Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 5
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER/FRIDAY EVENING; JANUARY 19,1912. (OLA- DAILY REGISTER ry ^'-^^a h, dairying or i.ig rui3ing will organize themselves Into an Hsaociatlon and engage an expert„„„ i .. _ , ,, . who Is a graduate of one of the Dan -P* ^^^'^ columns the too compliment tela Dally Hscixd •>O IUI« u*tiy likdex. * ! . BEfllSTJEB PUBLlSHiag CO, ibiUred at the Tola PDHtofrica as Second- ClaM Uatur. (Mrertialns lutes Made Known on Appll- 1 cation. •UBSCRIPTION RATES. J Sy Carrlsr In lola, a«( City. Lanyon vlHs, Conerate, La Harp* and Bassatt: Otta Weak JO -nvntn Ona Month 44 crnt* One Tear »5.00 r BY MAIL: Ona Tear, Inslfle county $2 0" Ooe Tear, outHlde cnuiity S.t .(Ki letter of President Waters, was as follows,—with apologies for printing ary personal references which It con tains: I TELEPHONES: Btislnees Otflre 18 ' Society Reportpr fS j[ob and BIndorv lit-pt 141 Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of BasietL Official Paper of Allen County. >TniY >0T A fOlNTY FAUMERl. I The one Industry which always has been and always will be the most im- i >ortant industry in Alien County is that of farming. i There is no industry in which men fngage which responds more quickly and profitablr'fo expert management than farming. I. Allen county has its full quota of Skilled and successful farmers. And yet there is not one of them who jwould not quickly admit that he dops not "know it all." There is not one who could not be taught something by a man who bad given his life to the study of scientific farming,—using that term in its broadest sense, ^o include horticulture, gardening and stock raising as well as the growing of ordinary field crops. If the foregoirg general propositions can be accepted'as true, and we believe they can be then why would It not be a good idea and a profitable Investment, for Allen county to employ a seientlfic, hlpli!y trained < x- pert In farming and all Its allied Industries, to have an ofliee in tho court house and to devote his entire time to building up the agricultural interests of the county? That question oerurred to the ell- tor of this paper a long while apo. Ish agricultural colleges and Is ccrti- fled to them by the college or the government, to serve as their expert and accountant. His busliieBs Is to check President Waters- up the operations of each farmer be- j, jg indeed a matter of congratu longing to Ihe AsBOcinilon. If there i„tjon that a method of agricultural are fifteen farmers, for example, the promotion discussed bv us for so expert will arrange to be at each tong. ain have the support of so In- farm iwlec a month, spending a full Ouentlal a citizen as Honorable Chns, twenty-four hours, making an aceu- p. scott. His suggestion to have in rate record of the cosi oC/'each crop oach county a "County Agent," an ag- or cl.iss of live stock, checking up the ricultural expert, to advia? the farm- operations, and before leaving hr ers of the county. Is a most excellent presents the farmer with a Imlnnc one. in my conference with the sheet showing what eiirh^ operation Board of Regents before I was elected is costing, what his income from each here. I almost lost the confidence of source Is, and exactly what his pro- some of the members because they fits and losSes are. thought me visionary in suggesting This system, coniWiud with the to them at that time that within ten svstem of technical education in Den- years the College would have in many mark, has enabled that littlo coun- counties paid representatives to give try to become the greatest food ex- personal, advice. If has been one of porting country in the world in i>ro- my dreams for these six years past ponion to its area and population, 'hat we could dare advocate publicly She supports one hundred, fifty-five such a plan of intensifying the in- people_ (o Ihe sau.nre tuil'?, and ex- Strucfion of- the College, ports nine dol'ars" worth of food- For four years Ontario Agricultural stuffs for everv r-.rc vmUr ciiltiva- College has been working at this, and tion. The T'tiiied States supports i think now It has fourteen men act- about twenty i .<p, 'r fo the squ.->re ing as,"County Agents." These men mile and is sruec iri to k"ep the are selected by the college from its tmde balance in 'forl.^turfi; on the graduates and their work is directed right side of ti'.e '<<!.;;tr. absolutely by the college. The state Th'- I'^iii vou 11 ..1 - for a County or government pays (he salary while Agriciltvnil KM>rrt hein? each county that has the agent pays. trir<i ,„ se-'ral sMirs in th" Tnion, I think a sum equal to one-half th' not.Tbly in Virginia, wh^r- some twen- salary to go toward paying his ex- tv or more of tlf coi;nti<\s have suci: pensos, including a down stairs of- an officer. In ecnversailon with the fice. keep of team, etc., etc. Governor of that commonwealth re- The duties of these agents arc cently, he told me that the plan was about as follows: working admirably and was produc- i. To maintaining an office in whicl- ing highly satisfactory results. shall be charts, appliances, the latest Atchison county in this ^state is ;ools, bulletins, pamphlets, and an moving rapidly in this direction. Two rgricultura! library, and to be in that years ago one of our graduates wj!»- jffice on Saturday of each week for employed as Profe.ssor of Agricultnrf conference with farmers and their in th <5r County High School. 1 ast families. snrinc the board of trustees c-mploypo o. To give instruction in agricu'- him for tweive months in the year ii'- fur,, j„ the high schools of the coum} stead of nine with th" unilerstandini; („ way of educational lectures, that h- wa-: to give his vacation time j ^.j^jj f„rms a::d localiiii." to the firmer.'? of the county as an .)7rou5houi the county, to give prac- Kvpert to tliem concerning insirucilon In all matters p-r- pul into elTecl at once, tli- coniitr' over, and then" Is liill- ' Ilk<'lIli(Hn' th:it ii will l )i> d :-niaiHl <'d exci 'pt In a few Uicalilles. The ciiUegi'S of agriculture of the coiiiitrv would need time to train men for this work. They are iKii ahlV i" train all the men now nMinired for places a.s farm managers, teachers, scientists. I'erfillxers. meihods of tillage, culil- aMon s^lecihi!; seed, .itid many oth- iT Jlin.s nf work as found on the av- •ram- fiirni. •I. The county agent there Is expecf- (d to luild some kind of meeting In imictleally every school dl.«irlct In thi' county some time during the year. He didn't care to suggest the matter, j • "(py,',,,,. c„urse at col- '" "'so expected to assist in however, without first submitting it , irjje. these County Kxpi-ris or Advis- I'"' various farmers" institute meet- to one whose authority could not h" \ ors should have had successful ex- '"Ss. questioned. He therefore addressed 1 Pcrlence in managing a fartp for It seems to me that this Is the ne- , ., ^ _ T T.. , ' themselves. In short, by tlieir train- cessary sequence of all the work we a letter to Dr. Henry J. ^\ aters. Pres- I ..^j experience, they should be have been doing for years. At an in- Ident of the Kansas State Agricil-! pxperts indeed, not merely in name, stifiite meeting wc talk to a few hun- tural College, outlining the idea and i and should be capable of assisting the dred people about doing si/methlng, asking President Waters whether hei''^*' Poof^st farmers :ind it has hem my practice fo urg asking believed stich a plan would be feasible, whether such an expert could probably be obtained, and if obtained whether his services would probably be of practical benefit to the farmers of the county. The idea was evidently not new to President Waters, as will be seen by Ins reidy, which is as follows: You ask if there is anything in th" Idea of having a highly trained, sci- ' entiflc Farm Manager for every county, with an office in the courthou'^ •, whose duties would be to conduct the demonstrations and advise farmers re gai^ding their practicf^s^ This is whnt •we shall come to in everv important agricultural region of the country and we shall not be very many years in any of their operations., definite promises to do some of th It goes without saying that the things we advocate. Rut we have no College in each state, with the advice means of knowing whether anyon-^ of the local communit.v. should E?1"C I does the work, only as he may write this Expert, and it likewise goes with- us that he has done so. If we had a out saying that he should be familiar County Agent one of our own trained with the local conditions. H - must men who would be at the meeting and know the soil, the climate, and the ag- hear the discussions, and then get riculture of the locality in v.hich he specific directions from our speaker is to work. He must understand and ni the institute, relative to doing cer- be in hearty sympathy with the peo- ain things, he could assist all farm- pie he is to serve. ers willing to undertake Ihe now This would practically preclude the work in getting it under way. Thus, Government designating these oflicer.-^ he could have on his list of demon- or detailing them, as has been sug- strators the names of two or three gested b.v some authorities. Very cor- men in each township agreeing to do \0 i'.VItALLEL TO UOUXD SOJUSl ___ • • • Ix It PonMlble that "JoHa Brown's Body" Is .Xeurest DlstfacUre Songf Is it i>o88hibIe. that the Kansans of foriy years or tn ago did not make a hnbit of owning hounds? Or does the explanation He In the fact that the Kan.'ans of that period Vera too kind "leaitcri to kick around or In any other illi'icilon. a hound, or any other, kind of a dog. for that matter? For ^oniQ such sort of an explanation must he made of the fact that diligent Inquiry among-'old-tlmers in lola has failed to unearth any fossilized remains of the song. "You've gotta quit klckln' my dog aroun'." or any parallel (herficf. Sot one old timer colijd recall a ditty any more distinctively of Kanfa.s than "John Brown's Body, and ihi; was a Kansas song only In- .<:orar that It had its origin in this state. 01 course, a number of little ditties concerning Kansas were recalled, but t'.iey trere gotten up in the surrounding states which In their ieaIou.=y, were moved to make fun of Kansaj. The discovery that there is no distinctive Kansas parallel to the hound" song offers a very Interestlnrg uggestl.m: The Kansas i>eople were too busy making this state what it is o have any time to sit around on an ap!)le barrel and chew tobacco and whittle a iiine stick and compose fool song.s. 50c MR.S. ADA.H BARMIAUT. Contributed: Mrs, Adam Barnhart 1icd .lanuary 17.1912. after a few days llnefo with pneumonia. Catherine nne Shook was horn December 2S, S29 .at Pittsburg. Penn-sylvania and was married to Adam Barnhart August 4, la^i). Eight children were born o Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart. of which all urvive but the oldest who died a few ears ago. (Mrs. McKinney of Pleasant Valley'). The children who usr- i'.e are: 0. Loman Barnhart and Wal:• L. Barnhart of Falls City Oregon; da May, Sisnas C, Emma E. .lolin .. Edgar L. B .Trnhart, of near Piqua. Mrs. Barnhart united with the Meth IKt church in <;irlhood and when they •aovffl to Kansas In ISSfi, united with he l.Uiprty Presbyterian church by let ter. She was a kind and loving wife nd nii.ther, a nmul and obliging neigh or and although of a timid nature she howed by her many acts of kindness md loving mlnlstratldns to those iroiind lier noble character. Mr. and M:s. Barnhart came to Kansas from Brady's Bend. Pennsylvania in .lanu- ry. is.Vd. niid settled on the farm In illierty, where they have resided ever since. Bcv S. S. llll.»cher of lola, will lireacii the funeral at the Methodist hurch In Piciua on Friday at two cloik. Burial In Piqua cemetery. mother thot» hast left us. Left us, yes. forever more; But we hoiie to me&t our loved onc^ On tJirit.bright and happy shore, .ovely the house and sad the hours Since our dear one has gone; Btit oh a brighter home than ours In heaven is now thine ow^n. Will buy such books as— Prince of India Silver Horde Modem Chronicles Calling of Dan Mathews Court of Boyville Music Master Sky Pilot or any of almost 1000 new and old books that are good enough to run into more than one edition, EVANS BROS. Tbe Booksellers. There never was a better time than RIGHT NOW to get that Cook Stove question settled. See our splendid stock of ;GARLAND Stoves and Ranges dially yours, H. J. WATERS, President. Before writing the above letter President Waters had submitted the matter to Prof. J. H. Miller, in charg''(Superintendents," each having gener- certain things in certain ways, and he could visit these men at the pro- iier times and assist them in the actual work. Such a plan to be properly carried out would call for several "District about it either. Denmark has such ; ,),e Extension work of the College, al supervision over the work of from a system with the Farmers' Assoc:a- \ , , , . . . written ooMiIon '° t«en'y "County Agents." owing tion atKa unit, instead of the countvi^nd asked him for a ^^ntten op nlon ^^^^^ available. This work as you propose. There a group of. Prof. Millers reply enclosed m the n,„8( necessarily be started In a limited way and it would be extremely unwise to inaugurate, in a county where thore was not a pretty general feeling In favor of such an ofllcer. The precipitate. emplo^•ment of such a man in a county not generally organized and without a hearty feeling of co-operation, and without a genuine respect for college methods would* In my Judgment, be extremely unwise and dangerous. It Is certainly a plan that each state must come to, and as I said In the beginning of this letter, we are fortunate In having the sirpport of so progressive and learned a man as .Mr. Scott. Yours very truly, J. H. MILLER. 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Pupils neither absent nor tardy during the mon.h were: Ernest. Homer, Hazel and Edith Wallace. Flora, Douglas anil Clinton Ticknor. Hazel Mabel Harold Frankie Xola. Lillian. Bertha and \e! lie Wnrster, Fred Shultz, Lizzie and .fames Dartre. Alice. .Vorval and Frank White, Earl and Crystal Shore Pearl and Teddy .Mealy, Chester Green. Glady? Harvey and Frances Anderson. PniJIs ranking highest In deport- 'ment and class work are: Eighth grade .Mabel and Hazel Worster and Oertrmie Shultz. Sixth grade: Harold Worster. Fifth grade: Xola and Frankie Worster and Fred Shultz. Fourth erade: Hazel Worster. Third grade: Earl Shore and Floyd Wllmoth^ Second grade: Xorval White, Lillian Worster and Edith Wallace. First grade: Hertha and .N'ellie Worster. Number of viEitois during the month. 33. BI^IE NBWLAND, Teacher. TWO LIQUOe STAMPS NER rollrctor Freniiint I.olilv Makos Piil He II I N itxport. If the Kansas liquor dealer l!na.t;in>' that when he jwiys his money lo tht rej)resentalive of I'nde Sam for a rt tall llifuor dealer's license, that Is the nd of the deal and no one will he th wiser lie decelvi's himself. The ri •-• Isler of Premoiil Leidy, interii:il rev enue collector for this district, coii altis the number, names and ad dresses of persons lo whom licensi lire issued"^and while this record i not given out for the inspection of the curious only, it Is open fo the officers who can ijuickly obtain th< names of those who in this vidnit hold liquor stamps. However, .Mr. Leidy occasionally gives out a n>'ws paper story in which the number am places of licenses are given. A recent story In the Leavenworth Times gives iliis Information. . shows that qS-i r^-tail liquor dealer's licenses or stamps have been issued within the last six months. Wichit; leads Ihe list with 78. Leavenworth has .">0, ansas City 23. Chanute 2M Frontenac 17, Galena 21, Pitrslmrs 23. Nearly every town of any size ia Kansas has one. lola has two. Tmn'mMi MKVE.S. The body of .1. E Hobby, who dieil Wednesday at the hospital, was shipped to Moran this morning and the funeriil will occur at two o'clock this" iifternwon In that city. These letters call for more extended comment than we_ have space for today, so this article must be regarded as a "continued s^ory," the next chapter of which will appear tomorrow. Beaatlfnl Cr-ntjc Scocn Yocrs fr^^ SavS:iiJ ".';anl;ist:' or le.'aoa wr.-.p; .r", or t.-adciparhs' cut from v.T.-. • jtrs, andseud then to US, with l:;" ia st;:r.i;;r. to he!;> pay ch.irijes, j-v.-!:iag, e;c.,r.nd we will scad yuu i!: .s gemi iijc Ko;;cra' silver orange ipoon Fi .r c ad- diiion;il s;)<)(^:i sc:id 12 wrappers or trademarks and 12c in stamps. Not responsible for cash scut through the niiils. Fruit Knifefor24Wrapr>ers atid 20c ia stamps. Excjilc'nt quality—genuine Rogers'silve^. 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Remembering that there is produced only about 650,000 tons of sugar In this country while we- consume nearly three billion tons, it would bo Interesting to know Just why any sugar should be sent abroad I to be sold at 6 cents, say, when It m eiiiir ims mm mm A Harmless Remedy, Made from Garden Sage, Restores Color lo Gray Hair. IIiHiirur -Wan Wifi Tortured—("oald >"ot Sleep. It would he very hard for anynne fo convince Jlr. Samuel Burch of Wan Pa., that he had not been wonderfully benefited by Vinol. He says: "Owing to weakness of the nerves which • were constantly painins me and twitching so that I could no; S!CP|> at night 1 was wsak and rundown. Hearing that Vinol wa.^ an excelleiit tonic and strength creator, 1 crm- menced using it and immediately bc- ?an to feel much liettcr. -My nerve trouble left me and 1 can new sleep better than I have for a long time. "I can truthfully say that Vinol has done all for me that \f- claimed for It." 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If every- th:iig is i!;,'ht with .Vatui-e, the hair, eviii ill ci.::r .inrati-.ely elderly pi -ople. ^h..!:|.I lie l>i:;g. thick and, wiih- oi;i i-vi-n a ^^tl ^•ak of gray. Th.- ideal a.'>il.>-tant to Nature in ri-- ^tllli!K and - preserving the could be sold right at *ome for 8' -^^'B'' »>' • Siiiphur Ilair R;-m- I '-'ly, a clean ainl wholesome dK-ssing CPnts. I fur "lailj-^ li.-o. It not only remnv <<s .laii.lniff, Imt stri -n ?lhi -ns weak, thhi, f .:l !ii hair un ^l proaioten its The reappointment of W. R. Childs c-'.u-th. .\ few ai.rli<-ati-.iis will re- as postmaster at Kansas City shows ''"re fadc <i or gray hair to its natural that Charlie Scott is still known at the «ol,.r. White House.—Lawrence .loumal. I a I'-'fle to -d.n;. .inl let It do for It shows much more conclusively , .'"u v.hat it ha.s done f<ir thousands of that this Administration is sincere "''Il.'jj'' „„ • „ J . . _ 'W* preparation is offered to the When it declares that a postmaster ,^ (jf^j. ^^^^ ^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^ who has made a good record shall b'>•^^corameti•^>d an .i Kold by all dnigg!.-i:( re-appolDted. j spwUtl Agent—8. R. Burrttll II.\H.M«NY. .lanuary'17.—Today seems like sutn- mer to the weather we have been having the past two weeks. Freil llooe wife and son of Chanute, are visiting with -Mrs. L. .1. Uooe this week. Sam and .Insper Cornell visited, at Cary Clouds Monday. Illldred llainllKin Is out of schdo! thi.-; week with a btirned foot. Zola Cloud has been out of si-houl the past two weeks with iieurnJsia. The warmer weather for the last two nights has about spoiled the Ice foiVthe skaters. .John McKaska spent Wednesday evening at Cary Cloud's. Frank liooc and family spent Sunday at Jay .McC.uffey's near L'nion. Lex Dooe purchased a work horse Saturday. S. II. Riinyon's jilothing was saturated with crude oil and in trying to thaw out the lines, was causht afire and was soon enveloped in flame. He rolled in the .snow and efcaped with but a burnt arm. A week before that he got his mustacJle burnt off with gas. .1. Evans and family vl.=ited in Chanute Snuday. Sam and .lasper Cornell i? get'ing wood for the latter's father. Miss Esta and May Runycn si>ent Sunday with ihc-ir sister. Mr.^. I.ejt Booe. George Jordan of Lcanna, was 'hrough liere trying to buy some stock 'his week. We don't thinly that there were many that envied the mail carriers their Job this cold spell. Miss .Nellie Minster, of Nebraska Is visiting her mother, Mrs. Charles Jack son. The McKaska boys and Onll Hamilton killed forty-two rabbits one day this week. Douglas Booe spent Mcpday night with hit coiuln, Vlrgle qioud. ay \owi> 01? 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We are always glad to talk to you. Thafs what we are here for. (Successors to lola Produce Co.) Phone 376 West of Sania Fe Trucks lola, Kansas ifTUfnii THE NORTBRUP NATIONAL BANK lOI.A. h.iNSAS ovKU Foirrv YKAKS OF. «<»NSKUVATIVK HANKIXI IN IOLA DcposKorr fur (lie Uiillud .S.'ntcN, SiMv at Kaiisax, and Allen CouDtr Omt^lCKS: L. L. NOHTllIlirP. President D. P. NoaTIIIUIP. 2nd V-Pre«. F. A. NOUTIIKUP, VIce-l'resldrtit .MK'IA'IN FIIO.VK. Cashier. 11. J. COKFKY. Assistant Cashier CAPITAL $50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,0Q loterest Paid on Time Deposits .Safety Deposit Boxts for Bent YOUU BlSn ES'S SOLICITED. C. E. Newton has returned home I from a business visit to Lawrence. 'While in a friendly scuflle Wednesday evening at the Jenkins' boiinan;-. house Watt Pinckm-y dislocated avo j „ -~ T T fin„....= .... I ... • 1 . . , ' •^''•s- Iferman Pancoast who under- fingers and stranu-d .he ten.iou.. (,1 , operation at the hospital for his hand so that his arm will bi- ou' of commission for some time. tumor, Wednesday, is reiMwted as doing very well. The Peev Need h Child a Laxative Tt Is naturil for a to la;i--h play :itiii wl.t-n it :.ulU.^ linnvU. i. crje*. It'll jiu.y tl '-;ion .i ou il j-rrn..:!..:. Ili..!ilul i:' tie liiati;;-. If v.u .su. not .v;i::!v It" x ou lu.vll r!i (-r...-.i fur Hr.a j-.i,; WL 'il'.M Synni £'.•!.:•;(! v.M<:i tlir»i:ichi.ut •.!;e ic.ui.ii-. 1;..,, • n . their chilihcn li.r ;i .( .,iri,-p :i tury. Toiliy llif.'.:-:. r ., , f r.Ttrrjli.j usin:,- it whev ''s .il '.' ant) there :iMi .«t t..^ ,• ... a rf .iK n i„word ot maultt rc(*.'iinrr .(-;t -.ilion. It .I .<1 a«JmitIo<llr llic |..ri r! I.ixill-r- for chlWren. v-r-man, <>M i 'o f-.Ml .il! otheit. w>io leert .i ;.-ir-.i'!i; ten i .K'- tail-f.ictlor. In the momingr. Atiir :i t.'iurt use or this remedy all II,.<.f! aid can be dispensed •l^vll^. auU ii.:.tun> will again act alone. 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