Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1974 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 1, 1974
Page 12
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Page Twelve HOPE (ARK.) STAR Friday, November 1, 1974 Dianne Croom is 1975 Junior Miss As one Junior Miss to another.*. Dianne Croom of Hope, daughter of Mrs. Ellen Croom, was a contestant in the Achievement District Junior Miss Pageant in Arkadelphia Tuesday, October 29. The pageant—sponsored by Heart & Key, an honorary service organization at Henderson State College—is an official preliminary for the Arkansas Junior Miss Scholarship Pageant held in Little Rock each year during December to honor Arkansas outstanding seniors. Dianne was selected Hope Junior Miss for 1975. In addition, she was awarded a trophy and roses after being chosen "Miss Personality" by the other contestants in the pageant. The third honor bestowed upon Hope's new Junior Miss was an "Achievement Award" plaque for outstanding service and leadership in Hope High School and the community. Dianne has been selected to appear in Who's Who in American High Schools, a publication to recognize outstanding students. She currently is a representative on the Student Council, a member of the Beta Club, Nike Club, F.H.A. and N.H.S. She was chairman of the Homecoming Dance and the Junior Senior Prom last year. Dianne also is president of the Hope Leo Club, a youth service organization sponsored by the Lions Club. Deputy kills himself beside wife's grave EL DORADO, Ark. (AP) — Deputy Sheriff Jerry Ibert, 54, of El Dorado, Ark., paced back and forth beside his wife's grave at the Choudrant, La., cemetery for almost four hours Thursday, then he killed himself. A .38-caliber revolver was found beside Ibert's body. The Lincoln Parish sheriff's KKK's first bid for the presidency comes from Dale Reused, 35, of Lodi, Ohio, and Grand Dragon of that state's Ku KIux Klan chapter. Reusch won the KKK's nomination for the 1976 presidential race at the Klan's annual convention held at Stone Mountain, Ga. office in Louisiana confirmed that the shooting was suicide. A spokesman for Young's Funeral Service of El Dorado said Thursday night he would have to confer with Ibert's children, but that he thought Ibert also would be buried at Choudrant. Funeral arrangements were incomplete. Ibert, a Democrat and a former game warden, had been considered by some to be the leading contender in the five- man race for Union County judge this year until he withdrew a few weeks before the preferential primary. When he withdrew, he said he could not hold public office because of his wife's death on Feb. 20. She reportedly died of cancer. Sheriff H. H. "Homer" Pirtle of Union County said a woman who lives near the cemetery first saw Ibert walking beside Mrs. Ibert's grave at 11 a.m. At 2:45 p.m., Pirtle said, the woman heard the fatal gunshot. Among Ibert's survivors are two sons and a daughter, Ibert was a former game warden. Storm damages .1 Bradley school Ford's anti-inflation program bogs down MONA ROWE, first runner-up in the 1974 Arkansas Junior Miss Pageant, congratulates —Photo by Ellen Croom with Star camera Dianne Croom on her selection as Hope's Junior Miss for 1975. Simon says administration is ready to battle the middleman BRADLEY, Ark. (AP) — Classes were dismissed at Bradley Elementary School after high winds blew the roof off one section of the school Thursday. No injury was reported. A school spokesman said damage appeared minor. By BRIAN B. KING Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Agriculture Secretary Earl L. Butz has opened a food conference by telling participants not "to flail the middleman," while a fellow Cabinet officer was announcing administration intent to probe that segment of the food industry. Butz issued his plea as he opened the conference on food productivity, costs and prices Thursday. Elsewhere .in Washington, However, Treasury Secretary William E. Simon was saying the administration was ready to battle the food industry middleman, including refiners, canners and the packaging and transportation industries. "With times as difficult as they are, we cannot permit one segment of the economy to reap unjust enrichment at the expense of everyone else," Simon said in discussing the administration plans at a National Press Club luncheon. Simon said he was concerned that farm prices have been falling generally while consumer food prices have been increasing. He said the administration's efforts will begin with the sugar industry and that he had ordered public hearings on sugar prices by the Council of Wage and Price Stability. Simon said that all facets of the sugar industry will be looked at, including the price of raw sugar as it compares with the refined product, and he — . .„.-, , .,. *•....... A .. - * • said: "When we get all the facts, we will take whatever action is warranted." Meanwhile, President Ford reassured farmers that he would not allow foreign imports to further deteriorate their economic base. Speaking in Sioux Cityn Iowa, Ford promised to impose meat import quotas or negotiate voluntary export restraints if meat imports threatened to exceed a certain level. He also pledged not to change the dairy import quota system without a thorough review of market conditions and listening to dairy producers. The President also said he would ask Butz to consider increasing government purchases of beef for the school lunch program. The food conference began five days before congressional elections in which food prices are a major issue and as an increase in raw farm prices was announced. The Agriculture Department reported a 4 per cent" Increase in farm prices from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. Higher prices for wheat, corn, hogs, soybeans and cotton were mostly responsible for the increase. There were these other economic developments: —Despite President Ford's appeal to cut back spending to fight inflation, sales reported by the nation's leading discout and department stores were up as much as 21 percent in October over a year ago. And the government reported all retail sales for the last week in October rose 8 percent above last year. —The Civil Aeronautics Board approved a 4 per cent increase in fares for passengers flying within the mainland United States, effective Nov. 15. —.ford announced he is deferring the expenditure of nearly $82 million in public works and water and power development projects as an anti-inflation measure. Mills endorsed LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Rep. Wilbur D. Mills' re-election bid has the endorsement of county elected officers in all nine counties of the 2nd District. The counties were White, Cleburne, Conway, Faulkner, Pulaski, Saline, Arkansas, Prairie and Lonoke. Mills, D-Ark., is opposed by Republican Judy Petty of Little Rock. —Be a courteous driver. U. S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE STATISTICAL_»EPORTING SERVICE U. S. DEPARTMENT OK COMMERCE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE U. OF A. COLLEGE OF AGRICUI/T AGRI. ECONOMICS & RURAL SOCIOLOGY For Week Ending October 27, 1974 ARKANS COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE Tor Immediate Release Little Rock. Arkansas ARKANSAS WEEKLY WEATHER AND CROP BULLETIN Warm, cunny days accelerated the pace of harvesting operations throughout the State according to the Arkansas Crop and Livestock Reporting Service. Soil moisture was adequate, except in some north central counties. Cotton: Cotton was opening at a faster rate, particularly the bottom crop. The middle and top bolls were opening sore slowly. A late frost is needed to allow enough time for the top bolls to nature. Defoliating continues on late fi«ld«. Many fields were harvested the first tine. Some farmers were shredding stalks in harvested fields. Gins were keeping up with the work load. About 30 percent of the crop was picked compared with over 45 percent a year ago. Seventy percent of the bolls were open compared with almost 90 percent in 1973. W.CI5: Rice combining continued at a fast rate with 90 percent of the crop harvested. Only a few late fields remain to be harvested, but these are maturing very slowly. Soybeans; Harvest was progressing at a rapid rate. Beans were small, but yield* better than expected. A heavy frost in the Northern part of the State should hasten maturity, but some freeze damage was also sustained. Most plants loat leaves, and harvest continued as the beans dried. Mid-season varieties were being harvested as over 20 perc«ot of the crop was combined, nearly the d«3se «a last year. Small Grains; Wheat was being seeded in harvested soybean and rice fields. Early plantings of oats and wheat were up to good stands. Some of the recent plantings on heavy land needed rain for good germination. Cora and Sorgtu sorghua combined. Harvest continued with about 80 percent of the grain Hay and Pasture; Hay cutting was virtually complete. Wana season grass stopped growing. Some milo was cut for hay. Pasture was providing adequate forage. Livestock: Cattle were making good gains. The fly season was about ended. Herds should be in excellent condition for winter. Mean temperatures ranged from the upper 50's to the low 60's across the State with departures fro» normal varying from -3 to +3°. Warming over most of the State early la the week, followed by brief cooling late in the week., and warning again on Che weekend. Highest temperature recorded, 82°, occurred at Clarendon aad Sot Springs on the 26th and the lowest, 29°, at Batesvilie aad Gilbert on Che 22nd. Very dry conditions prevailed over most of the State. The largest rainfall totals ware only 0.05 inch. These occurred at Fayetteville sad Clerksvilie oo th* weekend. WASHINGTON (AP) Three weeks after it was proposed, President Ford's anti-inflation program is bogged down in public controversy over whether its costs will outweigh its benefits. Although Ford said his program was a "grand design" that should be considered as a package, it appears the proposals requiring congressional approval will be voted on only in bits and pieces, if at all. The only one of Ford's major proposals to have cleared Congress so far is his program to make more than $7 billion available to the housing industry to help lower home mortgage interest rates. Two other major features of the Ford package, budget reductions and a 5 per cent surtax on a single taxpayer's income over $7,500 or family income above $15,000, have gone nowhere. Both have aroused fears in Congress they would worsen the nation's current economic decline. Ford's chief economic spokesman, Treasury Secretary William E. Simon, has changed his tactics slightly in defending the Ford program. He's been saying in recent speeches that the program will deal with the economic downturn at the same tune it works to restrain rampant inflation. And in a speech to the National Press Club Thursday, Simon even said the program 'will preserve the free enterprise system that I believe is essential to our future growth." But while the administration still is pushing hard publicly, some key administration economists beb'eve there won't be any surtax unless the income level is raised, possibly as high as $25,000 for a family. But even a seemingly non- controversial Ford proposal to issue special citations to business and labor unions that show restraint in wage and price behavior has run into trouble. Arch Booth, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, refused recently to support the plan and walked out of a meeting of the President's Citizens' Action Committee to Fight Inflation, of which he is a member. What's more, some administration economists concede there are contradictions in some aspects of the program, including suggestions by Ford that the government might consider issuing special so-called WIN bonds that would bear a higher, interest rate than savings bonds One Treasury economist, who did not want to be quoted by name, also said it was unfortunate that some of Ford's remarks have been interpreted as encouraging Americans to spend less and save more, since reduced spending on top of already declining retail sales could only hurt the economy more. But in his Oct. 14 Kansas City speech, Ford did urge that Americans balance their family budgets, postpone unnecessary borrowing, and save as much money as they can — all steps that could lead to lower consumer spending. Other major Ford proposals and their status are as follows: —His proposal for Congress to set a $300-biIU6n budget ceiling for the 1975 fiscal year has passed the House, but not the Senate. —The list of $5 billion in budget cuts he has been promising to send to Congress since he took office now is scheduled to go to Capitol Hill after the Nov. 5 elections. —A public service employment program to spend up to $2.3 billion on increased jobs and unemployment benefits to confront rising unemployment has not been acted on. —There likewise has been no action on his proposals for a 5 per cent surtax on corporate income or on a plan to encourage new business investments by raising the investment tax credit to 10 per cent. —There has been no action on a proposal to allow tax deductions for dividends paid on preferred stock, which is a move aimed at helping public utilities raise capital. —A modest tax relief program for low-income groups, .which is supported by Ford and which already was under consideration by the House Ways and Means Committee as part of a tax reform package, may be reported out of committee after the election. —On the voluntary level, the citizens' committee that is helping with this program expects to begin sending the first of an expected 140,000 so-called WIN buttons by the middle of next week to persons who have mailed in pledges to help to control inflation. In addition to these, Simon indicated in a television interview Thursday night that if the President's plan to reduce oil imports by one million barrels a day by the end of next year through voluntary efforts doesn't begin to show results within the next three months, then some mandatory reductions may be imposed. Trial lawyers watching Nixon medical reports By MIKE SHANAHAN Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) -Lawyers in the Watergate cover-up trial are watching medical reports on Richard M. Nixon because the former president's health may decide whether he will appear as a witness. With Jeb Stuart Magruder scheduled to take the stand for his third day of cross-examination today, lawyers familiar with the case say there already have been serious discussions about moving the trial to California for Nixon's testimony if he is too ill to travel to Washington. Another possibility is a direct television link from California to U.S. District Judge John J. Sirica's courtroom in Washington. Nixon would testify either from a hospital bed or his San Clemente, Calif., estate. lawyers at the trial emphasized, however, that Sirica has given no indication how he might get Nixon's testimony before the jury if, by the time he is called, the former president's health has not improved significantly. Nixon, operated on Tuesday night for phlebitis, remained in critical condition Thursday night from complications. Doctors said, however, he was improving. Nixon has been subpoenaed by defendant John D. Ehrlichman, whose lawyers say Nixon's account is vital if their client is to receive a fair trial. Sirica already has indicated he will appoint a team of three doctors to examine Nixon. If they recommend that Nixon not be required to testify, defense sources indicate Ehriichnian is likely to renew his requests for a separate trial, pending an improvement in Nixon's health. Another complication still unknown to the jury is the impact of the illness of David Bress, the attorney for defendant Robert C. Mardian. Bress reportedly was examined at a hospital Thursday and one defense lawyer said he "has a serious problem." The same defense lawyer said Bress' assistant, Thomas C. Green, has requested that Sirica order a separate trial for Mardian on grounds that Bress' illness will keep the former assistant attorney general from receiving the full legal representation to which he is en- titled. Because of a gag order imposed by Sirica on defense and prosecution lawyers, none of them would describe Bress illness in detail or confirm publicly that a separate traial had been requested. One lawyer said the question of Mardian's possible separate trial probably would be decided by Sirica today or Friday. Magruder described on Thursday how defendant John N. Mitchell gave his reluctant and unenthusiastic approval to a $250,000 intelligence plan that ended up as the Watergate burglary. Mitchell's lawyer, Plato Cacheris, sought to demon- strate that Magruder and former White House Counsel John W. Dean III devised the Watergate cover-up and in the end sought to save themselves from going to jail. Magruder willingly admitted to searching out a way to fabricate a believable story to make a Watergate grand jury ANNUAL CAVE EVENT STANTON, Mo. (AP) - An annual fall event at Meramec , Caverns here is a Festival of Gospel Songs, featuring some of the top gospel singing groups in the country. In charge of the arrangements is the Lester Family. Community gospel singing is also held during the event. believe that no one in authority at Nixon's re-election committee or the White House had given advance approval to the break-in at Democratic National Committee headquarters. Magruder formerly deputy director of the re-election committee, is serving a 10-month to four-year prison term for his part in the cover-up. After Magruder, the prosecution plans to call as its fourth -witness Robert Reisner, Magruder's assistant at the re-election committee. Prosecutors say they will spend the early part of next week laving the groundwork for 21 White House tapes which they plan to introduce. LET'S SAVE THE 2 PARTY SYSTEM IN ARKANSAS This is essential to good government. We do not want to go back to the old "One Party" domination. This leads to graft and corruption. VOTE FOR THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES ON NOV 5th John Harris Jones For U.S. Senator Ken Coon For Governor Leona Troxell For U. Governor Pd. for by Hempstead County Republican Women's C.ub.

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