Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 7
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THE XOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRmAY EVENING, JANUARY 19,1912. Ttewn of Carlyle Scliool Ulstrlcl ,No. ^ I for month euding .lun. r., I'Jlt . Nameri of tboae neltliKr abstain nor , V tardy:' Everett Davis, Frank and Ar - thur dhambers, Cdmond nnd Ht-rsche) Feebaek', Golda and EniOKPne AlcCUn- > tock Charley ilartin, Fred and Floyd Wllsptt, Mary and Albert Ulckerson Mack Percy, Marie Sniltli, Martha Gilkeson and Ethel, Gladys and Mabel Wtagler. Number enrolled 20; average daily attendance 19%. Cases of tardiness, 0. Honor Roll—Grades C, 7, S, 9, Mack Percy,! iiary Dlckerson, Frank Cham bers. Oolda and Kiuogcne McClintocl and Marie Smith. Grades I, 2, 3 and 4, Albert Dicker.son Martha Gilkeson EttieU Gladys and Malifl Wingler Floyd and Fred Wilson, Arthur Cham ^bers and Edmond and Jlerscliol Feeback. Visitors: Mrs. J. n. CliriFtian, Mr and Mrs. Robert McClintook and I.ur- ton, Roy Vezle, Glenn Dickerson, Mrs Harbison and Mabel Tronary. Owing to the fact (hat W. i;vans at tended his first term of scliool in tlii; district and also to thi> fact t'lat in has filled nearly two luiiidn -d oidiT! for library books for saitl di .strid. h» endowed the library wiili li-ii voliimet- of history. • "In His Steps," •".Nnnf of Avonlea,' "Keeping Up with l.iz/.i.!." and severai other'volumes have bwu adilrd to oui list this month. Miss Olive Vezift, a roriiier jmpl and teacher of this school, liut now ii teacher in the Severam-e high sdioo; Was home for the holidays. Miss Yula Powell, of Bendina, alsi ^. a teacher spent several days during vacation at the Vezie ramli. Marie Smith spent her va<atioi •with her parents in CariicniiT Hist ; rict.nnd Everett Davis willi liis par. ,eots In I Ola. We are sorry to rernrd so iii:in.> " S^ck^people In the district. Mis. Ma . ry Gilkeuon has been a "slint -in" loi ' Bonio, time. Mrs. Feelmck mid lii-i mother have been under ilie dociorV care the past week. Mrs. J. n. Christian has been llglil- Ing an attack of the grippe. - Mr. Newton Martin, ot Western - Kansas, is visiting his parents, .Mr and Mrs. A. I. Martin. Mr .and Mrs. C. L. Sutherland entertained some of our jiatroiis (!iirist- hias Day. Mrs. J. B. diristian and Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Dickerson extended the hospitality and cheer of th «'ir hoiiie .tr Mr. and Mrs. Peroy, Mr an<I Mrs. T M. Vezie and C. E. Sawyer and family. December 27th. We are planning for Visitors" Day January 31st v rRAIRFE DELL. _ Jan. 17.—Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Raker -have returned from a visit with relatives In Ohio and Iowa. Mr. and Mrs. aVntine are visiting the latter's mother, Mrs. IJartli. - Little Hazel Baker who has been real sick is better. Miss Elsie Murphy and Noll Tluff- -man called at Dan Baker's last Thursday. Mrs. Mamie Sullivan visited with Mrs. Moore recently. This cold weather is causing quite a lot of colds and lagrippe. Mr. Barnett is staying with his .daughter Mrs. Sullivan, at present. On account of the gas freezins^ up .-our teacher had to burn wood yesterday. Mrs. Parrish is reported quite sick with pneumonia. Her daughter from Gas City, is caring for her. Mr. and Mrs. Weaver are moving to - Petrolia. Mr. Allison had the mi.=fortune lo freeze his face and ears while returning from work at the plant this week. The Allison children'visited eGorgia _ and Willie Baker last Sunday. The McClelland brothers are hauling hay to town while tlie price is good. Mr. Murphy delivered dre ';?eil liog.'' to L. E. Foster. In lola, Tuesday. '• Mrs. JJiy, wlio has been Imik lire on bdsinesa, has gone to her lioiuc In Tennessee. Bert Baker lost a fat liog I .-i.-^t week. Several here are losing their hogs, as Atr, Moore lost four recently. I-- Miss Elsie Murphy visited Georgie fiherrlll one day this week. went to lola '.hink it quite approjirlate during this weather. .Mr G. A. ('liitwood Saturday. Several of the men from lliis neighborhood heliied C O.K Brothers of Uay- ird, put up ice last week. Wesley Chapel Sunday school iield its anntial election of officers Sunday ifternoon. M|ss Jessie Daugherty was .'lected superintendent Mrs. Jess Huff ( man, assistant superintendent, .MissI Vera Olmstead, secretary, and -Miss Marie Higglns, organist. Mr E. M. Hosley went to lola Tuesday. The pupils of the Rising Star school ook the bi-monthly e.xaminaiion ipies ,:;ons which were sent out by the su- \)erintendent, Mrs. Myler, Thuisiluy md Friday. Tliosc who were not absent the lost month were: l !is .-ie .McCoy, Clialiner Hosley Cliarlcs Ilos- ey, Clyde Wynn, iCdward P« < ry jiadys Dauglierly llarry Young, How ird Hosley, Iva -McCoy, Lulu Snyder >tary Ho.sley Heua Dauglieiiy, Koliliie )auglierty, Ituth .McCoy Vir.u;ie l):ii.gii ?rty, Heli-n .lack.son. Ruby Wynn and dyrlen Yoiin .i;. •Mr. and .Mrs. \. J. Sprini,'slon >\>'Ui iunday at 11. i.. Suydel's. STAIJ lUSTKKT. Jan. K. - .Allxri I 'l -ar.-^on will oii ii- ly tho A. I,. KiMi 'ison pl;!ii' in Hie .priiig -Mr. IO IIHTSOII liiiviiig sulii lo iolin TuMUT fii Colony, wlio will i nn- .ert it into a .--lock lariii wliicii lie md A. Pearson «ill jointly inndiHl. .Mr. Harbi >oii will move to ih ^teeJMian phUf. soon lo he V;IC;I I IM | liy troiiillette'.s. During tin* cold snap llic I In riiiMin- 'ler rcj ^istcrcd JiJ d <-;;rc( s lichiw id 'ololiy. U. I lit kelson. A. I,. l-;t 'iers "n .Mini S lickeiMHi hiined the mid ami ili.ive (I Cciloiiy Saturday. .Mheii l 'i :uson and iMMiily i| vltll till' l.'illlilles III' Slepheil liliil •ii;is Miekeison Sunday. ('. I.. Dli'kerson is hauling iii'i U nun lola lor n. cistern which he . .\ lecis lo liiillil this siiring. Iti 'i .-iiisri ,,|- (iio inclement wiMilier lews is scarce, every one keepiiif-. as lose til tlie lire as their "cliores" •.vlil leriiill. ,\ few people who either dill not lave vegelaliies biiiieil deep elioiii ;li ir had cold cellars, lust the upper ayer during ihe cold snap. Fruit growers say there will be few any )ieaches, plums and ajiri .ois his ye ;ir. Fred nines, of I'airview distiict. iiade ids usual Sunday \i.-il ;l A. Varson's. .\eaily every one in our m i;;li'ior- u>oiI is siifleiing with a liad colil. ICgss are up, but our !iiiis are ua a strike. We exiend oongralulalions to Mr Wi\ Mrs. I>. I). Spicer of Ceiieva :ind wish llieiii a long and lia )ipy life. S. .M. Dickerson called I>. .1. Powell 's Mond;:y. Having finished our inventory, we find lots of odds and ends of merchandise on hand—and in . i>rder to dispose of them we will for the next l&^ays inaugurate an DD^EN DURING TfflS SALE ALL GOODS WILL BE SOLD REGARDLESS OF COST! We quote below a few items and prices from our immense stock. Notice prices in our windows f Thoi ip- ' Ciinpel PRAIRIE ROSE, r - Jan. Vf. —There Is not much doing In the way of news, this cold weather. Mr and Mrs. Chas. Miller are spend Ing the winter with their son T. O. Tiiller Kenneth and Mary Rogers have been having the chicken pox. ' Mrs. Emma McFarland spent Wed- ~Tiesday with Mrs. Vara Rogers. Mrs. Lena Miller and Mrs. Fannie vWood are spending today -with their parents Mr. and Mrs. I.aui. George Harclerode is here from Mon tana visiting his brother. Joe. and oth- 1 cr relatives. It is iiis first vi.~ii home lor more than twenty years. Rev. Miles filled hi.s apiiointments ~ out this way Sunday although the snow drifts were bad in son;e jilaees. - J. W. McFarland, L. D. and J. A. Mattock attended the Sullivan sale |— Wednesday and took dinner at R. U. Rogers. Lewis Johnson and family moved to Moran Tuesday. Elmer Miller and family spent Sunday at T. O. Miller 's. WESf.EY <ir \PKL. Jan. 17.—.Arthur and (;ien Kon alicnileil services at tin Sunday. . Kninui Danglierfy rnTiie home f;oTi Moran Wednesday a^; she did not hive to take examinations, and returned Sunday. .Mrs. I,o\i' and daughter Myrtle ;if- tended services at the Chapel Snndiiy. Also .Mrs. .V.-ison •\Vallis and slsler, Klva .Matthews. .Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Higgins visited at .Mrs. i!iisloy's near Lalliupe, Tiiesdyy. Mrs. Fred O'.mstead has the syiiuia- lliy of a Lost n{ friends in her ^e- re:iveinent. Hie Jos'? of liir brotlii-r. The Ladies' .\:d 'will serve liir.rli at Mr. Shields' sale, Tuesday, .laii- uary 2?.r(i. I.ehi Hunting and Fred P.nul sp<nt Sii'idiiy eve ;it Mr. IHinling's. Little I .ee Slickly is on tho nl.k list this Week. The T.iiilils' Aid soiielv meets today MVedneMlay I with .Mrs Robert Il:iiii;herly. Siiiiilny nfteriicf'n w;is olertlon "f 'Sunday Sclionl oflicers for this ve: r Ttie following nflieer.15 were elect-tl .Miss Jessie Diiiicherfy, sup^rintimlout: Mrs. I'volyn Huffman, assislat i: Miss Vera Oliiisterid. serretary: M^.' Marie Hlecins. orc.-inist. The tcnli ers will be appointrd next Sunday Kpworth League oflicers were to I • elected S'lnday iiieht. but we I K'V. not been able to le:irn who they win Men's good heavy Wool- Cassiniere Suits— worth $7.50; now .'^l.y-'i Men's Heavy Beaver Overcoats— worth $7.50; now ..$1.85 Men's Worsted or Serge Suit.s— worth $10.00; now .'i>().95 Men's 52 inch Overcoats or Cravenettc-;— worth $15.00; now $9..S5 Boys' KniektM-Iidckcr Suit.s— ' worth S;2.5(j; now Hoys' Heavy 0\"crc (i :tls— wortli $l.'tf'; iiKVv' Men's Heavy I'IHIITVcar— worth ^>Uc: now ...... FhmncrSiiiii:™ ivlcn's ....... SI.r, .1 T p.'.'^ P;inls. Cassinieri' or Wor.sted— u^irili .S2.00; now 81.45 S:^.'^5 !;•.. Mriici'.ci-iioclccr .i 'aiiLs— worth ;")(,•(:; now . ..'].)C :;.H- a\ V Caiitoii {•'ianiic! (JIoxcs— 7c; Uircc luiir for. . .20c <>.sc ir<> Siiois. .-('l i(';it!u'r.< aiit] late sha woilh .S:*.')!); jiDW i 81.9S Men's 52 inch all wool Cravenettcs- Michael Stern's make, worth $25 ;i sale price VITii All tho lai-'sl -ii.i;;;' color.s ; Will'! !i .'^'.^.-"id ; in ?.i.:'n'.-. Moll C'irnell T«iesday. .Mrs. Fred KrHiner vi-lted her dniigli li r. Mrs. .lolin I'risch.-iiiiieyer Tiies- ilay Willie l''red alliiiileil tin- .\ilaiiisiin v ;ile. He repiois ewiytliint; sold well. .Mr. Siitiiliard ami family looK tliiuier ."•-iindiiy Willi (Icoige rornells. .Miss Irene Cox relilllieil In her wiir\ In loll .Monday alter a pruluiit;'. d \lslf with her piinnls hen- Mr. Ccirne t'oinell is in lola Ilii- wci k trying lo buy a lior.-e in suit him. .Mr Clay I'.ruce went to Walinii, lor a few days' vlsil wihi trSinds. .Mr. and Mrs. .lohnson ami .Mr. Lii Rousli attended the .lums sale north nt lola Weilucsday. Kveryrliing weni \eiy che.ip. .Mr. Ihirnliart and family wish to Miaiik t'.ieir friends and ncii;liliiir.- and Dr. Hendricks for iheir kindness and assislMiice (Iiirinir the sickness *iiiil dentil of their wl ;'c and im ;llier. Mrs. Adam I'.iirnl'iart died .l.iniiary 17, i;'ll', of pneumonia .after - I N il:iys' illness. De;;oased was Tl" years and lie days old and is s\ir\ivc'l by her liiis- liand and seven ciiildren of wlmm three, .lohn, Ida and Kmma, reside .it lionie. .Mrs. Hariiiiarl was a kind nei.L'hlinr and w ill be misseil liy a large circie of friends and nei.ghlj(i:s wlio unite in giving the family tUeir l :eartfi It sympalhy in tlii.s'^ tlieir first liercavcmeut. Mrs. '•>.ink Chirk, elccled janlliir. Hiiiiier Cov is siilferii c hilil' I ' on his II.(U. A r \v lit I h.- I:i I lie r.- nf I li i • ilv allitiiiiil ll .i' Ail.iliisoli sal lida. .iMiiiaiy famil.t ate Sunday. ( uy Itialy. wi:.' and baby, and i;a'.nest l!i iijamin - liiiii. Siindav .Mr Isaiie I'.ialy' . /.Ir. llicl;,^ ii li.inliir.r i oril I" H: > «'S li.ulli .Ts .>! r. :-':iil i.a 1 il ii.i 111' i\ Iiay Im- Col.Ie Uwi ila;.s I v.. • k anil I for iiim.-elf on.' day. Allen C;i^l;iliir ilid sniui' cari-inte work for I!. !•" I'lail; 'I'ti'su-i.^. One (.r l 'i -;e Kail's iiinie; w'<ii' le was L'. •IliliK SI li •""I-> ' DROPSY TRKATKI) VIUIK\^ C.\.S('.\I{I;TS i>snjK I\S !1 »K ( I.EAM.I.VK.S.S The llilHons of Caxcaref I'sers .» V«T liau- Headache, ronslipaliiMi. Kil- ionsness or Sirli .Stomach, (E>T»AL ,\TE>rE. .Tan. 17.—Dorwin Hose Is baling !ia.\ for Mr. McCIaren this week. Mr. .T. .L Townsend helped R. W. Tloitenstein butcher.Tuesday. Miss Mary Snider is assisting Mrs Clint Keller with her housework ai liresent. Ho; s Mirniili is hauling hay to Humboldt this week. On a»-coiinl of ihe b.nd wenther the meeting of the l.adies' .-Vid Society was rot xt'ry well attended. Ste!!n lloltenstein was sick Tiies- dav and wis iiiiahle to attend school Lena Towi's-nd the guest of Sti -Ha. \diln and Fern Hottcnstein .•^utmdav I oiiis Maxwell 1 -as been very III with imeiimonia fi'ver. but is report- IM I III lie -:oiiie lietler nor. Mr and Mrs. It M". Hottenstein and faieily vi-ifed liis motlier in Humboldt Sunday. H is more necessary tiiat yon kecii your liiAViis. liver and siomacli cb an. pu e .Kid fresli tlian il is to keep ji,,. sev.e:-: and drainage of a large city free i; fini obstriidion. -Are you keejiing cl .-an inside v .iili Casi a: ets --(ir imrely forcin.g a jias- sau 'cvay , \ i ry few days with sails. c;.i liai tic piiis or castur oil'.' 'i'iiis is im])ortant. i .'asrarets in. mediately cleanse and r.-mullt" the sliimaeli. r. iiioM- Ihe sour. iindii;es )ed and feimeniing food .•mil inil .;a -es ;iake tlic rxcfss Idle frniii the I^ver ami carry out of jhc sys :em the wasti' mailer and poi- i-on in Hie ii;i. siini - nnd bowels. .\i( mills lio.v badly and iip -il ymi fii I ,1 (".r (•;irel tniiluht will st raii;hteii .\ 11 otil by iiioining. They wdrU while .Mill siiep. A lo-ci ni box fn 111 your i!ru2:;i-l will ki eii your entire I'aiiii'.y f'i-liir-- i;iini| for muntlis. lifin'i for- il .e iliildnn— their liMl.' iii.-iile- U' e,i a jjooil. gentle cleansing, loo. RISING ST.VIL January 16.—.Mr and Mrs J. A. Mc- I'.JCoy and family spent Sunday at Mr fnu Myers. "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Curley visited "finnday at N. T. Curley's. |5- il^Ba Meribeth Ater Epent Thursdav ' night at Mr. Wynn s. Mfa. Fred Olmstead, Miss Klsie Har- djr and Hies Gladys Dauglierty were .tiaken In as active members of the lijMpwoTih League Sunday evening. |5>'J Tlifi Ladies' Aid meets Wednesday lirItb ,Mri. Daugherty. '^Ti» seventh grade in sdiool Is Btodljring^ WhJttler's "Snowbound." The '^dan Is enjoying it very much and ^ LIBERTT, .Taniiary 1.'-—Mrs. Castator. Mr^. n-annciy He -il!i. M'ss Irene Cox. Mr. Mpha Cornell and Earl McGulre were aiiiMig 'I 'e ' isitors at school last week Mr nnd Mr=. Kramer visited the fair, ilv of lr:i Townsend Siindav. Mr. :>i;.l Mrs. Ed Oshorn vfsited Steii ':en T .iWEsend Pundav. Misses I>ena Pnd l.ona Kramer vis­ ile d Mrs. Joe Tiess Sunday. Several farnu-rs from here attended the Reabm-Nostrand sale Monday. Joi-n Johnson boiiglil two hogs and a stove. Mrs. Peter .lobnsiin visited at Mr. John Johnson's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Will Osborn and daugh ter, r.rncle, and Mrs. Earl Osborn were vIsltlDg the fainllies of George and K.\ST LI HE in V. J.::i. 17. -With tlie nioibralinn of tile we,illi<r w.' notice that farineis are on the move wiili I lie' kind of work generally done this time of year, culling wood and liunling rabbits. Wo are sorry to learn GrandiiUi Earnhart is snriously . ill. M'e learn tiiat Miss Cluisiy has j;isi comideled her monthly ixaminalion at Liberty school. A fair sized deleg;ilion of farmers nttended the Heahni s.ib- ,u .\. osb ^ Falls. J. Johnson. 0. W. I'.iirlneii. John Murphy, John Wlieelir .Mder- son. CJiarles Conger. Allen CastaUir. Charlie Harris and olli' is of this vi- einiiy attended. We understand that K. Coble's faih er who left here about a month a;;o is sick with lung fever at his iiuiiie in Indiana. Mr and Mrs. G. W. liurlnett w-r" lol.'i visitors Tuesday. Allen Castator visited his sisfT. Mrs. Veteto who lives (Jeiieva, the latter part of last weik. -Axil (;ensen has been cutting wood for T. Dennison. We understand that some of the pupils froze their feet during the se- V. n- cold weather and could not go to .^c'aool. The Liberty boys wished tlie siiow .vniihl melt so they could skate. Now :liere is SO much water they are wish ing for a freeze. One of the skating parly tlial was out the other night sampled the ice with his elbow to see if it would break or he tried lo jmt a dent in it. At the ele<iion of officers last Sunday at Liberty Sunday school, 1*. -T. Southard was elected suiieriiiteiident. Wni. Hllbrant, assistant superinteiid- • iii; Mrs. Gtforgo Cornell, treasurer and secretary; Hester Goble. organ- is': lea<dier8—Wra. Hillbrant, II. F. Clark, Mrs. ICd Osborn, Mrs. ICI.ini, 11" nil In 11.' •.vcirai-< all n en. n , Filler •rncliia ed at \,\-.-. .(lilies' .\llllti .er nl' tie county has uoiu. ;Mler a 1 .1 il 1' illlli • r. w.-is cal.'iil liiii.i .laniiary IT. PML' ; aired s;; yiars. I 'liiaMil cai!.e In iiii; j eoiintry wi;'i l :i.-iii !y frnm I'itf:- I '.iir .i'. r< iinyh aiiia. in 1 ^7:'. and j eaiid in .M'lii inMiily nn ihi- farm ' -.vlii'il the family ::i !l n .iniiy. Sii" is :aM-\ived by inr ha -biin!. ~nns ami j two daugluers anil a niimlier ni' ;. M;IIII ! j chi'dren 'o ii .iiiini her !nr--. She v .as hitr'.ily esle. i;ui| by :..1| whn Univ.- iiei for her high mnra! am! reli'^ious eliar ic! 'r. ( <M \ I V January 1.^--.Mr- ilauuatei- wire .-•lo! 'I'lle (lay al'terllnnl: n!' M;s. Wilson ami i!' been vi.-itiiig .Mr and r?-(i!iillei ;e |i -i'; w, lin.-,.. fur UUle .Mound wle r-' : • rehitive-- betme iiiiirni linii e in Topi ka. Mr. I!i.~linii w: Till -day of last w i .Miss ll:i ,Anrli ;u night at Hie i.niMc II. Hay. .Mr linliiur v.:.' •Wednesila.v. .Mr. ami .Mr C W iiing in Colony !<ji' i: • Hr. I!. Iiiikersnn -.i v .;ei-e .•imon;:st Hie i 'nl iircav of l :i t wei |. Mijs 1 ',-iine riiiiiiii day ( venini.'. On a-roiint of : . llie atlinManee in .-III ievvli ;it sliiille; .\rt!iMr Mif'.ill lioeie fell.-•. i..;i!-ii::i;' to ('.•il.iny jn 'If'i^-. wiiere l.i is a ;'ei ;ii -I 'u' school. /.Irs. C. !. Hay c.iMe .l nn Ivr ilaa';ii- ter. Mrs. nrniiiU'-t'' Sniidav i-virn-. The I.ockharl. t'aaiiiy wiin iias l -t-ii •'irferin:r from .-.i .r.-' i-oMs an- i.Mi .-h l .'Mter at tiiis wri;in-j:. .Mr and .Mrs. Ha; Hay isii. dav a! the former'- brniln -r. 7Ir, Danks has • u mi llie ' hu' is now implnii Mr. Harbi-on baled hav A' \'.. >fe'.. tlic first i.f lie Will;. Mr. I-:. I'o-.vell inni; liinie r at tile lioilie of Ml '. .lasjnr I'lnvell. TiiK i >w .vi {nM:ss or I'II.ES. rhc Cause In-iide- I'se He.ii the Inward Keniedy. Irward treatmint is the -ie;et '.f ;le sicrissful cure f..!- |i!!i s. 11I \M'!0 !D. sold by C 1', Spi ne. r & Co lol;:. Kar.s.. and all ilri!.;ji-'s under a | •tri-t nioni>-ha!k ;;i;aran-e. faction. HHM-iJOII) t-a:ia;-ciia:. d tabb »-> •irt .s inwardly, an-l li\i us ip circula- 'inc nf b'ond in tiie llaMiy. -wollen par'? curing permau'ntly wl ere s .a'v T. etc.. onlv ^-ive rcH' f. H'CM-KOIK co<:- liiit ?1 f.-,r 2\ da/-;' 'Ilfdicine. Dr. I.ennhaiilt Co. Slalinn 1!. Hiiffaln. .\. Y. W:ile for hn'.klct. ui.ib'rs >i ssinn. Till- Vf ty or 'lie . i-v uiuc. ! Tl.,. I .:;i;--r ]--..y S: 1- linldiiiir mee(iii::s at ilr nf town. 1 harel' • .I:iii. in :wii.ina:i). .Tan. -Mr and Mrs .I ..!:a ;l Davis Iiave '^oiii. to houseki epiniv Aaron Hall's iiiopeiiy. ' y.,\T\ Uii -'iiK has s. cured tin- position of operator ;al till- Kilty slatioli in Moran. C W. Lyons, siiperiiiieiident of the ecraint (ilanl lure has relurni-d from >E(>SI!0 VAI.F .rV. 1v- .-II, s ••'inr up our !:•-,' veil; w. \v >-r-- m.-ide lo cii I-'i -iiniarv 1:.'. ]'>>>!• ilv tin'•ein;,,.': ruiod .'It -'2 belo'.v zero. Tli" should hav.- !,• i n i^f >0. In I m li ( s -.v :ii- ! • ".Oil if > 1 ,11 r liair is fall- "II 1 M . e not li-i il go loo I iniMiil baldness and liW I'l of liair. if ynii will' air Tiuile. with per- ••-'iil.i.i ily li.r a reasin- ilUe. c!ean:--ing aiili-ep- i-eiiaialrnn. It de- -limulates unod cir- hair roois. and mil- nourishment, re- and ri'.-iores liair a pli .-i-aiii In use as au'i i= ileUeately peril toilet necessitv. !o :ry It-xall "9.''," . .11- iiviiiiiise lliat it : ,iu !e .-:s you are 1 with IIS use. It /••s. ) r: . s and ,. 1 a :an obiain liex- ;.!-• cnmuiiiniiy only K- xall Slore. Dur- V. • f:' Side Square. niraii'/'d for .a liutr S.ituvday II ami McFarland. disiance to be u rl:'s "laib r sl .iiiMin nl from ai.i;' , -V 11,. s: V ihr'f nine \ c.-i is a •.•o '.'..i; about as cold as ISOli. We hav.- «\ •••lieil oi.'r di.iry for II »"1.'. 1l "i .'l .•iii'i Tml and liild that only in ihe la'r ; yi;ir did fh' im niir.v to down li.h.ii 71 In. In Ibi.s' year. Ifiiil on lli.- :'i;'li of T.anii .irv. il reeisieii-il IL' b Im'. The arrival of dial new baby at O. NATUllSCUfiE •FORBHEUMATISH The conditions nnd causes •nliidi produce Rlieuinatism all suggest a he.ilUiiul vegetable remedy as the surest and safest cure. The disease is l)roii;.:!;t about by the accumulation of uric acid, an irritating, pain-prodndng ]>rojji.rly in the blood. This causes a we.ikeniiig aud ."Jouring of tlie circula- 'uion \\'.iiih then becomes unfit for uo-.irisliin::^ tlie bodj-, while tlie deposits oturijn/idin tlie nerves, iiiusrlss, jciiits and bones produce the pain and .-;-;oi:7 Ci" Ki!--ui!'.-i*isui. To treat the trouhie with medicines containing pot- a.-!i cr o'.h,.r .-^irieiiT iiiincrrds, is siiiiplv adding another poison to the already •taic, disLi •'d bloixl, .sappinij it of its reiiiainin;.r vitality, and perhaps ia tu'l 1-. ;l:;"ga pl;ys;c:il A\r <.<:k of t'lCEulTerer. The one safe and onlycnre 1 r Ki:ei;i::!'.i.-;n is S. S. S. It is ii.iture's renieily for this dise.ise, made atiri-ly f:(.;;i bcjil'-.ful vc ;i.tnble ingredients txtractedIroin the roots, herbs .'.ad b.i:oi tile and llclds. S. S. S. goes do>vn into the blood and r/iiiovc;scve:/tni/eof t!ie c.iui.e rf I'.licuinatism, and purifies the t ircuI.i'Linii, :i id restore'; Ii. and comfort to who are suQering from tiii-i riainfiil lirsc.-se. Tl've is but one vv:',y to be sure j'ott are not dosing vDiir :.\-'.tciii witii inii'cr.d luedii incs, and that is to take S. S. S. Book OJt i;lii.ti:::.iliMn and any medical advice free. THE SV/IFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA, GA,

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