Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 19, 1912
Page 4
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THE 10t£ DAILY REGISTER, FltmAY EVENING/JANUiUlY 19/19^^ M fiUY STEMS T0NI6IIT 6» aturday, January 20 Beginning at 9 a. m., and Continuing All Day 'T^HIS SALE of Ladies' Skirts is one that should interest the ladies of lola immensely. This fine assortment of skirts consists of 175 pretty styles in voiles, panamas, serges and fancy mixtures, running: in price from $7.50 to $20. We expect this to be one of the greatest skirt sales, as we never h-^v^ hicluded such remarkable values. No skirts will be laid away. All will be given an even cnance to secure the best bargains. Some of ihese skirts are now on exhibition in our window. Pick as you will, use your best judgment—Saturday morn- ^Jj AC ing at 9 o'clock, one day only, choice ^ only XenN Xerirnt Will Be Hrld In First Kiptlst Chnrrh. Rev. William Cady .pastor of the Presbyterian church .at Colony, will be the speaker at the men's meeting to be held in the First Baptist church tonight beginning at 7:30. Rev. Cady recently condncted a series of evangelistic meetings in the First Presb}-- terian church in this city and Is an eloquent and most convincing speaker. At the meeting last night, two laymen were the speakers. Attorney R H. Bennett spoke first on the subject, "The Wages of Sin." He told of the folly of following the easiest way and the reaping of the result.^. He was followed by George Freeman who told effectively of hi.s Christian experience. Again there was n good attendance of men and boys and an even larger congregation Is pxpected tonight. Mil. (KIIIKK IS .\ rVMUniTK. R.ICHARDSONS EAST MADISON 113 EAST MADISON PEBSON/liS "mtiriM:!:; MI- T ',] • i>. oc;-r;i' if < *tn\ • : : i«'ii !• li 'lK .l! ;o OlIlillK' ill' il.' ;i ;ili.ilis ill li ill!. .-1 is l;ik.'ii ill .., 'r !• ;ili.| 1 ; i' 1 I Mr, Mill M: Soirh (•".•!ir:', .i, ii S ll.' (if :.i- A ml.-i -Tlie W r T. .1!- i:.-:>;rT r^^ s- T .i .l Whi'. M ;!• I lisnii 'I l.i.-.' '••••< ' . . w ilii I ri- ;iil~ :;i ^ . ' : iii-hi St IMhU' .: Ml. I .'I. - •><.;' bcild' iDi:.:. .1 1 V ..t .1 > 1.-. Mrs (-,,.<ri:- \\ sons tod .i> lor \t with r-lyii \.s I, v.: i!:.. r. . . I.' I.-.', .mil ' i •ill —f 'c Money. tL .H. fnnplngham. ' .! 1>.1 .Mrs. Kii;-. ;.-Th I:.:- C:iri<. in- r. »\ I i'^-'. i \ir. b-'li Judd homos Mrs srrioiis to b>' ! '!• r.- r :.r;.- r t, .ri li y ill .:" —M-. I'l 'iVr.-.:-.:.-.!!- getting : i-s. 1 :. Help i:.t::! ^^'i.- '••> : I .in i'. Miss Cr.r.. >•!;••.. >.,. ; ..s • visiiiiig tor ;• si -n -vi -ij her sistor. Mrs. '•'•.'.•i. nf K.;ii.:is City rvturij. :1 i.onT- hisr ii:--!i'. ing Mr. Mrs. C ed' to liis I '.oin- ii: I.- busiii' ss iisi: —.Mr. Fi.n-itr Ee 'lin-.r f::!:-, li Tielp Layinz T.mi ;ci .\;'.><.:..! .;i ,;:n: I Nl., Jus 'ii" .1 I' HI::, T; his liurin t,c»l.:>' ">i''i •' of th.' jirii.p-. 1 Jorrv 1'.. i !-.v. U. tii. p. Arii'-n r. !i:riM \:< busiii'. ss visits to K.ui- rk. !•! • 1 if. .Ill 7t will hf to >i>iir Inrcr-'-' J.iy • your Flour and Feed l\ Khuitr .uBii. 206 S. .Ifffersoa. I'hune 2'.'.< Fofci-r Wriitltt. v. !.<. 1: is l- JiJoyid fur :-a!iii' I It;:, .i'. fl cair«. Ill iii;;li' f'T " ' imronts. Mr Mr- It K • 1,1. » li. \> I'h 'lis Wr:-!i- >•!" :i s -Mciit;. s 111 :r. : M!I . . V. M .-l I .•it..-. <: l.y n V. I . •! o\. r to tin I- •-•..til. ry !• 1 • :>)• [i 'i.i-i: s. t. .i;, t; iisi..i>:!i_ i )t' !iis ki;.,A s ^ rt.ii'iiy jtis: wlii.ri. life's. HDWi'vi'r. Iiis iifTiiirs ;;iv in t;i>(xl slitip.' ;iiid no irnfiularf- 1:. s !i:iM t!..ii fiMirid It is said that lifi'.ir.- Iitiviiii; town h<- ti'IiphoiK'd an :;• .'t -ti'ii; ;i'-. tli.ii ln' was lirrd ii 1 ll.-:ii. .^s ( ;:r. s Mi .l tliril hi- liopfd tti woitli! In: siili! r.-;iilily. Til < ..i. .<.:s il 'iiittr ;i miiiil Imsimss tiiiil t.i II • Ii. rs f'ti-.ii is r utird .ML 1.1':". .\'r .MnuiuoiiH ry w ;is fiirm- i;. .1 II n .• I 'tip. r soliiitur. '\".-. I.-i.'lli:ir alililltil lIIS |i. rtinll ill 1 sili .M iii 'i <'oiTiiii ,iiid «'iy. K II i i; h t s •|. •i :;i ':ir «:is ||..|.| lasi Iiii'lil ill .\la- sniiir h:ill. Cratid .•>wiiril H "Mri 'r, '1' (' r .ilili. iif Kr. .iiiiii.i 1 H iiii.' 111.. iiLsp. iiitii: .i !!ic. r .Xf^.r tli.' Itisp. itloii ih" dr.;. r ..: ili.- T.-tHpI.. \v;is .imf rr.'d ..-1 (• ,\I Wood of Iltiriilinlill. |)r. i'.yii. :ili .l C. ('. Stiiliy. iif nilliilioldt. w. r. tilso pr. s .'iii :ii tln' in.'.'ljtli; I'ii 'i>« itii: th. ci s. :i siippfr •A I i ~- rv .'.l '.) ;!i '>s.- i n's.-in C W V, nr!s. K. I. W .irks :iiid Cio '' \'i .rks. I •> t iMilcrs of tli" .'stiii.. of ti-.. In.. lid!- rr .M V.'ork.s. of Huni- 'iii!.;-.'it s;.ii in i\i>- district . o'.r' this afiiTiioon n -jaitist \V. H. \'.'! and It \V. M'l»(.w.-ll to r>-- iii\. r th". SMm of >:!iiii on a promis- :.'r\ not., iiiv.ii 'h. 1;. .: f. lular.ts. Tlie KnrI Srolt MUD .Vnn<iiinrc< Thiit Ho Drsirefi <» go tu i'tinirri -ss. To thi' People of the Second (^on- crcssional Dlstrirt of Kansas: 1 am a candidaii- for Congr'ssman from tin- Second District of Kansas, siilijrrt to ilif will of the R .-piiblicitli vol"fs as .'vj'itss.'d at the ii.'xt jiri- mar- .•I.-li .m 1 favor' appliitillon of Hu- pni- gr .ssli.' Iili'iis In th". .'tiactniftit and adiiilnlstiMliDti ..r all our lnws I .• r< vision of t lit' tariff. si|i>.il- tilf by SI li.^liil... and downward, until its iii .asur.. Is til.. dUTiTMiic.. In tin- <'osi of prodiirlion ai lioiii.' anil tildojiil. as d. •eland in the last national pla'forni of tli'- ptiriy. As a iii .alis of sfi.iitilically :isi ..rtaliiing sin It dlf- I f,.r.'iir... anil its vtiria 'ions from tinn'j , to litin". I fa\or ;i p .'rfnaiH 'iit . xp.'rt, non -partisan tarilT comniission. I am opposed to tht- exist. tiii. of ctiriioralt.. inonopoli.s! and'V- , ! that all inists tinil comblntit i.nis in, i ri SI rttiiit of lra.|.-. d..;)!roy ins; coiiipi- jtilio!) and lixing prii t-s, should nui i j wi;!i III. s>\.Ii and c.-iiain coiid.tiiiia- j lioTl ol I' . ItiW. I ' f.iwn th, - I. •(•lion of riiil -d Slat. Senators l.y vol.. of tlu- pdpi..; iiivine til., int. rstai.. cijiiiiii 'Tct' loni- ! niissloli tir.thority i,vir th.- issue of stocks and bonds liy inlt-r -stat.- car- ( rjiTs; iinprovi m.'iit of our inland 1 wa !..r -.vays .iiid Iiiuliways; cons .Tva- 1 Hon for ;iil ili.- p .opl.. of our natural i r 'sourcfs: such n I'lrrn in our cur-, r..ncy syst..m as will ri 'iiiiiT it <lastic ^ and imni..dtat.'ly resporisiv.; to the n .'.'ds of til., people and pn-vrni finan j rial panl <-s: cflici .'nt and cff-ftive can'.itaiun jiublirity laws: such work- ingm .'n 's comp.nsation I :iws as will aciord with th.' most ."iiuilabi. . Ir.i- nian", fnliglitHn -.d an .l iirogr 'ssiv.. s.^'tim.'M; 111.. nrfal.,.st liberality iu ii .Misions for old soldi' rs consist.'ut with the incom.' and n. c.-ssary i-x- p. ns>s of th.' gov.-rnni'lit: tli" utmost .simplicity in Coi.ur.ssiontil pro' . 'I'lr... and laws pivinir th.' ppopb' til.- participation In miv .rn- iii'-ntal affairs, with pow.-r to. exp .-tli- tioiisly r .'prov.' and punish d.-n-Iiction of public '(-rvant.^ T 'l ' int .-r ..sis ol ail tli.> p..opl'< .ir" itid :iiust ••M 'r b... paranioiiiil to th'- spicial int .'r.^sfs of any class or jitirt of thf. ii('opIi\ .\ilh .'r ..|i(-.- to 'his piin (iplc hv all <I partni '-nis of tlin >»ov- I'rnmi'iit Is tli.' condition of proK .-'ss in. au'l saf. ty to th.- Ilt-iiublic. Sp<.- Iil favors to an.v p.'rson. corporal ioti or cljiss ar' obtio.\lo'is to the spirit of .iiir insrltiifio'is. If nominat.'d tiiui "li-t ii-'! to t 'ongr.'ss. r pb-df,'.' inys.lf. In th" p.-rformanc..' of tny dutli's, to I 'tJiivider only th.- hlulu -i 't u.-ii 'Ttil w. i far.- of till' p.'opl.', and to surli I.'KIS- 'alli.ii ;>« is i 'oinni..|Ml •(! by iinsflllsli, construe! iv. .ii'd i-rogi«.s .siv.- M.-.TS I r.'sp .'.ttii 'ly ; tlie K..pii ''Ii (ans of li" Idsfrict iij .'-.iiiiitort ni" In niy "iluli'!:!. V. JOHN- H. CIllDirK. lat'. Mr. Works by I-' '.. W; of t'iiantiii. (-ar;;.- ii. Is .-tft. riioon lor a v!.sit with his tii-iii. II. F. Di'iiny. You Want to II 111 mil 111 i £i .85, sai^$7^ Spend $19.85, save $7.65 Still Some Good Ones Left One good thing about a stock like oiirs: the late comers get something good, because there's nothing but good stuff here. Hart, Schaffner & Marx Stein-Bloch and Society Brand clothes are always a bargain. The prices we're quoting now on 1911 goods areso low that the bargain is that much greater. BIG CLOTHING SPECIAL SATURDAY and MONDAY All our $20.00 and $22 .50 Sidts $14.85 All our $25.00 and $27.50 Suits $19.85 Big Reductions on BOYS' SUITS All Plaited and Negligee $1.00 and $1.25Sliirts ... 85c All Plaited and Negligee $1.50 Shirts $1.15 Men's $1.00 and $1.25 Sweater Coats. 85c Buy Your Next Fall Cl<;thes NOW! Take advantage of Our Big Reduction in Overcoats SOC FLEECE HE A. U/iT>E7iW'R Th.' H.-!ilv,; hall livi. I'll! ir.' aiipoi ' ini^hi : :;ii;n ,a tlii .i-lio.:! liask.-t af'.-f oon. aial .Slid ill- the saiii" 1 t ai:i Tiic IJalil- win boys the local •. •onfiiiKn iiiny < iia- i: ti-.-» a shade Itirgpr than .•in.I :!ii 'y s.^ein to b.,- very r \ -..ry. Their viewpoint Miss .Mall.-; Shoemaker .Tnd .\lba C. •t.r'in;.. 1 i .tii of Humboblt. wer..- marled Int. yesirrday afternoon by Pro­ late Jud;;.- .1 U Suntii. Monday niulit i!i.' i. L-tilir ttinti'My Tnust«-r of fotiiiiaiiy .\| will h. ii. Id foHowins; Wbich a vote on i h- :itiiiii;il military ball will b.- lak.-ti. It th. vote is favorabl.'. •uliirb s. . i:;s pr :i!>able. the hall will bi si'.-n ai t!..- usual lime. Washington s birthday V'\>- ruary 22nd. i Verne Dorset! and MIPF Alma (Jobln gecretaiy ol Uie Y. .W. C. A. went to Thm bits of C I KMCC while com, first cooked, then toasted to an appetizing brown. Post Tdasties — widi Cream One of the most delicious diihes imaginaUe. Convenient, economical and pretty sure to please. A ready<odced food—to be served direct from the package. "The Memory ttejers" Poit Tos<iM are by Grocet* Pobim Cereil Co^ Ui, Bank Cn^ Midi«n I.'sli.' Caniidiell went to Montn Uils n :i >rnlnj: on business. C'i.ik Thoinag and other friend* of til" d.e.'ased, r-anie over from .Moran last ev.-ninK and r.-tiirneil this iiiorn- inif. accompanying tlif body of .1. K. Hobby, whose death was reported yes- t.-rday. Tie temperature tiiis morning at seven o'clock was 11 depn es. just I'l desrrpes !ower than it was yesterday iiyjrnin? at the same time. The pre- dT'tion. ho'.v.-ver, is for warmer and the ;ise of the mercury seems to indicate that the prediction of fair and wanner weather for tiie next several. ..'ays is to be verified. TiK.- n-ajority of tiie suident.s of the h:s;:i school are having a holiday today. Those however, who did not n.ake a high enough average in tiieir grades to escape the final examination, are busy wilj; it at the high sciiool today. Today is the last day of tlie Seiitember term, the new term beginning Monday. ^^'rofes «or II K. Tewell. who recently resigned his position as manual training tea^-'Iier at the high .school n:ade a farewell talk to the students this morning in the assembly hail. He will te.Tve in the morning to take hi.s new position at Enid. Ok!a. Professor F>l\vard Hargrave, the new manual training teach, r. arrived yesterday from Toiieka, and took up his duties today^^ Harry Hecox ia down from Kansas City for a short visit witli hi.«< parents. II'! will l.-av.. ne.vt week for Uinaha. having been iran.sferred to tliat point bv the coii.pnny for which Se Is working. Kins tsiana. il'toric d .iyH of tbe Aineri: ih>- Indiana calietl what! Island, in New York Imr- ulii.h In RnKlIxh meant 'riietrilM -s tlicrp .nboutAad > irailltions ni.iint It. . . » —Sneezing, moping fowls have Roup. Cure tbeni quickly with Conkey'.s Roup Remedy. Get It on a "money-back" guarantee at Morris & How- aid's. IVANTEU AT ONCE—A VIOLINIST to play every eight at tbe Girand Thpatre. SELLING AND SHIPPING PIANOS 100 Miles Around lola We are sending and shipping Pianos for miles around lola. We are now conducting our BIG ANNUAL SALE ON PL'^NOS, and the people in Eastern Kansas know they can get what they want at our store, as bur stock is the lart^est in the state and our prices the lowest on all grades of Pianos. In this sale we have jfocd Pianos for $100, $160, $176, $198, etc. Lots cf new Pianos—standard makes—for $200, $215, $220 to $249—on easy payments. Never before have we been so well prepared to give our customers high grade goods for about one- half value. Used Pianos and Organs at all prices from $5, $8, $10, $20 to $45. J. V. Roberts Music Co.

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