Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 25, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 25, 1954
Page 8
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[bVtsHts statements AtMftfue/' -adding that tW*^ {0 , .j^j fi](?s involves the material. •' '<" ti fexpressed "my tltlFt v * McCar- 6'd obtained IrifdSc- files, 1 also stated >how the ^in- obtained." that the FBI .against , hot be " de- of Up confi- aSRd his ojifn- ad He- informnlion on these; ,V. _j?,. ., ! , gsattfFBI'iriVeMigatioh of imajbK.^air "excellent 1 ... '•""$, ott'; tti "tyate v what **•?.«* ..* -n t,"* f. S<m. Mc- 1' gave, ypu ties of, , .ft&ty M give y'6u a is 'rtiiBi3'Ji Corn" p|l!i1|p ; ^'; s.;^ leifb^$lp;e^piehe!e lo tt^l^is r it"""Wlll" "tip Imperial 'committee obout W'lnffiiV-'t'iH^ v 'A 1 W&ttib*i^e- Fwif Disf n'tf Contests Shape —At least torttests shaped 118 today in >iJ *.(rt 1^ Jij, J f <. l-r j «. t ( J 15 cnafipsfy districts fchnfieello*-iitpg< lYi«tit) 45-year old Monti, filed yesttvday for chancellor, and* Hich fifeCtflioch, ,tf H Fewest City. m Sth district rhficellor. SW* , Will oppdSe •?(). year-old ctler D. A. BradWm War *ti£ nifcf McCullocli will oppose SfiflHdeJlof 'A. L. Hutching, For rdjft Guy. JJ* S. Mummer, MaHannfi, aho haY'flled for Hutehim' post. Chancellors' terms' run fol' s)x The most opposition appears to be in tile JSth district, a new one created by the 1953 general assembly, It IS cofflposorl of Grant, Sne aiid Hot Spring counties. Those airead/ filed aec N. A. McDan lei, £u.t<M) S. J. Hold, Sheridan, d Ddlt 'Goza, Malvcin. The in- etjml rnl Is J. A. Rowlt'S, Eenton, who cf.i.npt succeed hlms.e'f. *The other contestMs in the 10th district where C, M. Wofford, Fort Smith, is in the incumbent chancellor, He will be opposed by Clyman E. Izard and Franklin Wilder, both of Fort Smith, "There are no elections scheduled in the 34d, 6th and 7th districts md ,no| candidates have filed in .ho remaining districts. AfeaTO3r**f * -,.4i«ta* s "»-il A jlit-i, — L LL Haymes Tries J$ Pin Down friend 7 NEW YORK (UP) — Dick Haymes and Rita Hayworth askfd fridnds in Washington today to finojloutJ^yho "inspired" the.gqv ejainient, cfeportation action against thV Arge'htinc-bofn cropner. }?arTle iy priim, ntlbrrtey- for the singer and his red-haired actress wife, charged 'that "interested parties bought pressure on the goverpment" to dc-pprt Haymes qr^d sabotage his six month mar- riage'to', Rita. ' > "Thprc are" parties who want to sec this- m&rriago-' broken up'' j Mim^j$4te ^w'wfe^li 0 1 -T%'j>&&«^^7. < foj&^laf'^ A$$&}py< wi&ato f$<>H^> sticlc by 'her "trouble-plagued" hus- "to the 0nd!"in his fight "against ,the, deportation qrder |apd.'eji down yefeterdaf by the t£ S,' Immiglratioh' Service. ' * .^£ttorjiey.s alrg?idy,had iijed an apjpeaL p| the SepMt^tion dpfiisipn _i.-a - - a i£j tl|ey^ ^pjija fight to the , Court if * rtece'ssqry ! to it. Cj'irp s^id the case lie tied up in' court for as ,— r .^,-4 four y,eaj;sr iTHe' app'eal is scheduled' t» heard 'within 60 to BO days by the Board of Immigration Appeals in Vphijigton. A suit also is pending ' , t JJ. V .,' ^. Circuit Court in Saf) '---*"'--- which would outlaw the .„ . L action on the ground It " violates a U. S.-Argcntinb, treaty. ;£iy}ng> citizens of both na- tiojis equal ^ghts tp come and no. ,Crum ( said ^Rlta had asked hej- 'ol^i'^fpiefld^ Se,n., William Lang px^fbf/ Nfirih" pakota- to obtain 'Justice^ Department files which ivopld show who' "inspired" tlie astipn*'against Heymes. Langor, a 'Bepubljcan, is chairman of the jjowprful Senate Judiciary com- W9Shingtotj, Larjger said he 'au's to ge^'Uiat Haymes 'get a "squaye deal" in 'although lie had no im- plans fqr ap{ion. He dr- oompient 'Oi^ whether he justice Depart- jent SSnat9C made it plain he t pojisiser himself a "per- Ofinl friend" of the couple. He said he first met them several months ago when they visited his office to ask for hpjp, Immigration officials ruled yesterday that Haymes forfeoted his right to live in the UnitecJ States wli.en be, made 9 trip to Havyaji last June during his courtship of Hita. Un4or the McCarran-Wq)tpr Immigration .Act, the order 'stated, Hgymes qpuld not re-enter the country legally, This was because he had filed an application for draf ( t exemption during WorW War II as a qU^en of a nputvol country, Argentina, thereby giving up any future claim to U. S, eitiisenshlp, the order said, r Crum pb^arged that the decision the casp, annpun ( ced in Los An- ips and Washington s.|mMltane- «ilsjy, 1\§4 bepn »ajcjWe4" from even befpve a ' ,ing was held, , f aUprney declined tp Identify th<? "partiRs" who he said. wanted ^ brcaH up ^e Haywortjv Hayme^ 'marriage, ' "^They'll, find out we have t4o," he said, Wn5 ln 9 with Ritsj w »4 her two ldren by fornjey .maijrrja.g'es tion order. hote} soon after\jtar4, ' Crum? |ai4 Rjta, »* HO ft HOM, ARKANSAS !•• fftoMfct, Msttfc &fi§4 «. "f^y »*f ifr. < ^...*J,-1 j m. .-i.JfeA»««*s«-=aB FRYING JOE RAY BLUE RIBBON io2| Lb. Average. LB. When you buy our top qualify, properly trimmed Meats, or these Low Prices, you're getting more value for your meat dollar. Compare these fine meats on every basis.,—- Quality/ Trim, Price, Tenderness, Juiciness, and Flavor. Remember—Your satisfaction is guaranteed, always at Pigglc giggle. We N Giye S&H Green Stamps. Double Stamps Every Wednesday. U.S. GOOD BEEF CHUCK • n U. S. GOOD BEEP CLUB BRISKET AND RIB Lb. Lb. FRESH PURE GROUND Lb. Lb. 23c 29e RATH'S BLACK HAWK LUNCHEON M EAT. KRAFT VELYEETA CHE RATH'S BLACK HAWK PURE PET MILK Tall Can; 2Sc WESSON OIL 2l.b. Pkg. Pint- Flat Cans A. J. 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