Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 16, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1896
Page 3
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Ministers Should Use Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. TV- HI, T HERE 19 NO PROFESSION, whose labors so severely tax tho ncrvoussys- tCKi. as that of the ministry. Thode- raaKcmsnt of tbo ncrvo centers of tbo brain by ovor worlc, frequently brings on attacks of heart trouble, and nervous prostration. Rev. J. P. Kcstof, M. D., Pastor U, B. church, London Mills, Ills,, himself a physician, wVltes Fob. 2C, IS93: "Heart affection and nervous prostration Imd become so serious last faK tint a HUlo over work In the pulpit would so completely prostrate mo that it seemed certain I roust relluquish the work of the ministry entirely. Heart palpitation became sc bad Unit my auditors would ask mo If I did not have heart disease. Last November I commenced taking Dr. Miles' New Heart Curo aUernately with Dr. Miles 1 Nervine and derived the greatest- possible benefit. I have just closed revival work of 10 weeks, proacMng nearly every night and twice on the Sabbath. I can speak for hours without sutferlnj; as I formerly did. Hard working ministers sbould keep Dr. Miles' grand remedies on baud." Dr. Miles' Heart Cure Is sold on guarantee, first bottle will benefit or money refunded. SUflMER TOURS . VIA "BIG FOUR" TO THE HOUNTAINS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid Vcstlbuled Trails .W'ltb Wagner Sleeping Cars to New York and Boston from Bt, Louis, Pcorla, Indlanapolla, Cincinnati, Dayton* Columbus, vfti CLEVELAND AND BUFFALO "The Knickerbocker Special." "The Southwestern Llm:ted." Sli Terminals fit the Great Lakes. Chlcaco. Benton Harbor, Toledo Detroit, Sandusky, Cleveland. Tourist Rates In all Directions. B. O. McConnlck, ' • Pass. Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, GenL Pass and Ticket Agent. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Shower Bath RING Hot Water . , . . Proof Hose $3 Express Ad, SOc. Prevents Wetting Head Floor or Walls. Hornless Water Closets. Send for Catalogue Frost Proof'Water Closets, • Self-Acting Water Closets.'Kelly Stop and Waste CorJt. . THOS, KELLY & BROS., No. 3»i Madison Street, Chicago. Greatest Discovery or the 19tH ' Century. Dr. Tengue'n KKW BKlfBBY Medioatea Air For the Cure of Cittarrh, AMtlima and nil pulmonary Diseases, It has no equal lor Sick and Nervous He*d- acue, 1,000,000 people die annually Irom the above named dlsemes. Why ouner and die, when Medicated Air Is Medicated Air und Drag Co., Richmond, Ind., tl. S, A. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers &Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. Logansport Hnmaine Society . . (tNCOEPpRATED.) .. ' For thevPreyention of Cruelty to -.' Womeri^Children and Animals e. .. ; .. j ,1, Hlhletonnrtt— T»h». ' .',•.W. M.UI«i!tol>— B.umiui* OOlcor. s Rlcf>. : JC. Har'Jer, .K C. Coolbough ' Geo W Winters, J. J- ' Hlldebtandt, • Isaali Adams. pratt: .Mrs. J.N. Sett: „ '. Tulephone No. SO. THE RAILROADS A Fleeting 'to Steady the Corn Rate East. ..£- : ' •.-' j v MORE MILEAGE ABUSE ,.''.•>'. . • • . • • • -' General News of Railroads and Rail-road Employes. A mooting of the general 1 freight, .agents in tlio Central Freight Com mi t- •tec lias been called for nest Wednesday ;it: Chicago. The meeting will consider the advisability oC making the board of managers a reconi'mondii.tion to restore the flftccu-cent rate 'on corn between Chicago and New York. A strong pressure Is .boln? ' brought-to bear to keep .this rate In oll'eet,' especially since the Western .roads have; agroed to a concerted reductJou .hi the rate .beUvei'ii Kansas City and Chicago, to stop -the diversion of grain: tra 111(2 In the Southern and Southeastern pouts. If the ivduced rate TO th« South Is kept, 'in effect after the close of navigation the oflicials.of- the roads run- uliig put of Chicago arc nfnild that they will gut very little of. it. NEWSPAPER MILEAGE. A passenger man states that'news- paper men who-arc favored wl'ili mileage books, good when accompanied by' a letter from die manager-of tin-, news- pn.per. are making it mistake In abusing the privilege as some are doing. It will lend, he fears. TO the roads ceasing to'in any nvanner favor the press. Saturday, the passenger man said, lie saw a man traveling on an editorial book, •having, a letter, who had no more connection wllli the paper than he did, •and after rhe man reached his destination the same book was given to'a man living at ihe place, and he went back witli ir. In each' case the holder of the editorial book had only a slip of paper ou which was written, with pencil: "Conductor, please accept mileage fr,imffhis book," oil' account of the paper he claimed to represent. Said the railroad man: -'It struck me that things were done loosely on that road, else the conductor would not have honored tlie mileage unless .accompanied •by the proper form of letter which the. Central Passenger Committee • requires." . . RAILROAD NOTES. John Glazin of the repair tracks Ts side. Joseph Deal, tihe Panhandle engineer, is sicli. . Mr. H. E. Newcome of tlio M. of W. office was at Chicago yesterday.. Mn.ster of Transportation Stevens of the Waba.sh Hue was h«<re Sunday. Andrew Benner was off duty yestei 1 -' day on account' of the lllue.ss of his wife. Engine >"o. .510 was run into, tlie shops yesterday morning for class "3" repairs. 'William Toster of the planing .mill, went home from work yesterday feeling quite ill. : Trainmaster W. E. Burke of tlie Van- dnlia line,, was fit Torre Haute yesterday ou business. ,1-1. N. May, Trainmaster of the Chicago division, was-at Chicago, yesterday on 'business. • . . Pat Dolan, the engine repairer at the. Panhandle round-house, is off duty on 'account of sickness. ' H. E. Xewcomc will spend Sunday at JTIIVWayne and is.making extensive preparations for the trip. ... Superintendent C. H: Walton went to Ohicago yesterday, morning on train >jo..r> on company's business. 1 '•Henry Kllirck of '-tho -repair track gang, has returned/from a week's visit with his parents and friends in 'Michigan. .. ..... 0, L. -.Shepherd, -night switehtender at the Panhandle yards, is taking a few . days' vacation and attending the Pop- 'inr Grove fair. "•'"•" ' Franta Nicholas,. • "the Panhandle freight conductor, sprained, his ankle •severely Monday nftbrnoon at Boone, while alighting from the caboose. . 'Presldent'Ed Kearney of the Railway Men's Sound Money 'club,' addressed a' large audience of • sound money 'advocates at Richmond Monday u'lght. . ., ' ' ' ' East-bound shipments from Chicago Inst week were 01,840 against 01,093 for the preceding-week, and 00,900 foi' tlie corrcspondiug week last year. Lake .shipments were 113,088 tons, . A. E. Burgess, who fell from the top of.,') flat car at Trimmers a few weeks ago aud sustained"a sprained ankle, Is still unable- to walk aud.it will be several, weeks before ho will b'e able'to rosum'c'his'duties: •-. A -tt-oll-mfo-rmed passenger oQlcifil says that James Charlton, general pas-, seiiger. -agent of the,Chicago & Alton, pays more commissions to scalpers lihan to Uie ticket agents.of connecting lines,, and that the.boast.that he is ;a gre.it friend to the ticket agents is. not teue. •'-• . • • •.-.••..••• •-' , Wlien -Miss-'Straebel -came fronv Qdr-- many she .brought 1 with'-her ;two pairs of wooden'shoes, such as'arc/used by; the peasants' .hi -.tbiit'.' coimtry; to Mr. Mike Swats, turn-table man at ,1tlic Panhandle shops -wlro :displayed them at Ms little-,' house yesterday. Th-ey were looked upon as curiosities, and afforded much inonriment to the railroad boys. , , , Tliivt trains should arrive at destination 'on time is one of the things which M. A.' Ingalls .tries to Instill into ,'tlie minds of the transportation, officials. In closing his annual report of the Chesapeake & Ohio he says: "It is with great'pleasure that-the. management comments on the remarkable success of tire transportation department during 'the year', as is evidenced by tlie regularity of its trains.and the freedom from accident, and the thanks of the company nre given to Ihe operating offi- 'cers aud employes for their faithful and efficient-work." ' A novel way to cure the evil of tramp riding upon railroad trains has been adopted by the Pittsburg,' Fort Wayne & Chicago railroad. Special oltlcfcrs watch the .freights at stations liot fur apart and -after corralling all tramps they can on a (rain, tiliey find out from trainmen how far each one has.ridden. They are then asked to buy a ticket, for. the distance traveled and also for their avowed destination. If they have no money their arrest follows- Revenue from 'this source -during August on the .Western division nmouht.ed to ?1S2.:"C. §100 REWARD. $100. . • The readers .of this 'paper will be. pleased to learn that there is at least one dreaded disease that science has been able to cure in all' Its stages,and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only positive cure now known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh bi-Ing a constitutional disease, reqr.ives a constitutional. treatment H.-:U's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon 'the blood and mucous surfaces of the system, thereby Destroying the foundation c.' the disease and giving the patient" .strength by building up the constitution and assisting nature in doing its work. The proprietors have so. much faith In! its curative powers, that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any case tuat it falls to cure, .''end for list of Testimonials. Address F. J. CHENEY & CO Toledo, Ohio. Sold by Druggists, 75c. ROYAL CENTER PICNIC. Big Republican Event Saturday September ipth. Next Saturday the tide will turn toward Royal Center, 'and the Sound Money picnic to bo held near that place. Hon. W. D. Owen will speak jjpn tlie issues, and'Mr. Ken worthy, an orator of note will'talk to the people; Major George W. Steele, candidate for Congress, will iUso be present. Everybody is. urged to be present for the feast of, logic and reason, and to join and contribute to the enjoyment of the day in the woods. There will be many p'resent from''the'city, and good music will be furnished. RAILROAD MEN'S RALLY. Big Demonstration September 16 at Opera House. .The Railway Men's, Sound Money club;will hold Its next public meeting at. Dolan's opera house Wednesday, Sept- 16th; -at 8 p.- m:; on which occasion Mr. 7. T. Brooks, second vice president of the 'Pennsylvania. lines. .west of Plttsburg, will address the people on the. Issue of the campaign. By -order of the President. A. F. HOCKENBEAMER, •.'•-.'• '..•'• Secretary. :lfs an'old saying that "Thq proof of, the pudding is in the eating of it." And it Is because people..have taken Simmons Liver Regulator that they know it to be a 1 most excellent medicine-and especially, for the 'Spring • and'Fall- when there is'so much meilariit In the !air. : Mr. W. T. Lee, of Fondletc-n,.N. C. says,. "I have used. Simmons . Liver Regulator for Uyenty years, : ln place, of calomel and.quinine. •• ••-. .-' SICK HEADACHE i Positively jcured by these ; •:• : . •.' xittie-P'mK ;';;\ .;••;• : ;' • Th'cyatw 'relieve Distress irpm., Dyspepsia, Indigestion'and ; Top,Hearty Eating. ..'Aped • fict'remedy' for Dizziness,? Nausea, Drowsi-... n'es's, 'Bad Taste in'tlie Mouth,.Coatcdjongue. Paii.'in.the'Sidc.lTGRPir). .WER V •..•They- Rcgulaiic;thc. Bowels.- Purely~yi;getable/. •:•: CLOTHING. CLOTHING. We have no old shelf worn goods, but everything new and up to date. Read the following prices: Our $15.00 Suits go for $12X)0 Our $12.00 Suits go for $9.0O Our $10.0O Suits go for $ 7.50 Our $8,00 Suits go for $5.50 Our $5.00 Suits go for $3.50 DO.G FOR CHOICE OF M STRAW HAT IN THE STORE. * 25c choice of snyfof our Children's Straw Hats. Boys'Duck Suits one third off, thfty are bargains. < ^ow is the time to buy a Suit of Clothes, a Hat or Gents Furnishing Go ds, and 526 Broadway is the place to save money, *tf&^ These Prices are For Cash Only. JOSEPH G. ' 264 eeOADWAY. ABOU STUART'S DYSPEPSIA . TABLETS. They Cure Stom.-ich Troubles ;i)Hl In- illftostiou Anyway, Whutlicr You Have Piiir.li hi Tliein in Not. More Taitli will not. digest your food for you. will not give. you an npoptlto. will not jncreasii? ' your flesh 'anil st.reug.Uicu your nerves awl heart, but Situart's Dyspepsia Tablets will tlo those things, bpeaiise. tliey are com- posccl of the eleincmts oH digestion, they cou'taiU' the juices,' ncids and peptones ••ueeossjuy 'to tlio digestion nuanssirai- latiiou o? .ill- wholesome food. Stuar.t's Dyspepsia Tableits will digest food if placed ,iu a. jar or bottle in •water lioa.ted .to OS degrees, and tJiey wlll do it much more effectively when taken ioto the stoui.-ich after rheals, 'whether you h.'ive faith thait they will or not Tlwy -iuvigoraite the stomach, make pure -Mood and strong nerves, in the only wvy Hint naiture can do it, and 1 thai -is. from- plenty of wholesome food' well digested. It is not what we eat,inn whiut we digest that docs'iis 1 good. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets ai-o sold by nearly all druggists at 50 cents 'for full sized piiclMgo, or.by uiaal from the Stuart Co., Marshall, Midi. THE. ICE CREAM HABIT. -.Careful observation shows that so- efcty is .about to give up many former ..failings and to adopt the ice cream habit. Of 1,-ue.all the medical- journals^ have been recording cures of dyspepsia and iudiige^tion .by the 'use »f water Ices and of emaciation • and nervous .prostration by ice cream. Thomas J.. Murray, Prof. '.Cornelia • Bedford and Mrs. Mary Lincoln, all culinary chemists of name and .fame, have extolled the fascinating semisolid and pronounced i't one of the best foods wnich ciui -be placed upon the board. Milk and cream have fallen, in price so that the luxury, hia's become" cheap enough to be indulged in by all classes, aid .then to put the seal of fashion •upon the dainty his Excellency the Ambassador,' Envoy. Minister a.nd general Pooh-Bah, Prince Pum of Korea, has made it the feature of a meal which will go dow to. all time. .This.meal Itself. i* an advertisement to'ice .crea'm makers worth untold millions, and it may be added it is the most extraordinary demonstration of the power of the'-Korean gastric system that the world hns ever-known. The monjl was simplicity 'itself: 'it cou- .sisted ^&° courses, with the courses separated!^ nine courses of .ice cream atid the dessert enveloped in six more plates of the appetizing delicacy. Far'-'from Injuring -the -Prince 'and liils' intercstin.g''D.'wnily,- it acted' as ,a •mild stimulant,',and'enabled them to do' more. ..sightseeing,, talking,, 'driving, chin.,.ehiniving,..a.nd salaaming', in twcu-.- tbaii'they do at home.In. .three mouths. • •' .- . . •-.••'• .- . 'There was no a^jcr-clap, the only ap : .:par*erit cousequeucc^teng that on the ifbllow.lng day. in Wa^^rton,the. Kor-: 'etui .tegation . cpusuuied" ..j-birty-fiye.;. ' "' : cream; and at;tho.laf f ^GEMS. WHEELS. *-. 1* All Kinds of Drawings Made by BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Patent Attorney. Spiy Block Logansport fly- New Goods Are here. C? 11 and examine tliem before buying, AL. YOUNG, The Practical Pearl Street Tailor. B^-.-^r'.'Vwxa*,. r£ CLASS' PROTECT YOUR EYES. The rfirchberg Optical Co., Tlio wen-Known Specialists ot Now Yorlc have appointed ». A- H ,VUK its aseut for their celebrated Spectacles and Eje Glasses, every DMr guaranteed. V D. A. HAUK Ins complete assortment and Invited all to 6»rasiy cbemselves of the groat superiority or these goods over any manufactured, at ttw store o: a A. HAPK, Sole aeent for LoganspottInd. NoJP'vldlersESupplIed. •bnssadorlal cliambers still devouring the matchless product of the American freezer. 'What diplomacy 'indorses is good enough for 'the-average person. Yesterday every ice cream saloon was crowded -froin early dawn, until midnight, and every ice cream soda fountain was obliged to turn, away custoin- 'crsi. The great restaurants ran short of the.article toward night fall, and the manufacturers put-on a double force of .operatives. • Justice demands that some new brand be now invented and -.named after the Korean Ambassador. . MARGHEiRtTA ARMNA HAMM. oil t'eiTi'tory-is being: developed .near Redkey. CHATTAXOOGA EXCURSION. Very Low Rates Via Pennsylvania Short Lines. . Exceptional low rate • round trip. tickets to Chattanooga will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines.Thursday and Friday, Sept. 1TU> and iSth, • account tlie anniversary of the Battle ol Chicka- maaga. From Logansport the excursion rate will be only $10.10 open to alL Tickets will be good returning leaving Cba-ttanooga not later than Sept 21st For particular information, concerning time of trains and other details, please apply to .T. A. MeCullough, Ticket- Agent, Logansport, Ind.; ; sale, at 1 the Journal .All those who have not yet furnished fancy work for tire bazaar are requested to kindly send it to the.rink today;., ,

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