham Old Court Hpnse BldK. lola, Ka.<<. \v •.NT':;> ~ \ 1" T f) M o i; i T. i-: o\\ • i):.'.r 1 >.•-.•:•!• • :>i:''v r.r'' Iii-iiv .\..'.•|^- £.V>T> « .'• f F—.TOR S \LF ^ C'OL-N-TIIY 1!0MW iy.It Af I^-WIHTB ORI^iXGTOX j FOR RENT—FOR RENT 1 .0" llue.<t bum ill Attcn ' ' i o:; ?Tnv;-; \V;»;>!J. TKI/.:- ,,,.7i';-. --.-a KOOII cfSiiir an; y-.^ri .S.M.K—.\T A B.^KGAIX, MY . . - ^ . . - • >. V , n-- - - - - - . —I i>.^n.orti ••• • n:,i: bihU. •! i;;- ^--^ an i^-jnl to liv<?. .vsiucncf; at 42a South i ;r;i :iin '..r .-••ilint:, lotatc-il in tut! ; ir.,.p„ ^MJ IM;; i^Ai.r-.-'OM;: i'.KOon ^'ows w-:.. : h\iMn'c~^ iutoros ^t^.;' " ' FOR RENT—EIGHT ROOM, MOD- street. ! ern house; 516 S: Walnut. Inquire I -Mrs. Cliastain. ****** -ir •h-i"> * ^ P' f * JIOSET TO itfANl • > WW lend on hoi scboSd f<«*4s. 0 yluoa, organa. »«v:in« ifl*- • • tkUM, dlamontlSBaa Jow'-i t * jnr. cor .vFT (? • lit TNortt 8tr!;"\ « + t- * * - ^ i « Boyal Typewriter Ageoer « S Controls Bxclusiye Sale of th» • 9 3 Boyal Standard Typewrltat « S In Allen County • « E. H. Bnsslngv Age«t • * Northrnp Building loia. KasM. • £ Typewriter Bepairs and SoppUes • MOD- house Adam:j. •\VANTKi)-TO r^rNT T. ROOM modern Iwn:^.-. A'"dr^ Unx ':•>''-. WA ^TK!) -WTM-i) TO .^A'.V WITH ba«s sa-.v. I',i';!. Ko;: .-:\i.K- A (.;"Oii i <ix YKAH n.o 1 j: •.l.i ::i<.;n. J. W. i .r/y !;e.>'.t> Co., Kv;ins l!)dg, Ida. i niiil. lMr ..f (l. A line wlieat quarter. -I .t -jflv to novo on. Can deal for lola i 1 ,'>i.or;y. LAXD CO.MP.VXT. FAK3I FOR REXT—IfiO ACRK3; SO I ncres hos ffnce SO aci'es plow land; ! W^NTir.' KO\!;!ii:i;s AVO r;oo".! _-J r :i....l Wi!i rak. ..H,=l n:Uo ! ^.^'o " uu'r i J •iM.uvti.::v. (•i.!lonT;ieA!U'nC;onnty ' ^ i on shares. Cash or gram rent. Small Irv,(••- -'[^ .S. Wa.-^i-.inirton I'"'", l-'"-^-^- . ! family preferred. Wm. A. Shigley, six r v>:i )..i:.-;;i<.; -.illj-rtviN tn:n; i •• •- : miles south of La Ilarpe Kas. R. 1. ,, . :.:•:•!. \V:-.,- (U- i,iM. 1 • ACK.VTS MAKIC BIO .MOXEY SELL , . , . . 1 • :,. •;i :.r -:iil. •WANTK:I TV, II I. \ ;.•(;!•: i-i:\\\:'-y roil S ' l.r. -AT -\ llARC'.AIX. MY j inu: our line of tr;a?, corfees, spices, etc. j !\vo .Mil": :.ii,ilor-i rp:-iap!n-p. 'JlO X. Hi'.- indncoiiifnts. IJIieral terms. For; I'ci; :-• ^ ''IVK WHlTi:: OR"•V,:. n pill.I'-; one coi.k.crl!. lir. ' ';it oiiu 1 •IV. Kfusoiin for b'-ilin T<-!i!:;; or cii.-'h. .\. E. • ;i.-!<''il:i:-.s address Gran<l Union Tea f'oini-iiiy, GItt Kan-fas Ave., Topeka ' Kan- 11!?. THE ows' \m ij umh )ftK TH ' > MU: li'lVDI.TD \ t- /Clains l 'iia» 1~ tl 'c llciiird fur HIT 5'iMTlf?S1EBMHT6«SBITK! • r :i.i:;MK«:?t: OJ'TOMI MUST *lJ;n;iL'.K--, I^. s. ' Mfira!). afi'U'nc-'u fT .I:^ti. ^ iW; i:ay Ci- ITtfl. t,: Vr S >T! 1.1 l'Tl.»; J.!.!S.S. jf !.;:! .l-!n. .".nd T'lli. I-, •Ml I.f.'rfc (M'-IS 1?.!>.!.P1 liaU ,' '-'lay al f..i Jlarin- ', ^(\\ Tlnir>ii.!v. I •.' I!. ;:-3-vvry • : .1. r.A IT ^*;<•:• v.iutr a (ivt^ at • . . ."vf. II tii '-n , . " Ov'.r ii.iir ,' . ; (••: Ul' T:fn . ... ^..^.a. V ^. i. i a : i-i-..^; f'.( V J" ;:i7 !r ! 'ly < x;;i;':.::.^- .1 h:V ' '' • • '-v.ri.); ':: i-'u -'ivj : • •.: : y K. K. ir:::.'. • : d .:.;h!n:d <|ui.c u ' :. r Till' ..lur]- '. : -' ('a';;i-d on". :\n \ I liv t':r> fi:y : .• !•;'•• •• i-m: • • ::•:>- \- .•;.!!..n of ^'r. Hin.-; ' O7 IM " Irr .'V 'i-r ivas ii;\:\y j .!. '•'].•• X i;i^-:')OHT ^'liUii ; ,- -'i'liy I \r :• d ! y in-iiraiic.'. i Change in Time Januaiy 21st, 1912 On Sunday, Januaiy 21st, a nuptiber of iinjortr.nt chcin.LTCs will be made in the lirr.'j of M. K. & T. Ry. Trains. Patrons are accordingly requested to o'ijtrun advance information as to time of trains from ticket agents. The Allen County Realty Co. Muke a apeclalty of selling Allen County Farms. We alBo write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate business. We represent tbree of the best loan companies doing t>usl- ness ID Kansas, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee as cheap rates and quick service as can be had anywhere. \ The Allen County Realty Co. B. L. Tlioiupson, .Miirr. OFFICES EVA:..5 BLDO.-IOLA £ Dr. C. ». Bnsi • S DEKTIST « £ Boom ITo. ], Northmp BIdg; • £ Extraction without pain by the • use of Nitrous Oxide Oas • 3 Phone—Office 553; Res. 851. «, £ WHY iroT't • £ Have Tour Piano Tnned by u • ?5 Experienced Tuner—On* JAr- • £ Ing In your hpme town. • « T. 0. CANATSET « £ Flano Tnner and Bepafm • £ Roberts Mualc Co. Phone 411 • £ $ e « s e s « s « s a s a • • •« a F. L. D. LEAIELL, KB. « m maeases of thp Glvwl. $ « Dlaeasea ot Cfilldraa. • :B FkOBeK— U/IIce 147 { BM. 1<7, 0 rH lOLA STAT£ BAliHS: SLDO. ' <* .-•I'.ii A-:!: for p?,rticular.s to avoid getting lefL Trxe Agent w .ircii HI! •'• in- -• — V. :i: .1. ~:u\-':, _ in;.' in tl " }ici~p liou:-'"?. •-••>••• ; I,-i':! win i -'n} La JIa'[s:ir ;s m-vt >'>i'- ii. ' • < •• 1- .<:• rciai!. ;-;,.,„.,, cJny.i<i on t.,.: La liari'^: I ' •- .1 !•••••• ' ••' : , nOi '.''.i :i - ^ i;'.I.!. ! y, 4-:. j. Ti.iicit Nwi'.t to Cp.riyle i; ^witii M: i- d f,; • (;';;:-:;. •.. ; •;^'-< M. ^.^ A. y:iCi"'-'. T 'iis \v;:! c-:!iiKi ;o l^V a !• ii:' .;a- in 5i ;f :::':< .- IHma ,i . ^\1';'>'T iiV.n nll nc- (..iin: "f t • '.•..•itijcr li" v.•.•..^ j ,i >'-''r! in 'i .i 'n;- ; . r , it ! i -'ii::"d---;: i- ' iv( re II'!. :< . - Mid l:!Ty.,; V.. f- : • • t'liirc; ;ii-Vv l:;,ur«> .1 I' y-. < ; -I- K.i !f i-f.-a- \\ if!! I..1;;. .ill . I! all '. ;;jt..; mj.'ds t (ni:i> K. S. i '!:i!ii M. U . 0-!ili ^t A:r. and Vh. !. !i , "l I'Xilla, v '^': ,1 Hi'u-, .liav- 5 '!ft . .;• " ' > L K .lU.-'i-''; j .<! rryi a;;'! v 1 i.- ;.• :c' Aviirn i!i .U ;.:•;!>; s r —c tiio K )'ilit-r i":;.';>:i;i'-ii vv!:! !n' -tl -.'-^r -Viliif -ii ;-• a r. '.Kc-akir I'lr lov.n -Iho si/'-- La "ia: TIK' rt\'.;:i st tiie Cari.-- Uah cliurc'i v.:;; bi pin a;;:iln nnvt S.i:n day •iv-niiii' • iniictii )!;';<•*;n:t <-!y Mr. and Mr..;, r.i.•j'.iieri.ja cC loia, v,:l! Itad the ci'.oir. Oleararia' prifis on EnaVroi- dt;if? ai J. :'. .loan Oshf!, v\'.i;i ha? hcen ac'ing^p s-dtioD forfnii.n c:: t !:i> Katy for soir.c tJi"e. h!*-' rrj !(;::-'ii and acctiiTt-d a po- jon a'. T!;H lo.'j Portiand. lie will ^I'ove Uif fRwiiy 10 lo'a today. ~—li)o yoa \v;.n! ^ v .a 'ch iLnt kpep;- ^ good Unu-? Then ;;et one of thoro South Bends. Every one guaranteed, .i-Waters & Danforth, Drugs and Je-»- velry. ( ; .The examinations are beias held in 1- tl»e schools this-week to determine tieib half-j-var promotions. The stu- I .'depts now realize that It pays to get good Cally grades. Those. who-.iiiTe i.. '" ;!iir v\iirk Kaii• V r, d ••r. • •; r -.;..I. : • •: \. .••\v:,r ar:d fa" ''v ; • • ,:• • i :• V-i!-:... I'i . • . • ... ' I-'-t .-I' •^a:»(..,l at'.v •,'••<>. .; r,:;.t>.i ,• i- in \\\ '•iMiMi of a >Iu)i. \i'';if('iill;. ;i loriimjcr, in a:i .l-i i'"- i^' T .(.iii>-. .Ta-i. V •.T !if> li. - - "••'dy (if .1 lira '.>'a.> '•••ini\ \v. :\f :>.-.'i ;> ill I'." r'.ar 01' a .Voriii Xintii ;r ">f l .osist- liy a p -i'-'•:ria:i this * .iiuii'i- (•vi.'iciu'i;!?: ;i da .'k jirird r iryyt rv. Tiie >"-iy ws s-i!| r. :ii ni. ;;-3vy detect ivii d.-t.uil v.--^ jiu? cr. 1! I- C.TSP.' Ti:" r '-T'Bi '.nrtippearanf'' of ihi> Tor- Ff> and olcfhins indirriLid t!::it (!•» n-irdf-rod man vaj? of forii.?:i f>iri:".. Tin- Fcene "was in llie heart of what '.<! cvll >'d "The -.U Hand District." T). V J ^ody >va.s lird !j"t«xv-ij a K.Tf)ket Mid a Ditit 'ress v.-ith a ctothes Une. T ':e kae*s vere •nhere the chin slould he and the b:;nds wer^ nnder (he k-iees. The corpse appeared as if ihe head had been cut oft after the h'-ad had been tied. y PCLES CUBED JlTi pEt TO M llAYS. : !.. : .-Irt'-rr.c-ii; for a i' ••. V ..r. .-; \--^.i-."ny. IMI ! a'"'-';,;,, :ujr] ^U?;. I'livc- Wiiiiiin.- •; '• .-l : l;l i.-.l^.i-H V.r.l' y.'.^< Ui>." frolic aliil Lei.'; I'.'-nnKtt •• S- •»• '•!• • V i.i.r.''!'-' puin.i •• -d ;hi. !< -fiM-o .'i.'iir:'.. nuiultor in 1^ <••.'.; I' !; t'-n. .- id r : M.- r. .n sc la , !. - '.1.;'i!iri'-r. ' ' . •• '!;'< r; v.. • i;. -1 '.1'."n'' Tl-; • .1. \V. 1 i K -.-irin-^ v.'l;n i' vi-iiilic; in •I y ;o.v --.-arc r -il ti . M . i- ,i\..r y..:'t"r Iny '.-.lilii:;; on ( :)•', t'.t i<'a>t tiiat i- •:',id I '.'.al -^.w ' d 'rl trictrl, !•'. (>. i;ii>--ril. tiiid vi.sitirijc . . • •! . v .M,: i'i V. Ihnit'T V alii- nnuin, Kr"d I 'urt. .Mr. lliiL 'i-'ias ,. '. '.i.f Td-.'' i.f rr .-i.-.'^ \\<: • -.-ir ; ... iii Icav.' 'iii'icrrov tnr :, Ti-v'•.'< '.. -'.,i-'".:y 1 '!>• < ]. a:...-, . M.I. i't; -' wir It v.;;t'T i .- I.lii,' t.i'ni/ Itl t '':i' 'i<...(v. I'.!, '^lii'VlllL'. •!.. v.. t.i off at tan ; .IHV .lAV ITS.VIMiV Hl-Al). .: .111';.:w 'I 'll a llror! r ,rii- ; ~~> I .IV -I I • '11, .11'. I 1 <• v,.i tiir<-< I ^V((l hlioHii - oi a II Ii; '.'la:,: I '.n .u \ iMin-ns (.'ilt. t 'l- ritsl t. I-;.. ' ,. I \.iiis-;is f ity Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock,' and Saturday afternoon. VD.^HSSIO.X Evinlmr lOc ."Jkntcs 13c' Afteniiioiis .'ic Skates 10c t'lilitii-Utii i't •,Vi I Ti..' (!C;vii .siClob--(•••- .1. „, Jif.T;;.. .Jo'iii .lay l-'raiin y "(..n d Muld. ttly of h-avt dj at Dr. iiitlfV priv.!!" ;f .ill!!. Fotirth and Eaiift;;! axiHii'. ..l^•l liJSht, waa! ' \y I 'V.W .ar- r.f .'.r'lC.o! v.rr 1;: i .i '-. It". ;'.K i :v.!'" nr vt 'Tar....iriv. \ Tiiraia-r T .ita Itfr*' .•.•'.nd.'d tl-.o •irty '.'nriirM J-.xf-" In i.da M=< oven- 1 ;:^;;/„-V;";vrry ^IfM. Vl worker In I rnd v.rro ,.:.>a-d wttl, t!.-, v.-v"„doU. rnuntf and probably t.,' ,ir(..iv 'i 'i'n, ' • . .. . 1 .!?;.>ariy rv,;ry Deworr;jt in the Second j The fir? l<= wi'l nirret this even-1'priVgarfs race for Conj-Ttss against jf. S. Guyer. But only Judge Frai- I n.^y's most iniimato fi^c-nds knew that h? was one of the ablest Shakespearean scholars In this country. He knew by memory every line p. rhaps of the I Merchant of Venice, Ktug Richard III, (Hamlet. Macbeth and Othello. Hfii Springs, Ark,' Round Trip Tickets. loin, to Rot Sprlnss. Ark., with retnm Kn'.it of ihree. months from date Of Sale, wUh'etdp-bvor prlvJlegea going and return-on sale^ every day !n the yenrj for ' $18.60 i-Tlie one wajr far«-lB lia^l. ••• ; .p. E. Mi[ij >n Ceueo of th« Quiotneaa. "Tliat new cook I sivurtO Is certainly Qiiiet." «uid "Mr. Duldjs hai)pllx "OneVou^d levfr;kuowube is about the place." "SI]« Isa't.'^ cbiine ^.lB ^is,'Dnbba.: FOR \$ ALE! 00 HEAD nOKSES and MITLES I have Just shipped in 25 head' from Coffey Co.—some wean- ioK'mare mul^ colts, soma yearling marc.mules. One pair of mulee five and six years old,, weight 2500 lbs. One pair of^ ipares six and seven years oId,~ weight 2500 lbs. Several other> mules In 'the bunch. They are all well broke. Several head oft ^ hordes and mares, all youn^ and gfood t^rm. stOKck/ aome: aUi-i gio drivers, city brok«. .• Adyone wanting -to buy, sell «r oxcbange, see me at oncost •..?•:-.>-•.t'.-j Jola; Hone and Ifuter^liarkct 01 K 30 BAY BARG.IIX. We hiive a fine tract of grazing and i:nl;er land in. Eastern OklahoJha, to .\<iian,?e for a well located modern itr.Hse in lola; 480 acres at J5.00 per icre, S2400. Land clear and good title. Anything offered must be clear. Here is a chance to double your money n two or three years. Mhitakcr & Dounell, Tola, Eans. I AlOr LOANS! CBEAP MOXEYI . We represent one of the best Farm Loan Companies doing business ini the State of Kansas. We can loan on Tarms anywhere In Eastern or Central Kansas. Our rates are the low- i :st ar>d our term.; are the best Call or write us when in need of a farm loan. Phone 97. i TJiE PKTERSOX LAMI COJIPANY Old Court House Bldg. .nO .MCV TO 1,0 OS FARJIS! S F.I If y.iti .are wantinR, n,' Farm Loan Jul II.(J 1, !i yciii about iiiy.terms dnd ra'c.v 1 haudle private and Eastern luoiiey. C. 0. BOLLI>'«EB lola,. Kuns. PBI.VTBR'S ODDS ANU ENDS SALE! Tlio Bc ^Mtcr luu in stock alMot 81100. odds and cuds Statcmonti. To rleun op our stock room we will priot and iub in uOO lots for....9UK) Larfrer qnantips at still less rate. t 7000 Fay EUTC lopes, beavy Manila* giBBnied, etCi^ not priutedl per ttaons-' and [ $iM 'Odds and ends of Milk Tickets—any colonH-per hundred, printed, whllr tier last __60* Ko. 6 Slilpping Tas Envelopes, to^'ose as u sitipplng tag witlt l>Ui Bfided on Inside 50r • MO Envelopeg, patent card clasp— at ——: •„•- ^-„u—6»c >,'• 1000 dark, blue ruled Letter Heads, printed ^ J $UM t 790 >'o. 69i odds and ends Envel* ape's, soine-lliieii,.etc, printed_81.00 . Spme Card Board and heavy Cover Fairer at almost yonr owd price. TSE miGISTEB PUBLIfraUrG CO. I ea ana Conee. • The peofilH of tfii^ Dultetl States nse more ciifrv'o i er iadiylOual than those of ;:a.r ullier ro^mry e-fepUbe Netbt et(aEils_ .-i^^.-} I* lUf- fourth 111 ratik.In * • * Beol Estate and IltMtMk H * AtlCZIOKESB » * Satlafactlon guoranteedWlrvor-M •> phone '^^^^^^^^^l^^l" 2 * latMCcater Over Coa. Baak « * 1 ^ PHILLIP HEIGELl I ] <§. 110% South St <|. KABNESS AND ^IDDEXBY ',, •I* Ctesend Bepalring, All Klaii i i ***************** * « * MONEY TO lOAK « * on all kinds of household goods * * or Jewelry—anything of value. • BigUB Pawn Shop, East Sid« • * Square Office in Fruit Store. * * AU transactions strictly conl- • •> denUaL i • * • ************** *>'**^ £ Office Bes. 9 $ Fhone 185. Fhone 18S-T. 9 « DB. J. G, TFALKEB. 9 « Kress Bldg. 9 ^5 Successor to Dr. S..A. Colfmaa 9 'Si Special attention to Obstotrics 9 and Disease of Children. 9 « $-2 $ 9 £ $ 9 $ 9 9 9 9 9 9 C 9 lOLA R. R.TIME TABLES 1. T. A 8. F. BAILTT AT V South Bound. ^o. 201—Dally Paaaenser :. .l-.DKp. l« No. 203—Dally Funenser ..I :ttK .a^ Na 207—DaUy (exavpt Sunday) Faaaa- ' f er ,. S:SO;p. Ob 15—DaUy fexcept Sunday) Wmy Freight Arrive 12:01 p. m. De* port 1:0S p. m. North Bound. • ' No. 202—Dally Famenger >:SS p. m. No. 204—Daily Fasaeager. 2:20 a. m. Ko. 208—DaUy (except Sunday) Fauen- ger «:SOa.m, No. 216—DaUy (except Sunday) Way Freight Arrive 11:16 a. m. D*part .' w... 12:01 p. n. Missouri Pacific B. B. _ , Weit Bound.' 'daily ex. Sun) Iv. t:4S p. to. Freight*—West Bound. !)1—Local fdally ex. Sun) Iv.... <51—Colo. Red Ball (dally) |v.. .8;S8 p. Bu Freight*—East Bound. 158—Red Ban (daUy) ar. 1:10 a. ao. 493—Xocal (dany ex. Sun) ar.....COD a. in. Passenger*—West Bound. _ . . (07—Kansas CJUy-Tatea Center Malt anfl Rxpress (dafly) Iv....,.....*:*? p. m. 409—at Lonls-Wehlta Mafl and Eiprees (dalljr) Iv....... 8-JS a. m. Passenoera—East Bound: • 410—St LouIs-Kansaa.Clty UaB.and Bl:33 (dany) ar. .7:17 p._m» ^ „ liOuIs-Kiansaa Qty Uafljand XK- preaa (daUy) ar. ...feSS^a. in. M. I. * T. BAILTflT ^ • i •- '\ South Bound. •No. 671—Way Freight (daUy .meMt^ Sunday) *:•£••'''"* No.75-Mlxed (dany) No. 7»—Faaaenger (dally) l|:l»p.m- No. 25-^FJyerTda5ly)_... .North Bound. -..^ No. 24—Paaaenger jaafly) •-. .. .I'S tto. 7e— aaxettTdaAr). 3i-Si^'*i??.^2*'- •Na 5T«-Way Freight. («afly,.eaBBei*; Sunday) •wi tra wtn oaitT .^..]2:l>p..a.

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