Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on May 29, 1975 · Page 3
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 3

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1975
Page 3
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Happenings . On the Hill by Senator Berl E. Priebe I missed the Monday session as I had to tend to the planting due to the lateness of the season. We did meet Tuesday and adopted the higher education appropriation bill for the ye'ar. We debated the bill all day before it was passed and the amount of money was reduced by a small amount. One of the amendments reduced the amount of money for tuition grants to private college students. It had been proposed to spend $9, 600,000 and was reduced to $9, 000,000. This is still a $3,000,000 increase over last year, so it is a very good increase. I only wish we would have had more money to spend, but the State is no different than a private business and the people who are forking with State revenua feel \ve will not have the money to :neet all of the various askings of State agencies. I really believe this could be the right approach and next year, if we have additional funds, \ve could increase our spending? for certain programs. Wednesday we debated die bill on voter registration but did a;: finish. V.'e again debated this en Thursday afternoon and ~i.rst of the subcommittee changes ••vere agreed to. Next we reconsidered die Higher Education Bill which lasted until 1:30 in die afternoon. The discussion became very political with Republicans trying to stop die reconsideration. .After a mini filibuster die bill was sent to the House to be signed by die Speaker an>l then returned to the Senate, signed by die Lt. Governor who will in turn send it to the Governor. The reason for the haste in getting bills ready for the Governor's signature is that he will return from Russia and be here for only three days. He will then leave again to attend the Governor's Conference and be gone until the llth of June. Some people feel there is a possibility of a veto due to the increase in spending. I doubt this, but it is possible and if the bill is vetoed, we would have to prepare a new school bill. We did get most of die Social Services budget out of committee, including A. D. C. We brought it out at less dollars dian the Governor recommended. However, there is 2. 5 million dollars which will revert from this year's budget and we mandated that they use this money. The Governor had recommend- 3d .1:1 appropriation of $37, 280, 000 for A.D.C. The recommendation from our Committee was $35,780,000 and that they spend die money they now have which actually gives them more. 1 believe there will be an effort to increase this on the floor of the Senate, but 1 think it will stay about where the Committee brought it out. We will finish die Social Services budget by next week, I hope. A special budget message from the Legislative Fiscal Director shows die state revenue collections are not going to be as high as originally projected by the Comptrollers Office. Monies coming into die General Fund from the States Sales Tax has decreased by 6% this year. In other areas of revenue the collections have increased but not enough to meet the budget proposed by the Governor. According to the Fiscal Director, if the Legislature follows the Governor's $1,138 billion budget the State will have a deficit of $10. 9 million in die next two years. Consequently the Democratic controlled legislature is proposing budget cuts totaling almost $48 million. It is believed diis amount will give die State a safe cushion should die economy decline further. rrrrr Branstad Reports \ to Eighth District Terry E. Bransfad, Rep. 4 4 « * 4 •« Programs Available For Local Clubs Women's clubs and groups in Northwest Iowa wanting interesting and informative club programs dealing with regional and local activitiis, concerns, and projects underway in Northwest Iowa, may obtain a list of available speakers and their subjects from local sources, according to Mary Autenreith, Paullina, Chairperson of the Area Extension Committee on Women in Area Planning. Available program topics cover a wide range of subjects and activities diat are now underway or have been completed in Northwest Iowa communities and die entire area. Also included are topics and concerns such as land use, housing programs, environmental quality, and other programs and activities conducted by many agencies and governmental units. In addition, clubs and groups may learn more about the operation and activities of die agencies such as the recently organized Northwest Iowa Area 3 Regional Council of Governments. Program chairpersons interested in one or more of the programs may contact any of the County Extension Offices in the 10-county area. All hope for adjournment of the legislative session before the 1st of June is now gone. It now looks like this may be one of the longest in Iowa history. We made another effort to limit legislative expense payments to one hundred days for each regular session. This effort was again defeated by die powerful House leadership. We must give legislators a real incentive to adjourn after a reasonable period of time. Most odier states have some kind of limitations and legislatures in those states have already adjourned. The House passed a bill to set up a temporary insurance underwriting association in order to provide that doctors and hospitals would continue to have malpractice insurance coverage. The bill, which is only a temporary solution to die medical malpractice crisis, also includes a six year statute of limitations. Restrictions on the amount of contingent fees charged by lawyers representing victims of medical malpractice were deleted from die bill after a heated debate in which die House voted on the issue three times. I supported the restrictions on contingency fees because I believe that die restrictions ware reasonable and would not have prevented victims from obtaining legal representation. A bill to further strengthen the Iowa Open Meetings law is being considered by the legislature. This bill requires elected and appointed public bodies to conduct their business in meet- FIVE MEN MAKE FIVE MISTAKES ... One man struck a match to see if the gasoline tank in his car was empty. It wasn't! One man patted a strange bulldog on the head to see if it was affectionate. It wasn't! One man speeded up to see if he could beat the train to the crossing. He couldn't! One man touched an electric wire to see if it was charged. It was! One man cut out his advertising to see if he could save money. He couldn't! Advertising Doesn't Cost - It Pays ____ The Titonka Topic ings that are open to the public and the press. Party caucuses in the legislature are exempted from the open meetings law. An effort to open party caucuses was narrowly defeated this week, but a motion to reconsider has been filed and another effort will be made. I strongly support these efforts. Most of the important legislative decisions this year have been made in closed caucus. It lias to be the height of hypocrisy for legislators to exempt their caucuses from the open meetings law and yet require county supervisors, city councils and school boards to strictly adhere to the law. Set Date For 12th Annual Beauty Pageant SWEA CITY: The Twelfth annual Miss Kossuth-Winnebago Pageant will be held here on July 25, 1975. The annual search has started for the young lady with the poise, talent and intelligence that can lead to the Miss America title. Scholarships totaling over $850. 00 will be awarded at the Swea City event. The current reigning queen is Miss Andrea Johnson of Forest City. The winner will advance to die Miss Iowa pageant at Davenport in June, 1976, where over $8, 000.00 in scholarships will be awarded. Young ladies who wish to enter the Miss Kossudi-Winnebago Page jilt should contact Mr. and Mrs. Albert Anderson at Swea City for entry blanks. These must be completed before June 21. Girls age 17 to 28 are eligible. The Swea City Lions Club is the sponsoring organization. The Miss Kossuth-Winnebago Pageant is an activity during die Swea City Fair and Field Days which will be held July 24 and 25. The sweet corn-hamburger supper will be held on the evening of the 24di as well as die finals of the Iowa Girls' Sectional Softball Tournament. The big parade will be on Friday, July 25 at 2:30 p. m., and the pageant will be at 8:00 p.m. Dandelions Should)'! Be Pulled Or Cut The annual war on dandelions has started. On almost any street on any day, someone can be seen on hands and knees pulling up the enemy by the hundreds. The dandelions are sure losers, right? Wrong. Pulling dandelions, or even cutting them out, provides temporary relief only. The plant's top growth may no longer be vis able, but like an iceberg, there's a lot unseen down below. Dandelion tap roots are one, two, even three feet deep- making it very difficult to pull or cut out every tiling. Being regenerative whatever root is left usually starts growing back again. Before long, up pops a "new" dandelion, and the homeowner is right back where he or she started. Even very careful digging up seldom succeeds in complete uprooting. It's a laborious, time-consuming way to spend a weekend or more, with little chance to really succeed. By far the easiest and most successful combat method is, to spread a selective dandelion control on the lawn. The active ingredients, harmless to grass, are absorbed through the dandelion's leaves into its system. The entire plant gradually dies, roots and all. Regrowth from that plant is impossible, so the homeowner's victory is a real one. Application of this type of weed control is relatively simple, and takes but a fraction of hand-pulling time. According to the O. M. Scott Company, its Turf Builder Plus 2 dandelion control can be spread on the average sized (5000 square 'feet) lawn in less than 30 minutes. And since it also contains.a full portion of lawn fertilizer, that necessary job is done too at the same time. Other broadleaf weeds, such as plantain and buckhorn, suc- comb to the same active ingredients, so when Scotts Turf Builder Plus 2 is spread to control dandelions, all susceptible broadleaf weeds are controlled. TITONKA TOPIC MAT 29, 1975 4 — THE Extension Director Gives Tips On Tree Planting by John J. Ley This time of year we receive inquiries about tree planting, therefore I would lik e to share with you TIPS ON TREE PLANTINGS. If you are planting shade trees this spring, there are a few steps to follow, says an Iowa State University extension horticulturist. Ed Cotj: advises soaking the. tree roots in water for 12 hours a day before planting. Dig the planting hole wider and deeper than is needed to accomodate the root system, Replace some soil in the planting hole so the tree can be set at its original depth. Build up a mound of soil in the center of the hole, then spread the roots over the mound. When you plant the tree, the first major roots need to be only one inch below the original surface of the ground. Cover the root system with soil, firm it, and soak the ground with 3 to 5 gallons of water. Then fill the planting hole with soil, leaving a slightly dished out area around the tree to hold additional water. Titonka F.F.A. The Titonka Chapter of FFA meeting was started at 7:45 p. m. Tuesday, May 13. f We talked about what we would do for a BOAC project. BOAC is Building Our American Community; We decided we would clean up all the paper and cans around Titonka. The date has not been set for when wa would do it. —Steven Bartlett, reporter. Kathryn Simons Named Extension CRD Aide The appointment of Kadiryn Simons, 21, as the Community Resource Development (CRD) Aide for Kossudi County was announced today by Tracy Remy, Extension 4-H and Youth Leader. Miss Simons, formerly of Emmetsburg, is employed by the Cooperative Extension Service on a full time basis to work with its youth program. She assumed her position May 12. These duties will include working widi die junior and senior high school level students in die county, in helping diem to organize and develop programs which they feel may improve their communities. She will assist them in making contacts widi appropriate persons in order to carry out their plans. She will also assist widi 4-H related activities on a limited basis. Kathy is a 1972 graduate of Emmetsburg High School. She attended one year at Iowa Lakes Community College in Emmetsburg and two years at Iowa State University majoring in Elementary Education. Boaters Urged To Be Safety Conscious DES MOINES: The Iowa Conservation Commission today urged the state's boaters to use good common sense and be extra safety conscious this Memorial Day weekend. According to Roy Downing, Superintendent of Waters for the ICC, Memorial Day is when the boating season begins in earnest and traditionally it is a weekend for unnecessary boating accidents and drownings. Downing urged boaters to take time and plan their trip before going to their favorite boating area. Following is a simple checklist boaters should follow when planning their trip: 1. Be sure your boating equipment (PFD's, fire extinguishers, lights and motor) is in good condition. 2. Make sure you have enough U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD's for each person on board. 3. Be familiar with Iowa's boating regulations. 4. Make sure your boat trailer lights are working properly, check wheel bearings for proper lubrication, and fasten boat on trailer securely before venturing out. 5. Don't drink and boat. HIGH QUALITY GERMINATION FUNK'S G -HYBRIDS see: Doug Mechler Phone 928 2323 Titonka, Iowa Interstate Long Distance rates have just changed. Although most rates have increased, if you know your dial-direct discounts/you can have more control over your Long Distance costs. MAXIMUM RATES FOR INTERSTATE CALLS TO EITHER COAST DIAL-AND-SAVE ONE MINUTE RATES FULL RATE WEEKDAYS Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. First Minute • 540 Additional Dial-direct rates apply on all i business phone without oper from a residence or business rates to Hawaii. check your ope guest, credit card or collect c • must assist on such calls 35% DISCOUNT , EVENINGS Sunday-Friday 5p.m.-11p.m. First Minute 350 minutes cost less than the f nterstale calls {excluding Alaska) c itor assistance They also apply on shone where dial-direct facilities a rator Dial-direct rales do not apply alls, or to calls charged to another NOTE Rat ,60% DISCOUNT | NIGHTS & WEEKENDS Every night 11 p.m.-8 a.m. Saturday day and night Sunday- day and night except S p.m. Up 11 p.m. First Minute 210 rst minute. ompleled Irom-a residence or calls placed with an operator e not available For dial-direct o person-lo-person. coin, hotel- number because an operator t?s quoted do not include tax. * OPERATOR- 1 ASSISTED THREE MINUTE RATES STATION-TO-STATION Full rates apply at all times First 3 minutes S1.9O PERSON-TO-PERSON Full rates apply at all times First 3 minutes S3.1O • Additional minutes same u dial rate Applicable discounts apply to additional mmutes-duiing Evening 1 and "Night s, Weekend periods. 1 (CLIP AND SAVE-FOR FUTURE REFERENCE) Titonka Telephone Co.

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