Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILYi REGISTER. FRIDAY .EVENING, JANUARY 19, 1912. 39 Our Annual Janu One of the Greatest Sales of the winter season begins here TOMORROW, Saturday, January 20th. Our aim is a quick and sure clearance of Winter Goods. A great many of the reductions are below cost. All are liberal and genuine. ^ , JANUARY CLEARANCE OF WOMEN'S SUITS All llii.s ; Liiron's ninki's In all ni'«>-.-;t i-lolhs aiui styli's, Ko in llils III K ••'!<• ai juhl half iPiici'. y ^ $i:.i»i Hulls iDi- i ?7..*i(( ilT.'ii) Sii.ts for ?is .7 '"i ?L'it nil SIIUK !UI- JHUMKI Si:lls for $:;.". (ill Suit.s i'lir ii!!i'.."»o $;ii'.'iii> Suits I'or . - ^l.l.OO JANUARY CLEARANCE OF WOMEN'S SUITS AND COATS I.I Jt^ from l:'.-t s.^ason's .-••(•llin);. A .ncKr.l \ari('ly oV slv'-s an. I w. :.vrs. Siiii-- and Coals i!ia! .-ol <I uji to ?:».".: iK'aianci- pUio .^!^o oni' !'ony Skin .la<-ki'! vahunl al StiO inv-li:(ii'>l ii\ t'lis lot ;\t . Si?I >.i)."> V January Clearance Sale of Oatiiig Klai!r ;i 'l Cuwn.'--. i'ri .-fi' at r .uc. T 'lO, s:,<- $1.(111. $1.:.-, ;,!>(! >:M:.I: cU-ar- aiue 111^.' :>.-) I'KIi < i:\T OVF . Clenraiue of Eveiirit; D.'CSf>os. 1" lM '::'!!if,;! Kvrnii:^ ; . - i• lati'.-t sty"<'.-—pir.!, lislii 1 i.n'. Mack, whit.' anil tan. I'lUcil ;:i Sir, iflT .-.K. Jjii. iif, jind :r.: clfarnncc [.riio O.VK-THIHI) (M-F Clearance of Fancy Waists. One lot of Silk Wai:'!;; in ir'fiVta. lilaA. li 'iio am' l^iii: also '••onP .-r.^ian aii.I Xct \V.::ji-. gooil .v;yl.', tiii to ST.T.ii; i -l (.;u'- anc." . .'-1 !^*i.!).S JANUARY CLEARANCE OF WOMEN'S COATS. January Clearance of Sweaters. On.' lot of l.a'Ii"s' Whli.' Swcati'rs. ..^llKlilly .•soiled, n-Kular piici' $.".."0; ••li'araiU'- iniic only ^ ... .S1.J)S Clearance cf Boys' Sweaters. In wliiti" ri^ala:- f.'Mio valms; I'l-'araiici- I'ii<f - !»SC Clearance of Infants' Sweaters. In \viiiii> aiut colors; wovlh r.|i to clcaiancc i.i:'.:c. . 35c. o.lf. 55t'- Clearance Sale of Misses' Coats. Sizes from la -o I'rico I'atiijc froni ij 'jr .o, $:;..'.o. .f^.'.i:, ST .-'I'. jin. %i-d.:,<\ and V.''- C-l.;arai.c,. price . .O.XK-H.M.I' OIF Clearance of Dresses. i'l • i- 'riioi.ipson Iirisst's. colors, l/lnc and •'ar 1.1 ico JlJ.'.o clcaranci'«pric" r.o-.v : 5n;.^)s on :• Tin's s,-; son's lies! siy!!'s. In p c'oih. scr>;i s and novelty ,iii\f.irc s. Cl'-.nanue sale Jit JiisI lialf pi-ice. ST.r.t' Co.iis c!> araiii e price *:t .7."> cl.ara'!i-e pr .re .*:i,(m .''I Coats clearance pi:c • If ir. on (•oat^ jearallci' $I7.".|| Cons ill a 1 anc.' in- -e Jls '•>' Coals elear::ne,- pri: • $L''i.o(i Coais 1 !• aranio luii e . !J -lll.lMI $l'.',.iin Coal-^ cjeaiaiiie pi Ill- $J7..".o Coat< clearance price $:!ii.jiU I'oats c|ear;'nie pi:ee ?'I.">.(MI Clearance Sale of Furs! Tuo AVlii;e Fur Scarfs, were $Ui. now on .sale at ,S -.75 Or.o Cra.i Siiiiirrel, was iri .iiii; you can liny it now JSJ.-IO Car entire liiie of Fl'll SKTS and SCAli'".-^ pics at just ..HALF VUHi: Clearance of House Dresses. Two piece 111." Hiesses. n;ado of blue jierctih' Willi uliile dots, :fl.T ."i value.": cli'ur- rn.-e price St?!.*^."! EXTRA SPECIAL! due lo; of 1;MI!C.4'. niis -es" and cbildren's ( oals ai;d .lac!>'ti. worth ^ili to $."..ii't; clear- itice price . . ;)S<» t)ne loi of c !:i .i 'ven's Hiar.luii and Ciiia- ci! Coal.-, siiecial cii \;:ance price. Sl .il) .••nor''.er lot at . . . im .'.>S .\noilier lot 1)1 i\lra fif .e (i lal.iy re!;ular and ^"i.ii!i Coals, cleaia: price >«:>.<i:> Clearance Sale cf Corsets. 1 liscontinaed rn'iiin-rs; r Kiilar price $•",..".11 $.'..1111. :f:'...Mi .-liid ^;;i.ii; c.|e;.i :;iiiH price. 1.7!) Ano.lier lot of ?1 r .>i is; clearance p; ice January Clearance of Skirts. <>:;!• lot of Skills—a 1:001! atrortmerit of I ' Ic^r.-: and, styles, in • Panamas, Voiles a;id S. i .U' worth up lo $l!..".ii; now Jr5*i.»"50 Clearance cf Evening Capes. Six I'roadclotli Capes in tan. red. ajiricot, Mre a.nil mv.v; luiceil at ?ll'.eit. SI.'. i\r,.r,i> aiil ?:•:.; il.aiance -price,.. (».\K-TI!I»n OFF One h'<; cf Children's <'aiis. worth nn to .s'.c: y,);:r clioii e ... -!()(• Clearance oi" Shantiintf. Sliantii.'iK. So itic!i< s wide, colors. Kreeii, p!i;i>.' and black; ri'Kiiii:r price r,.-,c a yard; cle;\raiu-e prloo — !>.'>(• Clearance Sale of Ituma: !ii;d:t at the tli .e of .II,M" wie n yui uai.l a nev. Iiug. We olfer yoa e',iiee of any Ivim in til - iMe .i--c at 11 Bleat inn. A ^od assoit- laint 10 select from In •'.i-.iy |lii !-..i'!.-;. Wl'to;;;; Veivi:-. .\xii:ilis:. I-. 'I'.ipt i,y. |pf;iain aiKl I'i- ber. IM<-i>s n.UKe irie 1 $1.'." ' ' on. ?1". $!:;.."(1. SI.'>, $17. ".11 ^j,', :.i .-. .; < learaace 11 ice •_>,-, ( I;NT MISCOI .NT Clearance Prices cn Comforts. I'riced at ^1, $I..-'>. $17-. to $;{ .-,n. dearanc" price JO l*Ki:-( KNT IH .SCtM'.VT Clearance of Baby Blankets. A ^ood v.-irioty of < nlovf.. r^c valii's— ',V.)c ''>!• valne.s for — <)."if' valupK for !)S(: Lace Curtains. One lot of sinple I.ace Curtains, also n few 1 air of Sanii)le Ciuiains, ;;o at 1-2 I'llU'V. January Clcarar^cc c f Hand Baa:s. In Velvet. Suede. Herd Tapestry Mass. Leather HaKs; p-milar ?l..''iu an'! $1 valuos. dearaiite price DSC Clean-Up Sale of SHOES <'ne lo! of Ladies' Sillies, broken -'•••s, in Ilia, atent and Mil leathers. I iitiiei and h. e sold re(,-ularly for ?l f.'.y. .K'-'i"; clearance price— $£.98 Clean-Up Sale of SHOES ()!.e h I of |;..v • .--I'loi -s :in,l a few pairs of .\ils: e^' and 1-idies' Shoes—• - sold fn; i' •?l.:;"'. »i '.il 10 $:;; ilcar- •^J^ mice prlie. per pai! — 98 cants Clearance of Kid Gloves. One lot of brojii^n siv^s In black, blue, Kreeti. ^ray and red; $1 and 5L."iii R IOVI' S; cU'iir- i .nce iihice. pair *£Ti^ Chamois Cloves in cream and wlilfe;- broken sizes $1 v.iliie, for i ^50. Clearance Sale of Underwear. • • On.' lo; of \V(uunii'.t .Vc «t.^ in Rray; regular r.iic value; iie :.rance 2.56 0:ie lot of Ladies' Vesis and Pants;, 2."ic values lor . •. i .Mlies" fini" .Ml rccri/.ed I'nion Suits. • in wi'iie. !,iue and salmon, re.ijular price $3.00; el. ...:nc.. Sl.iiO JANUARY CLEARANCE OF DRESS GOODS! LOT L A larpe assortment of Wool Dresg Coods in Ser .ue.s. l!asket Weaves. Mohair and iviity Suiting?. ?Xt to 42 inches wide. la lot you wiii find most <T11 colors. Regular :!ce .•?! and yard; clearance price 4:f)<J LOT 2. .Jannary Clearance of Cotton and •i ;ol Dress (loods. inches wide, in Basket' eaves. Voib s and .Vovelties in plain and ixed colors. i;ei;uiar r,Oc values; clearance ice. yard 350 January Clearance Sale Of CoUon Si;i;ir.i;. '"oidcd Poplin. Mercerized DiaKonals and .Mohair Suitings. 27 inches wide, retalar jirii e _'.".r- and ."iuc; clearance price a yard 206 Janii::ry Clearance Sale Of aU Sill; Oi :e .:-:iii Shatitinm. 27 incite.? H'^<i^,• n lavenibr, 11 -•••>V\. '.^ri en. tan. wisteria and !i';ii' l.lui : !"!,iii ::r JI.uo values; clonrance price, per >ard _ ' (>J )<i Clearance of Persian Foulards :.i; inches 'vide; co|o|-s. bl;uk. navy, light Id'-. . Ki'.iv. lav. iiibr; re'^ular price r.ilc a yard; cle .iianie price _ \\7t(; ' Clearance Sale cf Veiling. One lot rif Veli.u; in a variety of color.';, uoitii 2.''- and :!.".c a vard; c!eaiaiico jirice, ">'iy - - —106,. January Clearance Sale Of Serpentine Cre|ie beautiful iiatterns, always s.dls for 20c yard; clearance price 146 Free Moving Pictures SEN. 3001 UPON THE BECSll 9 -1 I HI : I:KI,!VF'!S rOWKJIFFI. ."iFKFFU A»; VINST THK IJOCMA. Voii ar.'- invited to rake a of the Stud.-baker Automobile country and v.aub the prosjn s chanstd from the ra-.v mater..: .Automobile niaki!:g is on • dustrief. in tiie couniiy but i. the factories are .'•o far fioi.i Visited a idant. For tl:3s reas all the details of the itiiricat entertain and instruct .vou. ii iniinense crowds. tie shows, boi the exiiibition :rt ni«i:t ire :.l be shown at the .\la.'e.-ti> Th- .LA.MAUV 2.vni. r ji tliioi;jr!) ihi- iinn.'.');s.-> f:.erory I'lant. one <;f the largest in tie- 'if a iiKidern automobile as it is I into the finished product. of tlii- most highly developed in• ol so receiu (ii \ tdojimen;. and iola that few lolans \\,\\\' ever on the mOi'iUg picture.; .-bowing i'<'nstri;ction are sure to interer^t. I otili r cities they i .a 've attracted h matinee in i!ie afternoon and i-ohiteiy tree. T ;ie pictures wilt Ire on South Stie. i 'I'l fl'ItSI > \V. Ili- 'oinlv Onl !Iic Kart.iiiil and (illitiaiiar.t II (if KcciiHing M. A. SCHLICK soriH sTUKi-T c.M!\<;i: •_"!<( SOI TH sr. i <n.\ THE NEWTON Best Lump Coal—delivered anywhere in city. l.T. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour, to dealers only. Feed, Bran, Shorts, Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds. 100 pounds per sack—g icruiiteod woltrhts. New ion & Elevator Co. PHONE 157 Willis Pereau, Ag:ent For the quickest results-7-The Register Want Column! <l :y Ass .M -.r ,f ,1 l-,.,->S) I .\"ew Vorl.. .Ian. Senator Klih: ^ Uool in an address here today, vei;- I staunc'ily defended both tin- si .-He an- federal courts <if tin- cciiiniry and d« \ noui'ced the jirinciple uiMbrlying ti:; I recall ol'^judges. 'Mie Senator, as tie fpresidi-nt of the Nev.- York Slate l!ai .\.iso(-iation spoke at the annua.l I 'lee; I ii;g of ihm org .ii :ization. His tiieni. i was ".liidii-ial Decisions an<l i'libli- ; l-"e'-ling " 1 .-peaking of the iiK -rea.-in^ teiiib-nc; - aiiioHi: .\i.ien.-ans lowaids inipatienc i villi tile coiii'ts whcuevei' j'l'.'icial di j cisions do not agree with tin ir uisi, OS Senator Root said the |irovi>;o!i ; for the recall of judges already adojii jid in M .e .e .states and widely adv<>(-at- ed in olio is. are an exhibition .of this impatience and a den;and for mori litH -lsecki d opportunity to m:ike the I judges feel it's effects. With 'tendencies tie' speake; declared he ha-; n.i syiiipalliy. :-ov(-|-..ij;u pi'.i .le." s;:id |;,. 'wlili-li d'cljires li:a' all !ia ,e (-erlall iii,-i '!en :iMe ilv 'l .i-. aad i:iii..'-c 1 iipoi itself the ;; ilfie -Miir -I rel.-; o; <..indiiit ileeteed i .i >v.'sv-ivi f--r (i , p!e.-er\Btioii of tho.-e liuli'-. .•i'id ai lie sail" Ihii" d-clari's IIM' it wil' disregard those r':les w. e;e <•,.- ip • iny particular case It i- tin- v, h Ii of a le .-'jority of Its vot' 1 to do so es t:'l.1I'-l)'"l as compb ir a ccui'r.idietlot of tlio fiind;in:enial pilncipb"^ of on- government as it Is pos.slble lo con celve. It alei:;i'ov-; ;..b.-oPitely th< ;-i-ni e;i'ion of a j :•lice which Is abov i-.ei 'oriti's. of a ri'ibt in 'he weal- w'lich the strong iive bourd to re- j <Tecf. Tf deti <s (he '-f.-l :,-i:'Ji triag'o I by relisio'i ard reall'-d MI i'le ban" t ...r <,.iee v' iiiT 'ki'id. I'd v .h :ch In ' Inspired every cniistilntion .'.nieric.' las i.vodeced an.' every t'reat de<-!ar- ation for bunnn freedom tjnce M,-?gn." .Cbart.a—the truths >'''.• btn-ian nn- • irre needs to >lis.rii't il o-vn I'liotilse 'and passlon.s and to e-^tuM h for it.-' I 'hwn control the restr.-iitMig and cviid- ; ing Infliienre of ded-rod prlnciple:- ; of rrtion •• j .After ptpfiis >t:^t 'ijir n "it e pres- Tvat'on n' the lav ns it is at every r)'ni''pnt In its ronrce of rontii -'ic"? , fhir ^To pncj d <»vpIoninent'' dpi.erd the 1' i)r '";ervH'foi of or/lor ""nd th"- eerre- tnltv of free Instifhtlons, Senator Root said: Special Prices Tomorrow All Overcoats, Suits and all Winter Goods at cost. Come tomorrow and get seme of the good things! BARCLAY-SHIELDS CLOTHING COMPANY 'The House of Quality" 1 B53S^S^^BS39V 1 "if ant •1 o : • s V,-! '1 1 ill iiellii nci of il, - -oe. j:i li.-ial -l- llie l-.'v ai'.'ii-;- of ;. (;;-. : li .e n:ii".i ai and • • ;• Ibe r.-b'i- .1 lof,-:!; I he iieop'e and • Tom 1 .-• iiTeif iiKpatienie said | s:ri tiris v :e -.v II; \.. !; . la.jngeii ami li'ci-ioii ol fiur couits are lu i,,- eon.-idered in iJie sa'.-t u.-y and iip- ui the sam'e presim |.i i .'ins and w'Wu •o great (-r re.-jieei. f. n "he cas'- of \nV.'\ uthority rif til.' . ably (b'ciin--, the in,; '.idici'! will 1 i^ioiis will iu'erpn-l o suit the ii:ajorltv nd the re.-n v. ill b. 'lyical "»;pres-ion it e a ••-i:iiie'l be(wce;i the cotirts." The c:iuse of (!ii-senator Root, does noi arise from an.'i' deieriora'ioii In (he cliaracler <-: Ihe iidg.-s and he staled it as i;is b-die'" (bat Ih'-re !.-'-\<r bad been a tii-ie \'"vii the f.i\or of tbe rloli or of itu-n nverfiil In sori.-il or bi.sln |l;,yed MI -i:;all a pa" in t.t; ibe .SI b . ;i''n of Judg'-s ••;f 'le- ;.ei.ol,. of our i--i;:nlry." con- Ihrnd i;.e, '.li'-Id lo the ii:!- •lalbiiee V. !.ic'. WOMI.I ib.'str^. !lie s.\s- lein that aiitie makes effi 'etive ifr-se r;e;:t ill |.. r onal rtib-s and presi r\ •lur ci hail I .-nc" of pr.r>i:iim reunlaled luelhods 'f ( h.'iti-;liii; tiie law. we shall not be • foru'iii!.' He shall not >!*OKre ^s. but we ••iSlMliUT FVKS" WAS l'I.KA.<l.\(;. ••Mri^at K" s " was ;v deligi''fully le /i .-ini: ami iiuiia -roiis musica! <.oiii- Mcily ti.:iniiiiy ; r .Mugiioi;.. •- ems to ! «• t !.e ijiioii;'. I! e j •.;( Ill r.ii veri.'; . of tl.;- iaru.' ijow:; .1 v.i 1.; , Ti:: ,::d ess aff.iirs detijliuin- o r-.e Cyan;! "lasl lii:--:kt to .:::'.! pe; :ilar pnidm-.ion, :. L 'rF! - eems to be that ,':s ;;.Pnoi vis:! t':;s c^iy - iinuii -T in the p" ty wa;- ,M .s -i .;t: rrper-. \ ...-oui^-h -.i::ts 'C.'W'A jiood j ;!g ;r-'-nt. ';-iio-.'.!r as ('..-:! Lean, re; re' a ,..:\rA i,-:' :,u 'eori.-; wUi^-ti is oj'^'inal :;!;d :,".rj M f\\\\.;:-', and his base-b-;ll sua.;; made a ILL ' ' i; wita the am'.. ::c e 1 ; ;:;g exi i-ii;i()ra! cl'\er. Kis ii.iiier^onaticu vl III-' loir lec;!. • -sas also excelb nt. I Ihe riuilience was convnd -Ml wL! laiig'i.i -r liming this specialty. Tiu ciin :;iiiny care, fully up to advance no• tii-e- .-!s to t'... number in tie- .-a^-.. Ire 11. 1 : i.- w ;i • ,if the be.-; I ii rou;: T'l'. -••u--: "l;':;:al flyi s" .ind "Cl.< > r rp .My iloCi;..' tiiade espeeial bi's •.villi 111" ail il. iice. and the i-iioru.s ri ., , -Veil m .iiiy eneore.v Mr. L.-im' n.vMniiional government, ra.h.-r, .-,,,1.,^ ndure (he (emporary iticonven-^,,^^^ ^^^^ enu -rtaining ;iea!u;e. s It. Hard as the Oermai! ,, "nail!, anl .Mr. Kreddi<.- a.s the .11 not be making' .,-.**^. sbail b. exblbltinir he weakiie-s which lhoug!i;fi:l friend.-^ ^^..^ f free coveiiimeut 'be world "^'•'t'1 1, „,.,. .,( coachman ai.d Miss lave -o Ir the world alw.-.ys fea-^d t'e ,„ost — 1 h- , of tii;<t se'i-coptrol which en-i:j .Ides great l...die-- of to r.beb'j* he slow ! esFi i of orderly g >v- rnmerr ri'tl er t'eri to ).r.a1< do-.v; be barriers of order w!-.<-n tb.ey ob-=- -trnct the iiuiiiilse of the moment " We:i' e\.'e;.t !OBally -joe:!. Ilolbroiik, as li inline lai 'y. tlie hlga siandard of •.•\r. i- S .y .Mr. Lean. Tb.' t:oupi this a::ernoon plays ioaji.';it. ;or Ottawa 1 :;l r ; IIAIU) TO I'ACKEII' I lt.\ the .\--:ei -i-itt.l Vr•^i•^^ Chicago, Jan. 19.— I)ire<-t te^tiniot'.y (that reiireseniatives of th« allege,! Kay Kobiii-on, of St. .Tose ;)h Is here j p;,(.|{prs' combine exchanged daily and for a visit with old friends. weekly reports of shipments and in ir- — ' sins. togeLher with detailed opei-a- .Tohn Ritter. who has be. n visiting ; tions of the business traniacte.d liv with relatives in Krie for the pas; • e .Tch brancli house, was given to the several days, has reiurned borne. ; jnry lotlnj- in tlie trial of tbe tl^;^ — -Chie.-iEo packers charged with crirr. i- C. E. IMorry, who has been nere nal violation of the SUrrinan la'.. from Joplin, will return home tonight, j Everett B. Dill former manager tf Harold Ericson, of Elsmore, came in thla afternooa for a ylsit with friends. the National Packing Company, 01' Boston, gave this damaging testimoio' against the packers. OUR LINE OF COPPER BOILERS Is ccmplcte. Come in and see them. Everything in Hardware.' BRIGHAM BARDWARE COMPANY Tell your Wants to 20,000 People Srough The'iii^j

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